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0 reviews for “Venetian Gentleman’s Club

  1. Christina K.

    this place is class class class! it’s humungous (2 stories) with an elevator. bottom floor has topless stage dancing from a variety of beautiful women, a full bar, VIP room for $20 private dances and even food service. top floor has elite VIP rooms and bottle service. you can rent a girl out in the top floor half hour for $180 and an hour for $300. If you get bottle service here and you don’t finish your bottle, they will tag it and store it for you to have next time you come in! that’s better than vegas! girls are friendly and not overly pushy. all day wednesdays they have an incredible steak special: $4 for ny steak, salad and fries. believe me i was reluctant to try but it was really good! in fact, all the food i’ve tried is awesome, reasonably priced and almost everyday there’s some kind of special they have out for food and or drinks. sunday- thursday they typically throw out 2 for 1 private dance specials as well. as someone who has a lot of guy friends, i like gentle mens clubs and this one is by far my favorite in orange county.

  2. Truong T.

    I guess I am just spoiled by some of the finer strip clubs around. Honestly, this isn’t a bad one. Decently hot girls, affordable cover charge and they even have a sushi bar. The seating is really nice and spacious but I just had a fairly average time here. Maybe it was due to the fact that we showed up a bit early. One of the girls informed us that more girls should be showing up anytime now. We waited and waited but that statement started to become false with each passing minute. There was a super hot looking one but the overall of the club was just ok. I would be back if I’m ever around. Nothing bad about it at all.

  3. Tyson N.

    What a hidden gem this place is! 12 seats with other private tables so get there early. I was thoroughly impressed! Sushi Dave had made a great lil name for himself.

  4. Franklyn

    I feel bad giving this place 1 star but honestly, I was so disappointed. I was supposed to come here Tuesday night for my birthday with my friends and we were all so excited! I mean sushi at a strip club? Not something you hear about everyday. So I called to make a reservation since we were a big group and the man was so nice he made sure I knew it was a gentleman’s club. I had to call a second time to change the time and he mentioned it again. Even though it was clear that it is inside a gentleman’s club the reassurance was nice.However, he forgot to mention something kinda important…My friends and I got there all stoked and got totally turned down. The guy at the door told us that “it’s not a sushi bar, more of a bar that serves sushi”. Meaning it’s 21+ not 18+… I just turned 20. None of my friends were aware of this since we’ve never been to a gentleman’s club and I wasn’t aware that some are 21+. Instead of mentioning several times that the sushi bar (he even called it a sushi bar, not a bar that serves sushi) was inside a gentleman’s club, perhaps he should’ve also mentioned that it is 21+ since I did not read anywhere where it mentions this. Until next year…

  5. billtheguy12

    Surprisingly good! After failing to get into two other places, we came here for an early dinner. We had been once before with a group of friends and remember having a good time. The old policy (to get and show passes to enter the club) was no longer in effect. We were told to get reservations next time so we would be on the list, but they let us in without charging cover (which is only $5-10 anyway). The place is a trip and if you go too early (like we did) it is empty and kind of depressing. I like that there is a 2 story stripper pole and show with dinner. The drink service and bar menu is handled by the club while sushi is separate (kind of strange), which means you can get fried mozzarella sticks with your sushi and well drinks, etc. When we got there last time the sushi bar wasn’t even set up and there were literally no other customers. They sat us in a booth and brought out sushi rolls for our party of 8 two at a time, which meant dinner was extremely staggered. Every roll was surprisingly good though. I liked every roll we got. I would rank them slightly higher than your average sushi joint actually. If there were a place in San Diego that had rolls that like for the price, I would put them in my regular rotation. After dinner we went down and watched the dancers, but some of our group actually got hassled about a drink minimum, which was ridiculous. We just spent about $300 upstairs, each getting at least 2 drinks with dinner. What canceled this out in my mind is that we paid a tip on top of the bill which, it turned out, included the tip already, and the chef (I think?) actually ran down and found us to tell us we overpaid and he took it off. That was really sweet.

  6. maxxy1

    Welcome to the best of both worlds!!! I love love loooooooooove sushi and I love love loooooooooove strip clubs, so when I came in on Tuesday for a test run with a friend that mentioned a new strip club. I didn’t wanna go, because its a freakin Tuesday!!! Who clubs on a tuesday?!?! When we first walk in, the door guy lets us know, there’s a full bar,full dining and get this a SUSHI BAR!!!!! Since we just came back from Slaters and I had a heavy BLT, I couldn’t think about eating sushi. SO my strip club partner and I came in this Saturday. Walked right upstairs and the bar was full. So we waited by the sushi bar and had some cocktails. Finally got sat and scaled the menu. Not super wide like most sushi spots BUT good amount of options. I didn’t want to over do it. So we ordered nigiri salmon,albacore, yellowtail, spicy tuna handroll, yellowtail w/ jalapeno and shrimp boat. Started with the yellowtail jalapeno sashimi and that was GOOOOOOOOOD , I mean seriously good, the way he cut the fish , the amount of (im assuming) ponzu sauce and the spicyness of the jalapeno was perfection! Im serious, I could eat two orders of that! The fish was just so buttery. Onto the nigiri the salmon kinda tasted like smoked salmon, but still buttery . I loved the albacore, especially with the crispy onion topping , that shit was good, I could have eaten a small plate of crispy onion in that sweet sauce mmmmmmmm. The hamachi, yet again was so good and fresh. The spicy tuna handroll was good a good spice to it. The shrimp boat (2pieces) That was a cooked shrimp topped with crab meat, quail egg and fish eggs, that was heavy but very good. That was a great ending to our meal. What I love about this, is they don’t charge inflated strip club food fees. We only spent 35 bucks. The chef was chill too. Took a quick minute for him to warm up to us but overall nice. I will be back ASAP!!!!!

  7. moneyman2

    Don’t waste a dime here! Literally the worst service of my life! We came in and are used to Vegas strip Clubs where they actually know how to strip. We sat around the stage and had strippers yelling at us calling us out for not tipping. A tip is for good service or show. It was terrible! If I sit around the stAge I plan to pay for a good show and if you’re not good I’m not tipping. Maybe strippers should take some customer service classes. They really need it here. Or maybe take a trip to Vegas to see how real strippers do it. I would never come here! Every again! The worst.The old white blonde stripper working Thursday night should learn how to make a decent living and take customer service 101.

  8. Sarah W.

    This place is AMAZING! I never thought a strip club could be soooooo classy and cool! The women are HOT and the food…especially the sushi is incredible!!! Nothing but the best from the DJ’s and the music to the woman, decor, staff, etc…. I can’t wait to go back!!!!

