Downtown Cabaret



115 South 4th Street, Minneapolis, MN 55401


44.978596, -93.267902




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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208 reviews for “Downtown Cabaret

  1. Mark Lenz Mark Lenz

    Anyone know where dancer Holly went to? I think I need to stop by on Thursday!

  2. chuck

    This place is heaven!!

  3. YUK!!

    Dirty and nasty….wont be back!!!

  4. Jim Day

    Great time last night! I can’t believe you guys are getting things done with this place! New lights, new furniture, new talent (which is very hot!)! Great job and Keep up the good work! I will be back!

  5. mr. p
  6. Tonka-J

    This club has the MOST beautiful atmosphere of any club I have ever been to, PERIOD! I have been to clubs all around the country in Vegas, CA, Atlanta, FL, NYC and pretty much everywhere in between. I can honestly say that the ambience of this facility is impressive. The girls are pretty much like most places, beatiful (for the most part) with a few less-than-stellar ones thrown in for good measure. I have ALWAYS been treated like a VIP in this club even when I’m not spending VIP dollars. Now, you do have to pay to play meaning that the more you spend, the more attention and service you will receive. The new management has done an amazing job and cleaning this place up so it really is a great place to see some of the most beatiful women around and have a great time. If you are looking for something dirty, do yourself a favor and hire an escort. These girls are here to make money and so is the club. They do it in a way that is ethical, honest and fun for everyone who goes in there. Yes, the drink prices are a little high, but the service MORE than makes up for it! Enjoy!

  7. NEO

    This club has changed since I last went there, and I think it has changed for the better. The service is great, the lighting is exceptional, the stage is huge, and they have some of the prettiest girls working there. Wow. The quality of girls is comparable to King of Diamonds. If they keep this up, I could see them being the best club in the Twin Cities.

  8. Jules

    Had the worst time in this place I had in a strip club. wont be back. Hi prices,less than attractive girls and horrible service

  9. dave

    I Love Schieks!!

  10. barbie

    i’ve worked at the 3 top clubs in mpls,i like this club because the staff has much more experience,i dont “play “with my co-workers,Ricks was where i felt the most comfortable,but for whatever reason Bill is not there, i left also,i prefere to work where i can make money and staff knows how to do it



  12. chick

    Mandy, you are absolutely correct except its not the other managers its Julian. The managers of othe clubs dont like him & his own management team hates him just as bad as the staff. There’s a difference between being strict & just being plain nefarious. There is something wrong with that man. Very deep inside his soul. I hope the owners of that club know what detrimental damage he is doing to that club just from his sour personality. Has anyone ever noticed how he gets an adreniline rush from being just plain rotten to people? Its very disturbing & sickening. Never seen anything like it in my life. Girls leave there left & right because of him & thats why i went to kod seville. But bad things happen to bad people & that is why julian is dying of cancer. And there will be a special place in hell for him too. Once he leaves the staff at shhieks will be happier. Untill then, come to seville. The managers are strict but they treat their girls good

  13. Guy

    Super impressed. It is nice that the old staff is coming back. Good to see that Brandon and Doug are still there, whithout them this palce would have been in the toilet years ago. Keep it up!

  14. Jackie

    This place sucks! Managment treats you like a whore and makes you pay out most of your hard earned cash!

  15. Abe L
  16. bob123

    Drink prices are very high.$9 for a drink.Place is usually empty except very late in the night.Some gals are nice and friendly.

  17. ????

    Very good club. Top one in Mpls.

  18. Steve-o

    If you haven’t been to Schieks lately, you should get down there. Things have changed. They have HOT new talent and the drink prices have dropped considerably. Went last week and customer service was fantastic not to mention the place is beautiful inside. Had fun in a private room with Stephanie. (check her out) Great atmosphere! I’m a born again Schieks fan!

  19. ravi341

    I have been to many clubs in Minnesota.I like this club the most.Most of the gals are beautiful and also very friendly.The atmosphere is excellent there and you fee like you are in a very nice place the moment you step in.Nice place to sit and watch good gals and excellent service.Thanks to management.I have been KOD and also other clubs but i rate Schieks the best in Minnesota because of girls,service.

