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0 reviews for “Condor

  1. Gloria H.

    I never expected to visit this place although I had wanted to see what it’s all about. Well, the opportunity came about on a Sunday afternoon when we heard live music. Turns out Blues Hammer was playing with no cover. We went in and found ourselves a table in the back as the bar and all nearby tables were full. Grabbed our drinks from the lady bartender – a vodka tonic for me ($4.50) and a draft Anchor Steam ($4 for 12 oz) for hubby. There’s only 2 drafts – Anchor Steam and Guinness. The band was jamming but we only got to enjoy it for about an hour – the show was from 3-6pm only. At the 2nd to last song, couple of the band members walked around playing and we had one of the guitar player played right in front of us, that was awesome.Shortly before 6pm, all the curtains were pulled down and the place was getting ready for its core business. Some men moved from the bar to the other side and grabbed a booth to settle. A tall lanky blonde appeared in a swimsuit. A brunette w/ 2 piece showed up 5 minutes after. Shortly after 6pm, the show began. The fog machine and color lights came on, the blonde went on stage and started pole dancing to “I’m just a Giggolo”…interesting.The place is not what I had expected. It’s small. Decor of the bygone era – red plush vinyl booths, red armchairs, red baroque wall paper and curtains, even the restroom is all red – bright red subway tiles, deeper red wallpaper with gold accents.The old carol doda neon sign is now hung on the wall as you enter. There is a b/w picture of the infamous wired piano lowering Carol Doda onto the stage hung at end corner booth next to dj. There are VIP booths on the other side – these are the more initimate booths for 3-4 with long red baroque curtains that can be closed off for privacy – wink wink.

  2. A M.

    Great place security offices were great staff was great the girls were sexy and not pushy and the drinks were nice and hard..

  3. Sophie D.

    I randomly ended up here…it was a very spontaneous decision and suddenly there I was, applauding and cheering for the strippers with a bunch of girlfriends and salivating dudes. I have to say…most of these girls were not hot at all. Some of them didn’t really do any pole work or anything. I mean, I’m no strip club critic, but there definitely is a difference between a higher-end place and a crappy club. The Condor was kind of sad, really. The mirror behind the stage had hand prints all over it, the strippers didn’t look too ‘into it’–I don’t know, it was just mediocre for me.

  4. Kathy M.

    Hot hot hot! Strong drinks, friendly bouncers, and sexy ladies. I’ll definitely be back, especially for another lap dance from the amazingly gorgeous Astrid! This is also a great place for couples. The ladies are treated with respect and I really liked that the bouncers sweep up the money for the girls and help them down from the stage. Its little touches like that that set a place apart. The club itself is really amazing inside – its pretty much a San Francisco institution and has lots of different areas to hang out. The bar/lounge is cool if you want to just have a drink and be casual in your boobie watching, while the main stage gets you up close and personal with your favorite dancers, plus lots of cozy little corners for private dances.

  5. Allan H.

    Sorry, “been there, done that” with the whole North Beach/Broadway scene… There are so many other interesting places out there that I would rather give my money to…. Sadly, this isn’t one of them.

  6. Brian A.

    This used to be a great place. Laid back, friendly women and good atmosphere. It recently got some new hire managing the place and you can feel the ice in the air.Whatever they did, they should not have, take it back, get old management back. The girls wont talk but you can tell, people are missing, the place just aint the same, go elsewhere for fun.First rule of business is to stick with what works, not be an ass, and change things around because you “THINK” your way is better… it isnt!

  7. curtis17

    You have to stop by Andrea at the bar. She is by far the best bartender to engages with us and kept us laughing all night. One of the only reasons I stay as long as I did. Although known for their other activities I only wanted to stay at the bar as long and Andrea is there. Stop by and say hi to her you will enjoy her company guaranteed.

  8. Blare T.

    Best club in the city. Sexy woman, friendly staff. Sports bar, n great food. Watch the fights on the big screen, MMA n UFC. Amazing performances by the girls. Always have a blast when I come here.

  9. Eric S.

    The Condor Club is a “dive bar” of a tittie bar down in North Beach. Cheap cover ($5), drink specials ($4 imports that night), and the most multicultural staff I’ve ever run across. Indian strippers! Seriously?! Friendly staff and a vintage setting (this place was apparently opened as a strip club in the 60’s)as well as a classy dining room make this a definite step back in time to where sexual harrassment was cool and where underground prostution florished in a Barbary Coast sort of way.

  10. L D.

    Always entertaining. Great place to drink. Check in and you get a free wells or beer.

  11. Rosie D.

    Very nice bar and the doorman waz very nice but the bartender suckz at least the one workin last night, not too many people there and i still waited a long time to even get her attention for a drink

  12. Mo C.

    Very nice classy place for my friends and I. I’ve been to a few other clubs and this was the cleanest one. The girls are pretty cute, and I think all the ones we saw were natural, no fake boobs that we saw. Some of the girls seemed really out of it and very into the mirror and not the audience, but other girls were very energetic and friendly. There was one cute girl in particular who was super talkative and perky so we ended up getting a dance from her! Another girl we liked her look and were spending money during her dance, but when she got off the stage sat next to some guys who didn’t end up buying her a dance though we would have if she came to us, we were obviously interested! Drinks were a bit pricey, but they didn’t pressure us to drink a lot so that was good. Overall great experience!

  13. Mandy M.

    My boyfriend and I went there on a Sat. night. It was our first time going to a strip club. The place was empty, but we went around 9:30 p.m. The girls were nice, but no talent. There wasn’t any hot chicks in the place, so no lap dances! THere was a nice guy at the dooor- “Derick” who took us next door to try another place for free. Cheers to him for being a nice guy, but the place needs some hot chicks.

