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15651 Valley Blvd, City of Industry, CA 91744


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8am – 8pm


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8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


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10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Synn Gentleman’s Club

  1. igor34

    This was my first strip club visit back in 2000. Back when it was called Exottica, actually it was the first time I saw a naked woman. I’m surprised my head didn’t explode. Great place with great memories. It’s not the same anymore. I think the door guy might’ve jipped us. He charged us $20 each, I thought it was $15. Oh well. We walked in and these girls are some sad looking women (not saying they’re ugly but not stripper material). They need to go home and rethink their career choice. They need to learn a trade. One of them looked like my cousin Bertha. If a girl has a tattoos on her boobs, then yeah…not sure I wanna get a lapdance from her.This place is a downer, the girls look miserable. They approach you with a blank look on their face. I just wanted to hug them and whisper to them “you dont have to do this anymore”. Let them cry on my shoulder. The only girl worth looking at was April. Geez, she looked like an import model. Too hot to be working there. Maybe it was just a bad night because it was a Sunday.

  2. dopeboy19

    Came on a friday night with the.boys and had a blast. Over 30 hot girls. Overall vibe was chill. Would definitely come again.

  3. Laurence M.

    This place is the shit the staff is professional and respectful respect to receive respect.the woman are’s not all about a lap dances mind you that’s how they make their money reason being this is why they come to work …anyone talking shit are guppies lame ass dudes don’t walk in to a strip club if your not willing to spend money ..

  4. Arron J.

    Cool club especislly on weekend parking area is small but overall decent club. Girls could be better but around this area i would give 3 stars

  5. Randy G.

    Second or third worst Strip Club I’ve ever been to. Small club and ugly ugly girls and and they charge $20 a person to get in. Not worth it. Only go see strippers in Hollywood!!! Cheap ass trashy tricks. Ewwwww…. O and they lie about how many girls are in the club. But it don’t even matter cause they’re all trash.

  6. StripClub431

    Bombass club with the hottest girls. Some of the hottest girls I have ever seen on Saturday.

  7. fuckery12

    The girls they have they’re are just a bunch of girls off the street – not quality girls Too many with stomach pouches and no ass And they want me to spend $30 for a lap dance , they’re crazy !!!The Dj sucks ass too !!!!!Clyde ‘

  8. Raff

    Amazing club . Girls are A1… Real friendly …. The staff is great , recommend it to anyone !

  9. tonycluber

    The best strip club in So Cal. Prices are great specially on Thursdays. Girls are very pretty I usually see around 30+ females. The place inside got remodeled but the only thing I don’t like is the parking. There’s never any parking, you have to park across the street. $20 cover or $5 when you text their # for the discount.

  10. billtheguy12

    Piece shit place i went dance tonight with girl called Sasha and she stollen $120 from me and i was looking for her after the dance she disappeared. It’s terrible place. Buch of girls from the street hungry to the money

  11. danielson

    Club is lit!!!!!!! Shout out to Justin!!!!!!! Yall gotta come see Gia!! She fire!!!!!!

  12. Gianni R.

    Very small inside the women smell like ass, worse experience and lack of friendliness. Don’t ask for channel she is the worse of all.

  13. livinlikelarry

    Great club; has been here several times and love it. Nice and pretty girls with awesome music!

  14. B D.

    Parking lot should be a little bit bigger. I almost turned around and left because I didn’t want valet joy-riding my hotrod. They pulled the cones for me and I got to keep my keys.20 bucks entrance is steep considering how much a bottle of water cost when you were asked to buy it for your dance girl. $8.50? c’mon!Ambiance lighting was good, seating was comfortable, the stage was a bit small and damn bright. Sound system needs some work.For the hour that I was there, I enjoyed the company of “Jessica” -Tall, Double-D’s, and “voluptuous”. You can do some naughty things in the VIP room. I had a good time.

