Showgirl Video



631 South Las Vegas Boulevard, Las Vegas, NV 89101


36.1627164, -115.1448219




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Showgirl Video

  1. victor
  2. taylor

    best deal in lv

  3. JGYJ6


  4. henry
  5. jon
  6. Jeff C

    Best bargain in Vegas.

  7. carlin

    hot girls slammin’ it behind glass. best value in vegas.

  8. Tango

    Good club to pick up great looking women for OTC extras.

  9. ghl87-07iukfytw,lk,


  10. Cheap thrills?

    Can you get a lap dance from one of the girls in the private section or are you still divided by glass?

  11. mike
  12. don

    smokin sexy for a few bucks. best bargain in town.

  13. tb
  14. Wiseguy
  15. Chuck
  16. Zippy

    reagan is right. great value. good looking women slamming it on the glass right in front of your face for a few bucks tip money, i go there regularly, its great.

  17. Frank

    Great place to go when you got the urge to see it up close and personal. Great value too. Clean and cute young girls

  18. andrew
  19. Carlos
  20. JJ

    what happened

  21. Number One

    on quality of girls.

  22. raven
  23. My

    favorite place in the city.

  24. DAN
  25. Daddy D

    Number 1 in my heart

  26. maxxy1

    Adult bookstore and peep show. Yes, a real peep show. Drop in your dollar and the window opens up and a live girl dances behind the glass. It’s dirty, nasty, skuzzy, and if you’ll wait through a couple girls – you see some surprisingly wild things done by surprisingly attractive women for a surprisingly low price. Let it be said: Everyone there is a perv, including you now too.

  27. sb
  28. unise
  29. Mr. Moneypenny
  30. William

    Great little peepshow. clean. well lit. best bargain in town. grat young girls.

  31. joseph1k

    This place is right next to The Gold and Silver Pawn shop (aka Pawn Stars).Showgirl Video is defiantly an interesting place. I appreciate that they don’t pretend porn is “classy”. They have more porn DVD than I have ever seen anywhere else. It totally “old skool”. But there is something refreshing about the the unpretentious nature of the place. They have a peepshow with live girls, Seriously, if you tip them a dollar; they will show you everything. It is fascinating. The dancers were better than I had expected them to be. They didn’t have the total “stripper’ look. But they were all pleasant.

  32. t

    best bargain in town.

  33. Caleb

    This place is the only peep show in Vegas and the girls are Hot. Best bargain in Vegas. Looks like a spam program has invaded this website and votes 0 each time, this club is not a 4.

  34. zeb
  35. Norman

    They added another arcade and now you can choose from big screens, scrolling and 300 channels, 125 in one and 175 in a second. And live nude girls that show it all.

  36. Stretch

    Great little place. thousands of movies, including uncut euros, a clean current stocked arcade and wonderful peep booths with surprisingly pretty chicks that are agile and mobile. put a few bucks in the tip slot and watch the show, see one you like and get even more personal in a private room. you are separated by glass so they feel free to put on a good show.

  37. Lawrence

    This place is a dump!!!!!

  38. sam d.

    So I’ve never written a review of this place, but it’s usually my next to last stop in Vegas on a night out. (The last being the White Cross Diner) This is a real-deal peep show. I know, I know…it’s listed as a “video store” but really, if you’re looking for porn or sex toys there’s some WAY better places for that. Now, let’s be clear about this for you tourists….this is in no way a nice place…I’m a lover of things seedy, and this is definitely seedy….you’ll probably want a few drinks for courage before you go. Don’t leave your cameras in your car…stuff like that. That being said, there’s few of these places around, and I try to hit them whenever I can. The girls here can be super hot or super scary…you’ll never know til you put your dollar in the machine and the window goes up…be nice to the girls and the staff ….really

  39. rogerrab2

    This place is really campy.Campy in the best way possible.Nothing else represents the Down town area like a skeevy sex shop.This place isn’t decorated in boas and glittery dildos, its pretty bare.The video selection isn’t very big. Has a few strange titles, and only a small selection of “massage oils” and rubber boners.The most interesting thing about this place is the “Adult Arcade”.The peepshow is like that Madonna video from back in the 80’s, were you put a dollar in and the window opens up to a room with some tweaker looking chicks sitting there smoking cigarettes, looking like they are on lunch break. When the window opened she walked over did a full split against the window and exposed her lasagna, and a very good view of her brown starfish.She tapped on the glass and asked “Is this your first time here?? Relax!” I wasn’t surprised by a naked girl, I was taken back by her flexibility. She just basically stands there in a full split smoking, while strangers look at her butthole for dollars. Hey its all good.This place was nuts! I would give it a chance if I were you.

  40. StripClub431

    A Las Vegas staple. Short on $$? Want to see naked ladies? (Through a foggy window). This place is it. Bring your friends. Keep our economy rolling.

  41. Franklyn

    Unlike seattle and some spots in Portland I have yet to discover, this place on a one on one basis is primitive.It has a nice guy that works there, and not too far across the street there is a 20 dollar cover charge Adult Palace that doesn’t open until 4 p.m, so since it opens EARLY, this place gets a star. man, experiencing better must not be too hard to do.

