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1059 el Camino Real, Sunnyvale, CA 94086


37.3724201, -122.0529992




8am – 8pm


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10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Sporty’s Club

  1. Noel M.

    They have a pool table and a chill ambiance, it doesn’t have to be ALL about the girls. Speaking of which, those girls seem a lot happier here than that other place. And most importantly, the restrooms didn’t gross me out and there were no dancers fighting in there about babies daddies.

  2. Weedman420

    Came in for a quick drink ….. First time here ….Nice location …. Large selection …. nice pour. … good location. …Clean place …Good service …Come again soon ….Large seating area

  3. eddyL

    Sporty’s is what do you get when you mix Bikinis, alcohol, a stripper pole and a pool table? Damn these girls are fine. I’m pretty sure the lighting has something to do with it . The lap dance area is way too open. But at least we know nothing shady is going on .

  4. igor34

    Strip club type. Girls are hot and friendly. Good drinks.Will back in the future.

  5. John M.

    Only been once but it was a solid experienceDancers (for the most part) are attractive and friendlyA little bit shady but expected for a bikini barDrinks are good, lot of beer selections- moderately pricedBartender, Anna, was awesome.Check it out.

  6. Kelly D.

    I would like to give props to Biff the bartender (formerly known as Josh.) Not only does he tend some serious bar, he’s also responsible for the very cool “looping” LCD advertisement above the front entrance. This place just keeps getting better and better, so check it.PS- “What’s up?” to Mark, Heidi and the rest of the gang @ Sporty’s. I’ll see you sooner than later. Peace!

  7. fuckery12

    Very beautiful girls here, all in great shape, nice atmosphere, will definitely be back again

  8. Johnnyboy123

    the girls are nice they actually come up and talk to you the bartender was funny the downside is that is small and it smells like feet and sweat, it seriously does but overall i had an awesome time so i would recommend this place

  9. Rodney K.

    Umm Lets see, Expensive Cocktails and beers change price depending on the day WTF. went 2 times in past 2 months to a from a 3.50 beer to a 4.50 beer. WTF.Girls are whatever, Some have bumps and rashes around there privates which is quite gross. Went 2 times will never go again.Go anywhere but here, the girls hound over you and are quite nasty, and not in the good way.2nd time I went I saw a string from a Tampon hangin out and will never go again, BARFFFFFFFFFFFFFF

  10. Andrew A.

    Found a place to watch playoff hockey, and keep the ADHD in check. It is like watching the game in the basement of your buddy’s place…just there is a shiny, brass pole in the room for some reason. The talent on a Thursday had something for everyone, and everyone was friendly…like really friendly…here’s a dollar…what’s the score?The bar is cash only, so hit the ATM before you get here.

  11. mathewater12

    In finding this place with some coworkers I discovered a number of things: there are skanky places in a city called Sunnyvale, you can see a strip club in a strip mall, and that a bikini bar just means that they don’t take their tops off. The girls: they have a couple super cute ones and some that are out of my taste. Overall the think you can find what you want.Drinks: the guy bartender pours really strong drinks while the female bartender seems to skimp out a bit.Bring cash because they don’t accept credit cards.

  12. Kuling B.

    what else can you say bout this joint?! lol. it aint big, it aint fancy, but it’ll do just fine….just drink up n have fun.

  13. K D.

    Cool bar. I used to go here alot. Most of the girls are attractive and nice personalities. Bartenders are nice and bouncers are cool. Probably one of the most laid back bikini bars I’ve been too. I love to people watch and there are some characters that slide through from time to time. One time this old man came in with a blue pastel suit and I swear this guy looked like Colonel Sanders from the KFC box.I stopped coming here in October when I stopped drinking but slid through a couple weeks ago to see what’s changed. Nada. Nothing. Same dancers, same patrons. Ordered a water and lime, kicked back on the bar for the remainder of one of the dancers’ set and dipped out. Nice place to hang out with friends and have a few drinks with some attractive personable dancers or alone if you’re passing through the area. Doubt if I ever come back, but had some good times here.

  14. Franklyn

    Went here for a friends birthday with several couples. There were 10 of us. Got in for $2 each. $5.00 for a beer but hey, it’s a bar. Easy to find, friendly girls, not alot of choices for seating. Wish they would buy out one of their neighbors and make it bigger. Our group had a good time. It is what you make it. If you are going to be a complaining bump on a log then you are not going to like it. If you have some drinks and just give the girls credit for doing a good job, then you will have a good time. There were 5 of us ladies and all the dancers came and talked to us. And some came and hung out for a little bit. Plus one of the dancers bought our birthday girl a shot. Spent about 1.5 hours there. Some of these girls are really good dancers. I did not catch any of there names or maybe that was because fo the alcohol. But at least give it a chance before you cross it off your list.

