Bare Exposure



2303 Pacific Avenue, Atlantic City, NJ 8401


39.3560443, -74.4387819




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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Bare Exposure is Atlantic City’s “ONLY” All Nude Club open 7 Days a week.
Located across the street from “Boardwalk Hall” in the heart of Atlantic City.

Come play with any or many of our beautiful entertainers in our Brand new Bedrooms @Bare or in our private Champagne rooms.


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302 reviews for “Bare Exposure

  1. Pretty P

    Really great club full nude and Allure not bad but just not in the same category as this place. The amount of girls and most of them 8 and above. Only drawback is the long line unless you go early or very late like we did.

  2. Victoria Escort

    Hello Boys I am available this weekend OTC. I am an upscale model and escort in NJ so hit me up.

  3. Jesse

    Really great club especially compared to AC Dolls which is not even nude and Allure not bad but just not in the same category as this place. The amount of girls and most of them 8 and above. Ony drawback is the long line unless you go early or very late like we did.

  4. huy


  5. Joe


  6. Best Club in AC
  7. daman

    this place is my favorite strip club of all time.i have fallen in love many times here.

  8. adolf


  9. sa


  10. Roy

    Do not waste your time or money on this place.

    SCAMS – the girls are doing this thing now if you go to a champagne room, they hard sell you getting a “massage” or the “super private” room. Of course they promise you the world (plus extras), and if you wait long enough, you’ll usually catch a guys or two leaving the back rooms pissed off having been ripped off.

  11. Pete
  12. vince

    Had our party there Sat. and the hostess was steamin hot and took great care of party. Thank you Angie! So many ladies and so little time to enjoy them all. We will be back soon.



  14. rf


  15. ANTON

    Really great time Sat. nite. The vip area was great and the party hostess girl was great. The beer chillers were really cool and the ladies were HOT! Highly recommend this place for a party.

  16. tonycluber

    SEE FOR YOURSELF ! it was excellent ! i had a great time. the girls were nice. friendly, fun && they each had their own kind of Sexy.

  17. JV

    Had a blast. Thanks again to everyone who took care of our bachelor he had a great time.

  18. Good times!

    Had a party there on sat night. Thanks to the hot ass chicks that took care of us. Bachelor had a blast. This is our 3rd bachelor party here and this place rocks. See ya in May for yet another party.

  19. ryan purdy

    i love this place….top notch quality dimeys

  20. Ghetto

    never enter this club

  21. Richard

    This club was great. It was decorated like Halloween and had Naked Girls!!! Skulls and nakedness is awesome.

  22. Donald

    Too many fees & charges just to walk thru the door. Too small. No place to sit down. Black walls & outdated disco balls. Too many Russian girls. How about supporting the American economy? Not worth the money-Sadly disappointed!!!

  23. Jay
  24. hank

    thank u for a great time. hottest chicks of any club ive ever been to. i’ve been here a time or two and will b back real soon.

  25. Carlos

    I saw alot of Russian girls. do you have any Spainish or Black girls there?

  26. Junior


  27. Johnson12

    This place is horrible! Girls were average at best! Girls were pushy to the point they were begging for lap dances. Place is way too small to accommodate a good crowd.VIP section is not worth the money. Area is shady. The only good thing is the BYOB. And the girls are NOT FULLY NUDE unless you spend the money for a 30 minute lap dance. Place is complete bullshit.

  28. To the Exdancer

    Sorry it didn’t work for you. $85 is ridiculous and you should move on. Obviously you are much better off in NYC. Many of our ladies have been there for years making far more than $85 on a Sat. nite but thank you for your time at the club. Good luck in NYC.

  29. Hammert1me
  30. Troy

    We had the best party here Saturday. Thanks to all the lovely ladies and Angie (your hot babe!).

  31. XXXbeast

    With I could give it 0 stars. Horrible time. Had a bachelor party there and wish we went somewhere else.

  32. Pat
  33. bob

    whoever said this club stinks must be gay

  34. sss


  35. J.P.

    Went to EVERY club in A/C rather than booking a party at one club because we are from DC and didn’t know from the reviews which club to pick. Went to a total of 4 clubs and you could not compare this place to any other one. BEST BY FAR. The bullshit reviews must be from other clubs.

  36. Great Club

    What an impressive line-up of girls you have. They are all so beautiful.

  37. Sam

    Dancers were very beautiful. I was ignored at club. I had to chase down dances. Dances were uninspiring and pricy. Dancers more interested in spanking patrons on stage. Club was very crowded, yet rear stage and seating was closed off.

  38. Best T& A in town

    Best tits and ass in town will come back for more!!!

  39. Mel

    The amount of ladies was incredible but the various types of dancers was the most impressive. From the tats to the girl next door types. they had it all. Great place.

  40. ADOLPH


  41. dffgdf


  42. Weedman420

    this club is small and really is just not a good club who wants to wait to get into a shit hole…also its ghetto the girls look like crackheads. you better bring a bullet proof vest you’ll need it. the girls cheat you on the dances and the bouncers don’t help.

  43. Dimitri Vip party

    We had the gentleman from VIP atlantic city bring us to Bare Exposrue last night for my buddy Alex’s bachelor party. It was good times everyone took care of us and the girls were amazing. Thanks Doug, we’ll be in contact end of summer for my other buddy.

  44. fghfg


  45. Fan

    Thanks for giving my friends and I a great experience this weekend. Treasure, amazingly flexible – long blonde hair; Felina, great lapdance – big breasts tiny body; Sami, high energy lapdance – tiny but is like an energizer bunny during the lapdance; Jenna, gymnastics dance, a Jenna Haze look-a-like; Aspen, (unfortunate you weren’t here, I’d imagine my friends would have loved you). A few other ladies (I won’t name names) gave our group dances, that were sub-par, so pick carefully everyone!

  46. Jake
  47. Casey

    Great location and a huge amount of very beautiful girls. They have it hands down in Atlantic City.

  48. JimB


  49. Andy

    Finally a club that gets it…we want to see ALL types of ladies and a lot of them. We were very satisfied with the lineup. A little crowded the only complaint. We didn’t realize that there was a whole other section in the back.

  50. bones

    very disappointing place. You rate it high what a dump

  51. Ryan

    Absolutely the best!

