Riviera Lounge



310 Main Street, Hackensack, NJ 7601


40.8880985, -74.0407058




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Riviera Lounge

  1. adam

    this club is a disgrace

  2. Kilroywashere

    great club to have a beer and watch game or play pool.

    the girls look good no lap dance sometimes the girls will ask you to buy them a drink.

  3. BDB

    It’s hard to fathom how any Hackensack strip club can compete without a private room. This somewhat spacious bar provides ample room for buffets and pool tables, but it does not provide area for dancers to provide dances. Therefore, the talent of the club suffers greatly. The atmosphere is surprisingly seedy despite the decent area, and the hospitality is only average.

  4. Player

    Things are happening at the Riviera. At least that’s the word going around. Place is being completing redone. New dancers coming in everyday.

  5. HBAPRES2017

    This place is a disgrace. Most of the dancers speak Spanish. Making it difficult to converse. Prices are average. No champagne/private room. Lap dances $20/song. Reasonable prices. Couple of dancers pressing to 200 lb mark. Better looking strippers in Paterson. Strippers don’t press for dances nor cash. Request to buy them a drink from time to time. Just stay away. Constantly playing dance/rap/crappy music. But at a reasonable volume.

  6. Dave P.

    Nice neighborhood go-go bar. Pretty dancers. Low key setting. No aggressive dancers. Support local businesses.

  7. J B.

    Chapter 7An Unusual Guest”Can you take me to the dodgiest bar you can find. I want to experience the bar that’s the most terrifying, run-down place in the entire city.””I can help you out.”Unfortunately my first choice of bar had suddenly become unavailable. It appears a not-so-upstanding member of our society suffered a collision with a bullet and as such, the furniture was being cleaned.This was not necessarily a bad thing, as it kept us away from a pub which was truly dangerous, rather than the flirt-with-medium-to-low-danger that my acquaintance was really seeking. We opted for something marginally safer.Now, that’s not to say that anyone should ever consider The Riviera Lounge to be a safe bar, but this week in particular -against all odds- nobody had been shot while having a beer with their mates. Or at least, if there had been a murder, the owners were particularly adept at keeping it under wraps.It’s a little after six in the evening when we approach the bar; there’s the expected handful of people outside smoking — no surprises there. Unusually, though, one of these smokers has opted to relive himself on the street. This man clearly lacked any sense of discretion, as he wasn’t making any attempt to conceal his activities — he stands in the middle of the path, facing down the street; lad in the wind and a solid stream of urine flowing. He makes eye contact.Uh-oh.”Don’t mind me lads. Nature calls.”Carefully stepping over the puddle, I confer with my drinking buddy. “You’re sure you want to have a beer here? You definitely want to do this, right?””Are we going to die?””Eventually.”Inside, it gets weirder. Girls that are pushing 200lbs with scars and more toes then teeth move around on the stage like hostages.Right in the middle of the room is a gentleman sporting a large moustache and wearing a pinstripe suit. Nobody in the bar (aside from us) is even so much as wearing a shirt. Clearly, he’s part-time mafia, waiting for his shift to start. He’s playing pool against a very drunk, very large man in a tracksuit. When it’s not his turn, this man jumps around the bar, “dancing” to the music and playing air guitar with his pool cue. We try to avoid looking at him and turn away. When he decides we’re not paying him the attention he deserves, he prods us in the back with his pool cue. There is one table of four men, each one has fallen asleep. Not just gently dozed off, either. One has his head on the table, arms dangling by his side; another rests his head on his neighbour’s shoulder. To say they were smashed is an understatement.We know we can only stay for one beer before any trouble starts, so all we have to do is outlive our beer. The faster we get through this, the more likely we’ll be able to call this a success.A patron stands up and staggers to go the bathroom. Seconds after he opens the door, I understand why the smoker was reliving himself on the street — the outdoor environment was much more pleasant than what must have been in the toilet. The door was only open for a few seconds, but the stench that wafted from it was so foul that I nearly passed out. I hold unto my pint with two hands and take a mouthful to steady my nerves. We move seats.The DJ is setup on the table beside us; he’s young, naïve and absolutely terrified at the scene that’s unfolding. He starts talking to us. I think he felt some sort of rapport with us, on account of how we were not completely wasted drunk at six in the evening.”Is this your local?””Oh God, no.””Have you been here before?””Only once. Was lucky to get out alive.””It’s that bad, is it? The car’s right outside in case I need to make a quick exit.””Hope you left it running.”We gulp down the rest of our beers and leave for somewhere a bit more civilized. We never saw the DJ again.

  8. Harry

    Just an average club with some good girls, but almost all girls speak only spanish, so talking to them is really difficult. Also there are lot of guys, looking like thugs hovering around….. looks like they are the boy friends of the dancers. Not a great place, you can visit if you have no other option.

  9. BigFooot48us
  10. Christopher Gagliardi

    I find this club hot enough for me to go out at night and to get away from life for a while!

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