Talk of the Town



1238 South Las Vegas Boulevard, Las Vegas, NV 89104


36.1555596, -115.1499295




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Talk of the Town

  1. stan
  2. xyz123

    Went to LV with friends, I think this was best strip club i saw in life, very personal touch. Not mushy girls. all girls were 7 to 9. I had one almost 10 and had a VIP for 30 Min for 200, Full roaming . Will repeat. Not crowded

  3. Mr. Dice

    What a fun little place.

    I noticed two girls on swings outside the club. They didn’t do anything, really, just swang. That made me curious so I stopped in and I’m glad it did.

    The lady behind the counter was a big beautiful brunnette with the most amazing breast. Of course she didn’t get undressed. I turned away from the bar and then I saw the stage and my heart skipped a beat when I saw Gypsy. I couldn’t take my eyes off her.

    They didn’t have very many girls. But what they lacked in numbers they made up in beauty.

  4. j
  5. Corey G.

    Nice tapestries. A cool statue agains the wall. They serve soda. There’s a “library”/store in the front. And I really felt the employees here were really into their work. Ummmmmm….”dolla, dolla bills ya’ll!” 😉

  6. Brenden

    the girls are fucking hot… great place to go when u dont want to run into anyone u know

  7. Chance

    Great locals club for the guy on a budget who wants to be treated right.

  8. Nate

    I was impressed with the amount of big natural breasts. I think her name was Dezelle or something like that. She told me that the club didn’t charge a house fee if the was a D cup or bigger. I think she was teasing but there were D cups everywhere.

  9. cr
  10. Nathan

    This club is VERY small. However, i think the best dancers in Las Vegas work there.

    The private rooms are pretty tacky (paint slatters and leopard printed walls) but the girls are so hot I didn’t notice untill after the dance was over. Delicious and Candy are the sexiest and best.

  11. dacon
  12. sean
  13. ron

    They must cull from the bottom and hire to the top. Or maybe only the most beautiful survive the competition. But however they do it they do it. Several new ones that approach tens.

  14. jim key

    great girls!

  15. Just Jack

    It is a small place with hot girls. But the best thing about Talk is there are no waitresses. No waitresses trying to sell over priced “dancer drinks.”

    It is really nice to sit with a dancer and talk about dances without being hassled by “would you like to by the lady a drink?”

    A She’s a girl.

    B All she can drink is soda.

    C $10 for a soda is stupid.

    D I just hate pushy waitresses.

  16. jam
  17. vicious
  18. Jeff C

    The new crop of girls are the best ever. Keep up the good work.

  19. beau
  20. shamus

    the club is small and on saturdays it gets pretty packed. bevieve it or not the girls are great. ive been going there reciently and for a 18 and under club its a chill place to hangout and the dances are worth it.

    but dont take my word for it check it out for urself

  21. zane

    Great Girls, Great Club. Cordelia, I think you are the BOMB,keep writing to us we love that. The negative reviewers are just jealous that TOT is taking away their business with their beautiful girls. Why weren’t you in the Cheri layout? Were you away or something, I would have loved to see you in there too. Would you sign my magazine anyway?

  22. Hawkeye
  23. thebest
  24. Fred
  25. bart
  26. trey

    This is where the young ones strart out to learn to be strippers. cute cheerleader types, 10 dollar lap dances.

  27. Madison

    Talk is a tiny place.But that somehow makes it better. You don’t feel lost in a maze. It feels more like your in somene’s really cool den and their hots friends come over and get nude.

    The have girls who are always there and they always have new one. The girl (i guess she’s more of a lady then girl) has a way of finding hot girls that don’t have that whole “stripper mentality”. The girls seem more like they should be in the mall not on a pole. And I guess that what I like most about the place.

    I take that back. I like a girl named Priscillia the best. she is flawless. In body and mind.

  28. big jim

    Locals club with reasonable prices and young starting out strippers but hot. The best of all worlds.

  29. Dutchman

    Being an overseas visitor I had read good comments on the TATT, and gave it it try when I came to Vegas last week.

    Got quite impressed by Molly after she gave me a table dance, and was lost for the rest of my stay in the US.

    You’re great Molly. Thanks for the fantastic time you gave me. I think you know who I am: I gave you my business card, so you have my e-mail address in Netherlands.

  30. x
  31. kelly
  32. card
  33. Carl J

    Love the2011 class. Young and friendly and hot.

  34. Chubby Chaser

    When I read a review that there were “plus sized” girls at this place I wanted to check it out. I like size 12 and up. I don’t mean obese but a little thick is good.

    There was only one thick girl. I don’t want to mention her name because girls don’t like to be called thick. She was thick with long black hair, huge titties and the face of an angel. This place was fun and low pressure. I will be back.

  35. Zohan

    I tried to take a taxi to Talk of the Town cause I was drunk and I was meeting people there. The taxi driver told me that Talk of the Town was closed and he would take me some place better.

    I literally had to fight with the stupid towel-head cabbie to stop the car.

    I don’t know were he wanted to take me. I don’t care. I just thought it was crappy that I was being kidnappped.

    End of story. I told “Mohammad” to stop at the Walgreens about a block from Talk of the Town and walked the rest of the way. The doorman at Talk told me that other clubs pay taxi drives a crazy amount of money to drop people off at other clubs. (like $75 a person? WTF)

    Anyway. Two of the hottest blondes I have ever seen work at Talk of the Town. Seriously. Zoey and Skylar look like Pamala Anderson twenty years ago. Very hot. crazy hot.


  36. charlie
  37. zachary dunn

    I spotted this joint o the internet and decided to check it out. I have beento sveral Vegas strip clubs, but from now on this one gets my business. The place isn’t glitzy glamourous but it is nice and comfortabl. It’s small by Vegas standards, hell it’s smll by any standard, but it’s packed with hotties and big titties, natural ones, even the bartender was a big titted hottie.. didn’t spot one boob job, but they’re probablt too young to get one. The staff is friendly and they don’t angle for tips. The stage show is great and the girls are friendy not pushy, coed types. And lots of mileage for a very reasonable price… oh and the croud was laid back white guys, probably because they weren’t assaulting your ears with N music.

  38. Dean
  39. The Truth

    Whoever has been rating this club: You are all Liers! This disgusting place sucks…more than any place I’ve ever been…including prison.

  40. Shredder

    Agreed Rick, It just keeps getting better with age and the girls get younger and prettier. Cheri magazine should come back and do another layout. It would top the last one bigtime.

  41. buttmunch
  42. Bnut
  43. clyde

    There was a Carmen and an Electra at this club. Both hotter than Carmen Electra. No shit.

  44. Spam

    Stop the Spamming

  45. Tim
  46. Dallas

    Some people come to Vegas for the gambling, some for the show. I come to Vegas about 12 times a year just to go to Talk of the Town, Vegas’ best strip club.

