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895 O'Farrell St, San Francisco, CA 94109


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8am – 8pm


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10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Mitchell Brothers O’Farrell Theater

  1. larry1

    I came to this place a couple times before (with friends of course, never alone….NEVER!) and I was just here on friday, this place is very expensive, all the girls are super pretty and nice (except this one H**BAG, who shall remain anonymous but if u wanna know her name there just msg me haha)shes probably one of the hottest girls there if not the hottest in my opinion but she knows shes hot! The whole time we were there, she never smiled, not even once and my friend wanted to get a lapdance from her and she kept on insisting he get something else “wink wink” and my friend refused so she actually got PISSED.So the whole time she was giving him a lapdance, she was texting and playing around on her phone. It’s probably the most half assed job ever done by a stripper in history. This lapdance was so bad it KILLED my friend’s B*N*R…..and im pretty sure my friend is straight as an arrowso after we’re all talking, my friend #2 and the nice, hot stripper start talking about the rude, hot stripper and my friend #1’s lapdance, he is PISSED OFF as we speak, apparently everyone hates that rude,hot stripper, the nice one was like “YEAH SHES A B***H, EVERYONE WHO WORKS HERE HATES HER! SHE GETS A LOT OF CUSTOMERS B/C SHES HOT BUT SHE IS VERY RUDE, YOU SHOULD SAY SOMETHING TO THE MANAGER ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED” but friend #1, being the nice person that he is, just said its ok, altho im pretty sure hell never get a lapdance from her again.but dont let one stripper ruin the reputation of this place, this place is historic and offer a lot of variety of shows here, they even have a movie theater that plays porn NON-STOP! and other than that rude one, theyre all nice and pretty, wish it was cheaper tho ($40 cover, $40 lapdance is ridiculous AND THE F**KIN CAN OF SODA IS $2, BULLS**T!)3.5 stars

  2. winston12

    Worst strip club. We sat for about 45 minutes and no girls came out. We asked for a refund and the manger was a complete jerk. Apparently service is only guaranteed if you pay for a lap dance in the private room? Do not waste your time here. Have no idea what the girls are like because we didn’t see them…

  3. darla s.

    I had the (mis)fortune of going here one night after seeing David Cross at the GAMH. I was the lone chick in a group of guys, and they had never been. I was taken along for the ride. I can say two positive things – the seats were clean and if you sit in the front row you will discover that all the gals are “anatomically correct.” Thumbs down to the announcer who “outed” NBA star Rick Fox and spotlighted him. Booo! Let the man watch in peace.

  4. Mona N.

    LOVE x9872394872398…well the bouncer that isThere is this Tongan ? Samoan ? bouncer who mans the door all the time. He is the best bouncer EVER since he hooks me up with cabs! We actually came up with a method…. So I wait across the street and when people get out in front, he tells the cab driver to wait, then motions me across the street so I can snag it. He’s even kind enough to open the door for me…. The only problem is, I get in RIGHT in front of the um ‘theater’ so it looks like I just got off a shift. It’s a small price to pay since I can ALWAYS grab a cab, even during peak times! I swear, I really don’t work there!!!!!!!!

  5. jason of the funky persuasion s.

    fake lips and silicone,make tips with ‘hither tones.i thought about the old days,when orgies went on in hall ways,and one thing lead to another,next thing he shot his brother.dig.

  6. Fannie S.

    Yeah, I have the balls to write a review for this place.It’s expensive, but thank God for being a chick. They let you do buy one get one free, if you’re a chick and come in with a guy. The hell if I know why. Bring cash, btw.No drinks. So a bit boring. Get your drink on beforehand. Chicks are decent looking. Entertaining for an hour. Dark lighting (are you really surprised at this??) At least it was clean…unless we bring in a black light…..lolIt was good for a one-time try.

  7. Nicole I.

    As you can tell by the free condoms in a dish, there will definately be sex in the champagne room with these girls. The night I went was pretty slow. A couple here, a tourist there, a frat boy, a geezer getting pounced on by the easy money smell this guy emitted.All-in-all, one of the better strip clubs with a clean atmosphere.

