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0 reviews for “Fantasy Girls

  1. maxxy1

    Only come here during Friday night and Saturday. The rest of the time, this place is dead. This place brings me much happy memories from my youth. I was assaulted here by 4 breasts that almost gave me a black eye and a broken nose. My ex got to dance on stage and on the poles just for fun. A mixed bag of strippers from young to old. Most of the younger girls are imports from Sacramento. Even met a biker’s “old lady” that worked here. So many girls to choose from. Happy times.I don’t like the fact that they charge cover even for female. Most clubs ladies are free.Sunday through Thursday = 1 star.Tip your strippers well, support single moms! Next time people ask if you donate/volunteer, tell them you supported students through college and fed many them babies.

  2. Johnnyboy123

    Thank for everyone ‘s feed back. I haven’t been to any strip clubs in Reno. But I’m not going to pay $400 dlls for a bottle of whiskey. Thanks for the information I hope not all strip clubs are over priced?

  3. Rick

    Checked last Saturday night, 1 or 2 girls are really gud looking, but rest of the girls are mediocre. there were around 15-20 girls, and here the bouncers show u a table and always keep an eye on you, which makes really uncomfortable.

  4. richard95

    We decided to come here after a previous positive experience for my birthday on Saturday night. We paid $30 at the Wild Orchid to partake in some crazy shuttle bus scheme that brings you to 3 clubs, FG included. Too steep a price, obvi. Don’t they want you to spend your money on the girls? Anyway, we had to wait ~40 min for the shuttle after we were turned down due to a large party that would be taking it before us. A friend in our group had to track down the driver once we were ready, but it did bring us to our destination as promised. The quality of FG girls way surpasses the previous bunch at The Orchid. Perhaps it was due to our previous visit there, but it strangely felt like home. Well, familiar. And with tits. As a member of the fairer sex, I was treated to several shirt pull-ups, nuzzles, licks from the performers, and everyone there that night has seen me topless (though not of my own accord). But dddddaaaaammmmn was it fun. I just can’t pass on motorboating a stranger. Best line of the evening to my bf: “You want some titties?” He was already standing up. Tips- Sit at the stage, unless you want a lap dance I suppose. Def. more fun to be part of the show. Alcohol was pricey but not horrible. Friends who came with us who have allergies and thus could not partake in the boozing were charged $5 apiece for a half bottle of water. I think they filled up from the bathroom tap after. This place isn’t too high pressure with refilling drinks constantly, but I always recommend to pace yourself at a place like this. Namely because I’m cheap, but you should really give your cash to the sexy bitches dancing for you…it’s amazing what $1 can buy.

  5. Mistercap12

    Horrible place security team feel like they are God’s and mess with you when all they need is one guy to defuse the situation smh will never be back again.. not much else to say.

  6. Che

    Wow, I tried to buy a DJ a drink for a tip for playing me a couple songs and he said he couldn’t drink because management breathalizes employees randomly. No wonder they get negative reviews on staff. Maybe if they weren’t treated like criminals they would be more fun to be around. Girls were good tho. Music was good also. Overall had a good time. 2.00$ drafts awesome!

  7. eddyL

    Lets just say i’ve been hangng around this place for the last 6 years and it is definitly the best strip club in reno! Its not over the top fancy and upscale snooty like mens club or wild orchid and its not dirty with the throwback strippers like spice house. Its a great laid back club that is also clean and has beautiful strippers from all ethnicities. Yes most of the weekend girls are from sacrmento but the local girls are the most chill and friendly, not overly pushy.Monday night football and the monthy UFC showings are alot of fun with 3$ drink specials and 10$ lapdance specials. They also have raffles and swag an giveaways and all sorts of shit like that. The owners own 2 other clubs in town and the door girl will talk you into getting a pass that gets you into all 3 clubs but if you just want to stay at fantasy girls, you can talk them down on the cover charge.The ladies give great dances there on the couches for 25$ on the floor or 60$ in the private room. Nice middle of the road club where everyone fits in.