  14. Adrian L.

    My wife and I tried the Condor Club last weekend. We had tried The Hustler Club several times and were walking North Beach when my wife thought we should try something new.We loved the intimate atmosphere of the Condor. Small area around the main stage with the secondary stage in the bar area. The bar itself is amazing, very beautiful bar.The drinks were reasonably priced and dances ranged in price from $20 – $100.Believe it or not someone bought my wife a lap dance with a dancer named India. She was great! It was a two for one so we got some extra time with her. After that she talked to us for a bit before moving on.India also rocked the pole dance, she was amazing. The other dancers were only ok with the pole dancing, although we still loved to watch them.Later we got a private dance with India and had a blast, highly recommended!All in all we had a blast even before getting the dances. The audience was into the dancers and there was a birthday party for some woman who seemed to be having a great time.

  15. -kiko- S.

    The dancers here are so chill and fun to talk to. Really sweet ladies. The Condor is one of my favorites. Lots of different types of girls (and way cute alt girls too!). Girls of different races and sizes, so there’s someone for almost everybody. I get bored at clubs where all the girls look the same, but Condor isn’t like that. The only thing I don’t dig is the music. I think the DJs have to play stuff that represents the club’s “image”. Other than that I like the atmosphere. Neat vintage-y decor.Just so you know, strippers don’t get paid a wage. They actually have to PAY the club to be allowed to work. So don’t be a douchebag- if you’re not going to get a dance, at least tip the ladies. And contrary to popular belief, strippers ARE people. It’s not necessary to be rude or talk shit if you don’t like a particular dancer. And don’t waste their time. They’re at work. People seem to think it’s easy money, but it’s not. Even the most gorgeous girls have to WORK for it. So if you go in with a good attitude and are nice to the ladies, they’ll show you a good time. πŸ™‚

  16. Helen D.

    Went here to watch my friend’s band perform (Kit Ruscoe’s Trio, check them out, they are here every 3rd Friday of the month).Bartender was very friendly, drinks are cheap (probably cause they want you to spend money on the ladies), and location is perfect. During the day (when it’s a music venue and not an “Adult entertainment venue” the curtains are open and it’s a nice spot to people watch (right on the corner of Columbus and Broadway). It’s a very old-fashioned stripclub, with a nice feel to it.At 6pm sharp the curtains closed and the ladies came down for their show. Pretty ladies, didn’t stay for the show, but my friend did and he enjoyed it.

  17. larry1

    Got to see a golden retriever bang on the drums… Or, was that a young man with a Bieber hair-doo, wearing a red Neckerchief? Anyway, I thought it was really cool that the band let him join in on their little jam session. He was pretty good. Didn’t see any bodacious tatas, or any tatas for that matter, as we visited in the middle of the day.I’ve walked by this place on many, many occasions in the evening and I have to say that it wasn’t as skeevy as I thought it would be. The side entrance looks just like a regular bar (somewhat burlesque-y/saloony in dΓ©cor). And the bigger room off the main entrance looked like a dark burlesque-y restaurant (actually, it kind of reminds me of Spaghetti Factory’s decor – fancy brothel), complete with booths, a stage, and flat screens encased in gilded frames… classy. If you’re in the area, you should check it out. Too shy? Check it out in the daytime. But, It’s not touted as the first topless and bottomless entertainment venue for nothing. It’s the original “gentlemen’s” club… soft core since ’64!

  18. Rob S.

    I think this place is fn awesome. Went there on a Saturday afternoon and listened to an amazing band, had some cold beers and a steak dinner. Windows and curtains open, bands playing, another beautiful day in SF, life is good. Attracts a great friendly crowd. Staff is super cool. Met Mark, DT, Sam and Jeremy. All really cool guys. Had their steak dinner and some cold beers and met some great people. Good food, beer and people. Later on the girls come out and play. Super cool girls, very friendly, and gorgeous. Thanks for the great time

  19. nickstrip

    Easily the best strip club in San Francisco. I consider myself to be more of a concert goer, or an occasional art gallery peruser at night, but a random visit to this place converted me! The Condor is just so much more interesting than any other club out there. So much style and presentation. It’s like Suicide Girls meets burlesque show meets rock club. The victorian-style maroon and gold wallpaper pattern is everywhere and cloaks the whole club in a warm vintage, classy feel. The vibe is always fun and friendly, and the girls are amazing and unique. Without a doubt, my favorite is Cassandra, the fiery-haired goddess. WOW. She’s sexy and intelligent, and all around stunning. Her presence is amazing and she’s got the most interesting and on-point personality. Don’t deny yourself and your friends a night here, it’s one of those unique San Francisco gems.

  20. Jac C.

    I cannot commend Mark, Francis and their staff enough for making my wife’s 30th birthday one of the best nights we’ve ever had. It was 5 star service from the moment we walked in. We were out to have a good time celebrating and they made sure it happened.They were even cool with me bringing a cake in and serving it at the table. It of course, had boobs on it, just for the occasion. The dancers were great, courteous and Lola gave my wife and I a great private dance. I also had my wife pulled up on stage for a bit of a more public “roast” which was AWESOME!!! Thank you so much for a great night. We’ll be back, very soon.

  21. Paolo D.

    We stopped in here during the day i.e. before it’s a topless club. The band playing at the time were absolutely insanely good. They call themselves Los Diablos de Amor and are completely worth checking out. Overall, this seems like a cool place to kick it and get a few drinks.

  22. StripClub431

    Mike and V are excellent bartenders who were extremely helpful and knowledgable of the area. Thanks for being awesome! Service is GREAT.

  23. fuckery12

    recently had one of those hangover (the movie) kind of nights. blacked out completely so i cant comment on my experience at this club but.. after waking up in a dark alleyway in sf the following morning i realized i could not find my iphone 4s. chalked it up as a loss and figured id never find it. a buddy of mines calls my cell phone (unaware that id lost it) and the manager answers. they actually have my phone right now and will hold it for me until i pick it up tomorrow, how spectacular is that!?ill definitely bring business back to this place next time im in sf, just hope i remember my experience next time! hahah

  24. Vicky T.

    Stage stuff is meh… the one of one is hilarious We got comp’d so getting in for free was nice… This was stop #1 on the bachelor tour…. The girls were nice enough and the bachelor got a warm up for the rest of the evening

  25. mathewater12

    The best club in the city! The manager is super friendly, the women are beautiful and love what they do (it’s always an amazing show, especially on Friday/Saturday!), and they have drink and dance specials. I’ve been to The Condor a few times and went last night with some friends after the Giants game. We ordered bottle service and the welcoming attitude I received from all employees ensured I’ll be back–this is my go-to Gentlemen’s club in SF!

