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0 reviews for “Cheetahs

  1. james1412

    I used to know a girl who worked here and I’ve been in a few times but tonight I decided to go all out with some of my boys but didn’t expect to end up at cheetahs. Just was over at the rhino and it was popping! Wish I could’ve taken some pics for yall.

  2. fuckery12

    5 thumbs down …..girls ….aka the washed up club fyi look at ur drink b4 u drink it

  3. Mike G.

    Sleazy, raunchy, dirty and nasty – the club and the girls – but you didn’t come here to meet Mother Theresa. $10 cover, $6 beers and $20 lap dances. It helps a lot to have a buzz when you arrive and to maintain it as long as possible, to stay in the mood and ignore the grime. You will get the naughtiness you came for, I have to give them that. Quite ethnically diverse, from dangerous fiery Philippinas to vampiric Russians, blonde Cali girls and even a few Caribbeans. Not as many tens as the Spearmint Rhino, but less Pamela Anderson wannabe attitude as well. Good dirty fun.

  4. BUZZ


  5. Speed Spend

    Outstanding! We went to three different clubs before finally hitting the jackpot at Cheetah’s. Outstanding value, great girls, and very great attitudes. Unlike some of the new ‘trendy’ clubs now available; the girls at Cheetahs actually smile and seem to be enjoying themselves. If you want a great time and know what you really want from a club – Go Here!

  6. tonycluber

    Best during mornings and afternoons! Free pizza and wings! Beers 2 for 9.00! Local spot.

  7. ralphie boy
  8. moneyman2

    At first I didn’t like coming here because staff had an issue allowing me in because they thought I was a single female with a military ID. Then as I explained on my second trip here that I was born male they allowed me in with no hesitation.

  9. LemonHead

    Even a blind man would hate this club. It stinks. Seriously, the odor in this club is repugnant. And the girl quality sucks so bad, they sell overpriced porno movies. Give it up.

  10. adamrod

    Looks dirty and run down

  11. Frank

    Will be there this week again.

  12. winston12

    STOP!!! SCAM!!! Don’t Go to this club!!! this place sucks balls. The girls have no boobs. Try to make you buy $100 worth of drinks if you want to pay with card. This place pays cab driver’s cash to drop you off.

  13. Jon B.

    Friendly bouncers (not a good thing). Unattractive women. STANK.Whatever you do, do NOT come to Cheetah’s for a good time. You’re not gonna find it here.We were dropped off by a shuttle on our second stop for the night. I’m not sure exactly what time it was, maybe 3am on a Saturday night. The first thing that I noticed when walking in was that the bouncers were COOL. As in smiling and friendly. That totally threw me off. It couldn’t have been a good sign.We walked in (no cover, I would have been PISSED if we had to pay), and it STANK. Like cigarettes and ass and no attempt at covering up with perfume. They seriously need to have their ventilation system worked on if they even have one. If there is any kind of CFM air change code requirements, this place isn’t meeting them. We sat down, and there were only maybe 5 girls working, and no one on stage. Yes, I realize it was late. But it was a SATURDAY NIGHT IN VEGAS!! The girls were pretty nasty looking, and I was DRUNK! Can’t get much sadder than that. We stayed maybe 10-15 minutes before I was able to get ahold of a cabbie I met to save us from this shithole. I have heard of Cheetah’s, but whatever magic there may have once been here has crawled into a corner and died with a lit cigarette in its mouth. I will never be back for any reason. Stay away!

  14. XXXbeast

    This place is pretty sketchy. I came here early in the am after a being at Marquee Nightclub all night. I came just to get a few lap dances and then call it a night. I asked the taxi driver to take me to a good strip club. Funny thing is the taxi driver first took me to a massage parlor. I told the dude no just want to go to a decent strip club so he brought me to Cheetas. I walked in and right away a great looking Brazilian girl walks me in sits me down asks if I want a drink I say sure so she orders one for her self and for me. No big deal we shoot the shit talk for a while then she asks if I want a lap dance. I say sure I will take one she walks me to the back. gives me a dance 20 minutes later I ask how much she tells me $250 I say you must be joking right? Next thing you know I have 2 bouncers telling me to pay up. I have no choice than to pay or probably end up beaten up and thrown in the alley. So I pay up and leave.. Not only did I pay the $250 but she also kept reaching my pockets and taking the cash that I had in my pocket as well during this dance. Talk about a bunch of thief’s. This place is a joke and I wont be coming back here ever again!