  52. thank u

    had a smokin time this weekend wanted to say thanx for making my brothers bach party memorable!

  53. Brooklyn Joe

    We went to all the clubs for my cousin’s party and there is NO COMPARISON in the entire city except Allure which was very nice but totally inconvenient to the rest of the city and they only had a few hot girls and not that many others either. Had we known, we would have booked a party in their VIP but it was too late to do that once we saw how great it really was. Only negative….very LONG wait to get into the joint. Took a beeper and drank next door until it was our turn. They have a real racket going….but what the hell….only in AMerica!

  54. Angie

    It’s not too soon to book your spring bachelor parties. We have all new packages for ’08 so call me for all the details!

  55. Shawn

    This place is a 10+.

  56. Jerry
  57. MKT

    Had a great time last night. Wanted to say thanks to the ladies who made our party great. Just read the crap on the board. Sorry there have to be morons like that but yet they go to the club. Like your job is not hard enough putting up with our drunken asses night after night.

  58. Harrison69

    Let me just start off by extending my sincerest heart felt apologies to the ladies who work here. It’s not that I didn’t like you, it’s just that after watching some of you and your co-workers beating the absolute f*cking sh*t out of some of the patrons who felt that it might not be completely retarded to go up on stage and sign a waiver, in the dark no less, I felt just a little bit vulnerable and my self defense instincts just naturally kicked in. So if you’re gonna come grab me or stick your hands up my shirt, just make sure that I see you coming. That’s how we avoid accidents. With that being said, some of these bitches are on steroids. I’m sure of it. How else does a 120 pound girl lift up a 200+ pound dude off the floor by his boxers? I’ve seen UFC fights with less people screaming OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH!!!! at the same time. I’ve never been to prison, but I now realize why some people do something absolutely f*cking insane their first day there in order to not get f*cked with. The only way I’d go on stage is if I was in a full hockey goalie’s uniform with a full mask, athletic cup, gloves and stick. And then I’d have to be in a shark cage that those underwater camera men use. You should go here if you like getting punched in the face with a pubic bone. Fans of being in Mexican standoffs will also enjoy themselves. It’s all the tension and fear of being in a Mexican standoff minus the guns. Can’t get enough of being mugged in a back alley? This is your spot. If seediness describes your personal style, this place was made for you.All in all, I was able to walk out of this place not bleeding so I consider it a win.

  59. Louis

    In town for bar show and the guys I was with suggested a visit to the club. It was Wed. night so I was not expecting their best ladies but if that was a sample of what they have on a weekend holy shit. Smokin….I guess being in A/C gives this club an advantage in getting the best of the best. Very impressed being from north Jersey.

  60. jason v

    thank you for a wonderful night. everyone here was great and gave a perfect bachelor party. reccomend lisa, bella, sparrow

  61. cv


  62. NormalJoe
  63. Tim

    Me and my buddies did the strip club circuit instead of one place. The only one that comes close to this one is Allure. Don’t waste your time on any of the other shitholes. This place just had many more girls and better location. A little crowded compared to Allure though.

  64. Jessie

    Being aware of my interest in strip clubs, my boyfriend and I decided to visit Bare Exposure during a recent trip to AC. This was my first time at a club, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. The location is great, and it is a very short walk from the casinos. The overall club atmosphere is very good.

    I had a good time watching the girls interact with the male customers and even sent my boyfriend to give money to the girls I had interest in. It took a while, but we were approached by a voluptuous blond who offered to treat my boyfriend and I to a private dance with her cousin. The first dance was good and the girls took their turns with each of us. Within a minute, they had me stripped topless, and were fondling me all over.

    During a second session in the back, I requested that the girls pay all the attention to me and let my boyfriend watch. They gladly obliged. I was treated to quite the entertainment – hands and mouths everywhere. Topless within seconds, both girls were all over me. I was allowed to touch them and they even honored my boyfriend’s request of offering to make out with me and made sure he always had a good view.

    If you are a couple looking for a club that will offer both partners a good time, then I would highly recommend B.E.

  65. Shell

    To be honest, we have been frequenting this place for the last two years. My boyfriend and I love strip clubs. After hearing and reading a lot of mixed reviews about the new club Allure we decided to try it. We did so with no pre-conceived notions because we really like variety and wanted to love it. The place was beautiful, we love the on site parking but forget the rest. We love the B.E. atmosphere and Allure was dead and not at all crowded. It was very very mellow. We just love the B.E. club’s atmosphere. Everyone is cheering, it’s crowded, (could be a turnoff to some) but we LOVE it. The girls are so pretty and so varied as far as their look. Just wanted to tell you guys that you continue to rule in our opinion and don’t change a thing no matter who tries to trash you. You know what you have….the lines speak for themselves. We will see you guys on the 24th. Hopefully this post from a real couple will help sort out the facts from fiction for others. Two totally different type clubs. We would suggest trying both and making your own decision like my boyfriend and I did. You may like a more calmer, lay back, less crowded place. The good news is that A.C. has something for everyone. Allure is outside the city though but they do have parking.

  66. David
  67. Zack
  68. sfse


  69. N.Y, Nick & Co.

    Best time but we did have to wait about an hour. Took a pager and went next door for a drink. Band was great old school but the wait was worth it….bangin ass girls…so many girls. All types. Awful sorry’s post must be a complete awful sorry himself!

  70. ShamCock

    I went to this place on St. Patty’s Day. I have only been to a few strip clubs but I have come to realize that if your strip club is out in the middle of nowhere, you have a higher change of XXX action in private area. And this club solidified that theory. The girls were great but the cover charge with 30 frickin dollars, and no touchy in private. I guess I should just find more rural strip clubs.

  71. Will
  72. XhXeXy

    Great strip club, went here for my bachelor party and the whole group enjoyed it a lot. We went on a Sunday night which I felt made the experience better.The worst part was trying to get into the club. 20$ cover. 5$ for cell phone/coat check combo. Just check your phone…security gives an intense pat down that will find a cell phone easily. Girls weren’t the best looking but they had a decent mix. Most of them were fun and generally easy going. Being a Sunday night there was only a total of 12-20 customers there throughout our time there. Awesome time to be there as we were pretty much the only people sitting up at the stage and we got a lot of attention from the girls. Lap dances were great and a lot of fun. BYOB is great, a few doors down they have a bar that will sell you 6 packs, 6 packs of coronas were 12$. Great compared to the rest of the bars in AC. All in all when we come back to AC we will be coming back to Bare Exposure.

