Can Can Room



3155 South Industrial Road, Las Vegas, NV 89109


36.1324144, -115.1730376




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Can Can Room

  1. eddyL

    Fuck this place!! 20 dollar cover, disgusting girls, and no refunds. Plus the people that run it are complete a-holes. I was just looking for a fun cheap-ish strip club and got a complete slap in the face. Avoid it at all costs!!

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  3. buckeye ken

    this is a rip off joint

  4. cowboy

    rip off joint – stay away this place is scary. The features advertised are not there.

  5. tg
  6. VegasM

    This club epitomizes Las Vegas’ REAL motto: “We cheat tourists and drunks”.

    For that matter, avoid ALL sex related clubs on Industrial between Stardust and Circus Circus.

  7. Real Deal

    This place is nowhere as cool as Talk of the Town. Once you’ve gone to TOTT, you’ll never go anywhere else…heck, you may never want to leave Las Vegas. TOTT is the best, I swear!

  8. Igor

    should be called the “can’t-can’t” room, but they can-can charge a lot of money for nothing of value in return, they just can’t-can’t hire decent-looking dancers.

  9. STRIPPER #1


  10. hillbilly

    ripoff joint

  11. C.

    Avoid this place like the plague. The cabbies get kickbacks to ‘suggest’ this place. No lapdances, huge cover fee which entitles you to a ‘VIP Room’ with a dancer, but that only gets you through the door. Expect ridiculous charges for anything beyond that. You have been warned.

  12. larry1

    Stay away from this place, this is a rip off place the girls are ugly and the stuff are absolutely rude, they charge u 300 dollars for a private room and you do not get anything from it. The stupid manager come to your room and keep asking you for more tips to a girls, stay away from this trashy place. one word to discribe this place “shit hole”

  13. Stripper #2

    Tommy is the prettiest thing at the trashcan. (btw…Tommy is the doorguy)

  14. donb

    rip off joint don’t believe what they tell you to get you in or sell you private dances get a tettnas shot if you touch the dancers

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  16. Bad time

    The girls are cougars. I don’t mean sexy older ladies. I mean evil money hunters.

  17. d
  18. NotLocal

    Nice enough women, and eager to please… for a price. The more you spend, the better time you’ll apparently have. Certainly avoid the private dances — very little value there. But the girls seem to not like to work the stage since they don’t seem to have too many guests.

  19. Jeff

    Clip joint.

  20. bob
  21. paul

    really good service

  22. big bob
  23. Eric

    One of the biggest rip off clubs in town…stay away!

  24. kr

    rip off joint don’t get conned by cabbies who get paid to deliver suckers

  25. stripclubmaster

    horrible club… it’s a clip joint.. all about you spending money for nothing. DO NOT GO!

  26. BK

    Went there last Monday. They didn’t want to honor there cupon and charged 420 for 2 drinks, but only gave me 1. They said they had dancers, there were 2. 1 was a thin brunette covered in tatoos. The other a blonde. They just pushed private dances hinting there would be extras. I wasn’t stupid enough to believe them and the friendly attitude was gone.

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  28. zack
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  30. kr

    this is a ripoff joint they pay taxi drivers to bring suckers. they push private dances before you get into the show area. there were no dancers worth seeing when I went, was glad I didn’t fall for the special offered at the door. someone who did buy a private dance was being removed from the club shortly after I arrived there was a lot of profanity from the unhappy customer

  31. adam
  32. zeb
  33. Rob

    Rip off joint – pushy from when you enter. Show cost goes to house, must tip dancer after you pay for a dance. Tip costs more than dance and you get no more than you get on stage for a $1 tip.

  34. mr ed
  35. Mr. Moneypenny
  36. bud

    rip off joint pushy for private dances that are worthless and require more tips for air dances

  37. richard95

    Would have been a 5 star if the owner and management let Jaime take care of the customers. She rocked! No one else was there except for @djtroyx but it was perfect thanks to Fantasy, Aspen, Beverly and the other girls. All good times minus the skeezer/weirdo mgmt but maybe they’ll adapt. I’ll be back but with way more ones to make grass skirts.

  38. oscar

    im a local. i stopped my this place just to see if it all the bad shit was true. IT WAS. the girls are homely and over priced!

  39. txohvisiyor

    This is the pushiest place I ever went to. They didn’t want to honor their website coupon. They tried to push a $150 air dance on me when I entered. None of the advertised talent was there. They kept pushing for a private, but when I talked to the dancer she said she got none of the $150 and I would have to tip her for an air dance. Absolutely no touching and a large tip was expected to do the air dance. A man was thrown out after giving a dancer a $400 tip and touching her. This was not gentle and created a scene.

  40. Scott
  41. vkr

    they try to get you to buy a private dance when you enter saying all sorts of things… don’t believe them. a customer fell for it and when he had his dance he was kicked out of the club by the bouncers .. I talked to a dancer she says she gets none of the money you pay the club and if you want her nude it will cost you a minimum $100 and no touching allowed . You get as much at the stage for a few dollars by tipping. The dancers on the night I went were all tattooed heavily and looked to be high

  42. Rednose1976

    A real tourist trap club, because nobody in their right mind would ever go back after one visit. Bed dances are a rip-off! $250 just gets you into a private room with a dancer for 30 minutes, if you actually want her to perform or anything else that requires a tip of at least $300 just for a lap dance. DON’T GO THERE, ITS A REAL RIP-OFF!!!

