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815 S Brookhurst St, Anaheim, CA 92804


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8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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California Girls Gentleman’s Club


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0 reviews for “California Girls

  1. Angel G.

    Amazing Asian DJ. He has a big Johnson. Good music. And drinks. Woman are amazing. Always sweet and take their time. Beer cheap and especially pitchers. Ask the DJ for music and he got your back. Love this place.

  2. Johnnyboy123

    I like this place because it’s right around the corner and, if worse comes to worst, I could probably walk home. They have really nice red comfy chairs everywhere and the bar probably has about ten stools. The drinks are worth their price. The bartenders are super sweet. The bouncers are courteous. I believe it’s free entry before 6:30 or 7:00 and they have a bitchin happy hour. The only problem I ever have with that is there’s usually not many girls working at that time. Or maybe it’s just because it’s a weekday. Although, Wednesday seems to be one of their busier days. Most of the girls are hot. Of course there’s going to be ones that aren’t your type, but at least they’re SOMEONE’S type. I’ve been to clubs where the girls were nobody’s type. I’ve seen some pretty awesome pole work here too. But again, like every club, there’s the girls that don’t do much of anything but move their hips a little. Still one of the best I’ve been to. As a girl, I feel comfortable coming by myself and find it’s important to not be creeped out by the other patrons. Just sayin.

  3. billtheguy12

    As a dancer myself, I’d come here as a customer and to work if I lived close by. Dances are $10 during the day & I guess $20 or so at night. Girls are good looking with toned bodies & have good pole skills.. I like that ;p .. They count dances here tho .. Topless on stage & full bar. Clean, small, &fun !

  4. nickstrip

    Sunday night’s are amazing. I’d like to thank the bartender! Great service and amazing response time.

  5. rogerrab2

    This was my second time visiting and I was very disappointed. There was only one semi good looking girl, only one thin girl and the rest were thick to very large. The thin girl stayed hidden in the back most of the evening and appeared to be very stuck up. The only quality in the club was the waitresses. Two of them, both cute with nice bodies and friendly.There were times when the music was playing and no girls were on stage. At one point I asked if any more girls were going to be coming in and was told maybe later. When I asked again, about who was scheduled I was told that no schedule existed and the girls come in whenever they want. This is very poor and shows management doesn’t have a clue about how to run a place like this.Sad to say it has potential but with the current management and systems it will not be much more than a hole in the wall.

  6. Chris M.

    There are better strip clubs. I had a good experience with the stripper I had a lap dance from, but the rest of it was frankly awful.The thing that pisses me off the most is that the hard liquor is all watered down. I ordered 3 vodka shots and every one was watered down. Then I ordered a bacardi 151 and it was weaker than the vodka. Absolutely terrible. The drinks are regular priced, not cheap. Like $6-8 a shot. But given that it’s mostly water it’s NOT WORTH IT. I want to report them to the BBB but I doubt they’d care…When I mentioned to one of the servers that the drinks were watered down she said, “I don’t make the drinks I just serve them”. I don’t know what the fuck that’s supposed to mean.As for general atmosphere… It’s too bright, maybe if you like a bright strip club but I prefer it to be a bit dimmer.The sound system didn’t have much base, and could be better.There was only like 5 girls there. I saw every one of them dance at least twice, and some of them three times, in the span of about 2 hours.

  7. Crystal B.

    A few of my coworkers and I rolled over here after work for the drink specials and had a great time. I definitey helped that we had girls in our group because we got a lot of attention. Some of the girls were extremely talented and really entertaining. The drinks were cheap and the waitress was really sweet and hepful. I’d recommend bringing cash because the atm charges a ridiculous fee of $6 dollars to withdraw cash. Parking is a little difficult so get there One of the girls there told us there was a shooting the night before we went… It was a little scary and she atctually helped us look up the story on the news. Not sure if that’s a great selling point, but it was definitely an adventure…

  8. Andrea B.

    The place is kind of low key and unappealing. There’s no cover charge so that itself is great. The bartender makes some very yummy but diluted drinks. The girls were attractive for the most part. They played good music. And the girls showed me love. The only pushy girl was Eva ahahaha.