  20. emloyee

    Johnny is not racist. Johnny is my favorite manager-Just because he didnt hire you doesnt mean he is racist, it means you were not suitable for the job. To the person who makes such awful comments about someone who has a illness of any kind- i feel sorry for you. Self hate is the only explanation for such vile, dispicable spew. Eventually your bile will consume you & you will see yourself for the pathetic amoeba that you really are.

  21. City slicker $

    Great job renovating! Haven’t been here for a while, lots of work done!!

  22. Gentleman's club guru

    There is a something different than before. A real positive energy. I had a blast

  23. Alvin

    Wow, what a beautiful building accented with some of the prettiest girls I have ever seen! Great place!

  24. Caesar

    Schieks, located in the old federal reserve bank building is a classic Minneapolis institution. The staff seem genuinely interested in you having a good time. Entertainers are plentiful and usually pleasant to the eyes and ears. Free door passes are abundant (go across the street to the irish pub and ask the barkeep if you can’t locate any). I enjoy my visits to this club and so should you.

  25. Re:Re:MVP

    Actually, no, hi-way is not a correct way to spell highway. If you know what a dictionary is (or you could look on the Websters website is you don’t), you would find that, in fact, highway is the only correct spelling. Maybe you should read something other than a porno mag before you open your mouth and insert your foot again.

  26. RE;MVP

    Maybe you should read something other than porn books because the word hi-way or highway is correct either way! Look it up smart ass

  27. dancer
  28. Dusty


  30. Sammy
  31. JD

    Nice, a little spendy though

  32. henry

    who would be looking for janet? she was the most disgusting dancers of all time, some of the old school dancers need to stop!!!!!!gross

  33. hungmonkey

    Had a good time with one of the girls, but most are bad. The wait staff was terrible, it took almost 1/2 hour to be served a drink.

  34. vikesfan3
  35. Mark

    Why would anyone say they like this place? Prices are high,dancers are not attractive,service is horrible and the bouncers have their hands out all of the time.

  36. marty

    this place as gone to hellll

  37. big Al

    This place used to be fun years ago but all the good girls left,the prices went up and $20 for a table dance-give me a break.It takes me 45 minutes to make what the girl gets for 3-4 minutes. I get table dances at the KOD for $10 and the girls there are prettier,drinks cheaper and it it just a lot of fun

  38. truth

    The only way Sheiks gets any good reviews on SCL is when they and their dancers put comments on here. Stop posting and let your customers be the judge. Sheiks sucks and everyone knows it

  39. Not A Rookie

    the talent at this club has been going down the drain! there are some girls at this club that have more facial hair then some of the customers. this place is dead all the time too!

  40. exdancer


  41. jake

    this club is so far gone it will never come , not under this name anyway

  42. Hotbox

    Music was WAY too loud. Food was pretty good and there was a good assortment of women. What I didn’t like was that Shieks apparently has a rule about dancers not wearing any perfume. Some of the girls ignore that rule which is fine by me. However, a couple of the girls really did need some perfume. Here’s a tip girls…ask some of the other dancers if you smell bad. If so, clean up before you go out and offer dances. Two girls offered me dances that smelled like rotting fish. Not good.

  43. TIMMY
  44. J

    I think its improving. Would like 5 star steak dinner back again. I don’t mean an inexpensive steak but a great steak dinner in the $ 35 range.

  45. luvnlife

    I’ve worked here for awhile, if you’re a ghetto ho (of any color) they will not hire you. They just hired like 5 black girls the other day, so if you were refused there’s reason for it. Julian does have his favs but he also is fair as long as you don’t get an attitude. Joel rocks as a DJ, could use replacements for the other guys though. House fees suck here, but the money making potential makes up for it.

  46. Target Guy

    Great place. Beautiful entertainers! Keep up the good work!

  47. sparticus
  48. I wanna rock

    Went for lunch a few weeks ago, loved the food and Lidia and Jesse were great company, very sweet. Music was a little too r&b for my tastes.

  49. khtime
  50. JimLikesWomen
  51. Marcus

    New GM is douche but other than that, place is awwseome. The girls are smoking hot and the bouncers let you get away with a little mre touchy feely then most clubs.

  52. Tommy

    Have to agree with the recent posters. From the second I was greeted at the door until I left, I was treated like a king. Carmen has to be the most beautiful girl I have ever seen, and such a sweetheart. The drink prices are high but the service made it worth the price. My only complaint is about the steep ATM fee. Everyone in my group walked across the street to a different bar to get cash.

