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0 reviews for “Men’s Club of Reno

  1. Ashley S.

    Best strip club! Went here with my husband tonight and we had an amazing time! The girls were all super hot!!!! $20cover charge and $20 dances. Well worth it and we will definitely go back. Thanks Princess & Malibu for the awesome lap dances!!!

  2. Aaron

    Went there last weekend for a bachelor party and loved ALL of the women! Bought the bachelor VIP treatment in the back and had the time of his life. Beautiful women but expensive drinks. Dont go if you just want to watch because they will boot you eventually. I am definately going back! Still thinkin about it.

  3. new regular

    I went to the Mens Club last weekend and had a blast! I had a few dances all of which were good. Molly gave both the best show overall stage show and lapdance. I will definatly be comming back for more…

  4. Elisa C.

    The sushi chef is really friendly, and the AYCE sushi was okay, but they had a number of original rolls that I haven’t seen anywhere else. After eating at the sushi bar, you go to the back and enjoy some boobies ;)I was a little disappointed by the strippers… Out of the 10 or so that I stayed for, I was only entertained by 2 of them. I was actually more entertained by the drunk 40 year old lady patron behind me trying to give her husband (or whoever) lapdances.Let’s face it there really isn’t much to do in Reno outside of casinos, so give this place a shot. Cover isn’t too bad (I think $10 before 7pm, $20 after).

  5. RaiderX
  6. felixnada

    I really like this club. They treat me very well, especially the long term employees that know me. The food is very good (can’t speak to the sushi, I would never eat that) like the wings, chicken strips, etc. The price in the early afternoon for food and drinks is very reasonable for a club like this. Cost to enter is free for veterans/military. Of course beautiful women add to the atmosphere. The only thing I would like better is if it was open for lunch!!!

  7. Jesse W.

    Place was a delight until the dancer on stage destroyed my 140$ Oakley’s. We are in Nevada, the sun requires eye protection here; no regard. Before that I had an amazing time.

  8. billtheguy12

    So I brought my military buddy here just to have some fun on a Sunday (tonight). Great choice since it was close to the hotel and a little walk away. My buddy got in for free (because he’s military) and there was a $10 cover for me. This is my second time being here (5 stars for the first time I went here too by the way) and we got seated next to the stage and where the girls go in and out of. Great seats for the view. Our waitress was a hottie blonde and was super nice. Dancers, yes. Good to very pretty girls working tonight. A Sunday night mind you. $20 dances and was well worth every penny. Got 3 dances in (my friend bought one for me and I returned the favor….twice). First girl, random walk up blonde but she’s pretty. Knows how to move. Awesome. Second girl, “Cole” *I’m not posting your real name even though you have a cute name* was one of my first choices. Took awhile to get her but well worth it. Awesome conversationalist and cute personality. Third, didn’t get her name but oh my Lordy she’s hot. I should’ve said yes to the second dance. You deserved that extra tip for that dance. *the girl in the night gown looking see through top* Forgot to add, all natural bodies. Win in my book. Went to Fantasy Girl after just to try it out and folks, I regret every second of it. We should’ve stayed here.I’ll be back again when I visit Reno. Thank goodness for free hotels for me.

  9. joseph1k

    This place is also listed under other names. I have left another review detailing my horrible experience on another listing where it is called “French Club”. Here it is copied and pasted for your reading pleasue.I would be willing to bet the positive reveiws here are either friends or family of the employees.”Apparently this is the same club that’s listed under “Mermaids”, although from what I understood, Mermaids may be just the name of the restaurant and technically not the club. Anyway.So I took a female friend of mine here for her birthday. She had never been to a strip club and I’m afraid after this she won’t be interested in seeing another one.First of all there’s a cover charge of $10 to get in. We both had to pay even though females are often let into a “gentleman’s club” for free. But that’s just a small gripe.Once in I got a coke and she got a glass of wine. The coke was in a small glass and was full of ice and cost me $4.50. Her glass of wine cost $10.Today is a Tuesday and it wasn’t that busy. More dancers than customers for sure. However, after being there for about one hour sipping on our drinks and watching the stage (and TV’s) we had to leave. We received absolutely NO attention at this club. We barely got any eye contact from the ladies. I’ve never felt so snubbed in my life. Most of the girls were actually just hanging around near the bar in the back talking with each other. But I was watching carefully and all of the other customers were getting some attention, and me and the birthday girl I brought received NONE.I will never go here again, and I absolutely don’t recommend anyone give it a try.”

