The Playhouse Lounge



1205 U.S. 130, Burlington, NJ 8016


40.0841801, -74.8368975




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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PLAYHOUSE LOUNGE is where all your dreams become a reality. Hospitable staff, friendly and gorgeous women and great music. The Playhouse Lounge is a juice bar where you can bring your own beer, malt beverages, wine and champagne (NO HARD LIQUOR). Our charming bar staff will take libation pleasure with a smile. We also offer soda, juice, coffee, bottled water and non-alcoholic beer. We feature some of the best private entertainment in the business. We use a calibrated clock to an exact time intervals to ensure we give you the utmost pleasure.​


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718 reviews for “The Playhouse Lounge

  1. Peter yates

    Does any1 have Erica social media account. Instagram Twitter tik tok?

  2. DOngle

    Jenna upcharged me for HJ

  3. Old Patron

    Haven’t been to PH in YEARS! However it was not a disappointment upon my return. I mean it was a Saturday night and there are only 6 girls working which was very concerning, cover is a little ridiculous when they obviously need more customers, and let’s be honest you don’t go here for food. You come here if you’re someone that is in the know and want epic CD’s. I met a smoking hot blonde named Michelle and it was in the back we went. I left very satisfied! Until next time PH, keep up the great work.

  4. John D
  5. CEMS

    My FAV is Ruby she always aims to please me

  6. phillyman

    coming 2 ph 4 a good time nilas hot

  7. SW
  8. world campdog
  9. wow

    okay i stoped i here last nite to see what all the hype is about. there were a couple cute girls only like 7’s nothing more. ruby was cute and the only decent dancer. shes not fat but has a litte gut on her. i guess its good these girls give HJ’s i dont see how else they make money. poor onstage dancers in general not too cute. i thought friday nite be good…bad timing 🙁

  10. re:
















    ! and the Playhouse has leather covered metal bar stools, get your fucking facts straight dick-ity doolittle!

  11. Jay Man

    I REALLY don’t get the negative reviews. I’ve only ben here in the afternoon when talent/guest ratio is high, but this is without a doubt the best club I’ve ever been in. Mostly Brazilian hotties. a few 6’s and 7’s, but 9’s and 10’s also. LD services are CRAZY. Yes, I’ve noticed some of the cattiness, but that’s what happens when you’ve got a room full of semi-clothed girls hustling for tips.

  12. Erica fan

    Erica is very hot

  13. Don Horton

    Very popular club- even in afternoons.

  14. NJMike

    Nice place for a married guy to look at (and touch!) some sexy ladies. Some of the girls are older, but most are in great shape and will make you forget about their age. I prefer day shift, the crowd is tamer and the girls are friendlier. The bartenders are pretty good and most are nice to look at too. Gwen, Andrea, and Devon are favorites of mine.

  15. whackster

    kianni maria vanessa are also excellent

  16. reviews

    its also stileto, they give poor ratings to every club that has high ratings. why do you think their rating doesn’t change, because they mess with this site. every other club’s rating changes. theirs doesn’t. so obviously they do the same thing.

  17. Dave
  18. Jazon

    This is the best club ever !

  19. kilroy
  20. joe

    Get your rocks off at the playhouse

  21. donjuan
  22. PH Customer

    I am a PH customer and heard from dancer Ruby this week about an individul banned from going to this fine strip club. Ruby informed me the individual attempted a felonious assault at the strip club around the middle of December (the same time repeat negative reviews started being posted by this individual). The story goes this individual only frequented PH a very few times since the closure of Cheeks back in September. Ruby informed me this individual was unassuming (not someone intimidating in any way). She provided a lap dance one time for for this peson during early December and this person immediately pulled off his pants under the misconception PH was somehow the same as Cheeks. She stated this individual was very small in the male equipment department. Ruby acted appropriately and pushed the dance room’s panic button to have management safely remove this individual. The club appropriately asked this person to leave the establishment and did not charge this person for the partial lap dance received. Ruby said this same individual returned to this club not but a day or two later from this particular incident and was very hostile to the club and girls. This is when this person allegedly committed the assault in one of the rooms on a girl I will not name. She said this individual sought revenge against the club and girls for not satisfying him. This time club management forcibly thrown this individual outside the club to the pavement. The local police department is actively investigating the incident. This individual attempts to pursue a campaign of negatively attacking this club and god only knows what else. Please know the negative attacks are from this individual who Ruby said has mentioned details this person had stated the one time she had come in contact with this person. This is not a normal individual, his negative reviews are likewise not normal. I consider PH a very nice club, having had many good experiences. I recommend to all.

  23. Tommy

    This is one of the best clubs in Jersey. The variety of dancers may not be to everyones liking but the LD’s are always great and it’s a good atmosphere. You don’t get hassled by the girls too much like some places.

  24. Anonymous

    If you like Brazilians, and I do, this is the club for you. Most of them are working the day shift.

  25. Tyler

    I didnt like anything about this club. And with rating it, they have nothing for food other than some vending machine. I have seen much better waiting rooms while getting an oil change. Didnt see one girl who really struck a chord.

  26. paris phan

    paris melts in my hands

  27. PH fan
  28. Semi-regular

    Some days are better than others, but always a good variety of dancers. You will be sure to find something to your liking.

  29. Federico

    This club totally sucks. Check it out and I am sure you will not disagree.

  30. tm

    saw ruby friday. she is a hot little number, was good with her magic lotoipn.

  31. K-pin
  32. raquel fat skank

    these girls are the bottom of the barrel here

  33. wlt

    i saw erica today nice girl and looked great in her sexy black mesh top – thong

  34. Dan the man

    Great club, favorites Erica Paris Ruby Talita Kiani & Victoria who provide great HJ’s for no extra tip on top of the $30 lap dance in private booths. This club is bar-none the best lap dances in the area, making bump-n-grind clubs complete wastes of time. I always leave happy with a big smile on my face. This is no upscale experience so if you like a very sexy time with some hot latin women, this is the place for you. Cheap $5 cover charge during the day & BYOB, so bring all the beers you want. Can’t beat the value and selection of hot girls & truly private lap dances.

  35. T.Rod

    PH phenomenal four Erica Paris Talita Ruby for great HJ

  36. ph is great
  37. myerica

    erica is the hottest girl at playhouse!!

  38. ericafan

    erica is an extremely beautifulgirl and i think she gives best lap dances at ph . hot tits and some nice handy play are just part of what makes her so great

  39. William

    Pretty good deal for the money. The girls don’t pester you too much or give you trouble if you turn them down. I agree with some of the other comments – they have a lock on Latina’s, if that’s your flavor then this is the place. Samira, I think I’m in love with you!

  40. Club Risque
  41. hm
  42. Sal

    I stopped in for the first time in a year. The Girls are still hot. Although the dances are not the same as they used to be, they are still pretty decent. Got here after the kitchen closed. I was hungry so I didn’t stay long.

  43. SAM

    Too many Girls working at one time

  44. Elwood

    This bar sucks. You walk in and it has no atmosphere. Its a square building with old stools and old counter and old dance floor with poor visibility. It has the smallest TV screens I have seen in a bar. The majority of the dancers are not attractive. The bribery to go for three dances for sixty dollars is a joke. If you sit at the end of the bar by the candy machine, its like sitting at a bus terminal. Obviously no one cares about running this place.

  45. jo

    Not my type of place.. didnt stay long, went next door, I apprieciate class

  46. ph reg

    its jiffy lube fab-u-lus at the playhouse

  47. Bert

    Nice dances

  48. Fernando

    Angel was “named” correctly. She is attractive, long dark hair, sexy figure sensitive and sensuous… easily the most beautiful smile in the place.

  49. Manny

    This place is pretty much a dive and definitely not worth being a thirty dollar a dance place. It has no style at all. Club Champagne has hotter women who are more open to fulfilling lapdances in a place with real nightclub style. Cheerleaders has younger and hotter dancers and a club that has a little more style and ROOM to swing a cat. Incidentally, this club has too many hangups about what goes on in the lapdance rooms. Very immature.

  50. i aGREE

    Patrick is right, not a fun place.

  51. Burlington Ho Factory

    Honestly the best club I’ve ever been to. To be fair, I’ve only ever been to strip clubs in four states (NJ, NYC, a few in Philly and eastern PA, and one in FL), so take my review with a grain of salt, but this place is at least worth a visit. During the day shift, it’s mostly Brazilians and most of them are very nice to look at. At night it’s an ethnic mix with about half being American. There are several older women who are past their prime but still decent looking, and a couple of young girls who are absolute knockouts. Everyone seems friendly, even the bouncers. The girls deliver on their promises in the back (and then some), especially once they get to know you. These are the best private dances I’ve had, hands down

  52. Ken

    I have been reading the posts and originally thought there was a gadfly wiseacre posting on here trying to put down the club. Finally I was in the area and decided to stop in. I was really shocked that anyone could run a club that was so unappealing. The bar in my refinished basement is much better. Also the dancers were not really pretty at all. The charge of 30 dollars a dance is ridiculous. I thought I could at least get some chips or a burger, nada. They dont do that here either. I am assuming this place is a money laundering outfit or a front for something. The club really is terrible. I regret I didnt believe that guy and had to waste money and find out for myself. I see no reason to ever go back here. Just my opinion.

  53. Zane

    Girls are ok, place is old.

  54. Hondaman
  55. Yani

    This club really sucks. That is why no one but the family members post here. really. Go here and see for yourself. It is a dump.

