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515 South Virginia Street, Reno, NV 89501


39.5196176, -119.8105979




8am – 8pm


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10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Wild Orchid

  1. Funnest All Nude

    This place rocks so hard. This is the only bar I’ve been to in Vegas that actually plays rock and roll all night long. And the girls are too hot to describe, especially Mindy, Sam, Estraya, Abigail, and Cindy.

  2. eddyL

    Wild Orchid is boneriffic!!!!!! Went there, got a boner, and saw greatness. The guy that ran the suites was probably the coolest mother fucker on the face of this planet. If you go there tip him and you will get a cool surprise. Anywho back I my epic boner. It was good, it also felt good and full. A full mastiff if you know what I’m saying. Best strip club in Reno by far, best boner in Reno. Nuff said.

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  4. Diane

    This was the first strip club I had ever been to. I went with my husband right after my 21st birthday. The girls are super sweet, and work hard for their money. They aren’t lazy like the strip clubs I have been to recently. The music is good, and the environment is very nice. And me being female I was able to touch the dancer while getting a private dance. The only downfall is the price of the drinks, they are a bit expensive.

  5. Matthew H.

    Let me start of saying that I went a little earlier so I was the only one in there. Your experience will most likely be different. My coke cost me $5. The dance was priced well and my stripper was nice and tried to strike up a conversation but we just didn’t have much to talk about.. Down side was there was more talky then dancy but I’m not going to hold it against them.I would return if in the area.

  6. ParisIsAHoe

    PARIS IS A HOE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Royal Kuhio

    Classy place with some hot girls. 2 drink minimum if you don’t get a lap dance. Lap dances not in private are in your face type dances.

  8. Michele
  9. ngv

    madison was hot

  10. Franklyn

    Been to this place twice, worst possible stripper club I’ve been to.If there was a -ve 5 star rating, I’d give that.These guys hire contractor strippers who are rude and abnoxious, with a very low probability of finding the same stripper again! There’s a $30 cover charge which is way more than other clubs.Both times I’ve felt I’ve been ripped instead of having a good time!!F**k this place!!

  11. reno_guy

    Orchid used to be a decent place. Now, its too expensive for the value. $30 cover, $30 lap dances. Anal management — they meet you at door, glad hand you, force you to a table. the club used to have lots of hot dancers. Much less now. I have met a lot of girls at other clubs who used to work at Orchids and hated it. Hated management.

  12. Franklyn

    “Silicone parts are made for toys.”-Sir Mix A Lot…. If you like tiny girls that have their butt bones showing when they bend over, this is your place.. If you like real bad bitches, go to Fantasy Girls…. Cover for Orchids is the same price as going to Fantasy Girls first and getting the 3 club hopper pass…… I will say, there were a few genuine women here, and the place was very clean (hence the 3 stars)…… 5 stars for cleanliness and a few cool chicks, but 1 star due to the fact that drinks are more expensive to pay for the little playboy girls that aren’t even worth throwing bucks at..

  13. Jason

    I’ve been here about 5 times. Always with large groups. We always seem to have a blast. All you guys complain about spening money….what the heck do you expect at a strip club? These girls are there to take your money. If you don’t like it then dont go.

  14. Harrison69

    I thought the $25 cover was a little stiff, but now I think it’s worth it. The girls were friendly, they were not afraid to approach our table, the place was clean and we never got thirsty because there was a waitress stopping by our table at least every 3 minutes. There were a couple of dancers that sat at the bar and just smoked and drank but they didn’t make any money either. I would definitely go back again.

  15. curtis17

    Much better than men’s club. The girls were beautiful. Real natural boobs and dang, their butts are on point. Super nice and entertaining. Wild Orchid has a bigger environment than the men’s club. I would recommend this place to everyone. I wanna come back again!! I would like something to eat here though. I started to get hungry.

  16. Tanya


  17. Kim N.

    oh man I almost totally forgot about this place. Years ago I worked with this guy who was totally aggro. We were on a company ski trip and strippers, booze and gambling were on his mind. At some point in the night we end up here. We survey the talent and he ends up with a fairly attractive girl. She starts talking to him and the next song comes on. She’s still talking and I hear from him:”Hey let’s go! You’re wasting my song here!!”Oh man. Needless to say we didn’t stay too much longer.