  10. Nice Guy

    Nice club with hot dancers, but only a few are friendly.

  11. eddyL

    I don’t normally visit strip clubs. In fact the last time I went to one was probably 10 years ago. I was in Reno and was tired of gambling but wasn’t ready to take the long trek back to my hotel in Tahoe. I figured, hey, what happens in Reno stays in Reno so I did a search for some strip clubs and ended up here. Wow, was I glad I did.The place is upscale but not pretentious. I was still able to get in wearing jeans and a t-shirt. I was a little apprehensive coming in because I always had this sense of strip clubs being dirty and filled with desperate men (which was my experience in the past). That wasn’t the case here at all. The entrance was inviting, the staff friendly, clientèle was varied enough that you didn’t feel like you were standing out and the variety and selection of women made you feel like you were a kid in a candy shop.The main room can fill up so people wait in the front waiting room which has a small dance stage. You can watch dancers, get lap dances, order drinks, etc. Once your name is called you can get into the main room where you can order food (I didn’t) and drink (I had a few beers). The women approach you and you can get lap dances (hands off) for about $40. The real fun is in the VIP rooms. There’s more touching allowed but it comes at a price ($130 for every 15 minutes and I think $230 for a half hour. I can’t be certain if that varies depending on the day of week). My advice? Don’t jump at the first girl that gives you a dance. Now, that’s easier said than done but you have to be strong, wait it out , experiment with different girls and then make your choice. If you have the money try a few and then pick and choose. I couldn’t resist and ended up spending wwwwway more than I should have. 2 girls at once, another girl for a fifteen minute session and than a different girl for a 30 minute session (my favorite girl there). The place is upscale so there’s no scoring with any of these girls. I at least didn’t get any hints that you could get more than what was advertised if you opened up your wallet but I’m too faint of heart to ask. I did hear one kid proposition a girl but was turned down. You get the sense that these aren’t career strippers but just beautiful women maybe working their way through college. I’m just guessing though.You can have a lot of fun with just $300 but if you want to have some real fun come with at least $500 to $1000 dollars. I must have dropped about $750 and you know what? It was completely worth it and I’d do it again in a heartbeat.My only regret was not finding out the name of the tall blonde girl wearing a swimsuit. Please PM me if anyone knows.

  12. AssnTits5

    Honest confession: I get bored at strip clubs. I am not even remotely gay, but I just get bored and give in to peer pressure. Now on to this one…We reached Reno really late (like 2 am). The original plan was to go to Tahoe in the morning. But my group said, “F**k nature! Let’s get something better!”. After 10 minutes of convincing, I finally gave in. We arrived at 2:30 AM expecting to have a lesser cover charge because…you know…it’s kinda almost time to shut shop? Nope, paid $20 as cover. That’s alright, as I would have blown that off on some random blackjack table anyway. Then, they tell us that we have to buy a minimum of two drinks. We were fine. How much can a couple of beers cost anyway?Well at Reno Men’s Club, a lot! If I came here every day, I would really have to sell one of my kidneys in a month’s time. Their drinks and services are that pricey. $12 for a bottle of beer? Did you sprinkle some gold dust instead of salt at the mouth of that Corona honey? Anyways, we go inside and I didn’t see a lot of variety when it came to the girls. Sure, I don’t expect chicks from all the 206 countries and a gazillion ethnicities packed into a small room. But c’mon, don’t rain blondes on me! The girls were alright. I found one of them (if i remember correctly, her name was Shayla?) really good and obliged to her “services”.As for the 2 mandatory drinks, I downed a couple of glasses of the cheapest champagne they had (which was coincidentally the cheapest drinks they had at $8 a pop). Better than the $6 bottle of water, eh?Moral of the story: Go to a random casino nearby beforehand, drink as much as you want to get the mood going. And then if you still feel the urge, visit this place. Make sure you have cash in hand. Their ATM fees might make you file for Chapter 7 the next day.

  13. Thad from New Mexico

    Most of the reviewers on this board are shills—management, employees. The only reason I go here is for the reasonably priced extras–HJs and BJs and sometimes blumpkins.