  15. james1412

    The Guys that work for me always rave about Sporty’s. They took me there on my birthday, a Thursday. It wasn’t too crowded and the drinks were cheap. All the girls were super friendly. I talked to a dancer Kiki for about a half hour and decided to get a private dance. Had to stay for 5, the most incredible dancer I’ve ever seen. She can wrap her body around you like no one else. Two thumbs up. I’ll be back.

  16. David T.

    Decided to try something new and it totally wasn’t my scene. When we got here it was packed and filled with a mix crowd. The girls are not really that hot and the place looks really trashy. We didn’t stay for more than 5 minutes. Totally pass on this one.

  17. Tyler L.

    I consider a few things to be of utmost importance. One of which is people, and this place’s got beautiful and happy people. To top it off, they make my drinks right. So five stars all the way baby!

  18. Carla C.

    Five stars for the hoola hoop girl! My girls and I were drinking and chatting, not really paying attention (or tips) to most of the girls. When HH girl came out, our jaws dropped! Such a cool show and we talked to her after. She is so sweet! It made me wanna run to Toys R Us to pick up a hoop to practice!

  19. winston12

    Ok, now we didn’t know it was this kind of place! lol, We know someone that works here, so we went there to say hello! This place is on steroids! If your a lonely guy, and you want some attention! You need to come over here! These bikini girls will be all over you! We had to keep telling them we were here just visiting some one that works here, then they would keep it moving!. Some of these Las Vegas Strippers need to come and check this place out! They could learn a thing or 2 lol

  20. Don D.

    This Bar is full of what I look for in a ‘ Bikini Bar ‘. ~ #1 Best Damn Drinks out of ANY bar in the area. ( M T TH F ). Heidi ( Bartendress ) knows her stuff. ( also attractive & friendly ). #2 Security. Mark ( bouncer ) removes any unwanted elements quickly & quietly. #3 Attractive Dancers. This Bar has a ‘smaller’ friendlier atmosphere. Most of the girls aren’t like vultures hovering over your wallet. ( a big turnoff in my book ). The Dancers are personable and seem to show interest in more than just where the next buck is coming from. ( Refreshing ). There are tables ( for groups ) , A small pool table , and more than a couple TVs. Overall I can recommend this as more than a Bikini Bar, it is also comfortable for that after work beer , before heading home. ~ 4 stars ( simply cuz 5 is extremely rare in my book ) // Well , I’m disappointed to say Heidi now works on Wednesday nights only. If you are able, it would be worth your while to visit on a wednesday evening. ~ when it comes to Mixed Drinks, Heidi is unequalled. It would be nice to see Her pouring drinks on Fridays. ( maybe Mark , the General Manager / Bouncer can get Heidi back for more than 1 night a week. ) ??? 4 stars for Wednesdays., otherwise A generous 3 stars . Check this place out … Still outranks all the other Bikini Bars in the area. ( a big plus for location close to freeways ) .

  21. billtheguy12

    $10 cover on a Thursday night?? does this place think it’s a real strip club? Come on, 10 bucks to see girls in bikinis. I’ve been here many times before and thought cover for this place was a dumb idea, but 5 bucks to grab a couple of beers was not bad, but for 10 bucks that’s beyond mind boggling. it’s a cramp dive bar with girls who aren’t that pretty and can’t dance. I mean it’s a bikini bar, there’s plenty of other places they can make real money. don’t waste your money, go down the street to cheetahs or pink poddle. if u want to waste 1p bucks, then get an uber to sf n hit up some real clubs. 10 dollars for a piece of junk club.

  22. fisherdex1

    20 dolla lap dances its decent here the girls are nice got sum cute ones here they close at 2 am

  23. Stormie R.

    This place was pretty awesome. Took my friend for the first time and she loved it. The women were beautiful. She had fun watching the women and I had fun watching her! The beers weren’t too expensive. The only reason I’m giving it four stars was because there wasn’t a restroom. It’s not much fun walking, even though it is a short distance, to another place to use the restroom after drinking and everything.

  24. Matt W.

    Really funny place ! Everyone is pretty chill and the girls are friendly.On week days cover is $3 and beer/drinks are cheap too, it’s definitely a cool place to hang-out.