  53. Strip club junkey

    Overrated, overpriced, mostly unattractive gals, unappealing

  54. Rochester

    Was there lst night. Had a good time.

  55. new york patron

    what a dump,was here 6 months ago,place went to hell,wont be back

  56. HEFF


  57. ralph
  58. Riley

    If your lookimg for one hell of a dance make sure to see Riley. She works Sundays, most Mondays, Tuesdays and all day Saturdays. She seems more comfortable being Friendly on Mondays and Saturday nights. Any day she works was always fun though. 1/2 hours make sure to tip $100 before the dance starts and for an hour make sure to tip $200 before haand also. She wont dance with me anymore so I figured I would pass the information on you all of you. You wont be disappointed. The hour will cost you $800 but very much more worth it then half hour for $400. I just wish she would still dance with me. I never left VIP UNSATISFIED. Shes good!!!!!

  59. Dan

    Place was like a morgue,empty the 2 times I was there.No fun and too expensive and the gals were nothing to brag about

  60. g
  61. NYC DJ


  62. Chris

    Been in Florida for a while. Nice job on the place. It is starting to look better. Women are looking better also!

  63. Gary

    I was ripped-off. I was at Schieks on Saturday night. One of the girls took $100 from me and walked away. She talked to me for about 4 minutes, grabbed my $100 bill and left. I don’t mind spending money, I will not tolerate being taken for a FOOL. I will not be back ever again. Looking at this site, it appears I am not the only one being taken or ripped-off.

  64. brandon

    recipe for disaster: charge high cover charge,add expensive drinks,offer very few dancers,take as much as you can from the dancers so the pretty ones leave and what do you have? An empty club – Shieks. Everyone shold go somewhere else and let Shieks fade into the sunset

  65. KMF

    Service is very good, wonder about a club where the servers are better looking than most of the entertainers. Someone needs to correct that!

  66. Dude!

    Drinks are a little expensive but the gals are great.

  67. Lonnie
  68. justin

    waste of time and money

  69. Timmy Train

    Went for a good experience, met nothing but trouble. I do not reccomend.

  70. re:MVP etc

    You say highway, I say it MY WAY: hi way. Who gives a shit. Is it tomato or tomaato, potato or potaato, Doberman Pincer or Doberman Pincher? Are you a fuckin rhodes scholar or what? Get off my back smart ass

  71. Sluggo

    Been going here for 20 years. My ATF club

  72. maxxy1

    This is the best gentleman’s club in the city by far. I’ve been to a number of them and none of the others quite measure up to this one in the hospitality department. Some of my most amazing nights out in downtown Minneapolis have been here. The girls are extremely friendly and attractive, and the managers and servers are all awesome people who seem to want to make sure that your experience is the best it can be. If you want a really fantastic night, definitely check this place out. The food is pretty sweet too, I must say.

  73. Ricky Bobby
  74. Wise

    If you go to this place,dont use your credit card. They pad the bill and run it up to an outrageous amoutn. I was a victim of this and when I complained, I had to pay the padded amount and even then they wanted me to leave a tip. Yeh right. I will never be back

  75. Don Juan

    I swore I would never come back, but I did. WHAT a turnaround. Best service in town and beautiful strippers to boot.

  76. Nat
  77. Shua
  78. Cindy
  79. Wisdom

    Upsell, Upsell, Upsell…all the time. Girls seem to have their regulars and don’t look at anyone else.

  80. tc

    Lower the prices of food and drinks. people will buy more then and you will make more money in the bulk vs profit margin

  81. Philly paul

    This place stinks

  82. Curls

    The fetish ball the other night was very good but the $35 cover was way out of line. Place was over half-empty well past midnight. I saw at least ten people in ten minutes walk out after they found out about the steep cover. Drop it to $15 and there wouldn’t have been a line of dancers sitting by the railing waiting for the place to fill up.

  83. scuba steve

    this place has gotten better – still too many hood rats though. summer is beautiful and I have the best time when I take her in VIP she keeps me laughing the whole time. best time to go is happy hour otherwise way too expensive for the quality of most of the girls. time to get some new djs though.

  84. Lapdance
  85. Jeff
  86. Sunni
  87. DENNY


  88. buffy


  89. Big Bill

    Great Club! Miss being there!