  14. cc
  15. Jason

    the bartenders, Cat and Angel HOT!!!!! And the waitress sarah a perfect 10!!!!!!!!

  16. Billy

    Girls are Dirty here so if you like that kinda thing this is the place

  17. Machielle is a HOE!

    Machielle is the biggest whore in the biggest little city make sure you ask for her when you go in and you will see how quick she is to open her legs for money but you will have to wait because she stays at the door until it closes be carefull you dont catch an STD from that skank!!

  18. BM T.

    The funniest thing about this place is the location, it is literally right across from a small police station.. LMAO! Ok on to the review.. The Men’s Club, hands down, is the BEST strip club in Reno for a lot of reasons but for one is definitely the women. The women are not just for the most part, gorgeous, and friendly but really down to earth for the most part. Some may say at $20 bucks a dance and $20 dollars cover charge is alot but once you get a dance from one of these women, you’ll be looking that as an okay price. A couple of girls are very pushy and raunchy but most aren’t, they will actually have a conversation with you. The bodyguards are cool too, just dont be a scumbag or a douche. Even the barmaids will slip you a freebie every once in awhile if you get in… Its definitely small compared to most clubs but as high scaled looking as any more known clubs. And the sushi bar is off the chart – again, another reason why just to pay the $20 cover charge. My friends agreed they had better sushi there than what we did at the Peppermill and Grand Seirra. If you are looking for decent girls, a good time, and not so hard on the wallet, then this is the place for you. BTW if you go and meet a cute blonde that looks alike like Pamela Anderson in her younger years, tell her her friend from the islands said “Hi”

  19. Gökhan Ç.

    It was really sucks,last monday i was there,it was my first and last time in there. I and i will never go there again, just do not trust girls too much, especially If you are drunk.

  20. boatman
  21. adamrod

    I can appreciate a good strip club, and this is the best one I’ve been to! The drinks are a little spendy, but good! The girls are beautiful and were really nice and most were very talented dancers. The music was great. My husband and I very much enjoyed it!

  22. Sy D.

    Mens Club of Reno is another one of our mandatory stops while in Reno. The food is really good – and priced appropriately. The dancers were not pushy and gave us our space while we were enjoying our meal. The service was excellent and prompt. The club was clean, which is always a plus. As gentleman’s clubs go I would rate the Mens Club as one of the best – great location as well. My wife enjoys the strip club’s as much as I and agrees that they are definitely lady friendly – as she usually ends up with more lap dances than I.

  23. harryharry

    NOT WORTH IT!!DONT WASTE YOUR Money…We went there on saturday.. $20 cover chanrges… Drink costs too much…1 bud is $7… my gosh..The girls NOT good looking…. They have some junk.. Few of the girls are good..I wanted to get Lap dance… It seems the girls are very picky about whom they want to give lap dance.. I felt they were avoiding brown skin.. Felt like Racial discrimination…Some of the girls did approach me for lap dance…oops…I should say ladies..Yes..they were old ladies ..not girls..All in all we wasted Money and Time… :(Will never go here…

  24. carmen

    not all that impressed, tried to keep an open mind about the club but alot of stuck up pricks and bitches, and i think the only reason it has even a few good reviews is because somone is paying people to say it!

  25. K N.

    Wow, when I first came in here I wanted to run back out as fast as I can because all I could see was wrinkly cellulite and cottage cheese. But since I was there for my bachelor party, I couldn’t do it and continued in … where I saw the “real” deal. The women are hot and insane. They really put on a good show, even some of the cougars, and the prices are of course much, much better than Las Vegas. I would come back again if I don’t first get hit by lightning for my sinful ways.

  26. james1412

    Had a great time with my man here on a Monday night. The staff is very accommodating and our waitress (I want to say her name is Shauna? Sorry!) was very professional and took care of all our drinks really fast. She asked if we wanted her to send any girls over for a lapdance. The ladies were very polite and playful and they gave me a complimentary lapdance off the stage. It was a bit late but next time I’ll try their food!

