Million Dollar Fantasy Ranch



1117 Northwest 475th Road, Centerview, MO 64019


38.8385872, -93.948919




8am – 8pm


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8am – 8pm


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10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Million Dollar Fantasy Ranch

  1. Jacob
  2. best man

    stopped by to check this place out to throw a bachlor party. Went in on day shift. got a dance with Shelby. we will be having the party here. See you in 2 weeks.

  3. Athena

    Hey guys if you have a bachelor party, birthday party, or going away party for someone in the service this is the place to go, you will love the sacrifice. It is also a great place to just get away and have a good time. We have lots of wonderful and fun filled night girls being- Ivy, Cassidy,Shelby, Natalie, Erin, Lexi, Angel, Destiny, Roxi, Athena, Scarlet, Kimora, Kendra, Star, Reign, Cheyanne, Victoria. Each girl has something special about them. We all work very hard at what we do, always trying o come with new and interesting pole tricks for you. We have a super sweet bartender Sammy. Our djs Brandon and Jeremiah love to hit that beat. As you walk in you will meet our amazing manager Marge (a.k.a. mom). Night shift is 8pm- 2pm wednesday and thursday and 8pm- 4pm friday and saturday. Of course it is BYOB in the parking lot, so after you have gotten your wrist band you can go in and out to the parking lot to drink as much as you want. Thanks guys we would love to see you this weekend.

  4. Shelby

    So glad to see you back Cassidy. We all need a little vacaton sometimes.

  5. Chris

    hot hot hot hot will be back thank you

  6. Bus Man

    Now thats a party bus. Went to the club Saturday night. Hot and Sexy. Will be back. I need to have my buisness meetings here. The bed dances are the best. These girls take good care of us thats for sure.

  7. Attn. Eric ...

    Eric , I visited this weekend and heard the things you said about Club Skin on the mic to the entire room.

    You made yourself look foolish to eveyone there ; you were bashing a club that seems to be useing a slow but sure approach to captureing your customer base while you pretend that there not even a threat.

    Wake up before it is to late.

  8. Terenxe

    I took my boss here on his birthday and was embarrased by the diffrence in what I described to him on the way there and the reality of what we found when we arrived there.

    We went to the club across the street [ not mentioning names here ] and had a blast.

  9. LeRoy

    I had a great time… Went in during first shift, the girls were sweet, kept me company and gave me some of the best dances I have ever had. I will be back next payday

  10. John


  11. Anthony
  12. meow!
  13. love'n this club

    The girls here all are beautiful, and can do some awesome tricks.

    Their all easy to talk to and they always have a smile on their face.

    They make the overall expirence so nice. The club is nice and

    spacious which is good when not wanting to be crowded. The bed

    dances are amazing.. I will definitly return again!!!!

  14. Prep06

    Me and friends are regulars…. Best time to go is on WEN (taco night) 5dollars to get in, free drinks and food. T shirt dances are the best value for your money 2lap dances and a free tshirt for 20 bucks… I have 5 shirts already and my friends have more. After you pay for a tshirt dance any dance after that will seem like a rip off

  15. Check it out.

    We have all new music down loaded to make the party even better. Come check it out. Love Shelby.

  16. Doug

    Great club Great ladies

  17. j k m
  18. Sexy lady
  19. Country man

    Shelby your HOT and you dance to country music. You and Trina are my girls now.

  20. Makes no sence ..

    This makes no sence at all, fire Eric and hire back Lorie.

    You seem to feel that you can repeat the same steps as you have in the past and somehow get a diffrent result.

    Many would say that this is foolish at best.

  21. MI-Man

    I couldn’t stand it either, was one of only a few customers and couldn’t wait to get out. Didn’t find anyone attractive and the dances weren’t worth the cost of the wristband or the dance. Music system kept locking up too.

  22. chloe

    I love it there, the is staff very professional and the owners and I have never had any problems, but cliental has been up and down latley.

  23. Jerry

    Thanks for the hospitality!

  24. Darvin

    Coming back. Felt great, forgot where I was, thanx Shelby for

    a great ride. Youll be my fave but still loved the line up.

    Good staff

  25. Samantha
  26. Bob

    Plenty of hot food but not enough hot dancers.

  27. Unsatisfied BIG TIME

    This place is such a WASTE of any attention you might think of giving it. Go to the club down the road ,its so much better.I was approached by every nasty girl in the place, Then I was asked to pay $150 to have some smelly girl with bad teeth gring on me and even told me she would jack me off for just $ 50 more. I dont think so.Take the trash and leave it there. I sure dont want anything to do with this place. It should be called Nightmare girls, thats the only dreams I would be having of this place.

  28. Carl

    I visited on 10/23 and found 4 dancers and 3 of them did not belong on a stage.