  47. Joe the PLUMBER

    NATURAL BEAUTIFUL TITS. Young girls. Gypsy and Claudia have the best tits ever. It is wonderful to see swaying titties in a land of hard bolt on boobs. I was impressed with the lack of tattoos as well. If I want to see art work. I will go to a museum. Can’t believe the amount of beautiful, all-american girls is this kinda small club. The bartender, Kristina is pretty impressive too. I have a wonderful time and spent less then a hundred. It was great.

  48. vd
  49. don c

    Hot young girls reasonable prices.

  50. tommy
  51. cycomikeo

    The best $10 totally nude lap dances I’ve ever gotten. Then the VIP treatment really made me feel like a VIP…

    They also had a really cool energy drink called “Deep Throat”, and it kept me up in a good way.

  52. Zinger
  53. Mark

    I think this club is really good. They were all very sexy and great dancers especially Mia. I enjoyed myself more than usual. Several very hot ones! Great Atmosphere!

  54. george
  55. Freddie

    greatly improved…be back.

  56. traveler

    It isn’t what this club has that makes it great. It is what is doesn’t have. There are simple no terrible girls her. The are all fresh and young. I had a wonderful time with Rose and Jenny.

  57. Brenda

    My husband and I went to the club and had a great time. Very hot women! Couples will love the friendly girls at this place.

  58. job

    uh, what?! not even

  59. justin

    Cordillia is the bomb> fuck that girl is hot. there is anoher girl named lacey. she was cute. they were kinda like Barbie and skipper

  60. sofa king cool

    i don’t know what all these people are talking about. i have been going to this club for over a year and its always been good to me. these past couple months the girls have been the best ever they must have gotten rid of the old manager because of his bad taste in woman.

    well the dancers i like the most were trinity, cordilia, dimond and jeni

    ill keep going there because its a nice small club with hot girls and i think people should not listen to all the bad reviews because the really dont know what there talking about or some ugly stripper that cant work there

  61. Travis

    Phenominal club. Some of the best looking girls in Las Vegas and young. Most still teenagers, YES. Great stage show and laid back atmosphere. Ten dollar lap dances have great mileage and an overall party tude. Loved it.

  62. TIT MAN

    All I got to say is Cordillia and her double D’s are back. GOOD BLESS AMERICA!

  63. method man

    barbie was the best girl there will return for her and only her, went there at 4 pm and there were 5 girls 2 which were hot but still no one beats barbie!!!!

  64. Rick

    I went there last night. I wish they could sell beer. That is the only bad thing about this place.

    The girls are outstanding. Smoking hot. And they have lap dances for 10 bucks. I got the most amazing dance ever from a girl named Traci. I handed her a twenty and told her to keep the change and she was really happpy. She’s the best looking girl I have ever seen.

    Not many boob jobs. I didn’t mind.

  65. Totally Agree

    This has been my club for years !

  66. BIG JAKE

    Cute little butts, young and pretty good tit selection. Locals pricing and everybody is friendly and fair. Good time for under a hundred dols. Good mileage laps for $10.

  67. trkrxfx

    those were some big booboies!

  68. vic

    Two Thumbs UP!

  69. Sammy
  70. jack

    hot young girls. someof them were studying for their high school finals last week. my deal is, i get mini bottles and add them to my drink in the bathroom and enjoy great drinks and nude young girls… all on the cheap. Its greaat.



  71. tobin
  72. bruce

    great small club, good time

  73. b
  74. H


  75. victor
  76. GINGER


  77. da man
  78. Miller
  79. Hardy

    I like my sex dirty. I like girls that are so nasty I can believe they really are getting wet grinding my rod. This may not be the place for you if you like fake tan, fake tits and bleached hair but if you want a real chick that is gonna love you like you deserve this is a good place to go.

  80. Gboy
  81. Nutty

    You must be naming off every dancer who has worked there in the past decade. This place had 2 girls there when I went. We stayed about ten minute and left. Trust me, the cover charge wasn’t worth it.

  82. tom

    hot chicks cheap lap dances great stage show

  83. Jakob Urbanski

    I can’t believe it was only $7 to get in.

  84. Downtown Dan

    This may be best club I have ever been to with the great service and awesome dancers ! This place is one of the best !

  85. Ashley

    I am the “new” ashley at tott… I have only been there for a year, but i know it has changed….. it looks alot nicer now and the girls are STILL very friendly and approachable…. 😉 not all of our girls have their own website, i happen to have mine…. we hope to see you at talk…. love ash

  86. Jimmy G

    Boy Howdy, the reviews for this club have really taken a nose dive – looks like paybacks a bitch; damn that bad Kharma!

  87. Harry Handleman
  88. Terri

    Really pretty girls, I was shocked at how pretty. i’m glad I went with my hubbie and you can bet he won’t be going alone. But they were nice and treated me well.

  89. Rob

    my absolute favorite club in Vegas. Laid back and great

    dance prices.

  90. Dandy Don of Dallas

    I saw a snippet of this club on the tv show “Deeper Throat” and decided to check it out. Wow! We have some great clubs in Dallas but this one is totally different. Young georgeous girls giving it all up on a WELL LIT stage. The girls HAVE to be nearly flawless on that stage!

    Screw the gambling, this place is a lot more fun and cheap by Dallas standards. I will be back next month, Mystique, take care of those bug boobies for me!

  91. Jayson

    Ah, some people are really bitter and jealous. I’ve always loved this club, it’s even better now than it was 3 years ago when I came.

  92. I like big butts

    and I cannot lie. THis place has the finest collection of asses I have EVER seen.

  93. kate
  94. Great Club

    This is the nicest club in all of Vegas, maybe in the entire world. Everything is perfect! This club has the best drink prices because they encourage you to sneak in your own booze, and this club has the best looking girls I have ever seen in my life, there isn’t one girl who couldn’t be Playboy centerfold. Don’t believe me, then see for yourself.

  95. Jester

    Re: To fer…write a real review. I noticed that you bashed almost every club on 3/01. Did you go to them all? No. You think you are smart. I studied linguistics in college, and I can tell that you are submitting fake reviews all over the place…get a life!

  96. Zapped

    Really great girls !

  97. STRIPPER #1
  98. EYEcon

    The way a Vegas club should be…hot talent and cold “Deep Throat”…best little whore house in Vegas…if i could fuk the girls it would be a “10”…

  99. Perry
  100. Jean

    My girlfriends and I went to the club and found the dancers to be friendly. While the club was a little old fashion the hotties more than made up for that! I would recomend the club.