  9. Christine N.

    We got a VSOP and Table for $250 plus admission for three which is not bad at all. It was kind of empty when you enter and the girls were nice. They weren’t as fun and “exotic” as other places I guess you could say. My friend got a birthday dance from a few of the girls and it wasn’t THAT exciting. Also, the manager got mad when one of my girlfriends sat on my lap because seats were limited at our table. Furthermore, he was upset when my friend, who is a girl, first asked the stripper if she could slap her butt and the stripper was perfectly fine with it but my friend got yelled at by the manager when she did it. Isn’t that supposed to be a bonus? I feel like that should be exciting for peers and those at this venue. People love that stuff! Overall, it was an average night out for my friend’s birthday.

  10. Raul C.

    Small place but the sushi is BIG in flavor! Some of the best sushi I’ve had hands down, hidden gem. Sushi Dave and his colleagues are great peeps. The atmosphere isn’t bad at all either lol.

  11. Michael M.

    The place is esthetically great as far as the decor. Bartender is great as well. The beer was a decent price. However one of the girls comes up and makes a comment of outfit and my and stated I was greaser. I was offended. Then later when she went up to dance she told the bouncer I was recording her. I had the bouncer ask for my phone to investigate. I confidently handed it to him and told him there is no one trying to record the $1 dollar ho’s! I would never come back and don’t recommend. Don’t trust these Ho’s!

  12. Johnnyboy123

    I know what you’re thinking…Gentlemen’s Club and what the heck am I doing there? Yeah I can’t remember the last time I was in one of these places but it is what it is… A couple of buddies of mine are the DJs. They told me I need to try this place…uh, ok.This review is strictly about the food and primarily the Sushi. David Fernandez is a gifted chef and the presentation is very nice. When asked what I wanted I told him, “Surprise me.” The guy runs down stairs and returns about 5 minutes later with a 12 lbs yellowtail in one hand and a 15lbs bluefin tuna in the other. I’m talking the actual fish(s) uncut!So pretty much it doesn’t get fresher than this and Chef Dave skillfully slices and dices makes a plate fit for a king with 4 different kinds of Tuna sashimi style. Impressive display and the fish was very good…The guy wants to give you the best sushi and make you feel like you ordered something real special at the same time. It’s obvious he has a lot of skill with sushi and the way he displays the food is a nice artistic touch.It can be a bit uncomfortable going through the front entrance but the front doorman isn’t a cheesy guido guy, instead he’s dressed in a suit and tie. Very friendly staff as he quickly dissected I wasn’t there for the entertainment but for the food. He left his post to walk me to an elevator with a smile and said enjoy the food! Going the elevator route is a good option because you bypass the stage “action.” With that being said, there are about 10 seats at the sushi bar. It’s located right next to the open DJ booth so the guys will often ask you what you want to hear…very cool. It is upstairs and tucked away so you’re not “exposed” or forced to watch anything other than the food.Definitely worth a try…

  13. yanard12

    I like sushi dave. Gave him my mixtape. I rode my bike here and someone stole it. Other than that, it was dope. I enjoyed the fine caviar as well – it was a wonderful addition to my evening.Dave hit me up let’s go see a movie if u r reading this i love youIf anyone is reading this hit me up let’s get sushi and check out some hot snatch. As they say – holler at a player

  14. Ad V.

    Came here for a friends birthday eventWe had our own little section inside this glass room, big table and a decent view of the dancing polesHad a roll with a beer, $6 for a 12oz Sapporo and $10 for the Domo roll. Prices were not unexpected, however the roll could have been better, taste wise. From the reviews I was excited to try out this spot but I was rather disappointed after my first bite of the Domo roll. I’ve had better sushi for less.Service was ok, beer came quick but the roll took forever, not unexpected since there was 13 of us. 1 star for the food, 2 for the entertainment while I ate. Probably wont be going back.

  15. marlonmoney12

    Took my honey for a date night, I’d heard about this place so we wanted to check it out. The sushi is only served upstairs, but you can still see the girls dancing, from the balcony. The sushi was tasty and fresh but, after reading the reviews, I was expecting more. Good food but not worth raving about. The floor show was pretty average for a Gentlemans club. It wax interesting that there were more couples than single men in the crowd. It was worth checking out but can’t say I’d recommend it or go back.

  16. Hazel Q.

    I’ve had this place bookmarked for ages. I mean, Sushi + Strip Club? Can they be serious. Like really serious? Seriously serious? And, yes. I know the jokes practically write themselves, so I’m not going to go there.When I found out the place is run by Sushi Dave from NOA that used to be in Downtown Fullerton, it gained a bit more credibility with me. When you drive up, you’re welcomed by the glorious Italian/70’s Vegas/bright green LED lit facade of The Venetian Gentleman’s Club. The whole facade reminds me of making a California Mission 4th grade, where everyone else knows it doesn’t look good at all or anything like a mission, but you have no idea and you spent all night gluing sugar cubes and you think its AWESOME.In any case, the overly done exterior does instill a bit of fear of what they may be trying to cover up inside, but I’ve gotta say the first thought you’ll have when you walk in is, “Oh. Okay. This is actually pretty nice.” Because it is. It’s all plush and loungey and not gross. You do have to pay $10 to go in, but when you spend $20+ on sushi, that $10 cover is credited to your dinner.When you make your way upstairs to the sushi bar and a cocktail waitress offers you a Kirin you’ll think, “Oh, Hazel was right. This isn’t bad. And oddly it doesn’t even feel weird eating sushi in a strip club.” So, apparently sushi dave is famous for his smoked jalapeño hot sauce, and for good reason – it’s delish! In fact, he’s in the process of releasing his own branded hot sauce in stores too.A couple of standouts were the Seared Salmon Lime Roll and the baked mussels, and that’s coming from a gal who generally doesn’t care for mussels. The sushi bar is definitely a one-man operation, but Dave seems to have it all under control and speedily whips up all sorts of fusion sushi roll concoction at lightening speed. The fish was all quite fresh and I always appreciate rolls that have a unique take, and these certainly do.So, yes. It’s great sushi, and yes, it’s in a strip club. And yes, it’s an experience everyone must have at least once.

  17. Jessica M.

    I have been a few times to strip clubs with girlfriends but NEVER with a boyfriend.. OMG I had such a great time! Venitian gentlemans club is definitely a nice club and the girls are beautiful and super sweet! I talked with quite a few and even got a lap dance! whoot whoot! Dalila is beautiful and Angelica is my gurl! she was so sweet and outgoing! all I gotta say is ‘LADIES” if u take ur man to a strip club “don’t trip”! and get all crazy with the girls working there!! after all ur in their house! and if ur gona get pist off y even go with ur man in the first place! I took my man we had a good time and just watched these beautiful girls, we talked with them and had some drinks…And Nooooo we didn’t take one home, we just went there for a good time and different type of fun.. We will def do it again soon! “if u can’t take the heat STAY OUTA THEIR HOUSE!!!