    I then visited the club Skin and found 8 dancers that would have made me proud to be seen with in public.

    The diffrence was little league and the Major’s

  29. Steve

    I like this club, I guess I don’t understand most of these negative posts. The dancers are pretty and really nice. Good entertainment.

  30. : YOU )KNOW!!!


  31. samuel

    Good girls good hospitality!

  32. Ike

    I never seem to leave this club happy that i stoped

  33. Yes, great bodies

    Amen, to that one, Rob!

  34. Steven H

    Went there during the day last week w/some guys frm work and it SUCKED too much whining& picking on girl, tall blonde, don’t rembmer name – Overall not worth the trip on days – we wom’t come back

  35. Raymond

    I sat there for almost an hour and was asked to buy a dance one time and she looked like my wife and complained about her Ex not sending her support payments on time.

    See ya later.

  36. Big Mike

    I started going back after you hired Hanna…gorgeus lady…then you let her go and kept the foulmouthed fugly ones! Guess the club owners are even more stoned & drunk than their strippers…what were you thjinking?????????

  37. missed you

    When out to hit the clubs Saturday it was cold as hell and I was so board. I saw Angel and I had not been in for while. I loved you in your cat suit. Looking hot as always your smile caught my attention from accross the room. Saw some girls girls to Kendra VERY GOOD ON THE POLE. She said she had only been dancing a while. Now thats one faster learner. My luck was good Teddy was there to rub my back. I love you “fingures”. Glad I ventured out into the cold. Love you all I always have a good time.

  38. jack
  39. Mark

    This club needs help

  40. Leon

    great… but better with you, Shelby. When could I see


  41. Tim

    The hottis girls.Thank You All. And nice new look.

  42. gregory

    best value in 3 states! Love the hot ladies!

  43. DWR

    The hottest girls I have seen at any club.

  44. customer
  45. hottie

    awesome time. Thanks ladies!

  46. Gabby

    I know the Ranch well and all the players in the game better thwn most will ever know them ; from this knowledge I can say that the Ranch is headed in the wrong direction and if a change in course is not made soon there will be another empty building on 50 highway.

  47. Paul

    Scarlet Saturday night has to be the most sexy stage show that I have ever seen. The pimp hat and garder belt wins my heart and a bed dance. I mean a couple of bed dances. It was great the wage you danced on the chair after your sexy entrance. Please do this again. Im going to bring some of my friends out. You can work the steps and the pole. Bring it one HOT women.

  48. kyle
  49. Stuntman Mike

    Love the Ranch!! There isnt a club with hotter dancers in my book. The DJ is terrible, but she can be ignored.



  51. Justin

    Low 3’s? You’re full of it. 80% of these women are absolutely beautiful and I’ve never heard a complaint.

  52. Night Girl

    Ashes to ashes ,dust to dust , Eric is no longer with us.

    The only problem is that his replacement is no better then he was and in a lot of areas far worse.

    We hired back that B**** Lorie

  53. Todd

    Great club. I will return very soon!

  54. Philip

    The girls were beautiful and awesome I had a great time last night. Plan on coming back again soon.

  55. St louis guy

    You can compare them to St Louis girls. Sexy!!

  56. Ryan

    Went by Wendsday night. Wanted to check the club out for my birthday day bash. Guys night out ya know. Finally all hot hot hot dancers. Every one of them was good looking. This is where the party is at.

  57. IloveBigBellies

    The pregnant chicks are hot

  58. My favorite

    Hit the club Saturday night its been a minute since I got that way and saw my favorite girl Cassidy. Looking like my sexy little Vixon that she always is in a fish net outfit. She put on one hell of a stage show and my bed dances were off the chain. They had a bachlor party going on to nice to see Cassidy do her famous moves on the bachlor she can really put on a show. Love ya Cass.

  59. Tony

    Awesome pole work and eyes that could drill a hole through ya. That’s what got me into VIP with the gal named Ginger. The dances she gave me was like taking a trip to another freaking planet. What this chick whispered in my ear would make a dead man wood up. DAMN.

  60. Sal

    I have a better looking girl at home.

  61. Johnny Marr

    This is a great club. Hands on dances are awesome.

    How could you not enjoy a little booby squeeze and hiney smack. Yeah, not every girl there is a 10, but there are ALOT of really hot girls there. Not too mention alot of different types of girls, so anyone should be able to find his type whether it be blond, brunnette, big tits or flat chested.

    My only complaint would be that there are no Asian girls.

  62. You make me crazy

    Dallas Dallas Dallas you are so fine.

  63. n/a
  64. BallHAir
  65. jonathan

    I give you 10’s!

