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0 reviews for “Lamplighter Lounge

  1. chris
  2. joe

    still a good time and not overpriced.

  3. rogerrab2

    # shittiest strip club in MNNot only did it smell horrible the bartender/ manager at night is an assholeIf you are looking for a place to work or enjoy I would highly recommend The Seville ( treat their girls like gold) when women are treated well it shows.

  4. Da Big Man

    This is a laid back bar during the week,but Th,Fr and Sat nites the joint is jumping.

  5. djay

    Was in on Friday and had a blast. Could actually have a good time at this club without spending my entire paycheck. I also work part time as a DJ, just wanted to let you know that a few of your speakers need replaced.

  6. not here

    I felt safer in mpls.

  7. smitty


  8. customer

    4.50 for 2 cans of beer for 4 hours a day great dancers who aren’t shy about having a drink with ya Al is a great bartender who seems to get along with about everyone and a great group of guys that come in all of the time that anyone can talk to I will definately be coming back soon.

  9. Don

    Like any club most girls are friendly. I always have a good time girls take time to sit and talk. Some are just about money like any club. Lana, Andrea, Roxie, Sonja,Brooke, and the afternoon waitress Jen are the best.

  10. eddyL

    First of all, I would still consider this a non-nude strip club. Even though girls are completely nude behind the glass, they keep clothes on for couch dances. I am recently a big fan of the Deja vu downtown Minneapolis because of the smoking patio, but I was in St. Paul, so I thought I’d give this place a try.I must admit the first girl to approach me for a dance gave me a negative first impression. I don’t know if maybe she was new or inexperienced, but she did not smile, immediately asked for a dance with no other conversation, and then gave me a very uninspired and bored looking dance. I attempted to make some light and friendly conversation during the dance, but she was very unfriendly. I paid her $20, which apparently at this place is a $10 tip on top of the normal $10 a dance price, which she didn’t deserve, but which I paid anyway just cause I’m a big tipper to everybody. She didn’t respond to that either. bad first impression.On the plus side, It’s great to be able to drink in a strip club. The second girl did a dance for me during a 2 song for $15 special, which was above average. Overall, this place is OK if you are in St. Paul, but it is cheaper than downtown strip clubs, and you get what you pay for.

  11. nick

    more fun in mpls.

  12. beth
  13. Tim
  14. rick

    a lot of the girls were pretty nice when i’ve been there. and yes the drink prices are good as well as the dance prices and the fact that most of the time there is no cover charge. I’ve been a regular there for years and I have no reason to go to another club.

  15. regular lampy

    lamplighter rocks and has for 30 years. the management and dancers are the nicest in the twin cities.The drink prices are cheaper than any gentlemens club in the midwest, not sure how they sell the drinks so cheap, but i’m not gonna complain..sshhh.. I know sonja, glad she left the lamp, she is trouble, hopefully she will bring the cajun club into bankruptcy, besides who goes to the cajun club? the stillwater cops want it closed and are dwi ing all thier patrons as they come across the bridge, so guys be careful of that place, lil free advice from someone who knows..



  17. vic

    I also stop in a lot after work. I like the way the bar remains a bar atmosphere with dancers and not a “club”. The girls are nice and the place is not stuffy. It keeps me coming back.

  18. Jay Jay

    Went in looking for a lapdance or two after work.

    Spent five minutes at the bar attempting to get a coke; gave up and than was chastised by a waitress for note having a drink.

    Spent ten waiting for a dancer before I made it to gynecologist row to get some action. Neither girl was very talented or that good looking (I am there to fulfill a fantasy okay) so I dropped a few bucks.

    Final got a lap dance, the young woman looked great, said all the right words, purred in my ear, two bad she smelled of very bad BO.

    Won’t be a regular there.

  19. james

    i was in the club the other day and i had the best time i have had in the longest time the dancers were great, fun and very good looking. the drincks are very resonable the bartenders were very fast , got my drincks right away. the floor staff was huge the biggest two guys iv seen in years

    they were very nice gentalman. if i were to rate this club 1 throw 10 it would be a 20.

  20. 4nak8tr

    Had a vip with Sunny. Insane curvy body blasian that wasn’t shy about grinding to completion. shame no topless and touching, but decent mileage for $20 a pop

  21. poor sonya

    I see that sonya is bashing the club again. yes he did work there quite a while and with a bad attitude. she sat at the corner of the bar playing games on the machine most nights saw her. also she got fired for breaking the rules of the club, so no wonder she has nothing good to say about the lamp.

    the best time to goto the club is between noon and 8pm. best girls best attitude. bar tender a little slow.

  22. juggy

    place is OK, not great not terrible, good happy hour drink

    special 2×1, the glass stage is still kind of odd, first time

    i went there in a year or so, one girl was kind of cute, the

    other 3 were fair to not so good.

