Girls of Glitter Gulch



20 Fremont Street Experience, Las Vegas, NV 89101


36.1716413, -115.1452677




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Girls of Glitter Gulch

  1. Thumbs down

    Thumbs down on the whole experience

  2. UGLY ASS HOES!!!!

    These are some of the ugliest skankiest hoes I have ever seen! The management was horrible, you could tell the employees had no idea what they were doing and the girls were running the club.

  3. Alan
  4. Wes Luva

    Wes gave me the best blowjob ever.The hell with the strippers guys just give the manager Wes 5 bucks and he will suck yur cocks alll night long.

  5. Still closed!!!

    Holy shit this remodeling project is longer than the war in Iraq!

  6. stinky pussy

    Got a lap dance from a girl named gg dancer. her pussy stank so bad the guy next to me could smell it!

  7. this club sucks!

    gg dancer makes this club as fucked up as it is! negative negative!!!!!

  8. Blow Me

    I would go to this club more if that asshole Wes wasnt there. Dudes a blowhole

  9. awsome
  10. troy

    this club isnt all that and the girls are all bitches with hairy assholes.

  11. vetclubber

    Two drinks twenty dollars and I never got the second one..a rip off! never again.

  12. GG Dancer

    Tom has a little cock!

  13. no fucking way

    You couldnt pay me to walk in this piece of shit club

  14. Cheyenne A.

    Bouncers get 5 stars πŸ™‚ everything bouncers should be and more Atmosphere, good but I wish the main stage was lower so the dancers could interact better with customers.We went on a Monday night and it was a bit slow. Only a few very attractive girls, but all carried beauty in their own ways. We were the only ones tipping much at the rail and each girl came by and said they “appreciated it on a night like this.” Slow or not it WAS fun and I wish everyone else was having fun too lol. Even the rude Asian old stripper that bitched me out for grabbing my phone to look for a bar nearby wasn’t too bad.

  15. mathewater12

    I have been to numerous strip clubs (both topless and nude) in the Dallas area as a background; this club in Las Vegas was a terrible waste of time and money. The majority of the girls were frantic hustlers, wanting $300 for 30 minutes in the “private” (there are video cams and a security guard at the curtained entrance) area. The rules are “no touching” i.e., your hands are kept off the girl while she does her topless lap dance. Mine, “JC,” was a terribly unskilled and unenthusiastic lap dancer. Entry was a 2 drink minimum for $21 per person. I could have easily found more enjoyable ways to blow $150 sin 15 minutes. Seek entertainment elsewhere.

  16. over priced

    paid way to much for my drinks when i came to this club

  17. re: the truth

    Club is shut down because vice took away their license.

  18. maxxy1

    For starters, I know that dancers in strip clubs are supposed to be aggressive and work you for your wallet but this place is ridiculous. Once you’re in DO NOT accept any form of a private dance, attention or even talk to the workers here. They will push to borderline extortion if you do not shell out $$$. If they say $20, they mean more and demand it with veiled threats.I have been in many happy, fun, raunchy strip clubs around the world and there are much better than this awful place.Don’t do it but if you do, order a drink, sit and watch the show. That is all.

  19. tony

    If I cant get blown by one of the many ugly hoe’s at this club then why cum?

  20. nate s.

    I don’t know whether to strangle this place for being so horrible or applaud it for the same reason (being that their horribleness is intentional). I’m going to say that the place is horribly bad on purpose. They require a minimum of two drinks immediately upon entering (20 bucks) dance woman that just came off a pregnancy of eight kids (I’m pretty sure I saw that octuplet mom dancing and had a little milk lactate off onto a friend) and dancers making change for a twenty with quarters, nickles, and dimes (totally true). Some of the things I saw in there cannot be erased. I’m very ashamed of myself. May god have mercy on your soul if you decide to visit this place yourself.

  21. Me & Wife

    It’s everything you’d expect downtown. Hustles, crowded, overpriced, and trying to be something it’s not. The girls were okay looking (for Vegas–anywhere else they’d be above average). My wife got a few lap dances, and we ended up friends (she’s still in touch with her). I got a lap dance that was mediocre. No touching. Overall it was okay as far as clubs go, but for the money it’s not nearly as good as some of the other places in Vegas.

  22. Sasha

    Savannah is a fucking cunt. I used to work with her at Larry’s villa. When I see her next I’m gonna smack the shit out of her like i did at the villa!!!!

  23. closed

    this club is never open to give it a good rating. what everybody is saying about that gg dancer i dont think i want to go anyway.

  24. Dan

    I definitely had a blast in this club.

  25. Nigger Lover

    man some of the finest ghetto hoes in vegas work here! Fake nails and fake hair galore!

  26. stinky stan

    Stank bitches up is this motherfucker and aint no way i’m going to get my black ass back in dis bitch

  27. roger that

    I agree the big black guy doing the door is a fat fuck

  28. Waste of Money

    The remodeling was a waste club still smells like rotten asshole!

  29. Kemi A.

    Listen, I’m all up for girls working hard for the money, but this place is HORRIBLE. Best to save your money at someplace better. As a bunch of girls coming into a strip club, we didn’t have much drama…or so we thought. One of my friends reluctantly got a private dance with one stripper, then it ended up with three. It was hilarious in the beginning, but these girls are freakin’ vultures, they wait around and hit up everyone for a private dance and won’t take no for an answer. Then we got yelled at by one of the strippers because she said we were too loud. Excuse me? You’re waving your 40 year old boobs in my face, I’m stuffing your thong with $$ bills and you’re telling me to keep quiet? Really? Would you rather be manhandled by the guy with the receding hairline, beer belly, and leery eyes? Ok. I get it; your life flashed before your eyes and you need to shake your money maker to make a living, but don’t be a d*ck about it. Especially if i’m paying you. Save your $$$ and go somewhere else.

  30. GarryWas

    WATCH OUT THIS IS A TOURIST SCAM. I wish I could give negative stars. Girls are old, fat, and whack. Save your money and go to a real club like spearmint rhino or sapphire. The girls sit by u and aggressively solicit u. When I wanted to leave, they said I owed $1000. I said f that. The two ladies try to pin me down saying that they owe money to the bouncer. I said call the the bouncer, I don’t give a sh1t. Ain’t that some BS. My buddy took out some money at the ATM, a girls stole money directly from his hand as it came out of the machine. He tried resolving the theft with the management, but they played like nothing happened. We called the police, but they could not do anything. The cops created a case and said we need to take it to civil court. Pls read the other reviews.

  31. the truth

    Vice comes to this club all the time. if you’re getting a dance they’ll arrest you because the club doesn’t have a license

  32. Franklyn

    These chicks were hounds. First off how is Vegas called Sin City when the chicks here are like 50? Yikes. Dont waste your time.. the drinks are spendy and weak. The girls sit at the bar and the try to pounce you and take you away if you show any signs of cash and honestly a hundred for a dance from these ladies is $99 to much. 1 star is to much for this place. Shady from the time you walk in the door.

  33. TinyBalls

    Transsexuals Only at this club!

  34. disgusted!

    stuck my finger up gg dancer’s ass & it came out looking like a chili dog! that bitch needs to learn how to wipe!

  35. Adam M.

    Like me you may be lured into this place with no cover charge. Upon entering you will have to pay for a two drink minimum. Domestics are $7.50 each, and you will receive both at the same time. It was around 8pm and I noticed there were maybe six guys in there including me and I soon found out why. The girls are, well let’s be honest, they’re hideous. Overweight, pierced, skanky tattoos on places that shouldn’t have skanky tattoos on them, and they hustle you like you wouldn’t believe. They almost literally try and drag you off to perform lap dances. I can only hope that my humble review saves someone the fate I suffered.

  36. Strom Thurmond

    Fuck your blackberry juice! White power all the way! Your revolution is going nowhere you fat black bastard!

  37. ryan123

    People who may pop in here probably don’t check the reviews unfortunately. My experience, pay the $20 for two drinks with no cover, that’s fine. Not sure how much a drink is after that but had no desire to stay after two drinks. Walking in, the dance floor is just one long strip, you have to crank your neck up to see what’s going on. After I sat down, I was instantly pulled by my arm by one of the strippers who grabbed one of my beers and I grabbed the other. She was pulling on me good didn’t say one thing to me, my other friends were near the sofas they do the lap dances, at a table. I asked one of them if they bought me a dance and he just smiled so I assumed he did. She got on top of me and asked her if someone paid for this because she wasn’t my first choice and I wasn’t ready for a dance with just sitting down not even having a sip of a drink. She said it’s only $25, I said no I didn’t agree to this nor did I want it, she got up by shoving me and having some choice words for me. I couldn’t believe the treatment. So my story rings true to the other’s on here. I continually to walk past her if I went to the bathroom or saw my other friends near the stage, she mouthed off to me and gave me dirty looks, it was bizarre. I did end up getting a dance towards the end because one of the women did show some initiative in to getting to know the guy. With 30 to 45 seconds left in my dance she wouldn’t shut up about up selling me to VIP and telling me how wet she is and what she could do. Once again, I can’t express how low class this place is and how they operate, they should be investigated. One of the worst ran businesses I’ve ever been to.