  18. Nunya F.

    Ok….my two favorite things in this world are…titties. Coming in third place is sushi. That being said, I was excited as hell when I heard about this place. Titties never disappoint. The sushi here is good. Things taste fresh, sauces are plentiful, but the customer service is shit. David seems kinda butt hurt. I’ve been here 3 times now hoping that I was just catching him on a bad day…but I think that’s just the way he is. The sushi is good, but not good enough to put up with someone who’s going to be surly and look annoyed that you have the audacity to eat at his counter. My next gripe is that’s all this spot is…a counter. Don’t have any grand aspirations of having a party here, or showing up with a bunch of people for dinner. They have 5 or 6 chincy, wobbly chairs that are best suited for those 5’2″ and under. Your drinks and your food are on separate checks…and the only cooking that goes on here is either from a mini blow torch, or a rice cooker. You’ll get nothing crunchy here, even though its on the menu. Lastly, everything is about 5 dollars more expensive than it should be. 14-15 dollar rolls that don’t even contain the things listed in the menu (shrimp tempura)…all in all, I’ll prob come back, because again..I like titties…but don’t go out of your way to come here.

  19. Lauren H.

    Sushi Dave is awesome! I went there last night at around 7pm with 2 friends and it wasn’t crowded it all. I had heard from coworkers that its not uncommon to run into large groups of 10-15 here, so I made a reservation and sushi Dave texted me the flyer to wave the $10 entrance fee. The service was awesome and I was really impressed with the freshness of the sushi. The overall quality of the food was amazing. My favorite was the salmon lime roll. So seated perfectly, so buttery, just enough lime and ponzu! Also the jalapeño yellowtail roll was on point! His sauce pairs perfectly with everything. We stuck around after for a couple more drinks and a show. Sushi Dave even gave us complimentary hot sauce bottles. Would come back again and again with more friends. Definitely beats ALOT of sushi joints in and around OC not located within a strip club, if you know what I mean…

  20. curtis17

    My wife and I had a great time last Saturday night. The club is spacious, clean and nicely decorated. The waitresses are polite, courteous and prompt. All very sweet and attentive. Several gorgeous dancers who didn’t bug you, but sat down and had great conversation when invited. The drinks are much cheaper than at similar clubs in Vegas. The private dances are as well. The waitresses and dancers get 5 stars. I deducted one for the rude ass bouncer. He needs to GO. You can be polite until a patron doesn’t allow you to be polite. Get over yourself fat boy. We will definitely return, but if the owner is reading, get rid of the big fat white boy bouncer. He’s an asshole.

  21. Aaron L.

    Took a date here not knowing it was also a gentlemens club. But, everything worked out! The sushi was amazing! Best sushi I’ve ever had! Must go! Sushi Dave is awesome! 5 Stars! Go! Go! Go!

  22. stripforme123

    The staff is rude. Disappointing.

  23. Glenn B.

    The talent overall is top-notch. That’s why I give it two stars, and that’s the only reason. The club is beautiful, but I can go to a dive and see great looking young women. Try getting any of these women to come over and socialize with you! Not! Every one of the dancers either went upstairs and disappeared or sat at the bar by herself after getting off stage. After going in three times in the last two weeks I got the same experience every time. I felt like I had cooties. Yes, I do bathe daily. So it’s not just day shift or night shift. I had a pocketful of cash, didn’t mind showing it, and as dead as the club is you would figure that the girls would be all over me. Plus, I do photography and am always looking for models who don’t mind showing skin, so there were a lot of missed opportunities. In over an hour I didn’t have one dancer come over and hit me up for a dance or just talk. So I walked out and am not going back any time soon.

  24. Robin W.

    Would you like your sushi with a side of T&A?Well, you won’t really get that at the Venetian, unless you want it.Here is the PG rated way to dine at the Venetian: Enter facilityPay $10 cover or find coupon for free entryDo not look left; turn right toward elevator. Do not look in mirror on elevator.Take up a level, walk straight to sushi bar. Do not look to the right.Sit at seats facing Sushi Dave. Avoid bar tables.Order one of the delicious rolls and be sure to get a heaping helping of his homemade roasted jalapeno sauce. For those that like their sushi spicy, you are in luck. There are many spicy options here and they are all tasty. Even more impressive is that Sushi Dave’s eyes never veer toward the girls gyrating directly in his line of sight. But seriously, this is a fun way to have dinner and a show. If that’s your thing.

  25. XXXbeast

    sushi creator was sweet and sushi was ok…I have had better.

  26. tonycluber

    Sushi Dave rocks!!! His sushi is so good and he is such a cool guy. The fish is so fresh and tasty.

  27. Mara D.

    I must admit I have been here. I had to try it out after all of the reviews I read. On a cold rainy night, I traveled out to this establishment and was not displeased. Sushi Dave hooked me and my date up with some rockin’ sushi, while the ladies served up some great drinks. I must have caught the guys that work here on one of those random nights, because they were getting boozed up for sure. Shots were flowing, laughs were being belted out and all was well in merriment and debauchery.

  28. Peter T.

    Been to Sushi at the Venetian a few times. Hazel Q’s review sparked my curiosity. Dave Fernandez is at the helm here. It’s a one-man show, but he does have an assistant helping him out. The environment is very dark inside the topless club. The sushi bar is on the 2nd floor mezzanine, away from the dancers. He’s really a sushi genius when it comes to his cut rolls and his hand rolls. His own Jalapeno Sauce is featured in many of his rolls, it tastes phenomenal. He has a hand roll called the Kitchen Sink roll…basically a few cuts of fish in an edible wrapper…no rice. Perfect for those who don’t like too much rice in things…but not my cup of tea. His Seared Salmon and Lime roll are really a joy to watch him make, and it also tastes amazing. Dave also fixes iPhones between orders.At the end of the day though, being in a topless club just isn’t the best place for a Sushi joint. It’s not easily accessible, you can’t order hot green tea, there’s a $10 cover charge. For obvious reasons, it’s not family friendly, limiting a large segment of potential clientele. Great sushi, so-so environment.

  29. Chris F.

    I love this place! It’s one of the most upscale clubs in orange county. Everything from the seats and the architecture, to the decor in the indoor parking lot! What makes it really great is Chef Dave’s creativity. I was expecting good food, but his food was AMAZING! I can honestly say that this may be the best sushi I have ever had in my entire life. He wakes up early in the morning to get the best of the best ingredients, and everything from the sauce to the garnishes, he will hand make himself. Nothing he uses is mass produced. I will be back every week from now on.

