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2319 E.Washington Bvd., Los Angeles, CA 90021


34.0190022, -118.2305136




8am – 8pm


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10am – 7pm


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Dames n’ Games is Southern California’s largest topless sports bar and grill. Located in sunny Downtown Los Angeles near the staples center, Dames and Games features amenities other topless bars can’t offer. A top sports bar it was created and designed to allow our customers to enjoy a variety of choices without having to go to a variety of places.


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0 reviews for “Dames and Games

  1. Crystal R.

    if only this place were a full nudes.. , but it being a full bar that aint ganna happen. realllly good deals, on food and drinks. Girls are okay, came here on a sunday and there was no cover. Although, i may add, first checkin here unlocks free entrance. as soon as you walk in theres a main stage, and that seating area is very big. walk into the next room is where you will find more restaurant like tables, and bar, and TV’s where you can come watch whatever games is goin on (sorry i dont care for sports). will be coming back… definately.

  2. Steven G.

    Extremely Disappointing! I went in on a Saturday night with a few of my buddies, i don’t know what all the great reviews are for? sure the place is very nice, a crap load of screens and cushy couches but the service was awful, I had to wave down a waitress like I was SOS’ing a rescue plane and still waited 20 minutes for our beers to come.. Honestly I’ve been to better places with way better service!

  3. Derica B.

    Bad service, bad drinks, bad food, and I will never come back! Especially on event nights!

  4. Eddie H.

    it was a fun experience. Got to watch some espn, have a few brews and see some tits.

  5. livinlikelarry

    Sunday’s are great good place to see all the games but disappointed that they took away the $0.25 wings I’m a regular and lots of regulars from last season returned and everyone was disappointed that they took away the wing special who doesn’t want beer and wings for your Sunday games

  6. Will K.

    SHADY BARTENDER! Everything is fine here except I woke up with my bank calling me saying my account was drained. I had one drink $9 $3 tip at the back bar. I was only there for a hour with my girlfriend to say hello to a friend for his BDAY. The bartender tried to steal $150 out of my account! Thankfully my bank account red flagged it! DO NOT USE YOUR CARD HERE! They probably wont even fire this chick!

  7. danielson

    This was my 1st time here it’s pretty dope #CauseTheyServeDrinks haha, the waitresses are super nice especially Gisselle ! the dancer are all beautiful 5 stars and The Dj Nadia Is Dope AF!!!!!!

  8. Rne I.

    Ummmm naked ladies…. I guess it works. I went to watch the games and my man friend watches the dames and games… Lol

  9. Greg Z.

    First time here, had to check out a place that could be my new favorite hangout. After all, who doesn’t like dames and games right? The set up is awesome, it really is a sports bar with a strip club in it. Tons of TVs to watch the games and have a beer. Since it was my first time there I figured I would try everything this place had to offer, so I drifted off into the “other” half of the place. The girls were cute and not bad at all, and the one that set next to me was cute, tall, slim, and would have been my choice for a dance until she opened her mouth. First thing she says is that she’s hungry. Then goes on and tells me how she doesn’t have any money to feed herself, doesn’t have money for the medication her sick child is needing. I’m all for a nice son story, but not at a strip club and certainly not as you’re trying to get me to get a dance. This girl had annoyed me so much I decided to leave but what does she do, she says that I should at least tip her for her sitting with me so she could eat. Grab a cheeseburger next time before you come to work!! But I didn’t say that, instead I said she can give me a dance since that’s what I came for…to get the full experience. After all, 15 bucks a dance is not bad at all. We go back there and all the songs are shortened, which I hate when clubs do that. The dance? Horrible! She stayed at least a few feet away and looked like she was new. Worst dance ever, her excuse? That she was tired and feeling weak from not eating, which she constantly told me thruout the dance. After the song she had the audacity to ask if I wanted another one. I paid her and left the place, never to return again

  10. Samuel C.

    Um. it’s half naked females and booze. I love it. why 4 stars and not 5..?? because i didn’t eat here. I will re evaluate my position when I eat. But the door guy was super polite. There wasn’t a cover when I went. There’s a section that is classic strip joint style with a middle stage where fellas can make it rain… and then there’s a bar section adjacent where you can watch the game. drink. and hang.

  11. Cynthia V.

    Had a great time at this place! I reserved a VIP booth with bottle service for my boyfriend’s birthday party and by god this was the BEST birthday celebration he’s ever had. I’d like to thank Kelli the event coordinator for great service. We will definitely be coming back. Brazil you are hot and so sweet, my boyfriend and best friend loved your work! Thanks babe! Great place. Great idea. My party of 15+ had a really good time!What i really liked about this place is that the girls are thick with curves, and have regular bodies. Not scrawny and filled with plastic like other places. There is well lit parking across the street under the bridge but then again Valet is only 5 bucks, the staff was really friendly. Lap dances are only $15. The only down side was that there is no cell phone use, even text messaging is not allowed. But I guess they are doing that to protect the privacy of the girls. Understandable.

  12. winston12

    Drinks, food, sports, and titties… What more can you ask for? The girls are all friendly and very laid back atmosphere… Been there many times! Great place for beer, wings and a boob shot! Awesome establishment! Place keeps it classy and raunchy at the same time! Love it! Hats off!

  13. Mateo C.

    Make sure you keep an eye on your tab, I’ve had some of the girls there try and add a few extra items on my bill and give themselves a bigger tip, maybe they thought I was another one of their clueless guests that fall for their tricks. And please do not waste your money on a “dance” ..a complete waste. If you do give them a visit I suggest just buying a few drinks and sit back and watch the show from a distance.

  14. Josh G.

    It’s a decent place but don’t make the mistake of thinking its a sports bar, it’s a strip joint plain and simple. They have decent deals on beer and that would be the only reason I’d go back(just not a fan of strip joints). Didn’t try the food so I can’t review that. The service itself is mediocre.

  15. Johnny M.

    I went to this place a few weeks ago for the first time after seeing decent reviews. I’d been looking for a place to watch football on Sundays and most places in LA are either swamped on the weekend, or you pay through the nose for parking. It’s out of the way, but I had a pretty good time so decided to go again on 12/9/12. Imagine my surprise when i arrived to find it was shut all day for the company internal company Christmas party…On a Sunday….At the end of football season.Fail. 2 stars for being closed on the biggest sports day of the week,. Won’t be going again.

  16. donald d.