  38. ricky bobby

    was in this club and had a nice evening, i was told about this site and dont belive any shit i have read. The girls are cute and nice and the staff will treat you with respect!

  39. Darline hater

    Darline still owes me change from a hundred I gave her.

  40. dopeboy19

    It was my bro’s 21st birthday, so coming here made a little sense. I personally am not one for strip joints because I don’t play for that team, but I couldn’t disappoint my bros and our dad.It was my first time EVER in a stripclub and I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it here once I loosened up, thank you Jack. At first I was a bit distant to being approached by the women here because we seemed like we were being targeted. I guess it is common practice for them to try to get you to the “private room” in the back. But although we went in with a decent amount of funds we kept our pack together.My dad wanted to really make this a memorable experience for my little bro given that my bro takes care of business and has grown into a well defined man, so he got him the bottle service package for $250.I guess it’s hit or miss with the overall service and treatment for some people, HOWEVER! when Mark, the host at the door, made it known that we got bottle service we did not get a regular seating at a booth like other clients but they gave us a spot right at the stage and he also frequent us to make sure we were ALWAYS being taken care of. Some other dude tried to join us and although we didn’t mind, Mark made it clear that we had our own thing going on without outsider invitation. But turns out this dude that tried to “leech” onto us was already known there for just that…being a “leech.” Mark threw him out. Afterwards, we were magnets to all the women. My other bro and I each broke a Benjamin into singles and it was enough to have us a good time for the next hour we were there, and the women didn’t seem bothered by our “non-high roller” distributions. They were all very generous with their time with us even though there were other clients.But to specify on the women. One girl, Lula I think, was very well received by us because I was able to speak to her by myself while she was having her coffee before her shift and I gave her a little insight on my bros and dad and why were we there. And I might’ve also shown her a photo of my boyfriend and I. She thought it was hilarious that I was there but she was a good sport about it. At 27, so she said, she was definitely one of the more visually magnifying women there.When it was her turn to go up she gave us about 88% of her attention. Without being too specific, she definitely made the experience memorable for my baby bro. The scent of fresh roses was always on stage with a new girl, so kudos to you females for that. I also do feel we got lucky with the time we visited because it was still a mellow atmosphere and each girl made her presence, or should I say had time to make her presence known to us.Again. We went in with unpredictability with our funds. But I wouldn’t recommend to do this unless you really want to receive exclusivity, or if you’re anything like my dad you are very persuasive and know how to talk to people, which he did…that lead to Glitter being a place we will remember undoubtly.Overall, I enjoyed this place as my first stripclub as the only gay brother in a family of straight men. LOL.

  41. losers

    the girls here need to spend less time gathering around and talking to each other and more time talking to the customers. i waited 30 minutes to have a girl come up and ask me if i wanted a dance.

  42. jro

    pay 20 dollars to get in which is not bad until u see the girls (bad) walked out right away

  43. dk


  44. Mmm...

    My dancer smelled like coconut and tasted like peaches. πŸ˜€ Throw in a little pineapple & palm trees, and I would have been in tropical paradise. πŸ˜›

  45. Love Dem Hoes

    Best club for scoring a bad blowjob. Unless you like bitches with braces.

  46. NO WAY

    This club blows ass! GG dancer is a cunt!

  47. nasty!!!

    they had to remodel because gg dancer clogged up all the toilets with her shit and the club flooded with nasty gg dancer crap everywhere

  48. coolshoes

    1st off, its pointless to provide a poor review about this place, since it seems the whole staff from management to bathroom attendant are in on the racket.

    The best thing I can say about this place is I got a couple of average dances for the expected price during the Day Shift.

    Got hand stamped and returned for early evening and everything changed. Bouncers just staring at your every move and even the girls said they liked the supervision. Guess what girls. Clients don’t like supervision and especially don’t like dances from dancers who like their bodyguards watching every move. We want women who want to break the rules. I don’t want sex in the or even a hand job, but goddamn, can a brother cop a little feel? Or AT LEAST Perform your dance on my lap and not 2 feet away from me for 40 fucking dollars a song!!

    Especially since 25-35 a dance from day shift unsupervised turns into 40 a dance with extra supervision.

    This piece of shit ripoff joint should be taken off Fremont. It is bad for Fremont business. Believe me, if you rarely go to strip clubs and stumble on this place because you stay at binions or nugget and you think its ok, then you either need to get out more, or strip clubs are not your thing. I travel all over the country and visit clubs all the time, and have even had average fun at gulch (Years ago at the right time (Day shift) with the right girl (New Asians). But after I left that shit hole last week, I couldn’t wait to back to the tables and have the blackjack dealer rape me for my money. At least with him, I know what to expect.

    Girls of Glitter Gulch and the sucker ass faggot bouncers and limp dick management… you should be ashamed of the disgrace of a gentlemen’s club you operate. If you are pressured too much by LE or something, then you should just close up, because you establishment is one of the biggest rippoff shitholes in Vegas, and believe me, Vegas has a lot of ripoff shitholes.

    You all Suck

  49. alex

    the service at this club sucks. i had to waite over thirty minutes to get a drink

  50. Surprised

    I didn’t know this was a transsexual club until it was too late.

  51. terry

    this club sucks and the owner swallows

  52. shocked

    There was a strange bulge at the front of gg dancer’s thong last time i saw her! i think she is a he!

  53. Anti-Supercunt

    This club isn’t all that. most of the dancers are supercunts that look like they fell off the ugly tree and got smacked in the face by every branch.

  54. gross!!!!!

    the bitches got crotch rot from sitting on the moldy seats!

  55. cancer boy

    i think i got lung cancer from breathing asbestos at this club! smells like gg dancers ass in there!

  56. not so wilde

    kylie wilde gives the worst lap dances, especially for an over-the-hill saggy-boob old lady!

  57. dannyboy7

    I went with friends to see what the fuss was all about with strip clubs. The girls were definitely on the older side, but they were mostly beautiful. There was a variety of girls from skinny to thicker, fake boobs and real boobs, different races. The drinks are $10.50 and you had to buy two, so it’s basically like paying an entry fee. I didn’t want a dance or to be touched by them, but some came over and sat on my lap or shoved their boobs in my face. I told them I was just there to hang, and most of them respected that. I had two really great conversations with the women, they made me laugh a lot and gave me a friendly hug. It’s definitely not high brow, but I feel like the “no cover charge” appeals to a cheaper group just looking to have fun and hang.

  58. GGG Babe

    I think the managers are queers. Tom takes in the ass for sure!

  59. winston12

    OMG was this place bad! I didn’t mind the 2 drink min, which is less than the cover at some clubs, but A LOT the girls have been doing this so long that 2 mentioned they’ve done it for 30+ years!Never have we been ripped off by a dancer before… My new wife wanted a $20 couch lap dance, but when the dancer took her to the “VIA room” and even though my wife told her she didn’t have money for the VIP room, the dancer said, “don’t worry, I’ll take care of you”. How did she take care of my wife??? 3 dances later “$120, thank you”…Do yourself a favor and go to The Hustler (best club in town) or Sapphire, you’ll be glad you did.

  60. yea yea whatever

    been there done that. been to this club and will never do it again.

  61. Cajun

    Never had this many folks tryin to hussle me in my whole life.

  62. Tyrone

    Damn where they get all these ghetto hoes from?

  63. j

    Way too high of a hustle and way too rude..

    Had an Asian girl come up to me, first words spoke even before “HI” were “Are you broke?” I was like WTF.. THat was rude.. ANd no, I was not broke… THen she asked if I wanted a dance, I told her to get the hell away from me…

    Second day back (a mistake, but there was no cover and I just wanted a beer).. as soon as I sat down I got double teamed for about 30 minutes and high pressured into getting dance.. Was told it was 300 for 1/2 hr, 500 for hr, but my buddy was told only 400 an hour two days earlier.. Was also told by one there were no per dance prices.. but when I asked a girl later, she said she would go for 35 a dance..

    Finally told two girls, no, and they accosted me and told me I was wasting their time, etc… etc.. getting in my face and yelling at me and arguing with me.. I told them, their loss, not mine..

    Very rude place, top to bottom.. Terrible service, when there were three of us, all drinking, empty bottles, waitress walked by about 4 times, finally a dancer told her to get us something.. that should not happen…

    More bad things to be said, but don’t feel like wasting the time to type them.


    nothing but old bitches that work at this club.

  65. LVKING

    I thought it looked nice and the girls were cool. The seating is great but my G/F thought the girls were not that hot. Since it has been redone it is a lot nicer.