  9. Zach N.

    I’d really like to believe that the management isn’t encouraging the stealing, but its a little hard when they back up the lying stripper EVERY TIME. Don’t waste your money on the VIP room. Ive been scammed 3 times. The third time I actually ignored the chick to count the songs…and would you believe it…when it came time to pay, my two songs MAGICALLY turned into four (4). Same thing happen to you? Well, don’t bother with explaining things to the bouncer…he gets a cut so of course he sides with the little con artist every time. Drinks watered down, strippers asking if we know where they can score some speed, being hounded for money every 2 seconds…this place needs to step their game up. If the manager is reading this: The people your dancers are stealing from are tHe guys that actually HAVE money to spend. How many of us are going to come back when we get hustled every damn time? Time to hire a new team. Also, when we get ripped off and mention it, it would be easier to deal with if the bouncers weren’t threatening violence. In closing, stay away from this place until its name changes and the pick pockets move on down the road. I used to love this place but these days the customers are just marks. Walking, talking ATMs. I have a girlfriend already. If I WANTED to be treated like that I could go home and at least get laid for my cash. Zcrest OUT! BOOYA.

  10. fritter17

    I went there last night for my 30th birthday. I had a great time but when I first got there with all my friends. We stood at the bar for like 10 minutes as there’s no bartender and as we were still there people still around us got drinks first.

  11. Matt E.

    Only been to a handful of strip clubs but this one has got to be the best so far out of my limited experience. Had a blast with my boys for my bachelor party on 1-29-11. Got here quite early (6:30ish), just in time for some half priced drinks. The place is really nice and clean inside…and the girls, well I have my particular favs (Janelle and Michelle…you both ROCK), but considering it was early in the evening, I was impressed with the level of “hotness” that rocked the stage. I found the staff really laid back and super nice as well.Gotta dig the 2-For-1 lap dance specials every hour too. I see myself coming back here again!

  12. XhXeXy

    Small, clean, nice stage, comfortable seating as well. No cover during day time. The drinks were good, appropriately priced and the service at the bar was good. We stayed for a few dances, tipped the girls, added it to a bar we will return to when in town and moved to the next.

  13. mathewater12

    Man o man. $2 drinks on Wednesdays. Can’t beat it. And their line up is pretty killer. Hot girls and cold drinks. I love spending my cash here.

  14. Ernesto G.

    I almost feel bad for the low review, but I have to do it because of a bad experience I had yesterday. So its almost 2am and one of the girls (a cute/short/Mexican girl) offers me a dance. The last call for the 2 for 1 deals had been made about 10 minutes earlier, but I still decided to go for it since $20 is not very expensive, I think. Now, Im not a frequent strip club visitor so I can’t really evaluate the girl’s performance, but I enjoyed the dance. Nothing bad to say here.However, once the song was over I went back to my seat. Right behind me the girls comes up and tells me I owe her an extra $20 because the dance lasted two songs. I didn’t understand why if I paid the $20 before the dance. She the dance went on for two songs and tried to make it seem that I thought I had the 2 for 1 deal. This was ridiculous because when she tried to ‘sell’ me the dance, we she even told me that 2for1 was over but she would make sure I liked it.Anyway, I decide to talk to the guy who supervises the dances, and tell him what was going on. This girl is next to us looking really nervous and stuttering tells the guy she actually stopped when the first song ended, asked if I wanted a second one, and she claims that I agreed to a 2nd song. This NEVER happened. There was not a single pause during the dance, she didn’t say a single word while it lasted, and obviously I did not agree to an additional dance.Now, I don’t doubt the dance lasted two songs, to be honest I wasn’t paying attention to the music. And I’m not trying to cheap or anything, I understand that this is their job and girls are out there trying to make money and will try to hustle costumers. That’s fine by me, I understand it’s the nature of the business. But what really pissed me off is that she MADE UP a complete LIE! That’s just shady. If she needed the money so bad, she could’ve just been nicer and I probably would have given a her a big tip, and who knows, maybe she could have hustled me out of more money. But whatever, I hope she made good use of that extra money. Ignoring this awful experience, I would give this place 2.5 stars. This is because the girls are not hot (I saw several cute ones, 1 really hot one, and thats it)…I liked that they were not pushy, some were super nice actually. They will just come up, offer a dance, and continue to talk even when I said no and made it clear that I wasn’t interested. This makes me even more mad about that other chick; I should have gone with one of nice girls instead. 🙂 SOOOO, sorry for the long story, but I guess THE POINT IS: If you get a dance from one of the girls (especially a cute/short Mexican one) pay attention to the songs!!! just in case!Try Library Gentlemen’s Club instead (formerly known as Deja Vu, I guess). The place looks nicer/cleaner, same prices, hotter girls.

  15. Daniel G.

    Bouncers here are freaking lame. They act like they’re top flight security of the world. They would get tossed in 3 seconds by me and my boys. These guys are rude, don’t know shit about security and suck at their Job. The girls here are cool but get rid of these security and management. Drinks are decent price but are a little water down. Go some where else until there’s new management.