  42. jack
  43. hark

    hot girls dollar admission explicit show.

  44. Bob

    Fun place with a variety of girls. Some are definately hot and put on a great show. Great for the money. A couple dollars and the girls show it all! I love this place.

  45. peter
  46. Billy

    Best deal in Vegas. One buck to get in and the girls are hot. Very explicit action.

  47. Cord

    Only peep booth place in town. Very explicit dollar dances. Outstanding video booths, very clean.

  48. andy
  49. :great value...
  50. justine
  51. Stan

    I confess. I jerk of to nude girls at this place about twice a week on my lunch break.

    The girls are cute and talk really dirty. My favorite is Raven.

  52. Corey

    The absolute best bargain in Vegas. Hot girls in peeps.

  53. pirate

    best bargain in vegas. peep booth setup with hot girls

  54. hank

    great girls great bargain

  55. Vinny

    Great looking women !

  56. adamrod

    It’s not bad for the price.

  57. trey

    best bargain in las vegas. Nasty little girls for a dollar but the site obviously has a spam problem

  58. big bill
  59. BoBBy::::G

    The best place ever

  60. FVRDPITQP[038-=


  61. nathan
  62. Don C

    Explicit and a bargain. Great time for $20.

  63. Josh

    I know this is the best club in Vegas !

  64. rix67
  65. REG JOE


  66. dealer

    hot girls spreading up close for a dollar wwow.

  67. gus

    great peeps!

  68. tj

    hot closeup pussy for a buck.

  69. igor34

    Tip: Bring $1 BillsThis place is very run down in an area right next to the “Pawn Stars” Pawn Shop. The place has rows and rows of porn and “toys” available as well as some private videos rooms where you can “sample videos”.However the main attraction here is the “peep show” that this place offers. They usually have a sign saying who’s on “dancing”. Now the way it works is: you have to pay $1 to enter the Peepshow Area then another $1 to view the girls “working”. Now as soon as you place a dollar the blinds open and the timer starts. You can keep putting in dollars to keep the blinds open but that’s entirely optional. You can tip em in the end or during and they’ll shake what they got just in front of you. They also offer other “services” though its pretty steep for “everything” according to the sign.Personally its not my cup of tea. The girls arent really into the dancing and its a luck of a draw who you’re going to get and honestly it’s been getting worse everytime I go in, BUT its a tradition for my group of friends and its worth a look for at least once in your life. Overall I’ll come back….but I won’t like it.P.S My friend Tony loves this place and wants this to be the first stop every time we hit vegas!

  70. Joe

    It really isn’t a dump. But it isn’t the kind of place you would bring a date. It is an explicit peep show. The girls show all they got. Its cool. SOme girls like Myra are really hot too.

  71. cates

    Voted the second best place to go in Las Vegas after 2am by one of the weeklies. I agree. Pretty damn good other times too. The previous posters, Regan and zippy are right on!

  72. Get Some

    Yeah I went to this spot a few years back and it was dope. The girls were dope. The one I chilled wit was dope. The prices were not terrible. I always want more for less though. I am going back to LV soon and I plan to hit this spot off again. I tell everyone that vegas has dope strip spots because of this club but it is really the only club I have been to in Vegas.

  73. nayhan
  74. jake
  75. lenard
  76. Jack_Goffy

    Love this place

  77. Sucker
  78. curtis17

    Extra star due to the “Madonna Video” peepshow glass thing novelty. There is bodily fluid all over the place, women who show so much its like being in a biology class rather than a skin joint and just a general sadness hanging over this place

  79. billtheguy12

    First time at a place like this. Interesting, it was 4 of us 2 guys 2 ladies. Place was empty on a Wednesday evening. We went to the peepshow. There was only 1 girl who wasn’t too hot and they dance with clothes on, not even sexy clothes. I doubt I would go back unless needing to buy porn or get sex toys. The customer service was good though. Bring your dollar bills.

  80. reagan

    This isn’t a strip club, it is a video store with a 125 channel arcade and girls in peep booths. This is the only one in town but they don’t act like it, he place is clean, well lit and the girls are sexy and explicit. Tip them a few bucks and they show it all. they also have private booths for one on one with the girl essentially on a table in front of you. Some of them canhandle the dirty talk and fetishes. All in all the best experience in las vegas for a single male on a budget. AAA rating.

  81. doug
  82. XhXeXy

    Yikes. Just yikes. As a porn shop with a live peep show nudie booths, I expected the place to be a little seedy but fun. But wow. This place scrapes the bottom of the barrel. The girls look like they’ve fallen on hard times years ago and have been doing crystal meth ever since. Now they dance here. To be fair, drugs and worn out women are a central fixture in the world of strip clubs. But I have never been in a business that wears this truth so visibly. The women here are hurting and not disguising it at all. I dropped a few dollars out of pity and moved on.

  83. adam
  84. m,hgiu760pou


  85. Doctor Love

    great club

  86. Rick
  87. Tony
  88. rUDT


  89. RJ

    Can’t wait to go back

  90. Scott

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