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5800 4th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98108


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8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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42 reviews for “Kittens Cabaret

  1. Billy Bob Billy Bob

    few weeks ago, Diana—not my girlfriend’s real name—mentioned that a friend had just quit a high-profile gig at a high-profile restaurant to embark on a new career.

    “She’s dancing at Saint Venus Theater now,” Diana informed me.

    “Oh, nice,” I said. “Is that on- or off-Broadway?”

    Diana narrowed her eyes in disbelief.

    “You really don’t know what Saint Venus Theater is?”



    I did.

    what a dirty whore house this place is …

  2. Sean

    There has to be 100 girls on a Friday or Saturday night. It’s impossible to see all the dancers go on stage. I popped in yesterday to see an ATF and there were 25-30 dancers (by my count) and it wasn’t even 6 o’clock. Great club.

  3. GirlsGirlsGirls

    If you’re looking for all the strippers in Seattle they’re working at kittens. I’ve never seen this many dancers in one place since the talent’s west days. They have the best priced rooms and the best girls working.

  4. BIGD69

    Clean club and the door and drink charges are fair. The club has a great feel to it with lot’s of ladies. Will return.

  5. Gspot

    this place is awesome, I cant wait to get back here with my crew and bang it out…

  6. SexItUp

    Mila gave me a naught dance. She’s much older! Has big saggy tits! She let me fuck her for a couple hundred dollars! She does Out Calls Visits! That’s how I met her not too long ago! She told me she’s a manager at Kittens and she dances there to! I didn’t believe her until I saw her get naked in the club! I loved how she sucked my dick! And I love how she Fucks Me! I’d see her again in a heart beat! Love you Mila!

  7. RogerA

    I visited a few times. Twice at night and 4 times during the week days. Days were more my cup of tea. More attention

  8. Steve

    I’ve been away from the clubs lately and decided to make the rounds. Right now kittens is at the top of my list. Tried several dancers in the vip but Dakota was the friendliest and even more so in the private rooms. Great club.

  9. Tick

    I am glad I made the switch to here.One of my favorite girls came to work this club from another club out north and I followed her here. I feel there is more privacy than where she was at and I feel more comfortable here

  10. Bubba

    Looks like Kittens is still doing their own reviews. Most of the girls that work here are the rejects from all the other clubs in town. Nasty place if you’re looking to bust a nut for a few bucks. If the girl doesn’t give full service she doesn’t work here.

  11. Teddy11

    I brought in a party into this place and they took very good care of us, the dancers were incredible and the management was extremely helpful with setting up everything

  12. Walter

    How many girls are working in the daytime? Any suggestions?

  13. Lucy

    Saw Lucy hot young firm tight bod with lots of tats took her to the vip for 15 mins 150 tip for extras which included bj and got inside her tight pussy then she begged daddy to cum in her tight ass best fuck I had in long time

  14. Spud

    Had a fantastic experience here, so many girls that I haven’t seen for some time and this seems like the in spot now

  15. Walter69

    Was in again on Saturday night. Slow start but left happy. Less girls than I expected but wasn’t harassed every other song for a dance. No hard hustles, and no complaints. Top notch club.

  16. Bob
  17. joe

    this club is in desperation mode. managers telling callers that a dancer is there when they are not. multiple dancers pouncing on a customer within seconds after entering the club.

    sad state of affairs here. don’t waste your time or money

  18. Matt

    Finally tried this place after driving by so many times. My biggest complaint was parking. They had a huge parking lot and I still ended up down the road. The girls were hot and they had two stages they danced on. Based on the private vips and how hot the dancers were I will definitely go back.

  19. billjones

    I’ve visited Kittens over the years and have to say it’s grown by leaps and bounds in recent months. I visited Friday night and couldn’t believe there was a line at the door. When I walked in there were wall to wall people. I lost count of how many dancers there were. A good guesstimate would be 70. Great club. I’m happy it’s doing well.

  20. Freddy11

    I had the greatest experience of my life here. I party until I couldn’t party anymore. Great strippers and a great time

  21. HighRollerBigDaddy

    I was happy to finally be back in town to go to the only strip club in Seattle that has a bar next door. The place was ordinary but when I came in I was greeted by a number of friendly beauties. The best was DUCATI who had an awesome Fetish and Dom themed show. She was really friendly and her show…woo boy! Speechless!

  22. Paul B.

    I’ve been frequenting Kittens for some time and love it there. The girls are always friendly and over the past year I’ve gone back to see a number of them on a regular basis. The bar next door is a hit. Day shifts are laid back and on the weekends the place is full of beautiful women. Definitely a go to club if you know what I mean.