  66. juju

    House fees are to high for a wednesday. If they lower the fees i would think about coming back

  67. Honestly

    As a dancer who works here I can tell you that most of the customers who walk in the door leave happy. If you think the girls are being rude to you it’s because you probably walked in and just wanted to “enjoy the scenery”. We don’t work for free. We have to pay to come to work. So if you are not going to compensate us for our time, don’t expect us to hang out. The same goes for the bar staff. If they seem a little short with you, perhaps it’s because you gave them a dollar tip for a $30 dollar tab. You take care of them, your drinks WILL be good. You can get a really good lap dance any time the club is open. If you prefer privacy and can do without the boobs on a stick type dancer then the day shift is for you. If you like really good looking women then your choices might be limited until the night shift starts. Regardless, the girls here aim to please and are very talented in their craft.

  68. adamrod

    This place was so fun! I had never been to a strip club before and just went with a bunch of girlfriends thinking we would have a good time but no one would really pay attention to us since we weren’t foaming men with money hanging out of our zippers. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Imagine a place where good looking women pay attention to good looking women! The girls were sexy and not skanky and we all had a blast. Will definitely be back. Thanks, GGG

  69. dirty harry

    stopped in this club when i was downtown. it was overpriced, the girls were stuck-up, especially for their quality of looks, and the bartender was rude.

  70. girl with a clean booty

    gg dancer is a disgrace to the other dancers who know how to keep their pipes clean!

  71. 249lvrty

    This club sucks! Staff is a bunch of assholes

  72. Erin

    Wes never tried to fuck me when I worked at the Gulch, but he was always mean to me. Where I work now the managers are all a lot cooler.

  73. Dr. Plumbing

    Damn GG Dancer! Get yourself an enema girlfriend!

  74. Utter Crap

    This whore-hole is never going to reopen

  75. Jim M.

    Four of my friends stopped in here a few weeks ago, in early December. Two dancers sat on either side of one of my friends and gave him a drink. When we next looked over, his head was in his chest and he was speaking incoherently. He was fine when we walked in ten minutes earlier.We raised a ruckus when the two dancers were seen holding his credit card and driver’s license. At this point, the bouncer physically removed us. We then barged our way back in and physically pulled our friend out, afraid for what would happen to him.We asked for our friend’s ID and credit card and they said they would only return it for $85 cash. We raised such a fuss that eventually one of the managers quietly retrieved it and gave it to us.The next morning we learned they had charged $1300 to the credit card which is being disputed. No services were provided to my buddy.I have honestly outlined what i witnessed. I have zero reason to lie.

  76. ThatGuy

    This club is terrible. They say that military is free to get in, but then charge you 20 for their two drink minimum. How is that different than 20 cover with 2 free drinks? The blond Russian waitress is a bitch, as are most of the dancers. This one drunk blond stripper (with a Navy husband in The Philippines) spilled two drinks on a friend and stole my gum. I asked for it back and she stuck it between her ass cheeks. I complained to the doorman but I’ll never go back. Please stay away at all costs. I hope that the owners get Elephantiasis of the legs. Fuck you.

  77. Jeff L.

    Sometimes you just want to go into one of these joints just to look at the girls and enjoy yourself for awhile. Don’t expect any peace here. As soon as you pay the $20 to get in, the working girls start mobbing you one after another wanting you to pay for $40 each (plus tip) lap dances in the back room. They are extremely insistent and will hardly take no for an answer. As soon as one walks away, two more take her place. Sorry, but I don’t have a whole pocket full of hundred dollar bills for you ladies to take. If I did, I wouldn’t be at this joint. So unless you’ve got a thick wallet in your pocket, don’t plan on being able to simply drink your drinks and enjoy watching the girls on stage because you can’t.

  78. shit sandwich

    got a lap dance from a girl with breath so bad she smelled like she just ate a shit sandwich!

  79. Tim

    Stopped in during a convention and am glad I did. All the girls I talked to were polite and friendly. Saphire is outstanding and I would have liked to pack up Missi and fly her back home with me she was so sweet.

  80. John

    The drink prices are outrageous and as for the girls they weren’t that great. They seemed to be very very old and some had a lot of extra flab which didn’t look good. No cover charge however to drinks which is the minimum will cost 20 dollars for two beers.

  81. nobody

    Worst blowjob I ever got was here.



  83. hurt?

    nobody is intending to hurt this club when this club has hurt its self by stringing everyone along.

  84. she's a he!

    Man I always heard that saying ‘she’s got an ass like a 14 year old boy’ but i didn’t think it would be true! i got a lap dance from some THING and he had a dick bigger than mine! last tuesday night!

  85. Ice

    Bunch of fat toothless prima donnas working here. They think their shit doesn’t stink ever though its smeared all over their ass.

  86. Leo

    I have been to this club to and share the same feelings as below about the staff. real negative, drinks over priced,and club is over rated.

  87. Adam M.

    its was lame, first off a big cover to get in, drinks are expensive , and when i was there the girls were not that good looking. we did not stay that long about an hour at best, i am not that big on these places but the people i was with wanted to go. if you are in Vegas there is better places then this one

  88. Anti GG Dancer

    Received lap dance from gg dancer & she farted on my dick!

  89. igor34

    Not a strip club connoisseur, but took a friend for a bachelor party. No cover, but two drink minimum of $20 per person which is fine. 5 of us total so $100 to get in the door. Not too too shabby. But wow, the women were atrocious. 50% were larger women, 50% were over the age of 35, some were a combo of the two(if that’s your thing than this should be a 4 star rating) women are OVERLY aggressive about you getting a dance with them. I was called a “faggot” from one of the girls for not buying a $35 dance from one of the girls. Real appropriate. Expect a girl to hound you for a dance about every two minutes. We literally chugged our two $10 drinks and bailed. Don’t waste your time or money here. It’s a shame to because Fremont St. is awesome overall.

  90. Jordan P.

    Woot! This was my first official strip club experience- for my bachelor party! No cover, but a two drink minimum. We came in on a Saturday night after a pretty rough and tumble Friday. We were all pretty tired and a little out of it. At first the girls were very nice. Some were extraordinarily beautiful- some not so much. They were all very friendly and not too pushy. I spent some time with a cute girl with glasses. She was really fun. When I got back to my table two girls had braided my friend’s hair. As the night wore on the girls became more aggressive and upped their tactics. I fared better than some of the other guys in my group and managed to get out in one piece. Overall it was a fun experience.

  91. Joe Slack

    It was dad & I8 first time there

  92. brandonresh

    Train wreck of an establishment. Went for a bachelor party. Paid for the 2 drinks and got a watered down shot glass of rum and coke. Never saw the second one. Got hounded for a dance the next second and once they heard we were local, I got shoved off and walked away from. Place apparently doesn’t play well with locals. Watched several girls take cash right out of the atm without consent from the gentleman. They also tried maxing out our bachelors card with one dance and then held him hostage when it got declined due to over charging. Had to basically bail him out of stripper jail. Staff didn’t give a shit either as it got ugly from there. As for the girls, honestly mediocre at best. Some are alright but definitely some help needed. None really that skilled at the dancing part either. So between the shit treatment of locals, theft from a number of friends, under middle of the road dancers and a missing drink, I’d say spend your money elsewhere and save the hassle. These reviews aren’t lying people….

  93. Queefer

    never in the 10 years that i’ve been getting lap dances have I had a girl fart out of her pussy like gg dancer did! damn girl you got too much iron in your diet. lay off the meat!

  94. Why_not

    This club was great—especially since the remodel…I probably just found a really sweet girl…but even if you don’t find one immediately upon arrival—just hang tight and one will find you!

  95. U Sick Fuck

    Man that’s some sick shit. you white people are all the same aren’t you? All eat mayonnaise sandwiches and listen to john cougar mellencamp cds and taking turns on your neighbor’s sister! this club has a bunch of those working here.

  96. Matt P.

    Wish there was a zero clearly I said no and was dragged off the chair and told it wasn’t for a charge. 3 min in this place cost 200 buck. Tried to tell management. There response was ” suck for u”

  97. Neutral

    Whats up with you dudes? Ever heard of two in the pink, one in the stink? Don’t matter what color they are their buttholes still stink and their pussies are still pink!

  98. florida?

    try texas! vegas just doesnt have that good vibe you get from the girls in texas

  99. Condemned?

    Someone told me GGG isn’t remodeling, the building got condemned!

  100. Mickey D

    I have never seen more cellulite in my entire life!