  15. dannyboy7

    Terrible management. No girls dancing on stage. More staff than customers. Watered down non alcoholic beverages. Only a few cute girls with mostly women I’d pay to put their clothes on. Management bugs you with silly rules such as no standing near the bar and wants you to sit in their filthy seats. The Ricky Martin reject of a manager who doesn’t appear to like girls thinks he is a godfather because he manages a failing club. The girls appear disinterested in earning money or entertaining the customers. One star may be too much for this place.

  16. williamr

    Came here with my husband to have a good time best thing ever good place to come and enjoy the night

  17. Mistercap12

    Good girls here .. Lots of. Ppl here would come here again & tell lots of ppl to come ..came all the way from Vegas just to come here vibe is good will come back every weekend

  18. Moises G.

    Good vibes, good people. 🙂 security guards were very welcoming, will come again I guess

  19. Chris A.

    Good night good place good place. Pretty girls, good time if you know how to negotiate

  20. adamrod

    Me and mybro went on a Thursday night after dropping a friend off at LAX. The club was hella slow and the dancers weren’t stripping, but I don’t blame them because none of the dudes weren’t tipping the stage except me and the homie. The females there was were beautiful and cool to talk to but I know they were about their money. The only thing I didn’t like, was that the bartender keep bugging about buying every girl that came to sit and chat for a fucking drink which was very pricey. Shit, after buying a every dancer in the club a drink because they would put me on blast….lol, I was broke. I could of had a vip moment or a few lap dances for all those damn drinks i bought….LMFAOCR. Im going back tomorrow….lol.

  21. felixnada

    Good atmosphere. Definitely worth it. Girls are Hella chill. Went on a Friday night to chill with friends.

  22. yanard

    Very nice place great lights good dj hot chicks I like to come chill out here and forget about the long week at work sometimes life can be stressful so I spend a night here and forget about all my problems it really is a sin

  23. eddyL

    I ended up here w my girlfriend cuz shes never been .. We thought it would be fun to experiment. But apperantly u cant walk in w out a guy cuz they think girls go to start fight. Not only ws this an issue but the man at the entrance ws rude looked at my friend as if she ws trash. Bad place to go to the good thing is that there r way better places around so dont waste ur time or cash on a place that cant even allowed girls in there… The saddest part we even went to bank to get cash to get lap dances cuz we thought it would be nice… Never have I been denied from strip club but this place is my first sad lil hole in the wall…

  24. Shelley V.

    So bad! My chick friend and I walked up to the bar and it smelled like dirty boxes and sweat. But then we were even more offended that we weren’t even allowed to come in!! The bouncer informed us that we must have a “male escort!!” To even enter! Is thos thile 1940’s??? We were extremely offended!! My inner woman wanted to slap him!! Anyways theres other titty bars that want our money.

  25. marlonmoney12

    Checking it out ….. Tell free admission requires a review … Let’s see how goes it ……

  26. Da P.

    Nice place to visit. .girls r friendly & beautiful. .the dances r good for the price..

  27. XhXeXy

    The girls are attractive. That’s why the 4 stars. The place is smallish & feels not quite adequate being right next to Spearmint Rhino. I went on a Friday night, so maybe they have the B-squad during the day? I’ll check it out again tho.

  28. winston12

    Horrible experience here! If your a female who is attractive & with another attractive non-dancer, don’t waste your time! You won’t even be allowed in. Females are NOT allowed in, unless they’re “escorted by a man”. Straight up! We were told the manager “doesn’t allow ladies bc he thinks your trying to lure his dancers to another club”. F’ing lame & insecure! Not cool in my book! Don’t waste your time. The chicks are zebra print (if you know what I mean,)

  29. justinlk

    Friend’s Bach party. He had a great time lol

  30. ryan123

    This place is sick boom girls I like coming here with my homies and having some fun dope ass club it smells good and drinks are good dope ass club

  31. rickywho2

    This club was a little different it was actually pretty cool it was awesome! Really nice you guys should all come through here it was cool

