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0 reviews for “Hungry I

  1. Chiqui H.

    It was my first time visiting a strip club. And I had a lot of fun here, especially the dry ice part. Girls are much prettier and sexier, compared with those in Condor and Roaring 20’s. Remember to make a bargain with the doorman. We only paid $30 to get into three clubs for two people. 🙂

  2. james1412

    Went with the wife on a Thursday night around 8pm The wife got in for free and the bouncer let me in for $5. Yay!! The guys next door was charging us $20 each to get in there club. We prefer chocolate girls so we decided to go here instead!! We were the only ones in the club at the time and a variety of sexy chocolate women to choose from!! Lap dances were $20 for one dance. Even though we didn’t get any we loved tipping and watching the women perform on the pole!! Happy hour was great $5 domestic. When we visit San Francisco again were definitely coming back here!!!

  3. Cat of a Donut J.

    You can dream it – they can dance it ;)Quoting Borat: “yakshivash! i am-a-borat! i lika-a-you! i like sex! its niiiiicccccce!”sexy times ……….

  4. Kevin C.

    “A Strip Club/ Bar with a history”. Located near the top of Broadway in the city near the tunnel. Well as far as adult entertainment goes this one is not half bad. Way back in the day like in the 60’s this place was the hot spot for jazz singers and other musical talents including Barbara Streisand. As the years went on it was sold and became what it is today.Its between a 5-10 dollar cover to get in depending how well you know the door man Dwayne. Ladies are free entry from my knowledge. Once your in you will hear quality songs over a good sound system and see a few beautiful ladies walking around. Drinks are a little pricey so bring a little extra cash going in here. (even though they have a atm it will save you a 5.00 service charge.)This place is topless only….Hence the alcohol…(welcome to CA !) Lap dances are the average price $20.00 for a song and for a few dollars more you can get 2 or 3 songs with the lady of your choice. Its customary to also buy the dancers a drink don’t be rude guys, They are working their butts off in there.Great to go with friends to let off a little steam and spend some of your paycheck. You also don’t have to dress up to go in here its casual. Good Work Hungry I Club and the ladies that work there, see you soon.

  5. Amy L.

    This is my favorite strip club in San Francisco…here’s why:Pro’s:1. If you are female, you can almost ALWAYS haggle at the door to get in for free. Don’t be afraid to ask!2. The vast majority of women I’ve ever seen working here DO NOT have surgically enhanced breasts. This, to me, is enough reason to pick this club over any other!3. The women here are almost always woman-friendly: so, if you’re a woman who likes strip clubs, you’ll get as much love here as the dudes around you are getting from the dancers, and often a heck of a lot more! I often come here with groups of female friends, and no one ever asks us if we’re part of a bachelorette party or anything idiotic like that! Best of all, many of the women who’ve worked here over the years are genuinely into women!4. Lap dances are only $20 each. Two-for-one specials mean you and a friend can each get a lapdance for only $10!!! If you’re on a budget, this is a great way to maximize your experience and STILL have lots of bills with which to tip the dancers when they’re on stage (you DO tip them while they’re on stage, don’t you!!!).5. The decor is SEXY: lots of red, Vintage nude paintings, curtains, the whole shebang!6. If you feel so compelled, you can get a three-club door deal for this, Garden of Eden, and Lil Darlings around the corner!7. There are more couples and queer women who seem to frequent this club when I’ve been there than any other club I’ve ever been to!Cons:1. Bathroom is NOT WHEELCHAIR ACCESSIBLE: It’s up a flight of stairs with no elevator.2. Parking nearby is a nightmare and can be really expensive!3. The music can lack variety: some nights, it’s all hard rock, other nights it’s all booty music.4. Dear lord, I wanted to point a shotgun at their smoke machine and pull the trigger….Overall, this is THE BEST strip club experience for women on North Beach…I highly recommend it! Hey, next time you go, don’t forget to invite me!!!! *grin*