    Really good spot!

  17. Trick W.

    Great ambience but it can get really crowded on weekends. Had a great time tho . keep up good work !!!

  18. Dirrrtybird B.

    The waitress was such b**********tch!!! Straight up ignored our table even after asking for help. Just walking around like a dumb ass bimbo. Waited for about 15 minutes before we just ordered our food at the bar. She was only servicing fat sweaty guys, maybe because they leave the big tips. I have to admit the burger was pretty good though. Get the 3 dollar special while it last, if you decide to go. Burger fries and small beer. Just sit at the bar for service.

  19. Joel G.

    Not much of a strip club guy until I came to this place. My friends brought me here for my last bachelor party!!(should have kept the shirt for free entrance) and let me tell you I have a fun night. Its like a tgif and strip club all in one. the food is cheap and the drinks are reasonably priced. cover is $5 10 at night. Girls range from 6 to 10s $20 for lap dance and the food is good and there’s plenty of parking.

  20. Id M.

    This place is great. It’s a strip club with a sports bar. The sports bar is large surrounded by TV’s. There is a full bar and a full kitchen. It also has a small stage so you take a closer look at your favorite dancer. The strip club portion is luxurious with plenty of comfy seats and dim lighting. There are also TV’s and projector screens in this area, so you can look at eye candy and eye the game at the same time. The waitresses and dancers are very friendly, nice, and range from cute to hot. There’s also a smoking area on the patio.But the best part is the dancers. Then I Saw her. A sweet, petite and sexy Asian dancer, Quinn., beautiful body, real curves and wonderful personality. To see her is worth the trip alone.

  21. Amber S.

    Who’s idea was it to change the layout ? If it’s not broken don’t fix it. Ugh so disappointed that they changed things up and they didn’t really take the customers into consideration. Loved having both sections to choose from and now I’m stuck with one

  22. maxxy1

    Too well lit and the women have zero pole skills. The time in between dances seemed like forever. Jumbos is far more entertaining.

  23. Jas C.

    Luxurious decor w a sporty vibe. All types of girls for all types of people. Easy parking.

  24. Johhson S.

    I went to this establishment on two occasions in November. The first time was a short visit, and the second visit was to have lunch and watch football. I am totally uninterested in the topless part of the club, although the beautiful women walking around (or sitting and talking to customers) is a pleasure.During the first visit no one asked me for an order, a dance, or anything. The second visit, the dancers came and came and came…and I sent them away again and again and again. The food issue – I ordered the special. I got my drink right away, but my food took all of 15-18 minutes to get to me. The burger was not fully cooked (I am meticulous about my food, and even in the darkness I could feel where the meat was undercooked), and the fries were lukewarm. I had to ask the waitress about my food, actually. She did not bring it over until I asked, and she seemed uninterested in getting it until I asked about it. No apology, nothing like “Sorry it took so long, can I refill your drink?” kind of thing. So, what can I say? The place is nice, and this is LA, so you pretty much have to expect lousy customer service. The place is clean, so I may come again just to be in a clean and comfortable place to watch sports.

  25. Jonathan G.

    Beware of the hot wings! I went there and ordered some. And they were raw chicken wings!!!

  26. adamrod

    This place is basically a strip club. Even with the bar on the side, the main action is at the stage were all the lovely dancers are dancing. This place is managed by Spearmint so you know the quality of the dancers is up there. Whether you choose the bar or club, you still have to pay a $10 cover to get in. The drinks and food are moderately priced but that is not where you get your money. It’s the dances because it’s a strip club. There are TV’s everywhere if you go and watch a game. But I’m sure the ladies will have more of your attention. Good idea that was excellently executed.

  27. Franklyn

    Cool spot. Nice sports bar twist to the typical bikini bar. Plenty of TVs to catch any event. The girls r a great perk too lol. The place is clean & tasteful to where even girl patrons can feel comfortable . Classy. Try the onion rings btw.

  28. Lee D.

    First of all the girls are friendly and easy to look at. However, my problem was with the bar. I walked in ordered beer and it tasted a little funny but i had a long day at work and wanted to sit down. When I ordered my second beer five minutes later i was told they had to change the keg. Ok! Well five more minutes pasted and walked up to the bar and they were running the beer though the line. I then noticed a have full beer next to what they were doing than the ( bartender/bouncer) started to put in the new beer with the old. He then handed the warm beer to me I proceed to drink the new and the old warm beer together. I then told him the beer was warm. He proceeded to tell me that it was impossible that the beer locker was kept at 33 degrees. I told him that well when you mix the old beer with the new beer its going to be warm. He argued with me about it poured out the beer with an attitude and i told him dont worry about it just cash me out im ok. He than told me he would give me the next beer for free. I then told him don’t worry about it if your not worried than im not. I also told him that i would never ask for anything for free but I will ask for customer service everytime.

  29. Lucy T.

    Great music if you like hip hop, rap (Power 106 stuff) and food is decent. The girls are hit or miss but obviously that’s not why I went. There are several TVs (but not enough in my opinion) and we had a waitress who was hotter then the strippers. $5 cover before 7pm and valet parking is “required” unless you find parking somewhere else and walk over (not sure if that is even an option). Overall, I would come back again for a specific event or game to watch.

  30. Colbys

    Great service, decent $2 steaks on special. “Demi” was the waitress, and was crisp, breezy and efficient (and…uh…hot). We were there after work (fairly early, like 2-ish) with a small mixed group. Beer was cold, food arrived with HOT fries and correctly cooked steaks, service was fast. No one in the strip club section, so there really weren’t any girls dancing. Even the doorman (Victor) was smiling, courteous and friendly. The place is clean, very well maintained and female-friendly. I’ll be back.

  31. Johnson12

    Horrible service today, the footlocker reject mitches are apparently RACIST. We sat for over 20 minutes waiting for our order to be taken. Although she kept going to the booth beside us. Got the incompetent floor manager and it was like talking to a wet paint. If you are BLACK beware..

