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0 reviews for “Bazookas Showgirls

  1. Sad

    Sad and Boring!

  2. newbie

    First time visit – just can’t get into the juice bar thing! I would say that there are some attractive dancers with fit bodies, but there are also some very average with less than dancer bods. Had good dances from Ryan, Jordan, Sophia, and Jamie (I believe). Ryan can really give your tool a work over with a super booty. Jordan was a little bit on the shy side, but cute. Sophia was a hottie with a killer little bod and got a full rise. Jamie is the girl next door (prettier) with a knockout spinner bod and a great lapper. Good mix or ethnicity – AA, Asian, Caucasians etc… Saw what I thought was a hot Latin when I 1st got there, but never saw her again and I was there for 4 hours. I was asked by all to go to the VIP and told it was hands on??? Don’t know if I will return, as I spent 4 Bens and didn’t even make it to the VIP or even a touch. Dances are $20 a song and hands to the side no touching (I was told by all hands on with VIP at $200 4 half hour). The girls I had dances with did give plenty or grind.

  3. Bandit

    This is the best club for cleanliness, friendliness, and overall quality. It is a juice bar so fighting is non-existent, the way I like it. Not all dancers give the same quality dance, anywhere, it is true here as well. Dancers here are nice for the most part and will approach you for a dance. I like this. I do not believe in asking someone to take my money. VIP section is outrageously high and I have yet to justify the high cost to try it out but will one day soon. Find a dancer or two that will do you justice and stick with her, if you plan on being a frequent visitor. There is an inital high cost to this approach but in the long run you will be satisfied with how you spent your money and just might get a few extras now and again.

  4. patrick and kevin


  5. Dancer

    Listen guys, the reason all of the strippers act like robots is because they only hire inexperienced girls so they can take advantage of them. They constantly push get a dance, get a dance. They count everything you do and take your money at the end of the night. There is very little tipping on stage, so no stage money for you to keep. The only person making money is the managers!

  6. ryan123

    Im from philly so the adult entertainment is totally different in kc then it is back at home. If you just wanna come out and have a chill night out, I would reccomend bazookas. They dont serve alcohol and the dancers are mediocre, some are pretty and some are trash. The music is Versatile and the atmosphere is classy. Ive been to better but this isn’t that bad, it has its nights.

  7. Jake

    Why would I spend time and money with girls that are not even friendly

  8. fountain

    Went to see the feature act, which was advertised for 8:30. Arrived at eight, watched one mediocre dancer after the other until 9, then started asking quesitons, and found out the feature wasn’t appearing until 10:30. Left. Ripoff.

  9. SWO

    HUGE RIPOFF. Charged me $15 to get in the door on a Monday night, only to discover there were only 3 girls working, only one of which was half hot. Sat looking at an empty stage through numerous songs and left. Thieves.

  10. Mart-Pgh

    For a “minimal touch” club it is ok. The girls are above average. Best time to go Wed – Sat (night). Heather’s a Hottie, but Cortney will send you home the right way!

  11. Re: Dancer

    Actually, that explanation makes a lot of sense. After experiencing some of the dancers here lately, I find myself wanting to ask them if they’re brand new to dancing. Seems like, ten years ago, even the most average dancer knew how to work it and try to turn me into a “regular”. Nowadays, I rarely even want a second dance, much less a return trip to see a specific girl. The ass clowns that run this place must be inexperienced as well. Shame.

  12. terry
  13. Annette fan
  14. Travelin Mack

    Where’s all my money?

  15. Fantasy Seeker

    Courtney is the most seductive, sexy dancer in the place. She comes on strong and is hard to resist, I wish touching was allowed. I had a hard time keeping my hands off of her. When she whispers in your ear and moves the way she does, look out, it makes you want to willingly give her all of your money. A great fantasy escape.

  16. Raymond

    $40 bucks and little to no contact, see ya

  17. Jason
  18. Cman
  19. Harold

    The most stuck up dancers in the city; go cey to someone else that your not making enough money to pay your bills

  20. William

    I remember when strippers where pretty girls that bordered on being exotic, these girls are not the ones I remembered

  21. Tricky

    This is one of my favorite Strip-Clubs. I don’t know what the guy is referring to when he says, $40 and no contact. These girls grind up against you. One of the girls, Scarlet, flipped upside down on me and rubbed her pussy in my face during a lap dance.

    You can’t touch them-that’s the only drawback, and there is the $20 cover charge…

    The atmosphere is very professional, and much less sleazy than most strip clubs. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not; it depends on your taste I suppose.