  6. Josh T.

    Had the much anticipated return trip to the Hungry I last night, and it was as awesomely bad as I had been hoping it would be. After sliding in while the doorman was looking the other way (he half-heartedly chased after us before saying “f it” and letting us in for free…we wouldn’t have paid a cover anyways, it would have just been a “Really bro?? Really?” moment) we enjoyed a cocktail and some conversation with the bartender. We discussed the history of the club having appeared in several movies (Dirty Harry & Enter the Dragon are the 2 most notable) as well as the origin of the name – the “I” in Hungry I stands for Intellectual. From here on out I’m pretty sure that I will just refer to it as The Intellectual.Once we settled into the 2 best seats in the place we enjoyed a variety of dancers. The first was pretty bad but their were a couple nuggets in the mix. Nothing to write home about, but a few of them were easy on the eyes. One great thing about The Intellectual is the dance specials they offer. I took advantage of a nice 2-for-1 deal as well as my favorite – a 2-for-$30 PLUS a free porn DVD!! I literally ran over to the DJ when he announced it and told him I was in. And I thoroughly enjoyed my new copy of “Nympho” when I got home.One last thing to mention…I did finally get a look at The Champagne Room, and let me tell you – I’ve seen prison cells that have more ambiance. I didn’t get to experience the full VIP treatment and all the perks that go along with it in The Champagne Room and I still may at some point in the future, but on first glance the room looks more suitable for housing a Gimp rather than hosting a ballerific champagne-drenched stripper party.The Intellectual ticks up a notch after an enjoyable performance last night but let’s not go overboard here – know what you’re getting into and only go there if you want to celebrate its crapiness.

  7. Jonathan M.

    Cool place to be at lots of fun, good music nice looking girls and drinks are fair priced staff is very friendly and pleasant. One of the few that has alcohol also and also for 20 buck u can have access to two clubs on the block and for 40 u get to go to a total of 5 clubs pretty good deal if u asked me.

  8. Juliette S.

    I always seem to wind up here every time I’m drunk in North Beach, so I must like the place. I bring friends here a lot. I also, apparently, last week brought some guys I found at Beauty Bar who later tried to date rape me in their car, but I’m too class for that; I’m from ATL, I’ll cut you. Or.. just jump out of the car and somehow find my way to Safeway and come home with five packages of fake bacon, but whatever. I digress.As a girl who positively adores strippers, the girls here are pretty good; I’d say probably about half seem *genuinely* into other girls, which is always nice. Lap dances are cheap, leaving you with plenty to tip the girls with; cool.Unfortunately, I feel like the Hungry I suffers from the problem that most San Francisco strip clubs do — egalitarianism. There are all kinds of girls here, and the line-up seems like it’s designed to cater to pretty much every taste, and that’s why I’m removing two stars. Maybe it sounds bitchy, but think about it for a minute — wouldn’t it be better if the different clubs each catered to a different kind of style or girl? If I’m into tattooed, punky types, wouldn’t it be better to go to a club that has that primarily? The same goes for surgically modified starlets or thicker girls. I don’t want to have to wait for four girls I’m not really into to finish up before I see the ONE girl in the club that I’m hot for. Jack of all trades, master of none.Still, though. I’ll be back. I like the place, and they’re always super nice.

  9. Rennie L.

    Well *I* liked this place. It has a casual feel to it. I didn’t feel pressured into doing anything I didn’t want at all. It was free for me (female) to get in, though my male friend paid $10. Not bad I think. It’s topless only, which was fine by me. Drinks were ridiculously expensive – $10 or $10.50 for g&ts. Well, ridiculous by my standard. I guess I did get a free show, so whatever. This place has something for everyone. Skinny chicks, thicker chicks (not fat, just more meat on them), black, white, a ballerina dancer. I thought all of the girls were okay to beautiful looking. No one was gross. Oh wait, except for one with REALLY fakey boobs. Ugh. I couldn’t look. Though I guess some guys like that look. I don’t know. Johnny and (I think her name is) Cassandra are my faves. A lot of the girls did some amazing pole work. Makes me want to get a pole.My friend got two lap dances which he really enjoyed. The girls talked to us and were nice . No complaints here.Also everyone seemed to be American and I didn’t get the feeling that any of them were kidnapped sex slave workers – yay!

  10. larry1

    I came here on a Friday with a few friends. The place wasn’t what I expected.. There was about 5 or 6 people here at 11:00pm. The drinks are over priced and not worth it, I ordered a patron margarita for $13.50 which tasted like straight lemonade. Asked the bartender for a martini which also was a bad idea. I politely told her I didn’t care for the drink. Anyway make a long story short, a nice gentleman offered to buy me a drink and I was told by the manager Greg he couldn’t serve me any alcohol unless the gentleman paid for the two drinks I had prior. He had his nerve!! I never had anyone tell me they couldn’t serve me alcohol.. All because I didn’t like the drinks. I won’t be back to this place!!