  18. fuckery12

    Meh.This was a better place last time I went a few years back. Now it’s over-priced, with watered down drinks, and barely adequate women.$25 cover? It’s Reno, not Vegas. Then once you’re in, the women are a mix. Lots of silicone, but that’s to be expected. I’d just expect better dancers, who take better care of their bodies. Frankly, I’ve seen better at any club in the SF area. The only benefit of going to a place like this is being able to drink while they women are getting naked. Oh, and of course, it’s topless only. I suppose I consider that a blessing given the caliber of the dancers.But the absolute worst are the drinks. Under no circumstances order a mixed drink or a draft beer. Beer, in the bottle, only. I ordered a Heineken, and I’m not sure what they gave me a glass of, but it wasn’t a Heineken — tasted more like something coming out of the wrong end of a mule.On the whole, a disheartening experience, and not worth the money. I won’t be going back.

  19. Will

    This club is horrible!! The owner is cheap and tries to charge everyone that walks through the door even his own employees; for radios and what not! Must suck to be going poor do to Mens Club and Goldfingers! What goes around comes around Kammy!!

  20. maxxy1

    Nice palace to hang out … Nice Dancers. Not really great moves but the ambiance takes over it.. Will visit this place nxt time and recommend for friend

  21. Johnson12

    Been here in the past for a bachelor party, bday weekend… Always liked it here. But why is this weekend different? We booked the VIP area by the stage. The night was going great. We’re drinking our bottle. We’re enjoying the show. A few hours go by. My friends do their thing and I go to the restroom. When I get back. I notice that my someone else is sitting in our area. I find my friends and they tell me that the manager sold our area to another group. I never knew there was a time limit. Manager told me that he told the guy who booked the area that here was a time limit of a few hours. I asked my bro and he told me that he wasn’t told that. Wtf? The manager told us that he doesn’t remember us. What? He has short term memory now?Don’t bother going here. The managers, dancers will try to rip you off somehow. I gave two stars because of the performers who are actually honest and try to make a few bucks here. The waitresses who work here. How dare the manager pull this crap. Go somewhere else.

  22. Nah, no way...

    …not better than Men’s Club

  23. steve

    this club was a blast it is well worth the money

  24. Justin A.

    FTR? Yes please. Been here on quite a few occasions over the years. Although owned by the same owners as Fantasy Girls and Spice House, this place is a step above. The decor is nicer the bar is bigger and quite frankly the girls are better looking. If you’re looking for a fun night out with some freinds and you’re tired of going bowling, check this place out.

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  26. raven

    It is stupid

  27. Garrett

    I dont know what a few of these other reveiws are talking about. A bunch of us went in there on a friday night, the guy at the door was cool, got a table for the 9 of us right away and the waitress was there seconds later taking our drink order. The girls, wow, they were amazing! One in particular, Anastasia, what a gorgeous girl and really fun to talk to. I got two lapdances to start out with and then took her to the vip lounge for a little more private fun. Worth every penny! The girls we had with us had just as much fun, they all got lapdances as well. I will definetly be going back there next time I’m in Reno, with all my money going to one girl in particular!

  28. XhXeXy

    Late afternoon, we stroll in to have a few drinks and watch the naked ladies.Walk in and almost get tripped by a black velvet rope. As we get deeper into the club, I notice there are two creepy lookin’ dudes sitting at the bar and one girl sitting next to them. That’s it…just one girl. No music playing in the background. Nada.The lonely stripper girl convinces one of the creepy dudes to run across the street and pick her up a pack of smokes. A few minutes later, he returns with a huge smile like he just won some prize.Then, the music starts up the girl jumps on stage, dances for a few minutes and then the music stops and she sits back at the bar.I am immediately bored and want to move on in my quest for the best strip club in Reno. Before we roll out of the place, I decide to use the restroom. Dude…why are the restrooms down a big ass flight of stairs. When you’ve tossed back beer all afternoon like I have, its cause for a pretty lethal combo.I’m sure this place is cool after dark and on the weekends…but at the time I went, meh,…

  29. kilroy_

    This club exists pretty much to rip off the reno tourist. Reno/Sparks locals stay far away from here. They charge a cover in the middle of the afternoon when they should be paying people to come inside. If you want the usual “Hi I’m Cleopatra what’s you name so you wanna dance” BS–ten times in a row— this place is for you!

  30. bob
  31. Danny

    This place ain’t that good as other ppl make it out here.. staff and waitress were ok, girls weren’t that gud for the money they charge.

  32. Weedman420

    By far the best Gentlemen’s club in all of reno! Nothing beats the beautiful ladies and exciting atmosphere of this place!

  33. billtheguy12

    No worth going, no talent dancing girls. Or at least when we were there.

  34. it is

    hands down the best

  35. scott patten

    with a 20 dollar cover and only 4 dancers that don’t even get fully nude, we sat at our cramped table getting bumped by every person trying to get by and spending 14 bucks a drink. Don’t even bother… you could get more action in the city with a six pack and a candy bar.