  25. harryharry

    a random night out…a random large group…a random place for a drink…a random sporty’s bikini bar?…single stage and bikini dancer on a pole…a full bar for drinks…a corner section for personal attention…fairly casual bar environment…not so sleazy…self in the comfort of a large random group…

  26. Micah C.

    Great place! Not a full-nude bar like Cheetah’s, but I find the difference between nude and barely-not-nude to be negligible for me. Meanwhile the private dances are cheap at $20/song, and you have the option to drink (nude clubs aren’t allowed to serve alchohol in CA).The girls tend to be very friendly, and seem to have a lot of fun with each other there. I tend to enjoy the private dances there more than Cheetah’s, too… there’s no touching, but they seem more flirty or something. Maybe it’s just that you can tease more when you’re still wearing a scrap or two of clothing.Drinks are a little pricey, but you’ll still spend a lot less here than any place else.They have three TVs and a pool table, but I don’t really go there to play pool or watch sports…Depending when you go, there may be a negligible cover charge of $3 or $5. Often there’s no cover charge.

  27. Jacki E.

    Came here for my first time yesterday (Monday). When I first walked in, I thought it was kinda ghetto, but after a while it was alright. We came in a group of 5, which is not advisable. The place is small so most of the chairs at the bar were taken. There’s only about 4 small tables. I guess it’s fine if you come here alone like most the dudes appeared to do. There’s a little spot in the corner for private dances, pool table, megatouch game, and of course the ladies. I thought the dancers had pretty nice bodies, comparable to other local bikini bars. On the main stage, you sit right up close, so if you like ass in your face those spots are for you. Great thing about the bar, the drinks are pretty cheap, the bartender’s nice, and service is pretty quick since it’s small. They only take cash, so you have to use the ATM machine by the door ($4 fee-kinda steep). I’d come back here again if someone called me up on weeknight and I had nothing else to do.

  28. Jenny L.

    I remember I came here for our 4 months with my boyfriend. (What a way to celebrate right?) I’ve been hearing about this place from him. The girls get in free, but the guys have to pay a cover. He had these passes so he didn’t have to pay. We invited two of our friends to come and we met up w/ another one that was already there. It’s a fairly small lounge area w/ a full bar. There are pool tables and lap dance areas. There’s a small stage w/ a stripper pole and seats around it. Of course when a girl steps into the place, all the guys look at you kinda crazy. I sat down w/ my friend to wait for the next dancer. Girls come out in bikinis and they dance about 3 songs per dancer. I was really skeptical cause I’ve never stepped into this kind of place. The girls are really nice people. I had a shot w/ my friends and I was ready to enjoy the show. Of course, the more money you lay down, the more one and one show action you’ll get. This place isn’t full-on nude, so it’s different from a strip club. They do various tricks on the poles. My friend definitely enjoy his time here. Don’t touch the girls even if you’re a girl. My friend got into trouble for that. One of the Asian girl grabbed me in stage. It was probably something I would check off my list of things to do. “Dance w/ a stripper.” Surprisingly when I came back the second time, the girl recognized me and pulled me up again. But they’re really nice people. One girl asked if I wanted to work there. I politely said no. I don’t plan to make it a career but it’s all fun and games.

  29. Johnson12

    Please don’t go.Horrible experience People are not friendly and staffs are so arrogant like they are paying for your money. They don’t know how to talk with customers. Please don’t go there and save your time.

  30. StripClub431

    I had a real good time here. Loved the atmosphere and the girls. One girl in particular was my favorite. Her name was Coco and she was really friendly and outgoing. She kept conversation going and made it way more fun for me and my friends.

  31. AssnTits5

    Beautiful FUN girls…Good drinks…

  32. Eddie k.

    I was there few sundays ago due to boredem. Just wanted a few drinks and a good view. So decided to try out this sportys place. It looked mad shady from the outside. Walked in, it was a small place. For a sunday they had some attractive women there. The best part about this place was the bartender. She was one of the coolest bartenders I ever had the pleasure of having a drink served to me. I mean full patron shots. Not little dinky ones. Overall it was a fun place. Fun women. They have air lap dances which is cool but if your looking to perv out more then that, this is not the place for you.

  33. Madeleine C.

    AWESOME PLACE! Unique atmosphere cause its superfriendly and happy. You always feel welcome and have a blast.

  34. Jaide K.

    Sporty’s is a mild mannered sports bar meets strip club. So it ain’t quite XXX but it’s not PG either. Me and my cousin checked it out recently and we had a ball. The bikini girls were all bubbly and upbeat, and the bartender or her cocktails wasn’t bad at all either.The whole place went crazy when the song “Marvin & Chardonnay” came on, I mean staff and customers was just gettin our groove on..what a moment, you had to be there. I’m sure I’ll be a repeat customer.