  32. williamr

    pozole was off the hook last nite. is it every sunday??raffles…football yup the way to go….it was original pozole at a club is the smartest ever…waitress took a lil long but there was only two. other than that it was bomb

  33. Randy B.

    Dames. Games. I am so there.No cover charge at 10am on Sunday and after the pat down, I entered the circus.Circus it was not (well, at 10am). It’s a classy joint. There is a large room, and in the center, 3 poles, and several large TVs and many small ones. There was not a show (but wait, later). The back room is a sports bar that is way chill and way terrific. There’s a million, maybe a trillion TVs, with sound!Sloane was there to greet me. Wearing a ref outfit showing cleavage and a short skirt, she was fun, cute, outgoing, and outright. She made the next couple of hours fly. I had a BBLT, which should be a BALT cause it had avocado, and it was terrific served on Texas Toast. For $8, it’s a good deal, and served with mixed greens…not a bag of water lettuce with croutons thrown on for effect. With a $15 pitcher of Modelo, I was humming. Later, I order a 6’er of wings, and they were excellent (and huge)…and note, the sauce is made from Fireball, the Cinnamon whiskey. Even later, I got the mozzarella sticks…which was great. Incidentally, I came with a buddy, and I shared all. Otherwise, I would have blown up. If I’m not clear, the food is very good.The girls seem unaffected. They don’t do topless for private dances, and nude is never on the agenda. They do, however, do tastefully topless on stage. Hummina hummina. Special shout-out to Gianca is a total sweetheart. She’s a babe, and I would rate her a 9.5 or a 10. Some of the other girls were at best, a 7.0, but they spend time, lots of time, talking and schmoozing. It’s nice, and they all seem sweet. It’s very low key and low pressure. You can just come in for the sports bar, and it’s a comfortable setting for men and women alike. All in all, I had a great time — I don’t know how it could’ve been any better.–1/19/14 – Went back again. Had a Basic Burger, $8, and it was fantastic. 8 oz, hand-formed, and mouth watering. They have a Bleu, and one with Bacon — oooh yeah! Also had the street tacos. Fantastic for $1.50 ea.

  34. Jasmine W.

    I had a ball I will be going back soon. I really enjoyed myself. The food was good my waitress Leanna was awesome the drinks were good I definitely had a good time for my birthday

  35. Gary R.

    1 girl on stage/ no girls. Step your girl game up. We pay to see girls as in more than 1. Dames N games please step your game up!!! FYI tell them Hoodrat girls to beat it! Almost got in to it with one of them hoes for not tipping her cause she did not deserve shit ๐Ÿ™‚

  36. joseph1k

    The girls are nice, although some were selling you-know-what… All in all it’s a topless bar so don’t expect much class. The DJ stunk, they need to replace that guy. We had a good time – the security guards were extremely cool.

  37. Jake J.

    Dames N Games!!Where do I start? lol The $3 burger special is a better deal than any spot in LA. Plus the beer selection / cocktail selection is pretty extensive for a Titty Bar! Gotta give a shout out to my favorite girl Bella!! She really knows how to work the stage and the back stage if you know what i mean! Beers, Burgers, & Boobs!What more would a man want?!

  38. mathewater12

    It’s a cool spot to hang out. Went here for my bday week on a Thursday with a couple of friends. Friendly staff reasonable prices n hot girls. My server blondie was real nice. Definitely will recommend this place.

  39. Elissa C.

    Hot girls (mostly), t.v.’s everywhere so you can watch that random girls volleyball game thats on behind those three centerstage dancers. Food is actually pretty damn good for being a topless bar. The place itself is really nice, lots of seating (unless its extremely crowded) and two main rooms, one more for watching the games, and the main room more for watching the dames.The only downsides: it was packed when we went, we had to wait a good while to get a seat. And one more thing, more aimed for women who go there, security needs to have a better handle on some of the patrons. There was a guy shining his handheld flashlight at my tits & i’m not a dancer there. I’m a lesbian and i’m there for the same reason you are, man.

  40. George S.

    +Sports(4,) Bar(5,) Topless(4,) Food(4,) Environment(4)+A well executed concept for a Sports/Topless Bar.+++Clean, spacious interior, nice seating set-up, good decision to have a separate eating room, not as dark lit as other topless bars, nice sound system.-Could use some more colorful lighting around the stage area.+As with any topless bar, the female talent will vary from day to day, that said, I have no complaints about the talent’s physical beauty so far; I do think they need at least one or more younger tattoo-covered females on staff (for those of us who find that attractive.)+Even the waitresses are young and very cute.+I came with my “amitiรฉ passion” to try the food as well, she and I both thought the taste was much better than normal but just missing that extra “zing,” maybe a more complex sauce in their meals would help. It is well plated though. Check their website for the menu pricing beforehand.-The servers will be slow to get your meal to you, which is something I would like them to remedy, but it is not that big of a deal. +The acrobatics of the talent here is more spectacular than normal.

  41. Michael I.

    I once again revisited dames n games with some friends. Upon arrival I was greeted by the door man who gave me change and gave me a tour of the place. I quickly ran over to the bar to get a drink where I was greeted very promptly by a server. I ordered a burger and fries and was very pleased with the food however it did take a while to prepare. Overall the experience with with this location was very pleasant and will continue to revisit.

  42. Ed C.

    Great place to come for the 2 dollar special. For the most part Tuesdays and Thursdays are the best days

  43. Chotchke C.

    This place is great! Want to watch a game? Check. Want a good burger, or better yet some jalapeรฑo poppers wrapped in BACON!? Check. (they have salad too but BACON! is better!)Want to look at gorgeous girls doing naughty things with poles? Check.Lap dance? Oh yeah!Valet? Check.Safe and clean? Check.ATM? Check.Credit cards? Check. (we sat next to a guy who paid for dances with “chips” he bought with his credit card so I made my boyfriend buy me one for next time;)~Security? Check.Cute little thing at the front desk to count out singles? Check.I love a good strip club and like to enjoy them with my boyfriend. This club, while billing itself as a sports bar/gentleman’s club, is very female friendly too. They have big soft comfy chairs, it’s super clean and the decor is great. The drinks are reasonable and so is the (very good) food. Right now there’s no cover because the club is new. The ladies’ room is big, and clean, kept that way by a hot older lady wearing an apron with the adorable title “House Mom” on it! (How did I miss THAT job posting! My dream job! Whatevs!). There are flowers and candles in the bathroom and she goes in and cleans up several times through the night. I now think every club everywhere should have this. Club bathrooms can get pretty gross by the end of the night and this one was clean at 1am.The girls at this club were the BEST!!! There were so many different girls, and different kinds of girls – 21 (I assume) to mid 30s or so. Short. Tall. Thin. Thick. All colors, all types of hair, all sorts of bodies, and oh my gosh they smell so nice! They were all so sexy! The two we got dances from were SO sexy, and not at all gross about it. “Charlie” was my favorite, tall sexy and blond with nice real boobs, and my boyfriend loved “Elyse” and her pretty round bottom. They were both so sweet! I’ve never been in a strip club in California this nice. We will def go back! They haven’t even had their grand opening yet and if it’s this great now, I can’t wait to see how it is later. My only complaint was the drinks were slow. We would go a long time with no waitress and when we did order the drinks took forever to come. They need more cocktail girls. Oh! But the one I did like was a little dark haired girl who went up to clean the stage and put on a real show. I don’t know her name but she was so cute we tipped her even though she didn’t take off her top. She was so adorable!