    The only drawback, to me, is that they play all those 80s hairbands. Sorry, I’m a punk-rock fan!

    NOTE: For some reason, the slider wouldn’t work with my laptop, so the score didn’t show up. Sorry, I hope this doesn’t throw their score off.

  22. yoyo
  23. ShuShin

    Bazooka’s downstairs isn’t open because of COVID19, but the upstairs theaters and arcade are open. I paid $10 for the movie, watched for an hour then went to the arcade. I saw three other people there until a worker came in and told people that they couldn’t walk around. They were supposed to pay money or leave. So he scared everyone out. I tried to go back to the theater until Jennifer (she said she was management) told me I could not go into the theater without shoes. (I was barefooted.) She didn’t tell me that when I bought the ticket an hour earlier. And when she told me I had to wear shoes, she wasn’t wearing shoes or socks herself because I noticed a tattoo on the bridge of her barefoot. Jennifer told me she wasn’t walking around, so she didn’t have to have on shoes. When I left, there was one person in the theater and no one in the arcade. I hate the double standard of places like this. Businesses like Bazooka’s do not respect their own customers. I WILL NEVER GO BACK. Bazooka is supposed to be a place where you can watch porn, but it seems, they don’t want sexual interaction with their patrons which is unbelievable. Do they really believe a guy is going to watch a porn movie and then go home to jerk off? Porn theaters are designed for sexual interaction. This is why guys were walking around the arcade, looking for someone to hook up with. I was barefooted because I felt sexy without wearing shoes in a public place. So to Jennifer and her coworker. Grow the fuck up! or be out of business.

  24. I'm out!

    Too many girls or get sick and want to go home early, they charge you $20 extra. Don’t wanna pay? Don’t come back. Isn’t this illegal? No drinking! UNLESS, you do it at their bar next door! We should come together like the dancers in St. Louis, they are going to win their lawsuit and get big $$$$.

  25. Tim

    Good girls, but the cover charge is way to much

  26. Local-Man

    Great, classy club with very friendly girls.

  27. XhXeXy

    The best club in KC for atmosphere., very nicely done interior and great center stage. Be sure to get your adult drinks next door at the Bulldog. Take advantage of the drink specials you get with the cover for the door. The best performer by far if your looking for the clubs namesake “a nice pair of bazooka’s” is Katie Lee. You won’t miss her stage presence and her bombshell body. Supper nice and intelligent. Just pay her for the conversation along with the beautiful bouncy bounty in your face!

  28. Tennessee Visitor

    Went ewice last week while in town on business. Had a great time, esp. with Brittany and Trinity. Would definitely go back.

  29. disappointed

    This was a horrible place. I was there for two hours with only 5 customers in the place and not a single girl talked to me.

  30. David S.

    Pretty club managed poorly, girls are not happy and complaining.

  31. John

    The girls were awesome..

  32. Colbys

    Expensive, no alcohol, no full nude! WTH Don’t buy the $15 couch dance tickets at the entrance where you pay your cover, when you get inside the couch dance costs $20. If you want VIP?? $200!!! We stayed maybe 15 min. Will never go back. The waitress asked if I wanted to buy the girl talking to me a drink!! Really??? Oh yeah!! $5 for a small bottle of water! NO! Save your money, time and sanity by going somewhere else.



  34. richard95

    So, where are the nude girls? No alcohol & bottoms are still worn… Really?Too few girls & not worth the cover charge. 🙁

  35. jon

    there are a few execptioal modelesque girls, when they are there it clases the place up. i like asians used to have one or too, but can’t seem to find them

  36. Bret

    A let down

  37. Bye

    Biggest ripoff in KC. Close this place down and just admit that the new law killed it. To keep stealing $12+ door fees from unwary customers is not ethical.

  38. out of towner

    Lots of hotties

  39. No Contact

    If I wanted a no contact club then I would visit a strip joint that serves booze.

    When I spend $15 to get through the gate and put up with having to drink soda pop there needs to be contact in the private dance area.

    You must be foolish to visit this club more then once and not see that.

  40. joshua

    i like the club and the female dancer are good and nice

  41. darebel

    First, We thought the girls were beautiful, BUT whew pop shop rules are you kidding me this is the 21st century. I know this is Mo. law but what a downer. The girls constsntly make circle to ask for couch dances. If you say no they are gone til the next circiut. SIT,talk,play and I promise you I will pay. It did not look to me that anyone(cust. or girls) were haveing fun. waste of time and beauty

  42. Hester

    Jenna rocks it like all dancers should for your bucks.

    Gorgeous and hot enough to make you wanna’ sell the house.