  43. igor34

    If I could give this no star, I would. Went here on a Tuesday, don’t believe anything you see or read here or on their website, they will tell you it’s outdated and argue it with you or try to say that it’s not their ad.Our first warning should have been the “no refund” signs that are posted around their “bar”. We failed to see this until shit hit the fan.We drove ourselves so ignore that image someone posted that says you have no cover if you drive yourself.Ignore the Tuesday website ad saying 2 for 1 couples, it was 2 girls and one guy and they charged all of us $20.Ignore any locals ad, and they even refused to do anything for military.They tried to offer us $35 each for cover, 2 drinks, and one lap dance. Mind you, this is a “dry” establishment, or should be. They won’t tell you this and expect you to know. No liquor is to be served in fully nude stripclubs.We saw an add for local $5 all you can drink and had to haggle this with them as they refused to believe that they had this on their website. Management was rude.We were going to leave but they said they would do the $5 all you can drink, so we paid our $20 cover that included 2 drinks, mind you they never said no alcohol.As the girl walks us in, she tells us “we just had a large group leave, don’t worry, it will pick up soon.” Boom! Empty, not a soul. Awkward considering that we wanted to be in a stripclub environment and to get some drinks and hang out.Strike 1.Then we find out they are a dry establishment, yet they have beer, Milwaukee’s Best in red solo cups. Nothing else. When we showed our distaste and said that we were just gonna get our money back and leave, the server told us that we could go to the liquor store next door and buy booze. REALLY now?Strike 2.So we decided to leave, they refuse to refund our money because of the signs. After some arguing, we decided to just drink our beer and then leave. Strike 3.Some girls tried dancing on the stage for us but we were so pissed that there wasn’t even a point and told them not to even bother. Will never come back here, if you want to pay $20 for a stripclub that comes with 2 drinks ($10 each when you do the math) you’re better off going to Glitter Gultch. Can Can Room will not be getting our business again and I suggest the girls go elsewhere since if the owners keep this up, no one will venture into this historical establishment anymore. Sometimes history just needs to stay in the past and die out.

  44. scfan

    this is the pits. Pushy people try to get you to buy private dances when you enter. They tell you about the beautifull features that they have. The features tun out to be girls who look like biker chicks. They only give air dances for hundreds of dollars. But that is good because it might be dangerous to make contact with some of them.

  45. doug
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  47. able
  48. Jose B.

    I give this place one star only because you can’t give it zero stars on here. THIS IS THE BIGGEST RIPOFF IN LAS VEGAS. First off, there is no signs that tell you the prices or cover price, neither inside or even on the website, and once you go in, first you’re told that entrance is free, HOWEVER there is a 2 drink minimum which is $20. Therefore that is a mandatory $20. And it is only after that they tell you that you HAVE TO purchase a girl to take to the VIP bedroom because you CAN’T JUST SIT AND WATCH THE STRIPPERS and that the girl would cost an additional $200. AND IT IS A MANDATORY $200 BECAUSE YOU CAN’T JUST SIT BACK RELAX AND WATCH THE DANCERS, YOU HAVE TO BUY ONE. and on top of that, once you get into the room with the girl, they come once again and tell you that the prices of the dances inside the bedroom ARE EXTRA COST AND USUALLY START AT $300. AND ALL THESE PRICES ARE MANDATORY. This is officially the most expensive strip club in Las Vegas and the biggest rip-off, I literally just came in here looking for a cheap little strip club, since that’s just what it looks like on the outside, but ended up spending almost $500. Since they just start slapping all these costs on you after you’ve already payed the last cost. I promise you that if you come here, YOU WILL BE HUSTLED OUT OF A COUPLE HUNDRED BUCKS, THIS IS THE BIGGEST RIP-OFF IN LAS VEGAS, PLEASE SAVE YOUR WALLET AND DO NOT COME HERE.

  49. Johnnyboy123

    Most horrible bar/ strip club ever !The girl at the door and the 1 dancer were decent. the place is a dump, no matter what drink you order from the old lady, she requires you pay the $20 first then she brings a plastic cup with what can only be described as recycled beer (either by combining the remnants of previous customers drinks or by someone drinking the beer first then pissing it back into your cup) DO NOT DRINK IT !! you will get sick from what she called the “house beer”AVOID this craphole at all cost!

  50. k
  51. mike

    MINXX is closed. dont waste your time going there the owners have screwed every one including kennedy

  52. Johnson12

    The Can Can Room’s website was blocked like a virus on my web browser! The description was a seedy, dirty, house of sluts. And that’s exactly what I was looking for! Unfortunately, though when I got there, I found out they were lying about their cover charge, they were lying about their lapdances, they were lying about everything! And that’s not what I’m looking for! I took my money and just walked out.

  53. buddie

    this is a ripoff joint more dancers than customers when i went. ugly waitresses pushed for you to buy dances while dancers sat around

  54. Jamestowm

    run run fast and hard they will try to get you to pay a big door fee and then tell you you have to pay for two more drinks the girls are bad and the place is dirty this place is not for anyone this has to be the worst place in the world.

  55. asdfgh
  56. amused

    A) there is no booze. No matter how much they pretend that it is it….it is near beer and apple jucie

    B) the want way too much money

    C)the girls are NOT hot!

  57. denny

    pushy ripoff joint pays cabbies to drive succers there, wont honor their coupons push private shows that cost hundreds for air dances

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