  26. Genaro R.

    Super cool! Had an awesome time here watching my nerdy friends get lap dances. Ask for Valentine!!! She descended on me like a sensual torpedo. Me encanta esa mujer es la mera onda.

  27. XhXeXy

    Awesome live music from 3-6 pm, strip club at night. Veronica and Lonny make us feel like family. My all time favorite place to hang out in the city

  28. Larry S.

    Michelle, she’s “my belle”, the sweet and sexy pole master artist. She takes my breath away. She’s why I go to The Condor. Otherwise I’d get pizza.

  29. Samanta V.

    Note the fifth star on this rating is cause the founder (Carole Doda) is my cousin. – not that she’s involved anymore, but her photos are on the walls, and without her, and her club – well I wouldn’t be here (cause that’s how my mom met my dad…)but enough about personal history.Took a group of guys visiting me from Mexico here in January – we had a great time. At the time I thought it was still a sports bar … but I (and they) were pleasantly surprised to find it not) The girls were nice, they weren’t pushy. The music was kickin, the table was comfy and the drinks were strong. I should deduct 1 star for the soundsystem sounding like it had blown speakers, but then several of the other clubs we hit that night sounded the say way – so I guess it’s par for the course.I wish they would make it more retro again, long ago it had an amazing vibe, and yes, it still has an amazing vibe – but it’s different. There is a lot of history (and ya I’m a little biased) in this joint, and they could certainly parlay that into big $.

  30. Josiane O.

    My girlfriends took me there for my 40th bday. It was a surprise for me! I had the best bday ever. We were 7 ladies, all married. We had drinks, we had vip seats, courtesy of Marc the manager. He even play an Enrique Iglesias song for me!!!! That was the best part of my bday. Love the place. The girls were nice and there was always a girl on stage. I don’t know when i will go back, probably next bday celebration of one of my friend. Had a great time!

  31. Alan B.

    Stopped in while I was in town for a visit. The girls were friendly and I had a great time, especially with a blond named Jenni. She was whack.

  32. beth b.

    Haven’t been to many… or really any clubs to compare it to, but Condor Club, I am pleasantly surprised. I walked in without expectations, but it delivered as if I did. Comfortable atmosphere, delightful beverages, nice stage show, friendly ladies, some impressive moves on the pole… and I might be back. Special nod to India, with the best showmanship in the house. I wouldn’t have pegged myself as the “buy a private dance” type-o-gal… apparently I am.

  33. harryharry

    The Condor Club is a name attached to groundbreaking history in the adult entertainment business – the original club in the location was purportedly the world’s first topless and bottomless entertainment venue (which only lasted for a few years, until California made full nudity illegal in establishments that served alcohol). The club hasn’t been there continuously (it changed hands multiple times, re-opened as a sports bar, etc.) but now it is the Condor once more! A friend and I got in for free on a slow night, and checked it out. It’s a pretty typical dive-y club, located alongside the others in North Beach with blaring neon signs. The inside is dark and provides plenty of corners for suitable anonymity. The main stage is large, with a mirrored back wall and a nice tall pole for acrobatics and such. There are tables and chairs at varying distances from the stage, depending on how much you want to get into the action.As with any club, the dancers vary significantly in body type, style, talent, and how engaged they are with their dancing and the audience. While I was there, I saw three performers. One was alright, doing the sway-and-pose. The second seemed totally disinterested in being there, and I’m not sure that anyone tipped during her two songs because she seemed so bored! The third performer was pretty spectacular – a woman with a curvy, all-natural body, very gymnastic and clearly having a good time on stage (or really good at faking it). She was wonderful to watch, and I sort of wish I’d stuck around to watch her when she came up again.I didn’t pay a cover, but the weak gin and tonic I had was $6.50. The waitress was friendly and pretty prompt. The DJ was completely unintelligible, never could understand what he was saying about the dancers or specials.

  34. Meena N.

    I actually had a good time here. The drinks were pretty good, and when I asked the bartender to surprise me, he did well. Drinks are reasonably priced and there’s an awesome happy hour that goes on as well. The girls- well you can’t really judge since they always change. Although when I went, this girl.. she wasn’t hot- she was beautiful and for SOME reason when she asked me if I wanted a lapdance I blushed, became all shy all of a sudden and shook my head while i squeaked a meek “no thank you” I like the fact that this place has a lot of history, and I kinda like how you can tell. The decor- plush velvet seating, dark and dim screams… i don’t know.. old-time sleazy.. which I love. I like how at this place the girls don’t push it for you to buy a dance. They ask, and they leave. They don’t hustle you like other places do.

  35. tonycluber

    This place is an awesome bar/strip club if you are looking for a great night out! Stopped by here on a Wednesday of all nights, and had one of the more memorable and fun Wednesday’s that I have had in a while. For the most part, the women were very attractive and not pushy and demanding. I have been coming to the Condor for a while, but something seems to surprise each time I come and for that I am very appreciative…and the last time I came here, the thing I was appreciative for most was Aria. Do yourself a favor and try and be there on a night when she is as well. She’s got blue hair, you can’t miss her. A+ Talent πŸ™‚

  36. Juan Jose E.

    Come here to visit, servers are friendly, the drinks are awesome… Maximize the experience by bringing a beautiful girl with you..

  37. Jack P.

    It’s a sports and topless bar. The ladies are friendly and hot. Going back to watch the UFC.

