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4824 West Imperial Highway, Inglewood, CA 90304


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10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Bare Elegance LAX

  1. larry1

    Is this place even still open? I Haven’t been to Bare Elegance in quite some time, but for awhile it was the place to go.18th birthday…Check!Wife out of town…Check!Bachelor party…Check!Drunk, horny, and have totally exhausted all potential late night lovers in your contacts list…Check!!!Bare Elegance sucks, actually all strip clubs suck. Why do we keep going back?From the minute you enter they try and suck every last dollar out of you. Getting through the door alone will cost you $20. Once you get inside there is a two drink minimum. After $20 dollars at the door and two $6 waters, you’ve spent $32!!! $32 before you’ve even seen one silicone booby! If you happen to be short on cash don’t even think about going to the ATM. There’s always some exorbitant surcharge and most of the time you don’t even get actual cash , but some weird voucher that you take to the bar so they can fuck you some more.Strippers. They’re kind of like a cross between used car salesmen and panhandlers. They will constantly hound you for lap dances and tips. “No, not now maybe later”. Oh, she’ll be back. “Ready for that lap dance now, honey?” No…FUCK!!!You can try telling them you have no money, but that will only encourage them to start padding you down and searching your pockets. I think they can actually smell money. Why don’t they just buy a machine that hangs you upside down and shakes all of your money out? “Don’t have any money? Lets put you in the shaking machine and find out! Oh, I see you’ve got cash hidden in your socks!!!”Then there are the strippers that pretend to be really interested in you. “Hey you’re cute, where are you from blah, blah, blah”.What she should really be saying is: “Hey you look gullible, give me all your money douche bag! Gimme, gimme, gimme!!!” Now I know how a woman feels when a man she doesn’t want to talk approaches her asking one pointless question after another, when what that man really wants to say is: “Excuse me, may I please have access to your vaginal cavity?” After an hour or two of forced conversation and constant lap dance propositions, you will feel like paying them to get away from you. “Here’s $5, leave me alone, please”.Problem is, if you did that they’d be all over you like vultures circling a dead carcass.I don’t even understand lap dances. Let me sit here for three minutes with my hands behind my back while you crush my package with your heels and rock hard fake boobs. Sometimes while giving you the dance they look away, sometimes they look you in the eye, which is sort of creepy. Actually the whole experience is kind of creepy. In addition to all of this the DJ plays shitty music and the lighting sucks. The lighting really sucks! Look out for an Adam’s apple…I guess as long as there are horny, frustrated, men, there will always be crazy, drug addicted, former victims of sexual abuse waiting to give them lap dances!God bless ’em!!! *Disclaimer- this review was intended for entertainment purposes only, so all of you current and former strippers(oops, I mean “exotic dancers”) and you know who you are, lighten up.

  2. james1412

    “Where a buck is enough to see her stuff!” Fun ladies, good looking ladies, what more do you want. Hey Mo this place is amazing

  3. Honest Abe A.

    this USED to be the best club but now it’s gone downhill big time. the advertising on the website is quite erroneous. these girls are FAR from the hotties they claim to have. truth be told, alot of them are quite UNATTRACTIVE, sad even. $20 cover. $6.25 for a friggin’ bottle of water and $51 for a lap dance. PLEASE. go elsewhere.

  4. S.C. Hoppin'

    The girls are not extremely better than any of the other elite clubs, so why the hell would you pay $40 for a simple lapdance?? This club gets a major blow in ratings due to their prices!!


  5. ted

    Awesome place….for the white man!

  6. adamrod

    There never has, and never will be a 2 drink minimum at the Bare Elegance you cheap ass clown shoe. Get your facts strait.

  7. Serina D.

    So after my friend’s birthday dinner at a blues club…what better way to end the night than at a strip club? LOL. Since he had never been to one before and neither had his gf (who gave him permission to go) we decided to go check out this place. I had heard from another friend that the best strip clubs were by the airport and we picked this place based on the name.My only complaint against the place was that it is pretty expensive. First you must valet park. Then there is a $20 cover to get in. Luckily us girls didn’t have to pay =P Granted the girls are pretty hot…there wasn’t one ugly girl (and usually there’s always at least one ugly girl), still $40 for a topless lapdance seems a bit steep to me. I think bikini dances are only $30. This was my only strip club that I’ve been to in LA. The first strip club that I went to was Olympic Garden in Vegas and the lapdances there were only $20. Since we had a group of about 10 we sat at one of the stages. This might have been a mistake because everytime a girl came up to dance we had to keep tipping her. But on the other hand this was a great way to see all the girls and some of the girls were good at doing a little extra for a tip. Let’s just say I got to grab some boobies and had my face stuffed between some boobs ;-)Being the great friends that we were we got the birthday boy up on stage and got him a lapdance by 2 of the hottest girls there while everyone watched. I have to admit they were pretty good dancers…even I was getting a little um “hot” and I’m a girl. His gf was pretty cool and also got him a private topless lapdance as well. And since I didn’t want his gf to feel left out I got her a lapdance too =P Oh what the hell…I guess I just like seeing girls getting lapdances from other girls, haha.So I’m glad I’m not a guy because I could see how strip clubs could turn into a very expensive hobby. I recently watched a show where they were saying that at some of the high end strip clubs, girls could make $1k-$3k/night. Maybe I should consider a career change? That pole dancing class that I took might come in very handy after all, lolz.