  101. Joe Bloe

    I have been a regular at this place for years. I know everyone that works here, and I can tell you that no one at this place writes bad reviews about other clubs. They think that sort of practice is dispicable. I think that someone is setting this place up, framing them, so to speak. These people have very high integrity, unlike the Library, all of the Deja Vus, Pleasures, and unlike Sapphires, Scores, and the Rhino. Maybe a club like Larry’s Villa is writing all of these bad reviews, but it definately isn’t TOTT.

  102. Eric
  103. Sportyguy

    So I dropped by this club over Labor Day weekend. The club is indeed very small as far as strip clubs go. There is a single stage, Maybe 10’x10′ for the dancers with a pole. Unfortunately nobody was tipping very well for the girls on stage, so I had one of the non-dancing girls go give the stage dancer a tip which helped her out immensely. You can get floor dances for $10.00 some of the girls say 2 for $20. The girls seem to be all natural, at the same time there were some plus sized gals overall ranging from 5’s to 7.5. They didn’t seem too pushy to buy dances but definately YMMV between each girl.

  104. TB
  105. voyin

    caught the western theme night! MAN this place has some fresh hotties!!! those girls really got into it and a lot of them had really sexy getups too! I expected a whole lot of country music when it first started but there was some awesome crazy indian music i never imagined getting a lapdance to and rock n roll too. I had a great time! Thanks for the show girls!!

  106. Eric K.

    I know I know, reviewing a gentlemen’s club will make me look like a perv… but I’m compelled to share my opinion on this place. Though I’m not a “regular” at these places, I have been to a few. It’s my way of treating myself on occasion. If you’re single long enough…you start to forget what ladies look like under their clothing. :)First a bit of a rant. Guys, (and I am one, so I have a bit of leverage in my argument)… The ladies that work at these clubs work for tips, and deal with many seedy sleazy characters in order to make a living. When you go, please treat them with respect, and tip them all well…. Women’s bodies are true works of art, and as such deserve to be appreciated in such a way. I find many of the reviews of gentlemen’s clubs in general to be sleazy and rude. Hopefully this review will help people to see their actions in such a light and bring a new level of respect to these ladies.Now on to the club-Even though this club is located on Las Vegas Blvd, it’s not really “on the strip”. The building looks a bit dumpy on the outside. The club is in the back of a store which sells adult merchandise. There is a small admission fee, and they require you to buy one drink. The entry fee is quite small, and certainly won’t break the bank, and the sodas are 2dollars… which is quite a deal, considering what the casinos charge for them.The club is a fairly small, intimate venue. There is a main stage surrounded by 6 chairs for people who will be tipping the stage dancers… with lounge chairs sitting in back for people to watch from a distance.The ladies. – Granted, I haven’t been to many clubs, but this is the only club I’ve been to where the ladies all seem to be friends with each other and working together, rather than in competition with each other and trying to steal customers away from one another. There’s a happy-go-lucky atmosphere which makes the club much more fun. There is some pressure for “private dances”, which you will get at any club…. but it seemed to be much less than in the other ones that I’ve been to. You certainly won’t feel “pressured into” a private dance, which is the way it should be. The ladies are much more “real” than what you’ll see at the casino “revues” on the strip. I won’t comment on attractiveness, as it’s a rather subjective thing which varies from person to person. What I can say though is that there’s a very diverse mix of ages, sizes, colors, etc. I found them all very attractive. The big plus about going to an “all nude” club, and what was the big thing that drew me here instead of the larger “topless” clubs is that there is no alcohol served. I know, I know… you’re saying… why is that a GOOD thing? 1) You can drive here, and drive home without risking a DUI. 2) You’ll be able to keep your inhibitions, enabling you to say no on occasion. 3) You won’t be sick the following morning. and 4) You’ll actually be able to REMEMBER what you saw. 🙂 I mean, seriously… you can drink alcohol almost anywhere on the strip as it is. Use this time to help yourself sober up. I’d certainly recommend this place to anyone looking for fun in Vegas. 🙂

  107. Coach

    I was on a just business trip Jan 20-25. I’m really faithful to my girlfriend. Molly took my mind off everything- work and my girlfriend. She was amazing. We have another trip planned for May and I really hope Molly’s still there….

  108. ike
  109. .
  110. Frankthetank

    You’re right,young hotties! We dropped by to check this place out after UNLV got whomped. It’s true seven bucks for entey including first drink and ten doll ar lap dances. Cordelia and Ariel were phenominal. Be back.

  111. Chuck S

    Checked the joint out yesterday, not many customers so the girls were very attentive, they seemed to be trying to outdo each other. I had a blast.

  112. hippy

    Don’t go to MINXX don’t waste your time that club is now closed the owners suck big time

  113. Robert

    Talk of the Town’s Tori is so fucking cute! Mmm!

  114. jawbreaker

    man i love this club i allway take my friends here when they come to town. all the people woring there are so nice even esspecially the girls they will actually talk to you like a person and i never feal like ive been cheated there or robed for my money

    im there every saturday there the best

  115. Mr. Moneypenny

    This place is great.Lots of sexy women.No nagging whores bottom grubbing for money.It is nice to be able to sit around with pretty girls and not be hounded for cash. Keep up the good work ladies.

  116. zeb
  117. My

    favorite club of all time.

  118. jeff
  119. Atomic Mike

    Pebble is the only ugly girl there and she isn’t even that bad.

    Allyssa is good looking but she doesn’t give a good dance.

    But Athena is super hot with great titties.

  120. Jake

    I would call Talk of the Town “the hot Latin girl club”. I personally like girls with brown eyes and exotic looks.

    The hottest girls there are Lacey and Priscilla. Both have deep brown eyes and model bodies.

  121. ferrell

    Deep throat free w admission and great lookin young girls.

    Lots of natural boobs, many big one’s several double D’s and great contact.

  122. Kinky Karl

    Hot Young Chicks, Check out Alexis and Electra.

  123. Josh

    I like Carmen the most but all the girls are great.

  124. carl

    This little club smokes. Beautiful women. Full contact lap dances for ten bucks. Vips for thirty and the best stage view/performances in Las Vegas. Best time you can have in a strip joint without blowing more than a hundred….Carl

  125. Wiseguy
  126. ziggy

    Check it out the pornstar Friday, a big titted Milf beauty has joined Talk to go along with Dia. The hotties just keep coming

  127. WeekendPartyGuy

    Some good times were had here last week.

    Vegas rocks and so do your girls!

  128. doug
  129. Hank

    I really like this bar. You can’t beat $10 table dances, and unlike the topless clubs, most of these girls are 18 to 20 years old. I recommend dropping by this place…you’ll be back.

  130. Ralph
  131. Local LV

    I’ve been to every club in LV, and this one is the best!