  8. Johnson12

    I will definitely try this place again when I’m in town. I was here last month on a Thursday evening. It wasn’t great…it wasn’t bad though. The cover charge let’s you into 3 separate strip clubs so go here first. The inside is decent. The girls….completely hit or miss. Had a lap dance from a really pretty tall blonde. She talked alot of shit but she was cool. Had another girl approach me. I think she was on something. She wasn’t mean when I declined so that’s good. There was this short chubby girl there who had no business working there. The guy she was dancing on seemed to enjoy it so whatever works. No pressure kind of atmosphere. I will definitely try it again.

  9. toungpunch

    I would just like to start this off with a big f k off to the gentileman that

    calls himself RENOGUY you have the right to your opinion but you

    should shut your f. ken mouth before it gets you F.U.B.A.R.D. I think

    that you yourself are fat and wish you could get a girl that looks

    pregnant. Expecialy that looks like the girl your talking about. You really

    should keep your opinions to yourself that girl is one of the most

    beautiful girls I’ve seen.

  10. Alex-from-Vallejo

    Trashy dancers AT NIGHT with the usual high pressure sales pitch for couch dances. Very surly bartenders and bouncers, it appears they all hate to work here. Can’t say I blame them. I’ll pass by this place on my next visit to Reno!

  11. Allison B.

    So, this trip to Reno been eventful thus far…visited 1 brothel and 4 strip clubs in one day.Here is my review of Fantasy Girls…I have a bit of a thing for strip clubs, and this one wasn’t the worst, but was far from the best. The girls are alright, some of them can dance, others made me want to toss some dollars on the stage just so they wouldnt dance. One girl had THEE worst weave I’ve ever seen in my life and another girl looked like she needed to eat a snicker bar asap.This club did have a $2 happy hour beer special, which was cool enough. No cover at the door and it wasnt overly smokey, which was great. The thing I didnt really dig on, and maybe its because I’m from Southern California (Home of the Beautiful people), is that there didnt seem to be much thought process in hiring some of these girls. A few of them should have thrown in the towel a long time ago, and it kinda broke my heart a little.

  12. Arthur K.

    We were here on a Friday night to see only 5 girls working and not a single one was hot. There was a black girl so high on crack or meth that she couldn’t even make eye contact when she spoke. She even yelled at us for not paying her when we didn’t even get a dance from her. We promptly left to play blackjack the rest of the night.

  13. Beau

    The only club that I will ever visit again in Reno.

  14. jason
  15. ryan123

    Tried to short me $15 on the change for cover. Don’t you know I’m good at math no matter how drunk I am?! Not asian-friendly.

  16. Jim
  17. 775
  18. NV6970

    Went for the first time with my wife on my 40th, first time at FG and first time my wife set foot in any such joint. She was totally up for it, and this was the perfect place to go. Low key, no pressure, sat near the back and weren’t bugged at all. In fact, there were several other couples there, which helped. One very hot blond sat by us, no hard sell tactics at all, and we each got a lapdance in the private room from her. AMAZING–stuff I really didn’t even think they were allowed to do, most of it involving my wife, which was incredibly hot)–so we each had a few more. The drinks are overpriced and the DJ played WAY too much rap, but that didn’t matter: This was truly an unforgettable experience.

  19. joseph1k

    Really hot girls here, came here for my bachelor party and returned for a friend’s. The cover charge is pretty high ($25) and drinks are fairly expensive. The only thing is none of the strippers talked to me or offered me any lapdances or anything, even the dude with the thundercats t-shirt was getting accosted by hot chicks! Will definitely go back if I happen to be in the area with friend’s though, a good fun time all around. Oh yeah, and the old man who gives out towels in the bathroom is a nice touch.

  20. MIKE

    DOG is kinda right. Lots of ghetto music. Three of the clubs are owned by the same outfit so $20 gets you into all 3. I went to all three. These clubs are almost carbon copies of each other. They play 50 minutes of ghetto music to 10 minutes of rock. If you want a rock playing bar without the ghetto go to Goldfinger.