  44. Belen H.

    Came in, no girls. Been waiting for 2 hours. Front desk person was polite and made us feel welcome. My server Kaitlyn was sweet, friendly and very helpful. The food was really good, and bacon was made perfectly. Only reason why I am not giving below average stars is because I usually like coming here. Today was just a big disappointment. Everybody else left too :^(

  45. Rob D.

    It took 10 minutes to flag down a server, she said is because they dont use the section system, lose a star. Ask 3 times to put out of market nhl game on, they made no effort, lose a star. 30 min before beer arrives, lose a star. Flag down manager, says he will take care of game for me but chats to different table for 5 more min, lose a star. Miss entire 1st period by the time we realize they dont even subscribe to the nhl package!!! This is advertised as a topless/SPORTS bar. I can’t seem to get rid of that last star… Sincerely apologize to waitress for walking out on that beer but what do they expect? This place has gone downhill since the amazing opening week when it was cheap and awesome, now all the great specials are gone and it’s just like any other LA strip club, but with a dysfunctional sports bar in the back.

  46. Kaden N.

    One of my favorite sports bars. Girls are generally above average with a couple hot ones. Low pressure relaxed environment.If you want a girl, grab her, if you want to have beers and watch the games, they won’t be doing any high pressure tactics.I come here to watch the ufc and boxing fights although last time I was charged a $20 entrance…

  47. A C.

    Came for the dames.Stayed for the drinks.Will come back again to make it rain on these future lawyers and doctors…and for the amazing steak salad.(Note: I’m no stranger to long reviews, but if your essay-length review consists of listing the dancers by name, age, and detailed description, you’re probably too creepy, even for a skrip club. That’s right, sKrip club.)

  48. Sonya T.

    Dames and games is a cool spot. The dancers were kinda weak the Saturday night I was there, but the food and drinks were great.

  49. brandonresh

    Terrible service. The server kept complaining that she was busy. I saw her on her phone. There was one server for the whole sports bar. Not good. Don’t waste your time. The girls aren’t hot enough. Plus there’s a cover.

  50. Daryl W.

    Came here for some football games on a Sunday and it was just weird. A friend and I went for the experience, but just felt desperate by the end. Probably a good place to watch a fight, but that’s all I’d suggest. Can’t say I won’t be back, but I won’t run.

  51. Lilac S.

    It was honestly really fun here. We bought my best friend a lap dance based on the entertainer’s personality. The look on my friend’s face… priceless!! Definitely need to bring my gf here next time! Until next time then Dames N Games ๐Ÿ˜‰

  52. Arian M.

    Went in last night for a friends birthday and ordered some food and drinks. The waitress Graciela was about to leave (at 640 pm) so she brought our check before I even took two sips of my drink and hovered over us so we felt super rushed to pull out money out. I handed her a 100 and asked for change. She brought me back 95! This didn’t feel like an accident. I have worked in many stop clubs around the country and I know that hustle as I’ve seen it a million times. Reading the reviews about the waitstaff/bartenders scamming other patrons it seems to be a common occurrence here. Place gets two stars instead of one because my friend seemed to be more than happy with her private dances and the dancers we not pushy at all!

  53. Bobby C.

    Not sure what I can say that I haven’t already read but…We came for an early NBA playoff game and it was dead.Fine by us since we got a great seat at the bar.The food was good. The burger deal is now $4.50 and doesn’t come with beer. Still a good deal but after you add cheese it’s $5.The nachos were average but at 11 dollars a bad deal. The waitress Jackie totally overcharged us $4 for adding meat which is included on the menu price.We called her out on it after she closed us out and made her give us a beer. She also gave us large beers without asking as they have 2 sizes… No biggie but sketchy. It is a strip club, they want all your cash.By the end of the game it was picking up. Caught a couple dances from a pretty hot girl–Elena, and my lady and I were out. Nice concept. Also owned by Spearmint Rhino so it’s totally legit.SECURITY: They pat down the boys and run a meal detector on them but girls walk in free. So any cholo can have his wifey sneak a Beretta down her coochie and light it up if they want. Kinda sketchy.

  54. Daniel C.

    Legs and thighs, ass and fries,Looked at her tits and not in her eyes!Love this place. Burger was juicy, fries were crispy, boobs were perky and the beer was tasty. Will I come back? Butt of course. ๐Ÿ™‚

  55. John B.

    I took one star off for not being able to copulate with the staff.

  56. larry1

    Ok, in all honesty, I haven’t been here yet…but I’m going soon, and I gotta say… 4 stars AT LEAST – just for the concept. Even if it’s uber lame when I get there – this concept is incredible.

  57. steffiee c.

    somebody come get her… She’s dancing like a stripper…. The place is great the women are hot on Tuesdays the beers are cheap the steaks are also cheap and amazing! Yup I love it.

  58. Alek J.

    This place is pretty cool. Luxurious looking. Drinks and food are bomb. What more can you ask for? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  59. Johnnyboy123

    Watch out for the “security guards”.. they will steal your shit when youre not looking, then charge you a “reward” for “finding” your shit. Story.. put my jacket down, next minute its gone.. miraculously turns up at the lost and found, with everything except my phone.. great.. hit the Find my Iphone App and lo’ and behold, it starts beeping in one of the security guards jackets.. nice.. its my fault really for being trusting, but just be careful, even of management

  60. Daniel C.

    It is the biggest strip club in LA! I love the girls, food, and the big screen TV! Food aren’t that bad. They’re actually pretty good! Girls are nice too! Sometimes they ask you if you want a lap dance, but if you reject, they just leave you. Yet, security is good as well, and restroom facility is clean and sanitary. I like how they have a separate Fireball tab at the bar. I just tried Fireball, so I love it! :]

  61. harryharry

    This place is is cool but nothing to cry about when you first walk in your greeted by security and a metal detecting wand then your allowed in (no cover charge) there’s a main stage with couches and seats around it we’re you can see the girls on stage off to the right is the sports bar in a separate room with booths and tables there is plenty of tvs on with good angles from every seat the night I went to dng there was a laker game and Thursday night football I orders a mando burger( which took for ever to get to my table).the burger was good ,service was crap.