  8. Sean M.

    Very FINE talent line up in this this total nude club!! Most of the women were very friendly, but there is a constant hustle for private dances/time and $25 only buys a few minutes. This place is a SF Landmark and long renowned for its talent and history. No booze here, but there is a cool place around the block (Olive) that has a full bar if you need some liquid courage. Bring cash, ATM rates in these places are notoriously steep! Have fun, I did!

  9. Ammo Marketing ..

    If you’re looking for skin, avoid the Broadway strip and head to Mitchell Brothers’ O’Farrell Theater. Any cabbie will know just where to take you. (Just remember not all the stilettos outside belong to ladies.)

  10. Sandra B.

    I love O’Farrell Theater, as it’s one of the rare strip clubs where a woman can feel completely comfortable. I go there occasionally with my bf, and we always have a grand time.Dancers are always gorgeous (this is one of the rare clubs with an actual dancers’ application waiting list), and very uninhibited and girl-friendly. What happens, aside from dancing, changes from time to time – sometimes, you’ll be propositioned for all kinds of more personal entertainment (don’t go for one-on-one “everything goes” fun, prices are outrageous compared to the average adult entertainment cost in the City!), other times, the ladies are “reigned in”, and there’s no “additional” offers. Either way, you won’t feel uncomfortable – dancers are rambunctious but not pushy.**A note of caution – if you’re a woman sitting anywhere near the stage, you might get dancers all over you even if you don’t get a lap dance – they figure they’re safe with you, and want to give the guys in the audience something to remember too. This might be a great or a bit disconcerting thing, depending on your preferences and level of exhibitionism.For a good laugh, go to their movie theater area. They play the weirdest, worst, dated porn movies from the 70’s and beyond, probably so they wouldn’t lose the dancer’s revenue. Afros, puffy hair, fur vests & cave man outfits abound. While the movie lineup doesn’t do anything for your libido, it’s just plain fun to watch, and a quiet place to escape to if you need a little break from the more active areas.There are several different stages and areas of various privacy, and pricing for a bit of the dancer’s time varies accordingly. Lap dances are the cheapest fun aside from watching the main stage – get your man one and he’ll be yours forever ;-).Cover is $20 per person before 6pm, and $40 after, and couples get a break.

  11. Polynesia Z.

    Got drunk one night….so on a whim we went to O’farrell’s. First time ever in a strip club!! Pretty cool….was shocked that the girls actually went buck naked. The girls were not dirty….lots of pretty girls actually….and the guys were surprisingly not acting like pigs. LOL..I dont remember the names of the private rooms…but the girls were pretty creative with their dances…if u call them dance. You can choose the girl to lap-dance on you too.

  12. Anthony R.

    Just finished watching Swingers… I was money and ready to party. Call to the crew… “Let’s do this!”One of our friends was having a bachelorette party… she is pretty crazy when sober, so finding her and her friends drunk was imperative.Crazy Girl: “We are going to a strip club… you guys can’t come”Me (Horny Guy 1): “You better tell us where you’ll be. That way, we can be sure to go somewhere else.”Crazy Girl: “Mitchell Brothers.”Horny Guy 1: “OK. Have fun. See you tomorrow” [click] “They are at Mitchel Brothers, let’s roll!”Horny Guy 2: “Giddy Up!”We roll up to the door… $45 cover! Holy Crap… this place is going to be good!Led into a small round room… why are there flashlights on the seats? A short intro and the lights go off. Two girls stroll in and everyone turns on their flashlights to highlight the activities. I do the same. Hey – when in Rome… or was that Sodom.That got boring fast, let’s Head to the main stage… A typical show. For $45 cover, I was half expecting to see a horse on stage – like that one time in Tijuana… Anyways, we are not there for 2 minutes when a pretty young thing strolls over and sits beside me…Pretty Young Thing: “Hey big boy” (I can’t believe she said that)Really, Really Horny Guy 1: “Hey girl, what’s your name?”PYT: ?? (I forgot, this was a month ago) “You having fun”RRHG1: “So far, this place is pretty wild”PYT: Wanna get really wild? Let’s go somewhere more private”RRHG1: “Wild, eh?” (I’m Canadian) “Give me some details…”PYT (talking as she unzips my pants and…): “We’ll its 25 for a dance, 100 for a *, 200 for a *** or 500 for whatever.”RRRRHG1 (trying to choke back tears): “Oh… sounds like fun, maybe in a little while”PYT: “You like porn?”RRRRHG1: “Sure”PYT: “You can see me in (she lists 3 or 4 movies with titles that would make your hair stand on end”RRRRRRRHG1: “Wow, you’re famous”PYT (getting up): “Come and see me later”RHG1 to Horny Guy 2: “We need to get out of here”HG2: “Zip up, for God’s sake!”*****What kind of place is that? How do they get away with such blatant propositions? What would I really get for “whatever”?