  32. Harsh P.

    I lovw it … U know .. Its a ptetty place place to come ! I would recommend to my friennds for sure

  33. Brian R.

    Synn was the first place I went to when I broke up with my girlfriend.The girls there are fairly decent looking, easy to talk to.The lap dances are reasonable. Thursday they have $75.00 for 15 minutes which is probably one of the best deals in town.I have to give Synn 1 star because the cocktail waitresses are constantly pushing drinks for the girls. I guaranty a girl will come up to you within 3 minutes to ask you to buy a drink for a girl. If not another girl will come 3 to 5 minutes. It is difficult to talk to a girl or want to get a dance when you are constantly bothered by the waitress hawking. The price for entry is a little steep so I would say ask the girls for cards for discount or free entrance.

  34. fritter17

    So if you and your crime partner are completely shit faced after a couple of pitchers of beer in a bikini bar, it’s only a question of what to do next – clearly the answer is to level up and just go to a full on strip joint. Oh, don’t judge, he had coupons. In what has to be the oddest strip club experience around – how could it not be when your crime partner has either attempted to, or completed in hooking up with the employees… sorry, dancers, of this establishment. Yeah, it’s pretty hilarious to have a lot of the performers go up and know your guide to the world of objectification. In some cases he had to duck and dodge some of them who may have had a jaded history with him. Still, he made it precipitate in the proper fashion. Often running back to the chairs away from the stage – because really, if you’re going to sit at those front roll seats, you do need to be prepared to be a human ATM. Over all, it’s a strip club. What sort of thing do you expect? They’ll try to squeeze as much money out of you as possible. The drinks here are non alcoholic and probably for the best given that you’re here after a long night of drinking and could use some sobering up. Also note, for you ladies who want to go to a strip club, I dunno, I guess cause your mirrors aren’t working? You need a guy to come in with you. I’m not sure the rational there. I guess they don’t look kindly on competition for attention. Still, it’s something to be aware of. Anyhow, back to me and my crime partner Cheaptimes’ experience here. Yeah, that was a fun filled outing and hell, ask the door man on the way out and you can get yourself a coupon for the next time. I think the dude had like 10 of them in his paid for truck. Hey, that’s how we roll.

  35. Long P.

    First time here and it’s my favorite spot. Music is awesome. Girls are the best. Security is good. This is the spot if you can’t make it to Vegas

  36. nickstrip

    Great service. Good place. Lots of fun. Great people. Would recommend it. Had a great time with friends Number 1 place to come

  37. Don L.

    I liked the hot girls and it is cool place to unwind and I girls like synn , Russia, Cherry and Mystique. The one thing they could impove on is their furniture. But other than that it is good place to be.

  38. Adrian K.

    Lots of banks really close nearby so you should go there first instead of using the atm. Anyways, it was my first time here and I went on Thursday which is half off everything basically. I got a lapdance from a pretty damn hot girl for $20 and my friend got a V.I.P dance and handjob for $75. Most of the girls were pretty hot but there were a few we tried to stray away from. I liked the music and the vibe at the joint. I will probably be going back again next month or so.

  39. Colbys

    Good spot nice environment girls were pretty and security was cool too would come again!

  40. Fernando R.

    Amazing placeGreat music the vibe is great for a nice weekend We’ll return for sure Highly recommended for anyone needing a good night for Gus night

  41. Nigel B.

    Great place, great music great girls great atmosphere and chill music and great place to kick it with your friends and good place to relax and forget .

  42. navid

    I love this place the staff is very professional. I like to come here just to relax and unwind. It’s the best gentleman’s club on Valley Blvd. Anytime I want to hang out with the boys and take a brake from the daily routine this is the place of choice. The music is great and the girls are beautiful. Just make sure to bring stacks of $1 bills to enjoy yourself.

  43. joseph1k

    Good ass club.coming here next time. Would refer to anyone. Girls are fine and promos are sick as hell.

