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430 U.S. 46, South Hackensack, NJ 7606


40.877359, -74.0734351




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Flamingo Club

  1. Greg

    The first time that I went I had a good experience. The second time that I went, I wanted to avoid alchohol because of a long trip ahead. The club experience would be okay, but they would not but off about buying drinks. The waitress would come to the table even though I did not want a drink. I refused to buy a drink , so she called the manager. The manager said buy a drink or leave. I decided to leave and never return there again. They will never get my business again. Bad club . Do not recommend .

  2. club closed


  3. better

    this club issssssssssss

  4. driverjim

    I like this place but it gets a little tight sitting at the bar if people pass behind you. Why they pass behind I have not idea?? rude maybe. The dollar parade is bad, some dancers are down right rude and ASK for a tip even if they where there two mins ago, it usually the russians and not the spanish girls, the spanish girls blow away the russians any day for they are polite and sweet. One thing that is BAD, the vip room is BS, it is equal in price to all the other clubs but its too frickin bright and the camera’s?? Big drawback as well as the common lap dance room is too heavily patrolled by the bouncers who are looking to get you in trouble, very unnecessary. Never had food there but it is a nice club and he did lower drink prices but to be honest they never should have been raised to begin with, this club is not in the caliber range of lets say a titillations or AJ’s.

  5. ok

    ok but to many girls

  6. Somenormalguy

    Great girls, but beware of the area. I had my car window smashed and some small items removed from my car for no good reason while I was there for only 2 hours after work. So beware! If you like forking your money over to the Italian and russian mafia have fun, but they can’t even protect you or your property on their premises.

  7. Joe
  8. Sash

    I went during the week, so not too crowded and low activity. Dancers were ok, but I think you need to go during the weekend to get the full experience that is described in many of the reviews on this page.

  9. guest

    Good place to stumble into once in a while.

  10. yes

    I agree

  11. j


  12. kickapps front end dev team

    if u go here ask for Uksana ……she is amazing man …. true value for money ……… she is a princess / queen …

    i luv u Uksana rani …….

  13. sick of russians

    dollar parade is real bad!!! it’s non-stop tipping and more or less persuaded to buy them drinks and then don’t even drink them – much bettter clubs in NJ – stay away or don’t say you weren’t warned…

  14. Tom

    Crystal is so hott.I love her ass and she gives great lap dances.

  15. ART
  16. Jon

    Quality has went down relatively over time. The manager really seems to be running this place into the ground . My experience here has been more lousey each time. Place is dirty. Girls are ugly. Just trashy overall. This club needs major improvement. I ended up leaving and going to another club close by. Don’t waste ur time at this place. Most of there good dancers picked up and left a while ago.

  17. randy

    The best in NJ.2nd too none!

  18. Augie
  19. Mark

    Girls are super hott and friendly and I enjoy this club very much

  20. Poonluver

    Not worth the time or the effort. The place is very small and the girls are ok, but the management is fanatical about buying drinks. We were told that we pretty much had to keep drinking or leave. If you want to go to a place and relax, this is definitely NOT the place…

  21. John

    I love this place .Drinks arnt bad in pricing and the girls are hott. I mainly enjoy the vip room thier .Its defitnately worth it depending on which girl u talk to to

  22. Ronnie B

    Beatifull Layout.Very ritzy! nite club atmosphere!beatifull Russian dancers with some Brazialians & Americians.Highly Recomended!

  23. Rob Walt

    No cover.At least 20 dancers a night.Out of the 20,at least 15 are dime peices.Drinks-higher than most places,but it keeps all the riff-raf out which I like.You can really enjoy yourself here and not have to worry about getting in a fight.Did the VIP rm.Lets put it this way,Its worth it!The regular dances,$20 with heavy friction.The best girls out of all the clubs I been too in NJ with the exceptions of Titalations.A great club if you have the means.

  24. Lee

    Place is good. Girls are very friendly. Some hot ones, some not so hot ones, same as anywhere. Mostly Russian with some Hispanic and American girls thrown in. The bartenders are hotter than the dancers though but that seems to be a growing trend. Lap dances are good, the girls get into them. Overall a pretty decent place, I’d come here again.

  25. Pete

    Very good for couples.

  26. lapdancaholic

    awesome place. great lap dances. no cover charge. plenty of hot girls.best place ever been to.

  27. igor

    real nice bar!!!!

  28. Client

    Damn! They Fired Sandy. Gonna miss her!

  29. Mc

    I was constantly being hustle by the dollar train, to the point that I got so annoyed that after less than 30 minutes I left the place.