  132. Stan the Man
  133. fritter17

    I can’t imagine the town’s actually talking about this place. Actually funny story: when I was there it was raining and water was coming through the roof, the power went out, and they closed the place early, and the disappointed clientele got nothing, not even a free pass for the next day (after I asked). Now their dances are cheap: $10, but even at that I didn’t get one. The girls were always unavailable, usually hiding in the back room wrapped in blankets cause the air conditioning was too low. The club just isn’t run correctly.

  134. Mikey
  135. buckeye

    was looking for something more exciting than the casinos and stumbled upon tott so went in and had a great time. lots of cute girls with excellent prices for dances a bit small but still had a great time

  136. Jim

    After being working hard all day it’s nice to stop in a friendly strip club for some good times. The girls that work there, beside being hot are not stuck up, like you find at a lot of the other clubs.

  137. Carlin
  138. DeDe

    Good Times

  139. Seth

    I agree. for suck a little place is is packed with hot girls. I love when Nikki and Cordillia are on stage together. seriously, they both have giant, wiggly jiggly natural tits. It is a beautiful sight.

  140. Terry

    I can’t believe this little club. Fantastic and friendly girls. $10 full contact lap dances. I will be back.

  141. Kelly K

    Sweet lil place. Pretty girls, reasonable pricing, I’ll be back.

  142. kamagra
  143. Jennifer A.

    BOOBIES!!!! Now that I have your attention Talk of Town isn’t your typical Vegas strip club. No silicone falsies here just ladies shakin’ what their mama gave them. I wanted to drop by a strip club while in Vegas but wasn’t looking to drop my paycheck for cover. So I found Talk of the Town as a moderately price peep show with a plus (if you’ve never seen one), they are full nude so no booze. I was was a little disappointed the eccentric parking lot sculpture was pretty much non existent when I went but I appreciated the fact that the parking lot was well lit. No dark corners for skeezy guys to hide in. Our group enjoyed exploring the small porn store in front of the club. One of the gentlemen in our troop brought in a bag full of old adult flicks and we traded them in; 2 old ones = a new one for a dolla! Heads up though the “new” ones are from a select bin not whatever you find in the store. The guy behind the counter was super helpful in helping us pick out a gift for a bachelorette party (restraints) and he threw in a leather collar with chain to boot! Enjoy Mr.and Mrs.O !! We were able to leave our purchases behind the counter when we went into the actual strip club. Cover was suppose to be $15/ea but I think the door lady hooked it up because one of our guy friends is Air Force. (Note if you are there before 8 or 10 pm I wanna say cover is $5). All the strippers were polite and even asked the girlfriends of the guys if they minded the ladies sitting on their laps. It’s true lap dances are only $10 and if you’re celebrating something like a birthday *raises hand* they will drag you on stage to give you your lap dance. *nosebleed* Plus to top it off you get a photo of all your stripper(s) and you at the end. A wonderful time was had by all and I would definitely hit Talk of the Town up again. No high pressure sales to get lap dances, a variety of lovely ladies and great service. The only fix it ticket needed here is a separate bathroom for the dancers but this seems to be a common occurrence among strip joints and maybe a little less bass on the songs. But I can’t remember for sure because I wasn’t paying attention to the music. *wink,wink*

  144. r
  145. jay
  146. cliff
  147. gus

    Great place.

  148. terry k

    Hot young girls easy on the hustle. They almost are shy.

  149. opie
  150. Finster
  151. Rat Pack

    This place is money, baby.

  152. Andy
  153. phillip t

    They weren’t using models on Deeper Throat. I went there Saturday night and I saw several of the girls performing that I saw on Showtime. I asked Lacy and she said that the girls on tv were actually dancers at Talk of the own

    Lacy you are HOT

  154. Slobbo Mcbobbo

    I love this club. Every time I go there I have a blast. Any time I have friends in town we always go to Talk of the Town. I have had to drag my friends out because they never want to leave.

  155. goober
  156. Cord

    Great little locals club. Pinky is a blast.


    THis place was much better then I thought it would be. Jennny is the bomb.

  158. harper
  159. Mel
  160. To Jake

    That’s great and all but how are their $10 dances?

  161. action jackson
  162. trent
  163. To Jester

    To answer you question, yes, we did go to all the clubs we reviewed. It was Tues-Thurs. I don’t think I’m smart, just reviewing what happen, even if I am I don’t feel the need to announce it. It is pretty sad that you have to give out your credentials to justify your position. What’s funny is you say get a life, when your doing the exact same thing as me.

  164. Pat
  165. early
  166. allan
  167. C-LO

    if you’re going to be in Vegas this is the spot

  168. dan
  169. Taylor

    Some kinda HOT girls ya got there keep em coming

  170. jason b

    great lpl club

  171. reagan

    nice, intimate club yet the stage lighting is very good so you can actuallly see the girl instead of shadows and there is always a girl dancing. Seems like most clubs have stopped stage dancing? I don’t think any of these girls are old enough to drink so that may be why they are at TOT, but it looked like a cheerleader tryout on Friday/6/13/07.

    Cover and drink were only 17 dols and real nude lapdances were only 10 dols. It was one cheerleader type after another each one trying to top the last one. I didn’t get to the vip rooms but they are apparently only 30 dols a dance. I never had so much fun for 75 bucks. will be back next weekend with a hundred. Gotta try the vip rooms. Will rate them then. reagan

  172. Shane
  173. Sarah C.

    My first ever strip club! I wish I could remember the girls name that gave me my first lap dance, she was Australian I believe with strawberry blonde hair and she was just stunning. She gave me an AMAZING dance, cheap place will definitely return.

  174. customer

    Anyone know if Ana or Anastacia I think it was, is she ever coming back?

  175. eddy
  176. Pearson

    Lacey: cute mexican with black hair and big boobs! the club is great i paid an extra 5 dollars for a lap dance and ended up gettin a blow job it was awesome! i will deff. go back to the club 5 dollar blow jobs im game!

  177. adam
  178. peter
  179. quency
  180. pman
  181. cd
  182. LVMike

    Will be back………..Thanks Girls

  183. Paul
  184. a
  185. kal
  186. carbon copy

    D cups everwhere,young sweet coed types. Had an extraordinary vip witn Cordelia, can’t wait to go back. Criminal Conspiracy you disgust me. If you are so great why didn’t you run to collect your money. I think Pistol is right, you are a PUSSY.

  187. Tommy Boy

    always a good time

  188. fre
  189. Gretchen H.