  36. sabrina

    I Think this is the best club in Reno. I enjoy taking my husband there because we always have the best time. I just wish Carmen (from Maxum Magazine) was there all the time. She is very HOT.

  37. Johnnyboy123

    We liked it. Saw the mixed reviews but went anyway. $25 cover and they didn’t budge for the women either. $20 lap dances and well worth it. Plenty of girls for a Friday night. Most of them were friendly and talkative. Music was good and so were drinks. Definitely worth it. So far, our favorite place in Reno.

  38. McNasty

    This joint McSux!!!

  39. Spencer T.

    This has always been a favorite.Club is clean and a great spot to hang with the boys.

  40. 21andIRISH

    went here on my 21rst which was also st paddys….it was awesome. the girls are amazing. had one hell of a time.

  41. B-DAY GUY


  42. someone

    best club ever

    winter is the bomb, she’ll make you laugh your ass off

  43. AssnTits5

    Not like the other reviewers, this place was not worth the money they required you to pay out. Cover charge starts at $25 though you can talk down in a large group. The girls are ok by most club standards, not overwhelming head turners but you won’t be disappointed either. The major disappointment for us was the quality of the dances. First of all, they danced so robotic that it was like hearing T-Pain using Autotune.. The girls did the same routine over and over and over.. Not even a slight change in how they danced or tried to entice you. Here is a free tip for all the dancers there – if you want a person to give up the $$$ make them feel like you’re worth given the dollars to. It was one of the few places were we sent more money on the drinks then the talent cause the talent was talentless. We had more fun at Fantasy Girls up the road, that the dancers here considered a dive, and the girls trash but I bet you they make out better than this place. Reno doesn’t really have any real decent places to go to for talent, but I recommed staying away from this place unless all you want to do is spend money on overpriced drinks and robotic dances.

  44. Hadley

    I love it here!

  45. Bob of California

    I have no idea what the other reviewers are talking about. There are some girls who will rip you off and there are some ahole bouncers and staff but all in all this club is good. Many beautiful girls who will take the time to chat with you and get to know you. If you act like a gentleman, you will be treated as one. The VIP room is expensive but what club’s VIP area isn’t. To me, this is one good club with an outstanding wait staff. The waitresses will not let you go dry if you tip them good. Maybe as we mature, we appreciate this type of club and when we are younger we want razzle dazzle and all that jazz. This will be my place in Reno till I die. Be a gentleman and you will be taken care of>

  46. I Know

    Talk of the Town is so much better than this club. This club is horrible, and it stinks. TOTT is comfortable, has plenty of 18-20 year old cheerleader types, and has a friendlier staff. I go there abouyt 3 times a week. You should try it out.

  47. bj
  48. Lioness Tamer

    I hate giving a bad review, but here it is. This place is not as fun as many of the reviews would make it out to be. Or maybe I picked a really, really, really bad night to go there.

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  50. harryharry

    got robbed for my jacket here. cold walk home made it not worth it. staff was useless at the end of the night. second time it happened in reno will not be back.

  51. danielle

    amazing club!!!! it’s like a 24/7 party i’ve never had so much fun… hot girls awesome VIP program

  52. tonycluber

    Expensive cover just to walk in you spend $60 a couple and that’s before drinks and forget any lap dances or dropping some 1’s. Asked the guy at the door a few questions he was kinda of a creep and help me decide to go elsewhere.Big parking lot right downtown but too pricey just to check it out at least to know if its worth coming back to and spending some $$

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  55. adamrod

    Like Mike R’s review below me, I was a bit nervous going in because of all the negative feedback on this place. My honey’s best friend is a big fan of strip clubs, so he convinced us and a few other guys to go in on a Thursday night. I forget what exactly the cover was, but I remember they wouldn’t let girls in for free. Strange, but whatever. The first thing I noticed about this place was all of the stages, and how big the club felt. Especially compared to other places we’ve been. There must have been 20 to 30 girls and most were very attractive. We sat down at a table kinda close to the stage and ordered drinks, which weren’t too bad in both content and price. Anyway, it wasn’t long before I decided to get up and park it at the tip rail! Did I mention that these girls are sexy? Very friendly too. I guess a couple of the guys in the group disappeared to the back room, and came out grinning like idiots. Never checked it out for myself, I was quite content where I was!Cool place, I wouldn’t mind going back again.

  56. pricky

    HANDS doWn the funnest cRaziest girls in Reno…. they get the job done!!!