  66. for the beautifull day girls

    Hey ladies I just found this website and I want you to know that you are all beautifull and I enjoy all the time I spend with you. I can only make it in on days cause of my play time is during the day. BED DANCES ARE GREAT. I love you all and want you to know it. Saw some new faces last week. Hope you all have a great week. I will try to stop in and see you this week. LOVE YOUR BIG TEDDY BEAR.

  67. Saturday night

    Great party. I drove in from Blue Springs. Well worth the drive. These are some tall poles and these dancers do every pole trick you can think of. They love to dance and it shows. I will be back for sure. They all are happy and love to have fun. Its a great place to get away from it all.

  68. arren

    just wondering…. when I might see Nina again? Think I can’t

    wait much longer! Nina, you are just so hauntingly pretty. If

    anyone can help me out so I can see her at the ranch thank you

  69. Fish

    Bring back Hanna and your rating will go up. Management, Why did you allow a few unattractive, stoned and drunk strippers dictate who goes and who stays? Sounds like management needs to get a backbone and wake up, because they are obviously not in control of the decision making at the Club. Me and the rest of the crew will not be back until Eve and Jamie (and ESPECIALLY Crystle) are LONG gone. No one wants to hear thier insults and putdowns of other damcers any longer.

  70. Dean
  71. charlie

    beautiful beautiful women…stunning!

  72. Love that NINA


  73. ex-customer

    This club is a rip-off. You pay a $10 cover, $35 for a VIP wristband and $20 for a hand-on dance. Therefore, you are paying $65 dollars for you first dance. Also, a dancer was telling me that are only keep half the money them make for dances. The management not only rips off their customers; but they also rip off their hard-working dancers.

  74. your man

    Went to the club on Friday durning the day all the ladies where nice and

    sweet. They made me feel very welcome. Tricky and lucky have very

    nice butts and beautiful smiles. When I come through Missouri I will

    stop again to see them!!!

  75. Marcus

    I went to this club becouse it is knowen for haveing very few rules.

    I left wishing they had more rules then they currently have.

    A whore house with fat girls that need a shower.

    I wont ever be back.

    The new night manager seems over his head and is ruining the club while learning the ropes.

  76. Stan
  77. trace
  78. fantasy ranch guy

    Cassidy dont worry about what that guy said he probably was just

    jellous. Iv been commin to the club for years cassidy has been there for

    about 2 or 3 years shes very friendly to us guys iv been in there on slow

    nights when shes showed new girls around and pole tricks and god

    damn she sexy i love the way she moves her amazing body shes always

    been seductive. Ivy your my girl as well iv gotten double dances from

    you and cass and what a wild dance!

  79. j

    Nice club but sure wish the idiots would quit posting here

  80. Daytimer

    Nice Moves Blaze. Love to watch you work that pole. Saw some new faces this week. You girls can really put on a show. This club has the best looking dancers by far.

  81. partyboy

    This is an excellent club. The girls are very talented and personable. These are the best quality private dances in the state and definitely worth the money.

  82. Alistasia

    Fantasy ranch is back up and running all come out and show support after the bogus raid that happend. All is well and the club is good to go. Come sho some love!!

  83. chuckhead

    Got a couple of great dances from Cassidy last week. She was a lot of fun to talk to. Some of the other girls we fun to talk to as well.

  84. marshall
  85. Salesman-out of town

    I looked this club up on this website. The reviews were good. I came into the club over the weekend. Not worth a twenty dollar cover. The place looked nice. The girls were not all that. I got a bed dance since I was there and it was not worth a hundred dollars. Not paying to get in here again.

  86. dan

    So a friend at work told me about this place. Told me to go in and check out Lexus. So I came out Sat. night. Didn’t see a girl named Lexus! But this girl named Lexy come over a talked to me. I was thinking my friend fucked up the name. I was thinking to myself(this girl is fatter then he said). But he said she was nice and gave a good lapdance. So whan she asked me I said yes. Well this girl was not who my friend was talking about. This girl was rude, had a bad attitude, unclassy, gave a bad lapdance and was a bitch. So after the dance(bad lapdance). I pay and got the hell out of VIP!! Then Lexus come out on stage. Damn that was who my freind was talking about. This girl gave the best labdance I have ever had. She was sweet, nice, hot, classy, and had a good attitude. So FYI the name sounds the same. But the two are so not the same. So pick Lexus over Lexy.

  87. fountain

    worth going

  88. Sonny

    Whats was that last review?? Husts?? I don’t think that’s a word… But anyways, keep up the good work girls… Everybody’s lookin pretty good….

  89. Craig

    Had a great time this weekend. The girls made it a great bachelor party!

  90. New to the club

    I love these girls!!! Cody, Cody, Cody!