  101. Annoyed Customer

    It took me half an hour to get a drink and even then the cocktail waitress never brought me my change back. This club is a ripoff

  102. buckeye

    too much hustle, ugly dancer started to dance for me when i didn’t even want one

  103. Max P.

    Ok so my girl and I went to this place and I have to say it’s probably the worst club I been to… There was no cover charge but I did have to buy 2 drinks for my girl and I to get in (4 drinks total)… the drinks where about 40 bucks all together plus tip… the dancers here are kinda lazy and expect you to give them money without them even really putting effort in .. The girls are like 3 ‘ s and 4 so I can say should not even be dancing ….To the strip clubs credit I did meet one diamond in the rough and her name was PAGE… Beautiful women !! She was a perfect 10 !! Great flat stomach nice tits around C cup, occasion wears glasses and a very very great personality! !! I got private dances with Page which was 25$ a song but and OMG she had me almost finished if you know what I mean!!! Hope I’m not getting to nasty with it but man she really knows how to put you in the mood. …!! Will I come back YES just for PAGE!! 2 stars because of PAGE if it wasn’t for her I would never come here…

  104. Local Bum

    I bought a lap dance here with my food stamps!!!

  105. Anti-stink

    Man they need to hire a janitor or something! Some bitch took a shit on the girls bathroom floor and it sat there for 3 days!

  106. Wow

    Why does GG Dancer have a cock? A hairy cock at that?

  107. Ashley L.

    Ohhh the Gulch. Lets face it, you don’t come here for the chics. Went here last night for the first time… it was pretty gnarly. Let me paint you a picture. The strippers; I don’t think one of them weighed under 150lbs. Well apart from the one meth head i saw roaming around that was missing most of her teeth. And the outfits… I saw one girl wearing duck tape over her boobs. I know what your thinking, but seriously I couldn’t make this ish up. Oh yea! and one fell on stage because she was too messed up to walk in her heels. A true class actThe Smoke: It literally is so smoky in here you cant see across the bar. Me having asthma I couldn’t really stay here for long due to that reason alone. The drinks: watered down. I didn’t know it was possible to water down beer but they made this happen. I was so afraid I was going to be roofied by some creeps that were in there i had to keep my beer covered at all times.Why 2 stars and not 1? I feel bad for the lost soles in this place. So if i can throw out an extra star or two, so be it

  108. Nigga Please!

    You know the black the berry the sweeter the juice! And to all you little dick white muthafukas you should know once you go black you never go back! seems to me you all need a little black in your life!

  109. Matt

    This is the biggest dive I have seen in awhile. Two girls came up and grabbed my beers and walked off with them to a private table without asking me nothing. One stayed and was very nice talking to while the other went to the bathroom. When the (I think cuban girl (probably the same one all these other horrible reviews are about)) came back and tried to take me for $300 for half an hour or $500 for an hour then I almost erupted in laughter at her. When I tried to politely decline the offer since I had barely walked through the door then she started insulting me and my intelligence. She then demanded a tip of $20 dollars a piece just for talking to me and again I declined and she got more hostile so I threw $15 for them to split for their time & walked out of this shitty ghetto club! I didn’t get any dances as this place was so nasty and the girls were horrible. I have been to plenty of clubs in Vegas and have rarely been treated so horrendously! I felt ok spending the $20 at the door since it came with 2 beers and the $15 for the girls well it was ok too since I found out in about 10 minutes how shitty this club was. Also felt ok because I will give a homeless drunk on the street $15 dollars too if it’s sitting in my pocket! It said a grand reopening but I would suggest shutting down and trying again!! Anybody reading this thinking of going to this club I would seriously find another one where the girls are decent to a potential paying customer!!!!

  110. Disappointed

    There were a bunch of girls working when I came in this titty bar, but none of them could bother themselves to come up and talk to me. I noticed a lot of them just sitting and ignoring customers.

  111. tina

    worked at this club for one year and everyyhing was fine until the bouncers made it to hard for me to make money

  112. not here

    if your looking to write about something positive dont write it here cus they do nothing but slam you if you ask a simple fucking question!

  113. Cjay

    Do not go to Minxx. Nothing but buffoons work there and run the joint. Stay away, tell a friend

  114. Fish Market

    I’m a dancer at the gulch, i think the guy Bigbob is talking about me that he was fingering. I have a wierd yellow discharge coming out of my pussy…it seems like every time i work i catch some new form of VD. But hey BigBob next time you come in please fuck me without a condom?

  115. Halloween

    Scary lookin’ bitches!!!

  116. Luther C.

    Terrible! B class, fat strippers with A class servers. Great deal to get in, but be careful the ladies will rip you off. They took my buddy for 300 dollars.

  117. a guest

    the club was small, but the energy in it was huge. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality and diversity of the girls. will definitely be back for more

  118. Clean Me

    Do the girls at this club ever shower? they all look like white trash or ghetto bitches that haven’t had a bath in weeks.

  119. brownpole

    whatever you do keep your dick away from gg dancer’s ass!

  120. Sharon

    House fees are too high for the crappy clientele

  121. Andrew

    Had a fantastic time with Danielle, she’s so friendly! Not too keen on the “hostess” expecting tips. $9.50 for a screwdriver was steep, but daaaang they were strong. πŸ™‚

  122. Brian U.

    This is just an addition to Antonio A.:Yes its true, $1 Sitty Tlap dances when you sit in the front of the stage, and the best part is the other girls DO NOT nag you for dances if you tip the girls on stage. The cover is free, there is a 2 drink minimum when all said and done your entrance + drinks is about $15, pretty average cost. I am actually gonna mention that the times i have been there the girls are really not bad, maybe 2 out of the whole flock at at least 8s or 9s. If your significant other likes girls then by all means take them along, its a fact that girls get all the attention especially when getting sitty tlaped; and i am a man of simple pleasures so when you see a dancer motorboating your chick friends it definitely makes me smile. I am actually gonna give this spot a 2 star only because when Antonio and I were there last with our friends from Japan, the fuckin bouncer would not let us in because they did not have “valid” identification. Our friends do not look young either, even passports did not help. So we ended up just cruising fremont and hitting up the ABC store.

  123. Stephannie T.

    I’ve been to plenty of strip clubs, but no where have I ever felt so ripped off and pushed to do things by aggressive staff. (Mind you I’m also a Vegas local) My idea of a great strip club: Low cover, chill atmosphere, decent drink menus, good music, semi-talented stage dancing. Glitter Gulch in NONE of those things( besides no cover) . Lemme take you through some pros and cons.Pro: No cover charge! Awesome, considering 30$ is the minimum for non-residents to get into most places. Con: A two drink minimum. But, that’s okay right? I had planned to drink, so I wasn’t upset by that at all, until a pushy, rude server makes you order your drinks in the entry way before you even sit down, doesn’t offer a menu or drink specials, and serves them to you all at once, which was still okay in my book, not awesome, but okay. The drinks themselves were small, 10$ each, and highly watered-down. At 5’2 and 130lbs, and a light/moderate drinker, with only light snacking a few hours before arriving, I had 6 drinks in less than 2 hours and only had a slight buzz. Pro: You’ll never have to wait for a lap dance! Con: The pushiest, most insistent strippers who would sometimes ABSOLUTELY HARASS you for a dance. Most girls were just sitting around. There seemed to be as many of them as there were patrons. My friend and I had to have been solicited at least 20 times, maybe more for a dance. Some girls were very friendly and smiley and moved on when we declined, others LITERALLY begged us. I’m normally a fan of lap dances (and they normally cost somewhere between 20-30$) As I was getting up to go to the bathroom, two older women approached my friend and I asking for a lap dance and nearly wrestled us into a corner. I excused myself to the bathroom, and by the time I got back, they were asking my friend for 240$, and then ask for tips on top of that. My friend pays them, but remarks that it was the worst lap dance he’d ever had. After get taken for over 250$, we decide we should at least finish our 60$+ in shitty drinks, so we sat at the stage and did so. Several girls just came up to us and asked us for tips, for what Im not sure, but they were really quite pushy. One at least 50 year old Russian woman stuck her boobs on my head (off stage mind you) without asking, and then held out her hand for a tip. Her boobs were cold, hard, and kinda sticky.Pro: Some talented dancers! And 2 girls on stage at a time. A few girls could really work it. Cons: They were few and far between. Poles were short and shitty, and most of the girls were NOT decent dancers by any stretch of the imagination. However naked women are usually entertaining, decent dancers or not. But a club on Fremont street with as many/more dancers as patrons on a Saturday at midnight really speaks for it’s self.Overall: Disappointing. Could be fun if you stay away from lap dances, and don’t get ripped off; I’d recommend hanging near the stage area, enjoying your mandatory drinks that won’t get you drunk, and trying not to get wrestled by pushy dancers.

  124. vegas man

    its adamn shame bout this club i used to go to it on a weekend basis and enjoy myself and now sence they turned out everyone and pulled in new people it sucks i mean the dancers r bitches the staff is so stuck on themselves thinkin they r hot shit it makes a former regular want to go elsewhere but c the problem is tommy get ride of his ass and mayb u will have a good club stop fuckin the dancers tommy and mayb they wont take it out on the customers and stop charging such a high tip out fee for ur girls as far as this club is its very good make over but know its a internal makeover that needs to b done

  125. gg hater!

    gg dancer is a dirty cocksucking slut! she promised sex & never came through!