  27. Connie C.

    Yes, this lady can appreciate a fine establishment such as this one. Sushi and boobies – really, a genius combination! And I doubt you’ll find better sushi or strippers anywhere else in Reno. Seriously, the fish is super fresh and these ladies have bangin’ bodies to be envious of.The club is rather swanky, and is nicely laid out with the main stage area separated from the smaller one by a sushi bar. Even the sushi bar is packed, which shows you that people really do come for the food and not just the eye candy.Make sure you bring those dolla dolla bills – these girls work that pole and do things with their bodies that aren’t easy. You might just get thanked with some DD’s smothered into your face and your ear bitten. Ferocious!

  28. Tito P.

    This place SUCKS, they want to control where u can seat and how much u SHOULD spent, pretty much after paying $20 to get in they make you buy drinks and lap dances.. NEVER coming back..

  29. livinlikelarry

    I came in once with a female friend and they said I couldn’t go inside because I had to be escorted by a male but the catch was she said I could work there. So I can’t come in as a paying customer but you think I’d lower my values enough to work there? Cool. I came in again with my bf because I really wanted to see inside and I just so happened to see two female friends that I knew in the parking lot. They were actually a lesbian couple. I told them about the policy and how they wouldn’t be able to get in. We got them in and and sat at different tables. They made us all sit together or they couldn’t be in there. Mind you there was about 4 white girls eating and having the times of their lives.. by themselves, no male escort. So I asked why that was and he said it was the owners wife and some friends. I didn’t believe it. I think they discriminate. We were the only baock people in there. More recently a dancer I got a dance from at spice house told me she worked there and that there was no such policy and that they’re known to do that to some people.

  30. Ruggy J.

    Yes, ladies and gentlemen… the best sushi in Reno is found inside a strip club on Lake Street. The team of amazing sushi and nekked chicks at Mermaid Men’s Club has now made my ‘best tag teams in history’ top 5 list. It’s not necessarily just food that makes the list, but for the curious, here’s where Mermaid ranks:5: Julio Iglesias and Willie Nelson 4: Funyuns and wasabi3: Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton2. Sushi and boobies 1: Fat chicks in party hats (dot com)The sushi is flown in daily to ensure it’s fresh, and you can really taste it. In fact, even though you can order sushi anywhere on the strip club floor, the sushi bar itself was almost as packed as the rest of the room. That’s how many people love and adore this spot. You can literally get a lap dance while eating an unagi roll and slamming sake at the same time. Forget Disneyland, THIS is truly the ‘Happiest Place on Earth.’ Ya heard?

  31. Greg N.

    For me this is the best strip club in reno. If you go at 3 you get in for $10. Free if you are in the military. Half price drinks until 7. The girls are pretty hot and Really friendly, No pressure to get a dance. They just like to chat. My go to place while in town. Check it out.

  32. Kilroy_Jr

    this place is not very big.

    The dancers give the standard, “Hi! I’m Cinnebuns what’s your name”?

    If they start charging a cover during the day I will forget about it.

  33. Blaster

    Best club in Reno. By far.

  34. John C.

    A few of my buddies and I came to Reno for my best friends bachelor party so of course we wanted to see some T n A. Came to this place from the recommendation of an info dest at the SL. Front room was pretty nice looking. $20 cover for everyone except the bachelor was free. We made our way into this maze like building just following the music and into this smoky, very dark room with lots of round tables. So we were seated toward the rear which sucked if you wanted to be close to the stage. Anyway. Id say there is 1 hott chick for every 10 working. At $20 a lap dance it adds up quick. Also I guess you can go to the VIP room for $130/15 min. They say it’s more “hands on” whatever that means. The strippers are on you like the children in Mexico trying to sell you chickletts. It gets annoying after a while. Anyway it was a fun experience. I might go back one day if I don’t find something better to do.

  35. secret

    best club in reno with the hottest girls!!

  36. julie m.

    My husband and I have been to this club two times and I look forward to going again. The ladies are very nice and friendly, without being pushy. We met Leslie the first time and my husband loved her. The last visit we met Joy! And she was. She gave my husband a real thrill!! Thanks Joy! I would recommend this club for anyone going to Reno. It is a very good time!!! It is clean, safe and exciting!!!