  91. Zanzabar

    This club proves that women over 40 still do Meth.

  92. HeavyB

    If you talk nice and are sweet you can get an after hours dance from Mom. She is hot in the VIP what what!!

  93. jake
  94. Scott

    Had a great time. Dont usually come to strip clubs but my freind was getting married so thats my excuse. When I can find another one I will be back.

  95. lovely
  96. James
  97. insanity

    defenity worth the trip i’d say

  98. Check out Candise

    She is a new girl on the block. Tall and lean. The perfect 10. I love the dance she gave me and she is good on the pole. SO SEXY. I think she has some asian in her and I oh so love asian girls. She is the HOTTIE with million dollar bootie.

  99. Never again

    WOW! can we jsut shut this place down and then BURN it?! I mean that would be the only way to save the city of centerveiw from getting diseases! Dont go here, I had an experience of a lifetime I cant ever forget, I have the clap now. Thank you dancer from dream girls that was the worst $150. I ever spent, .WHORES !

  100. Roger

    Dallas your so HOT.

  101. Sam

    Looking forward to seeing all the hot ladies this weekend!

  102. Santos

    They are all very boring, pretty but boring. Snooze

  103. kisses

    Dallas you are so HOT HOT HOT HOT.

  104. Time to party

    Went to the club the last two weekends. These chicks are always happy. They have fun and play jokes on each other. Its so nice to be around a no drama weekend. I love it here. The girls all like each other and they cheer each other on doing poletricks. This girls work harder on poletricks than any club I have ever been too. Roxie has the cutest smile. She was making jokes with me saying now this is my serious face and then she just started laughing. I was here with my boss Thursday and I will be back alot. Went in Friday and told the girls how much fun they are. This is the party spot.

  105. Keith likes BYOB

    The cover charge is well worth it. Its cheaper for me to BYOB. I can drink outside and smoke inside. The stage show you must see to believe. These girls work hard and do so many poletricks. They talk to you and the are all good looking. I love the bed dances. I would rather pay a 20.00 cover than 6.75 for one drink. Then I have more play money and can get on the party bus. I was there tonight and the place was packed. I saw the best bachelor pary show ever. These girls have talent. This is my weekend party spot to unwind thats for sure.

  106. Jeff City Dude

    Night girls really cool. I rate them high. Day shift was really dead and quality of girls kinda sucked due to several girls spending way too mucn time picking on other girls. Maybe their jealous, cause the main one they picked on was really cool and fun and hotter than any of them.

  107. caleb

    i love the dream girls!

  108. Will
  109. Joseph

    This club is great. The girls are fine!

  110. Gilbert

    The social security checks must arrive here via bulk mail

  111. Love the EYE CANDY

    Cassidy you are so hot. Love you always.

  112. Jason
  113. Love ya Nina

    Damn girl. Missed you Saturday night. Hope to see you this Saturday. I love the way you work that pole all hot slow and sexy. You never rush those sexy hips of your. HOT tiger you. Where your yellow panties outfit this weekend. PLEASE KITTEN.

  114. Weekday Reg

    Every club has improvements to make and it’s nice to see that you guys are actually following through!

  115. Bull Crappola

    Wow. Words do not do the level of crap here justice. was in

    last sat. and maybe two strippers were worth it, and those

    two were all my guys spent on. the worst was some ancient

    chick and make a basket, make a basket. I hate to be a

    prick, but get a fing breast lift. staff was ok, I miss the

    old days the laws really screwed yall i guess. some of the

    reviews are kinda odd, i think its a bunch of employees.

  116. ken

    the girls are amazing but the dj is less than fair!

  117. Newbie

    First time at a strip club and these girls did it right. Very sweet, very hospitable and so… so fine. I could sit all day and watch these girls move. Roxi was a sweeetheart. She can hold a conversation and make you feel welcome easily. Had a full nude, hands on bed dance with her and- sweet jesus- she knows what to do. Thanks to Roxy for making my first time memorable and also to Angel and the others. Very fun. Coming back for sure.

  118. Waldo
  119. troy
  120. rob

    good times, great bodies

  121. Nathan

    Ice storm and all, this place was busy this weekend.

  122. Vince

    This place is trash ; not one good thing can be said about it.

  123. Cody

    Cassidy is not there any more. She is working else where. Been trying to figure it out myself she was my babe that’s for sure. If you find out where she is post it so I can go there. Don’t listen to those stupid lies that women at the door says either. She is just out for money and that’s it. Shes into the women start shit group for kicks you feel me bro.

