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311 East Flamingo Road, Las Vegas, NV 89169


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0 reviews for “Club Platinum

  1. Clubman

    I visited the club twice on my last trip and had a great time with Lorenna, Lynn, Shugee and others. No cover fair and fair prices on the drinks. The club is really small but all the girls are friendly. It beats going to the big clubs with 30$ covers and 10-15$ drinks. Its my favorite club in town now.

  2. Patrick S.

    Pretty horrible. There were no other customers in the place when we walked in on a Friday night. The two dancers appeared to be in their fifties. The video poker machine at the bar actually ripped me off. I usually love dive bars, but this place was just dismal.

  3. Eli

    Small club, not much of anuything about anything.

  4. Mistercap12

    I came here with my boyfriend now husband, Ari. he really wanted me to come here because he finds this place is very interesting. I have not been to very many strip clubs but the dancers here are a little older. However it was a nice experience. Attractive factor 6/10.We had a very nice time but I thought the drinks were a tad pricey but it’s Las Vegas.

  5. Thomas W.

    This is a great strip club if you understand what you’re getting into before you go. This is not going to have the hottest girls or house the most exotic liquors. This is a BUDGET strip club. Yes, it is tiny. And yes, the girls are older. But there is no cover, and beers are the cheapest I have seen in all of Las Vegas. Lap dances are only 20 dollars and the girls are not overly aggressive like they are n many other places I’ve been to. The fact that lap dances are given out in the open on a couch set against one side of the room is a bit disconcerting at first, but it really is part of the charm of this place. Another great thing is that this club is walk able from the strip (.9 miles away from plant Hollywood). I’d suggest hitting this place for a couple hours if you want a super cheap strip club that isn’t too far from the strip.

  6. Anthony L.

    So let me explain…I am a Data Specialist/Project Manager for a VERY large construction company…so needless to say my construction working employees always want to get lunch at strip clubs and have meetings at strip clubs! lol So now that you know why I was there…let me tell you about the experience. First, the girls are OK looking…some definitely didn’t plan for a proper retirement and shouldn’t be in there working at this point in their life. Second, the place had the standard smell…coconut lotion, sweat and cleaning products. Third, there are better options in this town, but not a BAD overall experience…I’ve just had better…so that’s the reason for the 3star.

  7. Big Bill
  8. Chris Chapman

    I got screwed at this place. I got drunk and payed $100 to kiss a stripper and then another $100 to eat her out and didn’t receive anything in return, not even a lapdance. I thought it was gonna last forever, but the only thing that remains is the crabs. What happens in vegas stays in vegas my ass.

  9. Big B

    This is a nice small club, there are a few girls(I will use that word loosely) that work the early shift that should have retired from dancing a decade ago, but if you go in after 10 the girls are way above average. Some of the dancers will pressure you to get a dance, but come on that is their job. Most will sit and talk awhile. My Favorite is Sandy, well worth the price and a outstanding lap dance. Destiny is a very close 2nd to Sandy and also will give you a dance to remember. Lynn and Genie will show you a great time also. Over all the Club is a nice get away, cheap drinks and nice local atmosphere. If you go in avoid the girls that say they will go the extra mile, because you never know where they have been.

  10. eddyL

    Only strip club I’ve ever been to where I wanted to give the girls money to put their clothes back ON. No cover doesn’t make up for the nastiness your eyes will encounter

  11. Lindsey S.

    Be forewarned, the business name on your credit card statement will appear as, “The Tender Trap.” I don’t know why I’ve ended up here so many times. I guess … nope, I really don’t know. It’s a tiny, tiny strip club. It smells remarkably like a fresh perm. The entertainment is, um, of the … how do I say this … veteran variety. Wait, I just figured it out. It’s a place to go to see topless women and not pay out the hind end for a couple cocktails. That’s quite the compromise if you ask me.The “VIP Room” is a sort of cubicle in the back near the men’s restroom. I really don’t have anything else to say about Club Platinum. Oh, wait, yes I do. The big Samoan doormen and bartenders are pretty cool and very friendly.

  12. Rob

    Went here with some friends for a bachelor party. It was the first time in a Strip Club for most of us and we all had a great time. Sandi, one the club’s entertainers, is reason enough to check this place out. She’s incredible.

  13. Las Vegas Local

    This club is amazing one girl on stage and one bartender I had more fun at this club than I did at Crazy horse 3 . Plus Nobody over 50 years old at this place. Went to Sophia’s had a great time and still saved money. The other problem at crazy horse 3 the VIP HOSTS most of them are ridiculous shaking people down to upgrade unreal to see and why can’t management see what’s happening. SOPHIA’S IT IS FOR ME MY GO TO CLUB

  14. XhXeXy

    Awesome Bartender, stiff drinks. No cover. Bar like atmosphere, good entertainment. Came here on vacation, best place for drinks. Waitress friendly.

  15. dopeboy19

    This is a nice LITTLE strip club. I can’t get over how small it is. One great thing about this place it you will never lose anyone in there if you get split up. The drink prices are great! I think the beer and shots were no more than $3-$5. I got top shelf Jack and it was $8 which I never complain about at any bar. They had a grip of machine to gamble on the pay outs weren’t bad not the losses in the area but better than the other strip clubs I have been to.Finally the girls or should I say women. The handful of woman who I have seen work there have definitely been cool chicks. Most of them have been in there 40’s and up. None were pushy and the ones I talked to all had a good sense of humor. I definitely recommend this place. It feels like a local bar with cheap drinks and half naked women dancing.