  90. NYPD

    hey tom,good thinking, ever thought that maybe its a way the city is up on this club, to know every joe or smoe who walks in….finger print!!!!!!!! now doesnt that sound shaddy,new owners???????? i think someone onto them

  91. MPV

    WHAT A RIP OFF,as soon as you walk in the doors, it’s hi-way ROBBERY,anyway they can beg or get your money is crazy,I’D STAY FAR AWAY

  92. THOMAS


  93. Twinsfan
  94. Charlie

    This is the best club in twin cities hands down

  95. NickR

    Still in transition to new owners. Best I can say is give it a few weeks. Grand re-opening apparently around May 1.

  96. StripClub431

    Terrible dancer and terrible service with trying to over charge everything. I strongly recommend not let them take away money from you. Dancer unreasonably asked for a drink and the waitress overcharge it. On the phone, they said the dance is only 20 dollars, They Lie LIe LIe~~~~My worst experience in my life~~

  97. TokerJ

    Been to this club a number of times, and for all you novices, bring at least $100-$200. The goal of every dancer is to get you to go to a private room, with drinks and the room fees over $200. Beware of the girl who sits by you but doesn’t dance, she is there for you to buy her and her friends drinks and agin try and get you in the back room. DO NOT, and I REPEAT DO NOT use your CC in this club, they charge high fees and tips are outrageous. They will put a hold on your CC for 4 times the amount you wanted to spend. The whole goal is for the dancers and the wait staff to rip you off.

    A nice environment, but watch your wallet in this club!

  98. Shawn
  99. sid

    Heifer headquarters. I havent seen that many hefty dancers in any club before going to Sheiks. Why does anyone go there more than once. Save your time and money, avoid this place

  100. Bill


  101. regular

    I think the club is slowly improving. The quality of the girls has been improving.

  102. traveler

    This is by far the nicest gentlemens club in DT Minneapolis. Dancers range from 7 and up. Mostly 8&9’s.

    Blondes, brunettes, asian, latino, black…. you name it, they got it!

    VIP’s were $300 and the two guys in our group left with smiles on their faces:)

    One negative…. they make a copy of your DL and thumprint if you want to run a tab for drinks or dances. Not sure I want to leave that information behind at a strip club. I chose paying cash.

  103. Lewis
  104. Garth Harrison
  105. Shania
  106. Johnny

    Good place to relax. Never been to such a nice club. Got really good service!

  107. Sandy
  108. mnmelvin
  109. Tom

    Beautiful girls, Beautiful Club. Too bad I will never be back. They want a damn thumbprint when I use my credit card. The only person I give that to is the man in blue. I am a regular customer that has been coming here twice a month for over seven years now. I think they know me by now. I will take my business elswhere.

  110. XXXbeast

    What a great place! It’s really a great time here! I’m fascinated by all these amazing dancers! But this place is so much more… The experience with lights and sound is great. The building is amazing, and the general ambience is a nightclub experience. The bathrooms are very clean. And I even tried their famous tacos. A+ downtown cabaret! 40 sexy ladies! I love this place!

  111. ceo

    can i say “dump” with a bunch of “hoodettes”

  112. was a vip


  113. New to town

    New to the area and I have to say that while I was impressed with the building itself, the staff was not up to par. Maybe I will try again some day.

  114. Re:MPV

    Maybe if MPV was smart enough to spell highway, he would be smart enough to be able to control his own wallet instead of feeling like someone else was controlling it for him

  115. Alberto

    Great place to hang out and relax. Had a good time with Angelica?. What a sweet-heart.

  116. jimmy

    last time i was there we had a BLAST. we went vip and it was worth it. full contact and it was no holds barred.

    strip bars that are any less than this are a joke. and dont give me any of that ‘dancer’ crap. if you just ‘want to look’ at cute girls do it on line. if you are willing to spend, they will even do ‘private shows’ at your place after they close. private dancers were AWESOME, but make sure you talk to the girl first and establish the rules of what you can do. some of these girls are not worth the money.

  117. Johnny Boy
  118. doug
  119. Freddy H.

    Great venue, great girls, and an even better DJ. If you are on the town with your buddies this is the place to be.

  120. Angel

    This place sucks

  121. sam
  122. Pete

    Had a great time, brought in some clients from out of town and they had a blast, as well.