  13. Mario P.

    **** It’s a piece of San Francisco Sex History ****Not for your tourist tour with Aunt Mabel.. but you might as well ask?It’s odd, but I remember about 10 years ago when it was a lot better. Now, mostly slow nights and (ahem) way too expensive for what you get. I prefer the less known underdog clubs where the dancers have something to prove. Here, they’ve reached the pinnacle and couldn’t care less.Interesting tidbit, as told to me by stripper at “the Brothers”. She lives in LA and flies up for Thursdays – Saturdays every week. Apparently the money is far better here than down in the south land. Go Nor Cal!

  14. Cami A.

    Five stars, Mitchell Brothers. Well done. Wandered into Mitchell Brothers on Thursday night with a new girlfriend and a male friend. Unlike a few other female reviewers, we were allowed to enter for free while our male companion had to pay the $40 cover. The staff was extremely courteous and welcoming, which eased my mind about visiting a place people commonly refer to as a whore house. We made our way to what appeared to be the main stage and took seats near the front. There was a young lady that sauntered out and writhed to the sounds of Toni Braxton. While I agree with other reviewers that the stage “entertainment” could hardly be considered such, I counter that people don’t come to Mitchell Bros. for the stage show…at least not the single girl stage show.Speaking of, there were several girl on girl features, which consisted of girls smacking each other’s butts, kissing each other lightly, and simulating sex acts. One of the ladies insisted that it could get more graphic if we tipped more. Fair enough.And that was pretty much the attitude there: girls were straight up about what they offered and for how much, which beats the hustling at most other clubs. Everything everyone has ever said about Mitchell Bros. is true. But I get the feeling that the girls at Mitchell Bros. are going to make their money regardless of how many bad reviews the club gets.

  15. AssnTits5

    I’ve been here 2 times now once for a party 2nd time for their company Holiday party. I have to say this is one of the classier strip clubs in SF. Haha

  16. curtis17

    Came here this weekend for the hubbys birthday. I must say I had a wonderful time since it was fully nude! The girls are cute not super hot but attractive! Bangin bodys and they smell good! Since we were a couple there was a 2 for 1 deal but to be honest I wouldnt pay $40 cover to get in if I was a dude. We got a private dance together and it was awesome! I defin recommend coming here!

  17. mathewater12

    I really enjoy this place and the history behind it. Since it is a full nude club in SF, there are no drinks inside which is disappointing. For a strip club it is very clean, and the girls for the most part are attractive, with the exception of a few. There are some girls there that are cute but no personality on stage, but there are enough that are very entertaining and there to please that make up for it. My main complaint is the ridiculous $40 cover charge. Once you get inside you can get a lot without having to spend too much. Put just a few bucks down and you will likely get a decent full nude lapdance. The best night to go here all year is July 4, as it is free admission for their anniversary night. Come back from fireworks at the Bay, hit up a bar for a few drinks, then head here!

  18. Harrison69

    This is a crusty adult entertainment venue in the Tenderloin. I’ve only been once. We paid a huge cover, walked in, looked around and walked out. It was dark, cold and depressing.I’m not a fan of these places in any capacity, but this experience was particularly miserable. At least the Gold Club covers up the sadness with fancy upholstery and good drinks.

  19. Selino V.

    Have not been in years but I doubt anything has changed. Hos is hos.Basically, it’s the best game in town. If you find the need to go to such a place I suggest not wasting time and just go to Mitchell.

  20. fuckery12

    This place is the worst! They have a huge cover charge compared with other clubs. The girls are not that good looking and they move you from room to room to see different shows. They also have a room where are are just playing a porn movie, weird. To sum things up this place is way overrated, the Crazy Horse is much better.

  21. harryharry

    This is where us fat people get to talk to chicks.