  11. Hasan D.

    I was told this was the place to be by a friend who really ought to know — FAIL on you, mate. I walk in. Having been briefed as to what to expect in a place of this sort, I had my guard up at all times. I also realise (and understand) the dancers rely on tips to make bank. I take one of them up on their offer of 4-for-1. As I was finishing, this bloke decides to toss a half bottle of beer onto my trousers. I call him out on it. His girl and I start having words.Now this is fairly normal, I am the combative sort after all, but someone in the management apologised profusely to me afterwards. But, she stopped short of giving me a refund or a free pass or anything to show she was sorry. Other than the above two paragraphs, the place would have gotten 3 or 4 stars, but the manager’s attitude cost them 2.

  12. richard95

    Had a great time on a Sunday night! The bartender Adrian was very friendly, and the girls were pretty. The ambiance was nice and the private booths were clean. I got a few lap dances, but I have to say my one with Ariel was my favorite, their is something about the way she makes you feel special! Thanks for the good time, I will return

  13. Mike E.

    I’m a man who’s been to a few gentleman’s clubs while in the Corps. This place should be renamed “The B Team,” and that’s being generous. SInce when do strippers keep their top on during a VIP? Is this a California law I’m not aware of?The girls were pretty sub par, and I was pretty wasted so go figure…

  14. joseph1k

    i have been to the hungry i club i have been in it’s a fan place to go and get a lap dance the girls are hot!!!!!!!!!!! one of the ladys who work there i really like her name well that’s my bussines but do go the hungry i club believe me you’ll one hell of a good time in other words you’ll have a blast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. maxxy1

    IM giving this place two stars because of apple. She makes the place worth while. This place used to be fun and reasonable,,,, but now the new owner lady wants to charge 3 bucks for a glass of tap water? Hell no.

  16. Harrison69

    I can’t twerk it like you…oooh, no, no, no.I can’t twerk it like you…you know, know, know. Do ya twerk it on the pole, still? Do ya, do ya? The twerk was real. After getting thrown out of The Roaring 20s for “talking shit” (petty, in my opinion) – we came here and life suddenly made sense. I must confess, I was at a strip club on a Sunday night. Judge if you want, but when a fun bitch calls, you just ride the fun wave and hope you don’t drown. I was with the Peggy’s and two gentlemen. We did not pay to get in, cause 1. Bitch, don’t ever and 2. Bitch, we cute. I applaud the women here. They have real titties, real cellulite, real stretch marks and they keep their panties on, cause dammit, they have respect for their pussy! Okay, I see yall! All the girls put on a great show…how the fuck yall get so limber?! Please, I must know. I considered my ass-clapping, pussy-popping and floor mopping to be up to par but noooooooo, I left here feeling like that one white girl doing the running man, in a sea of bitches booty poppin’. :(The staff is so friendly! Everyone at The Roaring 20s were assholes, but here, you get everyone’s undivided attention. For example, I went to the ATM and when I bent over to get my money, this adorable stripper came up behind me and put her hand up my dress and touched my lady bits. Too graphic? I thought so too, but when in Rome…She was interested in my personal life and took me to a private room to “talk”. She was sexy, I’m sexy…I know how sexy people think. I just wanted to do hoodrat shit with my friends, I wasn’t trying to get emo. I gave her $20 to bounce on my friend. The music was on point, drinks were strong and all eyes were on us. One girl tried to pull me on stage, but I am not that person anymore. I’m classy now, I did what Yeezy taught me – I gave her a kiss and told her do better.

  17. fritter17

    I was in town for a conference for a few days and was walking around one night looking for something fun to do and this guy outside a strip club says that I should give it a try. His name was CJ and he seemed like a cool dude so I accepted his offer to come inside and have a good time. And I did have a good time. Right when you walk in the bars to your right and the dance stage always has a woman doing her thing. The girls there are super nice, of course, and they showed me the good time I was looking for. Hence the 5 stars. I’ll be back next time I’m in town.

  18. curtis17

    This was my first time here. I went there last night (Friday) and everything was great!The girls were FINE. It’s a must to sit up front and bring a lot of money because the girls are talented! Skills,skills, and more skills! So I say tip,tip,tip! The music was on point too. It was all new rap music.The entire experience was a 10. I will definitely be returning!My favorite place on Broadway.