  73. Nicolas

    My girl is huge Brittney fan so the tradeoff was the concert for her and club for me. This place was the best party atmosphere I have ever been too. My girl now thinks this typical for a club and she loved it. Good choice for me BUT best choice for your woman. HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

  74. JC

    off the hook

  75. Franklyn

    It was better than I had thought. We went for a bachelor party, but did not tell then that because they have a pretty brutal celebration. They have a surprising amount of ladies for the size if the place, and a few that were very attractive. The best part about this is that it is byob with a bar where you can get cases right next door. They have a $20 cover and $2 phone check.

  76. Bobby

    To Sam – Dancers are very beautiful. Never had to chase down dances. U must be ugly.

  77. ew

    anyone who thinks these chicks are hot must date really ugly chicks.

    If you think these girls are hot you need to raise your standards, not to mention they can’t dance for the life of them

  78. happy

    this place was really packed but i still had a great time.

    that really sucks that some little bitch fucked up your review page!!!

  79. m,hjjkhu


  80. rez

    went to this place because it was rated well.Let me tell you it really really SUCKS AND I TOLD MANAGEMENT.

  81. Alejandro D.

    A dancer by the name of Chyna was the best thing about my experience there. If it was just based on her the club would get 4 out 5 stars. There is 1 girl who calls herself “Bubbles” bc she was blessed with a very nice ass, but what God gave her in ass, she didn’t receive in personality. She had no tits and a forehead that would give Rihanna competition. Now I got suckered into getting a dance Bc that ass was too nice to deny, but she made me tip her before her dance. After I already put up $60 to get back there. She then claimed she would take care of me, but I had to tip first and when it was all said and done, it was by far and away the worst dance I’ve ever received from any girl In my life. She was very strict about the “no touching” policy, which for the record I understand, but she was too strict with it. Now Chyna on the other hand was extremely nice and personable and deserved all the money I spent on her Bc she was very good at her job. Even if you see her on stage, it’s easy to realize she deserves to be at a much better club. Security was cool I must say. I thought I lost my wallet at one point and they helped me find it. There were too many dancers that had saggy titties that were small and had quite obviously been previously full with breastmilk. Quite disturbing to look at. Accompanied with that gut/pouch that comes with motherhood. My advice: check this spot out if you are looking for an all nude club, but keep in mind that there aren’t many good looking women. And DO NOT TIP before a service has been rendered.

  82. Dennis

    They have a hot party hostess that made everything go really smooth for my brother’s party. There was controlled caios when we pulled up in the limo but Angie took right over and it went great. Good idea with the VIP entrance. Very well run club.

  83. Kevin R.

    Literally the biggest ripoff of my life. Stay away from this place. Fair warning. No joke, if you come here for a bachelor party you WILL spend hundreds of dollars and have nothing to show for it at the end of the night. Not even the bachelor was pleased. #ripoff P.S. no pokestop.

  84. Suckered

    AC really this just OK…No dancers got nude,couch dancers were poor for the money.Girls were decent looking,but harrassed for dances constantly,and Beer got warm,Staff wasnt even friendly..Dont get the excitement about this club at all….

  85. Lee

    So many beautiful ladies. The economy must be a factor because it was much less crowded than last year same time. It was V-day which might have been the reason. Personally, I loved all the personal attention. THanks ladies. Be back in a few months.

  86. stripclubber

    i go to alot of strip clubs. sad but true. this is definately my favorite in south jersey,probably all of jersey. this is just a cool place with a wide variety of girls.

  87. jkkikkhfk


  88. yt


  89. ballys park place
  90. cal
  91. Frank

    It was so nice not dealing with the lines like in July but it was still so crowded for January. Nice lineup of girls. Had an unbelievable Champagne Ct. with two hot girls into each other BIG TIME. THank you ladies. We will be back in APril for my brother’s party.

  92. Love it here

    This place is great and the girls are awesome

  93. tony

    This club is the best in AC plain and simple. You will be disappointed if you go anywhere else local, after visiting bare.

  94. ashley

    i was there a couple weeks ago with my boy friend and some other people and this one girl convinced my man to buy a dance and it was well worth it! this girl was absoutely gorgeus and almost made me cum. don’t remember her name but she had spiderwebs on her chest. definately check her out when you visit gives an awesome lapdance and super sweet. we will be back!

  95. Jason

    Great club. Not like others I’ve been too. Feels much more like a club than a strip joint. The girls are great, friendly and diversified. Very couple friendly. Actually there were two bachelorette parties during my friend’s bachelor party. Added a nice “touch” if you know what I mean. And they said we were crazy!

  96. whateverbecauseiquit

    Um this club is a JOKE. First of all, I heard it was the best place to work in AC. It’s a mess. I traveled far to work here because of everyone ranting & raving, and these girls must be morons to call making $85 on a Saturday night GOOD MONEY. You owe money to the house before you even start your shift. The house fees are way too high for a weekend when there are over 50 girls working. They will fine you for every little thing ***which is illegal*** and charge you $10/wk to use a locker? What a joke! The dressing room isn’t even accomodating. It’s freezing cold and the girls are always wakling around with goosebumps or sick because of it. You don’t even get good money to dance nude. We get $18 out of the $30 for dances. Why should we pay a house fee AND tip out? The management used to be good before they let a girl run the show, and she’s 2-faced, rude, and honestly isn’t even a good worker. 99% of the girls will agree. I’m going back to NY where the real money is and staying far away from this place, and I suggest girls & guys should too. Plus, they hire any prostitute off the street, and let certain girls get away with shadyness because they tip the managers good. Disgusting! Bye bye AC, NY I’m coming home!

  97. fgdf



    This is hands down the best club in AC. Thanks for a memorable night!