  30. nickstrip

    Went on a Tuesday night….Hard to find. It’s a small dark road JUST BEFORE gas station & street light. The place is perfect set up tho. If the dancers actually danced on the main stage & entertained us we would’ve stayed. They were too busy tryna get patrons to buy them drinks. SmhCat- Not friendly. At all. Short so at certain angles looks like her booty is kinda thick, she’s just flabby tho. Sat at the bar with some patrons. Didn’t even greet anyone or attempt to private dance… Not a good dancer anyway. Hardly any pole technique…Karma- The only dancer that acknowledged us. White..? Asian..? Exotic face, tall, thin body. WORKED the pole. Best talent there! Cinnamon..?- BEST BODY. Good Lord. Climbs the pole pretty good too. No makeup & beautiful! Adrian..?- Rude, disgusting body, can’t dance, honestly she looks like a man in the face…The bartender is beautiful & friendly. She under pours. If you wanna drink, just take a shot, top shelf only. Don’t ask for Fireball, it’s not chilled. Patron is tho

  31. Sy D.

    Very nice on the inside..have my suspicions on who owns this place, but who cares, we came for the food and women. We trekked upstairs to the tiny Sushi bar, ordered our grub..and were promptly told that they did not have 3 out of 4 of the items ordered because their frier was broke. Friday, 5 PM and they have not been able to get this fixed? Every other word out of the DJ’s mouth was “areas best Sushi”, which should have been “but we don’t have half the menu”. The Californian role was adequate at best. The girls were 8’s out of a scale of 10. Very comfortable, very classy, almost like a mini cheetahs. Drinks were well poured and not to pricey. We will go back, not for the food though..the food cost way to much for what you got..

  32. Tiffany S.

    So, the food is actually 3 stars- A-OK, not the best rolls I had. The 4 stars is for the ladies that work here, and the bartender/ sushi chef’s service! He made sure that all our orders came out, helped us flag down our hostess when we needed her and made sure that we were satisfied the whole night. Super thankful for the service we recieved from him. The ladiesss, some were okay, some were great, and some were super impressive with their pole skills. I mean, hiking up a pole in 6 inch heels, and then zooming all the way down and stopping short of hitting the ground?! these ladies deserve all the bills they get.

  33. Ryan C.

    This was part three of my friend’s bachelor party. I guess you can’t have a bachelor party without some sort of strippers? I don’t know what the hetero playbook says on that- but what I’ve seen in movies, I knew what I was in for. I hadn’t stepped into one of these establishments since my 18th birthday (which was a long time ago). I’m not against them, but they just don’t do anything for me.I’ve seen this club over the past couple of years through my travels on the 91 freeway. Doesn’t look like much during the day, but at night, it’s a glow of multicolored lights and looks high class. If I ever had to go to a strip club again, I wanted to come to this one. Luckily, that’s where his best man had us booked.Parking is a cinch and there is a lot of it. We came on a Saturday night and we found a spot no problem. It is a little hard to find as there is a driveway you have to hit off of State College in order to enter. Some of my friends had been here before, so they navigated us to our destination. If I was on my own, probably would have been making circles. Then again, I probably wouldn’t come here on my own.It’s well kept from the outside and you enter through a main entrance where a bouncer checks your ID and a cashier takes your money. You’re told multiple times that there is no photography of any kind allowed inside. I’m guessing to protect the identity of the girls, something I totally understand.Inside it’s dimly lit. A large stage with two poles graces the center of the room. There are chairs lined up in two rows along the stage and a VIP room for your private dances. We tucked away into a small corner and some of the peeps went all out and ordered some bottles. I didn’t drink since I was the DD, but their small bottles went a long way. No too long, because they ended up ordering a second one. Our server (which her name escapes me) was super friendly and helpful. She kept coming over to check on us to make sure we were okay. She wasn’t too pushy and actually sat and chatted. She wasn’t a stripper.While we were sitting there, we were approached by a ton of different girls. The flirtatiousness didn’t work on me. Once they found out that I played for the other team, the attention was immediately focused on the other guys. Because it was a strip club, I thought there would be more stripping. This wasn’t the case. There was some toplessness, but I definitely thought there would be more of it. Then again, I don’t have anything to really compare it to, but my friends confirmed my suspicions.Out of all the dancers, only about two actually did cool stuff on the pole. They climbed it and slid up and down doing cool things in the air. Some of the others were just like dead fish and barely even moved around stage. The one that impressed me the most was a girl named Madeline. She did some crazy yoga/pilates stuff with one arm and then one leg. I definitely tipped her. She deserved it.Because it was a celebration, they brought the bachelor on stage with four girls. They spanked him, rode the back of his head and gave him some public lap dances. This was the first time I threw a wad of dollars on to the stage. I’m not positive, but I think I might have made it rain? The DJ was giving some funny banter and the groom-to-be had fun. Mission accomplished. I believe that little feature costs about $40 + tips. Not sure if that’s standard, cheap or expensive. I thought we got our money’s worth.All and all it was a good night. The guest of honor was severely hammered and everyone was sad when the lights went on signaling the end of the night. Would I come back? Probably not. But if I had to suggest a strip club to someone, I just might recommend that they come here.We didn’t eat here, but according to OC Weekly, they have amazing sushi? I’ll let you be the judge of that.

  34. Jennie N.

    Who knew sushi at a strip club could be so good? I didn’t know who Chef Dave was before I came but apparently everybody did and they were there for him, not the girls! Ok, the girls too. My bf and I have never been to a strip club so we finally experienced it together. How romantic, huh? We went with some friends who were already regulars. The club looks nice and clean, almost vegas-like, far from the shady image I had in my head of these types of places.The sushi bar is upstairs and you can eat and get a show from upstairs overlooking the stage. I tried a couple of rolls and they were all really good. The salmon lime roll was the best. I wanted to drink the jalapeno sauce because I love spicy food and it just tasted so good! We had the perfect view too. I couldn’t stop staring..does that make me a pervert?

  35. Paddy W.

    A sushi place should be rated for the Sushi and not for the establishment its in. Yes there are girls dancing, and it is at a strip club which can be fun but this doesn’t really belong in this review.Dave does everything all by himself, he personally prepares each piece of fish (searing and all), some things are even hand picked and everything is created by him.. He even bottles and creates his own sauce, which is delicious. You defiantly get quality cuts of meat here and wonderful food pairings. I must’ve ordered 8 or 9 things off of the menu and everything was 5 stars. Dave is too big for this place and everybody knows it. Go to the venetian now before its too late!

  36. albert l.

    Awesome!!! Its not a dive strip bar for sure. Its classy and the women there are beautiful. You can even get really good sushi on the second floor. (no pun joke, good sushi really). The bartenders rock. Murit is my favorite. AWESOME and really friendly

  37. Jeremy S.

    alright so im not a man who advocates for strip clubs but the sushi here is absolutely astounding! when i first heard hey we’re going to sushi at a strip club i had my strong doubts. with some convincing i went and i must say dave the chef is one of the absolute best in the state and he has the magazine articles, awards and titles to prove it. try the baja roll and the kitchen sink hand roll. tuna n’ titties. sashimi n’ sluts. wasabi n’ women.

  38. Elizabeth A.

    Sushi Dave is the best! He is creative, extremely knowledgable and can make anything! You’ll leave having tasted your new favorite dish.I realize it’s in a gentleman’s club, but you wont’ feel creeped out or weird. You’ll be so focused on your next dish from Dave – your back is to the dancers the whole time.Also, make sure you try Dave’s own sauce. It can be purchased by the bottle and does everything!If you go once, you’ll go again and again.. and you’ll say what I’ve been saying for years: Sushi Dave is the best.