    A lil’ bit of Vegas-quality right here in Cowtown.

  43. DJ

    Agreed with rip off! No drinks, no nude, low quality of girls that were not that friendly, cant wait to fly out of here

  44. Goliath

    Another victim of the new laws. No nude, no grind, all the girls look sad and depressed like somebody just died. Too bad. This place was the sh-t back in the day.

  45. Northpoll

    I have always had good mileage here. Some great looking girls.

  46. Yo Darebell:

    Try getting a dance first if you want a dancer to sit and play with you. They’ve gotta know if their investment in you is going to result in a payoff BEFORE they potentially waste half their night for nothing. Would YOU work in an office for free all day HOPING that the boss decided to give you some pay at the end of the day? Tip, flash some cash, get a dance….then let them play the game of working you for more. THAT’S what’s enjoyable for everyone.

  47. Bernie

    If there is a training program at this place, it must be entitled, “How To Look Bored and Disinterested While Giving Lackluster Lap Dances and Then Asking For More Money Than You Originally Said You Charged!” Shittiest dances I’ve had in years.

  48. Joe
  49. Princess

    I agree NO money there. Thats why I quit. I used to do some really great pole tricks in my routine but the customers were cheap, they would just sit there and stare, nobody tipped. Since there was no alcohol, they could not even buy you a drink unless you tried to go next door. That place is lame! Anymore than 5 or 6 dancers was way to many, nobody made any real money.

  50. Damon
  51. Josh
  52. customer
  53. Jeremy

    If you are a pedophile, you’ll love this club! Yuck.

  54. Rand

    decent club. Day shift was surprisingly full of energy

    and pretty ones. haven’t went on a night shift yet

    because of work. There were a few newbies but that didn’t

    seem to hinder the overall experience. Talkaive bunch of

    girls and didn’t presure me to give them dances. A lot of

    them have tattoos so if you don’t like that then it’s not

    the shift for you Pretty good time

  55. $$$

    OK, so when does this little slice of heavenly escape work?

  56. worthless

    this club is dumb!

  57. Firecracker

    i am a stripper and i LOVED going here to relax! the girls here were more friendly then where i work! thinking about making a move 🙂

  58. Susan D.

    Sooo, a trip back home and whaddayaget? Your brother and a buncha his friends who wanna go out to see some girly action… ok, I’m game. Our first stop on our KC adult night club tour was a fully nude, juice bar on 17th and Main – Bazooka’s Showgirls. I’ve liked the name and logo of this joint, a curvy beauty sittin on a canon but, once you get inside, I noticed it was kinda hard to find that curvy beauty. After we paid the 20$ per person cover charge and went in, I noticed that ALL the girls there seemed very young with, very skinny bodies. Where’s the variety? My brother loves this skinny lil boy body look, I don’t. I think women with some curve is a lil more attractive… I couldn’t even find someone to get a dance from.The other problem with Bazooka’s is that it’s a very business-like atmosphere – undoubtedly because of the no-alcohol policy. People are just sitting and staring at the stage, no loud chatter or laughing really… it’s missing the upbeat atmosphere that I prefer. I know that this, as the curvy girl thing, is a personal preference so I won’t judge the club too harshly.I’m giving 4 stars cause the girls were cute in the face, though their age and boney bodies weren’t my style. Also, the club had a fun porn feature that night – Katie Morgan. And though the club had a low-key atmosphere, it was well-designed and very clean. It’s the kind of place you’d like to take business partners maybe but not… a rowdy bachelor party. The majority of our group didn’t care much for it so we moved on to the next club… where we stayed the rest of the night.

  59. Old Hand

    Went in for the first time not expecting much but left impressed. Pretty good lap dances for being a no touch club. A lot of attractive girls my favorite by far was Jessie. Best club in KC hands down.

  60. ftriley11b

    it sucked

  61. Shane

    I wont be back

  62. danielson

    Great little place to go and have a good time. I went on a Friday and Saturday, the former was not too busy, but there was a good number of girls and patrons on Saturday evening. There are a wide veriety of women, physically and personality wise, so there should be someone who fits your taste. Speaking of which, the ladies seemed to be friendly to the females patrons and couples.The stage is not too big, but it fits the size of the establishment, and means that any seat in the house and you have a good view of whomever is on stage.Got a few couch dances with a couple girls and VIP dances. Mind you that the price of VIP is a little steep compared to some other places; so I’d make sure that are gonna enjoy the time with that particular lady. I really enjoyed the lady I took VIP both days (Kelsey? [Sorry, I am bad with names even though I said your name like 5 times]), but that is just my taste; go for whomever peaks your fancy.For those of you looking for a full bar this is not the place to go. I am not sure why that is a deal breaker for some people, especially because you won’t need alcohol to enjoy the girls here. If you MUST have a drink before/during/after I would suggest Tom’s Town Distillery, its on the same block but, for more information look for my review on their page.It’d be five stars if VIP was maybe closer to $150, especially being there is a cover fee. However, it was clean, most the girls were fun to be around, its in a good location, and the rest of the staff was not overbearing. In summation: go! If you don’t have a good time you need to see a doctor about getting the corncob removed from your rear.