    I consider my husband lucky.I mean, how many ladies out there like going to strip clubs, watching football and video games? I’ve seen a good combination of some of those activities, but usually not all of them.Well…I’ve always trusted his opinion and did so this past Saturday when we ventured over to Talk of the Town.Porn stores don’t make me flinch, I like looking at the imaginative array of toys and I just love the titles of some porn flicks – really funny.Once you get to the entrance of the club you are greeted by a rather nice fellow where you pay your dues and head on in.I realize you don’t go to a strip club for the decor, but I was pretty nervous about sitting in these seats. The stage was probably 8×8 with a fully occupied sniffer’s row.Yes, the women seemed decent and real which was nice. This was my first all nude strip club and I’m wondering if it’ll be my last. There’s something that somewhat bothers me about all nude and spreading for the world to see.Don’t get me wrong, I think women are beautiful, but I think it was the transfixed, depraved eyes of some of the men which really got to me. Had I actually read the other reviews, I definitely would not have gone. My favorites of these other reviews include:”Bottom line is that the girls here are real young and real hot and you can have a real good time here for not a lot of money. “””Do you wanna smell my pussy?” (Lil John voice) YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I felt it was my duty to oblige. I’m a sucker for fruit smelling vagina. In this case pears. “So…next time I’ll read the reviews too…But! this could be a GREAT time for someone who likes it down and dirty – just not my cup o’ tea! And to my husband’s credit, he probably was reading about football when he was supposed to be reading reviews. Or at least…let’s hope.. ;D

  190. Carlos

    Talk of the Town has the best looking girls in Las Vegas. BAR NONE

  191. Vince

    Great little club. Young eager girls, ten dollar lap dances. Nobody trying to rip you off. I’ll be back.

  192. Chav

    Hot birds ten dolla laps what could be better

  193. Grant

    Just the best girls in the city !

  194. eddyL

    This review is based solely on the parking lot out front, which is filled with creepy, decrepit mannequins arranged in a bizarre tableau involving a swingset, a kiddie pool and a mechanical bull.Back in the day, they used to pay a Russian chick $7 an hour to swing on the swingset and wave at passers-by…ostensibly to draw in traffic. But now…thanks to the economy, the Russian chick’s job was outsourced to these mannequins.These mannequins need to form a union, because they take some serious abuse! One is strapped to the back of the mechanical bull, which is permanently set on low speed, and bucks around in disturbing slow motion allllllllllllllll niiiiiiiiiiiiiiight looooooooooong, 24/7/365. Creepy!Another mannequin is dressed like Marliyn Monroe, but….see the pics I uploaded. It’s like Marilyn Monroe after the apocalypse, and all her teeth were blown out by a bomb. Some homeless woman stole her dress one time, but they recovered it with only a few new snot-stains. And it looks like someone took a baseball bat to the third mannequin.The best part is, there is a warning sign on the mechanical bull warning that trespassing might cause injury, and that the Talk of the Town assumes no liability. But it doesn’t explicitly say NOT to trespass! It’s basically an open invite to drunk frat boys and cracked-out homeless people to hop on and go for a ride!The swings don’t even HAVE a warning sign…so many’s the time I’ve swung there, waving at passing traffic and having a grand old time. It’s like the world’s funnest playground!I did go inside a few times, and it’s pretty gnarly. A tiny, ultra-grungy porn shop in the front, a few super-gross arcade booths to the right, and a club full of naked chicks in the back.Wow!

  195. ken
  196. Hayley

    Yesss! This club does rock. They know how to treat a bi girl!! Tyela you are the greatest!

  197. Stever

    nice club

  198. Arizcouple

    Cordelia is the hottest, she turned my wife everyway but loose last night. We will be back next weekend. She told us about the terrible things being said about this club and her personally and I can only assume it to be jealousy. The girls are young and scrumptous, the stage show is great and other than being too crowded, it was great. The staff is nery nice and they have a big well lit parking lot on the Strip. What’s not to like?

  199. Kenny

    Cordelia and Carmen were the club’s best. Highly recommended, little known club, mostly locals exploit this joint which is sad. I only went here with my boys just because of the reviews here and we had a terrific time; very good value for the buck. If only the environment would be upgraded just a bit, not just another hole in the wall…but can’t complain, it’s all about the girls here! They were not pushy, but friendly and easy to talk to.

    Thanks Cordelia & Carmen!!

    Beats the shit outta club Eden, which is a total ripoff for cover charge and very bad selection of girls who even try to hustle…get real.

  200. David

    Low key but great. I couldn’t believe how hot the girls are.

  201. Uptown Man

    Had a blast at the club last night. HIGHLY recommend if

    you are looking for hot dancers that love to party !

  202. Vegas Party Guy

    I can’t believe all the negative comments. We had a great time last week. You people need to learn to let loose and have a good time.

  203. Peter P.

    Had a great time. All the other reviews are dead on (girls are cute, all natural meaning no silicon, but some are on the “healthy” side). On the other hand, nude fucking lapdances and, ahem, more.

  204. Not Bad

    I caught this place on a slow night, but it was the funnest slow night I ever had. Kelly, Barbara, and Wendy made me feel right at home, and the rest of the staff were the nicest people I have ever met. I made so many new friends that you know that I would be crazy not to come back and bring as many friends with me that I possibly could. I love this place! My posse will love it too. Everyone will love it a lot!

  205. TO Ms.Cordelia

    Thanks for the nice info. Sounds good. My only problem is although I do understand your point of view regarding the stage tips, I’m not a stage type of guy. All of my buddies are the same way. Some like to sit at the stage, watch, tip, but don’t get any dances. I’m not a stage guy at all because all I’m interested in is the dances. Now the ones who don’t tip at the stage or get any dances, I can see why you hate those guys, but just because someone stays in the back and doesn’t go to the stage doesn’t mean they aren’t interested in getting dances. Everyone has their own style just like a “type” as you referred too. So don’t put us all in the same basket. If you could provide more info on the lap dances you do that would be great.

  206. To Ferrell

    You must be referring to the weekends because it was dead as can be with no hotties on two weekday nights that we went.

  207. aaa
  208. 99
  209. max


  210. Jessie
  211. TG

    Best kept secret in town. 10 dllar lap dances hot nude young girls.

  212. BABY
  213. Tony

    We love this clubs and the girls

  214. ryan123

    Had a nice visit the girls were nice and friendly pinky was great nice lap dance keep smiling pinky

  215. Treasure

    Best club ever

  216. Zippy

    This is a fine little club, the antithesis of the “In crowd”

    clubs. Well lit, always a dancer on stage trying to outdo the last one. Young pretty girls, many cheerleader types.

    $10 full contact lap dances, $30 vip rooms and young appreciative strippers.

  217. Aussie

    I agree, mate. Talk of the Town is far superior to any club in Vegas.

  218. Sam Cross

    Don’t miss this one, the girls are SMOKING HOT!!!

  219. Dave

    Wandered into the strippers prom on Saturday by chance. I must say that

    those double girl stage shows were phenomenal, and all the dancers seemed

    really comfortable together. I’m not sure on names but I got an amazing 20$

    lap dance from a brunette with some intensely beautiful eyes. Hypnotizing if

    you will. My next trip out there is in mid May then again at the end of July- is

    there going to be another event like that around those times?

