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21625 Devonshire Street, Chatsworth, CA 91311


34.2577051, -118.601131




8am – 8pm


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8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


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10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Candy Cat One

  1. winston12

    Where do I begin. Let me start by saying one of the dancers was 4 months pregnant and another was higher than a kite. I could stop there and you would know not to go, right?! I will keep going though…The only cute girl there was a snob. They don’t take credit cards for the bar, which only serves beer and wine. Had to get cash out of the ATM, that charged me a $5 fee. The bathroom has one of those old fashioned towel racks that you have to share the same towel with everyone else that’s used it in the last 20 years. There were more bouncers than dancers, The only plus was that the bartender was a sweetheart.

  2. rogerrab2

    Hey . Second time I remember being here. The girls are am awesome . One girl remembers me being here with my boss so if she wants to message me that’s cool!

  3. yanard12

    Place is a joke. The supposed bartender/waitress blamed us for not paying for music but the dancer asked us to tell her there was no more credits for a song she wanted to play. She then claimed she made more money than us and if we couldn’t afford a dollar we should leave. She then threw quarters at me and one of them hit me in the eye and told us to get the fu@$ out. Considering she makes 10k a year and looks like a truck ran her over, we left. This place is run down and so is the waitress.

  4. joseph1k

    Tired, old or just plain ugly – take your pick here. It’s been a long time since I went to a topless bar and couldn’t stop thinking about my wife. .. But I was glad to leave!The only plus is the $10 mini-pitcher of Fat Tire. Perhaps the view gets better after a half dozen of them.

  5. Harrison69

    Chichis n’ beerChichis n’ beerBeer n’ BoobsAre what brought me here!!When you have three days off you get bored after the second day, so what better way to cure the “I’m bored as shit” blues than with a nice cold beer in your hand and a nice set of boobs in your direct line of vision. The bartender ( I believe her name is Tammy) is not only cool as shit, but hot as hell too. Tattooed, funny, talkative, and easy on the eyes. Great combination if you ask me. Blue Moon on tap, good stuff, but I was good with two because those shits are filling as fuck. The girls were all nice, some danced better than others. Two in particular caught my eye. A cute little blonde named Christina and a hot Latina named Mercedes (fake stage names, but real boobies) Christina knows how to put on a show and Mercedes is flexible as shit and her “Sucka Free” tattoo perfectly placed on her legs right under her ass provided for some interesting reading as she was grinding on the floor spreading her legs. Really don’t get the negative reviews, then again it was my first time there so maybe people know things I don’t regarding the joint. However I’ll probably be back at some point. Oh and fellas… never trust a big butt and a smile.

  6. harryharry

    Dive bar, good beer & pretty girls dancing. Just don’t be a rude asshole or the claws will come out. Good spot to chill. Drink your beer and don’t complain. Dive bar + titties = two thumbs up

  7. larry1

    Actually doing an update for this ……now thats comedy!!My update is beer is cold pool is only a buck and that dancer last night was top notch……it’s hit and miss but that day was a hit…..

  8. Johnson12

    Last call for alcohol at this place is you better chug your shit and get the hell out! At last call I was told to drink my brink and get out by the security guard. When I was doing my best to drink my full beer in a timely manner he walked up to me again and said STOP TAKING YOUR SWEET TIME CHUG IT OR LEAVE IT! And had us all out of there at 2:04 this shabby little crack in the wall treats any newcomers with a hostile environment. Better be a regular. when I told the older gentleman that was at the door clearly the owner that I would not ever be coming back because of the way I was treated in his establishment he shrugged it off and told me , he doesn’t work here all nights.

  9. fuckery12

    great hole in the wall strip joint……an array of various strip artists…….plus a great price on pitchers of beers….was so drunk once was looking for the restroom ended up in a dressingroom…the nice lady showed me the way……..sleazy? not really…………..just neighborhoody and they always have a float in the Chatsworth holiday parade!!!!

  10. richard95

    Stay out! I will not recommend this place to anyone. Dump..

  11. StripClub431

    Extremely rude bartender with zero social grace. The whole situation was awkward and uncomfortable.The girls were rough in every way possible.Bottom line if your looking for a classy or even mediocre strip club don’t come here.

  12. Lisette C.

    Don’t ask me how I ended up here, but I did.Anyway, I’m sure the staff is lovely and the ladies work hard for their money….Yes, security was nice and effective. The beer was cold and there is no cover, but this place is depressing. I would start by dimming the lights in this place! MORE! Don’t get me wrong, I love dive bars, but this feels like a pool hall at a truck stop that happens to have ladies half-heartedly dancing while the truck drivers totally ignore them. It’s weird. I actually felt like I was in Bakersfield or some po-dunk town, and nowhere near LA. Not for me.

  13. Steve T.

    This place sucks! The girls are dirty, nasty, old, rude and the whole place is run down…. Its empty inside for a reason!! All the employee’s have attitudes… The bouncers and locals think they own the girls… I hear there being sued… A real dump! You are warned!