  16. Olddude

    Small oldtime club, no cover and reasonable drinks. Go after 10:30pm, thats when the night shift starts, usually 8-10 girls working after that. Girls rate from 5-8 and in two nights I only saw one that should not be working. Mostly Milfs which is my peference anyway. All the ladies were willing to socialize and the pressure for dances was low. The dances were good and the songs were full length. I will visit again on my next trip to town.

  17. club addict

    No cover, fair prices on the drinks, full length songs and above average dances. The club is very small and usually only has 6 to 10 girls working but the place is never crowded so you get a lot of attention and the girls will always socialize. Dancers are from 4 to 8’s and there has always been at least 3 7&8’s when I have visited. Ivisit this place 3 or 4 times per year and have always had a good time. Its not fancy but thats not what I go to a club for. It reminds me of a neighborhood bar, only with dancers and dances.

  18. AssnTits5

    I went with a guy who is from out of town–he is not a high roller–we had a wonderful time—the lap dances he seemed to enjoy the drinks were cheap and the girl bartender was great this is good value really is would tell my friend to go when they are from out of town and want a not so expensive nite on the town marcella

  19. Steve

    Great time, nice girls, dances are worth the price.

  20. Pamela M.

    It is a small club with no pressure and hustle at all!. You ended up feeling like you are in a regular bar but with the show in front of you. My recommendation If you want to enjoy your time and having a good conversation (yes! there is time to talk) with a pretty girl and not expense a fortune! come here!. You will be treated as a king for your time and well worth money. I almost forgot no cover and the drinks are cheap. What else you can ask!.

  21. Fargo

    This is probably the best club I have been to. No cover and drinks are reasonably priced. Where else can you go and pay no cover, have naked women, watch sports and drink alcohol. The girls aren’t pushy at all even take the time to get to know you and chat with you. There was a wide variety of girls and all looked beautiful.

    Lap dances are fabulous! I did not try the VIP. More contact than any other club I have been to. My two favorites were Devine and Shugee. These two were sooo sexy and seductive.

    I applaud the club. I was there 3 out of 4 days while in Vegas and will be there again next month!

  22. Minnesota nice
  23. JohnnyB

    I love this club. The dancers are so friendly without being pushy. Love getting dances from Lynn when she is not serving. Shugee is always a tease! Great dive bar feel with naked women!

  24. VegasM

    I live a few blocks from Club Platinum, get there maybe twice a year (when you line here strip clubs just aren’t all that exciting – LV is full of hot women).

    It is one of the better non-pushy clubs around and the dances are among the best. Dancers are friendly as is the bar staff.

    Platinum’s, like all strip clubs in Vegas, doesn’t begin to compare to PT’s Denver (on Sante Fe) but it comes close.

  25. Christine A.

    No regrets. It’s a dive, of course. Sure, we were there on a night when the ladies didn’t come any younger than 50 years of age, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t have any talent working the pole(s). And hey, no cover and the drinks were cheap, by Vegas standards these days. We sipped $4 well drinks while taking in the atmosphere. The place was fairly empty on a Sunday night, but there were two young Asian guys seated front and center who kept throwing bills around for all the women, making it rain. An older fellow was getting extra treatment in the darkened corner to the right of the stage. He was constantly in our peripherals, as the head bobbing and grinding continued for at least a half hour. Once he was finally done, another older gentleman took his place with a different stripper of his choosing. There were a couple times when a particularly mature woman would take her place on stage, Brandon D. and I expected it to be . . . interesting. And it would be. We were watching gals who could be old enough to be our mothers climb up the pole and twirl around with more enthusiasm than we’ve seen from girls less than half their ages. That’s the benefit of going here: the women try harder and their experience shows. At the same time, they leave you alone. The ladies never came by to pressure us into buying lap dances or anything, and it was appreciated. It’s not the classiest of places (OBVIOUSLY), but it’s worth the experience of watching topless ladies, a few years from eating discounted meals at IHOP, give younger exotic dancers a run for their G-string money.

  26. domingos f.

    I am giving 1 star is because I got robbed by the striper (mj)during lap dance,I did 3 songs lap dance,I had 720$ in my pocket before the lap dance,out of which I gave 120$ to the striper(mj),my money came out off my pocket during the lap dance but I pulled it back inside my pant,but at the end of the lap dance I ended up losing 600$.the staff did try hard to help me on this,they question the striper but she denied and got away from this situation as there are no cameras in the club.the striper tried to put on her coworker(other striper).but I am 100% sure she picked up my money.i was very generous tiping her too both time,she was a very good actor too as she acted so well as she doesn’t know what is going on..she asked me for a drink after all this happen as if nothing happen,but I was still nice enough to buy her drink.These Kind of striper really bad for business..

  27. Carl

    Last time I was there I got most of my fist up a dancer’s cunt.

  28. Buddy

    This was a fantastic place. We were in for CES, and will be back next year!

  29. NYPimp

    Very Good Atmosphere, Dancers are not pushie for money. Small main stage is the only bad thing.

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