Alameda Strip



4209 S Alameda St, Los Angeles, CA 90058


34.0055603, -118.2393173




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Alameda Strip

  1. joseph1k

    Nice laid back atmosphere. Hot and friendly girls.Fair prices.Cool place to relax and enjoy the show.

  2. mathewater12

    Been here a few times,it’s ok I like that you don’t have to pay at the entrance,no cover charge,the girls are decent there is alot of older woman and not in the best shape but there is alot of eye candy and sexy girls for you to enjoy but this place needs to step their game up they barely have anybody dancing on stage and you rarely see a stripper get topless while on stage,lap dances are ok but the security is watching you like a hawk and will give you shit if you touch the girls and I’ve been getting a lap dance from the same stripper but the last time I went she did me dirty she gave me 3 lap dances and said it was 5 and when I told her it was 3 she said she was gonna call the security to ask “him” how many it was so I had no choice but to pay for 5 dances. The strippers are latinas and so is the crowd,music is ok and the beers are usually $5.

  3. harryharry

    Another review: This place is loaded with fat ass Mexican chicks, so if your into cellulite then this place is for you. Although, they do get thinner with lots of beers. I’ll go back next week and give another review, wish me luck.

  4. eddyL

    The alameda strip is a bikini bar. Its not really a great experience. This is basically a bar for the locals. Its a place where you can drink a lot of beer and talk with your friends. The women are really not the top- notch entertainment that you would see at traditional strip clubs. These are just your average women with a part time job. Ordinarily this would not be a problem. Basically the problem with the women is that they tend to be standoffish, they don’t really seem to want to be there and this drags the club down. On the positive side lap dances are only $10, however, you are not dancing with the traditional attractive strip club girl and the security will prevent the dances from becoming too erotic. So, basically go there if you like beer and if you dont mind dancing with 6’s & 7’s with below average personality………

  5. richard95

    This place is pretty good. The beers are $5 just like some other places. Parking is free if you park outside and $5 if you get valet parking. The parking outside is a bit shady because the street does not have much lighting. The girls are getting a bit better. You still get some weird ones once in a while. For the most part I had a good time when I went here.

  6. ryan123

    As promised in other reviews, this club has lots of BBW Latina dancers. And that was what I was in the mood for on Saturday. The club is in a heavily industrial area. I used the $5 valet parking at didn’t have any problems. It was a fun night. The clientele seems to be is mostly working class Hispanics, but I wasn’t at all uncomfortable being the only white guy there (except for security and management). Overall, this is a fun, but low mileage club. I grabbed a table the second row from the stage and the first girl sat down within a minute or two. The conversation was good, but a little limited due to a few language issues. After 10-15 minutes of conversation, I went for a private dance with her. The private dance area is well lit and just two rows of benches that face each other with a spot for security to watch. The dances are $15 bikini lap dances

  7. XhXeXy

    This place looks run down from the outside. It gets packed at night though with mostly Latinos. The majority of the chicks here are Latinas and couple white girls. This is not a strip club even though it says strip on the outside. It’s a bikini bar. Girls do dance here but it’s all bikini. Occasionally you get a girl who will flash you but it’s a rarity. Not a bad place to check out. $10 dances and no cover charge but they do charge $5 for parking.

  8. Franklyn

    HOLY SHIT, this place is worse than the shady “strip joints” in TJ….it’s like a bootleg Sam Hofbrau. Hot damn, is this a strip joint for people with chubby fetishes? I didn’t see a chick under 180 pounds. Oh, and the crowd….it looked like a bunch of convicts on a field trip for good behavior. WOW, thank god I didn’t get shanked or raped in the bathroom! How did I end up here? Oh wait, I had no choice because I’m drunk and the designated driver wanted to go. Maybe it’s to punish me for being a drunktard all night or maybe he just felt the need to motorboat someone late at night instead of doing our usual thing – eating greasy Chinese food at Won Kok (aka Wrong Kok). I guess the only good thing about this place is the cheap beers and no cover. It does provide a bit of amusement once you get over the shock. I could also add the $10 lap dances as a PRO for this place but I think it’s more suited in the CON category. I mean who wants to pay $10 to have a rhino bounce aggressively on your lap? My quads aren’t strong enough for that! Will I come back? Sure, to take someone I want to end my friendship with!!!

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