  126. WHAT???

    I heard this was a transsexual club

  127. richard95

    YES THIS PLACE IS A SCAM!!!! IF THEY TAKE YOU TO THE ATM, DO NOT LET THEM TOUCH IT OR REACH DOWN AND GRAB THE MONEY. I ALMOST B**** slapped the stripper who reached down to to take my money out the ATM, then I was like its not worth it over $40, having to get arrested for slapping her and breaking the bouncers neck, I’m a Krav Maga assistant instructor, so let her have it. This is the only club I’ve been to well you outright tell them no, and they force a dance on you anyway to get you to pay.

  128. XXXbeast

    Went in with a male and very attractive female friend to let off some end of summer steam and have a good time. Came prepared with a strap of singles and a couple thousand dollars to blow. Opened a tab and ordered our drinks (2 drink minimum). Before waitress can come back, a girl approaches us and says, “Hi, where are you from?” I proceed to tell her we’re local and she instantly gives us the stinkface, walks away and starts telling all the other girls that we’re locals. Waitress comes back and I let her know we’re not staying. She gets a manager. I pull out a wad of hundreds and ask him, “This spends here right? You accept this currency? Then why would your girls have an issue with us being local?” He apologized and said there are plenty of other girls, to which I told him that the girl already made sure all the other girls knew we were local. Just because we’re local doesn’t mean we’re broke! Stop making assumptions!

  129. anti-nigger

    no niggers here so take your cornbread-eatin’ black ass to mississippi where you’ll find plenty of that blackberry shit there! here there ain’t nothing but white women!

  130. Not a Pimp

    I hope this club stays closed so my hoes stay on the street!

  131. too negative

    ggdancer is a total cunt. she makes this club look bad.

  132. joseph1k

    $20 admission and ladies’ entrance is not free. Includes two drinks… does include booze, but you have to get two of the same (i.e., had to get two Miller Lites instead of one beer and one shot). But we had been drinking all day and night so I ordered two plain Cokes and didnt get to finish them because I was so out of it (from the drinking all day) I was chatting up this nice girl with big hoots and buying lapdances and my fiancee grabbed me by the arm and said “what are you DOOING that chick is GROSSSSSS” and got me outta there before she could sit on his lap next.

  133. Corey G.

    Ok, I have to preface and say I’m a wee bit ignorant to the “Adult Entertainment” world. With that said, we chose Glitter Gulch because it was in ole-school Fremont, and we’d heard the females here were laid back, and that it wasn’t totally in your face here (not that I would mind that mind you).Ok, so two Indians walk into a strip bar….ummm…nevermind–too joke-ish. Let’s start again. My friend and I entered this “adult entertainment” establishment. I should preface this by saying I was already feeling “Vegas-y”, in that I was feeling tips-y. So I didn’t have all my wits about me. I think this was my first mistake. My second mistake–I was out for a night on the town, so I was dressed to the nines, so I was looking pretty pimped out like an Erykah Badu jam. Unfortunately, my third mistake—I must have walked in all wide-eyed, because within 15 seconds of sitting down to “observe”, I was jumped.Yup, two “so-called” sisters grabbed me and took me to their alcove of choice. I was still malleable and perplexed, and dim-witted at this point….so…yeah. One of them was the talker and was all up in my grill. She was talkative and a bit pushy. Her “sister” was quieter, and was built like a brick poop house (I mean this in a good way, as in the Commodores variety); she told me to put my hand on her. We chatted for about 5-min…well, I was probably still doe-eyed and had my mouth open and was speechless while they talked. Oh, the other thing—you get a couple of drinks with the cover. So, as we were talking, the pushy sister ordered me to drink my shots—oh, they were sneaky sneaky!Then the topic of price came up, “you can have both of us for three songs for $300”. This is when the stars orbitting my head stopped and I was slapped upside my head by my brain. I was like, “What?!?!”. I guess I musta sounded loud because Brick house said, “don’t raise your voice!” I then just smiled. I then said something like, “I’m OK”. And then Brickhouse screamed, “get your hand off me”. At that point, I busted out laughing, plopped her legs off mine and headed to the stage. My friend and I were out of there within minutes. So, alot of this was self-imposed. Don’t go to a strip club buzzed. Don’t let the girls take control. Don’t raise your voice. Do perpetrate yourself as being more in control (vs. Bambi-like and clueless). Do research where you want to go. I’m sure if I didn’t let the two vulture sisters jump me from the beginning I woulda had a better time here. Damn you, whiskey!For what its worth, the $20 cover included two drinks, the women were beautiful, and its all conveniently located on the Fremont strip. I was just too pi$$ed off to enjoy myself.

  134. mo money

    Why work in this bitch if i cant even pull in a hundred bucks

  135. marty


  136. Tony S.

    So I am not a negative person and I am not saying not to go have fun at the glitter gulch. If you are really drunk or have members in your party who are drunk please and I mean please don’t bring them here. They will scam you if you’re too wasted to remember anything. Blame is on you if you do go but just remember they will scan you. We had a buddy in our party who got scammed for $3,500 from two girls. This guy couldn’t even walk let alone tell girls he wanted a vip treatment. They emptied his ATM limit then proceeded to charge his card for the rest. They will take advantage of the drunk members in your crew. Can you blame them????? Just be warned.

  137. GHBer

    This place used to be okay, now sucks beyond belief.

  138. SFHH

    GGG is now SFHH-Shelter for Homeless Hookers

  139. Alik

    Waist of money and time. I’d rather go to the California hotel and pick up a hooker than go to this place.

  140. judge rate

    Ratings say it all

  141. steve

    i will never go to this place!

  142. Clarksocal

    alway have agood time there the girls are great

  143. monique

    This club still owes me 35bucks for over collecting my house fee

  144. Browneye

    gg dancer needs to learn how to wipe!

  145. Jay A.

    As a gay guy, I’m a little mystified by this whole experience.Honestly; even if it was a group of hot guys on stage, the whole fake, performance sexuality thing just doesn’t move me – not to mention the enormous, surgically-altered boobs. What’s pretty about that??That being said; I did enjoy myself. The girls were friendly, and I was lavish with the $1s – ’cause, Why the F&$k not? I have no problem paying for entertainment, and the women were workin’ hard.Yes, I got a lap dance. Beautiful girl – un-enhanced, original equipment only – we both laughed a lot. Glad that I did it, even if it was slightly uncomfortable.Paid and tipped well for the experience. But here’s the question: In a town where it is so easy to get laid; why pay for the foreplay only? If you’re looking for companionship, this ain’t the way. If you’re looking for more, It’s a short drive to Pahrump, where you can get the whole she-bang.Why pay lots of money for teeny-tiny drinks in a dark room where women parade around in thongs and high heels? Again, I don’t get it.But I guess I’m not the target audience :-)Enjoy, Straight boys.

  146. papacoons

    Hustle is the word, girls are fair, and drinks are weak.

  147. hater


  148. pete
  149. frank C.

    Staff and dancers are really cool people. I had a great time. Highly hospitable and fun folks. I actually had a $100 chip fall out of my pocket during a dance. Unbelievably, it was returned to me. Obviously, it was not found by a stripper, but serious kudos to John, the manager and the DJ (who found it). You all are top notch in my book!

  150. yanard12

    This is the worst strip club ever!$25 to get in. Granted, they give you 2 watered down 1/2 drinks. But the stripper on stage went 180 if she went a lb. Disorganized about getting girls on stage. Not a one of them attractive.The highlight of my 30 minutes in this establishment was the 90 year old hooker I had to pry off me. She would not leave me alone. I had to forcefully pry her loose and leave. It was like getting robbed in slow motion.Awful is the only way to describe this place.I suspect the marketing thought behind this is for couples. Which this place is full of. No better way to make your wife feel better than to show her how ugly strippers can be.

  151. shitty drinks!

    Glitter Gulch pours the weakest drinks known to mankind!

  152. benny

    nice club but the girls are always in a bad mood like they just got butt raped or something.

  153. mr. nice guy

    this club sucks royal ass! dont bother coming in and waisting your money

  154. ball licker

    i was in this club on thursday and got my balls licked by teanna.

  155. Granny Tranny

    Most of the day girls are older than my great grandmother

  156. Just aVisitor

    Drinks are overpriced here, but depending on what bartender pours…some drinks can be extremely strong. Better looking dancers then in the past. Still no cover, which is great. Low hustle and jump on you girls, those are the ones that give poor dances anyways. And there was one amazing pole dancer there, mesmerizing…very friendly girls overall.

  157. jeff
  158. Piesquared

    I have been to this club a few times. If you are looking for good value for the money, then do not bother. The girls will all try to get you for a private dance, for $25.00 to $35.00….or they say…its only $100 for the VIP area, for three dances.