  39. Brent R.

    One of the better clubs in So cal. This club advertises itself as a Vegas style in So Cal . The inside and outside of the club is very nice looking and looks very much like a high in Vegas club. My wife and like to visit strip clubs every time we go to Vegas (several times a year) and this one bring a lot of what you get in Vegas to Anaheim. The club is very classy and actually had a good number of female customers (a plus for my wife) Drink are cheaper then a Vegas club another plus. They also had a good number of dancer so you did not see the same girl over and over again on stage. We only found two faults with this club both involved the dances.1st – you cannot touch the dancers during the dance (not sure if this is a club rule or a local legal thing ) but this is not an issue in Vegas 2nd – (and more of a personal preference for us) – All dances are done in the back so for us we could not watch each other get a dance The club also seems to be a good place for a bachelor party, their were two when we were their and they all seemed to be having a good time Overall this is a good club and we will return you don’t get the full Vegas club experience but you come close and you will save some money on drinks.

  40. Silvia D.

    Came here w/ my husband one random Saturday night. I must admit, I was a little intimidated, not knowing what to expect. We walked in, & was surprised on how clean & classy this place was. We had a few drinks as we watched the girls put on a show. These girls are very talented!!! Some are pretty hot, some, not so much. But, all were very sweet & friendly. Cool hangout spot!

  41. Madeline R.

    This was my first topless strip club. Although some of the dancers were amazing (Bunny, etc) with their pole tricks the majority of the girls smelled of alcohol (because they are all drinking), and the bouncers were as drunk as the girls! Its a strict “air-dance” policy and very steep in price. It got 1 star for having an awesome atmosphere that they blew with everything else about it.

  42. Vanessa H.

    After some friends went to this place last week and raved about it, we planned this as part of a party bus crawl on Friday night. I had such high hopes.First, I was not that impressed with the girls here. I wasn’t expecting Vegas, but I thought the talent here was average at best. Our cocktail waitress was really friendly, and so +1 star for her.What really got us was that we had all chipped in for VIP treatment here. We spent several hundred dollars to get a private group room and were expecting that some of the girls (one of whom was paid a large sum already) would be sent up and add to the entertainment. Instead, some bored-looking stripper came up and asked us in turn rather impatiently, “Hey do you wanna dance? Do you wanna dance? You? They told me to come up here and see if anyone wanted a dance. You wanna dance?” She acted like this was the last place on earth that she wanted to be, and it was a complete turn-off.I gather that this may be one of the more decent places in Orange County, but don’t come here expecting more bang for your buck if you’re prepared to spend a lot of money.

  43. ryan123

    What gentleman’s club? Sushi is amazing and sushi Dave is a genius.

  44. Mistercap12

    Sucked. We were the only ones on a sunday night throwing money and the security guard was such a dick. He was rude and snatching drinks from our hands. Like come on man respect you clientele especially when no one else is in the club

  45. Johnson12

    Classy strip club. Cannot wait to come back. Great value for lap dances. Especially from Chelsea.

  46. Matt S.

    So this is my favorite place to eat sushi in OC. I know it seems weird that the sushi here is so good, given that it is at a gentleman’s club. However sushi dave really has made quite a good business upstairs here at this establishment. He has creative ways of combining different cuts of fish with his incredible sauces. I always sit at the bar and Dave has been there every time that I have gone. He is very friendly and makes you feel comfortable. I like the food here better than Ra or Sushi on Fire both highly rated in Huntington Beach. And those are my other favorite sushi places. Plus being a man, it is nice to see beautiful women walking around in next to nothing. Just saying.

  47. Daisy K.

    I really wanted to like this place, but it just wasn’t worth the drive. The sushi quality was just really… average. I’ve been to a lot of sushi places from top notch to average lunch spots and this place is definitely average. None of the rolls are that inventive – I’ve seen iterations of all of them at other sushi places. The quality of the fish was OK, not too fishy, but nothing to rave home about. The selection was somewhat limited and the chef was always running off smoozing with other patrons. With that said, service was spotty and kind of a drag overall. For the price I paid, I felt like I should have just hit up a sushi joint in a college town and just requested an AYCE meal. Strippers aside, there isn’t much that makes this place stand out.

  48. Kara H.

    staff is great from the front desk, security, to the bartenders.mixed drinks were reasonably priced and well does a good job with the music. place is clean and very classy.the only complaint from everyone in the group is that the five or six dancers we saw that night weren’t that great. otherwise i would rate the place higher.

  49. Christa A.

    So once upon a time we stumbled upon a sushi joint in Downtown Fullerton called NOA and we really, really loved it there. We loved the happy hour, the creative rolls and the staff. We were there quite frequently that we became acquainted with our sushi chef David and he knew what we liked and made each time we came in there so much fun. Fast forward past many full nights from salmon lime rolls, garlic edamame, miso soups, sake shots and sapporo beer and our beloved sushi chef comes across an amazing opportunity and ends up with his own thing at The Venetian Gentleman’s Club. A good comparison is Las Vegas for some but actually more like Portland, OR, the strip club capital of the United States with joints that actually have award winning food dishes. When we heard the news that David was taking this opportunity at the Venetian we were excited. This place was fun but we were very pleased that we didn’t lose our sushi chef and my favorite salmon lime roll. Check it out, it is a lot of fun, really good, not boring to say the least and did I mention really fun?!A great tip is to “friend” Sushi at The Venetian Gentleman’s Club on facebook because Chef David is open to suggestions and even asks his customers if they want something special from the fish market if they are coming in on a certain night. p.s. The strip club isn’t so bad either, you might actually have fun. They have 2 dancers that go by the name of Roxanne and Frankie and since those are the names of our puppy dogs, that means they can stay 😉 I should add that when you enter the club just tell them you are there to eat sushi and they will direct you up to the second floor and you will be in the corner behind the DJ booth, it isn’t a quiet place but that is what makes it fun. Yes you can actually dine there and not see a thing or you can definitely grab a peak or pick a seat with a view if you know what I mean. 😉

  50. Robert M.

    this place is terrible. they had no saki and u are charged $6 per soft drink, no refills. when we entered the establishment i mentioned to the door man that i was there for the sushi bar, i was still charged a $10 cover fee. i was also unable to watch the game from the sushi bar, where the seats are very unconfortable.the worst part is that u have to open up 2 different tabs one for drinks and one the sushi bar. neverthe less the sushi was average at best nothing fanatastic and the lighting is bad so its difficult to see what you are eating. this place in my opinion is a big hustle..

  51. Matthew J.

    I’ve been here a couple of times and its really nice inside. looks like the casino in vegas… apparently that was the point. The first time i went we got bottle service and they stuck us in a “vip” room, it was just a booth encased in glass, no room to move and felt like i was in a fish tank. in both of my visits they didnt have more than 5 girls and it was late at night. unless you know someone that works there i’d just save my money and go down the road to the next place.