  37. XXXbeast

    Went there on this past Thursday night, with my very hot gf, and she loves the girls:) We were lucky enough to be picked up in their House Car, and Marcas was a great driver, very accomodating, and fun!When we arrived, Chris showed us to our reserved table next to the stage. He was a very good host! We ordered a full course dinner, and drinks. The food was excellent, the drinks were great, and the price, and the service was again superior. The girls were all very attractive and fun to interact with, especially with my gf:)) The total experience was five star for sure and my first visit and I will be back for sure! My first trip to a strip club:) Keep it up!

  38. Aaron V.

    The Men’s Club of Reno is almost certainly the best thing Reno has going for it (aside from being the scene of the third act of the timeless cinematic classic, The Wizard). The quality of raw fish that they serve here rivals many places in San Francisco. The food is pretty good too. *rimshot*

  39. kate C.

    we went for a friend’s birthday. boy were we disappointed. the prices are super high. the girls were ok. I had one girl trying to talk politics with me. Um I’m drunk in a club I really don’t care who your voting for I’m just trying to have fun. our group all felt like they were trying to hustle us. definitely find somewhere else to go it not worth the money.

  40. hottie

    Steve is a creepy coke head manager. He wouldn’t get any pussy if his Daddy didn’t own the club. I heard the club will be closed by next year, good ridance. Goldfinger will be a lot better.

  41. igor34

    Is our Monday night football go to spot. Used to love penthouse, but everyone we loved (bartenders etc are gone) and they longer have food. So we gave men’s club a try. Cons- the tables at the stage annoy me, more people could enjoy the stage if you just had seating..Pros-For Mondays the selection of girls isn’t always Friday night quality, but they’ve for the most part been cute. We never get the “buy me a drink” or any other speil … Food has been great and drink specials are great on Mondays , for a club they aren’t over priced the other nights either. Place is always clean, staff friendly. Aquila is wonderful! Dj has always bought us a round or two and came over to thank us for always tipping the girls on stage, hey they’re doing a job. Drinks aren’t watered down.Personally haven’t tried the sushi but have heard it’s great, so going to give it a try soon I think Sunday and Monday it’s half off, might be wrong on the days.Well I’m ready for football to start.

  42. mike

    don’t bother going to MINxx the club is closed it sucked big time the owners blew all their money on boob jobs they screwed everybody there including kennedy

  43. ewwwww

    yuck if you like them old and fat

  44. stripforme123

    Walking in after skipping lunch and looking forward to seeing beautiful ladies and having a great meal. I got half of what I was looking for. The staff was awesome our waitress was beautiful. I’m just gonna take it easy and say,eat before you go. We were told the prime rib was the special of the night. The food problem was the price was nothing different then the price than the price on the menu. How was this any kind of special. I went ahead and went with the King cut (18.oz and 38.00) and asked for it rare. It was nowhere near rare. The ladies working were beautiful and that part of our night was great. We always have a great time here with the staff and the dancers, next time I’ll eat before I go.

  45. JessePanda C.

    $100 cover. Five guys. Spend $140 on drinks. One hour later. We still never made to the main room. Manager and front desk didn’t help at all. No choice but to leave. Our first and last time. Guess our money is no good. We never had any problems at fantasy girls! High recommend. #ratchet

  46. XXXbeast

    I (literally) didn’t get the pleasure of enjoying the ladies. My date and I sat down for the sushi. The sushi itself was delicious. Here you pay per the roll, but on Sundays and Mondays each roll is half off. I ordered “the dancer” it had crystal shrimp avocado and cooked scallops. The chef made me a special roll with salmon and other goodies. I also had a spinach salad with raw tuna and ponzu sauce as my appetizer. With that and my two cosmos I was pretty full! Females have to have a male escort. I personally think that’s silly, but for business reasons I can understand why. The fish was very fresh and the ratio was perfect! No complaints on my part in any aspect 🙂 I would recommend the SUSHI to any of my fellow sushi lovers. Might be a fun boys night!

  47. curtis17

    This place is 100% garbage stay out of this crap hole. Go to Wild Orchard. You will have a good time with fun people. This is a wanna be high class place but come on haha who are we kidding. The food is garbage so are the people running this place. Save your money and go to Wild Orchid down the street.

