Club 7557



7557 Woodley Ave, Van Nuys, CA 91406


34.2082621, -118.4836807




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Club 7557

  1. fritter17

    Heaven on Earth! The perfect spot to lay back, have a few drinks and enjoy the company of gorgeous girls. Also had a great time shooting some pool. Must visit this spot

  2. George B.

    Legit af, though they can not legally have alcohol and nude, the amount of clothing they got n the way they move, wooo wweeee, 10 bucks a song, pretty decent and they got a pool table, sports and tv everywhere. Finally found a bar I can drink, watch mostly naked women dance and lounge around. Really happy with my new bar.

  3. larry1

    WANT A GREAT PLACE WITH ATTRACTIVE GIRLS!?! This place is bomb. it’s a lot bigger once you go inside. FULL BAR drinks running about $7!!! I took my friend here for the first time and he loved it! look for a dancer named Paris!! She is a Colombian goddess! I think the only Colombian dancer other than that all the girls are mostly Latinas. You’re getting a total taste of curvascious, voluptuous women here. Paris rocks!! Ask her for a lap dance and you won’t be sorry guys!

  4. Michael G.

    This place used to be great but it has gone down in quality drastically. The girls are horendous. Fat , old , and no skills on the pole. Some didnt even bother trying to climb it due to lack of physical talent. Atmosphere was depressing. Hardly anyone there nowadays. There used to be one or two gorgeous ones but they vanished. If youre a chubby chaser and into flab wrinkley fetishes this is the place for you.

  5. joseph1k

    GO here it’s really fun if you don’t want to get dressed up for the weekend and stillw ant to have a blast.You will be a little thrown off by the wierd Russian Mob looking security gaurds with europian accents. But once you walk in the doors, you will feel hispanic again, i assure you. The girls are not 10 or dime pieces. But there’s something beautiful about all of them. Especially the girls with the super big juicy bootys! The lap dances are cheap (10) and there’s a nice VIP section. I always take everyone here and there’s always an adventure to be had. The food is good too. And all the drinks are just 7 dollars. So give it a try. Go on a friday or saturday night, parking is a little rough, but worth it!

  6. winston12

    I should of just stayed home and bought a 18pack..They need to turn this place around and just make it a strip club..Because it’s all badly organized.. The music sucks..They put like some 70’s music in a titty bar that doesn’t go with their theme..Also if you can’t grab any ass or titties then why even get a $10 lap dance.. Plus the beers are like$8..

  7. harryharry

    For this being my first time here I must admit it was a pretty chill spot. The women here are easy on the eyes n quite friendly, not pushy or stuck up at all. The food was good n the price for drinks was really good, I only spend a few hours there but well worth it. Me n my Boy plan on going back again soon, I really want to see the Russian girl again :))

  8. adamrod

    Came here last night and was impressed, girls are actually sexy!/hot! will definitely come here again. Cheap drinks and lap dances can’t go wrong with that and entrance is cheap $10 unlike other places $25+

  9. ryan123

    alright so where do I start… First the girls all look extremely unactractivr . There was probably 5 ladies on total there and only two were decent looking . I was sitting at the bar, ordered a tiquilla sunrise, and was watching TV( there wasn’t anyone dancing at the moment) when all of the sudden two ladies talk to me and help their selves to my drink. After completely killing my drink( that I was enjoying) they have the odasity to tell the bartender to get them a shot each. They then both look at me once the drink is being poured and ask me is it OK with you ? I sat still a little confused and told them yeah sure ( which was then dumbest thing I could have done but my tab was still open) I get one dance from a decent looking girl.. The girls are fully clothed with nothing showing. Then I go back to the bar to have a drink, then another girl( which has had to be the prettiest one there)offers me a dance. So we are half way thru the first song where the Russian security guard runs towards me and tells me no holding the girl with two hands.. and remove my hand. As she continues I then see him running towards me tells her to get off and tells me you’re done an escorts me to the exit. We stand there out side and he tells me you touched her again with two hands and that’s why you are getting kickedout I am never setting foot in that place againbut

  10. AssnTits5

    It has been quite a while since I set foot in this place. As a dancer, I tend to frequent all the hot spots in So Cal in hopes of finding money-making possibilities. At Club 7557 (Formerly called Valley Strip), there was a lot of friendly girls, management and bartenders were easy to get along with, and the food was great. The customers were, for the most part, friendly and respectful. I would definitely visit again in the future to see how far this club has come….just for fun, though….I don’t think Club 7557 will EVER see me in stilettos and booty shorts again.

  11. james1412

    The service is horrible and the chicks are not great . It’s quite a trashy place. And the call white people honkys!

  12. fuckery12

    Spots alrite I went last night with a couple homeboys n the good looking girls just sat with foos at there table so no bomb bitches were asking if we wanted a lap dance when we had money to blow then when I do get a dance from this alrite hoe they never tell u yo your song is up want me to keep going? No they keep going till u owe like 80 100 bucks fuck that homie I aint gonna blow 80 100 if u aint even all that

  13. curtis17

    if you’re in the mood for chunky latinas this is the spot. Get wasted for cheap and imagine you’re with Sofia Viagara but really you’re with Roseanne

  14. Johnnyboy123

    It’s only a dollar to play pool!! And mon-wed it’s free cover charge. At least the bartender doenst force you to buy a drink. However, the downside, only about five girls I can consider 7s or 8s. The rest of them there, are, i hate to say this, out of shape. Nice place to hang out when you don’t have anything to do and bored in the valley.

  15. MEgan M.

    WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY more 5’s than 7’s…..and I loved it

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