  52. felixnada

    OK so my boyfriend raved about the “sushi” here and like I thought hell no, their sushi is not all that great. please…the guys are here for the tits – flat out it is what it is just say it. I am soo happy I’m a woman and I get to touch and fondle BC my girlfriend and I had more pleasure from the girls dancing on us then our guys did. Be generous with the dollar bills and they will give you a show stage side. They played “new wave” type of music …I expected more magic mike or bondage sex music. Drinks: watered down Food: one night stand was good but the sex roll was over baked salmon. I liked the sashimi salmon but how hard is that if it’s fresh.Overall I would come again but NOT for the sushi

  53. Jonathan L.

    5 stars! Nothing less if I could do 10 I would do 10. If you’ve never been here, I feel sorry for you. Forget that it’s in a strip club you’d never even know if you don’t look behind you. I’m not even going to say anything anymore. If you don’t come you’re an idiot point blank period. Just fuxking come already!!!

  54. DexterRexter

    We threw our friend a bachelorette party and ended the night here.. Unfortunately, this did not work out great for us!Let me start with the good, the dancers were pretty and showed our bride-to-be love when they were on stage. Next good thing, the sushi was good, and we also had some tacos that were pretty decent. Bottle service was okay, nothing that stood out service wise with this for the $200 you dish out.Let’s end with the bad. HORRIBLE customer service and security to end the night! The bride-to-be went up on stage, which we were told was allowed as long as we paid. The security guard made her get off the stage, then lied about his name when we asked for it to file a complaint. When we spoke to the manager, he claimed our friend was not allowed to go on the stage, but refused to get ahold of the hostess who advised us she could as long as we paid in order to verify what we told him. He then wanted to argue back and forth with us instead of providing his boss’s name to file a complaint. After spending hundreds of dollars at this place, which by the way was pretty empty so we were the main ones spending any money there that night, this was not a great way to end the bride-to-be’s special night.I did not want to be completely unfair, so I’m still giving them 2 stars for the beautiful hard working girls up there, and for the decent food. I would not recommend this place to anyone other wise!

  55. winston12

    Ok, I really wanted to like this place because I read it had some pretty good reviews and uh hello! Strip club below! How could you go wrong? I was really pissed off bc this place had crap service and terrible entertainment! The sushi was ok and I would have given a higher rating if the chef actually had food to serve! I called in over two weeks in advance, making a reservation for a group of 15 people. I even told the guy in charge that I might be getting bottle service bc my group wanted to stay after dinner for some boobie action (I didn’t say those words, though, lol). I came for my birthday and everyone was stoked, especially the dudes that had girlfriends that let them go. Anywho! First off, I know it was a little early in the night, but there were no ladies. Like anywhere. There was one chick running around who I swear, we all thought she was on crack bc she kept randomly “wooing” and running up and down the stairs. We were only able to see like three two mins stints of dancing every half hour because I kept asking the server where the dancers were. And these chicks couldn’t even dance! It looked like it was their first night on the pole. They kept trying to jump up on the pole but either missed it or kept bumping into it. The girl on crack ending up being a dancer and she was actually good. So that was nice to have some sort of decent entertainment for those two mins. Other than that, the waitress serving our drinks was a little wench! She couldn’t handle bringing multiple drinks up to us so would bring like one or two at a time, on her platter. It was super slow. Then she totally mouthed off at my friend bc he didn’t understand why his card wasn’t working downstairs but would upstairs. We asked her about the menu bc the website stated there was a full kitchen downstairs and one of the guys in the group is allergic to seafood so asked if he could get a burger. She said there was no way he could be allowed to order anything else bc we were upstairs. So we asked if he could just go downstairs to order something and then she suddenly claimed there was no kitchen downstairs, that nothing else existed. So we asked the manager and he claimed that they only serve sushi and it’s been that way for a while. I pointed out how the website showcases a full menu and offers a multitude of different options. He said that wasn’t true. I pulled up the website and menu on my phone and he just said he didn’t know why it was there. WTF????So whatever, stupid stuff but what really pissed us off is that if they only serve sushi, you would think they would then prep themselves to have enough on hand for customers, especially on the weekend, right? So how is it that they claimed they didn’t have half the stuff on their sushi menu? I made reservations almost three weeks in advance, they knew I had a big party coming in and we were the first at the sushi bar to eat for the night yet they didn’t have like half of the options on the menu? That right there just killed it for everyone. We ate what we ordered (btw, totally small portions and overpriced!) and left. We then saw why they claimed they didn’t have many of the rolls on the menu. They were saving it for a group of 20 people that reserved the main room we were in, right after us. What the eff! Never again will I go there!All in all, the rolls weren’t bad but the green sauce is totally overhyped; the service was terrible, the workers don’t know what the hell they were doing and the dancers were just awful. I’m thinking they might be better the later the night is. Idk but it’s definitely not worth my business, nor my friends. Bunch of lying workers! The only thing that saved the night is that we all went to Palapa’s in DTF. Now they have great drinks for cheap prices and really tasty food for very reasonable prices!

  56. igor34

    This was “the” worst strip club. We came here to kill sometime. Walked to the building which was probably the only upside of the place. Ten dollars was the cover charge which was fair. From the check in line the muaic was banging, but as you walked through that door, all you saw were more bouncers than girls. Like really? The girls themselves were average, nothing really exciting for a place that won best strip club in 2011. The girl that danced as we sat down cleaned the poles more than dance to her two songs. Nothing was really shown as she pull down her skirt or cover her chest from time to time. Not very satisfied, I sat durther from the floor. As i was just about to leave, I was approached by that very dancer. She persuaded me to stay which i obliged because a job is a job, and followed her for my one song. But the catch was the song was playing already as she gave me dance so i did not get my $20 worth. I felt ripped off because $20 goes a LONG way and it felt like a min 30 dance at best. That dancer did NOT smell the greatest too, not to be mean. But half the time I was looking away and holding my breath. After my 1 min 30 dance, we bolted off in dismay because this was the worst experience at a strip club. And the blond older bartender was a jerk. Obviously it wasnt buay but her attitude was not appreciated. Overall, horrid. *Shake my head violently.

  57. Sarai M.

    This has to be the BEST sushi I have ever eaten. At first I was a bit freaked out because the last place I want to eat is where woman are taking their clothes off. But When your upstairs eating the amazing food your not really paying attention to whats going on downstairs 🙂 Sushi Dave is truly a genius.

  58. fuckery12

    We came here with a mix of men and women on a Saturday night. There is a $10 entry fee but I made reservations at the sushi restaurant upstairs and Sushi Dave sent us some free passes (some really great sushi btw…I also have a review for Sushi at the Venetian Gentleman’s Club) which was great for a party of 12. It’s very clean and not seedy at all. Mixed drinks were about $7; not sure about the beers. 20 ft poles! Most of the women here are beautiful and incredibly talented on the pole. The females in our party are into pole fitness so it was awesome to see the athleticism from the majority of these girls. They were also really nice (hopefully it wasn’t because we were spending quite a bit of money) and none of them were pushy at all about lap dances. We did get some lap dances from the ones we thought were great on the pole and I didn’t hear anyone complain. There was a good mix of men and women in the club aside from our group as well. Charisma, Joey, Scarlett and there were two other girls(I’m so sorry I’m terrible with names) that we absolutely loved on the pole. One of was very fit and she made sure she paid attention to our whole group (we all sat by the stage) and another girl was doing some really amazing tricks on the pole: inside to outside leg hook, one handed invert, inverted V, caterpillar climb, back hand grab, splay, and some other amazing stuff I don’t know names of…ahhhhhh! We definitely plan to come back again! Thank you ladies for an amazing night!