  99. Diesel


  100. Mike S.
  101. Johnnyboy123

    This place was awful! We went for my buddy’s bachelor party and the line was a joke. Once we got in and paid the $20 cover and the $2 cell phone check ($5 if you lie and they find one) the place was packed as it is tiny. It is insanely sleezy and I thought I was going to get shot by Pacman. The girls were not very attractive and the whole scene was just really creepy as each girls is surrounded by guys that look like they are ready to jump them at anytime. We could not wait to get out of there and they wound up calling the bachelors mom at 2:45 AM to verify it was his phone since he lost his ticket. i would rather deal with a bout with the clap than go back there.

  102. luckycharms

    by far the best in atlantic city.

  103. Haters

    someone is obviously jealous of this club.

  104. ster


  105. poppy
  106. dion
  107. BillK

    Had my 3rd bach party on Sat.nite. What a blast. Coming back for the 4th in Sept.

  108. Keith From Texas

    Bare Exposures was awesome it was my b-day and i loved it when Bella Spanked me

  109. Mina







    We do out calls. In calls at our location. Must join for our girls safety and yours. Im waiting for your call. Out calls I must bring House Mom.No exceptions.

  110. KyleD

    Came for a bachelor party in Atlantic City and I was actually scared at some of the critters this place allows on stage. We visited stilettos prior to our reservations at Bare Exposure and the ratio of girls was a lot better proportioned, where as Bare’s girls attacked us in groups before we even had a chance to crack our first beer. Most of them being black which is fine but was not what the majority of our group was looking for. Dancers were immediately trying to pull us to a back room when we just wanted get situated in our VIP. Finally 2 of their BEST dancers came out and completely amped up our entire bachelor party. Lexy a sexy, curvy brunette with great ass and perfect tits, and Mini a beautiful little Spanish dancer with sick pole moves. The kicker was they were the hottest and the most personable which was a rare find out of all the clubs. These two girls kept our entire group entertained which gave the party the best overall experience . We will be coming back for a couple more bachelor parties soon as long as Bare Exposure can guarentee this crazy fun exotic duo again. As soon as the VIP was over it was right back to being harassed by begging strippers. Hopfully they don’t leave before we get back there to see them again. Overall the money was well worth it.

  111. r


  112. The Sexy

    Jealous? of what a whore house in the ghetto

  113. Steve T.

    It really is unbelievable that when I went on to post a great comment regarding our visit last night that some idiot said the ladies were “average”. As far as “air” dances…bullshit beyond. The DJ was fine and a jukebox would be pretty lame for Atlantic City club. Anyway ladies I told you I would write a great review for you and here it is. We had the BEST time. Thank you.

  114. Jimbo

    good stuff

  115. Dale

    Great time Sat. nite. Best club we have ever been too although very different from the ones in New York. It was like a huge club scene but with strippers. The ratio of ladies to patrons was incredible. We will be back again.

  116. Boo Doo
  117. tommy c

    this club rocks!!!!! of course i have to compliment the ladies…the talent was spectacular…but i also would like to compliment the staff. i’ve been to countless clubs in my day and never have i encountered a more proffessional group of bouncers…kudos fellas

  118. matt

    Great Club, Friendly staff, and the females are beautiful.

  119. Jphn
  120. sid

    awful sorry

  121. trtr


  122. RonC

    cant beat this place!

  123. Pete B

    Went last night for bachelor party and the place was great. Would highly recommend for a party. Hot seat was incredible!

  124. local

    i didnt know allure was in rhode island. the bouncers are in the room but never close unless someone gets out of hand. sounds really gay to hear there is too many girls. there are never too many girls. the club is very crowded on saturdays but that results in many hot seats which are totally nude. believe me, i work at a different club in the city and this where i hang out. this place has the hottest girls and i am always treated great when i come there. some girls do get attitudes at any club you go to if you reject them but i havent run into this really at bare. especially not on a weekend when there are like a million possibilties for dances. anythings possible but i love them bitches.

  125. Vincent

    Am I missing something…girls are steaming hot at this joint and dude below is worrying about layout of the club. The club as I remember it (was probably the guy with the four foot cooler) was square with a VIP section and a couch dance room (spent time and $$ in there) and a very private champagne area off limits unless you spent $$$$. Sorry for causing a problem with my big ass cooler.

  126. brittney clide
  127. goves


  128. fuckery12

    I went here for my 21st birthday. It was definitely fun, except for the part where the strippers literally robbed me while I wasn’t looking, realizing after I left who had done it and when.

  129. alan
  130. Art
  131. dramafree

    The girls there are great. There were a couple in particular that were amazing. Chardoney was the best…she showed me an amazing time.But I think the managers leave something to be desired. I came out of the bathroom and overheard one.(young guy, too young to be managing with piercings all over his face) yelling at girls about walking around and getting to the v.i.p. area when that girl had just spent an hour with me in the champagne rooms giving me an amazing dance. definitely 2 thumbs up for the dancers but i think whoever owns this club needs to take a closer look at who they have managing their staff

  132. sal

    in a word…..AWESOME!!!

  133. clubgoer

    great place

  134. j


  135. KC

    i thought i died and went to heaven, beautiful girls EVERYWHERE!!

  136. Thanks girls

    Damn we had a great time. Our bachelor had the time of his life. The VIP area was well worth it.

  137. convention regular

    This used to be the best strip club with the hottest friendliest girls.

    This trip we came in and was instantly attacked by a girl. She was

    very pushy and rude, not to mention fat…one girl who looked good

    from across the room came over to us and had the worst attitude

    and csecition scar. We finally came across 1 hot girl out of 15. She

    was very petite with perfect fake breasts. She saved us from the

    ugly girls with the attitude problems.

  138. Mark

    Club was great. Thanks for a memorable party for my brother. He loved it (the ladies) of course. It was the best. Angie YOUR ARE HOT GIRL!

  139. Matt-NY

    Closed the place down–didn’t want to leave. Best place in town. Worth making a trip here.

  140. f


  141. mike fleming

    i went there for my first time and i loved every minuite of it

  142. harryharry

    I’m definitely not a strip club type of guy at all. I just never really understood the point of paying money to get teased. That being said, for my bachelor party we had an awesome time at Bare Exposure.The thing you need to remember is that you’re in AC. Not Vegas. Not ClassyTown. Atlantic City. The town is so terrible there are HBO documentaries about its seediness. Remember that and Bare Exposure is a pretty all right place. I thought there were also a good amount of attractive ladies working.