  220. AB
  221. trrrific
  222. derek

    Humm….I’ve got to rate this place 8 out of 10

    Beautiful women Molli, Barbie, and Mystic are defly my favs….casey

    is very pretty too, just a bit too fake personality wise for me. But I

    really enjoyed myself, I will be back in three months!

  223. kyle

    Sure it isn’t legal cabbies to take bribe money. But it happpens all the time.

    It isn’t legal to smoke a joint; however, at least 15% of the population smokes.

    I use to work at TALK. It was a great place with good people. The only reason I don’t work there anymore because I’m a mommy now and I wanted a more “traditional” job.

    But you won’t be ripped off there. And you will have fun. If you take a cab. Give the address of the club. Don’t just say, “take me to Talk of the Town.” Cause they wouldn’t take you there. There are major cab wars going on in Las Vegas.

    I know this is a strange statement. But TALK is like a “mom and pop” strip club. And you know “mom and pop” Italian restaurants aren’t as big, but are better than The Olive Garden.

    I’m done with my goofy analogies now.

  225. Will
  226. B from New York

    Visited this club recently and had one of the best nights I’ve had in a while. What more can I say? Definitely coming back here!

  227. claire
  228. rp
  229. Andrew

    I love this club ! Girls are really friendly and the price is right.

  230. BROWN
  231. jb

    small club with a great atmosphere. girls are friendly and not pushy at all. great value for your money with excellent table dances. got great ones from cordilia, jade and molly but plenty of other hot girls to choose from

  232. Crystal C.

    Since I’m reviewing strip clubs today, apparently:Talk of the Town! It’s downtown, it’s seedy, it’s probably the best place in town to check out girls who don’t look like they’ve been beat with the silicone stick. Tattoos are encouraged here – and we don’t just means butterflies on the ankle. This place caters to a more subculture crowd than the traditional strip clubs, with more subculture girls to go along with it. All the girls are more approachable than at other places, too, and less forward and pushy. Cheaper than a night at one of the big name places, and probably more fun.

  233. JR

    Class Act !

  234. Kurt
  235. Tony
  236. david d

    hot stuff

  237. Vegas Vacation

    A cab driver took us to this club and it was awesome. We will be back next time we are in Vegas!

  238. galen
  239. big bill
  240. hustle free

    Laid back club, staff is nice and the girls are relaxed. They’ll come and sit with you awhile just talking before they ask about dances. Its nice not just being a dollar sign in someone elses eyes.

  241. Corey

    Hot lil joint for locals and nites on a budget

  242. maria
  243. Great Value

    This club has dances for $10 from totally nude girls. I do not even know of another place with such a great value for your dance dollars. The staff is friendly and willing to turn a blind eye to the flask that you may chose to pull out of your pocket. Bring a single Ben Frank, and have a great time for hours.

  244. Treasure Sapiro
  245. durango
  246. ben

    Hot little cheerleader type dancers!

  247. joker

    i visit from cali like every other weekend and ive never had a bad thing happen sence im not a local is still only 17 to get in

    and im not going to stop going there

  248. Harrison69

    OMG, so you pull up to the club and right away you think you should leave…you walk in through this porn shop. Pay a 10$ cover and get a free soda (no alcohol cause they are fully nude) it’s a small place but lots of chairs. The girls are banging hot. Lap dances 10 bucks. I fell in love with Roxy. It’s just a quiet little place so you get alot of 1 on 1 attention. And they don’t pressure you. I LOVED THIS PLACE. Just get drunk before you go. Or there is a bar across the street. And your cover is good all day/night so you can leave and come back. ASK FOR ROXY.

  249. yahoo
  250. henry
  251. Doestalker

    Lots of 8-10’s and real $10 lap dances great stage performances.

  252. Ned
  253. tm
  254. joe

    i really liked the club

    the girls are very nice

    the dancing is great

  255. Em L.

    Ladies, Starbucks is hiring and you can keep the tips. I wanted to both cry and bathe in alcohol after leaving. Can’t someone turn this into a funky, rad place instead of the very funky, very sad place it is now?

  256. ANYA
  257. Ian
  258. angie
  259. LACarl

    They had girls in bikinis riding a bull outside, cool.

    Inside $17 admission with free first soda. Small intimate club with well lit stage. One girl follows another. Young cheerleader types easy on the tats and no ghetto or rap. Good rock and roll sounds, no obnoxious DJs and pretty young girls bending it. Lap dances $10 or 2 for $20 ? but they stay naked for the second dance. Good mileage on the laps and the VIPs are reasonable and worth it with full body contact. I will return, best deal in Vegas.

  260. LT
  261. Scott
  262. To Zohan

    I thought they made it illegal for strip clubs to pay cabbies. Can’t believe they still do that crap.

  263. Promise

    This club is surprisingly nice. Located in the old downtown area, I had my suspicions, but once inside, those suspisions subsided. The girls are friendly, and they do not try to hustle you. The staff is friendly as well. I’ll be back

  264. Mike

    Went to Vegas last week and stopped by and had a GREAT time. The Girls were HOT and the dances were amazing. Even went private with Nikki and had the best time ever.

  265. Kirby J

    The club is awesome but what is with all the spam, Jezus.

  266. o
  267. Robert O'Hara

    Talk of the Town is my first and last stop whil visiting Las Vegas. Keep up the good work guy, and I will keep coming back!

  268. Stripper #2
  269. jon
  270. Kati
  271. Bobby

    Wonderful club. I’ll be back again when I’m in Vegas.

  272. chuck
  273. frank

    had a great time !

    thumbs up from me 🙂

  274. Chris

    Excellent time here. I love this club.

  275. MK

    Good times…..even the wife will go back!

  276. Zoe
  277. harryharry

    This place is a dump, and it’s sketchy to the max. Totally the kind of place you’d find in the midwest along truck routes. The girls are bottom teir. The club is about 400 sq. ft. The private bed dances are done in big comfy looking velvet beanbags. The suspended ceiling is missing tiles. The sound system is lousy. Admission is high. There’s really nothing redeeming about the place. Dodge it like a bullet.

  278. bill

    Terry and zyzy are spot on. Great. Try suki, she’s the best of all.

  279. gmoney
  280. clamidia
  281. Tex Mex

    The hottest stripper in Las Vegas works there.

  282. bigpappamurphy

    i don’t care what anyone says about this club because its the best one i have been to in years. the place is a relax and chill place with friendly workers. girls are beautiful and great management. if you don’t believe me, go check out the club for yourself. i am going to make sure i go back there again.


  283. Mak

    This is terrible place I have ever seen. The lady herself provoke the dancer to cheat on customers. They ask for vip room dance for 200. Agrees on 80$ & push you in a stupid room & girl doesnt let u do anything & performs even poor than how she perform outside. The dance outside the room is 10 $ and same (or poor) dance in room for 3 songs costs u 100 $ & and that sucks. I must say I was fooled.

