601 Gentlemen’s Club



601 S Raymond Avenue, Fullerton, CA 92831


33.8648386, -117.9068983




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “601 Gentlemen’s Club

  1. timmykilla

    Friendly servers/bouncers. Cheap drinks. Walking distance from me. No cover. Pool table and juke box in one room. Strippers in the other. What’s not to like?

  2. Lena M.

    Absolutely. .positively. .will be back!!! GET THE WINGS. The sliders were pretty good. The drinks..shots..food.. very reasonably priced. I had a huge beer..rum n coke..sliders..n 6 wings. Only $20 bucks. I love the day bartenders. They are very nice..smile. The eve shift bartenders is the total opposite.

  3. Franklyn

    So I’ll start by saying this was my first time here. Nice little place to listen to random OC bands and drink some specialty beers on tap. The crowd was very eclectic the night I went. I’m not sure if they have music on the regular but when I went they had a $10 cover to get in. This was just one less drink I bought while I was there. They also have three pool tables and Golden Tee to keep you entertained between the music. I might come back again but the cover charge is something I wasn’t expecting.

  4. Jesse R.

    Amazing ladies and awesome food. Especially Savannah. What a amazing woman beautiful and easy to talk to and very polite. She is simply a great performer. This place is nice clean and very welcoming

  5. fritter17

    Went to 601 for the very first time with my bestest friend on Sunday nite. Had been a semi-regular at Bananas but found other places to hang out when ownership changed & the place basically closed for remodeling–and was reborn as 601.Well, the time spent changing things up certainly paid off. They did a really nice job with everything. The bar looks really good. Speaking of looking good…there’s Angela, the new bartender. Well now, I can sum her up in 5 words: mmm mmmm mmmmm mmmmmm mmmmmmm!Oh yeah, the bar. Well, anyways, the bar looks good and Angela’s service was awesome. She’s a sweetheart. I’ve heard the food is tasty, so next time I’ll bring my appetite & then amend my review.

  6. ryan123

    Good service, average food….good happy hour drink prices…..only complaint is if you want your girl to be assaulted by a drunk from the strip club across the street it’s the perfect place.

  7. james1412

    Went inside with my wallet. Kept account of my wallet and lost it. Assuming someone took it inside. Beware of thieves!

  8. eddyL

    This is now Jugs and Mugs why would you change a perfectly good bar. This is now a strip joint at night bar and grill during the day. Only good thing about the changes are the cook. This place is going in the wrong direction the staff is nice and let’s hope that last through all the changes

  9. larry1

    The owner and Chef just stopped by my office with a menu sample. Spaghetti and meatballs, which was very tasty and filling. I would certainly be willing to go in and try their menu very soon.

  10. Weedman420

    I came last night for “hoodstock” a supposedly hip hop night but it was way off. When I had arrived I found a spot to sit at with my friends. Not hard since there were max 15 people. I go up to the bar and wait for about 10 minutes as I watch him he is going so slow….like really slow making a martini and then he waits for her to try it and asks her how it tastes….oh yeah hey I’m still waiting. The place had all its lights on and was super bright which is a little unusual for a dive but not too bad. After the performers were going up I realized how bad the setup was. No real DJ. No real music being played. It was basically just spitting 5 flows and move on to the next one. No music in between no dancing no real reason to want to drink more. They would have made way more money if they would have had a little intermission with some music and would have advertised their drink specials. I wouldn’t come here for another performance nor would I come here on a regular night. Way better dives in fullerton so you have to step up your game.

  11. winston12

    Lilly is the utlimate bartender πŸ™‚ Quick, efficient, friendly, and beautiful! She makes 601 a fun time! The bar has been remodeled since it’s become 601 Bar. Pool tables, grub, a fireplace πŸ™‚ The ultimate pretty dive bar!

  12. igor34

    This is really a cool place except for the unprofessional bartender taking shots with the customers and handing out alcohol to her friends…not to mention the total lack of Service she provices.

  13. Christopher J.

    If I could rate this place lower than a star I will, this place is a whore house. If you want to experience sexual encounters with some of the girls you can and trust me anything you want they will do. Owner is a douche they have under age customers as well as dancers there and some have STDs from what I’ve been told just plain on disgusting

  14. fuckery12

    My review no longer stands. This was not a strip club when I visited it years ago.

  15. XhXeXy

    To add onto My previous review, bartenders should never expect Tips if the service is lacking or they are unprofessional. In addition patrons should never have to listen to employees complaints about tips. If bartenders are worried about tips they should step up their service abilities and try to impress and over serve their patrons not beg people for tips. NO ONE wants to go to a restaurant or bar and listen to their service individual complain about tips. In addition, if individuals in the service industry are struggling to make tips, they should either find a new job or change how they are serving their patrons. The management at this location needs to take a serious approach when their employees harass customers for tips. I may or may not return to this location and if I do, I will continue to not tip if service is less than exceptional. That means pleasant employee and quick service. I don’t tip someone based on their looks but on their merit. So dress how you want but if your service is terrible I will never tip you.To continue employees in the service industry should not invite their friends and ignore the other patrons when they are there. This has also been a big problem with this location. Hangout with your friends on your own time not when you’re at work and you should be pouring my drinks. Get Back to work so you can earn more tips!!!!!!!

  16. StripClub431

    Cool lil place, bartenders were sexy,cool and friendly. The attractive dancers didn’t arrive until around 10pm but then the party was on. I recommend going on a Friday or Saturday around 9:30 or 10 at night.

  17. Ryan B.

    Great food and great atmosphere. They will get negative reviews because the name says gentlemen club but girls don’t come in till 8:00 (place opens at 11am). Still a great bar with great food until then.

  18. rogerrab2

    Nice waitresses always pleasant and attentive. BIG SHOUT OUT to the cook, my main guy Johnny! The food is awesome. Order anything off the menu and you will NOT be disappointed!

  19. AssnTits5

    I have been to this bar twice before a long time ago for my friends bands get together and when I heard that my Kickball leagues end of season party was going to be there, I though oh this is going to be terrible… I was informed that they completely redid the bar and acquired new ownership so thought ok I guess I can go. When I walked in I felt like an employee walking into their bar after John Taffer from Bar Rescue changed it. The difference was INSANE! I loved everything about the industrial look, the audio was great, the staff was so nice and made sure we were always served and taken care of, as well as cleaned our table over and over so we wouldnt have clutter! I couldnt believe how great it was compared to before and look forward to going to this hidden gem again!

  20. brandonresh

    I went to check out this place yesterday, under contraction, new owner, new inside, new bartenders,.. It was a fun place, I’ll go back,..

  21. XXXbeast

    Pool tables are nice, the ques are bit dated but usable. Decent drink and food menu, basic but full. Lots of TVs. Would come again to see what other nights have to offer…

  22. Johnnyboy123

    House party band playing. Pretty good.I had a burger, it was outstanding. Great.

  23. Mike R.

    This place is just really weird & awkward. The decor feels like it was done by an over the hill white guy that wears jean shorts & old guys rule tshirts while holding his bud light in a koozie. To put it simply the food is not made well. Burger, not good. Wings, nope. Fries, not happening. This place used to be a run down, dark, dirty, kinda scary hole in the wall with quiet sketchy clientele called Bananas. And yet, 601 manages to feel less comfortable. They host obnoxious crowds for dubstep nights, local no talent garage jam bands, and other random nights that attract the ghetto crowds of OC. No thanks. Guess i’ll have to settle for the swig, bigs, & the bench.

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