  123. Davey D
  124. Nowayout

    Tried to tell the floor guy about a problem in the men’s room after a customer apparently got the shits on the floor and it wasn’t cleaned up well enough. Bouncer acted pissed at ME! Said the attendant would clean it up better when he came on duty. I thought a few, then just walked the hell out of there.

  125. Phoenix

    Best gentleman’s club in the Twin Cities! The only club I will work at.

  126. tanya
  127. Whoop!


  128. Mike W

    Best Place On Earth!

  129. Out of Towners

    We had a great time. Best Place in Minneapolis to bring clients!

  130. Ex Pat

    As usual songs are very short and only a few dancers during lunch.

  131. Franky

    Great Place. Good steak special, had it everyday I was in town! Hot girls, keep up the good work. 5 stars!

  132. stripper

    Do you know how annoying it is to hear from guys “oh’ youre just trying to get a dance from me” I hate the guys thatcome into clubs I dance at and act like I should be paying them. We are WORKING its our JOB!!!

  133. mel
  134. DB

    Well I addressed it with the girls I had lunch with today and asked them about the perfume thing, they said they all wear deodorant and wanted me to smell well I didn’t go there. But I can tell you this they smell good and are fun to have lunch with and most have a great sense of humor.

    I don’t always have time for dances but needless to say I do enjoy the time. HI L

  135. Jerry

    What happened went last nite on a Saturday really boring time.

    The building is very nice everything elese is not.

    I wanted to try it on a Saturday and see.

    Was very disappointed,no fun.

    Staff not friendly kept putting there hand out anytime you ask them questions about club.

    Will not be back.

  136. Joe

    Great place. Keep it up!

  137. cinderella

    i love Schieks

  138. felixnada

    As a New Yorker, it should be no surprise I’ve been going to venues like this since Scores was new. NY, Vegas, Prague, etc…the high-end ones tend to share similar traits: comfortable but crowded, high prices, aggressive (although usually polite) girls who don’t let you forget they are there to earn money, and aloof but personable management. I don’t usually feel compelled to leave reviews for any of them.I was in town for business last July. By chance and proximity, a couple of colleagues and I ended up at Downtown Cabaret after dinner, and I’m so very glad we did. I recently returned to Minneapolis for business and it was even better. Everyone was very involved in making sure we enjoyed ourselves. The waitresses, Ashley and Danielle, were flawless, friendly, and felt like they’d come there with us. DJ Charley was playing music that repeatedly stole my attention from the more obvious interests. I had a Shazam treasure trove after each visit. He was the linchpin…and he managed it all while working. The general manager, Dylan, was an exemplary host. I won’t offer details but he went so far above and beyond on one particular occasion that it defied how I thought the universe worked. I won’t forget it. Nick, Cameron, I remember them all. Hell, even the restroom attendant, Antonio, remembered me from my first visit.Last, but very far from least, the dancers. We spent most of our time with just a few standouts: Maxine, Marina, and Mei Ling. Of course they’re attractive but, in a place like that, it’s expected. They stood out because they were interesting and remained at ease for the entire time they spent with us.I will return but, until then, I’ve still got DJ Charley on MixCloud.

  139. Stubs

    Anyone seen Erika? She gives great dances!

  140. Long time customer

    I have been coming to Shieks for years and have left comments on here that are not always positive. However, I am really happy to see things turning around. I met the new GM, and although he isn’t the most personable guy, he seems to be doing some things right…starting with not hiring every girl that walks in the door. Kudos to the pregnant front door girl, nice to see someone up there with a smile finally. Losing Rick is a big loss but Brandon picked up right where he left off and took great care of me. I have had my waitres up in VIP numerous times, I swear, she must work every day. As always, she was awesome. Somehow she talked me and my friends into buying a bottle with her smile. There are some old strippers still there, but a lot of pretty, young, new ones too. They have a nice variety. And I’m glad to see they are training the new ones to grind just like the old ones! I had the BEST dance from an exotic looking, long-haired brunette, Camille I think. And DJ Jeff is hands down the best DJ, he keeps me laughing and keeps the crowd into it, even when there are only a handful of people in the club. Just work on the menu and get some Blue Moon beer!

  141. Larry

    Waste of time!