  284. whytee

    This is the best club I have ever been to

  285. Pricsilla's fan

    I just stopped in on my way to the airport. I travel often and I like to sample stripclubs.

    All the girls were good. However, Pricsilla was outstanding.

    She was thin without being skinny and I still am not sure if she had implants. Her breast were too perfect and large to be real but they jiggled when she danced.

  286. Caleb

    Great little club. What is with all the pharma spam stuck in the reviews?

  287. Ed

    It is the only place I go when I am in Las Vegas.

  288. zack
  289. clark
  290. To John

    When did you go? Could have been a off night or day.

  291. jimmy g.
  292. Amber

    alone is worth the drive.

  293. William
  294. f
  295. sam

    agree w/ tg. great place, best kept secret in town. great place w/ mostly regulars.

  296. segth
  297. john
  298. kirk
  299. Michael

    Couldn’t wait to get back after being deployed. This place is great.

  300. Nile Fan

    I love the new girl “Nile” ! She is super hot !

  301. Tiffany

    Tiffanys Cabaret Airport is posting all the spam

  302. karl

    They were shooting a movie the other night with a bride a strongman and agroom and a stripper and a couple of old caddys. Couldn’t tell what was going on but the girls in the club were attentive.

  303. zyzy

    Check out Mengana and Electra– Playboy qality and 18 and friendly. I’d take either one home to Momma but keep an eye on Dad. zyzy

  304. Man from somewhere else

    Money well spent

  305. Zoro

    Always have a great time at this club !

  306. Cordelia

    I work at Talk as a stripper. Best club to work for as a nude dancer in my

    experience. I’ve been with the club for almost 9 months now. The girls are a

    wide variety of every type -all beautiful so every guy is bound to come across

    his “type.”

    The house also doesn’t rob us of the money we make, like another nude club

    I worked at, and we’ve built up a good team so none of the dancers are rude

    to each other. When we’re at work we’re family.

    If you’re lucky enough to catch us on a slow day and the girls are in good

    spirits you could see anything from a lesbian stage show, to all the dancers

    on stage at once doing the cha cha slide, or see us trying out new pole tricks.

    We work for tips on stage, so don’t be one of those guys who sits in the back

    after paying his cover then leaving when he’s had his fill but hasn’t spent a

    dime. If you see something you like let us know with a tip ;D

    Could you imagine if every guy that came in tipped every stripper on shift at

    least $1 dollar??

    That’s at the MOST 20$ out of your pocket.


    _Talk hs come a long way since I started too here’s the list of girls that re

    working these days:

    Mia- Mia is hypnotizing. I always love watching her on stage. Petite and

    perfectly proportioned. Flexible, beautiful, charismtic.. Mia is the shit.

    Ally- Crazy sexy white girl who’s ass can move in ways you never imagined.

    She’s badass, so tip her well.

    Ariel- DD’s. AMAZING DD’s. So incredible that she used to take her panties

    off first, since her breasts are the star of the show. Great girl too, very very


    Lacey- Young, great body, and having fun with it. Always in a new outfit and

    trying different things. I think it’s safe to say: Lacey is enjoying her new found

    stripper lifestyle.

    Mira- our bulgarian stripper with an accent to match. she isn’t so comfortable

    with stripper shoes yet, so excuse her slow dancing on stage. a girl’s gotta be

    careful!! ; D Awesome Large B breasts with a sexy freckle and a small waist.

    Fancy- Gorgeous face, long legs, and long thick beautiful amazon woman

    hair. Really nice girl too.

    Chanel- a former swinging girl from outside, chanel brings attitude and

    spunk to the stage. a beautiful new dancer who’s caught on fast.

    Rose- very petite latina who dances to reggae hip hop. Rose is lots of fun,

    and always looks top notch.

    Entice- Our big bootied athletic white girl who does some outrageous stage

    tricks involving her booty of booties. Don’t be fooled by the tattoo that says

    “Tyrone” it’s just the county she was born in,

    in Dublin.

    Eva- Latina, petite, with perky little titties, tip her well and she’ll smile for


    Diamond- Petite, puerto rican, and huge bouncy double D’s. Bigger and better

    than mine. Diamond is a great hip hop dancer too.

    Precious- our BarbieDoll asian stripper with huge real breasts for her tinier

    than average body. Precious keeps in great shape and I’m sure her perfect

    nipples are the envy of everyone.

    Jenny- the blond bombshell that knows her business.

    Jade- our newest edition to the stripping world. petite and asian with small

    perky titties and gorgeous smile. previously a go go dancer- skills that give

    her stage set that extra oomph. very nice girl.

    Trinity- perfect little B cup tits with small pink nipples. Light skinned great

    body and loves to rock out on stage.

    Pebbles – red headed bombshell that knows how to shake her ass and give a

    good performance. One of the whitest pretty pussies i’ve ever seen too.

    Hope I didn”t forget anyone???

  307. scott peterson

    All the lady are hot and sweet. Not a single girl would have to go christmas fishing with me.

  308. GE 138

    I heart this place !! w00t w00t !!

  309. tonycluber

    This place is terrible now. No more 10 dollar naked lap dances. The prices have been raised on everything. There is now a 25 dollar cover. It use to be ok that the place was small because the lap dances were 10 dollars, and naked. There is now no value to be found here. For 25 dollars you can go to another club where there are more than 4 average looking girls.

  310. Todd

    I went the to Prom night event and had a great time! These guys really know how to put on a party!

  311. Nguyen

    Beautiful girls. Wonderful time.

  312. redhead

    Speachless. Thats how amazing it is.

  313. Nick
  314. New customer

    Most clubs were closed last night so I gave Talk a try. True Talk isn’t a fancy place. However, the girls are smoking hot. It is a little place filled will all American, hot, young and HAPPY girls. There were two that got all my attention. They were Daisy and Beth. They are roommates and are very comfortable with being nude around each other. I have been to all the big clubs in Las Vegas and had more fun at this little place. I will be back. I will be back often. I really enjoyed the low key quality. Not to mention the stage show is fantastic and the VIP rooms were up close and personal. I saw places on these girls that they can’t even see.

  315. Love from Denver

    I didn’t go gambling the entire trip. After I found this gem of a strip club; I didn’t need any other entertainment.

    The entry fee is amazingly low and the dancer are perfect. Molly is the smartest stripper I have ever met and Lacey is the hottest.

    Talk of the Town is a laid-back, easy-going place. I highly suggest you give it a shot.

  316. quentin
  317. Emerson

    Big boobs and flat abs.