    After speaking with many of them, the dancers have to pay $90 to dance at this club, so they become overly aggressive to get you to spend your money on them. Most lap dances are not worth the money. The ones that make it worth your while, generally do not work there very long.

    Service for drinks is very slow.

  159. HeadMaster

    gg dancer gives shitty head! I didn’t pay her the $5 because I expect better for that price!

  160. tp
  161. nice club

    very nice club with good looking girls and a fun place to hang out…..just kidding cus this club blows ass!!!

  162. Jasper Texas

    I tell y’all the last thing any club in Vegas needs is black bitches!

  163. nickstrip

    Thought it would be funny to go to the Glitter Gulch while downtown with my boyfriend. No cover charge.. Cool. But two drink minimum in which we had to pay with lightning speed so we were down $50 within the first few minutes. Before we even got a chance to have a drink two girls came by and dragged us into the private room where one of them informed me that it would be $200 for a ten minute lap dance for both of us. I told her no way but she pulled me over to the atm and I told her I was not withdrawing more than $100. She must have thought (or hoped) I was more drunk because she practically made the selections on the atm for me but I still insisted that I was only taking $100 out. Yes there’s also a ridiculous few for withdrawals. I told her just to give my bf the lap dance but I think she was hustling for both the other girl and herself so she agreed they’d give us both lap dances for five minutes instead. Except in order to do so we had to be taken out of their vip area and into some booths at the other side of the bar and it was pretty awkward. We laughed about it because what else are you gonna do. After that we finished our drinks and watched a thick girl dance on the stage and left. Over $150 spent in probably 20 minutes for a five minute lap dance. If you’re gonna go here do not fall into this trap.

  164. Not so awsome
  165. Raff

    It really, really pains me to have to write this review posthumously. I remember my first foray into “the Gulch” was on my first trip to Vegas when I was barely legal. Every time since, I make sure I spend a little quality time there. I have to admit I was a bit devastated when I found out this time that it had been bought up by the D hotel and had been closed a week prior to my trip. Now mind you, I wasn’t heartbroken because this was the end all, be all type of place in Vegas, rather due to the tons of memories. Chalk it up to nostalgia. In a city that is constantly demolishing and rebuilding itself, the Gulch felt like a throwback to old Vegas and a staple that would never leave. This place usually had no cover depending on time of day as long as you hit a 2-drink minimum within a certain amount of time. Don’t threaten me with a good time! If you heard the action on Fremont Street pick up, you could step out the doors and be in the middle of it, and the girls had no hard feelings. The girls were never pushy and I had numerous conversations about them regarding their career plans, their aspirations, and their degrees. It was great to have a drink and watch the next dancer wipe down the pole with some Windex before giving the cue to start her song. That spoke waves to the lack of pretension here. There was no “main stage” and multiple areas vying for your attention. It was like a regular bar with a little extra visual appeal. I’m sorry I didn’t make it in time for one more round. Thanks for the fond memories, Girls of Glitter Gulch, you will be missed.

  166. Rev. Al Sharpton

    We need to start an uprising in this club to get more of the black nation in here! I am tired of the white folk treating us like we’re second class. Can I get a HELL YEAH FROM MY BLACK BROTHAS!

  167. Mike S.

    Holy smokes!!! We attended the Las Vegas Bowl pep rally. When it was over, I approached the doorman at Glitter Gulch and asked him if there was a cover charge. He said it was twenty dollars. I thought that was silly since it was not even 8:00 pm. We walked ten steps where there were a couple of girls handing out flyers. The flyer said- ‘No Cover, 2 drink minimum’ We thought this was reasonable, so we took the flyer back to the door and tried to enter the club. The doorman came over and started screaming at us, telling us there was no way we wouldn’t pay the twenty dollar cover. I asked him why he was screaming at us, and he said, ‘You fucking try to go around me, fuck you!’ Needless to say, we went and spent our money elsewhere. He must really be good for business!!

  168. Harry Balz

    this club is not as good as it advertises itself to be. the atmosphere is obnoxious, rude girls, rude staff.

  169. ugly bitches

    the girls here are always in a bad mood and are ugly big time!

  170. Jim

    I used to hang at Scary’s Villa, but it got too nasty. This place isn’t the greatest in the world, but its close to home, and the girls look about 5 times better than Scary’s Villa girls.

  171. Big_Harry

    too many girls bad attitude and the most expensive watered down drinks I’ve had in a while.

  172. nina

    no fucking way i will step in a place like this

  173. Cali S.

    Ok so this is where 50yr our strippers work when they get too old for other clubsI swear most of the ladies there were ready for retirementIt’s sad to see grandmother’s taking bra’s off for $$$The few young grls that were working were total butter facesWell I should rephrase that because in order to be a butter face that means your body is banging right?!?!Nope not these grlsCrackheads/baby mommas/stretch marks/terrible boob jobs/etc is the best way to describe themThey were all $$ hungry hoes like literally begging over & over for lap dances like SEVERAL timesWhat don’t they understand like NO means NOOne girl followed us all night around the club to make sure we didn’t leave without a dance even tho we told her several times we didn’t want one(told several of them that)I’m assuming her telling my gf that she wanted to rape her was supposed to get us ‘excited’ Maybe it would have if she didn’t look like a hot messReading other reviews & finding out lap dances are 3 songs for $100!!! They must be fuking joking!! Even if they did ‘extras’ I wouldn’t pay those ugly & old broads $10!I see why it’s free to get in there & if you do go I advise you to be really really really drunk & have two pair of beer goggles on

  174. Shit Everywhere!

    I went to get my locker and the shit smell won’t go away in this club!

  175. Incest is best

    its obvious that gg dancer has deep mental problems that probably stems from when she was a child & got worked over by her uncle!

  176. Knobbin' Tom

    This club licks balls!

  177. Nate K.

    This place is not even worth being open during the day time. They are dead and the girls are busy texting on phones not asking for dances. We went there yesterday with another couple. We sat down and waited for 5 min before the waitress to our drink order. 2 drink min. Free entry. One of the strippers was walking by and I started talking to her and she said she can’t talk to people unless they have a drink. Wtf ? We would have been happy to be drinking but even the bartender was slow pouring. Finally got our drinks and the girl dancing was just about to fall asleep on stage! After 15 min a girl came up wearing a football jersey!! When I go to a nudy I want to see skin and boobies not a jersey!! We all finished both drinks and left! I yelled out that they were the worst strippers ever on my way out! They barely looked up from the phone…We were still the only people In there!

  178. Dirk

    too many hoes arguing and acting stupid

  179. too hot for ggg

    I worked at this club for three weeks and I only made more than I paid for my house fee once!

  180. Donny

    This club should be renamed the girls at the dive bar. This club is one of the worst places in town and if your going to spend your money go to the Library where the girls are classy and a lot better looking than this shit you see on stage

  181. bling bling girl!

    all ugly whores working here!

  182. Matt V.

    I have this a 3 star. Cause that’s what it is a 3 star strip club. The girl were a little aggressive, I guess they got get paid too! Bartenders were really good. No cover 2 drink minimum which is fine. Who’s not gonna drink right? Girl range from beautiful to homely but there is a lap for every butt! Lol over all good spot!

  183. Shit

    Shit girls,shit customers, club smells like shit when you walk in,shit managers, shit bartenders, shit cocktail servers, shit business overall! shit, shit, and more motherfucking shit.

  184. Ex-Dancer

    I know that chick is a dude, it whipped out its cock in front of me before. That thing was all hairy!

  185. stripforme123

    Recently came back to visit. Had some friends visiting an I always come back to Fremont street. They seem to have hired some better looking girls since the last time I was there. Girls were friendly and down to earth. My friends had a blast. I had a fun time with a sexy Italian girl with amazing curves. Also the drinks were nice and stiff. Will be back..

  186. not for me

    dont like this club. never have,never will!

  187. Juergen

    Most Girls are cool and friendly. some a little pushy. Nice waitresses. Best private dance ever.

  188. Jethro

    Nice make over. Looks good

  189. another dancer

    this club isnt worth putting a comment about thats good. believe me guys go spend your hard earned money somewhere else.

  190. Mistercap12

    As a person who doesn’t really go to these types of places, I can say I had a decent time. I didn’t spend much, hung out with a nice girl for a while and left. Was worried after reading reviews for a lot of these places, but nothing I read happened here. Girls were pretty, some just wanted dances some talked. All in all fun time.

  191. Louie Farrakhan

    HELL YEAH! To all my beautiful nubian queens- this is only the beginning. Our day of reckoning is soon to come. We will get our respect from these white tyrants and we will lead the way for all future black people to come hang out at this club!

  192. Josephine

    I came in this club with my boyfriend and all the girls were obnoxious and rude to us even though we were spending money. i won’t be back

  193. low and slow

    great club

  194. LOSER!

    Just get of the whole fucking club and wipe it off the map. this place is a shitwhole!

