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0 reviews for “Temptations

  1. Hal

    Not worth the risk involved with the walk from the car to the door.

  2. richard95

    Club manager is cruel to the girls I saw him straight up taze someone. Plus the place is really dirty

  3. Unsatisfied

    I used to think this place was great. I started going years ago when it was still Ziegfields.

    It had hot, young, friendly girls. Now it’s full of bitchy fat chicks and black chicks. I don’t consider myself a racist, but I was as close to I ever was to using the dreaded “N” word the last time I was in there. I’d just walked in and sat down when a girl approached me and asked if I wanted a dance. I said, “No thank you, I just walked in.” She replied, “Well, fuck you then,” and proceeded to gouge her fingernails into my arm. I pushed her away to stop the claws from drawing blood and she actually slapped me. About 5 minutes later, she comes up to me and get’s in my face saying, “You never mess with me. I’ll have my niggah fuck you up.” I walked away. Later, when I’m walking up the stairs to get a dance from one of the 2 girls that would rate above a 5 on a scale of 10 (it was Saturday night, so they had the “A” team working…I dread to see a weeknight now), the bitch was giving a dance and swung her leg out and tried to intentionally kick me in the balls.

    It’s gone WAAAAAAY downhill.

  4. Atreyu_Hoods

    The club is too small for my taste, and also the lack of beer is a problem. But there are some smoking hot girls there (expecially brittney).

  5. kcbuckeye

    Sasha is hot and give great dances!

  7. FFEMT

    Taylor (the white one) is by far the best dance in the club!

  8. Ethics Advocate

    They play the race card at this club!! Be cautious!

  9. Paul

    Way to urban for me.

  10. no name

    jo-jo is not a good manager if she can not get what she wants out of you then she will try to fire you and she has had several relationships with dancers there even though she is a manager

  11. Ramon

    This club will hire anyone with the guts to step onto the stage ; start setting a weight limit and demand that the girls shower and shave before they come to work.

  12. jaybo

    Only go here on Fri & Sat nights after 10. All other times are not very much fun unless you are a “regular”. For the most part, girls have poor attitudes. Club has a steep tip-out structure and “buy the dancer a non-alky drink” quota, so the girls constantly pester you to buy them a drink. Some girls want more than the posted $20 per lap dance. VIP area monitor goon limits contact to just about nothing. Sit at the stage and tip $1 per dance to see lots of pretty girls naked. Caution, they’ve got some fuglies too! Fairly clean place. Overall pretty expensive for what you get.

  13. AssnTits5

    Awful club–we tried go for a bachelor party. Such a waste of our $20.00 cover-The staff is cranky too, manager is a dick .

  14. Lareggod
  15. Rick

    There is something that just dos’nt sit well with me when I see the dancers boyfriend watching me dance with his girlfriend.

  16. Lucky

    this was a bad experence from start to finish

  17. Bruce

    What a let down, there show is not anything more then house wifes and wanna bees.

  18. JAY


  19. Boston Boys

    Had a great time at the club. Deacon makes you feel at home and Peyton is by far the best dancer there and oh did I say she is hot in her nurses outfit. Thanks again Ms. Peyton for a great time. Let us know when you come to Boston. Signed Your boy from Boston

  20. Vegas Vic

    Worth checking out, Had decent time and the area was very busy. I will return whenin town for business.

  21. ??????

    taylor can pull the race card all she wants i was getting a dance and she was giving a dance to a guy in those parachute pants she just grabbed his dick and put it in her mouth it was in there for more then five seconds but not more then that i think i looked away

  22. waste of time

    worst club around

  23. Frank

    Keep your drama at home; I do not care who’s boyfriend is sleeping with the girl that danced for me.

  24. James

    went on a monday night, had a great time!!(except for getting hassled to buy drinks). Cody is the HOTTEST!!! gives a great private dance!!!! I only had enough cash for around 15(?) dances:(

  25. MIA

    YOU guys olny come to see three of them and two of them are trailer trash yea i knw what go’s on there im been done that move on we all knw talyor give head come on now why do you think she is all ways back there they all way under click the ones that they think bring the more money in for the house thats bull shit they are totally against other ethics and half of ant shit and got a drug problem why u think the bath room doors r gone n the girls room yeah we all knw they try to protect what goes on in there

  26. Red
  27. greg


  28. Joe

    I wont ever come back

  29. Esq..

    Club is changing, so is the clientele, once the elite of the area clubs.

  30. george

    this place blows..

  31. Danny

    Im a 34 year old school teacher that did not appreciate being treated like a hood.

  32. michael

    sasha is hot

  33. Agree

    I think I need a tetnis shot after being in there. I feel like a criminal having to walk through a metal detector. Two blocks away at bazookas is SO much nicer. And I don’t feel like i have to shower afterwards

  34. larry
  35. XhXeXy

    Not only does it cost $19 to get in, but there is no nudity despite the “Totally Nude” sign outside. I also ordered a St. Pauli’s, and bartender never mentioned it was NA.