  143. Russ

    Best place for a bach. party-I’m attending my 3rd one this weekend & wouldn’t go anywhere else.

  144. Neil

    Unbelievable lineup. Had a dance and then a champagne room with Bella….heard she has been there for years and I can see why. She is stunningly beautiful….but like the girl next door….yet a stripper! Perfect in every way.

  145. BE fan

    Overall, BE is great. Management, please consider the following as constructive criticism that could potentially be forwarded along to the lovely ladies:

    1. Talking to others during a lap dance – seriously, what’s up with that? I’m paying $30 for a lapdance and she’s (occasionally) talking to the bouncer/other ladies during the dance; OK I may be boring, but some respect please?

    2. Others asking for additional tips – now, it’s fine for the actual performer to ask, but having another unrelated lady come by and suggest for the tip to be increased from $5 to $10 (on a $30 dance) seemed worse to me than hustling for tips. (personally I tend to give the same tip for the standard dance regardless of performance, but then I’m more likely to get the $100 special or the champaigne room from the lady later during the night, or the next time I visit if they are good relative to the rest of the available ladies)

    I’m glad that I let the above points slide as I came back after a quick break – love the re-entry policy – as I saw an amazing stage dance from one of the newer petite ladies Nikki (not sure about the correct spelling – anyone know?). Never have I seen so many ones flying onto the stage while the solo dancer was still at the pole/middle of the stage, it was certainly high-energy and different from all the other stage dances. Keep up the good work Nikki!

  146. Bachelor Party!!!

    We had the best time ever in VIP on saturday night. The bachelor loved it thanks bare exposure!

  147. rtrt


  148. FInally

    Finally something worth spending money on in Atlantic City. You have the best looking girls around.

  149. Rich

    By far no comparison! Girls are hot. Place is great.

  150. big
  151. Dacid

    Hard to know where to party but what a great decision it was to deal with the line….53 girls last night. Hot seats were unbelievable. Thanks girls from the New York guys. You made the bachelor’s night.

  152. hung long

    Dances are expensive and mostly air. Women are mostly average in looks. Music was loud and dj obnoxious. A jukebox would have sufficed.

  153. Ron
  154. dougie fresh

    VIP is a rip off, the only perk is that you get beer and your own space. We only had three girls in there with us. It’s not all-nude The girls were mad grimey looking. I mean come on, bachelor didn’t even WANT a lap dance (and he’s a horny bastard).

  155. PhilV

    Terrific-beats every other place I’ve been to.

  156. John

    this place is rockin!

  157. pearl

    i agree w the last post. my party was treated like royalty. it was very much appreciated

  158. g


  159. Jimmy

    real good stuff

  160. Sat night

    I was at your club on saturday night for my friends bachelor party. The girls were amazing with 2 exceptions. I noticed two of the girls were covered in tattooes. The 1 had them all over her legs the other her chest was covered. I have to say its very unattractive and it made them and the club look trashy. This is just my opinion others may not feel the same but I thought you’d appreciate my thoughts. Thank you and I will be back for the next party.

  161. coolguy

    cool place. cool girls. just right for a cool guy

  162. okl;j;hjghj


  163. fc


  164. pj

    I thought the VIP was good. Beats the crowd & standing on line. Had lots of pretty girls w/us,& every time another one came in she was off to the couch room with one of our guys. Had a good time.

  165. Bach party

    Our bachelor had the best time thanks again to the VIP host.

  166. bud

    checked every club in a.c. out. this was by far the best place.

  167. h


  168. bill

    this is a pretty nice club. Best in AC for sure.

  169. sdf


  170. staten isl guy

    this place was awesome. beautiful girls. great time. couldnt get vip. it was booked all night long so make sure to reserve a spot ahead of time.

  171. Regular

    Had to correct last post. The cover is not $30 as I go pretty much once a month. It is $20 and as far as extras, the dances are as up close and personal as you can get. What did you expect to get laid for even $30 bucks? Being a novice really showed in your post. Try Les Gals in WIlliamstown. It will cost you but you can get your happy ending from some hoe. It won’t happy here you are right about that.

  172. Nick A.

    Thanks for a night of great memories. The party was great. We are all from New York and this place was completely different from anything we’ve been to in the city. It was like the biggest party with naked girls. A blast.

  173. t


  174. Nate
  175. Mike from NY

    Was at this place this weekend. Had a great time once we finally got into the place. I miss the 2 DJ’s they used to have outside at the little bar next door (Bullshots/Pizza Pub). The Jersey Boyz I think. Those guys were great…they made the time pass when you were waiting in the long ass line in front to get in. Took us an hour to get in the door. Once we got in the place was pretty cool.

  176. lenny

    this place does not suck… at all!

  177. Jake V.

    Bachelor party Saturday nite was off the hook! Girls were very pretty and very different types. I would estimate at least 30 -40 girls. Thanks for a a great party.

  178. dancer

    To management, you should consider using as a message board for your customers. You have to pay for this service whic may deter petty ignorant dancers from leaving comments about girls they don’t like or are jealous of.

  179. Ender

    The best club I have been to in Atlantic City

  180. Paul D.

    Bachelor Party Weekend Review Part Two: Bare ExposureAfter polishing off our classy dinner in our classy suits at classy establishment Ruth’s Chris, my buddies took me to the requisite bachelor party stop, the strip club. Bare Exposure is a fully nude establishment, which means they can’t serve liquor there. However, through the magic of legal loopholes, that doesn’t prevent you from bringing in your own liquor. And by liquor, I mean cases of Natty Ice, which is what most of the clientele brought in. Ah, drunk, overly aggressive dudes, battling for the attention of women whose eyes let you know that they are miles away. Ladies spraying lysol on the poles their coworkers just danced on. Standing room only. These brief descriptions may make it seem like I didn’t enjoy my time here, but no, I did. But more from a distance. I enjoyed the overall experience of it. I loved how out of place my group was in our suits. I enjoyed the beatings given to bachelors on stage(luckily my bachelor party was kept on the DL). And most of all I enjoyed the fact that once you leave the “theme park” 3 block radius around the casino, you just instantly feel dirty. Will I come back here again? Only if its for someone else’s bachelor party.