  62. Devon P.

    My first topless sports bar in LA, I came into this expecting it to be small bar with just a small selection of ladies. But when I actually arrived it was different than expected.First you have to pay 6 dollers to park no exceptions, this took me completely off guard but it got my hopes up about the place. The cover price at night was 10 bucks and once i got inside I was overwhelmed by how fancy and clean it was. There was a big stage in the middle able to support up to three dancers and 2 – 3 poles,alot of seats around the stage and two bars on each side.The waitresses were quite attractive and dressed tastefully provocative and my friend had more fun mining at the bar then he did with the dancers.I’ve heard good things about their 2 doller steak but unfortunately I wasn’t able to try it but I did try their honey bbq chicken strips and they were delicious,definitely recommend that.Now for the dancers I’ve mostly been used to casual dancers with cheap prices but this place doesn’t mess around. The place offers a variety of different types of girls of all sizes and personality and it was quite refreshing for me. The prices are 20 bucks for a normal private dance, 100 for a vip private dance and a maxinum 300 bucks for what i call a SUPER Vip private dance. I mostly stuck with the normal private dance for now and the girls were all quite friendly and good at what they do.Overall me and my friend came out quite satisfied, next time I visit LA I will definitely be coming back.

  63. Chris G.

    This place is blah. This should not even be associated with a strip club or even topless club. I think there may have been 2 good looking in the whole place. They were only topless when they were dancing on stage. I saw guys getting lap dances and I felt bad they wasted their money because the women looked like they had hemorrhoids when they dances. They were full clothed when not on stage. Who in the world wants a fully clothed lap dance? On top of that 95% of the women are just plain lazy. You dance for tips and lap dances. I’ve never seen so many lazy women. Can’t even call them strippers, they don’t strip. Can’t call them dancers, they don’t dance. There was only one girl that actually knew how to work the pole. They rest twirled around like they were playing merry go round.I think because I have been to true strip clubs my standards are way too high and guys in LA don’t know they are practically being robbed. They should convert to a sports bar.

  64. GarryWas

    $2 steaks$2 drinksGirls BoozeFood Sports MusicWhat is there not to love about this place?!Will be back soon!

  65. Ming L.

    Got a 3 for 1 dance and got charged for 5. Had to get a manager to get my money back from the dancer. Do not get any laps from any of the girls there or risk getting scammed.

  66. ryan123

    This place really is awesome! A bit packed depending on football games makes it limited to find a seat or booth but the bartenders and girls are just terrific. Plus you’ll meet some fans that share the same team as you. The dancers are very impressive with their skills so overall, it is the place to be.

  67. fuckery12

    Clean, very nice inside. Staff was friendly and nice, no attitudes. Burger deal is now 4.50, not 2.75 and did not include a beer. But that’s still a deal and it tasted great. I went at noon on a Wednesday and didn’t see a single nude woman. Only 2 girls on the floor and a bartender :(. But it was nice and at a more appropriate time I bet it’s bangin on there.

  68. Grayfox X.

    This place is full of disappointment. Bottle service is watered down, the service takes a long, long, long time before the service arrives. The women does a lot of bait of switch on their services. You will likely to feel more ripoff and have a shitty feeling about their business. I urge not to go. There definitely way better services out there. The costumers are your typical L.A. hoodlums from the ghetto who just got out of jail. No sense of class or gentlemens’ night out. Rates: $10 entrance feeLap Dance: $20 per lap dance 1:30 minute songAlcohol: Watered down to your expenses.This is a no go. I just hope I save you my fellow bros some money and stay away from bad entertainment.

  69. XXXbeast

    Totally chick friendly, Ive been here with my girls and its never an awkward place versus others.. Love the beer selection .. I’d deff return

  70. StripClub431

    Place is great for the deals! I come everyday for lunch. Steak is yummy for 2$ can’t beat that. Violet the bartender is so good even.

  71. fisherdex1

    Love this place! Great looking girls! Good food! Dope Music! ……..what used to give you the best of both worlds. Has changed! Had the option before to chill in a awesome bar setting or party with the dancers on the other side is no longer. If you are the type who likes sports bars this probably isn’t the place to hang anymore. Pretty bummed out that one of my favorite places took the option we had to chill in a bar setting surrounded by TVs and enjoy our games away. Forced to only hang out in the dancing area is coo but not the same. Very disappointed guys!

  72. Crystal T.

    By far one of my favorite and #1 first choice to go to ! This would’ve been a 5 star review EXCEPT the fact my bf was disgusted by the men’s restroom. The woman’s restroom is now so clean and smells good with a bathroom attendant (new) and when I bragged to him he said he would rather piss outside than ever having to use that men’s restroom. Waitress Leanna is the best! Natasha is my favorite dancer and all the managers are super cool! Food is really good…. But they need to work on their music! Its a strip club but some twerk music on …. Day time does good with music but night time doesn’t! U have to beg the DJ… Suggestion…. Tighten up the men’s restroom and change up the music…

  73. fritter17

    Once a year for my hubbys Birthday since they first opened. Haven’t had a bad experience. We should frequent it more often but it can get pretty expensive. Splurging on strippers once a year, hey, why not!. Anything for the hubby as long as im a part of it! ๐Ÿ˜‰ We’ve had pretty great experiences everytime. So let me get to the inf. Entrance fee on a Saturday night at around 10:30 was $10. Pretty awesome! Parking was valet for $6. Or you can try your luck and find parking out on the street. $6 is not bad at all. Drinks were moderately priced as well. On our first round for three drinks, $20 for two Jack and Coke and a Heineken. Not bad at all!! But after more then a couple rounds I think I ended up spending like $100 for two people. I was the designated driver of the night. Like I said, it can get pricey once you’re in there having a good time. The lap dances were $20 for one song or 3 for $40. I say bring atleast $100 bills in dollars or more if you’re into making it rain on stage. I had $50 and they disappeared in seconds. Some of those girls do amazing tricks on the pole. They’ve gotta be very athletic to do what they were doing. Well deserved claps and dollars! A mix of guys and girls in groups and lots of couples as well. I think I spent $350 on everything. Well worth it! It was the hubbys Birthday after all. Like I said once a year! Overall a great experience! Will be coming back, sooner then later!