  23. Re; RD

    Was that coke you mentioned out of a bottle or baggie

  24. jerry


  25. dick


  26. John

    This was my third time there and I had a great time. There was a bachelor party there and they looked as though they were having fun. DJ was a little unorganized though.

  27. me
  28. will

    there on friday night, was at least 20 girls dancing and we had a great time.

  29. hugo

    Regular Lampy, you sound like someone with a chip on your shoulder aimed

    at the owner of the Cajun Club. You’ve lost all of your credibility with taking

    shots at one club in Wisconsin. Why do you feel this need? Why not compare

    the Lamp to the KOD? or Loch Ness? or the club in Harris? or any of the

    Minneapolis clubs? Perhaps this is just because none of these clubs have a

    former Lamplighter connection? Just a thought. And by the way, speaking as

    someone with friends in the Stillwater police department, they do not pull

    over cars crossing the river, they pull over all cars with drivers who appear to

    be under the influence and may be a danger to themselves and others. Your

    suggestion of them having a vendetta against the Cajun Club is insulting.

  30. rickywho2

    Good, cheap drinks. Some girls are really pretty and good dancers. $10 lap dances and $20 VIP DANCES . Glass due to Saint Paul ordinance in place but is never clean. The place is infested with all kind of drug dealers and easy access to what ever your choice of party is. Overall, if your looking for a good time for a cheap price this place is a good kick it spot.

  31. mr nice

    word of mouth is a b… overall this a great club. service is great dont forget to

    tip. the waiter has a great smile, i think her name is t. but this place is a great

    place to go whenever. the dancers are nice, not ass holes like most the clubs

    around here. had a good time with multiple dancers emilys got a great

    dance.wheres the waiter with my drink?nice variety of dancers. not much bad

    i can say.wheres t at?

  32. had a good time

    I was in a few weeks ago on a friday night and had a great time. They had all of the girls come up on stage at one time and it was packed with hot dancers. Even though this place is more like a bar than a club, it seems to get better all the time.

  33. re:rd

    I frequent the lamp quite often. Its a nice inexpensive place to grab a drink after work. Although some of the dancers are not playboy material, they are not deserving of your comment. I suggest you grab a hustler and stay home.

  34. paul

    had a great time drinks are cheap girls are fun

  35. craig
  36. arnollo
  37. RD

    Either all of those good reviews were posted by employees or blind people. The hogs in this place are enough to turn your stomach but the place does have one good thing going for it, the coke is very good in there

  38. sammy hagar

    This place sucks!!!

  39. ak

    there are 4 really bad girls for every decent one, and I mean decent, not hot. The decent ones know it and don’t try very hard, rarely going up to you even if you try and wave them over, while the others won’t leave you alone.

    often there are just a bunch of guys looking around at one girl off drinking and talking to a regular in the corner, while some ugly chick stands on stage and doesn’t even show her boobs because no one will slip her $2 through the tipping hole.

  40. jake

    Had a great time!!!!!!!

  41. steve

    I heard they fired the peeping tom bouncer he was an ass. there are some great looking girls in the afternoon but stay away at night. after 8pm. the club is allowing a couple of girls to do as they wish and not follow the same guide lines as the others. onecharges 20 for dances while the club rules state dances are only 10. she must be fucking brian and the owner as she never has to do stage.

  42. MAC
  43. Al

    A very friendly club with a locals type atmosphere especially during the day. The nude dancers are behind glass. Girls are very friendly and bikini lap dances are available. Girls are average with some hotties. I have always enjoyed the casualness of the place. They have reasonably priced drinks and happy hour specials.

  44. jim

    bars on rice st are sa bad as any in mpls.

  45. tj
  46. there on friday too

    I was there on friday too. what a blast, the girls were fine and the place was rockin. had dances with several girls. somewhere I lost track but I know there were at least 15 girls there around 6:00. what a place.

  47. GO HERE

    I’ve been occasioning the noon show for years. great place, drink & food specials besides no cover. Girls are usaully friendly and even have a personality, of coarse there can always be a bad day and not every girl is a 10 but more than make up for it. One girl came back after 2 years and still knew my name.

  48. sam
  49. Dave

    Club Has become very unfriendly. New daytime bouncer watches like a peeping tom and very rude. Place is usuall empty. Al the dancers I talked to are losing money. Dancers are great very friendly

  50. trent

    dido to last comment.

  51. joseph1k

    I don’t normally frequent gentleman’s clubs BUT… This place isn’t so bad. Drinks may not be all that clean but they sure are cheap. I always wonder if the ladies get a discount at the nail shop next door. Or if the nail place has some system of cleaning their dollar bills. Don’t hate on the Limp Lifter!

  52. billy
  53. XLT

    love the day shift IVY, JANE DOE,LENA,sorry i cant remember the rest, im too busy with these ladies!!