  59. XhXeXy

    Came here with some friends to have some sushi and hang out. The sushi wasn’t amazing but as far as I’m concerned, the view made up for it. 🙂 Who can beat boobies and sushi?

  60. eddyL

    F***ing amazing! Best in order Venetian Roll, Kitchen Sink Hand Roll and the Salmon Lime Roll! Yum Yum Nom Nom and all those other words for this is Good Ish! The Friday night girls are cute and the sushi is awesome what else could you want!

  61. Moe Z.

    Man this place is sick. $3.00 beers great sushi and great tail on stage. Glad we celebrated are boys bday here!!!!!!!!

  62. Danny M.

    Sushi Dave, Sushi Dave. If you haven’t been here yet, what are you waiting for? I have been eating Sushi now for over 15 years and have been to many great spots. But this place is different and now my regular spot at least 2 to 3 times a week. Everything piece of sushi is always super fresh, drinks are cold and the walking eye candy is great view. My favorite spot by far and I love one of his many specialty: “The Sex Roll” and his jalapeno sauce. Yumm.Update 2015 – Sushi Dave has retired from this location and now Sushi is being Mastered by Sushi G (Gerardo). Same fresh sushi but different ideas with his twist. You gotta come try it to believe it.

  63. james1412

    Best Sushi, Sashimi and Rolls in a Strip Club in the entire world! LoL Seriously amazing rolls, hot sauce and carpaccio. Chef is a Grand Master – ask for Omakase (Chef’s Choice) for the very best. And you don’t even have to worry about a hot dinner date since they provide those as well!

  64. harryharry

    Came here with a group of friends. Since I haven’t been to a gentleman’s club since I got a mortgage some years back, it was an interesting experience. As we pulled into the place, the faux-stonework and great murals of times long ago in their garage and parking lot. Very nice outside. We walked in and chatted with the guy at he register, and the big bouncer guy, and paid the cover charge (1/2 off with a coupon from the website) of $5. I was glad I had visited an ATM beforehand, and had picked up $60 for the place. There was no doubt that they would have an ATM, but I knew there would probably be some redonkulous “service fee.” My group and I walked in and the loud music, darkened atmosphere and heavily perfumed scent of exotic dancers greeted me like an old friend. Despite the darkened lighting, I could tell the place was nice. The first floor was a large open space with a stage in the middle with a pair of brass poles reaching all the way to the ceiling. The second floor is open in the middle, so people can look down onto the central stage. The first thing I noticed was lots of glass doors here. Clear glass doors with no markings on them. I nearly walked into several over the period of the evening. I’m sure several times I probably looked like a retard at moments with my hands out, slowly moving forward trying to verify if there was a door there or not. Keep an eye out for that here. I followed the people who had been there before and we went upstairs to a glass door closed off room. A full-on Sushi Bar was next to the room. Not quite what I was expecting at all. Proudly displayed on the sushi bar was a picture of their sushi guy n the cover of some classy sushi magazine. I walked into the room, and a great big table sat in the middle, we all sat down and looked at the sushi menu. It was very well put together, and had quite alot of stuff on it. I ordered a seared tuna ($5 for 2 pieces) and chatted for a bit with my friends. After a while I realized that the enclosed glass room with 10 people in it was very warm. I got up and wandered my way down to the much cooler stage area where more of our crew sat. I sat next to them and watched a bachelorette party take place on the stage. Shortly thereafter, The DJ announced two for one ($20) lapdances, and suddenly I had a dancer asking if I’d like one. Not wanting to be rude, I accepted. She introduced herself as Tatiana. She was very nice. After I ran out of dollar bills to throw on stage, I went back upstairs to check on the Sushi order I had placed some time before. Luckily, shortly after I arrived back upstairs, so did the sushi. All of the sushi that we had ordered was on one long plate. The smokin hot waitress pointed out what she thought was what. I found mine and began to fumble with the chopsticks. After a few failed attempts, my friends told me to just grab the damned things with my fingers eat it. So I did. I ate each one and they were both quite tasty. I’m not a sushi guy, but this was darn tasty sushi. The rest of the evening passed by the stage throwing bills on the stage, ogling scantily clad, unclad women, and chatting with friends. On a side note, some of the girls were amazing on the poles. One of girls in particular, Kitty, climbed all the way to the top (a good 15-20 feet) and very acrobatically and gracefully slid her way back down. I’m just saying, if Table Tennis [… can be in the Olympics, I don’t see why pole dancing isn’t there. To recap : Surprisingly good sushi, smokin hot dancers, drink specials, lapdance specials, I think I might go to more strip clubs in the future. Too bad this one is an hour or so away from my home.

  65. Sancho V.

    Ten bux to get in? wow!! I was expecting twenty for the way the place presented itself. Felt like I needed an imitation Verace suit. Strippers where not all that hot. and I got the worst lap dance. Overall I would go back to see if they upgrade on the gals to compliment the way the place looks. Not sleazy if you want some sleazyness. Good place to hang out. Lets support the $trippers WOOHOOOO!!!!!!

  66. dopeboy19

    Nice strip club.Waitresses are nice, friendly, and are on their A+ game. They constantly made their rounds and made sure you weren’t left thristy. Lol.Dancer where no all that. Their look and attitude stinks. There were no interaction with customer. I came in with a pocket full of money and left with 75% with it. What a damn shame. This club need to hire new girls.

  67. fritter17

    Sushi and a strip club….. Really? Yea, I couldnt believe it either when my GF told me about it when she visited this place with her girl friends. Which by the way, I couldnt believe she went to a strip club without me, but thats another story. Anyway, she swore sushi Dave is pretty good at what he does, so I finally got her to bring me here. To my surprise, the food was excellent! And of I didnt mind the occasional stripper that walked by here and there.

  68. Nt N.

    Looks great in the outside but place sucks, short round mexican guy at door is an idiot, the girls smelled like pee. Fritz’s is more fun w your buddies!

  69. Phillip S.

    Sushi at the Venetian is the best sushi I’ve ever had. I’ve eaten at hundreds of sushi places across southern california and this chef is outstanding. Sushi Dave has a special Jalapeno sauce, too, that he garnishes some of the dishes there and it’s incredible stuff. This is the only gentleman’s club I’ll attend for something other than the girls, although they’re nice to see too. I actually go to this place for dinner. I’ve brought many friends and coworkers to eat Sushi at the Venetian, and all are returning customers because of Dave’s culinary skill in sushi. Simply the best! Thanks sushi Dave.