  142. Big Daddy

    It’s amazing what a fresh coat of paint will do. The place was in need of an overhaul and they are doing a nice job. The girls are beautiful and the staff was great. Brandon and Doug are always a big help. Have to agree with the earlier commenter about the VIP area by the stage though. I was in last week and their where guys wadding up bills and chuckn them at the the girls on stage. CLASSY! But how else are the VIPS supposed to tip the girls? Perhaps install a clothesline they can zip the money over to them on.

  143. Nick

    Love this club

  144. Mandy

    Girlfriends,stay away from this place.I was treated like crap by the management,charged high house fees and there is usually nobody in the place.

  145. Sly
  146. The Gooch

    Great place, hot girls. I will be back in a month and can’t wait!

  147. The Nose

    Great place! This place has changed for the better! It is nice to see that the new ownership is doing something with what the old managers destroyed!

  148. Big Joe
  149. Lee


    The Worst club I have ever been to

    Ent. and Staff complaining about managment,

    Bad music,not many ent.,and few cust and this was a Saturday nite at midnight,went around found some fun other clubs in Minneapolis

  150. Jamie

    Cool Joint

  151. Ex employee

    I highly doubt the comment written by a “topdancer” was written by a dancer at all. This is because i know for a fact that no dancer likes Julian. No dancer that has worked there for a week, month or years & he definately treats nobody there with respect. Everyone who works there knows it & he knows it. He is a bad person & there is nothing else to be said about that. This is my advice to you who still work there. The reasonable person adapts to the world, the unreasonable person expects the world to adapt to him or herself, therefore all change in the world is effected by unreasonable person. Julian probably has Narcissistic Personality Disorder. He won’t change, vote with your feet and go to another club, whatever the consequences. He will use and abuse you, manipulate you, bleed you dry and dispose of you once you are mentally and physically exhausted and therefore of no more use to him. Seriously, get out now, then once you are settled in a new club, come back and tell your work friends that there is a better life out there for them. Stop playing his game, there is no way to win except to leave, because these type of people do not play fair. No matter what time, effort and emotional involvement you have invested, cut your losses and get out. If you care about the people you work with, show them the way to get out. Just think of Julian having to re-hire and re-train a whole new set of staff, and then try to indoctrinate them. Wouldn’t be easy, would it? That is the best way to teach people like Julian a lesson, to prove that people are not things, are not trash, are not disposable, they only realise this when it impacts on them personally. I did not get fired from there i quit, so i am not trying to seek some sort of revenge. This is not even meant to bad mouth Julian although he deserves it, but its meant to help those who work there & let them know that someone does care that they are being abused. I care & you are all better than that. So get out now while you can. Your customers will follow. After all its you they come to see, not the club. Take care all of you & please take my advice.

  152. Doug fan

    doug was one of the best in the buisness,im sure he is doing great!!!!!!!!!!EVERYONE LOVES DOUG

  153. Darrly
  154. Lou

    Worst club in the Twin Cities

  155. bozo

    I totally got my rocks off last time I went there, and I wasn’t even in a private room – these girls find your jimmy and work it! This place has the hottest chicks in town.

  156. Matt

    The place needs to go back to being a 5 star restaurant and get out of the dancer scene. Looks good in there but feels bad

  157. HAHAHA


  158. Danny
  159. MIKE


  160. Saint Paul
  161. KentuckyGuy

    Had a great time. Service by my waitress was outstanding she made the night (do not remember her name taller blonde had boots on that night). Wish I would have taken the tall blonde dancer to a VIP room – will the next time.

  162. Ninja S.

    I used to hear tales of Anderson Consulting coming down here and dropping gs on expense accounts to throughly “entertain clients.”I took the bachelor party crew here as well. We got in with free passes given by the charming waitstaff at Kierans and were seated.Seeing a bachelor party come in to a place like this. Well. You might have just rang a dinner bell to the girls in here. I started by buying laptances for the groom-to-be and sicced a little asian chiquita on a girl I dated years ago who was coming along with the bad boy crew this evening. Girls getting lapdances is always completely hilarious. They make the best faces. I would like to take this time to encourage everyone to see that more of this is done in the world.The floor manager, girl wrangler, or whatever his title is came up to me and said he needed $200 to get the bachelor in stage. I told him that I would get back to him, but actually I told everyone to finish up what they were doing, and pack their semi’s to go. We going to move along to the next stop. Two hundred bucks? Pa-shaw. They don’t make strip clubs like they used to, I guess.