  74. Harrison69

    One of the most fun clubs out of all the gentlemens clubs in Los Angeles . Great food , the dancers are super sweet & talented .. They play great music pretty open format. Haven’t had this much fun at a titty bar in California since Torrance.

  75. Jurissa D.

    Had a great time . Cassie was our waitress and was pleasant and fast with our orders . Then we moved over to the bar and met the best bartender who had a great personality and knew what she was doing , so if you go to Dames make sure to ask for Gaby and tip her well !!!!!

  76. Juan I.

    Dont know what happened to this place but it sucks now! If you are going to have a sports bar in with your strip club get people who know how food service works with customers. The food is terrible. Tuesday steaks more like beef jerky for 2 bucks. I dont think i am going back. Save your money go somewhere else.

  77. Sergeant J.

    I think that the waitress was hotter than the actual strippers, wish there were better quality, “a cutter” was stripping I was so shocked! Expected more

  78. Petey K.

    I went here one night after the artwalk. Parking was packed. I parked on the side. The front door people were cool. I chatted with them for a brief moment. It was a security person and a girl at the front desk. Place seems bigger than I thought. I waked up to the first bar. He appeared to be cleaning up. He finally noticed me and said close other bar. -1Place is new so everything looks pretty posh. Walked up to the bar. I order a vodka. Which taste more like water… Should of said Goose or something… Oh well. Sat at the tip rail for half and hour or so… and then left..Shortest visit to a strip club ever. Oh well.

  79. Kevin T.

    WOW where do I start! I arrived 1/4/2013 to watch the Lakers vs the Clippers and there was no where to sit. So I went up the the Manager and purchased a table with bottle service for 5 of us since thats all there was. The service was the WORST ever and the Manager even told me that. We placed a food order that took well over 2 hours. I was told there was only 2 cooks in the whole Kitchen? We tried many times to order drinks and they were SO slow that every time the Manager came over our glasses were drip dry empty. It was VERY VERY unprofessional since I was told I had to spend a minimum of 240.00. HOW in the world can u spend that much if u CANNOT get any service? It was HORRIBLE and I will never ever be back! I asked one girl to dance for two of my friends and she said it was 15.00 per person per song??? WTF? The girl’s do table dances with their tops on and were not at all impressive. I’ve seen MUCH better talent at the local DOG show and none of them had their tops on!!! Sorry NOTHING good to report from this dump except if ur looking for BAD service and UGLY girls this is the Home Run Ball!!!!!!!!!!

  80. Mia J.

    Service ALWAYS sucks but food is good and dancers are pretty good. Venue is soooo nice. Best in LA. Come EARLY if you want a seat or call ahead and reserve.

  81. Liz S.

    You will have a better time with whatever else your doing. Girls aren’t even topless. Dead dead dead. One stripper on the stage if your lucky. Otherwise your just sitting there staring at other men staring at an empty stage listening to stripper music. Worst strip club i have ever been to. You will have a better time at an all ages nightclub. Seriously i have a stack of ones and don’t have anything to do with them. Never had this problem before. Only reason i tried this place out was because Sam lost their liquor license. Brought my friend here for his bday, hes never been to a strip club before and i feel so bad. Awful.

  82. Sheila S.

    First time at a topless sports bar/ strip club and I loved it! $2.75 for burger fries and beer? yea yuh! Docked a star coz they didn’t have enough of my type of girls (tall blondes), there was only one girl that I thought was super hot (Alabama!) =)Lots of Asians and Hispanics tho. Docked another star coz imo they didn’t have enough TVs for a sports bar. And service was slow coz there weren’t enough waitresses. Our waitress was pretty cute tho =D

  83. kenston12

    Guys, I used to love this place and talk it up as a sports viewing destination, but it is going down hill fast! Went for lunch in their perfectly good restaurant, but was told that it was closed for lunch. If I wanted to eat, I would have to have lunch in the strip club itself which has almost no seating appropriate for eating and tvs obscured by hanging lamps or the stage.They claim it’s due to the dancers wanting to have an audience, but I really don’t want to make it rain while I am watching a game and eating a burger! and I’ve had plenty of dancers join me for a drink or lunch in the bar area and THEN we got a lap dance, so don’t think they are that starved for a few dollars.I left without eating and doubt I’ll be back under the current format. It’s a shame cuz the food is good and reasonably priced.

  84. Nisha A.

    I went for Monday night football with some friends last week. I had a great time and experience there. The topless dancers and bar tenders were very nice. The food and drinks were great. a lil on the pricey side that’s if you go after happy hour lol. I do plan on going again real soon. Oh and by the way $5 for entry..not bad huh?

  85. John K.

    This place is great. Great atmosphere Great hamburger, super tastey fries and a large glass of beer. yum/ free admission. wash some girls strip. all that for free. No, I dont work there. Look at my reviews. All those idiots who leave bad reviews are a bunch of losers. If you are looking for the best strip joint to get laid then go to tijuana. I am like to go and look at goodlooking women with great drinks and food. I am nott into lap dances.

  86. Maryem C.

    Me being a good girlfriend decided to take the boyfriend here, how much better can it get! drinks, food, girls, and boxing.. deff coming back for every fight, food was really good, shock top was really cold and the girls got skills on the pole, we were impressed..