  16. Johnson12

    A special Thanks to Manager Ryan always personable with excellent customer service skills and always sincere in how her treats people .Thanks Ryan for Your Great attitude !!

  17. John D.

    Been here a few times over the years, it’s been good to me. Never had any problems with anyone there until recently.It was a Friday a few weeks ago and i could not keep my drink at the bar full. The bartender was rude and completely ignoring almost everyone at the bar.She was huddled in the corner on her phone and only paying attention to one guy at the bar. Not sure if it was her boyfriend or what but she acted like shedidn’t want to be there. So I vacated the bar and went and sat down to be served by the waitress and was finally able to enjoy myself.Dances are usually pretty good. If you want a really nice one you’ll fork over the extra $10 for a private dance in an area next to the DJ booth.Bouncers are usually pretty chill also.I’m still giving a good rating, I wont let one persons attitude reflect the business as a whole. I will be coming back to this place.These lyrics sum up this place pretty well:”There’s no way out of here, when you come in you’re in for goodThere was no promise made, the part you’ve played, the chance you tookThere are no boundaries set, the time and yet you waste it stillSo it slips through your hands like grains of sand, you watch it goThere’s no time to be lost, you’ll pay the cost so get it rightThere’s no way out of here, when you come in you’re in for goodAnd never was there an answer, there an answerNot without listening, without seeingThere are no answers here, when you look out you don’t see inThere was no promise made, the part you’ve played, the chance you tookThere’s no way out of here, when you come in you’re in for good”

  18. shea e.

    I LOVE this club. great girls, great specials, super attentive and efficient cocktail servers, management is new and incredibly welcoming. five stars all day.

  19. XXXbeast

    So bad place to hang out . Terrible fucking place . Ask for my $ and mad at me when I don’t give her tips cause she doesn’t deserve it . Bullshit place .

  20. tonycluber

    Worst strip club experience ever. Place smells like carne asada and heroin. Anaya spit in my drink for not getting a dance. Coctail waitresses were slow and rude. Never going back.

  21. Jax L.

    Pros: -the bouncer was friendly. -$10 cover fee, which is pretty cheap-$40 for private lap dance, which is not bad.-no drink minimum, but if you’re wondering, their drinks are pretty cheap.Cons:-small parking lot.-horrible music, even the strippers can’t work with it: the DJ played country, techno, top 40 [from the 90’s] my friends and I were like WTF?!-the girls are cute but no one sexy, they couldn’t even properly work the poll, all of them pretty much got on stage and tried to slowly play with themselves? i like my strippers with a few more tricks and more energy!-this is just my personal preference, but i like my strippers to smell enticing, but the girls here were on the verge of BO, a Big NO-NO.-most of them are rude and homophobic. in my book, being in this profession strips them away from ignorant judgments. but hey, it is what it is. overall, if you’re looking for cheap drinks with cheap girls, this is the place for you 🙂

  22. williamr

    Ryan and the bartender victoria treated me well with their hospitality. For a first timer here at california girls, it was awesome. Bathroom is awesome. It is clean. Music are great and the girls are wonderful. I’ll definitely be back here

  23. Jason E.

    Drink specials were very good. Girls were nice.

  24. Dane H.

    I see that “Kelly S” replied to Crystal’s comment about the shooting. It was accurate, it was an after-hours robbery.There was another incident since, where someone unloaded a few rounds in the VIP dance room, during business hours and with patrons in the building. That’s one you won’t find on the news, since the person who did it was known by staff and the owner, and it wasn’t reported to police. Go figure.The music is too damn loud. The speakers are all throughout the room, so anywhere you go there’s a massive volume source just a few feet over your head. It’s so bad you have to yell across the bar just to order a drink. If a girl asks you for a dance, she has to shriek in your ear (mood killer) and you’re overwhelmed by her breath, usually a mix of alcohol, cigarettes, weed, and chewing gum, to cover it all up.Overall, the vibe is just kind of not there. The bartenders typically are non-attentive and more focused on chatting with one friend or regular than tending their bar and making sure no one’s left hanging. The volume of the soundsystem makes it harsh, no place at all to relax and try to enjoy an evening.

  25. anthony1

    I visited the club on a tuesday night. The doorman was very informative about how many girls work and that it wasnt that busy on a week day. I decided to get in and was not dissapointed. The girls were great and outgoing. Loved it.

  26. curtis17

    Me and my gf went on a Monday night.The guy in the front was chill. I was surprised it was free to get in! There was plenty of seats even though there was lots of people. We bought a couple beers which cost $3 each! Not bad. We saw about 6 chicks. 3 where pretty hot and the others where not that hot. They where kinda older and with some cellulite, eeeew. The security people are nice. Just be careful with some of the drunks because they do serve beer here(21+). Also there was good music.