  19. Jennifer D.

    Okay okay, I’m riding coattails down memory lane now, I know, but after my review for the Lusty Lady, and Karen’s review here, it’s all coming back to me. . . . As girls are wont to do when alcohol fueled and looking for fun, we wandered in after our bleach bath on the way out of the LL.We made friends with one of the girls who offered us lapdances (we’re cheap bitches, we all declined) and were horrified to hear about the sort of money they make and the cheap fatsos hiding in the shadows who will sit there all day and not tip. GROSS.Note to girls: Old school hair metal is not necessarily the best for the seductive art of stripping.Highlights: Sweet little Aussie friend asking why everyone in the audience was staring at us rather than at the stage. BFF answering, “Because they’re waiting for us to start making out.”When I was nominated to go give our crumpled ones to the stripper we had befriended and I got a free motorboat ride. Wheeeeeeee!!!

  20. Jim B.

    I ended up in this place a couple years ago after being overserved up the block at several bars. Very foolishly, I agreed to a lap dance with the first girl to approach me at the door- always a terrible, idiotic rookie move, even for a guy like me who rarely goes to these places. Typically, the aggressive girl who always pounces on you is usually not one of the gems, which in this place is saying alot. Anyway, private dance time. As it turns out, this girl had as big of a beer gut as me. Bummer.

  21. AssnTits5

    I’ve never gotten a lap dance here. I come here for one thing to drink them walk to the other strip clubs. This place is relaxing. They don’t yell out on the mic to give the girls $1 bills and the girls leave me alone. The door guy is cool always been nice to me. Very professional. It’s a good enviroment to just drink and relax without being bothered. The drinks are expensive though like close to $10 each. The girls look like they’re having fun and are more lively than other strip clubs in the area. The customers are usually people who want to drink and see some entertainment and can afford it unlike the 18+ older non alcoholic beverage full nude strip clubs nearby with brokeass teens.

  22. Weedman420

    It was a real trip walking past this place and realizing I was walking past the famous Hungry I. See there’s a documentary on Netflix called the Hungry I reunion, with the owner, Enrico Banducci, and Mort Sahl who made the club famous. Many others like Lenny Bruce performed there, who influenced people like George Carlin. I talked to the bouncer outside about all this and went in and had a drink. Had I not known about the history of this place from the netflix documentary I watched I probably wouldn’t of gave a shit about this place, but this beat monvement and artist history is crazy to think about. I met some nice gals there, but I wasn’t feeling the tit club that night, just comedy legends!!

  23. Michelle I.

    not the hottest strippers on the planet, but the nicest. cheap drinks, set up like theatre seating. girls share bathroom with strippers upstairs right next to their changing room. saw some interesting things…

  24. Mimi Z.

    sothis was my first adult entertainment venue ever visitedwent here for post-grad and bday celebration for 2 of our guy friendsno cover for the girlsi think the guys had to pay $15? i dont remember…there is a variety of girls that dance here, something for everyone! they were all very nice, not too much pressure from the ladies to buy dances or anything, though we did end up buying a dance for one of our guy friends. but yeah, the ladies for the most part were natural. also they dance more than strip, but keep in mind that this is a topless, not a full nudeit gets a bit crowded, seating is sparsebut pretty cleanfully stocked bar with decent SF pricesoh and the DJ was really niceid recommend this place if you are looking for a chill place with no cover for the ladies and small cover for the guys

  25. rebeca n.

    It was my first time going to a strip club last weekend and this happened to be the one my friends and i were going to. It’s entertaining, not the hottest dancers but they were definitely fun to watch. Would i go again? yea but not until i check out the other strip clubs first.

  26. Karen B.

    Friends and i came here a while ago and it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be..BUT THE GIRLS WERE (or so we thought they were on crack)…some chick was on stage dancing to some song totally off beat…Imagine some slow strippping song and she’s going at it like it’s heavy metal…FUNNY part of the evening was when they tried to get my friends to get on stage for an amateur show…HAH!!! Anyway…don’t think we’re going back…

  27. eddyL

    I got in on a Saturday night without paying cover, which may have been a fluke. Nice little place to kick back and relax with minimal hustle. I am a fan of supporting the education of the adorable young ladies working there. I got $20 bikini dances, which (due to the excessive regulations on strip clubs in CA) are the norm for strip joints that serve alcohol, and I felt I got my money’s worth.

