The Palms



2549 North Palm Drive, Signal Hill, CA 90755


33.8032566, -118.1552336




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


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10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “The Palms

  1. mathewater12

    This place use to have beautiful woman and was always upbeat and friendly. Now the good looking ones have moved on to greener pastures. Unless you have an exceptionally high tolerance for loud Rap Music avoid this place because it is not worth the cover charge.

  2. Nick D.

    Geeze I didn’t write about this place. I came here last year (2/2012). I printed out coupons for friends and we got in free.Let the drinks and dancers with variety of titties fly. My friend got wasted here, while another friend and I didn’t drink.Watched titties , friend drankWatched more titties, friend got drank.Got bored, friend wasted…Left when it closed, friend puked at the nearby Spires and gave the rest of the coupons to a group of tourists that wanted to some action for the next night.just an A-OK night.

  3. Darryl P.

    As I’m reading a lot of the reviews, there’s one thing I noticed. Some are inaccurate, and mis-leading as to what type of place this really is. Let’s start with parking. When the lot is full, there is street parking and even though it says 1hr parking, no one has ever been towed and matter of fact if you have too much to drink they will store your car assuring your car safety upon your return. Upon entering ,,,the front desk person always greets you with a hi you doing or welcome to the palms as if they know you and care. Admission is $7 , cheapest anywhere. Vip passes are accepted everyday but Wednesday which is a special promo day. Military and Signal Hill residence are always free. Also noticeable is the up keep, always clean . The drinks are always good and the beer always cold. The management is the best. The GM is the coolest most laid back person who is totally on his game at all times. The day manger also has a great personality very friendly. They are a great team and treat the dancers and employees with respect. This place deserves to be around a long time. You can’t form an opinion about any place after just one visit. Cause everyone has an off day and The Palms Gentlemen Club strives to get better and better.

  4. Jesse A.

    The women are older here, 43 years old!!Not cool,stinky breath!! No booty, she’s a big foody!!

  5. Dustin R.

    Naked girls and booze… what more do you need to know???Ok, it is a nice place… nestled in an industrial area… so, ya kinda gotta know basically where to go… but they do a good job at drawing your attention to the place once you turn onto palm from either direction… Limited parking kinda sucks, so plan on grabbing some curb on Palm Drive. Otherwise, awesome place…

  6. maxxy1

    My GF and I have been here twice…first time was on a Sunday night, we had a really good time…my girl like’s chichis as much as I do lol…so girls b more aggressive with her lol…there lap dance was cool, I had more fun watching GF get the lap dance…and she cut us a deal which was a plus!!..But, on Saturday night it was 2pack, dancers didn’t pay much attention 2 us, or 2 the other chicks that were haging out 2 watch some dancers, that was rude…also we toss more money on them chicks then most cheap guys that were there lol…..So 1 good night and 1 bad…Service: 4starGirlsLooks: 4starGirlstalk: 2starLapdance: 4starSizeoftheplace: 2starWe will try a Friday night and c how it goes…oh and yes b4 8pm its dead!!…

  7. XXXbeast

    Sunday flunk day…I don’t recommend going on Sundays unless you want a drink from a hot bartender. Opens at 12 but the strippers don’t show up till around 2pm, that’s some bs!

  8. Chiva T.

    Great atmosphere! They play good music, and not to mention they have so many beautiful girls. The staffs are also very friendly. So far, the best strip club I’ve ever been to! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!

  9. Al V.

    Highly looking forward to this place but was tottally discusted. The girls are not as good as most are posting here and I went on a Saturday night. $20 lap dances is that the new price?? Try $25 dances and make sure to stop them or they will keep dancing until you tell them to stop. The parking is small the place is small.

  10. Mimi L.

    This place is literally a warehouse, it’s clean, big and open, nice bar area, lots of comfy seatings, but the VIP dance area is not as private as other strip clubs. Most of the girls are older and on the large side, glad we found one young beautiful girl to hang with us the most of the night, she was polite and not overly aggressive like some of the other girls with me, I think I like that about her a lot! $7 admission on a Saturday night, very cheap drinks, we had so many drinks and bought the girl a few shots, the tab was only $92! Music was OK. Ps. They didn’t have over 100 girls like they advertised, plenty of parkings in the private lot.