  54. 655321

    I stop at the LL fairly regularly on my way home from work. Many of the girls are nice and friendly. Pity the lap dances are clothed, but otherwise very nice. I’d like to see some fresh faces, but I like the dancers they have.

  55. THE TOY

    nice club in the afternoon great specials and no cover always 10-12 girls on and not alot of customers at one time they come and go. nina is a favorite of mine YEA BABY.

  56. Noa Dogg

    Over the years it seems to have gone down hill.

  57. new customer

    This place is great to get some dances from beatiful girls, have a good time and not be in an uptight atmostphere.

  58. buck

    i agree with the previous comments.

  59. ron

    Kind of a rough place. I will spend a few bucks more and go to kod.

  60. happy guy

    Had my first Lamplighter experience…Loved it!! Happy hour specials were very good. The ladies were nice to look at, the bartender not the friendliest or fastest man but i still got my beer. Fell in love with two girls the girl with the dragon fly on her ass amazing back rub!!!! And the waitress loved her smaile… Also the daragon fly girl sexy sexy lap dance!!!

  61. back for good

    went to some mpls clubs – not only were they terribly expensive, the girls were nothing special. I’m back to the lamp for good, love the girls here and the drinks are cheaper.

  62. mike
  63. sodbuster

    lots of dancers, was there on a monday night, no cover and the drinks were cheap, kinda had a sports bar atmosphere with tittys.

  64. former customer

    watch out for the mace!

  65. Riley

    If your lookimg for one hell of a dance make sure to see Riley. She works Sundays, most Mondays, Tuesdays and all day Saturdays. She seems more comfortable being Friendly on Mondays and Saturday nights. Any day she works was always fun though. 1/2 hours make sure to tip $100 before the dance starts and for an hour make sure to tip $200 before haand also. She wont dance with me anymore so I figured I would pass the information on you all of you. You wont be disappointed. The hour will cost you $800 but very much more worth it then half hour for $400. I just wish she would still dance with me. I never left VIP UNSATISFIED. Shes good!!!!!

  66. JJ
  67. bj
  68. Joey

    The dancer barfed on me I wont be back. Thanks Lamplighter for making this a night to remember.

  69. zuch

    Stopped in on a Wed. afternoon; noting really to exciting to write about. Good place to stop for a beer and see live entertainment; money best spent someplace else however. Much better in the evening.

  70. Jon

    I’ve been there of and on (probably half a dozen times) over the last year. The club is gets better each time. I like the improvements that were done, the drinks are still cheap and the girls get better each time. Was in on Sunday and had a great time. Thanks!

  71. NewBomb

    With dances at 10 bucks and real drinks its a no brainer to choose this place over the high priced downtown clubs.

  72. tom

    Not high priced and good talks with hot ladies!

  73. Bill

    Was there over the weekend for the first time. The place was getting a bad rap from my friends who obviously have not been there for a while. I had a good time, the girls there were as good as any other club, and the cost of getting in and getting a drink were as good as any bar in town without dancers.

  74. tone

    had a lousy time

  75. datool

    always a good time

  76. jd

    Most of the girls are above average here, though there are a few that are below. Everyone has different tastes, but the times that I have been here, most of the girls were nice. Compare it to the clubs in mpls – cost of dance, cost of a real drink, cover charge (no cover when I was there). I’ll stick with the Lamp.

  77. bigman
  78. LL fan

    funny this is a decent place not expensive, girls are not the best but do able.

    sierra, kay, sally, andrea, few that can blow my mind.

  79. brandt
  80. jimmy2

    I agree!!

  81. new guy
  82. ben

    good club nice girls, affordable

  83. Gwynplaine

    Wonderful first time, girls were friendly and attentive.

    Drinks were plentiful –

    looking forward to the next pilgrimage to see Sierra.

    “The Lady in Red”

    Every love song reminds me of you…

    I know, it’s creepy. I can’t help it.


  84. another LL fan

    stopped in on a friday night(usually in during the day)and WOW, there were at least 20 dancers there and I would stack them up against the dancers in any other club in the state.

  85. tokyo
  86. Bob
  87. smiley

    Thought it was a bit ghetto!

  88. larry

    had a good time, there were some dancers that were pretty hot and some were below average, most were ok though. the bar seemed more like a neighborhood corner bar than a strip club. it seemed that there were a lot of regulars there, i’m sure i will be back in the near future.

  89. williamr

    The bathrooms are very clean. Has soap, hand sanitizer, paper towels and hand dryer. Stop readin reviews and just go.

  90. shot

    Friday night shot club and hot girls, it doesn’t get any better.

  91. life long customer

    it is still a local bar in a strip mall

  92. Ben there

    This place is the last resort for the has been dancers.Noplace else wants them

  93. reet
  94. bvf
  95. jay

    was there also with a bachelor party had a great time. was treated well at this club. went to some other clubs that night and was treated like we were going to cause troube. will definitely be back to the lamplighter.

  96. ???


  97. BIG$$$


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