  28. XhXeXy

    I’m super picky about strip clubs, because let’s be real, most of them are either skeezy (especially if you’re a woman), depressing (EXTRA especially if you’re a woman), or so fake-plastic-yuppycentric that there’s nothing fun or sexy about any of it. But I like this place. The vibe and the decor are pretty nice, drinks are decent, the clientele is the kind of nice blend that tells you the place isn’t too bougie and the security staff doesn’t let anyone get away with any stupid shit. I’ve never been the only woman in the crowd the few times I’ve been, and it isn’t all women with their boyfriends, either, there tend to be some queer ladies in the house. Mostly what I like, though, is that there’s some real personality to the dancers, some actual body and style diversity, and that they look and act like real women (which is sexy), not a 19-year-old dude’s idea of women (which is weird and not sexy). Sure, they’re still working and in character and putting on a show, let’s not get confused, these ladies are professionals trying to earn a living. But they’re cool. And some of them have some SKILLS on the pole, I was seriously impressed. Lap dances were reasonably priced and friendly. Ultimately, this is one of the few places in the Bay Area in general where I’m confident I’ll feel comfortable and have a good time when I feel like hitting up a strip club. Strongly recommended for women, couples, queer folks, and first timers.

  29. Coco D.

    You know how in college you play that drinking game “Never Have I Ever”? Well, I’ll give you a round of questions and you can play at home, based on my experiences in this den of sin!1. Never have I ever paid $10 to get in here.2. Never have I ever fallen in loooooove with the decor.3. Never have I ever taken the fact that a dancer was doing her routine to a Ladytron song as a sign that it was lapdance time.4. Never have I ever been shocked at the price of a well drink.5. Never have I ever gained no less than 3 girl crushes within an hour on tattooed strippers who were giving me some ideas of what I should be doing in bed.6. Never have I ever received my first lap dance in the back, all the while laughing hysterically and being mocked by the stripper (Roxy).7. Never have I ever had a lapdance from a stripper wearing converse, because she “hates heels”.8. Never have I ever been accosted by a wasted tourist and his bulldyke companion, and had to suggest they make nice with the ladies on stage instead.9. Never have I ever considered applying for a job here due to dire straits.10. Never have I ever gotten so drunk here that my party and I ended up getting thrown out of the Green Tortoise hostel for pretending to be foreigners.Let’s just say that I would be vaaasted at the end of this tround.

  30. s s.

    If I could give this sleazy joint ZERO stars I would!!!! So here I go giving this shit bucket one star. First of all I am a woman – if that makes a difference.And I would like everyone who reads this to know that I wriiten ONE online review in my entire life…and that was to warn others regarding a certain physician. Now….my girlfriend and I went to this place late one saturday nite just for the hell of it and MY GOD….The drinks: watered down + expensive.The strippers: decent…hardworking..if u know what i mean.The “my mama didn’t teach me no manners” no – tipping cheapskates sitting in the back row: horrible!!!If you are a woman that is NOT a stripper…this is NOT the place u wnat to be!!!!These guys apparently feel it is ok to physically ‘touch’ a member of the AUDIENCE and would u believe management lets them get away with it!!!I left my girlfriend alone to visit the ladies room and come back to find some dude had practically molested her!!!! We told the Iranian looking bouncer who ignored us….told the female manager the problem – and she ‘suggested’ we leave!!! We ended up calling the cops…not that these shady motha^#%&#&# care… bewarned…..and beware….

  31. XXXbeast

    Went here for the first time with some friends for drinks. Didn’t know what to expect but gotta say, We had a great time. Everyone seemed friendly. Our server was awesome. She was “bubbly”.. she took care of us and kept the drinks coming. Thanks JoJo!!! We’ll be back…. Soon.

  32. StripClub431

    So a friend of mine invited me to go out and have drinks. I agreed and we ended up at hungry i. It was around 1130 and a monday. I thought it would be empty but to my surprise it was a skittle busy and the bar was full and so as i was standing there trying to get a drink and the girl behind the had not notice me but the young asian girl at the bar seen I was trying to drink so she called the bar girl over to me. I thanked her and bought our drinks and hers as well. And we sat and talked and i watched her stage show. Had a few more drinks. Then got a dance with her. I cant remember her name but she was amazing. I had a wonderful time the service was good the staff was professional and the girls are hot.

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