  11. tonycluber

    Went on a Monday night expecting to be underwhelmed, since for many clubs Monday’s are kind of slow. But I definitely had a great time. Free VIP pass on their website for free admission. Happy hour til 9pm (half price beers and other drink specials). And a good handful of beautiful women to dance for you. Many of the girls are really nice and will chat you up. But after dances can be Vegas-like aggressive in asking for tips. But 2 out of 3 girls I met that night gave me really awesome lap dances and got me wanting to return for more. I originally went to this spot years ago for a bachelor party (not sure if named something else) and back then it was really dark and kind of dirty and the girls were not anything to write home about. It is the complete opposite now with 2 pole stages, large projector screen for sports, lots of seats and tables and it’s well lit so you can see who you’re dealing with and most of the girls were gorgeous…even on a Monday. Will definitely come back for more if I’m in the neighborhood.

  12. AssnTits5

    Great place to be on a Wednesday night .. Big crowd positive vibes but best of all $1 beers all night .. If your looking for a good time this is where you’ll find it.

  13. StripClub431

    Free my homes Phillip…..Sometimes the bar tender is in a rush so, the drinks are incoherent in mixture. Overall its safer than Sam’s since security is synchronized.

  14. Monique D.

    Love this place!!!! Girls are above average, nice variety. Dances are priced at $20 so its comparable to most clubs. Dayshift is as good as nightshift. They serve lunch during the day. My bf loves this place 🙂 its clean and nice looking unlike some clubs we have been to.

  15. eddyL

    It’s a nice clean club wih hott girls, Was there with my boys and was not disappointed with the selection of beautiful girls non of them below 7. I love asian woman and there was two that i seen and wow are they sexy. the Latina’s are mighty fine themself.

  16. James M.

    Awesome club. Met a new dancer called Zamora that was totally cool. Her friend Jenna is super sexy and a great personality. They need to start having her work behind the bar. but Denise is great also behind the bar. Thanks for taking a shot with me. I will be back!!!

  17. XhXeXy

    I came here with a few friends to celebrate a birthday on a Friday night. The employees were nice and the drinks are not too expensive but even though there are two stages we never saw two women dancing at the same time. The girls were walking around, but not too much. There was not much enthusiasm by the women on stage, and unless you were getting a lap dance there was not much happening. Maybe it was a bad night, but based on what i saw I doubt I will go back.

  18. Johnnyboy123

    The prettiest girl was the one at the front that takes your $7 cover on a Saturday night. The overpriced mixed drinks tasted like lemonade which it probably was disguised as alcohol.

  19. Mistercap12

    The bartender in Thursday night was very rude, I came in her with my lady and she stood at the bar for over 10 minutes while we we watched the bartender serve many other people that were not here before us. Guys, if your lady wants to see some boobies this is not the place… Not even one girl was dancing in the 20 min we were there.

  20. ryan123

    I have been to this club three times. Once on opening night, once for a bachelor party, and finally, for my birthday. Needless to say I loved this place. Great drink prices (beer is only $5 bucks) and a very large selection of beers and liquors. The women are great looking, but the best part is the lap dances. They are only $20 a dance, and there are special dances at certain times: the $1 lap dance where the girls go around the room, and the two for one dances. It’s always a ton of fun! Also, there’s a buffet from 11 am to 2pm.

  21. Diego J.

    This is a dope spot! Candy is my favorite bartender! Good drinks and beautiful girls!

  22. danielson

    Bored as funk!No one is here and the music is socks…All the stripers are sitting down on the…No one is here…Where is everyone at?

  23. Weedman420

    Worste club to go to, was hesitant to get a dance.. i didnt have to much feds so i went in for the last two songs that were called out.. the girl was okay looking but after the 2 songs wnded the bitch really tried to hit me with it was 60 dollars i noe it was only 2 songs i may have drank but i noe what i was spending and i noe the songs i passed throuvh and she really hit me with 60 dollars i was like wtf grimey ass bitch beware od this scam they noe what theyr doing….- jason

  24. winston12

    WACK!!!! It’s not worth the $7. cover. We were there for 2 hours and saw 2 dancers. 2 stages that are empty. No food and no kitchen and you have to go bar to get a drink because waitress don’t help you. Don’t waste your time. Poor management and the dancers need GYM memberships.