  21. Boo !
  22. Jake

    Plenty of georgeous ladies. My friends and I had a blast, my favorites were these two blonds but can’t remember their names. We will be back.

  23. boneher

    relax and pitch a tent to good looking women and good music.

  24. fritter17

    Went here after the Men’s Club and damn, my friend and I should have stayed there. Went here just to try out this place and damn. The parking lot was somewhat filled so we thought it’d be cracking. $20 cover for a Sunday night? Well shit, there better be some hot girls here. My buddy asked for a military discount and they have none (unlike Men’s Club where he got in for free). First of all, this place is dark. Darker then some other places. Maybe its to hide the girls looks? I’m not trying to be mean but why the hell wouldn’t I complain about a spot where we pay to look at girls? Second, our waitress. Sorry girl but do NOT ask for a tip. Customer service skills are not with you. If you do well and converse and seem happy, yes, I would’ve tipped you more. Third, only one decent looking girl who my friend had to ask from the bar to get a dance from. Shortly after, we left. A total of 20 minutes before we left. All in all, waste of $30. $20 to get in, $8 for the drinks, $2 for the shitty attitude tip to the waitress. Save your money folks. Avoid this spot.

  25. Mike Hawk
  26. DINO
  27. big ears

    it sucks

  28. Scooter Pie
  29. Franklyn

    Walked up with my bf and we were getting harassed in the parking lot. A car full of people were honking at us. Got in and it was 50 for both of us. Some of the girls were nice, others not so much. It’s filled with a bunch of old females, with huge stomachs, bad boob jobs and cellulite. My bf liked this girl in the pink. I wasn’t very impressed from the neck down. Decent face, bad attitude. Like do the strippers work? Or just sit and drink and text in there phone all day. I’m also sick of these young girls under 21 telling us that they’re underage. Like congratulations do something else with your life. Anyway, I asked for a dance for my bf from the girl one link because we made a bet and I had to pay up. She came over and said she doesn’t do floor dances and it’s 60 to go in the back. I was like whatever, fine. My bf says no bc she was being kinda stand off-ish and she just gets up and leaves. I was just like wtf.. I’m not trying to count her money but she only danced once, sat the bar the entire night talking and sipping on a drink. Like girl, you’re in Reno. Not Atlanta or Vegas. Step your cookies up.

  30. TC

    Awesome club. Good variety of girls, and most were very hot. All were very friendly to both myself and my wife. Lap dances ranged from very good to excellent. Draft beers were $2.00 during our time there… what a deal! Only drawback was that it is pretty bright throughout the club, which takes a little away from the sensuality of the experience. Not a big deal in the grand scheme of things, though. Highly recommended!

  31. reno_guy

    Fat, Unappealing Girls and Obnoxious, Rude Staff

    I dropped by today, Saturday — to have a beer, watch some football, and some girls. a dozen guys were there. I saw two girls dance. Once with droopy tits and heavily teased half bleached hair. Ugh. But she seemed nice — personality. Not appealing to sit at the stage though.

    I was wating for a beer. No waitress in sight. Second dancer was very fat. Almost unbelievable she would be dancing in a strip club. Looked 7 months pregnant. Perhaps she is. But she was smoking at the bar. Hope she is not pregnant for the kids sake.

    Wow two dancers with no appeal. This place has gone way down hill.

    Then a total asshole comes up to me and says “ok buddy, get out of here!” in a loud obnoxious voice. I thought it was a joke. I grinned a bit. He continued “Come on buddy get out. There’s a two drink minimum and you have had nothing to drink.” I said, “yea, I have been waiting to be served all 20 minutes I have been here. Slow service huh?.”

    He tries to grab me, but I walk away.

    Wow. I had thought he was maybe some drunk on a prank — but he seemed to actually work there.

    Tough psycho-based rules at Fantasy girls in force these days I guess: If you are waiting more than 20 minutes to be served a beer, you are rudely thrown out. WTF?!

    So if you want totally bizzare, psycho, rude obnoixious staff, and fat unappealing girls, hey, Fantasy Girls is your club. Otherwise, stay far away.