  181. review

    this is the best strip club ever. there were hot girls everywhere. our bachelor party and especially the bachelor were treated great. it was really a fun time. great atmosphere and mood. we checked out some of the other clubs in a.c. and they were just kind of sad. thanks for a great time and will b coming back soon.

  182. Frank

    I agree 100% all strip clubs are a gimmick in the area to take peoples money you get nothing in return 20 to 30 dollar cover charges rip off. I heard stories about this club ripping people off. I always walk by it. this is a legal way to scam people.

  183. newjawsey

    Too crowded, bad layout of the club. Stage was not well lighted. Its BYOB but some people take it to extremes. Saw a guy wheel in a 4 foot cooler. Give me a break.

    The girls are hot but you cant touch in the general dance area. Dont know about the VIP areas.

    But its probably the only place in AC that is in a good area.

    AC in general is rather grimy so the SC’s are not much different.

  184. joseph1k

    All the guys saying this is a good strip club must have never been to a strip club before.The girls are kinda beatup looking (expected since it is Atlantic City). However, the environment is filthy. The stage is small, guys are all walking around and standing around in groups. Occasionally a girl will dance on these poles in the middle of the room.The lighting is poor. I have to say this is hands down the WORST strip club I have ever been to in my life. There needs to be more full nude strip clubs out there. This was so disappointing that I cannot even put it into words. I have been to strip clubs down south and in New England. They topple this like no other.Save yourself from this experience. Most people reviewing it must be first time strip club goers and jumping for joy when they see a nipple.

  185. batchelor party

    ill say it again. this was the best batchelor party i could ever imagine. every girl in the place came right to me. i felt like a king. thank you to everyone at bare exposure.

  186. Justin Bernard

    Would go back in future

  187. tom
  188. Mike

    I was there on Wed nite and it was fun a little quiet but there were a few hot girls

  189. Steve

    We went to several clubs two weeks ago and the entrance was less than the other all nude place which cost us $15 a cab (we needed three) each way! Cellphones were collected but you did not have to bring it in. $20 is not a lot for a club not selling alcohol. What’s up with that shit. This was byob. Sounds like someone has an alterior motive for posting bullshit. Both places were nice but we prefered the location of this club. Much safer area.

  190. Great time

    I have to say this is the the best place to bring your bachelor in Ac.

  191. Pissed off Fan

    Decent place to spend money after winning a couple hundred at the casino.

    I’ve been frequenting this place for the past few years, but must say that this Saturday night was by far the worst. In previous times, a few small things have been bad which has caused me to not come in as often. This may be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

    I was getting a few lap dances and realized that I had “misplaced” my stack of ones that was in my pocket. Needless to say, I was pretty pissed off.

    PS: someone please tell Brandy that I really was planning on getting a dance special with her and didn’t bail out on her on purpose, but I certainly wasn’t in the mood for additional dances after what had happened.

  192. sat bachelor party

    i cant say enough good stuff about this place. somebody told me this is the site to tell all. i sincerely want to thank everybody who helped me and my bachelor party out last night. i’ve organized many and attended way more bachelor parties but this was really the best time i have ever had in a strip club. so many hot chicks, crazy sexy lesbian action, and the most helpful staff i’ve ever dealt with. thanks guys. i’ll definitely be back asap. a word to the wise…get vip…well worth it

  193. NYGUY

    Great place to party with beautiful girls.

  194. Blake
  195. angelina jolie
  196. Dillon

    Great bachelor party. Like the fact that we had our own area and we could sit. They had seats for the bachelor right at the stage so he had plenty of action with every dancer. High recommend this place. First time there.

  197. dOUG
  198. Dick

    Don’t bother waste of time!!

  199. mklj


  200. Tink

    i’ll be back

  201. Good times

    The VIP section in this club is off the hook. We had a someone book it for us and he came through. The stripper did a naked dance for the bachelor in the area where we sat.

  202. guy

    had a great time thanks

  203. Patrick

    Our party was handled great. Easy to book and everything was perfect. Being the best man made my job stressless and I even got to enjoy the lovely ladies because I didn’t have to worry about everything and everyone else. Big thanks to all that made it happen. You made me look good!

  204. d


  205. Staff
  206. Vic

    Absolutely don’t agree with previous poster. However, I do think that it is not a traditional Gentlemen’s club which is usually lowkey and not a crazy insane party atmosphere like it is here. I really think this club goes for the party animal bachelor party scene and they have succeeded big time! We loved it!

  207. Liam

    Real nice club, we got their early on a Saturday so the girl/guy ratio was nice. Then I came back and it was packed. Girls are either very nice or stand offish and just stand by the wall. Lap dances are way above average, i didn’t like the cell phone check and I thought $20 was a lot for entry especially with no hard liquor. I saw one of the best lesbian shows ever later on in the night, you could tell the girls were into it. Staff was cool, Bartender was nice, DJ was annoying, most of the bouncers were cool this one guy with tattoos on his head helped me change a flat tire in the parking lot when he was walking a girl to her car. Overall i wish i had a Bare Exposures in Virginia

  208. Paul
  209. eyecandi

    Bullshit is the last post. Too much competition?

  210. ohh
  211. ldguy
  212. Justin

    Tks for a great bachelor party. The girls were fun & beautiful, & the staff was great.

  213. Todd
  214. jenny

    i took my husband here for his birthday. we had an amazing time. thanks to all the ladies.

  215. larry


  216. twista

    Very shitty people work here. Front the front door people very rude almost made me leave right away , I should have it only got worse inside. the girls are pushy and when you say no thank you they call you a scumbag because you don’t want a dance with that girl. never will I visit this place again. I thought it was the best club in ac I was wrong that is title belongs to Centerfolds or Stilletos

  217. Bare Exposure

    Wow Bare Exposure this place has changed so much. I am very impressed. The place looks really nice and the girls are hot as hell. **** Four stars

  218. tt


  219. billtheguy12

    If you’ve ever been to Lust in Brooklyn, King of Diamonds in Miami, or Magic in ATL you will definitely find this strip club to be sub par. Truly, I don’t recommend it. Its a hustle. $2 to check your cell phone before you get in, $20 admission (normal fee for strip clubs), $100 lap dance in the mandatory lap dance room titled the champagne room. The place wasn’t packed but there was a larger ratio of guys to girls. For a memorial weekend this club should’ve brought out all its girls. There were about 15 girls on rotation and 3 of them were actually pretty. The rest were girls I would t even look at in the street if I were paid to. This is BYOB atmosphere (beer and wine only). No Hennessy or patron allowed.If you like girls who look like they’ve given birth to at least 4 kids then this is for you. Enjoy

  220. x


  221. studman

    the place to go.

