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6814 Winnetka Avenue, Winnetka, CA 91306


34.194301, -118.570677




8am – 8pm


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8am – 8pm


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10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Candy Cat Too!

  1. eddyL

    My friend and I stumbled upon this hole in the wall on a Sunday afternoon while visiting some of the top ten strip clubs in L.A. (list found on Google) for fun. There are no words to express my disbelief! Its located in a residential area and there were kids playing in the parking lot, its teeny tiny (not at all what I would call a strip club, more of a dive bar as others said, I was literally looking for the rest it like is this really it???) and there were only two dancers who were so old D: !! I mean i know its a strip club but this place was horrid! The men looked they could all be found on the Megan’s Law website & I feel bad even saying that cause for all I know they could have been very nice people but not a place for anyone under 40(I’m 23). We left within 5 minuets of walking in. If I ever have daughters who wants become strippers I will definitely bring them here & I can guarantee they will change their minds instantly. How it made he top 10 list, I will never know! But we did have a good laugh on the way out because the whole experience was quite hilarious in my opinion ….

  2. Steve T.

    This place sucks! The girls are dirty, nasty, old, rude and the whole place is run down…. Its empty inside for a reason!! All the employee’s have attitudes… The bouncers and locals think they own the girls… I hear there being sued… A real dump! You are warned!

  3. Gerard W.

    3.5 stars. I visited this establishment on a Friday afternoon and it’s less strip club, more chill local bar where the females constantly take their tops off. There’s no cover. They have an older but probably loyal group of customers. The dancers were friendly and not at all pushy. They kind of make the rounds and thank the tippers after their set, then relax at the bar and chit chat Though most of the dancers skewed to the older age range, they all had at least one attribute that made me sit at the rail and enjoy myself. You can also get private dances in the back that last 2 full songs for $25. Good deal in my book. Add in beers for a good price, free pizza (I think) every Friday afternoon and dollar games of pool, it’s a pretty nice place to waste a few hours. One day I’ll check it out at night and see if the bar to strip club ratio remains the same. Special mention goes out to Daisy. Go White Sox.

  4. AssnTits5

    Casual atmosphere, free entrance, 40% of the dancers are pretty, 70% of the bartenders are pretty. The bouncers put sports on TV if you ask and don’t hassle you unless you make trouble. If you can get over the stench smell from the bathroom this is a good place to have a beer and relax in cognito.

  5. joseph1k

    Wtf! I should have just gone to Chucky E.Chesse at least i would have gotten a way better selection of beer and seen some better titties ,not these old ass grannies..Screw this spot!

  6. Amber B.

    Definitely not fancy and definitely rough around the edges but step into this time warp and you will feel like you are in an episode of Sons of anarchy. The strippers ain’t pretty but it’s fun and laughs or what you’re looking for, you found it.

  7. fuckery12

    Ok, I would not normally frequent such an establishment of ill repute- they only serve beer! and it’s not full nude. But, a friend works here and so thought I’d stop in and say Hello, also gave me a reason to check out some new booty , I like a nice booty.The place is very small. And kind of rough, not what you’d call a “Gentleman’s Club”, but hey, I’m not a gentleman. There was a pretty blonde girl, but I forget her fake name. Anyways, if you have to see some tits and ass for cheap this would be the place, but at least offer up some tips, fellas, it saddens the heart when they don’t get much cause I know it’s a lot harder than it seems to take off your clothes in front of strangers. And everyone’s just trying to make a living as best they can. I appreciate that they do it in the trade of removing clothes while dancing.

  8. XhXeXy

    I bartend here. There are some beautiful and talented girls here on the stage. But mostly just a beer and wine sports bar with pool tables, eyecandy, and lapdances… Bella is pool shark (beware) haha!

  9. Abby O.

    When I lived in LA, this was probably my favorite “dive bar” to go to. Whether it was late at night, or early in the evening, I always thoroughly enjoyed my time there. I definitely would NOT call this place a “strip club”; I guess the term “titty-bar” would better suffice. Either way, I have missed it every day that I’ve been away from LA.First off- there is no cover fee, which is AWESOME if you want to have a drink and see some mostly-naked women (how often is there no cover fee, really?) The security guards are pretty nice, too. They got to know my boyfriend and me pretty well, and were always warm and welcoming and mostly talkative when we’d show up. The girls… Well, some are… Some are not, um… Well. Let’s just say, a few of them probably have three or four kids at home, and it shows. BUT! Some girls… Whew! Pretty enough that I definitely had a girl crush on a few of them. Not only pretty, but usually very sweet, very talkative. My boyfriend and I even made friends with one girl, with short hair, that was dyed a different color almost every time. The girls there are mostly super real and cool, and usually smoked cigarettes outside with me!There are pool tables, but I don’t play pool, so I can’t really comment on it. It’s 1.00 a game, though. Here is the best part…DUNDUNDUNDUN!! A PITCHER of FAT TIRE for 10.00!! What the WHAT?! That’s what I call a good deal!Again- NOT a strip club. Pretty small, cramped, and QUITE dingy. And by quite dingy, I mean super dingy. But whether it’s a weekend and you want to get pretty trashed (cheap beer!), or if it’s midnight, on a weekday, after a long day at work, Candy Cat Too is a very enjoyable and fun experience : )UPDATE::Went back to the Candy Cat this Christmas vacation, after not being there for a few months, and was treated absolutely HORRENDOUSLY by the bartender. We are REGULARS at this place- the bouncers know us by name. Jessica, the bartender, was absolutely rude to us, to the point that we got up, walked out, and probably won’t be back if she is ever there. Way to lower your girls’ clientele, and your tips!

  10. Johnnyboy123

    Ok … Came here on a Wednesday just for kicks… I DO gotta say that the talent was much better this time… No girls with hickies on there boobs hahahaha..Older lady (doesn’t look older but she said she was) had a huge rack and long ass legs…The other girl in the green had a serious body and some serious booty moves..Not a bad spot to play a game of pool..grab a beer and watch some topless dancers..

  11. harryharry

    its like cheers=)

  12. rogerrab2

    Saddest place I’ve ever been to. Seriously. I can’t believe I even went (I went along with a boys night, and even some of the guys said they felt like this was the most depressing experience of their lives).

  13. fritter17

    Don’t know why people hate. If you want to drink good priced beer, play a game of cheap pool (1$), and see some titties, this is your spot. Not the nicest place, or fanciest, or best looking girls (most are good looking, sometimes not so much), but its free. What more do you need besides pool beer titties?

  14. Dmitry S.

    Bartender got mad at us for not tipping her when two beers cost $20. Like wtf. They were caronas. Wow. Then she came around asking tips for the juke box. WTF. The “ENTERTAINERS” weren’t entertaining. The pool tables were so close together that you couldn’t move. The music is way too loud to the point where it hearts your ear drums, it’s also very distorted. Basically, it’s an all around depressing place, where they try to suck every single cent out of you Bar tenders are rude, drinks are over priced. The place is small and it smells. In my personal opinion it’s an all around depressing last resort. Let’s just say I’d rather go to Dennys and look at the waitresses because even they are prettier than the “Entertainers” at the club. I went there for my friends break up with his gf. Let’s just say he left even more depressed.

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