Empire Club



17125 Raccoon Ave, Adelanto, CA 92301


34.5619719, -117.444951




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Empire Club

  1. harryharry

    Dj called me a ghetto ass bitch because I said “play something to get the girls dancing”. Who plays sublime at a strip club?! don’t ever go here. Awful looking girls,bad music,disgusting drinks! Not worth the money. And that’s even before I got disrespected by the dj. Have to give it a star to write a review but if it were up to me it would’ve gotten no stars. Trashiest place I have ever been to. Girls do full service,sex,but I’d be afraid to catch whatever they have. None of them are in shape,trailer park trash look. Manager and bouncer are also . I’m not sure why they think they are a high class place,nothing screams classy here. Straight gutter trash.

  2. tonycluber

    This place is really upscale compared to the rest of the area’s adult entertainment. Dancer’s are friendly and give quality lapdances. They also run lapdance specials which is a rarity nowadays. I’m a regular and I am always satisfied.

  3. Perfect T.

    Their weapons/frisking policy is lame. I was set to go in and get the perfunctory patdown for weapons and they were like “You’ve got too much crap in your pockets. You need to go out to your car and take it all out!”So I went out to my car and I left. It’s not worth the hassle.. Give me a break. If I could give this place zero stars, I would. One will have to do.

  4. Abraham C.

    Worst place in da HD. Paid $10 to walk in to a empty room, then I noticed 2 girls that were busy on their phones on FB to say hi or anything. Walked right out n asked da bouncer if I van get a refund for walking into a empty place and he ask me if I was ” gay” . I said excuse me? He said ” are u here for the girls or dudes”? I said I was there to have a good time but felt ackward dat I was da only one there n no one else” strippers, bartender or anyone.. ” he said too bad .. I felt robbed.. I said” I’m going to right a review n let people bow how u feel , n he sad I don’t give a f*ck”. Don’t waste your time, it’s not worth da time , da drive n da additud they have towards people dat are there to have a good time n spend some money!

  5. Weedman420

    I showed up after 11,nd it was dead. Its in the middle of no where. I don’t know how they stay in business,unless they’re prostituting under cover. there was like 4 or 5 girls there. No one on stage,no music playing. It looked like a sad high school kickback in a basement. I can’t believe people actually waste their money there.

  6. DexterRexter

    OMG!!! R U FREAKING SERIOUS???? Ok so the club itself was cool & could be very useful; however let’s start with security who walks around like they are undercover P.D. doing a favor for the owner but are rude (not all, so don’t get your panties in a bunch!) Tonight they were represententing “BELLAGIO NIGHT” come on Victorville, your far from Vegas. RULE #1 MALE OR FEMALE, have we not learned from Teezers about dress code? So allowing people in the club with caps on, especially one’s that say COMPTON on em’ (where I’m from) is a straight up NO-NO! 2ND people in wife beaters??? COME ON NOW, yea she was a girl that looked like a boy but still NO! Attire must be recognized & realized for what it could stand for. I’m not profiling, I’m talking bout the violence the high desert has suffered because of the lax behavior club owners take trying to “get them good ol’ customers.” Now if this is a strip club LET THE FREAKING WOMEN MAKE THEIR $$$. Don’t put bunk a** artist after bunk a** artist & ALL HIS HOMIES on stage taking up time the dancers could be using to make some kind of $$ who are you promoting to? Over-sexed lil boys & girls who ain’t got a pot to piss on or a window to throw it of. These women cnt make $$ like that. These broke a** dudes come to see the show, stay far away from the stage, give no tips, go home & fantasize about what they can’t have. The music is subpar, nothing to really dance too just a whole bunch of the same ol’ bs. TONIGHT WAS A WASTE OF MY $40(IT WAS AFTER 11), I BOUGHT SEVERAL DRINKS, WHICH THEY NEED MORE UPSCALE DRINKS, HARDLY ANY PLACE TO SIT, TOO MANY DUDES WITH ATTITUDES BECAUSE THEIR MAD THAT 1/2 THE FEMALES THERE LOOK BETTER THAN THEM & ARE SNATCHING UP THE BROADS QUICKER THAN THEY CAN SAY “CAN I GET YOUR #”……..This place was not a co-mingling place for 21 & up, it was trashy & strickly for 21 & under. MANAGEMENT GET IT TOGETHER, your dancers & bartender’s are good but your entertainment & regulations oh & rude a** security are lacking. YOU CAN’T HAVE 20 MEN RAPPING ABOUT GARBAGE ON STAGE THEN CALL YOUR ACE DANCER “STAR” TO THE STAGE & NO1 CAN SEE HER BUT THE 20 IDUOTS ON STAGE(CATCH MY DRIFT), I’ll leave this spot for the kids & maybe the adults 25 & up hell 30 & up will find something besides the movies & bowling to do up here……EVENTUALLY, OH A NEW DJ MIGHT DO U SOME GOOD TOO! SMH…..Total embarrassement!!!

  7. felixnada

    Had a great time here friendly girls good lap dances and alcohol i scored will be going back just too far and a weird place to be at other then that i love this place

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