  30. tray

    The best girls & most out of any other club I frequant.The LD’a are off the hook.Teh private room dances even better!

  31. James
  32. mike
  34. bigspender
  35. peter

    The best in NJ! The sexiest dancers ANYWHERE!The best laps ANYWHERE!

  36. The best custermer

    This place rocks .Veronica the bartender is fabulous and Giana rules the stage.

  37. DNJ

    This club is the WORST! Girls are good looking enough but it’s the worst dollar parade this side of Lace and the bartenders are c**ts. Twice, with different bartenders on different days I was just finishing up a beer when the bartender brought me the next one. Each time I thought she was buying me one since I had tipped her after the first few but both times each one stood there waiting to be paid. And both times when I said I didn’t order the drink they insisted that I did and told me I could pay or leave. I left and will never make the mistake of going there again.

  38. RICK

    I went to this club expecting to see beautiful girls instead I saw average girls, the bartenders were hotter than the dancers, nice place to chill, but if you want to see hot dancers save your money and go somewhere else.

  39. Sam
  40. larry

    Great Club

  41. good

    very good

  42. bille

    this club is much better now, I willl be back soon..

    this club and titillations is the best clubes in nj …

  43. g

    the best

  44. Lenny

    The people that talk bad about this club are the people that cant afford it or who like hanging out in run down low class dives.Hey,differnt strokes.Personally,I like coming out knowing my car is safe & Im not going to get into a fight at the bar with a gang banger.Its worth the little bit extra a drink!Plus its clean when you go to the rest rooms!

  45. Placesux

    place is disgusting and needs a major overhaul. the owner

    eddie is a heroin junkie, as are most is the nasty russian

    pigs that work here. drinks are watered down and too pricey.

    go elsewhere!

  46. Getting Better

    Pretty good club as a whole. For the most part the girls were 7’s and 8’s, there was one sweaty/smelly one, think the name was Naomi (guess she was going a lot of dances or something) but other than that no complaints. Dollar Parade wasn’t as bad as others made it out to be, might have lucked out with it but it was on a Friday. Bartenders were both pretty good and attentive for the most part (the on with the bolts can get side tracked time to time though it seems). Had a dance with an American girl named Jackie, the LD room could be somewhat more private but it didn’t stop her from being a little wild. Overall a good time I’d definately come back.

  47. john griswold
  48. Dan

    Girls are hott and give great lap dances

  49. JAKE

    went there on a Saturday night and the place would be ok, if it wasn’t for the fact that the girls will hustle you every five minutes for a dollar.

  50. Mischa

    Those were the days….

  51. vlad

    This place is an unbelievable shit hole .

    The only positive reviews are by wriiten by the midget chink manager.

    more action for you at wendys next door

  52. Traveler

    This place could be a great club BUT they have to many Russians working here. Just like all clubs in NJ but I was there the other night and every girl in the bar was Russian except the bartenders. I had one drink and left. Do not recommend this place.

  53. beenthere-done that

    place sucks – just Russian girls non-stop begging for your hard earned dollars – they do nothing for you – stay away and seek other places which are much better, drinks way over priced and should get a well-needed overhaul for the whole place!!! just my opinion…

  54. docbiz

    After reading all these amazing reviews i had to stop in and check it out. The place is small but nice. You’ll see the usual jersey club mix of girls; russian and brazilians with maybe one or two others thrown in there. The drinks were way overpriced, which i guess they do to keep the clientel slightly higher class then the other gogo places around the area. Other than that it’s pretty much the same as all the other places around, if you sit at the bar you can’t have a drink or talk to your friend for a second without being hit by two or three girls on the dollar parade. We ended up sitting at one of the table they have away from the bar but the dollar parade even followed us there. Don’t get me wrong i don’t mind giving the girls money but every second gets annoying. Also i think the place tells the girls to pretty much guilt guys into buying them drinks because every girl that came up to us to talk wanted us to buy them a drink and it didn’t matter what they ordered i think they charged us 10 bucks for it and the insulting part was most of the girls didn’t even drink it. Now the lap dance room; just a wide open room with a long couch not private at all. Place is okay, not as amazing as all these reviews make it out to be but who knows you might have a totally different experice then i did.

  55. Larry B

    The Best hands down!

  56. ItalianStallion
  57. boris

    Crystal ,the new girl is so hott . Nice

    thick ,athletic,curvy body . Got the best

    lap dance over the weekend from her

    and she does great polework

  58. bambam

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