  222. Whats in a name

    This is a website rating the caliber of the club, and its product; not a site to promote personal agendas or vendettas. Focus on your own career and home life and not on underlying motives. Creating drama isn’t cute and wont get your job back. We all know that BE is best in the city signed. sealed. delivered.

  223. carl

    awesome place with lots of fun.

  224. the bachelor

    My friends got a VIP room here for my bachelor party. We went to Hooters first and the girls were MUCH HOTTER! I thought BE was an all-nude… all the girls in VIP had bottoms on. That’s ok though, I wasn’t very interested. We actually left early and went back to Hooters. One of my buddies ended up hooking up with a banging waitress.

  225. Mitch

    Swore I’d never use this site because everyone knows it’s total bullshit probably between managers or girls of competing clubs but I did want to say thank you to Angie and all of the ladies for a night to remember. My party was awesome and wanted you guys to know we appreciated it.

  226. Ronnie

    Best in A/C for location, amount of girls and pricing. We went to a total of four Wed. nite. The other two in the city were pathetic (and NOT NUDE). The cab ride, entry fee and amount of girls made the one outside the city a waste of money but at least it was nude. This place is right on the strip with a casino across the street.

  227. rge


  228. Victor

    bschelor party was great in the private area that had plenty of room and seating. highly recommend this place if you are looking for a lot of ladies. Tons more than other clubs we went to all weekend.

  229. sexy

    this is the best place to make alot of money. always big spenders and easy to get vip rooms. very safe place and everyone is nice.

  230. BJ

    Very un save and shady alot of coruption and drugs also in the middle of the ghetto!!!!!!!!!

  231. Don
  232. uy


  233. pa all day

    prolly the best club i ever been to.



  235. CLAM

    I wouldn’t ever come back to this club. They rip you off froom the begining with their cover charge. the girls aren’t that good looking and a girl put makeup on her ass and got it all over my pants with glitter to. If you have a wife or girlfriend you better bring a change of clothes for this place.

  237. keith

    was there last nite.girls r great!

  238. not true

    Thats not true please stop writing nonsense you little haters.

  239. Ernie

    real good

  240. Hammer

    Excellent Club great location. I’ve been to many in AC and this one is in a League if its own. Keep up the good work

  241. jim
  242. Cameron
  243. phil

    Wow! Awesome place. Brought a large party & we all had such a good time, no one wanted to leave & we closed the place. Must ck this place out.

  244. danielle

    Me and my boyfriend love coming to this club when we hit atlantic city. We never go anywhere else, just bare! Girls are soo soo pretty and friendly. Our favorite is ALexis. BeautifuL!

  245. ewtew


  246. Dan

    Awesome place for a bachelor party!

  247. Dave

    Great time last night. Ladies were beautiful and very accomodating. Just a side note: we went to other clubs and wasted a lot of money before we went here. Save yourself cab money and just start out here. I doubt you will leave.

  248. Kid and Player
  249. Cheza

    Hey Everyone! It’s me Cheza… I’m sorry to have to leave everyone behind, but I have gone to the west coast now. I’m now dancing in Cali at a couple of the Orange County Clubs, but keep an eye out for me… Theres a posibility that I might be making my way back to NJ someday. Don’t miss me to much! Hope you all have a great New Years! Ciao!

  250. bob enders
  251. herman
  252. Gay

    UR gay

  253. Alex

    bla bla

  254. Pat V.

    Bachelor party last night. Girls were beautiful, vip area great with private stage. Recommend highly plus close to everything. Across from Trump plaza make gambling for some of the party very easy. Thank you girls for a great party.

  255. Rats Hole

    This club as the gentleman said before fair at best.unfortunately AC doesnt offer much alternative,staff was not very friendly and girls hound u every second your in there..No nudity unless there is a special seat dance,temp regulates at about 80 degrees inside,beer does get worm unless u want to spend money on a bucket of ice.Girls yes are fair looking ,but dances are not worth the price to me either…

  256. Cory

    I am the guy that came into Bullshots to thank the owners for such a great time. Don’t let the assholes who keep writing shit get to you. You know what you have and by the looks of things, you guys are untouchable. We’ll be there for three more parties before Sept. See you then.

  257. AssnTits5

    I was just re-reading this review and it looks like we were being cheap. But part of what annoyed me so much about the BE was that they kicked us out for not spending enough money – problem with that is that me and my boy Steve WERE spending a lot of money, not on ourselves but on our boy who had just returned from 10 months in Afghanistan. We tried to explain but the epic f.a.i.l. had too much momentum and could not be slowed down. Oh well.

  258. Josh

    I like boobs.

  259. diceroller

    Very eh on this place. Girls are all really hot and the club itself has a pretty cool setup- but the dances suck (30 for a dance is too pricey anywhere you go, and the girls have a too cool for school attitude on top of it) and the cover is too expensive. BYOB is alright, but I wouldn’t go back or recommend this place.

  260. Jeff

    Could not believe how many beautiful girls were at this club which really is more of nightclub with the most gorgeous strippers. At least 50 or more. Thanks for a great time. Would highly recommend especially for a bachelor party like ours was.

  261. BrickTownshipPlayer

    The club is awesome. Girls are hot. Especially Cheza. I got a lap dance with her which had a very happy ending if you know what i mean. Check her out fella’s. I do every weekend even after hours.

  262. Frank Z

    Best bachelor party ever!!!!

  263. Jon

    This place rates a 10+

  264. Anthony Palumbo

    The girls are super nice!! I love to lap dance with just my silk boxers on (slides nice enuough to blast a wad).