  25. larry1

    Was there last night ((Monday)) with my husband and I must say I like it better than Fantasy Castle in Signal Hill. This place is much bigger, the decor is really nice and the girls are ok. Monday cover charge $7… they had $3 bottle beers ((all night)) and $1 draft beers ((untill 11pm)). At around 9-9:30pm they had 2 for 1 lap dances, so we got a couples lap dance. The girls all seemed nice, not pushy, and respectful to us as a couple. Overall, we will def be coming back, maybe on a Friday or Saturday when it’s more alive, Monday night was maybe not the best night to go but glad we came.

  26. Richard And Lori A.

    Leaving this club with money. Not my usual. Talent is here if they used it. Absolutely no waitress approached us the whole time…makes me yearn for San Antonio tx. HUGE MISSED OPPORTUNITY,

  27. joseph1k

    The place is cool, you know typical strip club to chill at and put hot girls in the good old spank bank, that one chick Poison is pretty bangin… But yeah I wish I could find out when which girls are working cuz some are cooler than other ones. Anyways, I dig this spot.

  28. richard95

    I am a regular at The Fantasy Castle, but a police officer once told me to go to “The Palms” and I never forgot that, so there I went…$7 cover charge, wah wah! Females shouldn’t even be charged to get in ANY club!Anyway…We walk in and a few girls are Wildin out on some guy on the pool/stage (what is that thing?) They took it to the extreme by pulling his pants down, letting everyone see his hairy ass crack (GROSS!) and spanked him (maybe it was his bday, who knows but it was GROSS!)This place is much bigger than TFC but, it just didn’t feel right to our group. The paintings on the walls are so odd :/ I did like that two girls can be dancing at once, but I didn’t get that “Stage” it wasn’t raised so it was hard to see the girls if you weren’t in the front row.It’s also really bright in there, the dim lights aren’t so dim. The girls were young and pretty though, tight asses and fake boobs (looks good on some, but its not for everyone!)When we were there there was a large group of guys (I think that party with the guy showing his hairy ass) they were off to the right (furthest from the door) and it was really uncomfortable for me to see a few of the girls over there they looked really WASTED and I’d see a group of those guys get around 1 lil white girl that was so gone and when she would break free from them her panties were half off her ass.So we ended up leaving after 1 drink and went to The Fantasy Castle…

  29. Raymond M.

    loved it the girls were very good looking no crack head lookin strippers……..My wife loved it……..

  30. curtis17

    Super ugly girls…. Ever… And aggressive … Brrrrr…. I went there with my friends and it’s ended up with huge fight . One of girls attack us. Physically! Men, can you believe this? We gonna sue this club for all damage she did. 5 people fought against just one crazy insane bitch. She is one of security’s wife. Family business lol I can understand nobody f*** her , because she is fat and ugly but this is not our problem at all! We were there for a good time and fun though. Worst place I ever saw! Don’t waist your time!

  31. Harrison69

    I came here on a Friday night with some buddies.To hang out drink a few beers. Overall this place is nice, clean nice set up. Cover fee was $7.00 and you get a free entrance next time you go. Beers are normal Bar prices $6 + On Wednesdays they have $1 beers. Girls are about 6 and up a few 10’s 1 song lap dance is pricy starts at $20 per song or if you catch their “special” 2 for 1 you get 2 songs for $20 . Would be nice if the lap dance booths were a little more darker and private. Over all I will go back.

