Crazyhorse Gentlemen’s Club



2255 East Kearney Street, Springfield, MO 65803


37.2397804, -93.2502752



8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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Credit Cards

All Inclusive


Public Wifi





0 reviews for “Crazyhorse Gentlemen’s Club

  1. Crazy "Whores"?

    They should rename this place crazy whores!

  2. self
  3. joey

    beats anything else Springfield has to offer

  4. Imus

    Great place. Great women. Good music and a good place to kill a night and spend some $20.00’s

  5. B-Hard

    this club is rediculous!

  6. Matt

    No talent at all

  7. No Techno

    Girls are fairly friendly. DJ, bartender and doorman need people skills. Atmosphere dark and kind of depressing. And finally the music selections leave a lot to be desired.

  8. Ken

    If you want a relaxed atmosphere, this is it! The girls will not harass you about lap dances, but they love to give them =) also the music is always awesome. Drinks are like $2 and unlike other clubs you are not forced to buy drinks (or anything for that matter). There’s also a pool table, but it’s very competitive.

  9. rick

    HOT dancers, even though the place looks like a dump

  10. bryan

    I love this place, everytime I go down to springfield I head in there. the women are nice and the staff is cool.

  11. bob

    Seem’s this place is on a major comeback phase and hopefully keep’s up the good work.

  12. Tom

    The decor of the place is the pits, and the dj introduces every dancer with the same intro, but the women are hot AND will talk to you like a real person. This club is still the best value for your money in my opinion!!!

  13. hawk

    I have been going to this place for the past 4 years and have been doing the stripper club stuff for 20 years and this is the best place hands down. And a comment to the person that said that the girl wanted to do something outside, NOT only are they respectfull in here but if they are even suspected of such thing they are released from the establishment.. check out their website for the pictures and judge for yourself.

  14. L.D.

    the place is a big mess and the woman are not that good looking and the place is a dump

  15. Tim

    Not worth the time

  16. Johnny
  17. Victor

    Better named the Crazy Cow Club

  18. dis-illusioned

    something for everyone, thick/thin,tall/short, sub/dom, ect. you probably won’t like them all but its hard not to like one or two. It’s my new home and holdin it’s own in Springfield!!

  19. Ryan

    ok all I have to say is this club does not belong in springfield its like something you would find on some back road in the country! There was on 3 girls the night I went, One girl was B the other was really big, and the other want to Have a lil fun with me outside. So quite a nasty place I must say!

  20. stud
  21. Home Guy

    Its a joke

  22. Open

    Is the place even open

  23. Sam

    Not a fancy place, if that’s what you’re after. If you want hot dancers though, the ladies are just that!

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