  38. rickywho2

    The place itself is very nice, extravagant, and unique. I love the decor, inside and out. The staff is all very friendly, accommodating and helpful. I cannot stress this enough!The food was good, I had the chicken Caesar salad. The menu is better than many of these types of places. The drinks were good and the prices were more than reasonable.The screens for the UFC event were good, the seats were very comfortable (important for a full UFC event). The sound is off until the main event, but it was great.I was very impressed with the quality and talent of the dancers/performers. This was a real experience, which is why people go out in the first place. They were having fun, the audience was having fun, the dancers put on a great show! Astrid, Molly, Candy, & India were among my favorites.You can have as much fun as you want, but I’d recommend the tables by the stage. You can see the screens and you’re right up near the stage to throw some money and appreciation to the talent.Highly recommended, even if you’ve never been to an adult entertainment club – a good night out! Great for couples, too!I’d also recommend dressing up fancy, you’ll enjoy the experience more.

  39. Patrick G.

    Was here last night and had a blast. Jennifer was a great server and Milana was fun to hang out with and gave a great dance. Then I get home and see a totally unconcerning and incorrect comment to my previous review. I was never kicked out and I politely tipped dancers that were terrible last time. Dear Alicia, Even though you own a strip club, in a perfect location, you still have a lot to learn about cusomter service. Instead of making up a lie to try to “slam” me, you should probably try to address the situation and find out what went wrong with the customer experience. Just sayin’.

  40. Sarah P.

    Like other reviewers, I too stumbled into this place not knowing it was a strip club. My friend and I were drinking in Chinatown, decided to wander over to North Beach for some food and this place looked really cute inside. The manager was super friendly, sat us in the bar area and even bought us drinks. We had nachos, which were exactly what you’d expect at a strip club. Delicious nasty cheese sauce. The food did take a bit longer than usual but it’s all good, we were enjoying the view anyhow. The girls are really cute, and really sweet. Not your usual tore up looking strippers, these girls are young and attractive. The decor is really nice, clean bathrooms, and I love love love the main stage area. It’s very old school and classy, more like a burlesque old fashioned type of stage. My friend ended up losing her keys that night and went back to the Condor the next day to see if she left them there, negative, but she said they had a live band playing that night. Sweet!

  41. igor34

    They have some cool live bands here and the burlesque shows are truly something else.I’ve met some interesting people here , partied with them and had some great drinks here among other things.This is also a great place to watch sports especially boxing and ufc.Yes, they do have the pay per view fights here.Theres all kinds of characters here, I guess I really add to that too.One time I even came in with a poncho and a sombrero on.I did rails here once.The door guys are pretty cool.They always look so professional.

  42. Brian V.

    One of my brohams was leaving the country for a new job and Saturday was his send-off. We started drinking around 2 pm then bussed it to Broadway so we could eat at Giordano. Deciding to barhop, we somehow ended up at the Condor Club. The Condor Club’s decor is a throwback to the old days…velvet plush chairs…very oldschool, very sleezy…think Hugh Hefner’s den in his prime. Not really realizing this was a strip club, we hit up the bar. Our bartender was a true scumbag…Rick…a savory but unsavory fellow if you catch my drift. He drank a shot for every round we ordered and we started out with jaegar bombs at $7.50. Eventually, the price went down to $5.00 and the adventure started from there.Time flies and soon the lights dim and the curtains get closed. Buxom babes start entering the venue and being to swasted…we still do not understand until the show has begun. Strippers come out to the bar to lure us into the showroom. Giggling like little children, reliving our high school days when we used fake IDs to get into titty bars, we ran to a booth and fixed our eyes upon the stage. The first chick worked the pole pretty well however, the second chick made the night. Coaxing us guys to the front while the girlfriends were chortling behind, she allowed a couple friends to motorboat, instantly making their nights…shout out to lil hootsies. In this business, the girls pay the club so it’s their job to swindle. However, the majority of the girls were not that pushy and were pretty rad. Realizing that we would not buy dances, they decided to accept drinks as payment for time. While our girlfriends looked on in disbelief, round after round was tossed to the back of our tonsils, making me too scared to check my wellsfargo account. The Condor is an old fashioned titty bar. It’s fun to come with your friends and get blasted with Rick the bartender or observe the clientele with lowered brimmed hats. Be careful if you come with a significant other…motorboating even in jest can lead to a debocle of Hiroshima proportions…bhaahahahah

  43. One Black Mans POV.. ..

    Bachelor party…2nd stop.Better than “Hungry I” around the corner.Stripper said 20 girls were working that night. Well only 3 of them had cute faces and nice bodies…the rest were not cute. All of the strippers were pretty laid back. A couple cute ones even came and sat with us for a while.Plenty of space to sit. French fries were good. Dancing wasn’t great, so I didn’t seperate from one of my 20 dollar bills for a dance. Although one girl inspired me to give up a dollar…cuz she worked that pole like seasoned pro. Atlanta strip clubs are 10 times better than out here…so my standards may be a little to high.Security was pretty chill too. They let us in for free and didn’t even make a big deal at the end of the night when the sh*t-faced bachelor climbed on stage and started dancing on the pole.

  44. Armando G.

    This place sucks. We ended up here after drinking. We were starving and stoped by. What a mistake. We ordered food thinking that we would get it in time so we could catch the last train going to the east bay. BIG FAT NEGITIVE. 45 min. past and still no food. When we asked for our money back they stalled twic hoping the food would get here in time. Nope. We went back for a third time preshering the manager for our money. The girls were halfway decent looking. I have seen better and been with better.

  45. Christina A.

    Amazing club πŸ™‚ I came here the other day to meet a gf for a drink and really enjoyed the vibe of this club. Sexy ladies, strong drinks, and this place is a historical landmark. What’s not to like πŸ˜‰ There were girls of all differently nationalities and looks, it was like the UN in there, but way sexier. The ladies are good at what they do and really enjoy themselves. I really appreciated how on point the service was from the doorman to the floor manager. All around great time if you just want to relax after a long day of work or come in to party with some friends πŸ™‚

  46. danielson

    Eh…Personally I wouldn’t come back. The dancers were sub par and the venue started to feel very grungy and dirty as the night went on. And not to mention the drink prices were outrageous. The bar on the other half of the club was okay. They live band they had playing was horrible but that’s not their fault.