  23. Fman

    Came in on Tuesday night and saw the most amazing show that I’ve seen for awhile in these clubs. One stage on girl on girl show while the other had a girl that could contort in all sorts of shapes, I counted about 38 girls roaming around most of them were hot and worth the time

  24. Duke

    I’ve never been to this club in the daytime, but I was meeting up with a dancer I’d met at another club. Couldn’t believe there were 20 girls on a Monday afternoon. I might have to start making the drive and coming here earlier from now on.

  25. Mightynick

    Ive been coming here for about a year and have seen it grow and grow. I came in about 11pm on a wed and I would say just shy of 40 girls on the floor, wide variety of them, some were 10s and others were 4s. overall pretty good ones

  26. Ptrap

    Ptrap loves this spot, the club is fairly new but they have the crew that Ptrap like and the dances are a bargain , Ptrap came in with wood and left a new man

  27. JON
  28. Ptrap

    The old Ptrap has to say that he had a very good time friday night here. The one and only Ptrap got dances from a blond that I think her name was Isis and I must say it was time well spent

  29. Chris

    Best time is during my lunch brake during the week. A couple sweet girls there besides some older black girl who runs to you when you step inside which is always a buzz kill when she’s done this 3 times and offered $200 until I’m done. No way.

  30. GOAT

    Management of this place must be writing their own reviews. It’s nowhere near all the five points that were given below. Places is basically a warehouse that’s been converted over and crappy seats added for the general area. Private area is OK can be a little crowded and VIP room is where the action is but be careful of the girls up charges. The place is full especially on busy nights after 10. That said there’s a lot of girls here that are of the larger size, the there’s the group that needs to sober up or butter faces and then lastly there’s the ones that are good solid 7/8. However all those girls are usually servicing their regulars so you have to get lucky to get them and be ok with the other guys smellseconds. That all said it is the best one in this area and gets a bunch of talent passing through the place.

  31. richard95

    I wish I could give this place a -1 star.Went in on a Saturday night for a bachelor party. 7 of us came down and when we got in the door we saw 3 guys sitting on opposite ends of the room starring at a stage of nothing, There were about 10 girls walking around begging for someone to talk to ( about 2 who were smoking hot an the other 8 well I found better at the McDonald’s across the street). The Dj talked way more than any DJ I have ever heard of in a strip club.As we got up to leave, one of the most hideous strippers I have ever seen, must had overheard it was a bachelor party cause she came running up saying ” if you wanna take a girl home for 500$, you can” now am I at a gentleman’s club or a whore house? The doghouse next door was way more fun..

  32. Dougs411

    If you’re new to the strip club scene in Seattle know there’s no alcohol. With that the ladies at kittens know how to make a guy feel like a king! Got a double room with a couple of dancers and all I can say is it was the best and will return.

  33. Steves

    My first time at kittens was on Saturday for a buddies bachelor party. I’m from out of state but have to say I liked it so much I went back Sunday night before my flight out. The club is huge, and when I thought I’d found what I was looking for there was more girls and options to choose to from each night. Great club.

  34. yanard12

    Took my boyfriend here for his birthday and brought 4 other of his buddies. We all were not impressed at all. Couldn’t even find even one girl that my boyfriend or my guy friends were interested and getting dances by. All the girls were very overweight.

  35. Mike

    The vibe in the past year has changed for the better at Kittens. Whatever they’re doing I hope they keep it up!

  36. Bart

    At my age I have a hard time getting a full hard on, but my little dinky winky pops up to attention at Kittens. Be on the look out for Ginger.

  37. Bud

    I have to say this isn’t the busiest club I’ve been to but it excels in girl value, Glad I came in, well worth the time

  38. SiaadTheMan

    There’s lots for me to like here. I gave the cover 4.5 because if you get there before 6:30pm the cover is free you only have to pay $5 for the drink. They have a wide variety of girls, many good dancers too. They’ll spend their time chatting with you and show you an even better time in the back.. I recommend AK, Kokopelli, Nessa, or Jayden

  39. Dave

    I went in the daytime and had a fantastic experience a black girl named Indy. She talked me into a private dance and was completely naked the whole time. She bent over and spread herself and let me do whatever I wanted. Definitely coming back to see her. Well worth the $200

  40. Jeff80

    Club is clean and maintained well. Good variety during the day. Girls are friendly not rude or pushy. I’ve been to other places and was disappointed by the lack of dancers.

  41. McKinny

    I was here for the first time wednesday night and was very impressed with the wide variety of strippers that they had and how many of them there was to choose from

  42. Dayandnight

    Talents West is back! If are less than 90 -100 girls on weekend nights I’d be surprised. Last weekend was much better than my mid summer visit. Almost too many dancers to choose from now.

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