  195. Travis R.

    Stopped by with some friends while checking out Fremont Street for the first time. I literally spent 5 minutes in this place before removing myself.When you walk in, and are immediately approached by two overly aggressive strippers, one of whom sees your wedding ring and says “Don’t worry honey, this club has the cleanest girls in town! LOL!!”It’s time to get the fuck out

  196. Roger

    this club sux sux sux sux sux sux sux sux sux

  197. Aspen E.

    For the love of everything holy, DO NOT GO HERE. I only gave it one star because I couldn’t give no stars. Just say no to Girls of Glitter Gulch. You will be glad you did. There should be a t shirt that says “I survived the girls of Glitter Gulch.”

  198. allergic to mold

    last time i was here there was mold growing everywhere. they should fix that

  199. Lindsey B.

    Grenades everywhere. Free cover charge and you have to purchase 2 drinks for 16 bucks a piece. With the girls they have in there I think they should comp the 2 first drinks.

  200. freaked out

    I got lapdances from that tranny bitch! How drunk was I that night?

  201. TOMMY

    kind of fucked up i have been hanging out in a club where full flaming fags work.

  202. flower

    this club isnt so bad just losers with no life like super cunt. enjoy the bad ratings you asshole!

  203. Lee P.

    Okay one more star for the stripper who put lit matches in her nipple ring holes for my friend to blow out on his birthday. These ladies are kinda ugly, but they sure know how to party.

  204. mika

    the service at this place is to slow. took ten minutes 4 a server to come take me order

  205. Felch

    I would love to lick GG Dancer’s big hairy balls!

  206. HOLY FUCK!!!

    I had never seen a 300 pound stripper in person until I came here.

  207. slutty jane

    gg dancer took off her thong and it looked like it was covered in chili! that bitch is foul!!!!

  208. Chief Wiggum

    this club has been closed due to illegal levels of skankiness in the hoes.

  209. Boint

    Whats the big deal about this place/ Went in last weekend and was bored after ten minutes of being there. Service sucks too!

  210. cornbread

    club is nice just needs more black girls working. still giving the club a good rating cus we got good service. Get more black bitches!!

  211. country joe

    what’r yu talking about cornbread!! there’s so many black hoes in here i thought i they had a damn convetion in town! gawt damn!

  212. Ex-Gulch Dancer

    I left this club because the manager Wes was constantly hitting on me even though I made it clear I was not interested. He made working here a miserable experience for me, pissing off my regular customers all the time and shorting me on my dance dollars. What an asshole!

  213. Weedman420

    I give it two stars rather than one because it’s cheaper entertainment for the dollar than continuing to stand at a craps table that’s gone cold, and the girls are generally pleasant to talk to. This is in contrast to the ‘high end’ strip clubs where they have a line of bachelor parties out the door and only need to acknowledge your presence if you’re next in line. As far as looks go, yeah, the nicer looking girls seem to only show up during peak hours on Friday and Saturday evenings, so set your expectations appropriately.You’re going to be out $20 whether it’s a night they charge cover and no drinks, or free cover and two drinks. Whatever you do, do not get private dances, and do not use the ATM. Bring just enough cash for what you need and sit at the stage.Anyway, could be a lot better, could be a lot worse, but it’s convenient if you’re staying on Fremont.

  214. XhXeXy

    Many a man who has a few too many and wants to escape the Fremont lights for a minute or two has wandered into the Glitter Gulch only to immediately regret the decision. The girls are decidedly mediocre and the place feels cramped and seedy. The no cover thing is a sham. In Vegas there are two kinds of people, those who pay for things and those in the know. So here’s a tip for any rookies: Call any big time Vegas strip club and tell them you’d like to visit. They will send a limo for you and your crew to any Strip or Fremont hotel and waive your cover. Some places even buy you your first drink. DON’T TAKE A CAB. The clubs will pay your cab fare but you’re still on the hook for the cover. You’re in Vegas, why not travel in style, especially when it costs less!

  215. drea lover

    whoever wrote SUPERCUNT is a supercunt!

  216. snickers

    the black guy doing the door looks like he has been to fat burger one to many time. somebody should make the brother get on a diet!

  217. beast

    the club look great sinec the remodel the girls seem to a better attitude

  218. Keith F.

    The fantasy of a strip club is waaaaaaay better than the reality.

  219. just a john

    i heard this club is going to be an underground brothel when it reopens

  220. AssnTits5

    I’ve got mixed feelings about this place. I think Jim T’s review is on the money. When you’re here on a good night, the energy is amazing. On a slow night, you’re a third of the way thru your first drink thinking, do I really need to make that 2 drink minimum?On the particulars, the club has a nice setup, having 2 catwalk stages with 2 girls dancing at a time. The bar is central between the 2 stages. The VIP room was a small corner separated by a curtain and a security guard. On a busy night, the room can feel kind of cramp and not very private.I think the biggest draw is the no cover charge with 2 drink minimum. I haven’t been to too many of the other big strip clubs in Vegas, but I hear the cover can be kinda steep, which keeps me away from trying them. If anything, this is a very convenient gentleman’s club if you’re staying in Fremont.

  221. Reagan W.

    Not sure how I should rate this. two $10 drink minimum is pretty much standard. The hustle is quite extreme. Maybe only about five good looking girls. This rating probably should be a 2.5 star.

  222. Believe it

    believe it when i tell you this club is a gutter hole.

  223. jay

    the girls were sweet, curvy, and fun…amazing time.

  224. Val M.

    Dirty! lol My boyfriend and I frequent strip clubs a lot, but this was our first one in Vegas together. We went in and they had the $20 per person which bought you two drinks, which isn’t a bad deal so no biggie. Just wish they didn’t bring all four drinks at once so the ice wouldn’t melt into my booze and dilute it. Most of the girls here were in an extremely foul mood to the point of yelling at patrons. There was only one girl dancing at a time, so if you don’t like a girl, you had to wait three songs until the next one came on stage. None of the girls ever offered us a lap dance so I had to actually go up to them to ask for a lap dance, which is weird for a strip club. The rates for the dances are $100 for 3 songs, $300 for 30mins $600 for 60 minutes. They don’t do single song lap dances. So if you like a variety of girls, this isn’t the club for you.

  225. Jessica Jackson

    Supercunt’s pussy is a testament to why this club needs black bitches! I don’t wanna look at no white donkey-raped pussy when i’m getting my drink on!

  226. Tom

    Fuck You GG Dancer!!!

  227. gross!

    after reading the comments on this club i am gonna stay the fuck away from this place

  228. drinkless

    sat at the bar 4 over 5 minutes and did not get asked if i wanted a drink!

  229. smokin!

    the girls here are all sweethearts….sike! there all a bunch of old cunts!

  230. Haterade

    Worst club in Vegas.

  231. Cesar L.

    There is so much wrong with this place. The girls are rude. They’ll insult you if you don’t buy dances from them. The girls are ugly. The pretty ones cost more and clearly don’t get along with each other. The girls lie about prices. In summary, DONT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY. Go somewhere else.

  232. Sterling

    This is the worst club on the planet! Everyone has their hand out from the moment you walk into the door. I had managers, waitresses, and dancers literally begging for money…it felt like I was in a homeless concentration camp! Never again will I walk into this sleezy, vile place. Besides, Larry’s Villa is only about 6 blocks away (and about 500 times more friendly and fun!).

  233. PimpDaddy

    I’m the head pimp here at GGG. If you want a piece of white trash ass, you come to me first!

  234. Jay K.

    After reading all of the reviews my girlfriend and I went to Glitter Gulch excited to see the freak show. We were reeling with excitement about seeing this haven for nastiness! Dreaming of 50 year old dancers, saggy titties and one legged lap dances. Our disappointment was found in the fact that most of the girls here were mediocre to decent rather than being absolutely hideous! It’s a good place to get out of the heat and waste $20 on two drinks but if the freak show is what you’re looking for then go check out the Go Go Dancers next door at the Las Vegas Club!

  235. supercunt

    my name is supercunt and i am really a man with a LITTLE WILLY!!

  236. stink finger

    gg dancer is a total foul ass bitch who needs to wipe her ass better!

  237. miami

    the clubs in south florida are much nicer than this shit!!

  238. Monica D.

    This was a 2.5 star review, but the dancers were friendly, so I’m going to round it to 3 stars. We didn’t have to pay a cover, and were seated in a nice booth with a clear view to the stage. The stage was a little sad…basically a bar with a couple of poles drilled into it. There were no pole tricks to be found, and honestly, not much actual dancing. I think there were maybe 1 or 2 dancers that were actually attractive with nice bodies. They were all nice enough, of course angling to give us dances, thanks- the rest were a little haggard, to say the least! I’d also heard that there have been complaints about scams, so I’m glad we didn’t.The one thing that we didn’t like was that there was a 2 drink minimum per person- but you had to buy your two drinks all at once (they were only about $10 each, so no complaints about price). So, our party of 4 was sitting at a little table with 8 drinks in front of us. Of course, already being pretty drunk, we couldn’t finish them and ended up giving a couple away to some of the dancers.