    I been coming here for twenty years. The one complaint I

    have is the pricing of the lap dances. Although this is a

    very classy club ( one of the best ), the prices are much

    too high for the average working person. A FEW CHANGES


    The dancers should only start when the song begins and state

    if a person wants to continue after each song.

  9. Rinoa L.

    Best place to have fun! Actually went here with my brother for his 21st birthday and they were so kind to even give us free drinks too!

  10. dannyboy7

    Definetly the best spot in LA! Beautiful girls great staff from waitresses to management. If you’re looking for a spot to relax alone (you’ll always find great company here) or come with you’re friends, you’ll have an awesome time!!!

  11. afswawa

    Watch the way they count your dances; they’ll screw you.

    Upcharge-central on EVERYTHING.

    Spend $20 before you even pass the bar.

    Attractive girls; which is the ONLY positive.

    You’ll get overcharged for VIP dances.

    No regard for retaining customers from the management.

    Will NEVER return. Period.

    Don’t waste your time.

  12. harryharry

    The talent here is wonderful, Heather and Jade are my absolute favorite, they have the best private dances. The ATM fee is a bit ridiculous so next time I will just make sure that I have more than enough cash on me. I will be back for sure!!! 4 stars only because of the ATM fees.

  13. maxxy1

    Real hard working american girls is all i can say.. expensive dances and no alcoholic beverages but atleast girls didnt have stretch marks and beef curtains hanging. Most snaps were still in the box which was very surprising for been in the greater Los Angeles area!! Bartender sucks but who the fuck cares about gettin your red bull filled!?!?

  14. Mistercap12

    racist club! f*ck them. way better clubs in la! horrible nonchalant attitudes. rude rude rude and lets not forget racist. the day shift manager is some chubby latino and randy is night shift. full of sh*t. spend your money elsewhere!!!!!!! trust !!

  15. Abraham R.

    Best club hands down! Girls are nice and very sexy.No other club compares to this one. It’s a little pricy but there are ways of avoiding it. If you like gentlemen’s clubs and are doing nothing on weekend nights, this is the place to be.

  16. john b.

    I went there for my friend’s BD ,I got very disappointed. the girls were good ,but the bartenders are dishonest and try to cheat you. if you catch them ,they say sorry ,if not your are the loser. the bartender was trying to charge my CC twice as much as she suppose to.Thank god it declined .never go back again. I dont believe in dishonesty. I know economy is bad and every one is hurting financially but i dont believe in cheating client. That is very bad for business.people are not stupid..

  17. Johnnyboy123

    This place is dirty, slow run, and basically sucks, but is seriously not so bad for a strip club.There are two stages although only one had girls on it while we were there. The string of girls dancing is much more consistant than some of the other clubs we’ve been to, and they had a very impressive range of body types for the women which for me is tops. I saw a stripper there who had no breasts at all – none! The strippers actually seem to put effort into their pole dancing as well. That said, this is one of the clubs (see also: Seventh Veil) where a number of the dancers are quite obviously completely stoned. One so much so that she slowly circled the pole a few times and then stumbled off the stage entirely after the DJ finally cracked up. But hey, what can I say, it’s not like I’m coming here for scholarly persuits.The reason I’m not giving it 5 stars is, to start, I simply can’t get over having to pay a cover or having a drink minimum. I’m just spoiled like that. But my main complaint has to do with the sports games they run on the sides of the stage. That alone is really annoying to a non-athletic dork like myself, but the strippers watching the games as they dance is just, well, amusing and rude.

  18. mathewater12

    Dudes…. Stay the f away from this place. Only word that comes to mind as soon as your enter the bar is racquet. Save your money for el tarasco.Twenty minutes later…weird.

  19. Candace N.

    i love this place!!!!!! hottest and craziest girls! they love to have fun

  20. igor34

    Wow, I went here after a night with some business associates, (drinking buddies from out of town) . We weren’t ready to call it a night, & the cab driver suggested we check it out. I hadn’t been there for a while so we said what the heck. I’m glad we did! The girls were younger, hotter, and much friendlier than I remembered! Lot’s to choose from, even on a week-night! Dances weren’t cheap, but we waited for some 2 fer 1s, and were well pleased. we stayed pretty late, till like 3 am or something. my friends from out of town had to give it up for the los angeles men’s club scene, even though you can’t get a real drink there. gave me a little bragging rights with the vets, so I give the thumbs up!