  57. winston12

    HOTTEST girls I have ever laid my eyes on. They are very nice and not pushy. I recommend you come here

  58. larry1

    Personally I think admission to strip clubs should be free or half off for chicks, but given the fact that some girls are total beeeeyotches to the strippers, I can understand why they make everyone pay a cover. The cover here is $20… standard cover charge IMO.I went here during Street Vibrations weekend. It wasn’t as crowded as usual (according to the girls) for that weekend and I got a seat riiiiiiight up front with my guy friends so I could check out all the ladies. I was happy that all the girls weren’t sporting ridiculous boob jobs for a change and most were natural. Wonky boobs can get so distracting when I’m watching a perfectly executed thunderclap. The girls were more than fun and friendly… I was hauled up on the stage at least 6 times before the alcohol fully kicked in. I had a blast, spent way too much money… and my right nipple will never be the same.

  59. Trudger

    The bartender was rude & the girls are not social, but the atmosphere is great & the club is really nice.

  60. justinlk

    $25 i walked in and walked right back out. no girls literally not one girl in the whole place at 10:30pm. Staf was very rude. Ken, the manager, especially rude. One stage (empty) No other customers in there. Would not refund my money. Whent to the Mens Club after and it was only $10. They had food, very freindly staff, much better and comfortable environment and most importantly they had great variety of freindly sexy girls.Do yourself a favor and just go to “Mens Club”

  61. Mitch

    Great time

  62. Kevin

    I was in town for the Air Races and was there on a Thursday & Friday night. I was very impressed with the professionalism of all the staff. Rebecca was an awesome server, very personable,very fun and very professional. And words can not describe Summer. What a beautiful, nice and incredibly talented lady. Thank you!

  63. richard95

    I was just here last night for a bachelor party. They accommodated 12 of us and we bought 2 bottles for around 350 each. We had VIP service and all the ladies were nice and not pressuring us to buy dances. It’s pretty dark inside with about 3 stages. The girls are great. The music was great. Just get ready to enjoy the show and bring some bills. They are open late.

  64. Natalie S.

    Let me preface this review and tell you that I was drunk most of the time I was here………….. But it was freakin’ fun as hell. Ok, my cousin was getting married and she actually wanted to go here so off we all went. We were a pack of about 10 ladies or so. Yes we did pay a cover, but I don’t really remember how much it was because you guessed it………….I was drunk. I remember that it was kind of smallish in there but totally enough room for some dancin’ and drinkin’. We ordered a round of shots (tequila I think yuck!) and watched the entertainment. We actually got quite lucky as there was another large group of guys there and we struck up a conversation with them and they ended up buying us drinks and lap dances!! One of the guys gave me money to go up to the tip bar and tip the dancer. I went up there and made her work for her money. I was such an awesome night. The night ended a little young because I had to be escorted out due to throwing up in the club. (Not very sexy).

  65. sjsweetman

    Despite the steep cover and high priced drinks, if you find the right dancer, you’ll hae a great time, especially if you’re willing to spend a few bucks for “privacy”. Check out Desire and Cashmere – if you treat them right, they’ll do good by you.

  66. Jonathan

    Didn’t know what to expect. There was an amazing brunette from California in there her name was Angel. She was the only one that actually danced on the pole. She was amazing and a fantastic dancer on and off the stage. I reccomend getting her schedule she is worth the trip out to the club even when it is freezing cold and snowing outside. Spend your money on her it’s worth every dollar believe me. I’ll be back on the 23rd just to see you. Thanks for your company and not being pushy. You’re sexy lady.

  67. fritter17

    Ok so my wife and I visited this establishment last night and I have to say that it was an amazing experience. The cover charge was $30 but was well worth it with$20 lap dances. These ladies put on an amazing show. It’s a classy place and definitely a must see if you’re in Reno. The only thing that sucked was that the restroom is downstairs.

  68. Big Daddy

    Best in Reno.

  69. ryan123

    Went last night, they charged 25 bucks. Girls were ok, but a lot of them didn’t know a lot of the pole moves and just crawled around. Maybe they were tired, lol. One girl kept yapping to me how her baby was at home, she didn’t want to dance that night, and would I please buy her a drink. What? Uh, ewww.

  70. GarryWas

    NEVER….EVER…GO TO THIS CLUB.You will get ripped off, assaulted and be very very disappointed!!! One of the strippers legit grabbed my jacket while she was on the stage demanding for me to give her some money… mind you she did not even dance. That delusional stripper started trash talking to me and threatening me as well. Seriously?? lol Terrible, terrible place. Please do yourself a favor and never go there. Places like this should bring pleasure to clients, not assault them! If there was negative mark i’d give them -10!I hope this place will soon get closed. This is the worst place to spend your money at.

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