  47. Cliff S.

    Condor Club, seedy characters welcome.Step foot through an open window and transport yourself into the wild birdhouse. It has a faded Victorian decor, like you wormholed into a saloon from the 1800’s. The aging, fraying of upholstery parallels the wear and drudgery on the faces of dancers. Maybe it was because i got the day time crowd, but as terrible as it is to say, the fish, for the most part, was not sushi grade. Regardless it is a fun time. The creepers are too busy distracted by tits so for the lushes, you can easily have a free for all with the reasonable alcohol. They do their $5 5-7pm jagerbomb specials so if you dig redbull and jager, go nuts. One of the bartenders, Rick, is quite the merry fellow but has a silvery tongue capable of jedi mind tricking you into going several rounds deep.Bottom line, Condor is an excellent choice for occasions that demand social gatherings at adult venues. As we all know many gatherings require such places right?

  48. joseph1k

    Starla- all I can say is she is AWESOME. I went in with my boyfriend and she waited for us to get up from stage and was very happy to give us a couples dance. She has the best attitude and is super cute with her all natural/ Bettie Paige look. Definitely recommend. And this club is pretty cute. We were expecting a total dive but the place is very cute with a lot of history.

  49. Marc V.

    This last time was, I think, all-in-all the best so far. It’s nice to watch a group of talent develop in terms of their stage presence, acts, interaction with the audience. This time the acts were really good – Kitty had only one really bad comedian (people were talking about paying him just to leave the stage) – and the rest were top notch. Kitty herself was in great form (she has a real talent for organization and presentation). The staff was really good – hats off to Mark and the guys. Everyone is really pulling it all together. San Francisco is going to have a real honest to goodness cabaret!I think the next one is the 23rd of Feb and then the following one is the 23rd of March./m

  50. alicia w.

    I just want to throw it out there that this place is a hidden gem. It’s North Beach, a tourist spot, so the drinks aren’t bottom of the barrel cheap, but they have tons of specials, just ask your bartender. Usually it’s Kat or Erik. The manager, Mark, is also extremely friendly and helpful. The staff is top-notch!If you want the ideal experience, be nice to the girls, and for God’s sake, tip them! Those girls work hard and as it’s been said previously…they don’t get hourly. If they look disinterested, it’s most likey because people are acting like it’s a free show.My favorites are Luna, Michelle, Marisa, Stella, Milana & Ryan. Lux is full of dry humor and moxie.Head in if you want to be entertained, not offended. πŸ™‚

  51. John G.

    Holy skank,

  52. Ned G.

    Went there for lunch on a Friday afternoon. Just wanted a drink and lunch. Sat at the bar ordered a cheese burger and beer. Waited 45 minutes for the cheeseburger, had to get it to go because the cook missed the order. I was the ONLY person in the place. Get back to the office to eat my lunch at my desk and no cheese on the burger. Waste of my entire lunch hour. Passing by, I thought it would be funny to eat lunch in a strip bar. But it was lame, they played crappy stripper music way too loud the entire time. No strippers in the place. I will never go back. I learned my lesson, damn I hate it when life schools me. Lame.

  53. Mistercap12

    I was walking down the street after having dinner with my wife when a man said good evening, would you two enjoy some entertainment for the evening. Only to realize I was standing in front of a strip club! As I looked at my wife my first thought was no. But something about his good looks about his non aggressive demeanor I’m guessing was inviting to my wife because she looked at me at the same time I looked at her and she had the expression of ..why not?I think the door guys name was Nigel. He was hospitable yet entertaining , and his greeting was warm and inviting. Definitely a firm handshake.The Latin girl at the register was a fox! You guys need to put her on stage!!The bar staff was friendly and prompt, the girls were all nice to my wife, and very down to earth, floor staff did did a great job seating us, and made sure we were enjoying ourselves. If I’m ever in North Beach again, I definitely be going back.

  54. Ian G.

    Another great visit to what I still consider to be the best club in SF. Great management- shoot out to DT and bar staff. A selection of girls for all tastes. Ember is the go-to for me – awesome dancing and a great girl to talk to and hang with. Look out for Frankie too. Reasonable bar prices and good food if that’s your bag. Well worth a visit.

  55. Kelly G.

    Great service. Really tasty drinks. Always have a great time! Love love love the girls, the men in charge especially NORM I LOVE YOU!! and the bartender!!

  56. Lew A.

    Mostly nasty, unattractive women here……….no need to say more, just pass this place by without wasting your time and money!

  57. Troy R.

    Went to this establishment last night and had a blast. Friendly girls. Only a few were slightly pushy. We were told there were 17 girls working which seemed true and good for a Wednesday. There were several hot chicks. Sequoia was smoking hot and gave a great lap dance.

  58. Salem G.

    The right mix of laid back but not scuzzy. Wide variety of girls. Lots of tattooed/punk/goth looking girls too, if you’re into that.Champagne rooms are the same amount of experience you’ll get in other topless clubs, but way cheaper.Club has a sort of old (but not gross) look to it. Very vintage.

  59. Misty C.

    Love the staff and managers. Always great to go to a club that appreciates the customer and goes above and beyond. We always go with a group 6-10 people and have a great time. There is no other club in SF we go to that treat there clients (been there)like family. You want a gentlemen’s club that makes you feel like more then a customer go to the condor

  60. Audrey K.

    This place is very extravagant and has very nice interior, but the girls weren’t all that special. I’ve been to Lil Darlings and Crazy Horse (few years ago) which weren’t at all that nice indoors and pretty seedy, but at least some of their girls were far more talented and better looking. Condor girls need to be more discrete cos when I went to use their restroom, a couple performers were so fucked up they’d push they way into the stahl cutting me off and shoving the door right into me. The men managing were pretty considerate and chill at this place tho. They were always walking by to keep the place organized and asking us girls if we were doing okay. Oh and the bouncer was nice enough to let me and my friend in for free with the catch that we purchased drink tokens instead. I told him I was pregnant, but as agreed me and my friend went to the bar and one of the men who seemed to hold some authority paid for my drinks (water)! How nice!! But oh my god, they need more graceful performers. And I suggest they have their girls use their own restroom. They’re public ladies room was far too small and in reality, this business so pretty could really use some discretion. I mean, I’m not idiot and I’m capable of understanding the struggle of that lifestyle. But their guest don’t need to be exposed go what these girls are doing behind the curtain. I just expected a lot more from such a pretty place. I wish their girls were prettier or at least better performers cos I’d still like to have a ladies night here. The interiors incredibly stunning and management was very helpful!