  87. Justin N.

    Friend: “Where do you want to watch football?”Me: “I dunno man, this is your hood.”Him: “How about that new place, Dames N Games?”Me: “Uhhh, as in the strip club?”Him: “It’s a sports bar, it has ‘Games’ right in the name…”Me: “Don’t bullshit me, it also says ‘Dames’. Sundays are for cheering on football, not cheering on breasticles. “Him: “Can’t I do both? Let’s just check it out, if it’s annoying we’ll bounce.”Me: “Fine…”It turns out we were both right, the place really is a sports bar and a strip club. I was worried it was going to be a strip club with tiny TVs just so they could lure in the occasional sports fan, envisioning me bending my neck trying to see the TV over an ass shaking all up in my face. Not the case at all. It’s pretty much 50/50, you can do whichever you want because the strip club section is separated from the sports bar. I can’t really speak to the girls because I was in the sports bar watching Michael Vick get his ass kicked all over the field, but the sports bar was far better than I expected. Big TVs, lots of them, all over the walls. Good drinks, decent prices, couple of drink specials. I didn’t eat, but they had a lot of food options.Will I be coming back here? Probably not, there are too many good true sports bars a lot closer to me, but I’m still not gonna hate on this place. The one pain in the ass was even though I wasn’t *in* the strip club area I still had to deal with the announcer which gets pretty obnoxious if you’re trying to focus on football. Instead of hearing the game all I could hear was shit like “Up next is the beautiful RAIN, RAIN, RAIN ON DECK, get ready for RAIN, time to make it RAIN on RAIN.” Loud as fuck too. I mean I get it, they’re calling her to the stage, but it was giving me a headache. The girls sometimes wandered into the sports bar to see if anyone wanted dances but they were not aggressive about it which I appreciated.It’s spacious, clean, and the bar staff was friendly. They do what they do pretty well. So there you have it. I’m a football purist, I can’t take distractions, but if you like sports and scantily clad ladies at the same time then this is probably gonna be your jam.

  88. Jose P.

    Love the environment and the entertainment. Best hot wing’s ever. Enjoy watching the fights here.

  89. richard95

    There should be no cover charge during the day were your best business who come in the afternoon it’s nice but small not the old scores

  90. L B.

    I went a couple of months ago with buddies from work and had a great time. They had a burger special which is something like $3 for a burger, fries, and beer. The food tasted great and was way better than $3 quality. The dancers and waitresses were friendly. My only gripe is the parking, which totally sucks. Be prepared to park on the side of a busy main street, and walk a bit.

  91. Dee O.

    Most of the girls don’t dance well. The music is okay, but not really. The drinks are alright. There wasn’t nearly enough alcohol in my Adios for 10 bucks, though. Parking is a bitch. Doubt I’ll be back here anytime soon.

  92. Justin S.

    I went on a Friday night around 10 and this place was a WRECK,The food tasted like Microwaved Horse SH!T,The Girls All looked used,with no hope.I wanted to POKE MY EYES OUT WITH NEEDLES that’s how bad it was

  93. justinlk

    Door guy gets ONE star. Basketball game is on all the screens in the large establishment. Really great spot once inside. Tons of viewing options, literally. It’s early but great spot to watch any game on a Sunday!

  94. marlonmoney12

    Dames n’ Games is a wonderful place to visit and have fun. The dancers are sexy beautiful and talented, as well as the waitresses. I some times I wish I can get a dance from one of the waitresses. The customer service is just terrific from all the people that work their. They treat you like a friend. The mangers are very engage of customers experiences. Now the food is as good as the dancers. The VIP rooms are like no other, you would have to experience it yourself. I highly recommend it it. The ladies will take care of you. This place also has lots of event and themes happening all during the week. I got to see a cat fight while taking down rounds of beer with my friends that I got addictive to the place. If you haven’t visit, you better visit ASAP.

  95. stripforme123

    Let me start from the beginning . Walked in with my man door man was nice cover was 10$ witch is normal. Sat down and couldn’t get the waitresses attention so he decided to go order from the bar. He came back 10 mins later with no drinks saying he couldn’t get any service. So I decided to get up and try. I stand at the bar 5 mins go by the bartender doesn’t acknowledge me until a gentlemen behind me walks up and starts to order I interrupt him and tell the bartender and said ” Excuse me I was here first” the bartender goes oh okay what would you like? I order two double shots of patron he charges me 44$ and I still tipped him 5 because I’m a bartender myself.I get back to my seat my man finally got ahold of a waitress he ordered the exact same thing she charged him 22$ . So the bartender double charged me but I left it alone .Dancers were pretty but non sociable. Venus is amazing .I saw one I really liked and was waiting for her to go on and tip her and possibly get a dance. I tipped almost every girl 20$ on stage while I was waiting. The one I was waiting for finally came in I tipped her 50$ on stage she never came by and said thank you or asked me for a dance .I wish I had an option to give this place no stars because I was highly disappointed especially because I had heard good things about this place. I will never go back even if someone paid me.

  96. nickstrip

    great first time at a Topless bar.

  97. Daniel L.

    Not motorcycle friendly. Valet charges 6 bucks a bike, same as cars, even tho will only take up one space.Also, on Sundays they have breakfast starting at 10AM for the football games. I do not recommend eating breakfast here. Bacon was under cooked and waited 30 min for the food to be served. Unacceptable especially when my friend and I were the only customers at the time.

  98. Mistercap12

    Steak is very affordable on Tuesdays special… $ 2 dollar. Service just take a little longer than usual. It gets pack seat are limited.

  99. Raff

    Not knowing much about the LA strip club scene. This place is the ish. Specials are always abundant. Not to forget the food, it’s the reason I come. Rudy is the man, he took care of everything for my birthday.

  100. igor34

    This place is the worst, and not because of the strippers. Our party of six women wanted to celebrate a birthday by going to a strip club, and this is the one we decided on. We arrived and went through valet. We proceeded inside. We didn’t have to pay an entry fee because we arrived early. We sat in our group ready to make it rain on the dancers, and most definitely ready to spend money on drinks. After 15 minutes of being seated we spoke to the host about getting some drinks, he said that a waitress would be with us shortly. We sat around a table for 45 minutes and no wait staff approached the table. At that time our group decided to go spend our money elsewhere. Very disappointed.

  101. dopeboy19

    This place is honestly pretty F’n awesomeTheir 2$ steak Tuesday is the SHITThe only thing I don’t really like is half the tables by the stage are for bottle service onlyAnd the waitress some times take awhile to acknowledge youMaybe cause I look broke tho But!They got some gorgeous womenWaitressesDancers Bartenders All pretty gorgeous It would help if they had more conversation with substanceBut hey… It is a bar so I’m sure they’re used to dudes who don’t really think much about anything but the booty But non the less this place is awesome and chillAnd I’d totally recommend itAlso try their chicken strips!They are juicier then a porn stars puthy

  102. Lina L.

    Been here lots of times, I found this place and me and my bf seem to like it. This is a combination between a sports bar and strip club. A manly mans favorite. The back room has a bar, tables a few strip poles and some TV’s to watch all the sports games. The front room has some tables and the main stage strip poles, there’s like 4 of them on the main stage ; where girls are dancing either one at a time or all on a pole each. A lot going on in this place lol. Of course there is no photography in here so no pics guys, you gotta see for yourself. The bar food is just ok, the drinks are ok, they have pretty much whatever you want and a different special for each night of the week. This place is always a good time if you like this kinda thing, there’s valet parking and you only have to pay once for both rooms. Make sure you come early on weekends though, cause it gets pretty packed especially at sundown ๐Ÿ˜‰

  103. EA D.

    Great place…happened upon it with the bf. Came on a tuesday caught the $2 well drinks and $2 steak dinner (8oz steak tasty fries and salad). The service was great drinks were decent and the dancers looked pretty good for the mid day…Id definately go back. Did I mention the 25cent wings they also offer all day tuesday?!