  36. Rob

    Had a great time a hugh varitey of smoking hot women.Love this place.

  37. sucks

    This club sucks, door man rips you off. Didn’t enjoy anything about the place, will never go back.

  38. TJak

    I went last weekend, and not sure about the previous comments but these girls are fucking smoking! Maybe a new crew or something. Had a great time with Ryder, Bambi, and Ashley? These girls look like models! i think that was their names, but ill be back next time im in town!

  39. Annonymous

    If one girls got HIV then they all got it because they all pass around the same guys, grindin all over them with just a G-String on

  40. quess who

    i work there and i think the club blows the owner uped are payout when minimum wage went although that is his perogative and uped are drinks we had to sell some people come in there opened minded and others are racist not only whites but blacks also alot of the girls talk shit about each other but most girls do at any club as for the bathroom stalls having no doors that happened atleast five years ago to stop drug addicts from working there to support their habits most girls are mothers students or have other jobs and some travel the clubs if management feels there is a bad dancer they have hired then they are fired peyton and taylor may do dirty dances but that is tere perogative ffemt is a good tipper i know from experience but sometimes he can be a jerk about it and taylor just plays him along like most customers not interested in anything he has to say she even stabbed her best friend in the back all over the club saying she was a whore peyton what a friend to have this club is going down hill it seems alot of the girls will smile in your face and when you turn around hate on you too much drama for such a small club and the payout is to high

  41. Wow

    Nice club with some hot ladies. The cover is a bit high but the dances definitely make up for it. My favorite girl in the place was Kalani(10). She is extremely hot and very social and her dances are the best. A definite must if your in the area.

  42. Josh

    Me and my friend went for the first time ever to a strip club. $19 bucks to get in and free drinks atleast 1, i mean i havent needed more than one, seems steep, but think about it others are like $5-$10 bucks fee + you have to buy 1-2 drinks which basically adds up to $20 anyways so its not steep. Plus i have no idea what you guys are talking about, they dont hassel you to buy drinks, your going to be spending hella money anyways, all the women were pretty cute all in low 20’s to high 20’s…granted not like you see in the movies, a perfect 10 and body, but they are all 7-8 and they are all like that hot chick at the pool who you wish you could just have next to you, but in this case you get to have the fine woman next to you…The VIP room is a long couch, and theres usually other guys getting lap dances to, but your all very spread out, besides once the lap dance starts you dont care about the other people. FYI they get really friendly, $20 bucks a lap dance, they last a song so try to get them right when the song is about to start. they do have 2 for 1 lap dances on some of the days of the week. All the women are friendly, even if it is because they have to be, not for one second do you think, o your just being friendly because you want money…dont listen to all the haters on the net, for every page of bad reviews you can find a page for great reviews…its just some places work for people and some dont…I really liked it and ill be going there more often…And Theres lap dances and Private dances..dont know if they are the same thing, Im going to ask for a private dance next time, and see..either way its going to be awesome…Ps i didnt use the bathroom there but i hear theres no wall stalls for the urinals which is normal anyways….but anyways go, dont expect it to be like high class hollywood strip club, i mean its a nice place, no smoke was in the air, the floor was clean, the place was clean and it wasnt filled with old men, it was mostly filled with guys my age and im in college….P.s.s bring all your money there, dont use the ATM there, its a HELLA $$$ fee to use that atm not your usual 2 bucks fee. learned that the hard way ha.

    Anyways I really liked it, and will be a customer for long time.

  43. tom

    get a dance from the penthouse pet of year, or kelly

  44. bob
  45. john


  46. It Blows
  47. me

    Disgusting… Go to bazookas, at least you won’t feel like you’re going to get a disease just by being in the building

  48. DJ

    $19 is way too high cover charge. And with prick teases like Raven there this place sucks

  49. tim

    mrsa out brak waiting to happen this place is a joke the health department needs to shut it down 80% of the girls there have boils saying they are spider bites

  50. silent bob_armyguy

    great club great location but im really concerned about them having bailey work there and she is hiv positive and the fact that she knowing does hand jobs and blow jobs does not help but girls i would like to thank are alex , jo-jo

  51. kc chiefs fan

    have been in a few times in the last month and i have also noticed changes in this club. stoped in last night and had a great time. Taylor was center stage and ruled the night. she is one dancer that never lets me down – gives one hell of a lap dance and you just cant stop at one – dont think i have ever been treated so well. new bar girl was great – sexy accent. i didnt see much talent from the other dancers except Taylor but that was all i needed.

  52. BIG T
  53. a former dancer

    JoJo is a great manager, i love working with her she was very fair and professional. You are probably upset because you got fired by her and you probably needed to be. more clubs need manager like her.

  54. Heavy Sack

    When I went the cover was 19 bucks and I have to ask for what? The dancers are sub par looking but have fair skill level. Variety of dancers are also minimal. If you like the average 5’8″ 140lbs woman with B cups then this is the right spot for you. Anything else you shouldn’t go.