  44. timmykilla

    Located on valley. Good place to chill and even better to go with friends. Entered ends usual 20 but they have passes and a check in deal.

  45. Joe P.

    Kimmie was by far the hottest girl there.. Didn’t get a dance cause that’s not who l went to see… But in the future…yes… Only one that can actually dance too… Other girls were nice…most ignored everyone and just walked by…

  46. Justin M.

    Came here on a Friday to celebrate getting the career I’ve been dreaming of since graduating college; one of my best friends got dumped the day before so I decided to invite him along with another friend. All 3 of us have been coming here for years and absolutely loved it; SADLY TO SAY TIMES HAVE CHANGEDI remember they used to have a roll call of all their dancers about every 30min, when I went it was only at midnight. And while there were beautiful women, none of them stayed for a chat, unless you bought them a drink. Call me old fashion but it’s always nice to have a conversation before buying a dance; I like to be buttered up lol…but these girls were only looking for dances, they were not walking around conversating and most didn’t even come out when it was 3 for 2 dance specials. They made sure they got the full amount when they gave their dances. It was such a disappointment because I used to love this place, I would tell everyone to come here, sadly I WOULDN’T RECOMMEND THIS TO ANYONE who wants to stay a while at the club. If you just want an average dance from a really hot girl whom everyone else has had a dance from, by all means come here.But if you want to enjoy yourself and the ambiance of a strip club, save your money and go somewhere else. It’s sad to say this but, for $20 this place is just not worth it anymore :'(

  47. Ryan T.

    This place is terrible. Went on a Saturday night. All the woman are overweight. There was one okay looking one but she wouldn’t give dances to anyone. Why are you a dancer? Unless you like big woman then there are other places blow your money.

  48. Gabe H.

    Synn was amazing our group went to spearmint rihno first and it was ok good music but then we went to Synn and it was waaaay better the guy at the front was super nice and welcoming the girls where top notch!!! And there vape friendly witch is cool most aren’t! I HIGHLY recommend Synn!!

  49. Echo X.

    Totally obsessed with this place. Gonna hit here again. The girls here are hot and I love them. The palce are awesome too. Clean and comfortable.

  50. Kevin B.

    Great staff and amazing dancers some of the best in the area! A lot better than any of the other clubs! I recommend this club to anyone trying to have a good night and a memorable experience!!

  51. brandonresh

    Back to this place the best still pretty girls all the time and it’s very clean I wish they sell alcohol

  52. GarryWas

    Lucious is a great gal !!! Had a great time thanks to her … Will come back to check her out

  53. Weedman420

    Being me as a lady I am supposed to be clean, and where I was tonight was not clean. I’m very disappointed in these ladies, your bathroom is the nastiest I’ve ever seen from all the strip clubs I’ve been to. Make that any where. I wonder if you ladies wash your hands because your soap is in a big bottle instead of the soap dispenser. My suggestion to the manager or owner please build a separate bathroom for your women customers, instead of us using the dancers bathroom. I could say I will not be coming back to this place it’s not sanitary for me. Although your place is nice, the girls are ok, very polite, and it always seems to be packed with people all the time. The dj talked way to much but played good music. I give this place a C- .

  54. anthony1

    Lost my spectacles. Jacki found them. Good girl Jackie, good girl. Thank you. Now I can see the girls and how amazing they are.

  55. Franklyn

    Synn has been our go to spot for strip clubs. It’s fun to check out the new dancers that roll thru as well as see our favorites. Lately, Synn has been in consistent with their times of closing and it has been an inconvenience of getting there and being sent away. The new manager on staff, Kanan is a real S.O.B.! He is always harassing the dancers the same way he harasses the customers who come to have fun and get away from it all. He seems to pick a few girls and chase them around all night just for his own sadistic fun. I don’t understand how the girls tolerate him. Good job Synn with having your new manager Kanan chase away our favorites and us at the same time.