  32. adamrod

    “Strip club and dollar billsI still got my moneyPatron shots can I get a refillI still got my moneyStrippers goin’ up and down that poleAnd I still got my money”(Lines from Pour it Up by Rihanna)I still got my $ because I don’t waste my time going to GCs unless a friend drags me. Unfortunately, the staff falls into the WAMB (Waitress/Actress/Model/Bartender) category of being very flaky. This GC is located in Signal Hill off Willow, not too far from Lakewood. I met a friend here in the afternoon on the way back to OC from LA. The place was a morgue. We were the only customers @ 4:00ish in the afternoon. As a result, the quantity and quality of the dancers wasn’t very good.I ended up getting a dance from an Af-Am girl named ” Misha”. It has been a while since I have been at a GC, but I was expecting a better deal than $20/dance. Oh well, on a positive note there was no cover. Misha was a pretty good dancer. She was friendly and certainly did her job (hahaha). Positives: Her makeup wasn’t overdone, her perfume wasn’t too heavy and she wasn’t wearing glitter. I hate walking out of a GC, w/ makeup smudges, smelling like cheap perfume and glowing in the dark: 4 Stars.The ambiance is actually kinda nice (sorry no pics allowed for obvious reasons). The place is spacious and there are” fake” Palm trees throughout. There is a nice looking bar on the right (yes, this a topless only club per LA County), and the bathroom is large: 4 Stars. Service was OK. I was offered a drink, but there was no minimum and I didn’t have to buy the dancer a drink: 3 Stars.BTW, the friend I met happens to be a woman. In fact, the last few friends I have accompanied to GCs have been women. I laugh when women get pissed if their s/o’s hang out at GCs, but they want to come too. It’s all good. Like the words to the song, I guess women like to:Watch it all fall outPour it up, pour it upThat’s how we ball outLOL!!!

  33. Frank

    What a dump…women are very very pushy..but one will go with you on a trip for 5k…god only knows what you’ll get. DJ sucks. Smells bad don’t waste your time or money

  34. brandonresh

    Awesome time …. candy is awesome. Good service here. Will be back … girls are awesome and friendly …. guess I would go back?

  35. Lorraine C.

    On Sunday night myself and 2 other friends walked into establishment and happened to see two other friends there we sat down and talked bought drinks and it was closing time already a short Asian man walks by and asked my friend we ran into there to move his f%*king feet so I under my breath said geez no need to be rude then the short Asian man tells me to shut the f*#k up so I told him to shut up And not talk to me like that he then tells me he’s security there which he was in regular clothes so I said you shouldn’t talk to paying customers that way he then tells me to shut the f*#k up again and tells me let’s take it to parking lot let me mind you I’m a woman And I don’t fight men but if you are gonna talk to me disrespectfully I will fire back with my opinion of how you are behaving! So we leave cause it’s closing time and come to find out my friends we ran into we’re waiting for Uber minding their own business and mr I work there as security comes back to them with a friend and has a gun! I will defiantly never be back there! We go to spend money on drinks cuz it’s close to home when we do go it’s super dead and no girls on stage! We are paying for drinks and this is how this establishment let’s their workers behave!

  36. harryharry

    Cheap dances and great looking women. Dancers were very talkative and willing to go above and beyond for my one dollar bills. I hate going to clubs and the dancers look at you like you are crazy when you give them dollar bills. Dollar bills is what pays rent missy.

  37. rogerrab2

    The Asian girl with big tits stole my friends chain during a lap dance! Watch out for her!

  38. Franklyn

    Saddest thing about this place is that the only chick willing to put in work is pregnant. Even the staff is rude. Biggest mistake coming here…off to spend $2,000 @ FANATSY CASTLE, where the girls dance and work.

  39. Jenna L.

    I have come here on and off since they opened. The girls a actually pretty, great variety. They always treat my friends and i well. The dances are only $20 and the ambiance is also very nice. Not dark and dirty like other places. Mandy and Jade are our group’s favorites. So ask for them if you go!

  40. Donald G.

    There were girls here with their tops off. Can you believe that? And the bartender Derick was great with drinks.

  41. Johnson12

    I was there last week with my boys we all had a good time the girls where cool as hell I’ll be back soon.. They had good service also…

  42. Mohammed T.

    had. alaskin nipple shot on fire!! shit was on fire!! like for real lit on fire i love it my waitress was a bas bitch and i the dancer was worth my while we candy

  43. DexterRexter

    Rejected women. I mean who the hell is hiring these women? I was turned off. No one danced on the stage for over 15 mins. Never again. Don’t waste your $$and time

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