  70. joseph1k

    I didn’t come here for sushi – I came to look at some tits and ass. The girls here are very friendly (as they should be). I came in on a super slow night, only 5 or 6 girls working and I don’t think it was exactly their A Team. The place is plush, brand new, cozy, classy lookin club. Nice set up and private VIP area, lap dances are 20 dollars with no funny business! The rules are enforced, so that could be a good thing or bad thing, depends what kind of fun you’re into. I had fun talking to a stripper named Giselle, she had a rockin body and a great personality. I suspected the shots of goose were watered down and they weren’t cheap, but I suppose most clubs do that. I’d be interested in coming back on a Friday night.

  71. Luke L.

    Why am I even here? Oh that’s right, I am here for sushi – except that you also get to watch girls doing their pole dances.How to save yourself $10 entree fee (per person): Give Sushi Dave a call [(714) 863-9362] and make your reservation (10 PM is the latest RSVP time). Then he will text you an image of flyer (smart phone only) and you’ll save $10 entrance fee once you show flyer to the doorman. Feel free to see whatever you want to see at the lower level (do it at your own risk). If you are only interested in sushi, just make an immediate right turn once you walk in and take the elevator to the 2nd floor. Once you see the sushi bar, Sushi Dave will get you seated. Just like fine-dining, clearly state what kind of water you want. Somehow I got Voss water (cause I just said “water”) and it was $6 per bottle. Lesson learned. Salmon Lime Roll (Crab, and avocado topped with salmon and thinly sliced lime + lightly seared and finished w/ ponzu sauce – $15): I didn’t think it was crazily good, but it wasn’t bad either. The subtle lime flavor definitely gave this roll a nice touch. (3.5/5)One Night Stand (Spicy tuna cucumber + baked eel topped w/ thinly sliced avocado + sweet eel sauce – $15): Good eel, good sauce, good overall flavor. (4.5/5) Spicy Domo Roll (shrimp tempura, crab, and avocado topped w/ spicy tuna + crunchies finished w/ green onion, sweet soy sauce, and spicy mayo – $15): Probably the best order I had for the night. Sweetness and spiciness were just right. Yummy! (5/5)Kitchen Sink Hand Roll (Spicy tuna, crab, seared tuna, albacore, avocado, rice, and Sushi Dave’s Jalapeno sauce – $7): I like it, it has all the fishes and jalapeno sauce (a bit sweet, sour, and spicy – it’s like jalapeno ponzu sauce). Not to mention the portion is pretty big. (4/5)Overall: Good sushi rolls and good jalapeno sauce. Just don’t expect this to be a cheap meal. I can’t see myself returning to gentleman’s club for another round of sushi – just too much for me to handle (and not getting distracted by … I’ll leave that to your wildest imagination), but it was definitely an interesting experience. P.S. – 21+ only because it serves a full bar. P.P.S. – Sushi Dave actually sells jalapeno sauce on his website ( and it’s $5 per bottle.

  72. Sam R.

    Went here on my 23rd birthday the staff was friendly the dancers were beautiful got a lap dance from a couple different girls and then I went back today got a lap dance from a girl named destiny and destiny was fine I will keep going back just for destiny and destiny it’s very attractive dancer she get five stars in my book destiny is very nice is one of the nicer girls that I have met at the Venetian all in all this place gets a five star rating and my book The place was clean and I would definitely recommend this if you’re bringing some lady friends with you The drinks is pretty reasonable when you go at night on a Saturday or Sunday there’s a $10 charge if you go on A weekday if you go there around 12 PM when they open you get in for free I went today expecting to pay a $10 up charge but all the guy did was check my ID and say go on in five out of five stars

  73. Hannah C.

    Sushi Dave is awesome! He is extremely talented And really cares about his work. He even follows up with his clients to make sure they had a great experience, how nice for a very busy chef/business owner! He takes pride in what he does and cares about his clients/work. This place is clean, has an awesome atmosphere and great food. Great place for date night! Will be back soon 🙂

  74. Noel S.

    They had great sushi, they could work on a bigger variety and then this place will be perfect. The dancers and full bar only adds to a great time at this place.

  75. Jenna D.

    i can’t. believe. i paid cover charge…. ok that was mean. but it was almost empty and not my ideal strip club kinda night experiences.2 stars for the fat-ass patron shots….

  76. Harrison69

    Cover isn’t bad. $10 per person for couples.However once inside I found myself falling asleep. I only saw 5 girls. 3 were really good looking the other 2 were ok. However they were all boring. Not sure why but none of them made me interested.Also after about 15 minutes of being there and waitresses trying to get us to buy drinks a fat bouncer came up to us and was like “hi do u guys need a waitress or some drinks?” We were like, “no we’re good but thanks.” Bouncer then said “well there’s a one drink minimum.”I had called prior to going to ask about dress code and cover charge and alcohol so u think they would have mentioned 1 drink minimum. So needless to say we got up and left.Overall girls we saw were hot but boring and that bouncer’s people skills pretty much killed it for us. Won’t be coming back.

  77. Theresita A.

    Def the best RAW sushi I’ve ever tried, and usually I dont like it but “Sushi Dave” really knows what he’s doing. Friendly great service. Going back for sure! Oh yeah and the girls know how to put on a show as well:)

  78. Danzig W.

    Last night I took to a bachelorette party to the Venetian. We were very impressed by the fine roman pillars and brick exterior. From the outside the place looks very modern and clean. Our bachelorette was excited to experience everything the Venetian had to offer.The front door staff were well groomed and friendly. The VIP host made us very generous bottle service offers, but we decided to save strip-club bottle service for another evening.The inside of the club looked classy, with a full staircase for the dancers to enter from. Soft pink lighting around the outside and green lasers on the dual poles helped set the mood perfectly. The performers were mostly 10’s, with a few 9’s and 8’s. Our main complaint was that they were not allowed to have fun with us on stage (motorboat, tipping in the g-string, etc.) It was a little strange, but many of the dancers pinched the chests of our group members. If this didn’t happen I would have given 5 stars.Two of our ladies enjoyed a happy-hour 2 for 1 lapdance with two of the club’s finest strippers. Let me tell you, $20 goes a long way at the Venetian!Although we didn’t get a chance to enjoy dinner here, we plan on making a group trip back soon. I have heard that their sloppy joe is unbelievable.Overall, we loved our evening at the Venetian and will recommend it to all of our family and friends.

  79. Christina L.

    I obviously do not frequent “gentleman’s clubs” but this place was pretty much amazing. I spent a lot of money here (on the food), but it was definitely worth it. Fish is fresh, rolls are nice little unique concoctions that Sushi Dave makes up himself, even though he doesn’t eat fish (!?). Oh, and DEFINITELY buy a bottle or a few of his signature hot sauce, it is seriously the best thing I’ve ever tasted in my life.

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