King Henry VIII



13443 Crenshaw Blvd, Gardena, CA 90249


33.9096043, -118.3265742




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “King Henry VIII

  1. Stacey P.

    That place was good. The girls were wild. They do a lot. Way more than the popular clubs like the Spearment Rhino. I am cheap but made several ATM trips because those girls were crazy good..If you are not down black strippers this isnt your place other than that. Daaaaaaaaang!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. winston12

    If you are like me who enjoys beautiful thick black women then this the place for you guys.It’s $15 per song which is pretty affordable and great service by the girls.The only negative about the place is that it’s quite small in size.

  3. eddyL

    Been there a dozen times. The girls are friendly. Especially. Love. Unique. Trish. Are my favorites. That’s why I keep coming back. Certain nights. There. Potluck. Girls birthdays. Or celebrations. So if your looking for a friendly place. Check out KINGs.

  4. mathewater12

    If you like thick big booty women than this is the place for you. But its small and personal which I like all of the women were cool and sweet !!!!!!!!

  5. tonycluber

    omg.. i used to work here in the 80s and so glad to see it still around .. i wonder if its still owned by the same german couple.. i started as a dancer and i learned to bartend there two .. ill have to come vistit when im in town.. it was llike family then.. bear the door man.. lved him.. candy, taz, just to name of few of the old timers..small good hambergers and fun place to get a good buzzzz on…

  6. nickstrip

    Walked in 10 deep with coworkers and had major fun, loved the Variety of girls they had and Dj was on point I fucks wit em

  7. ryan123

    I was there last night,it was amazing,I have been in other places,but nothing like this one,the ladies are beautiful,oh my god,I will be back soon,the only thing I did not like, it was the guys at the cash registers,they are a little friendly,so I hope they change the way they are.

  8. AssnTits5

    Maybe it wasn’t the “happening” night…or maybe its like this always? Wow…the girls were gross, out of shape, depressed, sad, and looked bored. Most of the patrons either felt the same way or were cheap to not even make it “sparkle”. The bartender was by herself, hence the empty, used drink glasses laying around the bar. My friend said that the Hennessy appeared and tasted watered down. We left after an hour…to Starz…and had a way better time.

  9. Joe I.

    I don’t really do strip clubs but every once in a while ill go. this place is kind of old and run down compared to other strip clubs in the area. overall the food is pretty good if your hungry. The drinks suck though they measure out each shot and change an arm and leg for it. not worth drinking at this place at all. the dancers were okay they had a few hotties maybe two or three. They have one pool table so you better not loose once your on the table. 10 dollar cover charge and one drink min.

  10. harryharry

    Me and my family went to a event last night to support a good friend. It was my first time at a strip club where women strips at and it was a good experience…. i really enjoyed myself but their drinks were not worth the buying. It took the bartender 15 to make 3 identical drinks. Next time i get invited to another event at thos location, i will make sure i drink alot before i leave my house.,,,,,they need a better bartender

  11. S G.

    For a ghetto bar this place is pretty swank! The dancers are pretty hot and the bartender is a very classy older gentleman. The drinks aren’t expensive either. I dig it and I’ll be back!

  12. brandonresh

    Smh. The bouncers here are low lives on a power trip. The way they treat beautiful women is disgusting. I would never recommend anyone to go here as long as there are men like them who mistreat women whether they’re workers or customers.

  13. maxxy1

    A friend (who shall remain nameless) brought me here after some bar hopping.$5 to enter. The place reminds me of those bars in the 70’s….dark interior, old school jams (think 70’s), and patrons that forgot that certain things aren’t hip for 2011.The girls are talented but average looking. They are topless when they dance on stage which is a plus. There was one girl who had me mesmerized, but I was told by another stripper that she was a lesbo. Killed my vibe.Quick tip: They serve food up in here with pussy walking around. Order at your own risk.

  14. XhXeXy

    Ummmmmm not nice. Got turned down because we were not in their demographic. My friends and I were rejected entry because we had been drinking before (one beer each). We just wanted one drink before seeing a rocket fly. The place was stinking of weed so I thought they were liberal. I guess not. I will stick to my demographic listening to Taylor swift, eating mayonnaise, watching hockey and all other white things. King Henry I am coming back and I will see your glory. Till next time my white elephant – till next time.

  15. james1412

    This club is horrible… The strippers are young girls VERY FRIENDLY!!! Its so dry and the music is not all that great… The wings are good and the drinks are kinda weak its a hole in the wall basically Idk it may be better on weekends

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