  61. mark r.

    went here on a Friday night with a group of friends. we all got in for free which was cool. surprisingly half the club was full of women who weren’t the strippers. the place serves booze which isn’t too badly priced. as for the quality of strippers, they might as well called this place cougars.

  62. DexterRexter

    I mainly wanted to say thanks to Mark, who was awesome throughout our dealings. I made reservations for my wife and I a few months prior. Mark went out of his way to make us feel welcome. He even suggested other clubs and restaurants that we might enjoy. After our visit he actually offered to have one of his employees walk is to our next stop. Mark is a genuine good dude!The Condor itself was a great place. Plenty of dancers for all tastes. The drinks and service were also great. We will definitely visit again when in town.

  63. AssnTits5

    I’ve been to strip clubs across the country and Condor has the most welcoming staff and dancers ever. Like most strip clubs, it’s changed a lot in the past year, and the current manager, Mark, is awesome–he’s hospitable and honest and will go to great lengths to make sure you are having a great time. Not an easy strip club find! It also looks like he’s done a lot to make sure the dancers he hires are equal parts professional, witty, and beautiful. Every night is a great show, with a variety of dance styles and, my favorite, the super-tall pole that dancers will climb up and suddenly drop down. I also think it’s cool that they have bands play there, though I usually don’t get in early enough to catch the music. One more thing on the to-do list!

  64. Rosita R.

    Had a great time with my Hubbie we’ve been here once and everyone was very welcoming when we told them it was our first time at the Condor. Diverse group of decent looking girls and nice.

  65. rogerrab2

    Happy Halloween! Great atmosphere. Friendly staff. Fun and amazing performers. India is the best!

  66. Anna D.

    Extremely friendly and chill place. Bartenders are fantastic! Great place to come for a drink!

  67. winston12

    Fun place. When I found out my husband hadn’t been to a strip club in almost 2 decades, I joked that we should go to North Beach for Valentine’s Day thinking there was no way he’d want to. Well it turns out that the Condor was having a Valentine’s special – bottle of champagne and entry for a couple for only $20. We figured why not. Could be fun. We ended up having a great time. The girls were very sweet and it seems like a generally classy place. Of course they push the lap dances, which he wasn’t interested in. That’s the only not great part. I know that’s how they make their money, but after a while it gets old getting sold every 5 minutes. We were dressed well so I guess they figured we would spend a lot of money. The couple next to us go a dance and I guess she wasn’t happy with the cost vs. the amount of time, but everyone else seemed to enjoy their dances. It was fun and I felt comfortable as a women in the club. The girls were coo’ing over some of my jewelry and being super sweet and friendly.

  68. Xian Pao T.

    Picture #17, this bitch had no moves. She’d be doing her thing to some fast beat 80’s-early 90’s song. leaning up against the mirror on stage slowly touching herself, looking hella scared. Sorry but it just wasn’t sexy to me and my 10 buddies. We laughed straight through her S#!7. NO STAR FOR YOU! The indian stripper chick was… well i don’t know… it’s like one of those times when you’re not sure how to react, so you just knod your head and smile politely while applauding lightly for her effort. But in your mind you’re like WTF is going on here!?!The bar behind the stage, was cool. The bartender broads were cool, but was surprised that she didn’t know how to make a henn-drop. Suppose to be a shot of henny and red-bull. Instead I got a mix drink of henny and redbull with ice. 1-star for you bartender.Now I know that hella people is giving this place 4-5 stars because of it’s historical past and all, but F#@K HISTORIC VALUE. I CAME HERE TO DRANK AND SEE SOME TIT-TAYS! CLAKITY-CLAK!If I wanted to see history I’d go to a museum bitches!

  69. Lexi B.

    I sure as shit didn’t plan on stumbling into the Condor Club. It just…happened. I was at an another innocent evening at Nick’s Crispy Tacos (I explored the $2.00 quesadilla aka fried tortilla sans cheese). I was hanging out with a friend from out of town, when her dad pops up from out of no where and whisks us away on an “Urban Safari”. What is an urban safari one would ask? Me, in the back of a zebra print-painted truck wearing a safari hat while being forced to sing “In the jungle the mighty jungle the lion sleeps tonight” while my friend’s dad cracked jokes about his ex-wife. Personal. Hell. Anyway, after visiting the giant red balls at 101 California (insert cheesy joke about “giant red balls”) and walking around Union Square in a pith hat praying to god I didn’t see anyone I knew, we ended up at the Condor Club. Strange, yes. Sober, completely.Her dad proceeds to tell us one of the urban legends from the 80s surrounding this place. I like the way the bouncer told it to us, though:”So the manager was fucking one of the dancers on top of the piano. And this piano wasn’t any normal piano, it was this super tricked out one that lifted and lowered from the ceiling for special shows and shit. Well he’s doin’ her right on that thing, and rumor has it that he embezzlled a shit ton of money or something. They think one of the other guys whoops and hits the switch and the piano goes up in the ceiling, crushing him. And he was really fat, so the chick was totally fine. It was murder for sure.”After laughing at this wonderful display of storytelling (oral tradition didn’t die with the mesopotamians), he lets us all in to actually see the piano. I walk in and see a very flat-chested stripper doing a pole dance on the main stage. I immediately wonder if my less than gratuitous rack could earn a buck or two. Damn those student loans! We go to the main bar and get hollered at and welcomed by the bartenders–which was reassuring! Then we make our way to the piano.Sparkley and white, it still hangs from the ceiling. Who knew such deep history could be found in such a hedonistic place? I gotta say, for this reason, I like the Condor Club. I really do. It’s trashy, it’s dark, it’s got a story. It’s not just your run-of-the-mill strip club. Hedonists enjoy!