  55. dave

    overall, the dancers were ok, but peyton was AMAZING!

  56. Jorge

    Great Place

  57. Hank

    This place sucks big time

  58. eric

    peyton and taylor are both whores. if you did not finger or get a hand job. you most have been broke.

  59. Bekah

    My husband and I had a great time Saturday night. Can’t wait to come back for another dance.

  60. ho ho ho

    its true these girls are starving went in last night and got some dances from peyton and she would do anything to get another dance and i mean anything. she licked and sucked all over me and almost gave me a hj and let me suck on her. this girl has no limits. if you want a ho for christmas ask for this one

  61. G-dog


  62. JJered

    weird atmosphere. heard chicks were getting beat up for not

    givin a good time

    not a place a man wants to be if the girls are going to get

    pushy just to save face

  63. jesus

    nice. muy bueno

  64. Jason
  65. B

    sucks in the worst way

  66. Nick

    Ill be back! variety of girls great atmosphere. Dancer named Bambi has a smoking hot body great personality to back that shit up!

  67. your mom

    this place is a shit hole. nasty ass dirty ho’s stay away!

  68. Dudes

    Best place i Kansas city, Peyton is the best

  69. kiddo

    p.j needs to stop the dayshift girls from whoring themselves out so the night girls are undervalued i know from experience daniel kelly toni and brazil and kai fuck on dayshift please management clean this shit up

  70. William

    The club is sub par from start to finish

  71. Hector

    I wont want to be here when and if the Vice Squade ever visits this place

  72. exdancer

    this is toward craig glazier: you are a dip, i know you and your family personally. u calling somebody a dealer is a riot since you and your brother use to use and sell also! if im not mistaken you got busted awile back with cocaine in your trunk! not only that but u are broke that is why you bitch about buying drinks! you go to the club to get your feel and act like a big man but your a loser! didnt your mom ever tell you that you shouldnt throw rocks in a glass house! this goes to the girls there: he is broke he will try to convince you he can give a the world, or come to his pool pardy, lol! he’s a joke, and by the way this is coming from somebody that knew you way, way before i danced at temp, so dont try to say im a burned girl! i have never danced for you or for that matter givin you the time of day! your an embarresment to kc! and if its sooo bad there then dont go!

  73. Question

    What nights does Payton work?

  74. Todd

    Over Priced and failed to live up to my expectations

  75. RE: Sick of FFEMT comments

    RE: Sick of FFEMT comments… this is straight from Taylor – FFEMT is my regular and he has a right to say whatever the fuck he wants to say. Just like you have the right to believe every girl there is attractive to different types of men and are pretty cool girls. I agree with you on that but if you read his message, he does say that he hasn’t been in for a while and we have had a turnover in girls. His intent on his message was only to suggest that the rude and hateful comments about any of the girls, he didn’t think were true, and yes he did name the three dancers that he liked the most but when he comes in this gentleman he tips every single girl on stage – quite a bit. He is not passing judgment, only defending all the good girls so if your one of them you need not to worry.

  76. Peter

    After being assured that my car would be safe parked outside the door and that the area has cameras monitoring the entrance,My car was broken into parked in front of this place and the jerk manager offered me a free pass to the club next time I visited.

    The cameras were not turned on that evening.

  77. Not impressed

    Baily does not have HIV a dancer that everyone brags about that is a Blonde is saying this becasue she is a dirty lil’ whore who thinks her shit doesnt stink becasue she has been in Playboy.BIG DEAL> get over yourself.You are one of the ugliest people I have ever seen becasue of your attitude.Looks will only get a WHORE so far !

  78. Jeff
  79. Temptations Dancer

    RE: MIA

    Not surprised of the comments coming out of your mouth.. You are one of those girls who did stupid stuff like getting jacked up during work–why do you think you were fired? You can tell in the lack of being able to type or spell that you were clearly jacked up when you wrote that. Taylor does clean dances and the reason why she is up there so much is because she is so beautiful. She is a great person you’re just too dumb to realize that. And no one gets underclicked–that just wouldn’t make much business sense would it, moron? As for the trailer trash comment of yours–look in the mirror!!! Grow up and stop trash talking on people you know nothing about.

  80. pj

    Wow – Brittany – amazing!

  81. Joe A.

    I didn’t go

  82. Wade

    This is as close to a whore house as you will find in thid city ; to bad the girls are all fat and old ; must have been a fun spot back in 1988

  83. andy

    Was in town this past Tueday met peyton. She was very hott great body. Her skin was very smooth loved her nails. Had a great time

  84. Tony

    The only club in town that I take my pistol into and still dont feel safe.

  85. Bandit

    Not much good to say about this club except the Men’s room was clean and the off duty policeman was polite when he frisked me. Dancers were low quality, cover charge was high. I did not go on weekend.

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