  15. Ace

    In Vegas with my girl for a few days, she tells me “I wonder what it’d be like to get a lap dance.” So I ask the concierge at our hotel, and among the places she recommends is Cheetah’s.

    A very good recommendation! We were there for maybe 2 hours, nursed a drink or two, tipped some rather hot dancers – and got ourselves some lapdances both in the back room as well as on the floor. My girl came probably 6 times from the hot dancers who was working her over.

    The place was good enough that we went directly back to our hotel and fucked like mad badgers for hours after – it was that much of a turn-on.

  16. reveiwer

    to mel, knockers and bill…”go away”

  17. GW

    If you dont have fun here your probably gay!

    A get drunk with the girl of your choice place (hands on)

    Always lots of girls day or night…a pussy buffet in Vegas.

  18. Extras Avilable

    Last time I went here I got molluscum contagiosum and Hepatitis C. Be careful boys. The BBFS was not worth it!!!!

  19. Mel

    Horrible club!!!! They will totally try to rip you off. I asked for a $20 dollar dance and by the end the girl told me I owed her $100 dollars and then cursed me out of the club when I told her I couldn’t afford that it. A horrible rip off. I have never been treated so BADLY in a strip club and I’ve been to several. DON’T GO HERE! THEY ARE HORRIBLE AND WILL TRY TO RIP YOU OFF!!!!!!!!

  20. caplock
  21. Bill

    Club was dark and dingy. Couldn’t even see what skin color the girls are. Everbody just looks purple. Girls weren’t very good looking and really pushy.

  22. pegleg

    i went to atm and one of the dancersafter i entered info lunged in and hit a hight amount of money.and it was declined becuse of this. so i had to call to have money deliverd to me. and when i spoke to the manager i just got the blow off. then same dancer came to me and ask for 200.00 dallars i had not even had a dace form her at all. she trted to hug on me and ask again a i said no. only to fined she emptyed my coat pockets. aproched the manager again thinking he would want to know what was happing on HIS watch? he instantly sent bouncer to grab me one was a very personal man handled the very good consitering but the other was not!! i asked to have a cab called and i waited some time it was very warm out and i am disabled so came just inside the door to sit to wait and the bouncer continualy tryed to get me to fight swing at him (i am 6ft 160lb skinny 65% burns and right leg amputated) this bouncer or more like a hired THUG called me gimp gimpy,gimps like it to suck XXXX and others he was not very intelligent..but for this info to the manager i asked for nothing in return maybe it pay him more to take this action!!!!!

  23. Artem R.

    Best strip club in Vegas? Quite possibly. We were here for a bachelor party and it was a huge success.The girls are very nice for the most part, as other reviews have mentioned. We felt like we made the right decision to avoid huge places like Sapphire and go to a place for locals.Docking 1 star for the most annoying 2 people in the world:- the chick (or was it a golem?) who looks like she’s 12 and walks around with a bunch of clear drinks of some sort. She was coming up to me every 5 minutes and by the 17th time I wanted to punch her in the face.- the useless dude in the bathroom who hands you a towel and thinks he deserves a tip for that. Those beers are already $8 (with tip) and I’m not about to pay another $1 in bathroom tax. Seriously, Cheetah’s, nobody wants that guy there. At a fancy restaurant – maybe (even though don’t think this job should exist at all). At a strip club? No thanks. I was actually holding it in towards the end, just so I don’t have to see this guy again.Since this is a public review, I will stop here. After all, WHiVSiV.

  24. Stacy B.

    One of the best in the city. BUT!!!! DO NOT GO THERE IN A CAB!!!! They will charge you up the arse!