  21. Bijan I.

    bad things: you have pay for parking, drinks are expensive.Good things: variety of ladies, lap dances are good but expensive, bring lots of one’s

  22. Franklyn

    Stuart Cauldwell got fired from here. So I expect things will get a lot better for not only the customer, but the employess at the Bare as well.

  23. Jimmy

    I’ve been coming here for 20+ years and I can tell you that it’s well worth the

    visit!!! You won’t find as many Hot, Sexy, Friendly, Pretty girls in any Los Angeles

    club as this one!

    I bring all my friend here whenever the occasion arrises…

  24. 2legit

    Variety of strippers. Dance prices a little high. Nothing special about this place.

  25. Gio U.

    Me and the homie went to check this place out after bad service at the wild goose. I have to say that the dances you can get there are good not the best.

  26. winston12

    Nice club

  27. XXXbeast

    hands down the best strip club in the greater los angeles area. been all over the world and never been to a better strip club than b.e. relaxed environment and slutty girls. already done fuck a few. love this fuggin place

  28. Mike F.


  29. name


  30. ryan123

    Good club, I like it best during the day. The prices are better and the girls have the time to talk to you. Most of the girls here are really hot, especially Tia and Carmen during the day. You will get a great dance from either of them.

  31. Hugo S.

    I havent been here in like 7 years but from what i remember it was a cool spot. I didnt see anything that led me to believe this place was dirty. The girls at that time were cute and friendly. It was bit expensive, maybe thats why i didnt go back, lol.. But if you have a bachelor party or something it should be chill.

  32. rogerrab2

    This is a feedback on the valet parking. The man with blue shirt took my car for valet parking when entered around 1:40 today and also demanded $5. I paid and entered and had good time inside. I came out at 3:45am. The same guy demanded $5 again when i said already paid while leaving the car, he said i never paid and ask me to pay again and also argued too much for just $5. I had to pay again ana it was creating scene and i was alone. He took me to my car and my key was inside and my car was running on for more than 2 hours when asked the guy was rude. This is very bad the good time i had inside was washed out in 2 mins just for $5 and i felt not at all secured. Not sure if this is some kind of racism . I am reallly upset annd never come back

  33. AssnTits5

    Great view, friendly staff. Nice place to recover after long night of drinking.

  34. K C.

    I rate this club ZERO. came here in a Saturday night to try something different and have a good time because I was in the area. The management turned out to be horrible and prejudice. It was a big tall white guy with an accent who came up to me and told me I didn’t belong here. I felt so disrespected. The girls were trashy their hair was nasty the bathrooms were nasty the music was horrible the girls there had nothing interesting to look at no boobs or butt. It was midnight and the club looked like chili’s before they close, there wasnt many people there all in all it was the worst experience I’ve ever had going out.

  35. joseph1k

    To anyone complaining about cover charges and drink prices, etc: would you pay a $10 cover at a nightclub, then expect a free drink at the bar as soon as you walk in? Of course not. You don’t get the benefits of the establishment and what it has to offer unless you pay. Get over it.Dancers don’t get paid unless you, the customer, pay them… either through tips or private dances (which they only get a percentage of). The entry fee you pay goes into the club’s till. Therefore, if you don’t pay the individual dancer for her time and services, she won’t spend any effort on you. Dancing isn’t about “caring”, she’s there to work. By the way, you don’t have a right to walk into any exotic club and expect to be sexually serviced. If you think that’s automatically included, you can go pound sand. Does it happen? Sure, but rarely in this club, and you have no right to expect it in the first place.All that being said… this place has gone waaay downhill since Mike has owned it. Poor business practices, overcharging for drinks, steadily worse treatment of the talent, bad promotion at the wrong type of clientele, firing girls who aren’t the owner’s personal type preference (he likes brunettes with fake tits), overcharging of the dancers, and so on. I met one cocktail waitress who never got paid for roughly two weeks of work. She didn’t have nice things to say. If they keep pissing off the staff, this *will* turn into a dirty club because the girls will be trying to recoup all the cash they’re paying out for club fees.If you do go here, tip the stage and tip your dancer after doing privates with her. She has to pay out more than you think she does (less than 50% goes in her pocket, and then there’s a forced tip-out which doesn’t even go to the support staff). If you want clarification, just ask. She’ll tell you.

  36. Harrison69

    This place was the club of all clubs back in the day. But ever since Stuart Caldwell took over this place, it has gone downhill and turned into a clip joint. Stuart can’t decied if he wants to have sex with your date or with you. The guy is gay or bi-sexual. You’ve been warned.

  37. nickstrip

    First strip club I’ve ever been to. Let me tell you did I have a hell of a night. $51 lap dances ehhh. They weren’t all that special. But Frenchie was well worth it. Check her out for sure (;

  38. Binky

    I’ve never been disappointed when I’ve visited there.

  39. alex

    Be ready to pay $4 for parking, $7 for a soda, and $40 for a lap dance with a very average girl. The stage was empty most of the time. I watched Lakers.

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