  56. Ms J.

    Since I’ve never been to a strip club, my plan was to go to the strip club another week, but my buddy wanted to go sooner. All I can say is that this place was okay.. Maybe it was the time i went because I went an hour before closing. I do plan on going back again one more time at an earlier time. MAYBE my experience will be better??Parking: (4) Easy to find parkingPrice: (3) Decent entry price. But the fact that I had to pay $40 for 3 songs sort of sucked. I heard that another strip club was offering $50 for 5 songs. I did pay the $40 for the private dance of three songs, best part was I was able to have my buddy watch.The Girls: (2) – Appearance: Honestly, The girls were not that pretty. In fact, many of them had a gut. It was very difficult for me to find a girl that I wanted a dance from. – Dancing: They BARELY did any pole dance. The girls seemed like amateurs. Mostly they just did a decent floor dance. They could have made it more mesmerizing by doing flips and somersaults. When I got my private dance, I was really disappointed. I wished they would have done the backward somersault on me, but no she did not…. – Attitude: Didn’t know the right way to convince a guy/girl to buy a private dance. Worst part was, when they were doing their little stage dance, they didn’t seem into it at all. They lack confidence. I will say this. My favorite part was when the girls little show was done and that awkward moment came when they had to pick up their money. haha(will create another rating after I go again)

  57. Jordanp

    Dope and got the good secretary the best women I know I love them there so cool and cute I’m with that there I fuck with that

  58. yanard12

    I love the staff the music the dancers & waitress are nice be sure to try this place out

  59. richard95

    A lot of hot girls at strip club you should come here this place because this club is popping!!! I’m come here with my friend we have a lot fun

  60. larry1

    Place was pretty cool, had lots of different girls but only a handful seemed worth spending on. I had a good time and was fortunate to get a very good looking stripper. Overall I would go back on a boring night

  61. Marlon E.

    It was a nice place had the time of my life. Will recommend this place to first timers. Had so much fun!

  62. Jacob G.

    Had my friend bachelor party and it was a clean and fun the girls were very happy and nice wink wink but my friend had the time of his life his name was James he said He was going to break up with his chick !!!!!!!!!!!

  63. Scott C.

    Doorman is sketch (charged us $20, website says $15) we arrived an hour before closing. They shouldn’t charge full price at that point. BEWARE of the hustlin’ B-girls They allow baseball caps No pat down means I can bring in whatever I want.

  64. james g.

    This place was great for some after work relaxation. The girls were hot and weren’t very snobbish, although I must say one dancer was just the biggest tease. First she says ok you can touch where ever you want then all of a sudden she whips around and says I can’t touch. The next girl I got a dance from was amazing, she was gorgeous and didn’t smell like pina colada, she moved her body in just the right way. I highly recommend this place to any of my friends and to all of you. Im planning on going back and getting a VIP from that same dancer since she said I was VIP material.

  65. Boo C.

    Some stripper came up to me asking for a lapdance and her breath smelled like she was chewing on a condom for an hour

  66. Melissa S.

    These posts are lies! I just left fromThere and security said its $5 each plus I had to post a review BEFORE going in?! Talk about FALSE ADVERTISEMENT! He also said he had to seethe review beforehand. No wonder why they have 5 stars the past few reviews!! Shady way to “pump up” establishment. I walked away. I’m not going to lie for you & I still have to pay?! Yea right!!! Boi bye!

  67. Johnson12

    A must visit if your looking for good girls. I live around the area so it’s a plus. The girls are nice and super good looking. I love this place.

  68. maxxy1

    i loved it!!! person in front was very nice ! the girls were very beautiful and very polite! awesome music and vape friendly which is awesome!!! highly highly recommend it

  69. L L.

    Hot chics ….here men …I’m telling you the hottest girls in town are here ..blond .latina ..big ass big tits….super sexy smiles …great customer service ..very nice place stage great show ….good price on drinks..Mondays hottest girls

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