  239. I agree!

    Precious is the only girl here worth anything. All the other bitches are skanky hoes!!!!!!

  240. fuckery12

    OK, maybe I’m being a dick here, but unless you like them big and dark or old and Asian, this is not the place for you. I took my husband this past weekend and there were lots of ups and downs. Not only was I not impressed with the girls, but the beer was $10 a piece and I am a stripper snob. Even if you’re not the most attractive girl, if you can DANCE and dance well, I can appreciate that. None of these girls had any technique what so ever. hey walked back and forth, put their saggy boobs in your face and rocked back and forth.. That’s it.. No joke. HOWEVER, they were very couples friendly. Almost every girl came over and talked with us. And I LOVED a few of their personalities and can honestly say I wish them well in life. As far as getting my kicks. This was not the place for me, or my husband.

  241. Inbreedism

    I got a dance from a white girl that looked like she was right out of the trailer parks. The only thing that was missing was her calling me ‘pa’ while she was breathing in my ear saying to me ‘don’t I have a purty mouth?’.

  242. Geoff

    These girls have hairier assholes than I do!

  243. Caesar

    GG Dancer can’t toss salad for shit! Plus her breath smelled worse than my asshole!

  244. Dallas M.

    Now, I love Downtown Vegas. No, seriously I love it down there. It’s just so gritty and old school the way Vegas should be. While the Fremont Street Experience is a nice piece of technology, I almost wish they would pull that roof up and let the open air back. At the end of the stretch of neon that is Glitter Gulch rests the topless bar of the same name. A neon dancing cowgirl prances overhead while on the LCD screens on each side of the doors a video loop of some hired models beckon.Now, I don’t normally go to strip clubs. I just don’t see the sense in buying in hundreds of dollars for a woman that you’ll never get to sleep with or even have a relationship with. That’s just me. I do understand the desire to chill out with a few drinks with beautiful women shaking their lovely lady parts around, though. I’m no stranger to strip clubs but let’s just say that it’s not my preferred choice of entertainment.So one day after my wife got off work, we decided to walk into Glitter Gulch. I figured it would be fun to just hang out for a bit and have my wife oogle over some other breasts for awhile. The place is somewhat small and in comparison to places like Sapphire or even the classic Olympic Garden, it’s not nearly as swanky. But this is Fremont Street and we weren’t expecting the facade of the glam. In fact, we even kind of liked it. The cover was reasonable and included our first two drinks. Not a bad deal. My wife and I were enjoying our very strong drinks (Rum and Diet for her, Bourbon and Coke for me) and a good conversation. We noticed that some ladies were much more sexier than others. A dark-haired brunette with tats on her shoulder caught my lady’s eye. It didn’t take long for that dancer to swoop on over and push on us for a private dance.Now, my wife is VERY new to this sort of thing and she was ready for a single lap dance, but the dancer kept urging us both to go to the VIP room. We kindly turned her down. It’s not that we didn’t want to but that we just weren’t ready for that at the moment. Well, that’s all it took for things to take a wrong turn. Despite our frivolous giving of singles and fives (totaling nearly $60 + our drinks in about an hour’s time), we received very little attention. The security guard kept giving us “the evil eye” making feel even more uncomfortable. So we decided to leave.Would we come back… maybe?My $.02 Cents:3 Stars – This place is danky, dark, and small. But in a good way. Drinks are stiff but some of the girls can get pushy sometimes. This place would rock without the attitude. Encourage people to hang out and you might actually get more loyal customers.

  245. Ugly Bitches Everywhere!

    I have never seen so many ugly girls all in one place until I came in here!

  246. Denny

    Just forgot to do the rating – done now.

  247. Karina R.

    Place is really inexpensive where you can go in and see an array of women from, super thin and flat chested to heavy set, thick women with big breasts. Perla is super cute to be a Cuban stripper and Tatiana is also another mid 30 year old Cuban stripper who is definitely worth seeing, but please don’t let her get to close to you because her butt must of been covered up with some type of heavy foundation and her make-up got all over my belongings. Tatiana did a so called lap dance special where she danced 3 songs for $65.00 plis tips and each song is $25.00 but really they should be charging about $18.00 per song just to stay competitive with other strip joints. Anyhow overall $20.00 bucks to get a good time of laughter is definitely inexpensive if you just say NO to all offerings and just relax and enjoy the views.

  248. Rene A.

    seriously boys place could be better and cheaper. some of theses girls were charging a butt load of cash. and i ll tell u what , it was not worth it. the only reason we stuck around for a while was because we had a very large group with us

  249. My Precious

    the only reason i come here is precious!!! the club sucks besides her

  250. Not Impressed

    Hanging out in here, wasn’t impressed with the service or the girls. I’m starting to believe the hype with all the bad ratings on this site about the club not living up to expectations.

  251. Crazy Ass

    Nice since the remodel. No ripping off here.

  252. Dissapointed

    Nice neon/video sign out front, otherwise a dive ripoff. NOTHING sexy about these girls. Hell, I had one girl hustling me for a dance, and when I turned her down, she asked me for a “TIP”…..FOR WHAT?? Don’t be fooled by the “free adminision” with a 2 drink (small and watered down for $20)

  253. Albert Sharpton

    I hear you my black brother! I will join your fight against tyranny and skanky white women! We must get our sisters and brothers jobs in this establishment!

  254. Bitches Stank

    Was having a good time until Savannah and some cuban chick came up and tag teamed me on a lap dance and the cuban chick queefed! It sounded like a fat juicy fart coming out of her pussy which is obviously because she let some dude blow inside her a few minutes before they came up to me!

  255. Mike G.

    This downtown strip club is cleaner with better looking strippers than I expected, and if you’re downtown, it’s really your only option for skin industry debauchery (that does not involve toothless crack whores), so why not?The $20 flat cover includes two free drinks. I spent most of my time here with two friendly ladies at a corner table, one tall blonde from LA and one short Euro style in a fishnet body suit which looked very Moulin Rouge. We chatted for a while but once they started the sales spiel with the VIP nonsense I left. I had a good time but I don’t do the VIP room thing.I thought the strippers were good looking, and I’m a fairly critical OCD freak, so I guess they’ve upped the ante since these other reviews were made. The music was standard Rob Zombie metal and Baller hip hop, not too loud to carry on a conversation. No frigtarded DJ thankfully. This is strictly a see some skin, have a couple of drinks, do the Vegas experience type of joint, and for that, it’s your best downtown option.

  256. clark
  257. Oldude

    Not for the serious club goer. Hard hustle and the prices for dances vary and are higher than the rest of the clubs in town. The dances are air dances and the bouncers are always glaring or staring. Its aplace for tourists to go with their wives and experience “sin” city. ten years ago this club was fun but times have changed.

  258. nono stay away!

    was very surpised when the ‘girl’ giving me a dance had a bigger dick than me!

  259. Shaka Khan


  260. timmykilla

    SCAM ALERT! DO NOT PATRONIZE! We attended with a large group of people. First twin girls hard pressed us for $20 from two of us for a lap dance for another friend. We both said no and they gave him a dance anyway, later demanding we pay the $40 total. We came to have a a good time, not a sale pitch. I told one of the security people to get them away from our group.Later, our friend was at the ATM where we observed the same two girls pushing the buttons on the machine for his card and taking $200 directly from the machine! We confronted them, complained to the floor manager and the two girls finally left us alone. What a scam.Not long after, another man was at the ATM, having a difficult time with it while a another girl was manipulating him and grabbing the money from the machine as soon as it was dispensed! We were then asked to leave for calling out this scam. We gladly left, never to return again. I want to complain to the Better Business Bureau as well.

  261. eddyL

    This place was a total rip off. The strippers were not attractive and the one lap dance I got was way overpriced. Save your money and go elsewhere.

  262. tonycluber

    went to the glitter gulch for the 1st time and it was Awesome! this ain’t a big name club so don’t expect it to be. came in and sat near the stage and within 2 min a girl came up. tried leading me for vip, a lil too pushy for me. i like getting a feel for the girls on stage 1st then getting to know them. after telling 2 girls i wasn’t ready for a dance and mite see them later. The ONE sat next to me, she looked good and blew my mind! we just hit it off, i had to ask her for a dance. i had so much fun with her and she introduced me to her other friends who were just as cool. i had soo much fun i came back the next nite lol. Best part of the vacation and it was supposed to be just a side stop. don’t forget to hit up hector in the wash cause you don’t want bad breath and girls love cologneso ya don’t let one girl turn you off to the rest of em, and tip more than a dollar for stage, save that for the elvis impersonator outside

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