House Of Eden Showgirls



1189 E Ash Ave, Fullerton, CA 92831


33.8650307, -117.9074137




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “House Of Eden Showgirls

  1. richard95

    Place is cozy.. roomy and friendly.. not too pricey.. the ladies are so friendly & sweet & funny.. great personalities.. they make me want to return.. but i think the ladies deserve a cleaner environment. . Carpet is looking ragged.. seats need cushion along the wall & the paint is shabby on the doors.. I was afraid to use the restroom to be honest. . The bartender makes a he’ll of a tasty long island.. I recommend checked it out.. hopefully the owners clean the place up so people dont want to leave .. Hopefully this helps them call in a carpet guy & reupholsterer.. & a Painter.. 🙂 but if you arent too picky about it then you will be happy

  2. AssnTits5

    Over the last year this place has really come up. Not only is it the cheapest place to get a drink in Fullerton, but the girls are fun and don’t pressure you for dances. See some tits, have some cheap call whiskey and have a great time. Weekends they have a taco guy on the back patio that makes a mean taco, and with the pressure off for dances you can have a laid back night, and go home feeling satisfied.

  3. harryharry

    This place sucks! If it’s a last resort only. Like the last place on earth last resort!

  4. maxxy1

    this is a awesome spot, and the women are REAL… enviroment is awesome, great drink specials, and the girls are sexy and friendly… I will be back and this spot is the best in the area

  5. Weedman420

    UPDATED REVIEW: I have been here once before and completely enjoyed myself. Tonight was a different story. I walked in and it is was pretty dead but I expect that for a Tuesday. I’m giving it two stars because there definitely were some hot girls there. The reason I’m updating my review is because I was very turned off by one dancer in particular. Girl covered in tattoos came up to talk to me but she honestly wasn’t my type. When she asked me to dance I politely declined and told her I would tip her on stage for her time. She proceeded by licking my ear and telling me that I “could take a bump off of her tits” if I went back for a dance. Um… Excuse me? I go to strip clubs for drinks and dances. Not to do drugs. Completely turned off. Just… Wow.

  6. Michael K.

    If you want your money stolen along with your drink by some skank in a g-string, this is the place for you. You have a trio of washed up thugs posing as security here. If you actually report the theft, they will tell you “too bad” and proceed to forcibly throw you out. The girls are gross and they constantly try to rub their nasty asses in your face.

  7. fuckery12

    as a dancerr who it was 1:13 in the morning the boss kicked a chair on me told me to get the fuck out who cares drink all u want dont treat ur dancers i had to leave for an emeergency hes night boss or what eever he needsto be fired fucked up place

  8. adamrod

    My experience was more like the T.R., who wrote, “You walk in … think DIVE bar… think tranny looking women with tattoos.” Except, there were several times I went and there weren’t any dancers. But if you’re just looking for a dive bar to stop into for a quick drink, it’s fine. I’m thinking that the other two reviewers went to a different place.

  9. XhXeXy

    If I could give 0 stars I would. Extremely ghetto……horrible experience. Save yourself by not going.

  10. joseph1k

    DISGUSTED. — You walk in … think DIVE bar… think tranny looking women with tattoos, scary BOUNCERS ( strongly) suggesting you TIP the TOPLESS overweight reject of society dancers. Bartenders are great ( drink specials too) more of a place to have a beer and laugh at WANNA bees. The owners are disgusting and it shows in there dive bar. ( Oh and DONT forget the FAKE 2 for 1 lap dances, and fake booze they pour in your drinks to tip/buy more )

  11. fritter17

    Only good thing about this spot is the cheap drinks and cute bartenders but the strippers were garbage. 2 of them had Hank Hill asses and another one was mad drunk and falling all over the place. I straight walked off and left. Whoever hired these dancers need to get their eyes fixed cause they were not the biz.

  12. GarryWas

    I love this place already. Totally the spot for my bachelor party planner. Wootmeand the boys. It was off the hook. What what. I do party planning fir my friends cuz I’m such a charismatic aura. So long story short the feds are interested in this place. Keep it clean. Don’t go for any extras. Or u might get arrested.

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