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20922 Lassen St, Chatsworth, CA 91311


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8am – 8pm


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8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


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10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Sunny’s Saloon

  1. Franklyn

    There’s nothing worse than a DJ who craves attention. The girls are nice, the staff is nice, the DJ is annoying. I’ve never seen girls trying to dance as the DJ scratches and plays Coldplay and remixes of “Turn Down for What”, it’s not easy to dance sexy to that. Most of the time the girls look confused when he goes into a crazy electro remix of a song or again, Coldplay right after playing a song from a completely different genre. Someone should inform him, that at a bikini bar, nobody cares about the DJ, we’re there to watch women dance sexy to sexy songs. Apparently, that’s not the philosophy here, he also drops the music out, so he can sing occasionally, again, we’re there for the ladies, that should be the DJ’s priority as well. Again, all of the employees were friendly and polite, just tell the DJ to play music the girls can dance to, it’s a terrible show when they constantly pause and look confused.

  2. felixnada

    Awesome spot to let loose and enjoy some entertainment. It’s pretty low key and the full bar is amazing. Any day is a good day to come in, and the staff has always been super friendly.

  3. G. L.

    Warning: Do Not Go HereWorst 15 minutes at a club in LA. Arrived at the club, checked in through heavy security. Got to the bar and ordered drinks, and as soon as my date and I got our drinks, the same Security Guard who checked me through the door came over and told me that my attire did not fit the dress code. Okay, first of all, this is a ghetto dive bar, and secondly, I was the best dressed dude at the bar. Its true, my shirt did not have sleeves, but I pay a lot of attention to my attire, I guess it did not match the arm pit stained short sleeve shirts everyone else was wearing. The Security Guard made sure to explain that he wasn’t kicking me out, as long as I went to the Liquor Store next door and bought a ghetto plain black t shirt to wear over my designer shirt without sleeves. No thanks. We finished our drinks and were more than happy to leave.As for the bar, whats the point? Its not a strip club. The girls don’t take off their clothes. Its like going to a dance club where everyone stands around watching one girl dance. I saw two girls on stage, and one had a shaved head. Literally. A girl dancer with a shaved head. Yikes. Even if the Security Guard hadn’t hassled me about the dress code, we would have left anyway.One star, and if I could give zero I would. There is a much nicer bar up the street, where we happily spent our money and the rest of our night. Two thumbs down at Sunny’s Saloon~

  4. Johnnyboy123

    At first I was put off by the appearance of this bar. I tend to like going out to places that probably cost a whole bunch of money to construct (crystal chandeliers of Vegas hotels come to mind), so Sunny’s is distinctly humble in comparison. Once I gave it a shot though, I found that it was a very friendly, laid back atmosphere. Friendly like you will never ever find in Hollywood because everyone is too busy being a trendy snob.The picture on the door (a life size painting of a sexy woman in boots and sexy attire) tells you what this place is all about. Sunny’s is a bikini bar with 2 pool tables, a full bar, and a stage with stripper pole. There is no cover charge, they have Wi-fi for you to use on your laptop computer or cell phone, and in the evenings they have a DJ announce the girls on stage. They also offer lap dances (the manager says that is a new development the past few months). I respectfully disagree with the previous reviewer John who said he would look for a one-legged stripper at Sunny’s. Certainly in this kind of establishment there will always be a fast turnover of dancers, but I have only seen attractive, healthy, young women on their stage. And I don’t call them strippers if they are not taking off their bikinis (which they don’t).I do have some things that I still wish the management would upgrade (the women’s restroom is small and cramped, but it leads directly to the changing area for the dancers to get on stage – manager says they are working on constructing an entirely separate room for the dancers). I kinda wish they had a kitchen, but they are right next to an Italian restaurant/pizza place that is very very happy to deliver some food to you at the bar (I have the feeling that the bar is a significant source of business for the restaurant).

  5. joseph1k

    Whom ever stated that there is nothing but toothless girls here is completely incorrect. I have to say it’s one of my favorite hang outs. A lot of awesome people here and it’s great for networking and finding new friends. It’s a great place with a lot of good things going for it. 2 pool tables, hot girls, and a cool crowd with good music. Whom ever stated that this should have 1 star is either delusional or completely doesn’t have there brain on straight. This place kicks ass and the regulars have been coming here fora very longs time. Honestly, i like to frequent it a lot I highly recommend this place and they have a great place next door to get food so you be the judge check it out trust me it’s totally worth it. Go in the evening when it’s busy so you can get a real vibe of the place but you have to check it out.

  6. fuckery12

    After reading the reviews, I came here looking for a one legged stripper. Sadly, all the girls had both legs and all of their teeth. They were all actually pretty good looking so I guess they will do. Small place with friendly bartenders and $4 bottle beer. Not a terrible place to watch the laker game…

  7. igor34

    Been coming here since 2001… Went last night and was denied because of where we live…. Scary ass security ….