  70. billtheguy12

    My gorgeous girlfriend and I have been to Condor Club at least 10 times since our move to San Francisco. What keeps us coming back? The dancers are amazing. Every taste you have is met here. Cassandra the Celtic fire trussed beauty is our favorite. June has the body of an Asian Goddess. The dancers are real women with real bodies. They are personable and warm. The bartenders and waitresses actually care if you’re having a great time. Rocky is amazing and will ensure you’re well taken care of. If you want sexy fun this is the place for you.

  71. Lawrence K.

    interesting.wait. i can do a little bit better.very interesting.the interior is very warm, reddish, velvety. the bar wraps around a small space in the back but is enormous and friendly. i was curious & now I know.Drink prices were definitely way on the high side. but I found the girls highly engaged in my wallet. So they are definitely on target.i would take a date here. probably save you money unless she drinks champagne. seriously, $17 a glass. wtf – that glass needs to come with a complementary … something.Also the word is the food checks out. but i didn’t verify.

  72. Andrew F.

    Been here twice in the last year to celebrate two separate friends ritualistic rights of passage..[aka Bachelor Party]. The girls were extremely friendly and the entire establishment seemed well run and organized–meaning that they hoovered my savings account in its entirety. Alcohol mixed with a strip club transforms me into Adam “Pac Man” Jones without the 4.35 40 yard dash speed and the most important part: an NFL contract. Next time I am leaving my check card in the hotel room. Hey, but at least my money went towards stimulating the economy, right?riiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.

  73. adamrod

    A historic land mark and Hands down a fine establishment for buffoonery, entertainment, and quality service. I come here monthly for the UFC fights and I’m never disappointed. They have the most beautiful women in San Francisco for an adult club who definitely know how to put on a show and their private dances never disappoint. Mark is the man and knows how to run a quality club inside and out. Last night I was here for the “Rousey Lousy” match and I had a blast. Georgia peach was the highlight of my night!

  74. sarah s.

    one stripper was so flexibile she can lick herself. nuff said.

  75. Cy C.

    I can here with a good friend of mine on a whim. We just ate at the King of Thai (awesome place btw), and we were walking up and down Broadway looking for some *ahem* entertainment. We saw Condor because they don’t have a cover free before 7 pm so we were like oh cool and plus $5 draft beer for Bud Light. It changes each day I believe.We got in and I asked for that draft beer. Hostess said no that’s only for Sunday. I was like what the heck!? You have a sign outside that says so and your valet/bouncer said the same thing. But I didn’t want to be too much trouble so I just said I’ll get a rum and coke and so did my friend. The music sucks to be honest. I want some nice upbeat, almost club like music to get the girls all hyped up to dance. But we got old school rock that almost put me to sleep. At the back of my mind, I was expecting to get rick-rolled or something by the MC.So now on to the dancers.There was only 3 dancers when we came by so we all watched them perform twice. First dancer was ok, Kiki’s her name I think, she did her thing and she got some tips from us. She has excellent butt that looks like a peach and it was oh so good to look at.Third dancer, Michelle, was phenomenal!! All she did was took out her rag, doused it with rubbing alcohol and started wiping down the pole. I was like, oh sweet, I like a hygienic stripper. But she did it in a very sexy and seductive way and the tips started coming in before she even danced. Then she started climbing that pole all the way up and came down all spinning and doing crazy pole gymnastics. I was like daaaaaang, *throws dollahs*She was awesome and though she’s a bit petite, I really like her.The second dancer . . . . ..well she’s gonna be forever be unnamed by me. I’ll just forget her and just focus on the positives instead, ok?Place is quite dated and stale for me. The bar section is a lot better than the stage and all I only spent 3 minutes to compare the two. I personally think Gold’s Club is a lot better venue than this.

  76. David B.

    Excellent service, beautiful women… Worth every penny I spent. Definitely will be back.

  77. Stephanie N.

    The Condor Club is the worst part about living in North Beach. They play terrible live music on the weekends and all their windows open. You can’t escape the bad music. Never will I ever enjoy a nice a Saturday at home. Thanks a lot, Condor.

  78. Hyung L.

    Friday….happy hour…..I’m at the Royal Exchange and the following convo happens trying to figure out the next destination.”Let’s go to Broadway””cool where?””what about that sports bar on Columbus and Braodway””man it’s been awhile since I’ve been there suuure lets go””Yah it’s a tapas bar” (our friend actually said topless)So we get there pay 5 bucks to get in and its a strip club! What the hell happened to the sports bar. lol No small plates of food…the game wasn’t playing…and it’s really dark….super “affectionate” staff. lol So we stayed, drank, ate and were just all around merry.

  79. Lawrence F.

    I just went there yesterday and it is the best topless bar on Broadway. No Cover between 6 and 7 who could ask for more? Very cute showgirls. Check out Bailey, tall hot blonde very nice body and very flexible who works there. had a great time definitley will go there again.