  124. Mman

    Good selection of girls, love the VIP room. Stage/pole dances are okay, private dances are OUTSTANDING. If you are overly price sensitive, there may be better places for you. If you are willing to spend a little for a great experience, then go for the VIP pass and enjoy! A few more high quality girls and maybe a slight decrease in the cover/VIP pass cost and this score becomes a 9.8 or 9.9 (I never have given out a 10 on any review).

  125. Peter

    The club was empty and the girls seemed as though they had better things to do somewhere else.

  126. Had a good time

    needed something to do so I stopped by Thursday night. Found a good time as usual. Never a dull moment here. Always fun and never a let down. Had a bed dance with Natlie. Damn she has a hot little ass.

  127. greg
  128. Keith

    I spent $30 on what was billed as a “full contact dance” and when the music started and a certin silicone filled blond whispered in my ear dont touch my tits my “boyfriend” is visiting the club and might see us.

    Whats up with that?

  129. bill

    Them was some hot ace bitches I likes to see them get naked and dance in circles makes me happy in the pants I thank I had to go to the bathroom at least 10 times my dick is still sore see you next week

  130. Abby

    The thrill is gone ………..

  131. Franky
  132. Chuck

    Once again, another over-rated club!

  133. Player

    Hot Hot Hot.

  134. Shawn

    Went in Saturday night and stayed till close. There must of been 15 females to dance with. Nice to walk into a club with alot of girls to choose from.

  135. Oscarr

    im in love with a stripper!!

  136. To ERIC

    I do not understand why you would automatically assume that the owner of another club near you would post such things on your site. Have you even looked at his? The girls from your club,Dream Girls, or maybe its YOU, have posted some pretty bad things on Club Skins site.that is not true. There is no reason for all of the Childishness. You are all there in this business to make money and succeed one way or another. Just because you get some pretty bad reveiws has nothing to do with the club down the road, Have you ever thought that maybe its true. That maybe everyone is entitled to an opinion and which of your club may not always be what you want to hear or like? It is business and there is no need to be calling the man that owns a competing club a bad business man just because you are bitter. Club Skin is a great club and the girls that work there are great. Mike is a nice person who is doing what he can to make club skin work and if I must say so myself it has put itself on the map for a good reputation.

  137. Guess who


  138. Travelin Mack

    This place almost made me turn gay.

  139. Samual
  140. Best Man / Party

    This place is great. We through the big Oh save your life dont do it here this weekend. Several partys going on. Hot ass women. This place was packed and the DJ was great. I was so drunk and so happy. The girls all call the lady at the door Mom. Hey Mom great party. We will be back for every reason we can think of.

  141. Kelly

    This is where the old dancers go to when there washed up and realizing that they havent the skills to join the 9-5 world.

    Honesty husts sometimes

  142. Steve-O
  143. Stanley
  144. Jim

    More then the name has changed in the last year.

    I wont be back ; there are to many other clubs around that give me the respect i deserve.

  145. Demetrius
  146. KC

    I was very pleased tonight!

  147. Thirsty Thursday

    I wish it was Thursday. I was at the club last Thursday and the place was packed. Im ready for some more fun. These girls put on one hell of a stage show.

  148. Trevor

    Thanks for the great time Saturday, Ladies!

  149. Cami

    I took my boss here and he had a wonderful time!!

  150. Dennis

    This club is the worst value for the money in the western half of Missouri. You pay dearly for the touch dancing with bad attitudes from the women, high prices to get there and long waits to get to see who you want. They are all to busy talking to all the kids that go there just for the tacos.

  151. Cassidy XXX

    hey guys havent checked this out in a while some dancers pose on here and leave comments ill post as myself but seeing some of these reviews are awsome thank you guys for the support and the nice reivews that iv seen that are from the guys that have come in we love dancing for you guys and yes the holidays are near so it will probably slow down but we will still be open and would love all parties and guys to come in. lets have a blast! NOTE WE WILL BE CLOSE NEXT WEDS AND THURS DUE TO THANKSGIVING but will be open Friday and saterday, but lets have some fun this weekend as well!!! 😀 much love CASSIDY XXX

  152. Love my Brittney

    Got a awesome dance from Brittney. She is a lot of fun and has a cute little but. That stuck up chick with the fake tits was the worst dance I ever had. This was suppose to be a bed dance where I could touch and those things were hard as a rock. Brittney was soft and sexy.

  153. Rick

    I am tired of comeing to this club and putting up with there better then thou attitudes.

    Have you not noticed all the pretty girls are gone and all that is left there are the old hags that can not find work anywhere else.

    I will not be back.

  154. Cassidy

    Hey everybody its been a while but i have ment to inform everybody that im back iv been back for 7 months now ! Im so happy to be back at my home club and ride out the rest my dancing years. Im there weds thru sat nights after 8pm. It is now a byob club just keep outside. Bartender will explain the rest once your settled in. Come visit :much love Cassidy xoxo

  155. chloe and jodi

    We think that we have an extreme large amount of variety to choose from very wide ranged for all types. Much more laid back and relaxing, come see our new talent.