  56. james1412

    Ignore what JR said about food. Who goes to a strip club to eat. But if you want accommodating dancers and excellent lap dances this is the place to go to. The girls are good to look at and will give you a great private dance. you have a selection of barely 18 to late 20s. Both enhanced and natural for your selection.

  57. Fun for All

    It is a fun club were just about anything goes.

  58. Joe P.

    Erica Ruby Talita are amazing,as others said hot HJs in private lap dance room with hot brazil beauties is what Playhouse is all about. I took Talita on this visit for a little fun in the private room, she is energetic, enthusiastic, and just a great time in making me leave happy spending 4 dances. Had fun with Erica & Ruby before, each bring a unique sexy energy to the dance. They work in the afternoon and like was said is $5 cover, hot babes in a private room, and byob. Great place to relax and have a good time.

  59. dew
  60. part timer

    A few good girls, better bring a lot of cash, very expensive to have a good time..

  61. festino

    some really nice brazillian girls work here

  62. U know
  63. billyb

    could care less about this fighting bs. i like ph and had a fun afternoon with my girl paris today. she still gives me a great ld and left happy. nice afternoon crew working too including erica lena talita ruby candace and quite a few others. nice time.

  64. Frank

    Reading the reviews I can see this club has about three regulars. I dont know why they are posting reviews because if you like a club, what else can you say and how many times can you say you like the club?

    Well, I stopped by this club. I am NOT a regular. This review is for people who are not one of the few local guys who hang out. Well, this club sucks. Plain and simple. Dont go here. Like the one guy said the mgt dont give a shit about anything about this club. I cannot name one nice thing. It is the worst shape club with the most lacksadaisical dancers I have ever seen. They dont like working here and it shows. They should also not charge 30 dollars. Is there ANYONE who thinks 30 dollars from these girls is for a good reason?

  65. Joe from Philly

    Good club seeing my fav brazils Ruby & Erica who give a nice HJ. I can see why this club gets crowded, you are not gonna find mileage like this in Philly. Only Ball Park in Bristol comes close.

  66. Jethro

    The previous ratings are way higher than they should be telling me that this club must have someone hired to sit a few hours each day doing ratings.

  67. John
  68. Slim

    Just got back and had another great time here at PH

  69. Rand Mcnally
  70. benito
  71. joe t distributor
  72. perry
  73. Philly CD
  74. SmokeyMan

    Fri Afternoons at PH r grrreat! Erica Talita Ruby r awesome.Great HJ from Erica plus she does a lot other stuff during private LD. This girl completely had me wet my pants & that was before I even went with her on the LD, damn! Having a blast at this place as usual!

  75. Viagropro

    Great time in vip room, otherwise a dive.

  76. quasi modo

    my hump my hump

  77. Cytr
  78. Francois

    If Champagne was like PH:

    And had a bathroom with no toilet stall and two urinals all within inches of each other, opening up to full view of the bar.

    And had lost dancers who went to audition at another club.

    And had regular room lighting an small TVs as a club atmosphere.

    And had owners who called the cops to stop blowjobs since that was not needed n e more to compete with Cheeks.

    And had nothing to eat when you were out partying and drinking.

    And had lapdance rooms with seats in closets with broken doors and items stored in there like floor fans.

    If Champagne did not have the best club atmosphere, hottest girls, great food, luxurious lapdance area, and cool owners…it would suck like PH and EC.

  79. S69
  80. sportsman

    Playhouse is a good time always like seeing Erica or Ruby

  81. Geraldo

    This club really sucks is right. Dont waste your time.

  82. mclovin
  83. Rebel
  84. s8
  85. Cecil

    Personally I dont need a fancy place. And this place isent fancy. But come on guys. The lighting (too light) and bar are horrible. And those stools! Please. What is up with the 15 inch LCD monitors? They are tiny. Also what is up with the doors. Always hire union. This way, you are sure they know how to measure off before sawing. Maybe those were doors to a camper. The whole place looks put together with shit. The dancers seem to be addicts and sit around and are not really into doing their job. But at least a lapdance is 30 dollars. THATS RIGHT! THIRTY DOLLARS!! Not sure you they are catering to and it showed. The place was more than half empty.

  86. ArmyRunner

    Everything I expected and more. Great place, comfortable from the doorman, bartender, and especially the girls. Just about every girl there made time to see me. Was not pushy and very friendly. Private dances are a must do! You will not regret it. I chose Erica, but anyone of them are worth it. I will be back.

  87. drk
  88. couch dance man
  89. Jake

    $30 A lap dance wtf?

  90. Mark

    Fab 4 are what PH is all about

  91. joe the vigilante
  92. The Big M
  93. Dicked Cheney

    One of the top 2 or 3 clubs within a 100 miles.

    Check out the pissed off comment below from a competing bitch. No customer would complain in THAT fashion, as customers would love it if the women were whores.

  94. David
  95. Billy

    PH has some great dancers

  96. NJman

    nothing wrong with this club

  97. dudemanrich
  98. Lap Dance Critic

    Virginia (the lovely blonde with the large breasts) gives an excellent neck, back, and shoulder massage at the bar. She really give you your money’s worth. Her massages are very soothing and relaxing.

  99. PH dude

    Saw Erica and Paris Tues night for some Hip not super busy

  100. Adam

    I get laid every time I come here , wait a min that’s Cheeks not here

  101. Paris-fan

    yes sir agree Paris has a damn hot pussy and she does alot with it if you know what I mean!

  102. r
  103. THE MAN

    Chet is MR. MOTHERFUCKER posting all the SHIT here!!! What a FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT HE IS. I bet he has NO JOB and comes on this web site EVERY day to post SHIT for a club he does NOT go to. The fact PLAYHOUSE is the NUMBER #1 CLUB on StripClubList PISSES HIM OFF. This is the same ASSHOLE who called himself the Preacher DDTR Shill or he multiple other names he went by on the Cheeks Forum Page. He is a FUCKING TOOL who posts here to amuse his pathetic life because he has NO FRIENDS. How could anyone be friends with this IDIOT! He will probably post and review 500 more times because he has NOTHING BETTER TO DO than sit at his computer than post here and JERK HIMSELF OFF! GO FUCK YOURSELF ASSHOLE AND DIE!!!!

  104. Tee

    This is one of the best clubs in Jersey. The variety of dancers may not be to everyones liking but the LD’s are always great and it’s a good atmosphere. You don’t get hassled by the girls too much like some places

  105. USArmyman

    PH is a great little bar to watch some girls and drink a few beers, me & friends always enjoy coming down to this place

  106. TechC
  107. poorlilrichnigga

    i love the girls are great my favorite place to go

  108. Heywood

    This club is severly overrated. It is small and cramped when trying to get around the bar. There are not enough seats. The bathroom door is in full view and has no lock and people go in and out so no one would really chance taking a shit(and you know its true). The looks of the girls are below average with a few lookers. Most lapdances for THIRTY dollars are bullshit. There is no food option here. The music sucks. Its just a place to go to be near girls who are easy to interact with.

  109. 69
  110. lap fan
  111. Holden McGroin

    This was by far the best club in the area, better than the GGR, better than anything in Philly, until it was eclipsed by the stellar rise of Cheeks. However now that I hear that Cheeks now has cameras installed too (as of July 2006), it slips below Playhouse in quality and Playhouse again is best. Management here is well experienced in this biz and has run the best places for at least 30 years in various Jersey locations. Right now, no other go-go clubs make any sense to go to.

  112. m
  113. dickboy

    I had a great time Tues w/ Paris

  114. mr e
  115. Carnum
  116. philly

    erica is the hottest girl here

  117. cruzzan
  118. Herbert

    This has got to be the worst club in America. Even worse than Erotic Cafe in Jersey and Diamond Dolls in Florida. In fact, its worse than the ones I went to in Cambodia. At least the shitter there was usable and the women were cleaner.

  119. Bruno

    This place sucks. Too many issues. Dancers complain too much

    and promise much and deliver little.

  120. KoB

    Love this place, hot ‘zillians, private rooms, what else could we ask for

  121. myspace tom
  122. tp

    i like coming to playhouse. byob + some babes.

  123. marsden
  124. michael
  125. same

    erica is hot and alot of fun in the back ld rooms

  126. Alex
  127. DD

    I like Rayne

  128. like ph

    had a good time with lina

  129. kyle

    yes sir paris ruby erica & talita are hot babes, any of those 4 will grab ur thing & rub u a smile on ur face.

  130. Faz

    PH is best spot I go, great time with hot latin and american girls like Rayne!

  131. JJ


  132. EARL
  133. Dry Humpage
  134. ph perks
  135. Delbert

    This club sucks. The lapdance rooms seem like temporary stations until the real ones get fixed, except these are the real ones. The girls are really homely. All of a sudden I see they have people posting positive stuff. Listen folks, if you have 15 dollars to spend at the door, I encourage you to go and see what a shit hole this is, once and for all.

  136. swordfish
  137. Ron

    PH is one of best clubs in S.Jersey, always have a great time playing with Ruby & Talita who are super nice , who also show me a great time.

  138. Walker78

    I had a good time Friday at the Playhouse. I saw Paris who was very hot and gave me a real wild dance.

  139. Some Dude

    Always a good time at PH. My club of choice

  140. Ruby Ruby Ruby

    Ruby is the best love seeing her for some LDs

  141. Arslan

    Better than most, not the very best. Better than anything in PA or Philly. Better than anything along the shore, including easily better than GGR. Better on price and consistency. And yet not the very best at this time.

