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10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Wet

  1. Me

    Its a great club…was there for lunch…good atmosphere, good girls…Cousin Larry does it again

  2. Guy222
  3. Jerry

    You can’t beat this club for quality and variety of dancers. The atmosphere is great as well.

  4. Doug

    Hadn’t been there here it was the Red Shingle. The club is really nice and upscale now. Some of the girls were hot and the atmosphere’s great!

  5. Stripper

    The Girls and staff are very friendly. If looking to work here you will not feel uncomfortable and the girls are not catty.

  6. tonycluber

    Khitan General: What is best in life?Khitan Warrior: The open steppe, a fleet horse, falcons at your wrist, and the wind in your hair.Khitan General: Wrong! Conan, what is best in life?Conan: To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women!Khitan General: Wrong! That’s Wassup, what is best in life?That’s Wassup: To bounce rolled-up $20 bills off the asses of strippers, to cop a feel during a dirty lap dance and to soil your boxer-briefs right before you exit the champagne room.Khitan General: [Cheers]…That is good.

  7. Van Wylder

    A 1000% improvement than the Old red shingle (was really ghetto and poorly run before) Of course with the upgrades to the facility they upgraded the prices of drinks but I approve the girls were not the greatest but once word gets out an the improvements to the place the tallent will follow, Looks like Titilations and Lace will have some competition!

  8. dirk diggler

    Hd a a great time here last nite. Girls were SOMKIN’ !!!

  9. Jimmy

    Great lineup of girls here!

  10. sicksummore

    they should rename it DRY this place blows

  11. J bird

    I like this club, great atmosphere.

  12. scotty

    cant beat the girls and atmosphere here

  13. DANCER

    Waste of time, waste or gas, more money else where. Customers are jerks and ignore you.

  14. harryharry

    Strip Clubs and Dolla Bills. I don’t judge you make your dollar however you can (legally) have to. However, If you are a stripper, I would appreciate if you look the part. I hate going to strip clubs where the girls look like they came from cragslist ads. I have this same gripe with the chicks in Stilettos. Please put more effort into your “look”. You want my dollar right? Ugh. Anyway, one positive is that they actually do acrobatics here for their dollar. What they lack in appearance they make up in showmanship. A lot of twerking and butt clapping go on here, which anyone can appreciate. The place looks a little outdated but what skeevy place doesn’t? They have a huge “champagne room” for “private lap dances” and be prepared to pay. Unlike stilettos, you can snap all the pics you want. The DJ is always good in this place. I appreciate the Jersey Club music that goes on the more “urban” establishments. Drinks are reasonably priced but make sure you have a group for the bottle. It is best to go on the weekends because I went on a wednesday and it was slightly dead. Most importantly, be sure you are over the age of 25. They definitely check ID. Otherwise, enjoy the view.

  15. Kirk

    Nasty bartenders and dancers totally ruined my experience. On top of that other patrons made me feel uncomfortable with their loudness at every opportunity. Stay away.

  16. luna jacques

    this club is the best

  17. Belleville bigirl

    They made a magnificent transformation from the crappy place it used to be. The atmosphere is great and they made a major upscale on the variety of girls. Sure, they can’t all be top models, but that doesn’t mean they don’t give a great lapdance or have some other tricks up their sleeve on stage. Many are hot though. The lapdance room is an open space where anyone can seen in – not quite my favorite thing, but it doesn’t really bother me. Drinks are a bit pricy for this area. This go-go bar is sexy without being raunchy. Great local place.

  18. Sideways8

    Good dancers, clean environment. Went on an off day had a good number of pleasant girls and not a lot of patrons. All were friendly, good dancers. More gentlemanly and more variety than say Alices, not very hands on though the girls that day welcomed it. Seperate lap dance (open) room. Will definately go again, just too close to girlfriend’s brother to frequent.

  19. joseph1k

    Never been in. However, i did Actually snuck in when I was in high school ad quickly got bounced. Back then, it was called the “Red Shingles.” anyway, one time I saw a bill gate look-alike walking out of a 750iL w 5 female entertainers.’ I’m assuming he was the owner-pimp-the boss. If it wasn’t for the slick hair, gold chain and pointy shoes, I say he wasn’t a typical jersey baller. Driving by at night, there are all kind of characters hanging outside. Also it’s located across from 2 dairy queens and down the block from my elementary school. So convenient for a stroll w the family and have them say hi to sky, angel, and Britney.

  20. Vinny

    maybe one or two really hot girls, the rest of kinda average. drinks were pricey, but the food was terrific. “Take it or Leave it”.

  21. JM

    It’s called Wet now! Had a great time, good selection of dancers.

  22. ryan123

    Fantasies are reality. Some of the most beautiful women in the world are here. I always feel comfortable at Wet. All the ladies are smart but some are sweet and some are not. You’ll know which is which and what you want.

  23. bill

    first time visiting . lots of girls had to be over 20. moderately busy but it was early . had a great time

  24. Frank

    Best kept secret in the area!!!

  25. ricky

    Smokin’ girls! Nice upscale club. Great DJs & sound system.

  26. Hardon Inpants

    Had a blast here. Have to admit some of the girls were scary, but then others were hotttt!!! The scary ones made it interesting. No constant pressure to get dances and a relaxed fun place. music was good and place was clean. Will visit again for sure.

  27. rogerrab2

    5 star to a dancer Candi just because she fits my personality- sporty and her personality exudes out; bound to be appreciated by any seer. She flies around the pole like a smooth serpentine gymnast. To others gals, I am giving only 3 stars- show your skill before walking around for dollar bills, will ya! Show your personality fully without letting us contemplate to wonder who you are in real. I will go there again to see Candi like gals. Club has the 5 star ambience; just the dancers need to make best out of it at the fullest extent. Season yourself by getting to know every man’s personality. It will help you find who you are gals and helps us guys find out who we are. Enough said! I will go to WET again and again. ;$$$$$

  28. Harrison69

    Felt like I was in a low budget rap video and not the good kind…enough said. Lol. Bottles aren’t too much here, and you can also get hookah in VIP. But I must say compared to a few places in NJ like Breathless these girls do more for their money. Just majority aren’t pleasing to look at.

  29. Steve

    Great Club

  30. blinky

    Dont believe all the positive reviews you see here.

    its obvioulsy somebody schilling for the joint.

    this place sucks big time. nobody wants to work, girls are not good looking and could care less bout the customers. they are more interested in doing blow in the back room.

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