  63. joseph1k

    This place is amazing. I went with some buddies on a Friday night and most the girls are very friendly and will sit and chat with you. And they are all amazingly gorgeous. Best girls I’ve ever seen and full nude on stage. 15 for a couch dance and 20 for it to be topless. And a 30 min VIP session cost 200 but it is amazing and worth every penny. Best club I’ve ever been to and I’m going back tonight. Can’t wait…..and night 2 was just as good as night one. A deffinate must see in Kansas City. The girls range from one girl who looked like whe was 16, not my cup of tea but im not judging, well maybe a lil. and there were plenty of beautiful girls with perfect bodies and a range of breast size from cute A’s to lovely D’s and some thicker girls, but they were still amazingly beautiful. Taylor and Summer are some of the best girls that we met, very sweet and we had long conversations actually between dances. and Taylor is a Goddess in the Vip room. a must see

  64. Abe

    This place sucks and stop telling me how luckey we are that the place is still open.

  65. Ec
  66. Tony

    Gonna be honest, wasn’t expecting much on a Tuesday night.

    Rolled in half-lit from a night of low key celebration.

    Approached immediately by a very cute brunette spinner (name

    escapes me sorry) and went straight for a $20 “private”. Lots

    of decent grinding, but no mutual touch. Afterwards went next

    door for a quick beer and reentered shortly thereafter. Ended

    up chatting with a very cute, very young Olsen sister look-a-


  67. 05

    I went to Bazooka’s last night with some of my buddies and I would say it was a generally good experience. I had been to one other strip club before and it was my favorite. I went to the Outhouse just outside of Lawrence, Kansas. The thing I liked about that one was that it was full-contact and they had dollar dances. The draw back with that one was that it was a little bit more expensive. Bazooka’s cost only $15 to get in being a Saturday night, but during the week it’s a lot cheaper. You can get a couch dance for as little as $15, however, with that amount they keep the top on, it costs another $5 to get it off.

    The dancers are of great quality, they look fit and ready to do hand-stands, not to mention they can shake their asses. The girls are really friendly and can put up a nice conversation. This is definitely the classiest strip club I have ever seen outside of Vegas and definitely the classiest I’ve ever been to.

  68. me
  69. maxxy1

    Where KC girls’ dreams go to die. The cover charge was a bit much for a juice bar. Overall it was a fun night out, with nobody getting thrown out or arrested, or propositioned by a “former engineer” from Eastern Europe looking for a green card.

  70. jackoff

    The club is a jusice bar (no alcohol) nude dancing on stage. Cover charge on weekends seems to vary from $15 to $20 admission and 2 free soft drinks. It’s a nice club inside and can get packed to capacity with a waiting line. I would say there is usually 12-15 girls +- on weekends. Large stage for viewing the pink if that is what you like. Seems to be a variety of girls (body types – etnic etc…)

    The dancers are very business like and don’t sit and chat, it’s a dance or no dance type atmosphere. Dances are no touch, hands to your sides for $20. Some are very good at working over your tool and some are really bad (almost air dancing YMMV)grab the $20 and on to the next. Easy to go through 4-5 uncle Bens and really not get much for the money IMHO. The girls on looks go from a 5 to a couple of girls that would be close to 9’s. They opened a VIP area that runs $200 for 30 minutes of non-stop dances in a secluded booth area. Mileage varies with dancer and customer as always, but the same rules are suppose to apply.

    I rate this club highly for stage shows and if that is your cup of tea, there is nothing better in the area. If you like one on one time and hands on dances – it’s not the place to go.

  71. Jay

    This is one of the best clubs in the kc area. The girls are very friendly and the lap dances are amazing. Always a great time when I go here, but you gotta be careful, its easy to spend alot more than you planned.

  72. JDawg


  73. Todd

    I need a new spot, this place has changed

  74. Rob

    The girls think there so special ; kind of reminds me of Jerry’s kids.

  75. Ben

    I felt used, and not in a good way.

  76. jorge j

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