  25. just turned 21

    Dance at a nude club and when I turned 21 i gave cheetah’s a try.

    WORST NIGHT OF MY LIFE. The girl are mean. like really mean. and the house mother didn’t care. She seem to encourage them.

    Anyway. i’m going back to the nude club. Drunk guys suck and just want you to drink with them. I guess I like places where the guys are there to look at girls..not pretend they are there to drink beer.

  26. Toby

    My favorite two Cheetah girls quit and went to the Mile High Club. Now, the Mile High Club is where I get my rocks off!

  27. goo

    good times good ladies. plenty of ladies roaming the club

  28. Troy H.

    Came here on a recommendation of a friend, and for a bachelor party, and let me tell you I wasn’t disappointed! The gals are friendly and not pushy. Bottle service is a good way to go. And the funny thing was they weren’t gonna let me in since I was wearing a wifebeater, but they let me buy one of their t-shirts($20) to put over it, and they let us all in for free!!! And all the gals are pretty attractive.

  29. XhXeXy

    By far the worst strip club I ever went to. Came on a Thursday night, and I was immediately surrounded by ugly, PUSHY strippers. One of them was so desperate she threatened me when I was trying to talk my friend. Plus, I wanted to get a lap dance and the stripper kept getting shots on my bill and then got one for the drink girl. Then she hiked up the price of the dance because we were in a special area even tho I specifically said I didn’t want it. Can’t say enough bad things about this place.

  30. billtheguy12

    Pretty much the worst strip club I ever been to, $20 drinks…girls tease you then after you refuse them tell you owe them money for the tease…seriously don’t go there!

  31. Harrison69

    Your typical strip club. My people like to end up here at the end of the night.

  32. S.C. Hoppin'

    Finally stepped into this club for the first time on a Fri. It was about 9pm so I’m assuming the timing was terrible because there was an extreme lack of hot girls.

  33. Billy D

    I had a great time. Happy hour all day and ten dollar dances.

  34. charlene

    STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM MINXX. tell a friend

  35. Fun Times

    Last time I was there I got most of my fist up a dancer’s cunt.

  36. Joe

    I always stop here in Vegas love the free shuttle, the shot girl and all the lovely dancers

  37. Marty J. W.

    Prices here never seem to be what’s advertised. The girls are never as hot as I expect. And the basic lapdances are on the floor so you’re not getting anything special! But if you go 100 steps farther down the street, you’ll be where you want to be at Little Darlings!

  38. parsch

    Had a great time when I visited the club last month. Drinks came quick, waitress was a goddess…girls were a lot of fun. Dances at the table were decent…VIP was a great time all around…YMMV but tip the bouncer and you won’t find yourself being told to watch it….remember this is a strip club and not a horror house…someone might tell you different but ‘hands on’ does not mean BJ in the back room.

  39. ryan123

    Waste of money. The bouncers will scam you and ask for ridiculous cover and parking fees even on weekdays before 8pm. The girls inside the club are plain out obese, wrinkly, obsolete and all with fugly faces. You are required to buy two minimum overpriced drinks. Go to the gym, your see better girls with better bodies than here,

  40. D.R.K.

    Went there for my bachelor party had a awesome time!!!!

    Looking forward to going again. “Genie” Was THE BEST!!!

  41. Derrick

    Nice club. But what happened to Meridian?

  42. ThatGuy

    The girls were decent, but the place was slow. The ladies took good care of me and offered some reasonable conversation. The staff was alright minus this one black waitress (mid thirties, shoulder length hair) that had a terrible attitude. I would suggest going to see Flower. Some of the girls are out-of-towners so they are just there for the bucks rather than building a clientele. A close friend of mine took some ghetto ass girl home…

  43. Harry

    omg…burn the place down.

  44. Johnnyboy123

    If you have friends from out of town and you never want them to visit vegas again take them to cheetahs where ugly girlsroam. I even seen a stripper ride her bike home lol.the trailor park of strip clubs in vegas for sure.