  104. Melissa S.

    Ok so I had to update this. I went last night and it was unbelievably whack! I brought my man here for his birthday. First, the women were NOT as good as they were on a Tuesday and Thursday when we went the last two times. The service is HORRIBLE!! They need to hire more waitresses. They are barely staying afloat with who they have now. Also, these girls need to work on customer service. They are really good at ignoring you if you need something. There’s a short, bald white guy who seems to be the manager. He was the best one. I saw him literally running around to get things done. We waited 45minutes for our food to come out!! 45!! It’s just fried food!! Smh. The best part about it all was that their lemon pepper chicken wings keep us coming back. Also, it eventually lightened up so we’re able to get a table to sit at. He was disappointed in the women & service. Guess we’ll be going back to Sams Haufbrau for stripper nights

  105. Brenda R.

    Wings and steak!!!!!!! Oh and tities. Wings .25cents ea. And pretty damn delicious. The 2$steaks are awesome as well awesome plate with fries and a salad. Not to mention the Angry Bombs. A bit prices 9.50 a drink but so delicious.

  106. XhXeXy

    Cool hang out place

  107. Robert V.

    4/25/16 Both bars open during the day. Yes! Make lunch time better. Glad to see this. Place has a better ambiance. Girls are still hot!

  108. Rako H.

    Cool place , clean ,nice and stylish inside . Great big TVs . Good Ladies and the food is also not bad . Check it out , you will like it ๐Ÿ˜‰

  109. Ian C.

    Date of visit: 10/26/12A buddy from work suggested to visit this place after seeing the sign on the 10fwy; so after work, we drove through the industrial part of LA, just south of downtown to see what the fuss was about. It was about after 5 when we got in and first impression was good; valet service was available but if you can find parking on the street, I’d suggest it.After getting in, there were about 20 patrons with about 8 girls working. We sat down towards the back to check how the club played out, and hoping to get a drink from one of the waitresses. But after about 5 minutes of no service, we decided to just hit the bar. I asked for their drink special and was told they didn’t have one (on a Friday evening). But I was told they had a burger special for $2.75 (burger, fries, and small draft beer). The burger was actually good and presented well on a plate; the food tasted good with a better price! Our waitress, “Christabel,” helped us out throughout the evening and casually talked to us, both professionally and personally. I’d like to add that she went out of her way to help us with drinks, food, and the ladies to come to us; so if you’re in the area, make sure to ask for her (blond hair, about 5’08, Lithuanian).But much like other similar establishments, it has its flaws.Flaws: There were girls who just straight out ask, “So are you ready for a dance?.” I don’t mind the straight forward approach but it’s best to get your “name” first before I buy one. And there were girls who seemed disinterested, just sitting in the corner, texting their baby-daddy. Also, the DJ mentioned a VIP, half hour lap dance special. But when I asked different girls about it, I got back 4 different answers. Maybe that is something that needs to be brought up. Here are the good things: No cover, but only until Nov. 10th when they have their official grand opening. So I think with all the kinks, there’s time to adjust them. Food was good but we only had the burger so I can’t speak about the other items on the menu. So here are my recommendations:”Aria (White, 23)”: good personality, easy on the eyes, nice butt but has extra curves, will actually talk to you first. She also works at Deja Vu.”Selene (Hispanic, 25)”: one of the better girls at that time, petite, nice body, personable. She hung out with us until she went home to be with her kids. “Cassidy (Hispanic, 31)”: another hottie, , nice body, she was “Selene’s” friend and told her to hang out with us after she left. The other girls give her dirty looks because she’s one of the most sought after girl for dances. “Sonia (Hispanic, 31)”: very good body, good personality, and likes to joke around. She likes tequila (she buys the drink herself) and will drink with you. Another sought after girl. She also works at the Spearmint in Torrance and in the valley. My buddy had a couple of Asian girls, one looked like she was 12 (creepy)! I’m not much into Asians, but to each their own.My advice:-There’s a shift change at 6. So between 6-6:30, only 1 or 2 girls will be walking around the club.-There’s actually a very good selection of girls in the afternoon; the evening girls were the same quality as the afternoon. -Dances are $15, so bring $5’s instead of $20’s-Oh yeah, because they serve alcohol, they are only bikini dances. So if your intent is to see some flesh, you might get disappointed. This is just my two cents about this place, so don’t take my word for it. Enjoy and let me know how you guys like it.

  110. Michael R.

    One thing you probably don’t want to happen at your sports bar/strip-club? Have the ATM’s stop working. Which is exactly what happened when I came here last night. They definitely need more waitresses/servers. Our waitress was as attentive as she could be, but with less than 3 of them ever at the sports bar area at a time, I can understand why service was slow. The food was aright, I had the standard burger which was surprisingly good if marred by the amount of time I spent waiting for it After the food my friend and I went out to the sit by the stage.They have 3 poles on the center stage with 3 girls rotating between them which is enjoyable and a bit distracting. The “private” dances will run you about 15 dollars per song, which actually isn’t too bad.You can usually tell the quality of dance you’ll be getting if you wait for them to go on stage first.I eventually went with a girl whose names currently escapes me. I can remember that she had small two claw-tattoos on her butt-cheeks. She was undeniably excellent. She mixed the expected sexuality of a lap dance with an aloof attitude. She joked with me and sang songs too/with me. It wasn’t all business to her and that made it an original experience.

  111. Ahma G.

    A “topless” bar with TOPS ON 99% of the time apparently. It should be called “a bikini bar with occasional nip-slips” instead. Food was decent. Good luck getting service on a big fight night though.

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