  22. Zohar M.

    Wow this club is miserable. Maybe it was better before the recession but it is now filled with marketing-minded, unhappy dancers and mgmt/staff desperately trying to leverage the customers. I haven’t seen a club so overtly push for the ducats before. The girls do a running advertisement during each dance. Every sentence you hear from the girls, the staff, and the DJ will end with something about you going to their ATM. Watch out for this place- you will not be able to relax for a second. What a horrorshow. Are there any good clubs in this state?

  23. Shonna H.

    Most skrippers just don’t do it for me. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against a crack hoe sliding down a pole with the last strength she could muster up just before I walked in but dayum, give me something to work with.The hoes, I mean chicks, no ladies at the O’Farrell Theatre were a pleasant suprise. Wednesday afternoon should be reserved for trainees and beginners but NOOOOOOOOOO not here ladies and gentelmen. Let’s just say I saw more jewerly boxes and dirty pillows than you could shake a dick, I mean stick at.I oohed and awwed and watched a few pole stunts, pointed my flashlight at some good old fashion muff diving and even kissed a girl. I had a blast until a slight moment of sickness crossed me like a wave of deep worry wondering where in the hell that skrippers lips had been before they were wrapped around mine but at least the girl used some Binaca Blast before she planted one on me. Thanks!Can’t wait to go back and fellas don’t go with a bunch of dudes, take a pretty lady and you’ll be glad you did 🙂 Yes, that’s my way of saying take me the next time you go.

  24. joseph1k

    One of the most depressing strip clubs that I’ve been too.Sure, it looks all fancy and glitzy, but don’t let that fool you.One time I was there, there was this poor girl dancing on stage…. well not really dancing… more like writing around the stage like she was a wounded animal, to Hotel California…. yeah….She also wreeked of booze.The place is too expensive for what it has to offer. I’ve had more fun at places like The Crazy Horse where you get more bang for your buck.

  25. XhXeXy

    I’m sad that they are painting over the huge nature themed mural. 🙁

  26. David P.

    This is the place to go for a strip club. If you’re never been then you need to go. Between 12-1pm and 5-6pm you can get in cheaper during the shift change. Be careful about their private rooms. The girls can gaffle you. Make it it is all spelled out exactly what you will get for exactly the amount you will be paying. They have an ATM machine in there – very dangerous.

  27. MoMo D.

    You guys must be joking. This place is pretty boring. The dancers are hot, yes… But they lack that one very basic ability that makes a good stripper – the ability to be entertaining. These girls seem to kind of move in a somewhat (but not quite) rhythmic way down the stage, but it’s as if they’re either all in the middle of a heroin binge or they’ve been having a contest between them to see who can exert the least amount of energy without getting booed off the stage. I very nearly fell asleep.

  28. Hotdog M.

    I drank tequila and I think that’s how I ended up here. The next day I woke up with a purse full of pink rubber gloves. I’m pretty sure I had fun. And now they have a jungle mural! Neato. I’ll surely return when Foxy Boxing does.

  29. Karen K.

    this is a great place to come with your girlfriends and the pretty boys you met after gambling at run down casinos and getting smashed all day long. the girls are hot and the music they dance to is actually pretty decent. its comfy and clean, and there are even sexy german fetish movies playing in a small theater. you can’t drink inside since there is some weirdo law that prevents the serving of alcohol over naked bodies or some shit, so do what we did and buy lots of champagne and share it in the alley while you get stoned. you won’t regret it.

  30. maxxy1

    Yay! I am a fan! I fell in love with a stripper. Pretty sexy girls, not tore up, nice bodies, cute faces, easy to talk to. It a bit expensive for private time (luckily my lovely boyfriend treated me). Plus the place has so much history, it is a must and I would recommend and go back! The only part I did not like was the dark room with the flashlight thingy, it was just creepy to be in that small room with all the horny single dudes. Plus the male staff were kinda creepy. 4 STARS!

  31. James B.

    By far the best in adult entertainment in San Francisco. I am sure the cops won’t like this – but anything goes here. Girls are beautiful, friendly and clean. Lot’s of different rooms for viewing pleasure. Only downside is that there is no booze served. So get drunk before you go. Also, very lady friendly. So bring your wife.

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