  14. Claudia K.

    This place is old and tired. I really don’t have anything good to say other than if you tip the girls more than a dollar ( which bastard tips a dollar these days-and then they disrespect the girls by throwing the money at them and being crude). When we (my girlfriends and I) gave a them fivers$..they came over and and paid good attention to us and did their best moves. They were very sweet as well…and answered all our questions honestly and politely. We went there to “observe” how good the dancers were on the pole. Well, most could use a lesson or two. They rarely worked the pole. The dancers in my dance class are really really good and exhibit the craft VERY WELL (better than the Candy dancers….if you can call them that). They sure wear a G-string well though. Pole dancing is one of the most beautiful artforms/danceforms. if you are fascinated by it, don’t hesitate to learn it….. and don’t allow men to belittle you because of this.But…the place has NO CLASS whatsoever. Very low standards . It’s grungy…smells…and attracks slimey-ass ugly looking and crude acting males. Where do these “undesireables” hide during the day? This dive is in desperate need of a makeover. You will want to GIVE UP MEN… due to these kind of examples of the male population visiting here…dear me, did I just say that????The reviews below pretty much describe this place..not visited much. I am surprised they are still in business. Someone should take it over so that the girls could actually make a living since they have to put up with all the shit.To sum it up…depressing….and I feel for the ladies that dance to pleaseHey you guys that “throw” the money and yell shit at the girls…go spend time with the homeless and throw them the money…maybe then you will feel better about yourselves.

  15. Abby O.

    Nowhere else in the world, besides good ol’ Los Angeles, are you gonna find a no-cover titty bar. Nowhere. (See also: Candy Cat Too review).This one is, um, a tad bit trashier. It’s clientele is definitely younger and somewhat ghetto, whereas CC Too is older, creepy men (so much more fun!)Still, the dancers are usually the same here as at CC Too, and I love pretty much all of them. The bartenders here aren’t as talkative as at CC Too. Again, if you go, see if you can catch the girl with short, punky hair that is always dyed interesting colors. Also, there is one lady who is probably in her 40’s, long, dark hair, and does some INTENSE and CRAZY acrobatics on the stage! She is HILARIOUS, and likes to lie on her back with her legs behind her head and stay that way. Neato!

  16. felixnada

    So we went here the other night on a whim. What can I say, my friends and I found ourselves at a house party nearby and thought we would check it out because it was walking distance.I had a $100 bill and asked for change. The bartender gave me four twenties and five ones- that’s $85. I motioned for the bartender and very sweetly let her know there was a mistake made. She freaked out on me. “I’m not the one fu*king drinking!” She said. WOW. I may be have been drinking, but I can count to $100- I run a bar for living. She proceeded to fight with me, I told them to check the tapes, my pockets, etc. Instead she went and got the additional $15 in ones, slammed it down on the bar and then had the bouncer kick me out. Seriously? It was my first time and I brought 8 other people with me, we hadn’t been there more than 10 minutes. The other regulars there started yelling as well. It was horrible. STAY AWAY. Dishonest bartenders and dirty clientele. Hahah I know its a strip club, that’s like the definition of a strip club… but I’ve been to others like the Body Shop or even The Wet Spot where the dancers and staff are professional and courteous and happy to see new faces throwing money around. Not this place.

  17. eddyL

    Went there last weekend with a M.C. and yes, it’s a dive but the girls were all beautiful, nice and mostly, not pushy. Bartender was attentive and drinks came fast.Now if i just could get the phone number of that tall blonde cutie

  18. Dave

    It is a great time for you and your chick, or just hanging out with your buddies. Dont go for lap dances cause they dont push them. There is 3 pool tables and is great place after Los Toros.

  19. ryan123

    Great for what it is: a sleazy, whole-in-the-wall, topless bar. While there are better topless bars in the area, this one is pretty darn quaint. Service is decent and the dancers aren’t pushy. The stage is odd for the dancers and also odd for patrons because there are pool tables about 4 feet away from it. Dancer quality depends greatly on the night and how much beer you’ve been drinking. The locals like to stand back and don’t crowd the stage. Never been back to see the dance rooms, which I hear are very odd. Beer selection is actually decent and they have a limited selection of mixed drinks. Drink prices are also pretty decent considering they have no cover charge. I always make it a stop on my Tour-de-Chatsworth.

  20. curtis17

    Outrageously depressing music which in myOpinion kills the vibe! This was the second time that’s happened. I thought the first time must have been a floozy but apparently not. I guess this place just isn’t for me. It’s a little misleading in my opinion. Won’t be going back or trying to get my friends to go there either. Save yourself the depressed night out and head somewhere else.

  21. Gianni V.

    I like this place , staying in the hotel next door came in for drink , pretty dancer an bartender , cool for a quick drink I would go again

  22. adamrod

    If you got Candy and cash they will most certainly treat you with there candy and if she has a great personality like these baby dolls then idk if there not Hollywood Barbies!!!!

  23. Hillary K.

    You can’t beat the dancer’s or the $10 pitchers of hefeweizen.As the other reviewer on here states make sure you have a driver or a taxi lined up to drag your drunk A$$ home 😉

  24. maxxy1

    I will always love Candy Cat…not because I used to work there, but because the girls are REAL and the management & security mean business. No cover charge, cold beer, chatty bar tenders (Margaret is my favorite) and chill dancers will be your main course here at the Cat. When not smokin’ a cig out back, you’ll be enjoying cheap, cold beer at the bar. As far as the ‘tired, old or ugly’ comment I read earlier: Opinions are like a**holes. Everyone has one…everybody thinks that everyone else’s stinks. So keep on keepin’ on…and live it up somewhere else. To each their own…The Cat is Where It’s At!Love ya Michael & Carl!! XOXOXOBecca

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