  8. Realmrose D.

    I love it here! On the outside you wouldn’t think much but once you get in you feel like you’re at an upscale bar. The dj is always playing good music and the bartenders are always on top of it.

  9. stripforme123

    Giving one star is an understatement. They don’t even deserve that. I’ve been here multiple times before and never have been treated the way I was last Sunday night. I was sitting with my friends on the booth, I was on my phone on eBay. Minding my own business, when this tall white security guard slicked back hair, comes up to me and starts yelling at me telling me he has told me before to “not be on my fucking phone” as if I new. Never have I spoken to him before. He calls me “bitch” because I was supposedly being rude when I told him “he had never spoke to me about this” my boyfriend tells him to not disrespect me, and he gets mad and throws him outside and they start to argue I come out side and say my peace and he pushes me! My boyfriend then went back to him because he touched me, like anyone else would. The security guard then Tased him!!! He’s such an asshole and then they broke them up. We leave after a struggle, and then when my boyfriend goes back to get his name because he ruined his glasses in the mix of all this, the white guy comes out again and pepper sprayed him so close to his face when he was just talking to another security guard about what happened. Such an asshole. I recommend no one going here especially if that asshole white guy is working.

  10. Robert M.

    This place ….I like beer is very cold good so stay thirsty my friends.staff is on point i give them all the stars the dj all the stars as well good job guys forgot the dancers all the stars also

  11. Lalo R.

    Ok so after a few pitchers of Papa Nicks at Los Toros someone suggested a boobie bar…..So off we were to CCtoo off winetka when we passed this place… we made a u turn and decided to this this place up at least for one drink… well 1030 turned into last call…All i can say is that the talent was much better then Godfathers and Both Candy Kats… Plus thye have a full bar… girls were friendly and were on the stage showcasing theirs moves…Security was ok and so was the DJ… crowd was a mixed bag and overall we had a very good time some more then others….Booze was about avg price for a typical joint like this… all said this was my lst week in town before moving to the IE… too bad I say this place on my last week LOLMy buddies are sure to come back though LOL

  12. justinlk

    Great place and amazing girls! Love the atmosphere and the people that come here! I’ve been to plenty of Bikini Bars have to say this one is one of my Favorites!

  13. maxxy1

    My wife and I were looking for a place where we could enjoy a few drinks accompanied by a good vibe. Heard of this place so, we decided to check it out… Sunny’s Saloon was the best idea! It has a Lounge/nightclub feel to it. Bartender was on point to suggesting a flavorful Cocktail for my wife and a good Craft Beer for myself. The restrooms were decent. Clean & not urine scented. Surprising, ALL the dancers were attractive & friendly. Friendly enough to make my wife feel comfortable & have a smile on her face that lasted all night. Last but not least, THE MUSIC! The DJ mixed new hits to Old Skool! I mean where else can you go and listen to GREAT music, drink with beautiful women & still take home a Happy Wife?

  14. fritter17

    I’ve had some good times here . nice looking girls and cheap pool tables .

  15. StripClub431

    No Cover Charge. Affordable drinks. Live Entertainment! This bar took me by surprise. They have a variety of beers on tap (pitchers & towers), full bar (at a more than reasonable price).Happy hour starts at 4 during the week. It’s couple friendly. My boyfriend loves visiting this place for obvious reasons but I must admit… So do I! You can always count on being surrounded by a good atmosphere, beautiful girls (in bikini’s) a friendly game of pool… and my main reason… A perfect chilled shot by a smiling bartender. Cheers!

  16. Mike F.

    This place was just the place we were looking for since we wanted to get out and see some pretty ladies. Drinks were very affordable. Our favorite dancer was Mariah. Looking forward to coming back

  17. Pablo L.

    I’ve been there 4 times and had a good time every time so i must say it’s a Pretty dope spot, staff is very chill and dancers are very friendly and are not on top of you trying to force you to get a dance and if you looking for a good billiard challenge be there after 9pm

  18. John C.

    Wow this place is dirty, I don’t mind the used up hood rats.. but at least they can hire competent bartenders that can make decent drinks, one of the hispanic Gothic looking bartenders their seems completely clueless of what is going on, she exudes the most unhospitibal energy , she looks completely bored like it’s the last place she wants to be, very irritated look, don’t come here you won’t even be able to enjoy a drink.

  19. timmykilla

    I love this place! The dancers are awesome and beautiful. It’s always a great time here… I always come to see Donna and ask for her special cucumber chille rim drink…the best!! Great bartenders, always attentive.

  20. adamrod

    If you’re looking for a spot to relax and listen to good music then this is the spot. Any day is a good day to come and enjoy some drinks. The Bartender is awesome. Always a smile on her face! I believe her name is Monica! She’s great!!

  21. richard95

    Today is thanksgiving and I want to thank Sunnys saloon for always making life fun keeping it classy being friends and family and for just being you!!! I love everybody who comes in. I love everybody works there and I heart the owners I love the environment party on XOXO Rydher

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