  45. CJ Hardick
  46. dave

    good time was had by all

  47. Franklyn

    In one word, class! Smartest bunch of girls in town. They all wanna be doctors.

  48. Aaron G.

    Ick… This was my first strip joint. I now know that i am NOT a strip club person. If I rated this according to how i feel about strip clubs, i would give it maybe one star. However, i must be objective and look at this place as if i am impartial to them and that’s how it got a 3. Walking in, i noticed how dark it was, obviously to maintain the anonymity. Then you notice how almost every guy sitting in the chairs have a woman sitting in their lap. The room was blacklighted and had neon purple lights lining the room. The women were mostly dressed in lingerie but not sexy stuff. In fact it reminded me more of Hanes for Women. I think another reason its dark is because some of those girls are not pretty. I think on average the girls were a 5 out of 10. There were a few 7s and 8s but no 10s. Many of them were also bustless. Seriously, if you’re going to be in this business you need to at least have a B cup or large As. I felt like my chest was almost as big as theirs. i went with 2 girls. Oddly enough, they both got lap dances. I passed. 20$ to get an anti-erection is not worth the money. I think my face was that of disgust the whole time i was there. I had to hold the girl’s bra while she gave my friends their lap dances. I have to say that the one they got was weak. She wasn’t hot and she didn’t move to the music. I could have done a better job.The girls are a little testy as well. When rejected they give you attitude. I’m sorry i don’t want your fish tacos rubbed all over my jeans. There is constant entertainment with at least one girl on the stage. They also have a variety of girls, from tall and skinny to short and thick. If i were into this it wouldn’t be too bad. At least the inside of the place isn’t all trashy and there seems to be enough girls with enough variety of them to satisfy any guy or girl. It can’t be all that bad if the girl i went with ended up in the back room with one of the strippers. She didn’t even tell us what happened back there… but she seemed quite satisfied.

  49. Nic

    I love this place ….. as ex military been to lots of different places always run in to the same problem since I come with hubby … Girls need a few hours to warm up and not be shy anymore ( or have a few drinks with us ) . Love the security the sweetest guys ever and the manager or assistant manager (I think) is the nicest ever when it comes to managers lol. Just moved to Vegas and we are now regulars over there .Just can”t keep us away. The Bartenders could be a little friendlier but after a few drinks who cares anymore .

  50. curtis17

    Awesome locals spot! Great customer service from start to finish. Always plenty of girls inside and bartenders are ALWAYS on point. #scotland #redhead #phatass #gingersrule #pattirocks #cocktailsonfleek

  51. Tina
  52. Charlene H.

    I went here twice. Both times were tons of fun, but the best time I had here was for New Years about 2 years ago. The girls are super friendly and not all snobby like at most places. At least the one’s that I talked to. I don’t recall how much the cover is either because I was with a bunch of guys that paid. But I’m pretty sure I overheard the dude in front saying that there was no charge for me only the guys.The girls weren’t ugly or all trying to get you to buy “services”. Overall it was a pleasant experience. Plus I thought it was pretty clean – granted, it was dark and I was probably slightly intoxicated. Then again, if you are in a place like that I don’t think cleanliness is a high priority. I’ve been to better clubs out in LA so I can’t give this the full 5 stars.Just a note to all you frequent Vegas-ers… if you take a cab to any stripclub, get the cab driver to break you off a piece of his kickback from the club. Most cab drivers get some money from the club for bringing you there. One time we used that to get a discounted door price in.

  53. FB

    Cheetas Vegas is awesome. Giovanna is incredible!! Staff is great. Will go every time i’m in Vegas!!

  54. Trevor H.

    The first time I went to Cheetah’s it was in the afternoon on Mother’s Day. May I use this review as a public service announcement to all guys who have the bright idea to go to a strip club on Mother’s Day. Quite simply don’t and do you know why? because the strippers will be mother’s and not young ones either. Now don’t get me wrong they were lovely, but not exactly what my crew was looking for. It did however make for a hilarious time and it was pretty damn cheap, so who am I to complain?Rather cautiously we decided to go back on a Saturday night and the place was packed with extremely hot strippers, we thusly went on to have a great night that did not break the bank. Win!