  265. chris

    awesome club. great time. the girls were hot

  266. returning customer

    It’s been almost a year since I’ve been back to Bare Exposures and it’s changed drastically in just a short amount of time. The club itself looks great. Lighting is much better but it seems as if there’s too much going on. Granite or marble on the walls with mis-matched diamond plate floors. I guess it’s as mis-matched as the girls as there are some very gorgeous women as well as some not-so-much. The attitudes of the girls are stale and not attractive. Too many complaints that they aren’t making money. It’s hard for me to belive that a girl would still work at a place that she made no money at. But it could be true. The bartender was pleasant and more fun to talk to than any of the girls. I don’t think I’ll be making a trip back anytime soon until the attitude in the place changes.

  267. Craig

    What an asshole posting. The fucking club is byob which saves so damn much money how the hell do you think byob clubs make money or are they a non profit for jerkoffs like you glitter dick. If you can’t afford $20 stay the fuck home.

  268. .......kioko

    its just the place to be…girls are extremely sexy and beautiful..good personalities GREATTTTT Private Dances…!!!

  269. Michael

    Loved it. Thanks for a great time. We will be back the end of July for another party. Hope the same gorgeous girls are there when we return.

  270. joe mama

    i love this place. had a great time last week. so many hot ass girls.

  271. Adam

    Fake smiles were fine with me. I am more concerned with fake tits which I was happy to see lots all natural. I expected to be hustled for money afterall I was in a strip club. Thought the girls were great.

  272. Anthony
  273. dominic

    be carefull alexis is not to be trusted and she’ll try to trick you…!

  274. TM

    had our bach party here on sat. i found this site to rate this place ’cause of the special treatment we recd.not only were the girls nice,friendly& beautiful, but the vip people were so great & u/standing& made our bach. feel so special. i can’t rave enough about this place!

    rating =10+. definitely the place to go.

  275. dd


  276. Sir Vic

    This club goes for lets say not so classy gals who dont even strip much,but top

  277. Rhode Island Visitor

    The girls are beautiful but there were way too many, every minute we were asked for a dance and they get real mad when you say no. I politely said no and got some unpleasant words from a few.

    They don’t even get nude on stage, except during hot seats. The dances I did have had a bouncer standing over me the whole time, I turned my hands toward the girls leg, didn’t even touch her and was hollard at by the bouncer. Very uncomfortable. Too crowded won’t be back.

  278. Freakin Funny

    this last post is hysterical. Interior designer rates strip club decor! Dude/competitor you honestly think your comments are believeable! Like you remember lights from one visit to another when B.E. has always had the best lighting for years. Girls bitching about $…they are strippers! Bitching is their middle name. Personally, B.E. is the best club in Atlantic City and most know that.

  279. Walt

    First time to this club. Don’t really frequent too many but was in town for a party. Very nice. The champagne courts were very private and beautiful. Loved the bar next door. Had band and outside seating to get a break from the strip club. All in all, very good setup. Being in business myself, ingenious marketing by the owners. The ladies were very nice and I saw all types. Bella was clearly one of the top. Had a dance with her…..thank you baby. See you in August like I told you when I was there.

  280. BrianI

    Had the best bachelor party here.

  281. vinny d.

    all-nude byob.This place is like 2 different clubs on weekend compared to weekdays.The line out front Sat. nites sucks but they have a bar next door to have a few drinks while your waiting.They give you a pager so you dont lose your spot on the line.4 sure worth the wait,there’s 50+ girls 2 have fun with when u do finally get in.

  282. just us

    We are a couple that loves to frequent strip clubs. Let us start by saying its not like larry flints’ or city club but as for smaller strip clubs, this club is the one of the better in NJ and by far the best in Atlantic city. The private dances are a little high but they offer specials for multi’s. If you are in AC and want to go strip club this one is far superior then all the others in town.

  283. Jamal

    Went to club after Kanye and was impressed with the ladies. The ratio was good and was glad to see the ethnic mix here. First time visit but will be back.

  284. George
  285. dz

    First time there, went at 4am till sun-up. not bad overall.

  286. rogerrab2

    Was here a month ago for a bachelor party. This place is a hole, most of the girls are below average, couldn’t get near the stage, it is dirty inside, and high cover. Save your money go elsewhere!!!!!

  287. Rick

    Normally can’t be bothered to actually write a comment but had to after the great party we had Sat. nite. I am writing this cause Angie and the club are awesome and the asshole who wrote the shit about crowded is an idiot. That is why you book VIP jerk to avoid that problem. We had a great time and don’t let this idiot upset you baby. Your hot by the way…..

  288. Bored

    Went there on a Thursday night about midnight. Topless only. (Thouhgt it was called Bare Exposure). Left within 45 minutes. Only one hot blonde but wanted nothing to do with anyone. Would not go back

  289. Frank G.

    This is a great club in every way. If you are comparing to others in the area (we had to do that for my brother’s party)this place had it all. Over 80 girls, a great party hostess (thanks Angie and Doug)across from the casino, great security and great music and party atmosphere. Keep up the great job. Your club is a winner and thanks for the memories. Doubt the wives will let this be a regular event!

  290. nick

    Great place but much more like a dance club with strippers than a traditional (usually more seedy atmosphere)club. Had a great time. Our party will be back this summer if not before.

  291. sean

    Different from club in N.C. More of a club atmosphere. We will be back in July for another party.

  292. Mike, Best Man

    Cousin’s party Saturday night. THe place is beautiful. There a year ago BEFORE renovations and shocked at the improvement. Girls were VERY friendly. Staff awesome. Could not do enough for us. Just want to thank the girls…too many to mention by name plus I was pretty drunk so names were not retained! Thank you everyone.

  293. customer

    was there this weekend. more hot girls than any club ive ever seen. awesome place. best in a.c. by far

  294. ur mom

    this place is wicked awesome. the chicks r so hot. the lesbo show was the best thing i ever saw.

  295. WOW

    This place was hands down #1. We stayed until 5am and had a blast.

  296. Snake
  297. elway

    great place for a bachelor party. place looks great.

  298. sds


  299. Rob

    extremely pleased

  300. BrianB

    Love this place! Coming back soon.

  301. Rob V.

    Variety of girls great. Very clean.

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