  163. Charles Barnes

    I enjoyed every thing about this club

  164. why?????


  165. Weedman420

    I try and head to Minneapolis as often as I can for Vikings games. I’ve been to all of the gentlemen’s club in the city but the past few years I’ve been going to Downtown Cabaret. They seem to have the best talent in town every time I visit and last weekend was no different. Our server Jenn was awesome and the service and hospitality of the staff was just right. This place is definitely a local favorite, always mentioned when on the subject with people I meet there. Add that in with a Vikes win against the Packers on opening night and it couldn’t have been a more perfect weekend! Great club, HOT girls, highly recommended

  166. Nate
  167. Ben Haad

    Same thing happened to me. I gave the gal $100 and she never gave me change. Seems this gal is making plenty of money

  168. Brien
  169. jack
  170. Tommie

    This club tries too hard to be an upscale club experience. Everyone is looking

    for a tip all the time – even the DJ. No reason to go back!

  171. Dun Inn
  172. Paul

    Best time ever!!

  173. Gabe

    I Love Schiek’s!

  174. Cash Money!
  175. Stephanie

    Classy and sassy at the same time!

  176. leroy

    even the brothers dont go to this place anymore. Why does anyone go to shieks,it is a real dive.

  177. cowboy

    not impressed with this place

  178. Sonni
  179. Rick
  180. Ripoff
  181. Jill
  182. Improv ing

    Club is definitely improving. I still think it is the best club in the area

  183. KATIE
  184. fong
  185. D

    i have been coming here for years. i have been impressed with a lot of the changes that has come with the new management, but i just have to ask, what is up with the champagne lounge? i can’t even talk to the girls on stage or tip them anymore? The best tables by the stage no longer exist?? BAD DESIGN PLAN. Hopefully further remodeling will fix this obvious blunder

  186. Ben

    Dive Bar – Poor Quality – Crap for Entertainment – Save your MONEY

  187. Harry 777
  188. Carl
  189. new better

    Went to this dive to have a good time but the dude in the mens room hit on me. I wasnt happy with my experienc up to then but that closed the deal. Shieks-your fired



  191. john

    rippppppppppp offffffffff

  192. cj
  193. topdancer

    I have been working at Schiek’s for a while now. I have seen different management come and go, and I can honestly say I love working here at Schiek’s! I have traveled and worked at clubs all around the country, but this is home. I just don’t understand how some dancers complain about Julian and his management. They have always treated me with the utmost respect and have been a pleasure to work for. I make excellent money here and would NEVER even think about working at another club here in the cities.

  194. just awfull


  195. Ryan
  196. Crazy Phil

    I had a great time tonight! Excellent Service and Awesome entertainment!

  197. used to be customer

    There are very few attractive women there. And most wont give the time of day unless you have a hundred dollar bill attatched to your forehead. Drinks are too spendy. 8 bucks for a pop let alone the alcoholic beverages. 10 to get in the door and a 2 drink minimum. wow.

  198. SSS
  199. shannon
  200. yessir!
  201. Michael
  202. slider

    never a bad night at Schieks !!

  203. hgf
  204. Bruce

    Great place!

  205. Stu

    The club is nice, but you will leave depressed. The girls are nice, but unless you buy them drinks and room dances they are nowhere to be found. The wait staff is rude and VERY SLOW, bouncers are somewhat helpful. Drinks are priced high! Dancers will always order the $15 drink on your tab. Room dances are fun, but again expensive.

    You wil have fun in the club if you can afford it, only to leave depressed as you are broke and the general feeling of being ripped off!

  206. gone for good

    what happened to the pretty gals that used to be there? All they have left are plump, unattractive greedy hoes. I will continue to go to that club in INver Grove. Their dancers are almost all gorgeous,the club is more fun and I dont have to bring a months pay there to have a good time

  207. Player

    Was in last week and the smell from the blond with big breasts was enough to make me gag. Every time she walked past me she left a smelly trail. FDS girl

  208. Big Mike

    I like what you have done with this place! The re-model is looking great. Can’t wait till it is done. Have been coming here for a long time and it is definately time for a face lift. Great girls and good service. I will be back in three weeks!

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