  142. flying al
  143. robertusmc
  144. luvum

    paris is best

  145. nice club

    good line-up on fri afternoon had some fun with lena

  146. Rex

    didnt like this place at all. very small and old and uncomfortable place to hang out at. Dancers and patrons did not look they were having a good time. Expensive lapdances at 30 dollars for a place like style, nothing. A lot of gossip and problems going on in this place. It basically was no fun and a waste of time after a long week at work. Worst club around here. Champagne, Cheerleaders, Jersey Girls, Crazy Horse, all better.

  147. Saab
  148. Tpaa

    Lina is my fav, love her

  149. I-Spy

    Playhouse is one of the best clubs I have ever gone to, great contact with some hotties

  150. joseph1k

    The Daytime danceds (before 6 and definitely before 9) are beautiful and you will have a great time. The pretty and friendly ones aren’t around nights. If you read a negative review here it’s almost certainly by a late night visitor.

  151. gj
  152. james

    my favorite club. dollar parade can be a little bad at times but lap dances are best around.

  153. K2
  154. JM
  155. mike balicante

    if your good looking you get extra special attention. physical I got a backrub and a little rubbing for over an hour for a dollar but not to toot my own horn im not the type of guy that goes to strip clubs…

  156. ed

    Awesome club!!!! Erica is fucking HOTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!

  158. KB
  159. Day Dreamer

    It’s hit or miss. Some girls are extremely hot, some may make you nauseous. Most English-speaking girls are not very good-looking. Most hottest girls do not speak much English. Not a great place to just hang out and talk with girls.

  160. Lowenstein
  161. WM

    Paris is too hott to handle

  162. RC 37

    I’ve frequented the Playhouse for over 3 years now. Some of the dancers have come and gone, others have been here forever. The quality of the VIP dances are outstanding for the most part. I highly recommend this place if you’re looking for a night of fun

  163. speel
  164. hr7277

    sounds like kids playing games in this forum lately i happen to like visiting playhouse

  165. Marilyn
  166. PHnym

    PH’s got some real hot girls and some not so hot girls, get here early and you can usually find a winner

  167. JIm -Tabernacle

    Playhouse is a very good time. Not the finest girls I have ever seen but I always leave in a good mood. Club features a few Blonde Brazil Babes who I think are much nicer, friendlier, and much more sensual about lap dances than any American girl has ever been. It’s no secret why this club gets popular, I mean at 3pm on Friday there was hardly an open seat, so I can only imagine how busy this place is all week long. Playhouse is one of the better hole in the wall clubs around where you save a few bucks on beer (byob) and get some nice contact lap dances, sure $30 a lap dance aint cheap but dances I think beat the hell out of those air lap dances.

  168. spoogerection


    NED Licks SPOOGEY from U DICK!!



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    NED Sucks JIZZ off COCK!!! Boyyyyy!!!! HE Licks COCK!!!!


  169. Steve

    too dim;y lit, not much but a bit more brighter would be a huge help

  170. Mr T.Bear
  171. PH lapper
  172. scott
  173. Road Rider
  174. Paul

    I enjoy coming to the Playhouse. I always see my favorite girl Ruby. I like it here.

  175. Customer

    It is true what they say. This club sucks. It is the worst hole in the country. The club is a tiny dump. The lapdance rooms are dusty closets with fans and things stored in them, and they are not comfortable or sexy at all. You cant use the toilet here unless you are gay.

    The fact that someone keeps defending these things proves they dont get it or dont give a shit or both. The stools suck. And its THIRTY DOLLARS A DANCE for two mins.

  176. P-H

    will be there this weekend. PH does have the best private dances, very friendly brazilians! love it

  177. Mike

    Best Couch Dances in the area

  178. b52
  179. yerzel
  180. tetracene

    i like ph i think this club is awesome i cant believe the town is trying to close this great place

  181. Corn Husker

    I didn’t come here for the drinks, food, music, ambiance, or anything besides tits and ass. I was not disappointed. I saw a lot of chatter here about Erica so I came specifically to meet her. I was not disappointed. I have patronized strip joints for over 20 years in several states. She is, by far, the sweetest and most beautiful girl l’ve ever met in a stripclub. My family won’t move to the area for a few months and I plan to get to know her very well during my time alone here. Hope she likes my time, money, and attention.

  182. Ray

    How come this club sank so far in the ratings? Its a crappy club but they just painted the building.

  183. o'reilly
  184. ctjilo

    Whoever said these girls are wild was exactly right first time here on Friday

  185. Harris

    I like seeing Fernanda when I visit Playhouse she is something special

  186. Big Mac

    Great private dance by a hot brazillian chick

  187. Playhouse rules

    Favorite club no doubt Naya is hott!!

  188. MIke10

    Great club, love seeing Deborah saturday. She’s my favorite here with a nice brazil booty. How come all the fake negative reviews? One after another posting how they hate this club. It seems very suspicious to me why anyone would hate the Playhouse. The club isn’t some over priced Taj Mahal but it has some very hot girls including Erica , Paris , Ruby , Deborah , Kyane , Lea , Lena , Rayne and many more. Most girls working on saturday were in their 20’s and there were a few in their 30’s but what club doesn’t. I like this club and will continue to come. I’d question all the recent negative reviews, there was not a review for 3 months before some fool decided to go apeshit against the Playhouse.

  189. twix
  190. ph-anatic

    ph-reaking awesome!!

  191. crisko

    Friday afternoon went to PH and had a blast, actually had 2 blasts, one w/ Sumira and one with Erica who is irresistable.

  192. kfc
  193. johnnym

    Good times had by all who vist

  194. jerseyguy911

    Went to PH on Friday afternoon, had a great time. Wondering what Erica looks like?

  195. Clubber Lang

    Totally awesome, in a different league than everything else here, it’s that good. Private rooms, enthusiastic dancers, and an attitude that aims to please. No, it’s not fancy or beautiful. You’ll find what you want here, and always leave happy. The best in all NJ.

  196. JB
  197. George

    Had a good time

  198. TJ
  199. Lansdale
  200. BIg-Man
  201. Champagne

    Playhouse sucks and Champagne has 100’s of real hot entertainers

  202. el Diablo

    Playhouse is one of two clubs I goto in the Philly area I always leave with a happy ending

  203. LD man
  204. :)

    Always leave happy, love PH

  205. flyonthewall

    I havent been by for a few mos. I saw the hot luisa russian or somethig with nice big boobies to play with. I think I’m sold again.

  206. boy willis

    talking about ph lounge being real good

  207. major wood
  208. phphan
  209. pornoman
  210. jtf

    Check out erica she is hot. Ruby is hot and sweet.

  211. wildman

    All the girls are nice,if you turn down a private dance they are sweet about it.This one girl started pouting a little as a joke and almost got a dance out of me. But I am in love with P. and E. I look into E’s eyes and get lost. And P is so sweet you could get a sugar overdose from her. I wish I could win the lottery just so I could spend more time there.

  212. mason storm
  213. Sparky
  214. e-mon
  215. Eddie

    Lots of dancers of all shapes, sizes and ages. Girls are aggressive for tips around the bar. The dancers take “no thank you” really well when turned down for a dance. The barmaid is hottest girl there.

  216. ruby nya r best

    i think ruby and nya are the best 2 girls here they dont make me wait around for erica who must have a line of customers

  217. Tennessee Jed

    Drivin my rig up through jersey and stopped in. Why not? The place has no look and its not comfortable to sit there. Strippers are not in great shape. Thirty dollars is outrageous for these girls and the lapdance booths are weird. Not much effort is put into this club. I wasted my time and a little money.

  218. vic

    love paris & ruby see them every time for some hot loving in those private lap rooms, oh yes!

  219. Donovan McNabb


  220. blt
  221. Todd

    Kept seeing this club listed as number one so when I went to Jersey, I just had to check. I was sorely disappointed in every way. I checked and saw this website is based in NJ, so that says it all.

    This place is a dump with very catatonic, disinterested dancers working here.

    The fact they charge more than most clubs is also a big problem.

    Dont go here. There are better places on the same road like Champagne and Club Risque. If you ignore my advice and go, you will at least see what I mean.

  222. camaro fan

    you are guaranteed to have a good time here – the dancers are, for the most part, spectacular – i see where previous posters have slammed the brazillians, but i think they are the best – especially leah – she is the cream of the crop with her headturning beauty, dynamite body, beautiful smile, friendly demeanor, and warm personality – there are other standouts for sure (ruby, debra, and blondie come to mind), but you can’t really go wrong with any of them – a lot of fun mixed in with a bit of good, old fashioned debauchery!

  223. Melvin

    What a terrible club. To each their own.

  224. armada
  225. Darkho
  226. Jesse
  227. Georgieboy66

    P.H. Lounge is awesome.!!! Love it every time a I go there. awesome mature women that dance there. Not self-centered teenieboppers that spend their time with their face buriedin their I-phone.Cayenne, Devon, Andrea, Dianna all hot M.I.l.F.’s.. Always money well spent.!!!

  228. Rd
  229. al slammer
  230. CDL
  231. ParisIzGr8

    Paris is the hottttttest

  232. jkl
  233. Marco Polo

    I think Playhouse is great and is my #1 club. I don’t believe the shit the other asshole is posting, he is a shill for Champagne (a dying shithole in some waste dump NJ).

  234. Grand PHan
  235. Phoenix

    Phoenix, I love your hair

  236. Rich
  237. Dan

    You have to be a jerk to know every detail about the dancers. Someone must

    have a real problem going on actual dates with real women.

  238. CDman

    Erica Paris Talita & Ruby are incredible, they can stroke my bone anytime they want to!!!