  55. Chris


  56. Big Buck

    Most fun club in Las Vegas! Variety of ladies and body types. Friendly staff, no drink minimum in the super private VIP rooms. Busy, but not so busy you cant get a table. Great music and even drink specials. Cheetahs is the type of place you can relax and have a great time with out the hassle. It may not be the newest or the biggest, but Cheetahs is my favorite club in town.

  57. Re: Bill

    Maybe something is wrong with your eyesight then. Cheetahs is not dark. It’s one of the more well lit strip clubs I’ve been too. It’s just right.

  58. dissapointed customer!

    just came from there last weekend and had my pockets emptied during a lap dance! The dancer was an african american very nicely built and very friendly. She was very slick and I actually felt her kinda patting me down to feel for money…in my front pockets. I actually had ones separated with large bills and she pulled out the larger stack. she was very kind after the lap dance and said I didnt have to pay her cuz she felt bad! (yeah right!). She really went out of her way to pretend that she was helping me! Didn’t report it or make a big deal cuz it would of been a waste of time! Neways pick pocketing dancer hope you enjoy urself…don’t worry I believe in Karma so what goes around comes around! So fella’s keep ur cash in ur wallet or in ur back pocket and don’t be a victim like me! n remeber to pay after each lapdance cuz they add up and you lose count n end up getting reamed! Hard lesson learned! won’t be back! and am very dissappointed in the Place! good luck Cheetah’s!

  59. Weedman420

    Rude, rude , rude…. This club was the worst strip club I’ve ever been to, they picked us up from are hotel and said all we had to do was tip the driver. That was a lie they wanted a $40 tip there and back and when I refused to pay that much they called security out. We had no choice!!!! Then they also refused to take us back to are hotel after the fact and wanted another $40 to go back. Please do not support this shady ass place the will rip you off.

  60. fisherdex1

    Horrible service, from the waitress who forgot my drink order to the manager who lacked any type of understanding for my frustration with this matter. I was informed that a regular bottle of water was $10, which is surprising to me even in Vegas. I was thrown out for not ordering an alcoholic beverage, when I simply do not drink. I am very unhappy with the way I was treated. There were 3 or 4 dancers there and maybe 8 or 9 patrons in the whole place (including myself and two others that were with me). To be thrown out for ordering a bottle of water on a Sunday night when the club was very slow is unacceptable in my book. I will never return to this establishment.

  61. Derby Dan

    Club sucks. Girls are ugly and snotty. They’ll try to steal your money so watch out.

  62. wolfwolf
  63. Matt

    Choose a different club. These chicks are out to get your money and they don’t have a problem outright stealing it from you. Ruined my Vegas strip club experience.

  64. jason

    nadia, crystal, and penny lane are all awesome. lots of other friendly girls too. i’ll be back

  65. Ivan E.

    Don’t trust the taxi he gets paid to take u there on top of what u pay him to go there. if you wanna pay debit it’s $100 minimum! taxi is a scam! Flat fugly girls! Expensive cover charge. Rude service and it’s dead inside

  66. S. Bernard

    I still like this club, but it has gone a little downhill. They are in the process of trying to sell, and that is why they have not spent any money on the place in a little over a year. Where I used to give this place a 10, it has slipped to a 9.5.

  67. Scott Foresman

    Cheetahs might not be the cleanest club, but it always delivers high quality dances, and there is Always a good number of hot women, mixed in. And, the best Asian dancers.

  68. A dancer

    What a dump this place has turned into… I used to work here when they first opened and it was amazing, now nothing but gangbangers and shootings. Cheetah’s clean up your act and the good girls will come back.

  69. Jonathan

    I went to this club while visiting Vegas. It was just okay, nothing special. I don’t frequent this type of club on a regular basis but tried 3 in Vegas, this was the worst of the 3. I saw lots of not well dressed- locals there, it seems more like a local club. It could use a re-do. Overall, a below average club. Not what I was expecting in Vegas.