  318. greg
  319. bob
  320. Shater
  321. dirty atty

    Of all the clubs in las vegas I enjoyed this one the best. It is the most inexpensive. Where else can you get a $10 lap dance that allows a little touch and a great grind? The lap dance is kind of out in the open, but if you want a little more privacy you can go to the VIP for a half hour for $150. There really isn’t any benefit for the VIP though cuz the rules are the same. This is a really fun club.

  322. charley

    One of Vegas’s secret local spot. This is where the strippers break in and learn the gig. They are young hot and inexperienced.

  323. Needy
  324. Sep
  325. Mr. B

    I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of naturally large breasted women. Cordelia is indeed a prise. She may have the most perfect breast I have ever seen in person. I will be back.

  326. C-Dro

    Hands down the best club I’ve ever been to. It is a hidden gem in Las Vegas.

    $10 full nude lap dances (songs are a very fair 3 minutes). The girls, OH MY GOURD! They have the typical strip club fare, beautiful girls who can dance will with good pole work thrown in for good measure. The classic 3 song per set format (clothed, topless, and nude). But, these girls make tipping fun and exciting. I don’t understand why a lot of guys pay cover and then sit in a dark corner not tipping and not getting dances. Do yourself a favor, GO TO THIS CLUB and TIP at the stage you will have a good time for a reasonable cost.

    This club also has something very special and rare that separates it from other clubs. Many of the dancers actually seem to enjoy what they do, they sit down and your table and just talk and have a good time, little to no pressure for a dance from these girls. They don’t have a lot of the pretty but very mechanical girls who you can tell don’t like what they do and just view customers as ATMs. The ladies at TOTT for the most part are super GENUINE sweet, smart, and interesting to talk to.

    Ah, the dances. Most of the girls seemed to be very experienced. To the point where they can read you and know what type of dance you like. Anything from just having your rock polished for 3 minutes with as little interaction as possible to (my preferred) super cuddly playful fun with a little grind thrown in.

    Some specific reviews

    Tori-one of the nicest women you will ever meet, witty, charming, very cute, and gives excellent dances.

    Molli-Pin-up style redhead. Can read people quickly, has excellent conversations skills, and just is all around amazing at what she does.

    Mercedes-I tend to not like blonds. But WOW! Mercedes so pretty with a great body. Amazing personality she even let me borrow some of her cigarettes because I wanted a smoke and out of politeness I don’t bring my cloves to clubs or bars. A blast to talk to with a wonderful sense of humor. Also gives very hot dances.

    Red-Physically just about my ideal woman. Marilyn Monroe type figure. Gorgeous natural red hair, peachy skin with lovely freckles, perfectly shaped eyebrows, pretty pierced nipples (and navel), and a sexy smile. First saw her on her 5th night ever dancing. Her stage show is incredible, I even tipped her a $10 at the stage just to say thanks for her awesome taste in music.

    Priscilla-Very cute, not very social, but definitely great eye candy.

    Entice-Exotic looking and hot. Gives good dances. Reminds me a little too much of an ex-girlfriend of mine, but if it wasn’t for that. AWESOME.

    Eeek, I have forgotten the names of the other dancers. But I promise you there is something for everyone here. GO, TIP, buy some dances if you can afford to. It really is a GREAT VALUE (remember good value is a strip club doesn’t mean cheap, your paying for a guarantee of the company of beautiful attentive girls).

    Also doorman and all staff are awesome. Try the Deep Throat energy drink (to me tastes like Redbull but better and without the yuck aftertaste)

    Wow I like to ramble 🙂

  327. andrew
  328. s
  329. James
  330. hh
  331. To Greatest Club

    And what kind of drugs were you on when you went to this club?

  332. Jerry

    Not bad.

  333. friendly
  334. Sloan

    This place is too expensive for me

  335. Coates
  336. Kodiak S.

    Went here tonight, and I can safely say that this is the worst strip club I or anyone in my group have ever been to. Some things you can go cheap, sadly strippers is not one of those things. The club was in the back of a sex shop, and seemed to be kind of dirty and the girls were the same way. Would definitely recommend going somewhere more prominent like Spearmint Rhino, or Palomino Club

  337. Albert Robles
  338. Talk

    Have fun kiddies, slash away, we will continue with the positive; getting better and better, your jealousy and negativity will return you no reward.

  339. Jacky
  340. jimbo
  341. XBunny
  342. Smith
  343. june
  344. Paris Hilton

    That’s hot

  345. Jimmy B

    Another great club. Will return before we go home.

  346. ferell

    Hi school and college girls, prom queen quality but sht and most are too inexperienced to hustle. Good mileage with the $10 lap dances, great mileage in the vip rooms. NASCAR type guys by and large in the audience, staff is friendly, many couples, all in all a great little club for those who don’t care about brass and booze. As to the last few posts,with the comments about nasty and crack addicts— well you can see they were written by the same person, who is probably the crack addict. I haven’t seen any drug presence in the club at all. I’m not sure these girls even know what crack is.

  347. casper
  348. t
  349. Hey Ferrell

    I understand your bias to the club as it’s one of your personally favorites but “georgeous” is and overstatment. Even you know that.

  350. Flo R
  351. ChrisSue

    The short blonde got my girlfriend wet!

    Thats HOT!!!

  352. ted
  353. Number One

    This club is number one is quality of girls

  354. bb
  355. Expert

    You couldn’t pay me a million dollars to go to any strip club in Vegas besides Talk of the Town. The Library, Wild Orchid, Spearmint Rhino, Scores,

  356. Adam!
  357. Paige Taylor #1 fan

    Paige mentioned on her myspace that she was at this club. She was and she is even more sexy in person then in her movies.

    SHe was dancing on stage with another girl for one of her sets. All I can say is hot. Very very hot.

  358. Jason

    Delious is hot. So is Nicky.

  359. Franklyn

    Girls were friendly but definitely not your “A lister” strippers as they either have a few pounds on them or don’t have any at all. Overall, I will give it a “C” as the owner is friendly and so if the bouncer and the girls but if you’re looking for something that comes out of Victoria Secrets then I suggest you look else where.

  360. erbie
  361. eve
  362. cool hand luke
  363. Dick Hardwood

    I liked the young girls, easy on the eyes. Has anyone else tried the DEEPTHROAT Energy Drink? It actually tastes good. Between the girls and the drink……I was up all night!

  364. Yancy
  365. raven
  366. ginga

    this club is amazing. i dont know of any other club that could top this one. go down there and check it out for yourself. its on las vegas blvd, just south of charleston before wyoming. love it!

  367. A Solid 2

    I’d rather be at this bar than bored at home. But I’d rather be at any other bar than here (except a gay bar, of course).

  368. fred k

    Great lil club with young girls.

  369. m
  370. Dr. Ben
  371. Old Timer

    This has been my club for years. I know the staff and the girls and it is great. If you are looking for a quality club this is the place.

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