  35. jennifer l.

    fun times!there’s just something really fun about the girls having drinks and throwing money at other girls. i don’t think i’ve ever had so much almost bare ass shaken in my face. plus they give me compliments, and that’s always AWESOME. yup. the strippers think i’m cute. anyway, some of the girls are smoooookin hot. and can shake it like ha. others not so much. i’d say ethnic wins this game. either way, the girls are nice, and the drinks are delicious.i just wish the pool table would be free more often. some dude’s always playing with a dancer =(

  36. Jen E.

    I love Sporty’s! Good bartender, pool table, friendly crowd… and oh, yeah… Girls dancing in bikinis! Hooray!

  37. Marevie T.

    This place is awesome! love that there are poles, the bartenders are awesome, the dancers are awesome. And best of all… the bathrooms are ALWAYS clean!!!

  38. David G.

    Yeah, I’ve been here before with my gf and 3 married guys who didn’t bring their wives. WOW!! So I’m the only one not married but I wasn’t paying attention to the Bikini dancers. One of the guys told me that the quality of woman wasn’t as good as a Friday or Saturday. Yeah, so we were out on a Wednesday or something and it really didn’t matter too me. I’m not taking these women home. I’ll tell you what though. My married buddies were glued to that seat that housed the pole which in turn housed the dancers. They have been married a long time and I guess strange was looking pretty good for them. So when the dancer’s were done doing their thing they came up to us and said hi. Dude, I’m not giving up my dollar just because you were dancing. I didn’t see titties or clam chowder. There is nothing impressive about a girl dancing on a pole with her bikini on. That’s just like going to a beach or watching a MTV spring break show. I know, it’s a bikini bar but guess what? That’s not impressive. Oh I put pricey because I don’t know how you guys will be when the girls are dancing. You either tip them a lot or a little. I tip them because they were giving us a show and I figure that can help them buy some clothes to cover their body.

  39. Richard W.

    Believe it. My five star rating is accurate. From the moment I entered it was very relaxing and the girls made you feel right at home. A girl, I believe her name is Linda, was extremely sweet and cute. It was such a pleasant suprise because I really did not know what to expect when entering the door. This bar is kind of hidden away among some other shops. After being inside a short time I was asking myself “Is this what heaven is like?” I found out about this bar after visiting the Kit Kat Club down the block and given a free pass card. I’ll be back!

  40. Jim J.

    This place is on the small size. The inside looks much better than from outside. Good drinks.. Good service..Most of the girls here are very nice. I especially like Sasha and Tiffany(only reason I’d consider going in again), but what made the place a drag was one dancer, Billy. pushy, such drama.. blah blah..

  41. Jay S.

    Sporty’s is the happiest place on earth! Full bar, good music, and it’s clean. The place is small but the girls are beautiful and very friendly so you end up interacting with them more. This is my favorite strip/bikini bar, I’ve been coming to Sporty’s since about May on a regular basis because I didn’t know it wasn’t Candid Club anymore.The bartendar Heidi is beautiful. And Minx, Lily, Amber, and Rose yum ….JaySan Jose, CA

  42. Tiana B.

    Love this place. The girls n staff are awesome. Thursdays are rockin!

  43. thien h.

    The place looks dirty .. If you want to see girls in a bathroom then go on ahead. Girls were extra nice I like a place with a nice or erotic enviroment not a place where i can crap in the corner and the girls play with it bartender hooks it up so if you just want to drink and not alone while smelling like crap then go here.

  44. G M.

    Cool place to grab some beers and hang out , decent prices beers. Also a pool table , kind of small tho overall , but it is what it is

  45. Lance L.

    Raising this to 5 stars!!!! Now that i could technically work there, they have wireless….really running of excuses of not going.Steve…thanks for the chat…and also do keep up the good work on getting the great great talent.Lexi…as always, great to see you.Mark…giving you your props…And of course, there is Heidi…thanks for saving the drink for me.

  46. Al A.

    Being a NY’r this bikini stuff just doesnt work

  47. joseph1k

    TERRIBLE! Came here after our holiday Christmas party which was being held next door at the domain and the bouncer ‘Jeff’ is a total idiot.We already had at least 10 people who were inside the bar who got in for free and we brought at least another 10 and he immediately stopped all of us and demanded 10 dollars each person.FIRST OF ALL, our holiday party was held on a SUNDAY (whose really in there except the dancers and bartender?????) , the bar was completely empty minus the people who i work with.Why would you charge for people to come in at midnight (technically Monday morning) $10.00 EACH when you are guaranteed at least one drink from each of us.I do not know too many people who go to a bar and buy only one drink, so the bouncer lost you guys so much money because he was acting like a….you know what I mean. Eventually he agreed to charge $4.00 a person but by that point we were all so irritated we decided we would go to a different bar instead and provide them our business. We actually ended up going to the bar at the Domain which was charging almost $20.00 a drink but their service was decent and we were all willing to spend that so we can enjoy ourselvesLong story short, Jeff you are such a disgrace. You single-handily lost your job at least $300.00 because you refused to accommodate the customers. BTW all of our friends inside the bar left as well because what kind of friend hangs out inside of a bar half their friends could not get into? I was honestly looking forward to a private dance but I’ll go to the Rail where I may not be able to drink but I know I won’t run into Jeff. HIGH-FIVE JEFF! NO STARS!