  156. Bachelor

    Had a great time. Will be back for guys night out. Mom at the door your the best. This was a St Patricks day to remember.

  157. wtfdude

    This club just didn’t seem to have a fun atmosphere when I was there.

    It seemed like the girls were a little distant. Often after getting off stage they would just disappear into the darkened side of the club over by the jukebox.

    The DJ was a cornball but a nice guy. He kept saying on the PA how the girls were available for private dances but they weren’t really. Most were not around and the one or two which were were engaged in a conversation with another guy and it seemed rude to go over and bug them.

    I stayed for an entire rotation of strippers + 1 more girl before I was asked if I wanted a dance.

    The dance itself was awesome. It’s already been stated that you can feel the strippers breasts and behind during the dance–It was already high quality but the hands-on made it just plain spectacular.

  158. star
  159. K.C. Todd

    Another one bites the dust sums this club up very well.

  160. Daniel
  161. jay

    This place is so nasty the girls are trashy and I willnever go back and I will make sure nobody I know goes in there.

  162. stang

    Good time I love the lap dances… best in town have some really hot girls….

  163. Seth

    this club here has the best dancers to look at by far but I never get the girls here asking me if I want to meet them some place else for some sex like I get all the time from the dancers down the road at the club skin bar. if these girls did I would say yes but they are better looking and would probably want more than $100 like they ask for at the skin place.

  164. JOE

    This is one of the many awesome full contact clubs arounds with gorgoues women

  165. poor

    it’s bad

  166. Loren

    I went in there last night and had a blast!! The ladies are always friendly to me, and the staff is excellent. I look forward to going back down there tonight. Keep up the good work LUKE!

  167. jeremy

    the girls that work here are hot and give awesome lap dances!

  168. jake the snake
  169. In from out of town

    Good Times and sexy as always. Great time last night Teddy. Love your back rubs.

  170. Fig

    Pricey,Dancers sit around and do nothing, for the high price payed to get in that really should be changed.

  171. MATT
  172. Trucker Guy

    Where did all the pretty girls go , I remember when this place was someting I looked forward to visiting.

  173. pissed college students

    we have been loyal customers to this shithole for 2 years thinkin we could come have a good time…. these fuckin dickhead cunts kicked us out after 15 minutes because they wanted to go home.. It was 12 o clock we paid our 10 to get in an the pussy ass dj said they wouldnt do a 2 for 1 for us, then proceeded to kick us out after 15 min bc we werent throwing enough money out.. this guy is a major fuckup, he said that he was just trying to get out to go meet his boyfriend and take an assload of cum… they said they were going to call the cops on us… DONT EVER COME HERE, IT FUCKING SUCKS!!!!!! DONT WASTE YOUR TIME!!!! GO JERK OFF ITS 100X BETTER THAN TALKING TO THESEE CUNTS.

  174. debbie and tom


  175. Cale

    Thanks ladies!

  176. Terry

    had a great time, looking forward to free saturday!

  177. Costa

    I like this club, it may not be the greatest on the inside or out but the girls are great and they seem to be fixing the place up!

  178. Brent

    love the club but hate the ass holes that post on here.

  179. BJ

    Great club

  180. nick

    This club is the best. No sluts No nasty woman No bitchs!!!

    Everyone was so nice. Girl are funny, nice, sexy, and can give one hell of lap dance. Can’t let myself go to any other club. This club is just the place for me!!!!

  181. axlrose81073

    Lexus is outstanding best in Midwest!

  182. David

    It was a little pricey but it was well worth the money once we got inside. Like all clubs there are some hot girls and some ugly girls but at this club, there were more hot girls than usual. I will definitely be back!!

  183. Atlanta

    What happened to this place, I moved 2 years ago and the joint seems to of really gone down hill;such a shame I had a lot of good times in this building.

  184. Michael

    you must of been there during the day cause 90% of the night girls were pretty hot…admission was kinda high but daces are deffinalty worth the 20 dollars and make up for the admisson price…

  185. Cliff

    Don’t waste your money. Girls here act like they hate being here.

  186. perfect

    Hot girls.

  187. David Howell Evans

    The fact that Cloud9/Club Skin/whatever they are calling themselves this week is a freaking joke.

    Million Dollar is one of the best clubs I have ever been to and there girls put that barn to shame.

  188. Guy


  189. Jeff

    $120 for a 3 song bed dance and there is a no touch policy.

    What a rip off.

  190. wayne

    great club

  191. Me

    I visited again recently, excellent time. Nice to see some new girls. Really enjoyed my time with Bunny. Fantastic dancer!