  70. TONY

    Elizabeth is the best girl of all time. Gave me the time of my life!!!!!!!!!!

  71. The reveiwer

    the last reveiw was from a girl who has a chip

    on her shoulder and is trying to take it out on

    the club…instead of blamming herself for her

    own actions.

    Don’t beleive any of her negative reveiws or

    a… She is a very negative person.s

  72. Freddy

    I dropped in on a Tuesday night, and it was a sad sight. I understand that Tuesdays are slow, but this place was incredibly slow. In total, there may have been about 10 paying customers (I’m not including the big group of pimps hanging out at the bar). One girl looked okay, but not so good that I can remember her name. We left and went to the Rhino, and it was crowded with tourist as usual. As far as a locals’ hangout, I think Cheetah’s has laid down and died. Sorry for the bad review guys (it hurts me more than it hurts you, I assure you).

  73. Benson C.

    I had never been to Cheetah’s and I had heard many a story of how good this place was. Sadly, I was disappointed. Things did not start off on the right foot with Cheetah’s as I had booked and prepaid ahead of time a package deal for 12 of us where you pay $30 for complimentary shuttle from your hotel, 2 drinks and VIP seating. They were suppose to pick me up at 11pm. They didn’t show so I called them and they didnt have any record of my booking. But they sent their shuttle anyway. So nearly an hour later we get to Cheetah’s. The door guy and manager still says they can’t my resevation. So not wanting to disappoint the boys I figure I’d pay for the package again and call my credit card to reverse the previous charges later. We get inside and it’s alot smaller than I expected and brighter too! We get seated in a large roped off booth below the DJ. As we sit down, guess what? The manager finds the email confirming my reservation. So we’re all good. Whew! Maybe we were there too early or something, but the quality of girls did not match my expectations. One Asian girl in particular would not leave us alone!! I was the first one to receive a dance from her and she was just plain bad. After our round of drinks and a few dances we decide to leave for a more “popular” gentleman’s club. One that sounds similar to Peppermint Dino. Perhaps I’ll give Cheetah’s another chance – I just have to remember to come later in the night.

  74. Knockers

    Skanky money grubbing girls that are out to steal your money. Don’t go here!!!

  75. Ben
  76. Barry Dingle

    The is not the place for the late night crowd. Of course I party just about ever night of the week. So to be fair maybe 4 a.m. on a wed is not the best time to judge this place on. I’ll go back on a Saturday and see if anything is poppin.

  77. Rob

    I am looking for Gman. I talked with you several years ago about barbie, Crystal and Barbie’s friend. Barbies friend use to email me personally. I would love to find her but dont know her name. They at one time worked at og’s the went to chetahs. Can anyone help me?

  78. Sol F.

    First, it’s way too crowded and expensive. Second, the women are too “surgically enhanced” for my tastes, and they just don’t do a lot for the massive amounts of cash you end up giving them. Admittedly, the only time I went here I was drunk at my own bachelor party, and I didn’t have to pay for anything, but still … the softcore porn on Skinemax back in the hotel room is a better deal.

  79. big mac

    dancer push lap dancer to must

  80. LonerGuy

    I had a great time here. I found the dancers to be the friendliest I’ve encountered yet in Vegas. You do have to know how clubs work though, and count your lap dances. They don’t stop after every song to check with you before proceeding. Great value for my money though and one of my best club visits ever!

  81. Mel B

    Ugly brunette B*** with glasses tried to steal my money during a lap dance. Run!

  82. David D.

    Honestly I’m not sure how this place gets anything over two stars. I don’t go to strip joints often but when I do I don’t really expect to be automatically attacked by some 30 year old fake bleach blonde who probably does meth. I went on a Thursday night kind of early in the evening so that may have been the problem. I decided to take my brother who is gay because I knew he would help me bail if it sucked. We didn’t even want to go here, but the cabbie said it was his old stomping grounds so we bit.Still the place was out of the way and not close to the attractions on the strip. Girls automatically come up and sit on your lap, which distracts you from the dancer on stage. Not that the stage shows are anything to get excited about. I got 3 lap dances from a 30 year old, a 40 year old who had some facial issues, and the lone petite cute brunette who seemed sweet but admitted to my brother that she was a coke head. Great performer selection!The drinks are 10 bucks and the servers seem to expect you to buy drinks automaticallly for the girl who you didn’t even want in your lap in the first place. Not even the 20 dollar lap dances save this place. Avoid at all costs.