  80. eddyL

    The Condor Club is a Gentlemen’s club on the corner of Broadway and Columbus in the heart of North Beach. The club has quite a bit of history as it was originally the first topless burlesque in our fine country. The original Condor closed decades ago, but the club was recently re-opened by Deja Vu as restaurants and bars came and went.As you enter the club, the stage is directly in front of you with seating surrounding it and about five or six booths for groups. A few flat panel TVs hang on the wall to air the game or music videos. Furthermore, the club has the best bar of all the gentlemen club’s on the strip. The bar is on the opposite side of the stage, but is quite spacious and typically is the center of the action with another mini-stage behind you where another dancer can practice her moves.The bar itself can get a little busy, packed, and crowded, especially on a Friday or Saturday night. There’s drink specials every night and beers run about $5 with mixed drinks along the same price, premium liquor running a little higher. If you don’t want to wait for the bartender, seat yourself in the other room and have the cocktail waitress get your drinks. The club also have a menu with surprisingly good food including fries, burgers, chicken sandwiches, salads, enchiladas, quesadillas, and more. The food is made at the Hustler Club and brought over since there’s no kitchen at the Condor. The food can take anywhere from fifteen to twenty minutes to be served, depending on the crowd.The area behind the bar houses a very private and spacious VIP section, which I find to be much more nicer than other clubs in San Francisco. VIP dances go from $40 and up, with specials throughout the night. The strippers range as many come and go throughout the year. Additionally, as some work at other clubs in the city, you might run into a familiar face from one of the other clubs. Furthermore, the club has a broad range of girls including white, black, Hispanic, Asian, middle-eastern, etc. You can count on having a good time at The Condor Club as long as you have money. If you don’t have money or refuse to tip or get a lap dance, don’t bother coming. You waste the time of the girls and look like a cheap-ass. However, if you come for the bar, stay at the bar and the girls will not bother you. Don’t be afraid to buy them a drink! They will remember you and won’t talk smack about you to the next girl.

  81. Angela S.

    Always walk by, never been in, finally did, blah, blah, blah.I really dug The Condor. It’s the oldest strip club in the city, so it’s got a lot of history behind it, and that’s pretty cool. It’s got that classic old – fashioned strip club vibe, with the red velvet curtains, classic – looking bar, and artwork that you can tell has been there since back in the day, like the girl with the light – up nipples. It’s also got a piano hanging from the ceiling by the bar. I’m not sure if it’s the same one that crushed a manager and a dancer while there were having sex on it when the hydraulics kicked in and smashed them into the ceiling, but it’s pretty cool.But that’s not why you go to The Condor! You go to get drunk! Just kidding. The drinks are alright, normal pricing for a strip club, which is not cheap, but they do have a lot of really good drink specials pretty much every day.Well, none of this really matters if the girls aren’t hot, right? Well….yeah, they have some pretty hot girls. As with many Broadway clubs, there is a very wide variety of talent. Some more…talented than others, but they’ve got tattooed girls, thicker girls, skinny girls, strippery – looking stripper girls with their fake tits and whatnot. Only saw a few pole tricks, but the funny thing about strip clubs (and probably the most important to remember) is that they are subject to change every night. The vibe, the energy, the dancers, the probability that the cops will show up….Fucking Broadway. Gotta love it.

  82. curtis17

    My fave strip club on Broadway hands down! The girls are talented and the drinks are strong. Plus, it’s a historical landmark. Most of the male staff is super cute too, which is a bonus. So. Go!

  83. maxxy1

    Came here on a friday night at around 2am, and we made it for last drinks. The guy at the door were nice enough to let us in without a cover because we were veterans, which is always a plus in my book. The place is huge and the drinks were relatively cheap. The girls weren’t too pushy, they’ll leave you alone if you aren’t specifically looking for dances. I can’t remember much due to me being slammered and I had my girlfriend with me so I couldn’t oogle as much hahah

  84. Morris D.

    Came here on a Saturday afternoon maybe around 1-130..there was a me, my lady, the bartender, 3 guys playing music (no set list, they just appeared to be “jamming” ) and a funny looking German tourist with a red handkerchief around his neck. Very casual. Anyways, it was just a really laid back, fun atmosphere. Anymore people would have probably ruined it. We saw that Carol Doda pic. We both agreed big asses must not have been nearly as popular in the early 70s..I can imagine that this place isn’t nearly as fun or eclectic at night. As with most things I review I recommend going during the day…

  85. XXXbeast

    I went to the condor club on this past Monday and I was absolutely blown away. First off they had a gigantic pole where there was a stripper who climbed all the way to the top and literally walked on the ceiling and wall. It was amazing. After which there was a classy cabaret show with a fucking rocking live jazz band, so great. Not only were the woman extremely sexy, but they were also funny and interesting. It was like each girl had an image to portray. The belly dancer rocky was amazing, never seen anyone move like her. Kinder had amazing costumes and outfits. Astrid was absolutely alluring. Franky had this beautiful steam punk sort of look to her and was an amazing short haired beauty. They gave away prizes, they had funny skits in between. This club was an experience that I will never forget. On top of that, I’m in the navy and was hoping to show my other friends in town for fleet week the show. Even though he said it was in not a monthly thing, their general manager, mark, told us to give him a call and he would get as many of the girls together that he could to put on another show. I was blown away by the level of customer service by someone who really cared. I love this place and will miss it when I leave. Please do yourself a favor and check this place out.

  86. Suzette R.

    I went to the Condor one random night and got a few drinks with some girlfriends. It’s a cool spot, live music and good strong drinks! The bartenders were not bad to look at either…However, I don’t know why I’m a total douche bag magnet, this random guy came up to me and asked me for a kiss? What the hell! Right? So I told him that my boyfriend wouldn’t appreciate it and that his breath was totally rank! So then apologized and walked away! True story…honesty is truly the best policy!

  87. Karen D.

    The Condor’s marketing appears to be trying to profit from its history as the original SF titty bar, it’s not burlesque in here.Nice, small club, friendly girls but when I was in there they didn’t seem to want to hustle- this is great for the cheapasses but I wanted to yell at them to get up and make money.And what’s with guys sitting at the stage and not tipping? If you’re at the stage you always tip!!!

  88. Julia N.

    Wandered in here after a long day at work with a friend thinking it was just some dive bar in North Beach. It had really nice big open windows with empty tables sitting in the sun just begging us to sit in them. Oh hey, there’s a stripper pole. Nice. We ordered a beer and sat near the window with light streaming in; I was nice and toasty and loving my Corona. AhhhhSuddenly the owner came by and said that it was time to close up the curtains. We had just sat down so naturally we were disappointed. They closed everything up and suddenly the bar that we were thoroughly enjoying turned in to a nasty, dark, dank, tacky, strip joint with pervy dudes sitting at the bar. Half naked women were walking up and down the stairs; it was very brothel-like.I’m all for a good peep show but this place just kinda creeped me out.

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