  192. Money Man

    I went to the club Saturday Night and the girls were all hot. I could drink outside and come back in. This club is high class. Im having my birthday party here. You gotta ride the bus.

  193. Darren

    Biggest ripoff in three states! Girls act like they would rather be taking a nap in the back, annoying as hell female DJ who kills the fun every time she talks, over-priced given the very small number of girls above an “7”.

    Somebody had killed this jount.

  194. Harold

    If this was a Million Dollar experience its only because most are to shy to ask for there change.

  195. crapola

    Has this club closed yet?

  196. Eyes on you babe

    Sexy black dress Thursday Cassidy.

  197. brandon

    hottis girls

  198. kathy
  199. Faye

    This club was the best, will be going back for sure. The private dances were worth the drive!!!

  200. old reg

    sucked.wont be back.

  201. wow!!!

    dude seriously?? I heard that too, i thought it was bullshit until i hear it from somebody else that was there! holy shit!! that is fuckin crazy, and no that is definately not a bad thing.

  202. Jon

    Wednsdays are the best!!! All the blondes are hot

  203. Eric

    Good Times.

  204. Josh McArdle

    This is a pretty nice club. You will have to spend some cash, but it is well worth it.

  205. Observer

    Tic…tic…tic…just counting the minutes until the inevitable return of the dancer who proves beyond doubt that an otherwise decent club CAN be pestered into re-re-re-re-hiring an entertainer well past her dignified retirement date…the one…the only….CJ !!!!!!

  206. Charles

    Stopped by for old times. Not what it used to be, but I see that management is still about the same. I saw one of the most beautiful girls I’ve ever seen in this club in the old location. I think her Vivid name was Lori Michaels. Never seen a girl to compare to her since.

  207. tom

  208. Rodger

    No , I dont want a dance go away.

    I hate being in a room where I am hassled all night long by everyone in the club including the D.J.

    When I do want a dance I will ask the girl that has my interest.

  209. Im in town for the fair

    Went out to the club Wensday. I have been getting ready for the fair. These girls were great to hang out with. Stage show was great and they sat down and talked to us. Kendra gave my friend a great bed dance. They are open till 4 Friday and Saturday. Very pretty and alot of fun. Made my trip to town well worth it. Parking lot is BYOB. Thanks for helping me unwind from a long day. Kendra I want a dance from you before I leave town.

  210. My back feels good

    Teddy you give the best back rubs. I look forward to seeing you Saturday night. After you rub my back a couple of bed dances is a must. I ask for you when I get there first thing. You are my girl and thats for sure.

  211. Hey Eric ..

    I was called this morning and asked to read your post ; I dont visit this site often and see no need to post on it.

    I will set the record straight though since you have asked me too.

    You lost your job at Showtime because it closed with you at the helm and asked me to consider hiring you and your security staff.

    I never asked you if you would like to join me at Club Skin and we both know that as a matter of fact I remember saying that we can talk if you like but you will need to learn how to operate the equipment in the dj both and that we dont run a juke box because we don’t want the dead air and like having the control of what is played.

    Eric, Im not at your club because you were intimidated evey time I visited; without reason I might add.

    I really do hope you make it this time.

    Feel free to visit anytime, Eric. My door is open and I will be there to say hello.

    Club Skin is growing every day and I hope you can say the same in the near future.

    Until then you might need to direct your efforts into other areas while you can still bale the water faster then you seem to be taking it on.

    All the best


    Club Skin

  212. Sandy


  213. Kail

    I like this club.

  214. Gary

    Hey Erin I love that booty trick with your tips. Now thats talent. See you soon.

  215. Critic

    I couldnt stand this place. I didnt like it one bit. The girls were horrible when it came to them being pretty. Sorry to the club but i have seen much better at the Lake of the Ozarks

  216. mike
  217. DJ?

    I swear to god…the female DJ in this place must have been a prison warden somewhere in her past: “On your feet and tip these women! If I so much as see a cell phone I’ll confiscate it! Don’t make me tell you again gentlemen!” Sheez, if I want to be made to feel unwelcome, distrusted, and cheap, I’ll just stay the fuck home with my wife. How about creating a fun atmosphere with your patter versus making me feel like you’re about to shake down my cell block!

  218. jc

    Try something new that has worked at other clubs else where, solicit ideas from dancers and others. It may not be vegas but it is one of the better gentleman clubs in the local area, best bang for the buck if cash is no object.

  219. Hey Brent:

    Q: What’s the difference between a stripper and a hooker?

    A: The stripper lacks commitment.

    Glad you like the club.

  220. Hell yes

    Erin is a sexy Miss Clause. She is in the Christmas spirit. Bed dance a must.