  239. Tpk Guy

    Erica is the hottest girl at PLayhouse

  240. frk
  241. GB
  242. Ruby

    Ruby is a great girl

  243. szorb
  244. TR

    Always have the most fun with my regular girls!

  245. doc spok
  246. PH lapfan
  247. Gil

    The girls here are a mix of Brazilian and White with a few Blacks thown in. Dances are a little too expensive but they are private. The dollar parade is too much especially when one sees you tip, they begin to line up behind you.

  248. Sox fan
  249. sherck
  250. viva brasil

    some fine brasil babareeenas at playhouse!! gettin me some luvin

  251. mesodizzy
  252. lurker

    i dig this club

  253. Great Time

    Had another awesome time at PH with my 3 Favs Lena, Erica and Jennifer

  254. turner
  255. ph lap dude

    lena’s dances are off the chain

  256. Rajin

    I visit PH at least once a month. Sumira is my favorite dancer at PH.

  257. Edgar

    The people that run this club are slobs. Everything about this club is disgusting. If you were to open a club and made it like this, one would tell you running a club was not your forte. Also, the heat is on this place with insiders calling the cops on dancers for prostitution. Several were arrested and I believe waiting trial. A few smart and attractive ones got out and auditioned for Champagne up the road. Brunella is the only one worth anything here, but not worth wasting a whole night just to see her.

    Anyway, try this place out. Other than the barflies that sit at the counter stupified, I dont think you would want to go back. And, get this, its THIRTY DOLLARS for a lapdance. You can watch the dancers bellies jiggle as they hang over their g string strap.

  258. Juliana
  259. Carl

    Good club, always visit when am in the area

  260. Champagne

    This place should be called GGILFs. Great Grandmothers I’d Like to Fuck. The dancers here are WAY old. Why? Cuz the few people sitting at the bar are WAY old. Nothing wrong with WAY old, but just how sexy is a night out with WAY old dancers and a few WAY old baldies wtih flannel shirst sitting at the bar. They blast the music cuz they are hard of hearing. Most have stale cigarette tray breath. Dont expect the dance to progress until after the 4th. The dance closets are dirty and smelly. It’s like sitting on cum stained floors back in Times Square before Rudy ruined it.

  261. David K.

    Only a.. club I know worth the time if not the money. Better earlier than later.

  262. Ph illy
  263. nd

    How come no one ever talks about Americans Rayne and Nicky. These 2 bring top notch service every time I go.

  264. spngebob

    Damn righ Erica Ruby Talita are f-ing hot, love how they play w/ me w/ handfuls of fun

  265. big shot
  266. PHauser

    Erica Paris Talita Ruby are amazing! Amazing private dances w/ great HIP action, always leave with a smile on my face!

  267. Yeah

    Love the Fab 4, PH is the best place for private dances

  268. BTurner
  269. Antthony
  270. Pepe

    The cover charge is $15 on weekends, $10 during the week. The club is BYOB but if you ask they will keep your beer in a cooler. Great variety of girls, they are friendly but not pushy. Dances are great, daytime is more brazilians, late night is a mix of talent.

  271. NA

    Depends what you are looking for. I don’t mind older dancers because I am not in my 20’s or 30’s either. Most of those girls stay in pretty good shape. You can tell where they make their money, because they rarely take the time to chat much. They want you in the back rooms and it is there that it depends what you are looking for. There is no accounting for taste!

  272. priest
  273. ace

    wow erica & talita are hot and rub me right (and left – lol)

  274. karl
  275. vip

    Its not champagne who gives out the false crappy reviews for here, it is stilletto ny, they give out the bad ratings to other clubs.

  276. IRS

    Received a big refund this year. Gonna spread the wealth amongst many dances here.

  277. Brian C

    Rayne is good timez

  278. yer resident Chris

    Chris yer resident goofball loves PH

  279. ronald
  280. PH cust

    Playhouse is small,dark,cheesy decorations on walls and ceiling but I come to this club to see hot brazilians jack me off in the private booths. I’ve been to quite a few clubs around and only Cheeks had mileage better than this joint, best handy action south of the border on my south of my border!

  281. Tony the Tiger

    Got ripped off before getting one good lapdance. Same thing happens at Cheeks. Cant really afford to toss away 60 dollars on two dances to get my moneys worth as a customer.

  282. Beamer

    Nice club had fun with Paris last night

  283. screw em

    i miss being jacked off at ph the ole days were great. i agree erica is the hottest girl at this club.

  284. joe g.

    First time here 5/26/11 Great time. The girls were all showoffs and flirty. I like that.I had a private dance,it was worth the money.I had two private dances. Maybe they’ve improved.I read other comments and it was the total opposite of what I read.

  285. glock
  286. CB
  287. monger

    ruby erica paris lena deborah brunella are my favorites

  288. corrigan
  289. potato soup
  290. Afternooner

    Any you desire is available! Be careful!

  291. T.G.

    PH LD’s are unbelieveable. Erica does some amazing stuff during LD’s, fantastic HJ finish.

  292. sukka man
  293. F-meister

    I love PH, some of the nicest girls at this place who really do know how to treat a customer

  294. klay
  295. me


  296. l
  297. toke um
  298. ButtonFly Guy
  299. Billy Ray

    I’ve frequented the Playhouse for over 3 years now. Some of the dancers have come and gone, others have been here forever. The quality of the VIP dances are outstanding for the most part. I highly recommend this place if you’re looking for a night of fun.

  300. PH fanatic
  301. cp

    I go to see Erica Ruby Talita always am happy in ending when I go see them

  302. Phillyguy

    PH is my favorite club

  303. r.simp
  304. crayco
  305. chucky
  306. Beverly

    My husband and I infrequently like to frequent clubs. BUT NOT LIKE THIS. There were no comfortable places to sit. The lapdance rooms were horrid with peculiar, broken doors. A fan was in one room. The dancers were less than glamorous or sexy.

  307. Magnificent Mitch

    In truth, this club is a dump. The bar area is old and takes up the entire room so there is no room to walk around really. But, to the point. The girls here have all seen their better day. You have to look far and wide and then fake that one of them strikes your fancy. Lapdances are 30 bucks but three for 60. But who wants to go through three lapdances with the same girl. The lapdance area offers small, closet-type booths that are dusty and dirty. The doors are sawed off at the bottom. The only positive posts here, I am surmising, are from a die hard customer (relative of an owner?) who even admits to tipping the DJ (right). Its all bullshit. A rip off. Every other club in this area, maybe for Cheerleaders, is better. Dont waste a night out here. One customer even told me this place is not even a shell of it’s former self. He now goes up the road to some luxurious club.

  308. Jimmy Ray

    This club really sucks. Why is it even on SCL?

  309. nutman

    gig love ya!!!

  310. Xman
  311. Room #1 Lapper

    Erica is without a doubt one of the hottest at PH

  312. Almighty_Skip

    This place is really hit-or-miss. When it’s good, it’s awesome; when it’s bad, it’s a chore to be there.

  313. Hugh

    Too much whining in this club from the alleged guys. Its like

    a convention for rednecks where everyone is a first cousin and

    all bitchen and complaining. Just go and have a good time or

    stay home. Even the dancers bitch and moan while on duty.

    Knock it off, the whole lot of you.

  314. Car-guy
  315. busta
  316. PHLD

    Love it, will be here on the 25th for a great time!

  317. radon
  318. philly fan
  319. Sber
  320. PH is great!!!

    I love coming to PH, last review idiot must be gay because only a faggot could not like it here!!!!

  321. Evan

    I love this club. We always have a great time.

  322. metallica
  323. Tommy Lee

    This club is horrible and I will make sure it is a zero rating Champagne is the best club on SCL

  324. ericarocksme

    erica is f-ing hot i never noticed how hot her ass was until she started using it in place of her hands

  325. madmike

    lena gives great hjs too

  326. z
  327. Huge Hugh

    Stopped in to see what the big deal was. I was very disappointed. Its a small, square room with no real style to it. Most of the girls are not attractive at all but they keep coming around for dollars. They have canned lines to get a lapdance, then they split. Nowhere comfortable to sit and talk with them anyway, so I guess they figure they ask for a dollar and move on. For BYOB, they could have a grille, but they dont bother. They dont bother about a lot of stuff here. Then one guy told me about some scandal that happened here. I see no reason to come back. Laps are a ripoff at 30 bucks.

  328. qwerty

    had a good time friday w/ mylin

  329. Yahoooer

    Always a good time at the Playhouse!

  330. Dapper Dave

    This club is a dive. It’s too small and the atmosphere is like a storage shed. You have to look at many strippers until you find at least one that is sort of ok. Lapdances are 30 dollars and are done in small, old, uncomfortable rooms. This place also has the smallest TV’s to watch sports on. The place is a hold in the wall.

  331. Gee Dubyah

    If u obssess over the uglies (see below), it could be a drag, but the way to handle a place like this is get in and see the one or 2 girls that you think are hot, get them to give you the service, and get out.

    I’ve been to almost every club between Wildwood and up to Union, and this is the best next to cheeks. Past Union there is Johnny’s A joint and that too can be great. Everything else in between is overated by locals who don’t get out much. The shore, but esp Atl City, is a wasteland of ripoff.

  332. mccauley
  333. RRRick
  334. ph lap man
  335. Erica's Fan

    Erica fucking rocks!! especially my c

  336. Norm

    Checked out the club while in Jersey because it’s listed at the top of this review thing. The club sucks. I am convinced they go out of their way to rate themselves. Thirty dollar anything at this club is hilarious.

  337. Mike - PH Fri

    Yes, you are completely correct Erica is beautiful hot and does what many other ‘zillians at PH dont do, love when she.. well you’re gonna just have to find out for yourself!