  27. Michael I.

    Been coming to this place for a while and I’ve got to say that I love it here. Don’t forget to ask for Kimm the bartender she’s always on her a game and is a pleasure (:

  28. DexterRexter

    Don’t understand how the website says free cover on a Tuesday with local id but yet the security is trying to charge me a $5 cover and then on top of that, they don’t accept debit/credit cards?

  29. Jeffrey S.

    Legit spot. Not 5 stars though. Good experience. Hot girls of different nationalities. Bartenders are gorgeous and dancers as well. A couple ugly ducklings but that can be avoided. Drinks are cheap. Good spot

  30. timmykilla

    CG has always been a go to place for me and my associates.. it was a daily spot for us.. and hadn’t been here for a while… I missed this place and finally came back.. let me tell you. Mind blown. The hospitality is superb. Something is different here, the atmosphere is even better, the girls are always warm, welcoming, and worth coming back for year after year. The new setup and management, especially my boy Ryan P. is probably the primary reason I stay a regular.. Monday Night Football, girls, great booze deals, and a staff that provides nothing but 5 star service. You guys got me for life. Till the wheels fall off.

  31. Franklyn

    Marilyn! So sexy! Got me a shirt and a few lap dances from this cutie!Wednesday’s is a good day cheap drinks!

  32. Tysean G.

    Was just here last night it is a 5 star establishment in every since of a gentleman’s club from the security to the service of the hosts and waitress staff to the potency of the drinks from the bartenders and the women I can get started on all day I mean just like you walked into a goddess bar

  33. larry1

    Middle eastern chick smokin hot ehh Looks like a house with pole in the middle lol

  34. brandonresh

    Good spot had a good time great service & Manager Ryan was great host & was all around the room making sure everybody was okay girls was good also. Definitely will be cmn bac 2 this spot trust me dnt miss out on a good time & I cme frm LONG BEACH & was not a disappointment.

  35. james1412

    As far as strip clubs go this one’s pretty average, parking lot is way too small for a location like this I was bored so decided to head in, don’t remember if there was a cover or not but when I walked in it was pretty packed I went to the bar to get change in the drink prices were average for the area, sat down and within five minutes was approached by a cute African-American dancer who started chatting me up She eventually excused yourself when one of her friends came then instantly went to one of the bigger tables next to me with what I can only imagine were big spenders ( kinda sucks for me but whatever, got to go with we are you think the money is when you’re a dancer I guess) A few seconds later I was approached by a cute blonde, we started talking and I agreed to a VIP dance Very exotic and “friendly”, think I spent $40 altogether. She asked me if I wanted another one and I said sure but I was going to get something from the bar first, I took the opportunity to excuse myself from the premises altogether… Guess that first dancer kind of pissed me off more than I thought 🙂

  36. Ciroc P.

    I love this place. Monday just got better. Love all the girls here and tge bartender. Thank you California girls for a wonderful time as always

  37. Daisy B.

    My co workers love it there. They have pretty good drink deals.

  38. fisherdex1

    Top Notch all the way. After being denied at the Venus (claimed my face tattoos were gang-related) myself, the buddy and my lady came here & let me tell you: ass good as they come. Huge stage, good women of all backgrounds and a great feel. The manager was polite and chill and all the ladies were very welcoming. Still don’t understand why my buddy chickened out and didn’t get a dance, but thats on him. I’d give this place 10 out of 10 all day. Thank you

  39. Jordanp

    Kind of disappointed… I always go to the CA girls in Santa Ana with my BF and we love it so we thought we’d try this location out. First off, the body guard/ door entrance guy was kind of rude. Second, the drinks were over priced and they didn’t even have a menu. The girls were decent but nothing special… We ended leaving within 10 minutes because no girls were even dancing and if they were the people around where watching tv instead. We will just stick too the SA location.

  40. yanard12

    This place is dope! I come Sun, Mon, or Tues to drink and chill out. Tight when its packed like a Saturday when all the girls are there. Aww Hell Yea Hell Yea!

  41. winston12

    I like this place! Really pretty girls to my surprise! The bartenders are hot and the music is bangin!

  42. rickywho2

    So I go to “gentleman’s” clubs more than I’d like to admit…..However this is the first review I’ve made for one. Not only were the girls more than any “gentleman” could expect but they all were friendly, approachable, and drop dead gorgeous. The manager Ryan was more than accommodating and ensured our satisfaction. I will recommend this club to all our friends, colleagues, and acquaintances.

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