  221. Party

    Check this out. Had my bachelor party at the club Saturday night. We saw hot strippers and a female birthday party on the other side of the stage. That means more hot women. We got to drink in the parking lot and come back in. The best part was bed dances. NICE BEDROOMS TOO. This place has class. I still have to get married but Im coming back anyway. Natalie how did your ass get that CUTE.

  222. night runner

    i went in the club on sat had loads of fun with my buds i go in there quit a bit the girls are so fine most of them were real nice and friendly the one cassidy girl seemed rude and well bitchy to other girls but all the others had fun and joked around with each other i like that ivy girls tree tattoo on her side super sexy star and angel really know how to work the stage there are some new girls in there though i love it liked victorias black and white stripped outfit athena was constantly on the pole doing crazy rad tricks that girl is super flexable i always like lexis fur boots and white outfits scarlet as always looked real suductive and inviting lots of other wonderfl things def going to come in again real soon girls

  223. Luke

    In one word ; the place is Crap

  224. Garrette

    Love it!

  225. Dave
  226. Cecil

    I love to watch the girls on stage and I get a few dances. Great entertainment.

  227. Cody (yes the dancer)

    I love this club and everyone in it!!!!!!!!! I’ll miss ya’ll during the next two weeks!

  228. YouKnow

    Where is Paradise!!! I went in there last weekend and she was no longer there! She is so damn sexy and fun as hell! Had a great time with the other girls too but Paradises overall… Adds ALOT to the club! GET HER BACK!!!

  229. skinnyman

    pretty face but fat body.Girls bitch too much.

  230. Casey

    I’m looking forward to this weekend because last weekend was great!!

  231. Satisfied

    I was here Saturday for a bachelor party, we had a great time, they had three girls on stage at once and they were all very nice and good looking and some of the girls did amazing things on those poles.

  232. KGT

    fat girls w/bad attitudes!

  233. Happy Customer

    Hey girls, I am sure you know who this is. Just wanted to write that I love you all and I am so sorry some asswhole named MIKE talks people down to make a man out of hisself. See you Thurday. This guy must be really rude. Im sorry for ANYONE who has even said hello to him.

  234. Brian

    Love tha place.

  235. Brad

    I visited last night,picked a table and soon had 3 separate strippers join me at my table; all 3 began blowing smoke in my face without even asking if I minded them lighting up.

    Im allergic to smoke.

  236. travis


  237. JJ

    Went in this Friday night. Had not been in for a minute. The new DJ plays good music and the songs are alot longer and so were my bed dances. Star my girl so SEXY always dances for me.

  238. Adam

    Did the Ranch lose its place as king of the hill or was last friday just another off night ???

  239. Pops
  240. Gomer
  241. thomas
  242. custmer

    I love this place.

  243. Aurora

    Management needs a major overhaul. No written rules or guidelines for dancers. Little done to work with employees and ensure a positive atmosphere to work in. There are some hideous girls, if your good-looking beware: they’ll probably try to get you kicked out within the first week because of the competition–if this club is going to make it they need to take a serious look at what goes on behind the scenes with the dancers. Plenty of drugs and alcohol in back. Other dancers would be lazily sitting around the floor bitching about life instead of making money. Lots of girls hide out in back instead of being available to the customers. Filthy club, they need to clean the stage every once in a while between sets, I’d always come home with zits on my knees from how dirty it was. I’m now a dancer at Spearmint Rhino in Vegas so believe me when I say that my perspective is accurate. New management please!!!!!!

  244. Kenny

    I really like this club. Everybody is friendly and the girls are very attractive.

  245. Eric :club manager

    I would like to respond to “former regular” who is indeed the one and only Mike….aka owner of Club Skin. It is very ironic how you would say such a thing when you asked me to come run your club for you not once but twice! Also, is it a coincidence that this comment which is obviously ficticious comes two days after you were informed that you were no longer welcome to our club. After all you were hanging out at our club 3 nights a week. On top of that you brought your day DJ to meet me and learn from me how to handle a crowd on the mic. So now after all these things that you thought I was doing right I am supposedly running this club into the ground. There is a strip club ettiquite, and part of that not going to other strip clubs to recruit girls. You had your bouncers and Dj’s try it at Showtime and you have repeatedly tried it at our club. At least I have the nerve to use my real name on here and let people know who these comments are coming from. Also, I have the decency to not go on your list and bash your club! It’s business and you are obviously not a good business man.

    So thankyou to the supporters of our club and please disregard the childish nonsense written by this man. Look very soon for our new listing on under our new name Dream Girls. Also, XXX Vivid Video Star Aspen Reign will be appearing Oct 18th, 19th and 20th so stop by. Her website is





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