  48. Selina C.

    The girls are super nice! I’ve never been to an establishment like this before. My coworkers were joking that since it was a Monday night the girls would all be dogs, but no way! They were all really hot! One of them was super sweet and got me a drink, wow!! I’d bring my single guy friends here. Nice place to hang out too. Lap dances are $20 I think, my coworkers enjoyed them haha.

  49. karisa r.

    Blast! Girls were chill, beautiful, & cool. Brought my man & had a blast!! Can’t wait to return!

  50. Gerardo M.

    I had a really bad experience here. I did not finish my first beer due to this really rude girl. I will NEVER come back.

  51. J R.

    Rude ass staff!! The second we went in there the staff was just plain rude. They had no sense of humor and seemed like they hated their job. Definitely don’t recommend this place

  52. brokester c.

    ummm… yeah. what to say?… stopped here to have some alcohol before heading to cheetah’s. this place is located in a shady-looking strip mall with an imitation 7-11 a couple doors down, behind a carl’s jr, frequented by even shadier looking men. the girls weren’t horrible looking, but none of them the date or i would want a lap dance from. $3 cover each (on a sunday night) and drinks were priced normally. music choices were pretty peculiar, but different strokes for different folks i suppose.

  53. Silky P.

    This place is a solid four and a half stars! It is awesome! The dancers are happy, beautiful and professional all the time; they are even friendly to other woman who just come to watch them perform. The cover is right, they have my blue moon and sierra on tap and the price is very reasonable. Because the place is kinda small, sitting at the bar is almost front row. The music is so good, they play all sorts of music, and all in good taste.

  54. Neel S.

    Strip Club Type Bar Girls are great .

  55. larry1

    Not fancy but the girls are Hot and friendly. They pour good drinks and have a pool table. Who could ask for more

  56. Yung H.

    This place gets a 3.5 stars, located in the same plaza as Carl’s Jr.Venue: Bar, stage with two poles, pool table, and private dance area Just went here this pass Saturday for one of my bff’s birthday.The name of the place speaks for itself! All the ladies are in itty bitty teeny bikinis …. Less covered more to show for the gentlemen and ladies eyes to see ^_~. Girls get in free! Cash only for drinks (4 large shots for $38)! Boys pay a $5 cover! $20 Lap dance for I kid you not 15-20 mins! A major plus is the girls are really really nice! They talk to all the people that come in even if your not paying for their services. One of the gals there, Linda was really nice to all of us. She gave the birthday girl 2 complimentary lap dances.Might be a good place to rent out for a private bachelor party. Cons: The venue itself looks like one of the bars out of a gangster movie scene where people come to make deals!Not enough seating and place is small. Open lap dances I.e “private dances” with half a divider to cover the chair your sitting in. With that being said, if you’re Getting a lap dance, forget being shy cuz everyone will be watching lol!!!!

  57. Vladimir P.

    It’s low profile place and it’s reflected in the cover price ($2), crowd and quality of the girls. I live not far away so I come here once in a while when I’m deadly bored. So having said that girls aren’t super stars I have to add that there are some of them who really work their ass off and really trying to dance well. I can specifically mention the girl whose name was Lee Yu or something like that.So my conclusion is that this place is good for group of people who wanna spend time in the bar and dancing girls is just an add-on but not key thing. Again – cover $2, drinks $5-$10, lapdance is just a close dance without touching $20.

  58. Monica F.

    okay. so i came here half buzzin…. and all i remember was cheering for the birthday boy, Raunchy Ron getting a lapdance from this girl in a black bikini…and me telling his fiance to take over coz she would probably do a better job than her.So there was this line of fat chairs for anyone wanting a lapdance from one of the girls….I also remember…but not vividly…seeing one girl working a pole. the music was cool….UHMmm… not sure if i’ll ever go back…. maybe if i can watch all my guy friends get lapdances and they need someone to record every action in a flip cam.

  59. curtis17

    Not bad. I used to take my co workers here for lunch. I don’t know if they still have that water show but if they do u gotta see it.

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