  338. -

  339. phzo
  340. sk8tr

    Erica and Paris do it right! Every girl should learn from those 2 on how to give wild and crazy private LDS

  341. IHD
  342. Matthew

    Stopped into the club. Not sure what all the fuss is about. I didnt know I walked into a club. I thought I walked into some room. The place sucks. There was no one good looking stripper in the place unless you like the over 35 kind of girl that looks like a cashier at the supermarket.

  343. Vern

    Horrible and run down club.

  344. knuckles
  345. jerz-man

    I agree Ruby Erica Talita are fucking awesome, best handj.. I mean dances I ever have gotten!

  346. Musty Club

    Grannies gone wild.

  347. Jerzee Clubber

    Totally awesome, in a different league than everything else here, it’s that good. Private rooms, enthusiastic dancers, and an attitude that aims to please. No, it’s not fancy or beautiful. You’ll find what you want here, and always leave happy. The best in all NJ.

  348. Joseph

    This club is awful only ugly skanks not worth touching. Champagne has the best girls around.

  349. gregory
  350. HK82

    Erica Paris + Talita are amazing in LD room, they really know what they are doing with some really good handywork!

  351. big man

    Visited last week and there were many girls, but the place was empty – just 4 customers at 12:30PM. As the day went on a few more arrived, but not like before. Had many lovely ladies try to get me in the back for a private dance. I chose Victoria, a smoking hot, natural short dark haired Brazillian and she did not disappoint. What a great deal – just $5.00 cover and many sweet ladies to play with.

  352. Python

    I went to Playhouse Thursday Night and club was crowded, some nice looking girls were working. I ended up having a good time with Sumira who really turned me on if you know what I mean.

  353. Marck

    We had a fun time at the club on Saturday night.

  354. bigmoose

    Its like a strip club that like the Cheers show. Waitstaff is friendly, and 7 of 10 women you’d want a dance.

    I wish they would expand the place, too cramped for a weekend.

    The playhouse is 6.4, Fantasy Showbar gets a 7.2, I don’t get it.

  355. PH phan

    talita is so hot, def my fav!

  356. Ronnie
  357. yanksfan

    damn right Erica is hot plus she can do whatever she wants to me

  358. TC
  359. Tooma


  360. schiff
  361. Nathan

    This club has to be one of the worst clubs I have even been in, and I am including dives in the city back in the day. The building is garbage. The dancers are not genuinely attractive nor really interested in lapdances. I am surprised someone would own a place like this. Evidently, there are regulars who like the club but I am not sure they would recommend it to their coworkers or buddies. Seemed like a lot of older drunk types sitting at the bar quietly.

  362. Stiffdick

    The girls are great. They got to do something with the old broad that bar tends she looks like my grandmother with a a cheap tit job.

  363. go go
  364. PH handyman
  365. William S.

    Erica is quite a girl.

  366. Patrick

    Erica is soooooooo hot

  367. Nighttime Ned

    Nadia is a pig. She will leave period stains on your clothes during couch dances.

  368. Jac
  369. PHman

    Damn Erica is smokin’!! Terrific LDs from her or Paris!! Some rockin’ hand-action in the booth!!

  370. YC
  371. RC

    Yea absolulte PH is best! Got one of best HJ’s by Erica, she is smokin hot!!

  372. Jt
  373. Catty Dancrrs

    I was just there. The dancers spend more time gossiping, and less time

    doing laps, which just aren’t as advertised.

  374. Rockharde

    I have been coming to this club for several years. One of the best places for LDs.

  375. hooch

    Wow, PH is wild, got a lap dance w/ Erica and damn is that girl hot!

  376. Avenger

    Was here Monday night, some nice latin girls working, Lena took for me for some private laps left happy endig.

  377. Gogo clubber
  378. LD
  379. Paris fan

    Paris is still my all time favorite here or at Cheeks she is a total babe

  380. Hot

    The Brazilians are the hottest.

  381. Oscar

    absolutely awesome place!! second to none!!

  382. kreieg
  383. thompson
  384. Six6Nine9

    nice club a few hot girls Paris is f-ng hot

  385. suprman
  386. K-Rod

    PH is fantastic club to have a really good time at. Erica Talita Paris & Ruby work me til Im sore, always coming back for more>

  387. JERRY


  388. piston
  389. matt m
  390. Honda guy
  391. Jim


  392. Nick

    The girls give REALLY good lap dances “wink wink”…..

    Smoken hot girl also!!

  393. Lx
  394. Mike P.

    Visited this week, can say PH-Handshake is better than ever w/ Paris RUby who looked hotter than ever in their hot little thongs. I actually thought Paris was gonna hop on an ride me in LD room today! damn fine titsnass!

  395. blow me
  396. SCLister
  397. Luke

    good time,great girls

  398. GlaxoSK

    Playhouse rocks!!! the totally private lap dances kick ass, I was at the club today, touching Erika’s goodies anywhere I wanted to and she rode me like a hot vixen. Damn Erika is fucking amazingly hot and there were quite a few other hotties working. This club is a true class act, not pretentious like those over the top expensive assed places. I paid a $5 cover and had me a couple of coca colas on the house, no charge. I saw Kianni working and looking fine, she is one of my other Playhouse favorites. In my opinion, this is one of the best clubs around, great for contact and privacy. I don’t really care for the open lap dance area clubs, private booths work best for me. Spend some time in a private lap dance with Erika and you will have a reawakening to why this club totally rocks!!

  399. biker boy
  400. waterguy

    Easily the best lap dances in tri-state area.

  401. Jason

    Playhouse always is hands & legs above the rest in the area, lots of variety there.

  402. Tomcat

    My FAVs at PH are Erica Ruby Kianni Paris Talita Lena Victoria they all give excellent HIP action

  403. Frost

    Comment to Wildman

    I think the E your in love with is Elizabeth Snow. For those who think the girls there aren’t hot, she’s in playboy and penthouse. She also has a fan web site you can check out. Then, go to playhouse and check her out in person.

  404. sticky fingers
  405. Redsen
  406. RoadHead
  407. Drew

    Great place to sit with friends. Very outgoing girls. Will def go back.

  408. mike09

    Nice club, alot of girls I thought Erika Camron and Lina were the hottest I saw. I had a good lap dance with Lina alot of contact just like lap dances at EC. I will be back.

  409. Paulo

    Was at PH this week and noticed Erica was much more cautious in LD room than before but still did a nice “job”

  410. Pit Boss

    Ruby Ruby Ruby Ruby Ruby

  411. Yolanda

    My husband and I like to go out to a strip club once in a while. I used to strip when I was younger. This club is one of the worst we have ever visited. I am surprised it has the rating it has on this site. Other posters suggest someone is paid to put in positive ratings. I would have to agree. I see no reason for my husband and myself to ever come back to this club.

  412. Fireman B
  413. slk
  414. fritter17

    This is absolutely not a traditional strip club! Problem #1, the dancers are behind the bar! That means the closest you can get to the dancers is like 15 feet away with a giant bar between you! That means the dancers aren’t getting much for tips, and that means the dancers aren’t trying very hard!Problem #2, with the whole focus being on the bar, you still can’t get any alcohol at the bar!Problem #3, despite having no alcohol it’s still only a topples club!W.T.F.?!But…If you’re just looking to get off on some strippers these tend to be dirty handsy girls, their backrooms are very private, and since they aren’t getting any money on stage they’re really desperate for it off stage!If you’re looking for a classy establishment: Do not go!If you’re honest about who you are: Someone looking for a strip club…Then go, you’ll love it if you play it right.

  415. Chris

    Was at PH saturday light crowd w/ a few hot brazil girls and Rayne working, now that’s what I call a good way to spend a nice saturday afternoon.

  416. Ty

    I think Victoria is the sexiest PH girl, she does work a little slow with her hand action but she is super sexy about it.

  417. Joe B

    Great contact

  418. mc
  419. Anthony

    The worst in the area by a long shot. Food is average and interior is nice but everything else was a dud.

  420. Rocky
  421. reeeview

    i review therefore i am

  422. S

    Do not waste hard earned money for their self proclaimed S

  423. Pauly

    To give the benefit of the doubt, one can only assume this is a one-trick-pony for ONE person who comes to see some Erica. This guys could be some fat, old, nasty looking person who just likes Erica and who would feel intimidated in a nice club. Obviously he has not taken to any other dance than Erica. My point is. This club is terrible. I did not enjoy anything about the club. Some old guy liking just one dancer does not make a club good for the rest of us. Every watering hole has someone sitting inside. Such people’s rating should not count. Guys, this club is nothing to write home about.

  424. joiu908igit


  425. Lamont

    Ooofah! This club is run down and so are the dancers. Stay away and go up the road or down the road. The only positive reviews are by the older regulars.

  426. lex
  427. sammy
  428. tom
  429. Hugh Chardon

    Being at the Playhouse reminds me of the good old days before running water … a lot of hand pumps. Let the good times roll.

  430. Spun80
  431. Anthony

    NG Rating…NO GOOD! What more is there to say?

  432. XT

    Kianni’s my favorite sooo great at what she does

  433. LBI
  434. trinity
  435. Mik
  436. marko

    it’s okay… rather go to ggr

  437. LP
  438. TTboy
  439. DOC


  440. weed-2

    I have been here a few times and I wish I had known about it sooner. A few of the girls make you feel like they are really into the moment and P. and K. are just about the sweetest. I wish I was richer!