  83. Fatty A.

    This place is cool because they leave you alone. I don’t want to be touched unless you are a burger.

  84. Tim H.

    My favorite club I’ve been to so far. The girls are great and the club has a “homey”, personal atmosphere.

  85. JJP

    Love this place!

  86. Nick G.

    In town for the holidays…went with group of friends. A girl came over and started grinding on me, which was cool until she told me I owed her $20 for a dance I didn’t ask for. She got a bouncer and tried to kick me out and they would have if another stripper hadn’t vouched for me that I didn’t ask her for a dance. Good thing my friend was spending a lot of money on that other stripper. Watch out for some major scamming in this club.

  87. mike

    don’t go to MINXX the place is closed the owners screwed everybody there including kennedy

  88. larry1

    Cool layout big bar! But the girls? Alot of them look like there on drugs. I say they ranged from zeros to a couple of 5s. Sad to say watching the customers was more amusing than watching the girls. Not only were they not cute, but their dancing was WACK. the dj played pretty good music tho. Drinks were weak. I left without a lap dance. Need I say more?

  89. Big-D

    Great club, all the girls seem pretty nice, and very friendly. Unlike some other places, the girls will sit down and try to chat you up first if you interested, rather than going straight for the “want a dance?” question. Good mileage from most of the girls. The club itself didn’t seem like anything special but the setup actually made it pretty comfy and the availability of the semi-private booths in the back for no extra charge is a big plus! Not an LV club vet yet, but this definitely seems like a great place to go.

  90. guess
  91. igor34

    Better than Sapphires. Girls aren’t pushy, staff are pleasant, bartenders on point. Vending machine with snacks and porn? Yes please!

  92. stripclubboy

    Dayshift isn’t as bad as its made out to be on here. Had a great time when I was there.. some very beautiful women and great action.

  93. You're wrong chris..

    We’ll, half wrong. There are some ugly chicks here & I wonder why management let’s ’em work here. But there are some real hotties like this asian goddess Angie, who must have the best body in vegas. Also, staff are friendly here the bouncers don’t act like assholes they’re all friendly. Visit during the weekend to check out the hotties.

  94. jx
  95. Oldude

    Clubs are all about the ladies and this is stikk one of the best around at night. Prices are fair and the dances are good. However the day shift has seen beter days, if you can breath and pay shift fees you are allowed on the floor. There are still some “lookers” in the day time but they are pretty busy with their regulars. The hustle is hard and the club is run down and needs a remodel.

  96. Customer


  97. richard95

    Wow. Is that your misshapen, fake boob that just slapped me in the back of the head, Meth Mouth Stripper Lady?Wow. Are you in my lap now? Now, when my male companion has gone to the potty, is when you decide to land on me? When I am defenseless?Yes, I bought a dance from you – because I am bad at saying no to strippers. And yes, I bought one for my friend when he got back – I wanted to be sure that any viral shedding that occurred during our dance was distributed to him as well. A couple that experiences stripclub born STD’s together, stays together.

  98. puddy

    great deal during the day 10 lap dances good contact and no cover before 5pm

  99. yanard12

    Go see Emily at the bar on day shifts, sooooooo hot but she will try to give you away to the girls. Great drink prices plus her sexy ass behind the bar = my new spot

  100. Nick J.
  101. Krystal M.

    Went with my man on a Saturday while on vacation. Management was VERY nice. $20 for the both of us to get in and they even gave us a ride back to our hotel.The girls were alright (only topless) but the bartender and waitress were not very nice or attentive. We would go back for the hospitality

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