  48. Brett N.

    A definite cut above the average club, but not for the faint of heart or wallet. I haven’t been to one of these in at least 15 years – mostly because it’s no fun going back home alone. 🙂 I read some of the reviews and what I can say is that there are a few cheapskates that had false expectations of walking into this place and getting cheap drinks and entertainment. Yes, there’s a high cover charge. It’s to keep out the riff raff, and to make sure the staff is well paid for managing what can be a rather stressful and distracting environment while keeping it comfortable and pleasant for others.Yes, drinks are expensive. (Especially when you spill your double bourbon as soon as it arrives!) Cheap booze can be bought at Ben’s – so go get yourself a six-pack somewhere else! You’re paying for the environment and service. Sure, I wish it was a bit cheaper – but nobody forced me in the door. :)My wife took me for my birthday (but I think she had a better time than I did!) and I were immediately greeted and seated, offered drinks and a menu and the “lay of the land” was explained, menus were offered, service was spot on.The sushi was pretty good quality, I’m not a big fan – nor an aficionado, but I’ve had good and bad – this was good. They have an impressive wine cellar which is very niche (I won’t use the term rack – for fear of it being mis-construed). :)The ladies border from great to fantastic – and on a Saturday night they were all fantastic! Friendly, smiling, and we had a blast with J and her friend (not to mention names, but we hope to see you two again on NYE!). Again, not for the faint of heart or wallet. Set your expectations, and remember it’s a “Gentlemen’s Club.” Good behavior, manners and generosity are greatly rewarded.

  49. Peter

    I got sucked and fucked in the VIP for only $500—a very good deal.

  50. Weedman420

    The place was nice seemed pretty classy. Good folks to talk to. Drinks were great prices Hennessy VSOP for $11 and Grey Goose for $8. The women were okay, my fiance and I had a great time.

  51. Catherine W.

    I give it one star because of the male employees. Extremely rude and had their heads so far up their ass you’d think they worked at a 5 star establishment. Was told females were not allowed in unless accompanied by a man which is fine but because I already unknowingly tried to enter alone the worker turned to me and stated I especially could not come in now regardless that my male friend was a few feet behind me. Then as my “female” cousin and I were disputing his unreasonable attitude he looked at us and said because of “people like us”. What did that mean? Is he sexist, racist, hates tourist??? I was beside myself.

  52. Coast2coast

    I was in Reno for one night last summer it was one of the best clubs I ever been too way better than Vegas clubs. the club has real nice girls

  53. A K.

    This was my first time at a strip club / gentlemen’s club and it was very boring. My fiance and I paid $20 each to get in and there is a two drink minimum. We were walked into the back and seated right of the stage near the wall. The chairs were very uncomfortable and I wish we had been seated closer to the stage. We ordered 2 beers which was $20. We sat there sipping our beers for awhile and checking out the girls. There was only 1 or 2 that we thought were attractive. They didn’t do anything impressive on the pole. After awhile an old (she said 46) year old Russian woman came and sat on my lap and asked “can I sit here?”. I said “uh, sure” and looked at my fiance with eyes that said “ahhh get this nasty old bitch off of me!” I should have said, “no, you can’t sit here, get off.” She kept trying to kiss me. Ew. She said it would be $20…I thought “what ever, give her a chance.” She didnt actually do much dancing. She was very touchy and pulled my boobs out of my shirt. She asked me to sit on my fiance’s lap and then started to dance on me a little. Most of the time she was making weird faces and talking about her daughter that she said was my age…eww thanks for making me feel like my mom was dancing on me. Then she stood up and said it would be $40. Yeah right. We’ve been sitting here seeing guys get dances from all these young girls who dance much better and now you’re trying to rip us off? We gave her $20 and a $1 tip which I thought was generous for the quality of the dance. We stayed maybe an hour longer just to try and make it worth the cost but eventually we left because this place is so boring. At least we got out of there without having to buy our second round of drinks. Waste of our time and very disappointing first experience. Nevertheless, I’ll take it as an experience for what it’s worth.

  54. reno_guy

    very jammed with tables. Hard to walk about at all. No seats at stage except jammed tables. rude customers. indifferent staff. few dancers, only one good looking

  55. ryan123

    Tried to go for a second time and front desk was rude. NOT WORTH YOUR TIME OR MONEU !!!!!! Completely rude to women and large groups of men.

  56. mathewater12

    Great time. Our server, Ann Marie, was very friendly and helpful. The dancers were very nice with mild exception.

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