  441. a huge fan
  442. bobby

    definitely get a dance with fernanda

  443. marc
  444. Erica
  445. Derg

    Talita and Erica have real hot pussys fun to play with

  446. pigs

    ugly whores

  447. D.
  448. soul spotter
  449. dondydon

    ph is alotta fun

  450. Skip
  451. scratchnsniff

    Ruby Erica Talita Paris — all I need to say! All are hot and know how 2 get a volcano to erupt

  452. Smash My Box

    Private Dances are the best around.

  453. Chet

    Who is the guy that keeps criticizing other people’s reviews? It must be the owner and the club must be in trouble. I really didnt like this club. I agree with the poster that there are less than a handful of local, alcoholic types sitting in there dazed. This club is severly neglected and mismanaged. The few girls that are there really are not interested in lapdances which go for 30 dollars. The club must be a front for something. I would not go back.

  454. gogoer

    Nice club, Maria is super nice

  455. robert
  456. mcg
  457. DJ Babylon
  458. STS

    Made a PH run this evening, Erica Paris Talita Victoria Ruby were all working, first went with Victoria then with Erica who finished the job!

  459. ChuckyD

    No more HIP/HOP. Nice selection of dancers, some very hot.

    This used to be worth a long drive… more, stay at your local club and get the same thing.

  460. Gary - Cherry Hill

    You are correct Playhouse has some wild private dances, I mean wow when I go to Philly I dont end up having half as much fun as this place, these girls are all over and then some, I think other people have posted/said enough about what these private dances are like.

  461. Pete

    I saw Erica yesterday and had a great time

  462. Brandon

    I live in nj and saw this was suppose to be the top club in the country. I took the ride and cannot believewhat I saw. This is probably the most run down and boring club I have ever been in. Sorry.

  463. John Deere

    The day shift here rocks!

  464. Brian

    Ruby and Talita are the best at PH

  465. Max Lapper

    PH is a good club, some very nice girls. Dollar parade can be a bit rough at times, but the Lap Dances are private and nice. I usually can touch the girls anywhere and they provide some nice reciprocal contact. Club is generally clean but nothing fancy about it. This is not an upscale club by any stretch of the imagination. I enjoy this club and will be back.

  466. Timmy

    Didnt like this place at all. It is a dump. I could not take the seats after 4 minutes. Not a fun atmosphere at all. Too much drama bullshit going on. Too local/barflyish for me. Waste of time and money.

  467. BLIP
  468. cantori
  469. John Rizzo

    This place is great for a smaller local club. BYOB or water bottles and fountain soda is available. I think the cover charge is too high for this club, especially on weekends. $15 is a lot for this type of club. It does include two drinks, but you would think these guys make enough from the dance room take ($10 from the $30/dance) that a cover would not be necessary. Dances are timed, $30 per 4 minutes. A manager in the back wages the cameras and calls out your dancer name and the dance count over the PA. Dances are a good value here. Day shift dancers are mostly Brazilian with some Americans, night shift is mostly Americans with a few Brazilians. Lots of variety here, girls of all ages from 21 to 60. Girls pick their own songs, so it’s a random mix of all genres of music. They dance for two songs then head around the bar to say hi and get some tips. If this place ditched the cover charge it would be perfect, but it’s still one of the best values in the area. I also wish they had a VIP/bottle service lounge where you could buy a big bulk of time.

  470. waynzee

    erica is hot oh yea hot

  471. CD

    Playhouse is a good time, some very nice and beautiful girls

  472. Gstrang
  473. strip'enum

    erica is h-o-t! she stick shifts my hot-rod sooo great!

  474. Ted

    This club is nice. Could be better if lapdances were only $20. But overall, this place is better than most South jersey clubs.

  475. suckma dick
  476. ndfan69

    wow, i had a fun friday with my girls erica. erica is an extremely sexy & classy blonde bombshell. she has a nice hot brazilian ass and very pretty face. this bar has 5 or 6 real gems. i think this club has some of the most personable girls, always nice and they never are pushy about dances with me. i’d put this club #1 on my list of clubs because it is a $5 cover and i was able to bring my own wine with me. erica even partaked a glass with me as we watched the girls dance on the 2 central stages. someone else provided a pretty accurate run down on erica’s private dance skills. she is quite sexy in her dance movements and quite liberal about letting me explore her body some. i think the private dances at playhouse are very good, i’d say they are better than most clubs i’ve been to. privacy really makes them worthwhile, no bouncer leering in on us in the room. i would not say this club is couples friendly yet the club is always clean and bartenders very prompt & hospitable about serving drinks. the 20 or more girls working do circle the bar often, yet were not pushy at all about dollar tips or dances. this club is fairly convenient for me, located right near the nj turnpike exit 6. i am typically around the burlington area every few weeks with playhouse a usual stop on my itinerary. it is very enjoyable to sit and have a glass of wine with erica, an incredibly beautiful and entertaining girl. playhouse is well deserving of a top rating, i enjoy this strip club and will be back many more times over. i can speculate others posting unfavorably either are unfamiliar or not able to appreciate this strip club and it’s truly exotic entertainers. i would invite anyone to see playhouse, it is well worth it in my personal opinion. -nd

  477. choochooguy

    gotta love this place, lots of talent, lots of variety, lots of fun in the private rooms

  478. Snagglepuss

    Are you having a good time?

  479. don
  480. qwerty567
  481. Mackey

    great club , great girls , great time , PH is my fave club

  482. J

    Fab 4 Blondes Erica, Paris, Ruby, Talita, I need not say anymore

  483. Rico

    The other poster said it. This place had to have seen better days. But as of now. It really is a very poor place to go. There are dives all over the country, like this one, that have a few people quietly hanging out drinking and look at the TV with not-so-hot dancers sitting on stools talking or texting.

    This is definitely not a club you would tell your friends or neighbors to go to expecting them to rave about it. Nor is it a club you would ever pick for a bachelor party or night to celebrate.

    Personally, I only wanted two dances and even though the price was high at thirty dollars, I did not see one stripper that I thought would be worth it.

  484. Vx

    I kept hearing about Erica so I had to go see for myself what the deal was and man is she hot with her lap dances even more than her looking good

  485. circo
  486. slavet
  487. rayne rules

    girlsucks every last drop outta me

  488. bigturk
  489. The Mole
  490. PH Rules
  491. whizkid
  492. samman

    Debra Ruby Paris are my favorite brazil girls, give amazing hip with private dances.

  493. BaddaBing

    Damn straight Raynes good to the last drop

  494. Josh
  495. yes

    luv PH, will be cumming for a visit this week!

  496. tomzak

    paris is smokin’

  497. beerman
  498. Phunguy
  499. Yesss

    PH, the place to be in jersey

  500. Superman

    Nice place, good atmosphere. There’s a few hotties, a few not-so hotties. As far as tipping goes, this place is great. For just a few dollars you can get a lot of attention. Only thing is, I think I got more action just tipping girls than from the couch dances. Couches weren’t comfortable, and the dances weren’t all that. If you wanna just hang out and tip girls, this is the place to go. For a good lap dance, I’m gonna head down the street to the Erotic Cafe.

  501. pod
  502. peanuts
  503. rd rage
  504. bc33

    Hott Brazil girls topless in little couch rooms. Doesn’t get better than this.

  505. Seymour

    Was in jersey and had in mind to check this club out because its place on the list here. I stood waiting to pay my way in thinking what the fuck. Someone is playing a joke. I sat down. Looked around. I walked right out. Never again.

  506. Dumb Ass

    I gave it one more chance last night

    and it sucked! No new talent at all

  507. ChampagneFagSucksAss

    Last post is the degenerate loser posting another phony reviews. Now you understand why this degenerate is prohibited from entering Playhouse because he is insane and threatening harm against the girls of this fine club. This individual has physically harmed a girl. The club knows who this person is and will not permit him on the clubs grounds. Girls do need to be on their guard as you can see the persistence this individual poses to the club in his repeated rants against this club for no substantial reason. I have never heard of someone so vindictive against this club. He obviously has not had sex and is on some desperate mission to have sex with Brunella again. This person is capable of anything including attempting rape of a girl in the parking lot. Based on the increase in the number of fake negative reviews he is posting, he may attempt another criminal act soon. Please ignore this sick bastard’s negative posts, they are posted out of hostile anger for what happened here:————————————————————————————————————————————— I am a PH customer and heard from dancer Ruby this week about an individul banned from going to this fine strip club. Ruby informed me the individual attempted a felonious assault at the strip club around the middle of December (the same time repeat negative reviews started being posted by this individual). The story goes this individual only frequented PH a very few times since the closure of Cheeks back in September. Ruby informed me this individual was unassuming (not someone intimidating in any way). She provided a lap dance one time for for this peson during early December and this person immediately pulled off his pants under the misconception PH was somehow the same as Cheeks. She stated this individual was very small in the male equipment department. Ruby acted appropriately and pushed the dance room’s panic button to have management safely remove this individual. The club appropriately asked this person to leave the establishment and did not charge this person for the partial lap dance received. Ruby said this same individual returned to this club not but a day or two later from this particular incident and was very hostile to the club and girls. This is when this person allegedly committed the assault in one of the rooms on a girl I will not name. She said this individual sought revenge against the club and girls for not satisfying him. This time club management forcibly thrown this individual outside the club to the pavement. The local police department is actively investigating the incident. This individual attempts to pursue a campaign of negatively attacking this club and god only knows what else. Please know the negative attacks are from this individual who Ruby said has mentioned details this person had stated the one time she had come in contact with this person. This is not a normal individual, his negative reviews are likewise not normal. I consider PH a very nice club, having had many good experiences. I recommend to all.