    Its too bad. They had some nice girls over the past year. Now its by far the worst place in town.

  32. Billy

    Best club in Reno hands down. I had the best night their. Hot girls, hot dances. Fun time!

  33. DOG

    The girls are fair. Nothing to write home about. They are slow and looked bored being up on the stage, no enthusiasm. They played hella ghetto tunes. Very little rock.

  34. AssnTits5

    I didn’t like the fact that they had to charge $15/person. I went with a group of guys and my bf.So there was a total of 5… $75 for all of us.Mix drinks where $5 (ex. lemon drop)lap dance on a chair $20lap dance on a lounge chair $25…LOTS of $1 bills here and there with decent looking girls. We went on late Monday/early Tuesday.I have to say there was a cute Asian girl w/nice boobies and a small badunkadunk. I paid her to give my man a lap-dance.My guy friends enjoyed it since it was like their first time.Girls get special treatment. I got pulled up stage and got a little show and tell act.The girls were nice to me. Though when they had my face in between their boobies I thought I was getting some actual abuse from the boobies slapping me in da face. Tough call and hard to say. Most of them played it safe and fun. No broken noses. I like’em soft and med-size boobies.My man told me she almost broke his nose for being kind of rough. But he enjoyed it. Next strip-bar stop will be Crazy Horse in S.F. All in all it wasn’t bad.

  35. Royal Kuhio

    Dark inside with a few sexy girls. Lap dances are YMMV. Wine is $10 and water is $2.

  36. mathewater12

    First off, I can’t believe I’m writing a review for a strip club (because that means I’m admitting that I went to one). HAHA. Well, I decided to be a bit open minded and take my husband there (for a treat) after our dinner date. It was our first time to a strip club together. We went at about 8pm, so it was very slow. Entry was $25 per person. Not a big deal but kinda high considering we were really only planning on staying for an hour. I wanted to treat him to a private lap dance in the back room). We were able to get a drink quickly ($24 for two drinks after a $5 tip). We then sat at the rail area to watch the girls pole dance. It was a lot of fun for a while. The girls gave me a lot of attention and I could tell my hubby was enjoying it. Then, all of a sudden, things turned. There was a man (more thuggish than most) that walked up, right next to me at the rail, and threw down $20 in $1s. He made a comment to my husband and me about him throwing it down for “you and your swinger wife.” I was appalled. My husband wanted to confront him but I wouldn’t let him. Where was the security?!?! I can’t believe they would let something like that happen there. After that, I had my husband go ask a girl how much for a private dance. She told him $300 for him and his wife?!?! Seriously?!? I could go to the Bunny Ranch with that much and get more action than I would have there. At that point, we got up and left. After less than an hour there and $100 spent, I feel completely ripped off…This place is by far the worst strip club I’ve ever been to (and I’ve been to a lot of ghetto one’s in Los Angeles)!

  37. fritter17

    Hands down the funnest strip club in Reno, the girls are fun and overall friendly. There are a few that i could do without but who am i!? I love it there, Ive spent many nights there not leaving til the sun came up!

  38. timmykilla

    Took my boy here for his bachelor party, 25 cover,30 for the 3 club hopper pass. Wild Orchid has nothing on this place!…. As a bay boy I appreciate REAL women, not nasty little bimbos like the aforementioned club… $5 for a glass of fat tire, $6 for a bottle of Corona with lime…. For 6 shots of Patron it’s like $44 or something at wild Orchid, so I’d assume it’s less here….. Anyway, both establishments had bathroom attendants, nice touch. The baddest girl there was the stupidly thick waitress that “Does not ever dance.”…. Ferrari had uber personality and showed my wife and I a good time at the table where we were sitting with our party….. $20 lap dances for two songs at your table.. Didn’t need to get a back room with how awesome the women work for that 20… Not up tight, and not disgusting at all… Each girl wipes the poles in between dancers with a cloth and disinfectant to keep from getting ring worm and the such….. Awesome establishment! Don’t go anywhere else.

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