117 2nd NE Ave, Austin, MN 55912


43.6683428, -92.9746383




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Paradise

  1. Mr. No

    A Night in Paradise, Act I:

    “Buy me a drink”? “No”. “No”? “No”. “Why not”? “Because I never buy a dancer a drink when they ask for it within a minute of meeting me”.

    “Let’s do a private dance then”. “No, thank you”. “No”? “No”. “Why not”? “Same rule applies”. “Well, buy me a drink then”. “NO”! “You wanna come see me after the Club”? “No, thank you”. “No”? “NO”. “You’re no fun”.

    Act II: Repeat of Act I, but possibly with a different dancer…

  2. The REAL Traveler

    Okay, this place ain’t Ricks Cabaret. But it does has some friendly strippers who know how to move. The previous poster is right, the decor leaves something to be desired, but who goes to a strip club for decor?! Dancers average about a 6 with an occasional 8 thrown in. Remember, it’s all about expectations. Don’t set them to high and you won’t be dissappointed!

  3. g

    Its better than the rating that it has. But its not exactly high class.

  4. Adrian Peterson
  5. Cecil

    This is a hit and miss club. Some nights it rocks other nights its pretty bad. The one thing constant in the smell. Make sure that you hold your breath when visiting the can.

  6. IowaBlueEyes

    It has been a while since I have been traveling to this area. I miss the club and the girls.

  7. everlasting gobstopper

    quite dark inside, music and choices the girls will

    change to your favorites, the actual pole dances are not

    great overall, but they make up for this in your chairs

    in front, teasing. drinks not that great, the girls drink

    to much and ask for free drinks way to often as the

    downfall, but the lap dances are very great, extra nice

    if you tip well.

  8. Traveler

    What a dive the place needs lots of work and smells. The dancers are really ghetto like, not my kind of place and will not be back. Had to wait a long time for a drink since the bartender was busy gossiping instead of working. Don’t know why they even stay open. Get better girls, the ones there only want to date after hours. DISEASE RIDDEN PLACE!!!

  9. ray
  10. Rosy Palms

    Stay as far away from this place as you can. Why would anyone would want to go back to this piss smelling place

  11. crorkz

    4qvaLk Major thanks for the article.Much thanks again. Cool.

  12. Liken it

    Bathrooms look great and smell fresh thanks for the change.

    what’s next?

  13. jerbear

    Bathroom smell, striper are mean, lighting sucks. oh ya their pussy smells too

  14. Hardrok

    Is Isis back yet?

  15. drunken sailer
  16. Chris

    was there not what I expected. very nasty. hope they clean this place up and maybe I will consider coming in again.

  17. jj
  18. MN opener

    what better place to go on the fishing opener.If u cant catch fish you can still smell fish in Paradise

  19. kenny

    quite dark at bar and dance area, no tv in the place,

    the lady’s dont come around to ask for dances or

    conversate, a few regulars they talk with only. A

    couple dancing gems but most are just local gals going

    through the motions. The private area dance is

    nearly in the open not much to privacy. girls rock back

    in forth in your lap to much for the $20.00 per song. you

    get $10 worth for20

  20. AD

    Now that they have cleaned up the bathrooms they don’t smel anymore. Still have the Milwaukee girls which make the place hop most night.

  21. slick

    Dove for 2 hours to get to this place that needs lots of work and smells. The dancers are really ghetto like. I will neave go back to this place. If you do buy a drive you get kick out of here

  22. Flip Saunders

    Place could use some fixing up but the Milwaukee girls keep the place hopping

  23. Harry Butt

    Nothing worse than stopping in after eating a big meal and smelling the pussies as they go by your table

  24. BobSmith12
  25. Confucious

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