  508. mcnm
  509. Rick

    Came by with my buddy a few days ago never tried this place before and we don’t plan on trying again. Too many old 50 plus year women. Do not base your judgment by the online pictures. The pictures of the women do not match their looks in person which was a big disappointment. The women who weren’t old were obvious drug addicts. We stayed for an hour before leaving for another club in the area. Too many women bother you for money in a constant flow. After you decline a dance they will pull on you, hang on you, reach for your genitals under the bar, grope you, nag you, or offer a laundry list of things they’ll do if you take them for a dance making it was uncomfortable for us. You’re better off at clubs in the area like Risque.

  510. Road Warrior

    This place is a dump and so is this site for making people think this club is something other than something that is an eyesore.

  511. crabman
  512. fortunot
  513. bern
  514. D man
  515. Duker
  516. chingy

    soo glad ph has babes like erica ruby and talita to get a hand in on me!

  517. slayer

    love the ph, erica is verrry hot

  518. mick d

    i was here stayed about an hour and left this place not for me

  519. ZL
  520. bb23

    lots of fun and always busy

  521. MRM
  522. champsman
  523. Lap Man
  524. gboy
  525. Franco
  526. KBL
  527. Jr.
  528. T

    Always get the pipes cleaned!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  529. cd man

    this place rocks if u like variety

  530. paris lover

    paris is my favorite

  531. ENJ24
  532. Anon


  533. Biz
  534. richman
  535. Islanderman

    Are there any super busty dancers here?

  536. Dick


  537. Truthfull

    By far, the best couch dances I have ever had! And I have had quite a few at numerous places throught the US. I have never left here dissappointed or not taken care of. The place could use a facelift, but the dancers are great. Most don’t dance much on stage, but they more than make up for it during the couch dances. Even if you don’t like to get the couch dances, this could be the best two or three dollars you ever tip during their rounds around outside of the bar. The one point deduction is because of the overall establishment and the with the place being BYOB, I don’t understand why they are not totaly nude.

  538. Moose

    Its a strip club like the Cheers show. Waitstaff is friendly, and 7 of 10 women you’d want a dance. I wish they would expand the place, too cramped for a weekend.

  539. ????

    Whats with all the spam?

  540. rockin69

    PH lives up to reputation, Erica,Ruby,Paris,Talita very hot girls doing great hj during LDs. Some awesome fun to be had with those hot girls. Club is BYOB and fair cover charge. I have a great time with Erica every time I see her, she could work anywhere and gives a great lap dance in private room. For very hot girls, the fun is just great.

  541. Mina







    We do out calls. In calls at our location. 20 girls to choose from. Im waiting for your call. Out calls I must bring House Mom.No exceptions.

  542. Kaighn1961

    I was in the area yesterday afternoon and decided to see what was going on at the Playhouse. Bar was less than half full but the club had a nice bunch of girls working. Mylin, Erica, Ruby were among the girls I saw dancing. Playhouse is pretty regular for the local strip joints I see in the Union area. The girls at Playhouse were attractive, most were at least a 7 out of 10 (at the time, maybe 3 or so were 5s-). Club is predominantly Brazillian, but I noticed a few more American and Asian girls this time.

    Erica, a very attractive blonde Brazillian girl, sold me on a CD. I saw they offer a $20 CD but did the $30 private one with her. She is an excellent performer and I think others have said right about this girl being one of the best ones at this club. Plenty of good two- way contact and Erica was really into the CD. I had a very good CD, in my opinion as good or better contact than other places. My take is Playhouse a small local strip joint, some attractive girls who are very pleasant to be around, and good two- way contact CDs, a good 8 out of 10 in my opinion. I will return the next time I am around the area.

  543. mike696

    Friendly and accommodating girls.

  544. Raynefan

    Rayne is one fine sexy girl!

  545. jboy

    Some real hot ‘zillians at this club good times

  546. SM
  547. Moondoggie

    First off, this place should be called MILFs, because mostly that is who works there in the day time. Complaints about that are stupid because no smokin’ hot 20 something is going to take care of patrons the way these ladies do. Respect that. Having said that, if your future wives look as good as some of these women do at 40, 50 etc, lucky you! This is no flashy joint like the downtown clubs in Philly. It is really a workingman’s bar and does not pretend to be anything else. There are a few notorious duds here (one who is probably the prettiest girl in the club) but by and large the daytime ladies try very hard to please. Most of the daytime women are Brazilian and are actually very nice people. Mostly moms trying to make a buck. Names to remember: Devon, Tatianna, Mila, Crystal, Andrea, Erica. Go for a spin with any of them and you will have fun.

  548. Rockhard

    One of the better clubs in the Souh Jersey/Philadelphia area.

  549. reds

    paris hot

  550. MrPibb

    Been coming here for a long time. Overall quality of PH is great. Daytime is quiet and

    less hectic compared to nights esp. a Fri-Sat night where sometimes you may not even

    find a seat. I have run into some dancers with a “FU” vibe, but many in my experience

    here, few women would actually sit down and just strike up a normal convo-nothing

    sexual, not a sales pitch for a C.D. I dont mind that.

  551. dump indeed

    You will get a different ugly asking you “you ready for some dance?” every 30 seconds, you give them a dollar to go away, then they turn around and want another one. That same one will be around again later on. In an hours time, you could possibly tip well over $20 to women you want nothing to do with. There will probably be one and only 1 girl you want, get her and get out as soon as possible. Not a good place to hang out.

  552. will
  553. TPJ

    Love coming to PH to see Erica, always leave with a happy smile on my face

  554. Load Off
  555. durwood

    If you’re into CDs, this is THE PLACE

  556. arbcr
  557. Fridge

    Not bad

  558. Boring

    Boring and old!

  559. theycallmetatersalad

    this was the worst experience I’ve had a strip club, and before you say im just flaming the place the some of the girls were pretty hot, that being said i would be nice if the “less attractive” girls either helped bartend or at least learned understandable English. the bar tending service the night i went in was beyond slow i ended up waiting 20 mins before having my beers put in the fridge. all in all id recommend taking the extra time and go across the bridge for a strip club

  560. *
  561. jk
  562. abs
  563. Fred

    Won’t find a better lap in the northeast.

  564. mnm
  565. Eric

    I go to PH every couple of weeks for a good time with Erica Paris Ruby. Favorite Erica is unbelievable at laps, some of the stuff she does just keeps me cummin back for more!

  566. bill

    i think this club is pretty good i think the girls are good the thin and the thick are good

  567. JOSEPH aka LIL"J"

    sorry meant to say this club has hot dancers.Got mixed up with Champagne in my previous post. Must have been when I pressed M-9 in jukebox over there. Got light-headed…This PH is the best—-no fancy decor just plain old hot girls and a good time.When a club is around as long as this, they must be doing something right…thank god there are no TUX’S here.

  568. Joe PA

    Rayne rulessssssss!!!!!!

  569. rubyfan

    ruby is still good for hip at ph

  570. Ruby's Lover

    Ruby is a cutie, so glad she let me finger her, great tight pussy!!!

  571. Dreamer
  572. harry
  573. Allen

    wonderful time, got a buzz on before I went in, nice place

  574. louie

    girls always friendly. Alotta fun. Stick with the zillian’s

  575. Tex

    What kinda crap nonsense you got goin on in here?

  576. Hector

    I was at the club tonight. Some pretty, some not so hot, older woman. My friend got two dances from two different girls, the first was fine, which is the only reason I’m rating a 3.5 instead of 1 for peivaysroeoesn’t do anything sexual with you in the back though, the second was a much different experience. The girl offered him to have sex with her for 15$ “tip” and then stole his wallet and all of his belongings. Lied to everyone about it and the club didn’t seem to care. It’s sad that they seem to hire everyone. The dancers were okay, the first girl He dances with said was nice and he had no issues, the second is a whore who is a thief as well. Me and my friend will never come back to this place just because of this. They really need to choose their dancers better and make sure they aren’t a drug addict looking for some fast money to go get high with. The bartender was nice, and I had no other issues with any of the other girls. Like I said they are average. There was about two beautiful girls working and the rest were plain. I really hope they step their game up at this place, but sadly we will never be coming back due to getting stollen from. What a shame because I wish I could write a better review.

  577. rf

    lena’s hot, want to see her again

  578. Payton

    Playhouse is bad and Champagne is great pass it on and rate this dump a Zero

  579. Welcome
  580. tru-dat

    is true some good hj can be had at ph

  581. Csry
  582. re: vip

    you are stupid, it is the champagne jerkoff who posts his review on champagne and then immediately afterward about playhouse he doesn’t give a fuck about stiletto (by the way has a 5.9 rating if you pul up the club page but this website has given them a permanent 8.5)

  583. Traven

    Erica, Erica, Erica! her hands are silky smooth on my thing

  584. philip hughes
  585. Zapper

    Always a good time-just don’t expect more than to rub and be rubbed-Billy and Frank have left the building.

  586. Johnny Boy

    This club charges $30 for a lap dance from ugly girls why is it even open when there are great clubs like Champagne

  587. Jonny Quest

    Fun place!

  588. louieb

    girls always friendly. Alotta fun. Stick with the zillian’s

  589. g.h
  590. phdude
  591. Geoff

    Club was smaller than I thought. I passed it by on the

    highway. Once inside, it soon became obvious it was a soap

    opera in there. The guy next to me was complaining about

    the mgt. The dancers were complaining about america verus

    brazilian and how some girls can give blowjobs and its fine

    and others get suspended and all. I sympathize, but I dont

    head out with 400 bucks on the weekend to hear strippers

    complain about work issues. I left.

  592. rick
  593. Riggz

    I love coming to PH to see Erica

  594. Thomas

    Pretty much a disappointment.

  595. PH

    Love it here

  596. d's

    amber is awesome

  597. Farrel
  598. beachbum

    i visited playhouse late monday afternoon. girls were very friendly with me bar side. i did a bunch private lap dances with ruby and it was mission accomplished with some creative careful rubbing in all the right places. ruby is one of the hotter girls here a few lbs more but accomplished the mission.

  599. screggo

    PH is one of the better clubs in the philly area I stop when am in town

  600. Jaeger
  601. JC3
  602. treyo
  603. john m
  604. Jonesy

    This place is legendary. I’ve been talking about it since the first time I went there… three years ago! Must see if you’re in the area.

  605. Darryl
  606. Maximus
  607. guy who smells good

    If you are nice they are nice,if you are a jerk they know it. I don’t want to go any place else. Pr, I am in love with you.

  608. 410

    fantastic action

  609. nifo
  610. demp
  611. nebu

    erica was amazing monday

  612. phsleuth

    playhouse has the best private dances with hot vrazilian girls and yes they really are private

  613. LD fan
  614. Rick77

    I had a great time at PH last week. Girls were all dressed in xmas red and Ruby put on 1 hell of a private show for me! I’ve been coming to this club for almost a year now and I’ve always left happy.

  615. Wiliam

    I’ve been going to strip clubs for over 40 years and this place has the best couch dances of any place that I’ve been.

  616. umpire80
  617. A fan

    Honey will be back on Thursday night/July 31st

  618. jizz spunk railroad

    MY Cock Says PH ROCKS!!











    OOOOOOOOOOH YEAAAAAAA!!!! hahahahahahaahahahahahahaahahahahahahaha

  619. lexicon
  620. shizm
  621. Jennifer

    Jennifer is amazing one of the best at the club. Hott and sweet what a body

  622. kincaid
  623. Salazar
  624. ZD

    Cool like lap dancs

  625. CD guy

    Erica Ruby Paris are super hot brazilians

  626. Big Papi

    What a great club!!

  627. PH bobble head
  628. kris
  629. skunkrat
  630. Craig
  631. kenyard
  632. rockmann

    stopped at playhouse thursday and had a nice time. i enjoyed the lap dance specials they were throwing and the girls were especially friendly at the bar. this is one of the top clubs i’ve been to in the philly area.

  633. red
  634. sneaky_d

    just love it. bust a goooooooood nut here everytime; day or night;lmaoo. the daytime dancers are even more about pleasuring the customer than the night shift. this is my favorite spot in nj now.

  635. scatterbrain

    had sum awesome fun w/ erica ruby and talita who all touch me right where i want it

  636. ricardo
  637. BOB


  638. carguy1

    Playhouse is a great club!

  639. larco
  640. Question

    Why does some jerkoff keep deleteing comments posted on this site??

  641. paris

    paris is fucking hot and i seriously mean fucking hot i saw her

  642. signed the Dude

    like could i get a great lap dance from paris

  643. FlyersFan

    No doubt Paris is one of best, totally rocked my johnson Saturday! Damn!

  644. Thursday

    went to the playhouse on Thursday. Had LD with Selena, ruby and Sumira. Ruby and Selena were very into the dance, Sumira average at best. Overall good time

  645. MR G MAN

    Damn, they got some hot ass women here. I got a total crisper leaving this place. Ive never saw so many gorgeous hinnies. Oh, i will be coming back here.

  646. LDfan
  647. wdley
  648. Slick
  649. joe , philly
  650. Eric NJ
  651. td
  652. Ass Man

    Better than most, not the very best. Better than anything in PA or Philly. Better than anything along the shore, including easily better than GGR. Better on price and consistency.

    And yet not the very best at this time.

    Owner is a legend, has run some of the best clubs in the past.

  653. yep


  654. badboy

    yeah i had a good time at playhouse on thurs afternoon. i wanted to do a few laps before new years and my girl did not disappoint at all. there are some fuglies amongst the particular hotties we all know and love. erica absolutely rocks me whenever i see her. this is a damn good club, byob and paid $5 entry in the afternoon. i will be back.

  655. RJ

    Always a good time w/ favs Erica, Ruby, Talita, Paris & Victoria do amazing handjobs & are very hot girls. Erica is amazing! with her foreplay, tease & finish, no extra tip required, just a $30 lap dance gets me a great time with a hot blonde! Highly recommend this place.

  656. why


  657. PH lap fan
  658. nj-rich

    Private LDs are awesome here. Have gone wit Victoria, Erica & Ruby who rub in my pants so nice! Take any Brazilain and they will show you the time of your life.

  659. PHer

    Some good contact when I did LD w/ Erica

  660. SCboy
  661. cpt

    Saw lovely Ruby Saturday put some nice lotion on me and did a great job, done in 2 songs

  662. chad
  663. Go Eagles

    Paris and Ruby go wild with some real hot HJ action, those 2 are my FAV’s

  664. CD dude
  665. schwimm
  666. GWB
  667. Lap Dude

    Erica Erica Erica is the bestttttt! Hot hot ass!

  668. T2

    I have been here a few times and I wish I had known about it sooner. A few of the girls make you feel like they are really into the moment. I wish I was richer!

  669. carguy

    ph has some great girls

  670. daidailum
  671. scalzitti
  672. W Or

    Paris an absolute babe

  673. WrX

    PH has some good contact LDs and a few hot girls

  674. RehabArtieLange
  675. Kenny
  676. phjim
  677. AC360
  678. Philly Cheese Steak

    I have a favorite club i go to in downtown. I dont have a dog in this fight. I can appreciate that a guy dont want to waste his time and money on a night he watnst to go out and have fun.

    I read alot of bullshit on this post about club champagne and back and forth. It goes both ways

    I strongly urge any guy to go to both clubs cuz sometimes you want a change.

    There is no fucking way this club is better than any club let alone champagne.Period

  679. roccoc

    Erica is my favorite love her ass

  680. Big T

    Saw Erica and Ruby on my last visit, two super hot girls who know how to give an excellent HJ and Erica even did more than that! Spent around $100 the entire 2 hours went to this club and left very happy!

  681. Snake82
  682. k suds

    at playhouse today and had a blast, erica ruby kiani among many notables nice time

  683. fargin nutbuster

    PH ROCKS MY COCK!!! Up your Ass you Sisssssy!!!!!



  684. greg

    Paris is my favorite great little ass and rubs me great

  685. Biff

    I had a good time

  686. Lena

    Lena has kissed more guys than McDonalds has served Hamburgers

  687. random poster
  688. Larry

    Totally awesome, in a different league than everything else here, it’s that good. Private rooms, enthusiastic dancers, and an attitude that aims to please. No, it’s not fancy or beautiful. You’ll find what you want here, and always leave happy. The best in all NJ.

  689. Knaulty
  690. cjs

    victoria is beautiful & smoothest touch

  691. CostaTheCrazyGreek

    Made a 3 hr trek from Long Island to see what all the hype was about

  692. kolby
  693. Sp

    Great time, hot brazilians

  694. Lou

    love PH especially erica

  695. i-ron

    ld had hip and all i got was a mess in my shorts

  696. Jay

    Superb couch dances, some very nice bodies. Most dancers are very good at showing you a great time. Very tough to say no to these ladies.

  697. Al

    Still think Erica is super hot, is my favorite girl here

  698. wishful thinking

    man I wish I could take Erica home she is hot

  699. Che

    El clubo es muy mal

  700. glox

    erica is fucking hot

  701. Gary

    one of the best in the area

  702. homen

    club is alotta fun

  703. Jesu Carthacolum
  704. keith

    paris is my fav

  705. Dex

    Saw Erica & Ruby my last trip, had a good time w/ both, Erica did some great hand work on me & alot else

  706. LMB82
  707. TBYTE
  708. stknglvr

    This club is a mixture of dizzying highs and crushing lows. There are quite a few real stunners here, and then quite a few truly terrifying performers (who nevertheless somehow manage to score lapdances). Then there is a big middle ground of dancers who are average looking or kind of hot but a touch long in the tooth or big in the ass. On any given day, I’d say there are about 15 dancers, with about 3-4 super-hot ones, and 3-4 really frightening ones, and then the rest in the “average” category.

    Lap dances are generally very high mileage, the amount of mileage depending on the dancer, and perhaps the customer as well. Read the comments for more hints on this.

    The actual club layout is so so…a generally rectangular bar surrounding two stages that are about 1.5 feet high, with very little room around the outside of the bar, and absolutely no seating away from the bar. Cover is $5 during the day and $10 at night (each $5 gets you a soda), and it is BYOB. Dancers come around the outside of the bar to give you a little preview lapdance/snuggle in your barstool for a few singles and to solicit lapdances, which are $20 per 4 minutes on a very uncomfortable bench area, or $30 in a private room.

    If you figure out the right time to go when your favorite dancer is not too busy, and you get in, get off, and get out, this can be a very good club. Great for a quick cheap thrill during lunch hour, but it’s not much a place for hangin out with the boys and having a good time.

  709. raz
  710. Hoosier Daddi

    Once you come to this club, no club will ever compare.

  711. dudester

    erica was looking mighty fine today

  712. mcflurry

    erica is my favorite girl at ph shes the hottest of the hot girls!

  713. dillon

    love comin to PH, always relieves stressful days

  714. jer
  715. sx

    been to ph a few times, a few good looking ones and a few over the hills but have a good time

  716. FBC
  717. Stony joe

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