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1820 Willow Avenue, Weehawken, NJ 7086


40.7594939, -74.02825




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Squeeze Lounge

  1. banks
  2. james1412

    20 bucks cover for women and 30 for guys . . . This place is a rip off. Maybe we got the out of towner rate. Weirdest strip joint ever, packed on a Sunday night, ethnic crowd but very friendly staff and dancers. The crowd in there was cool and not thuggish, we had a great time minus the ridiculous cover.

  3. Stephanie C.

    Had a great time with my wife & friends just went Tuesday & I loved it!! Those referring to the dancers as ugly & ghetto are just plain racist, like how the fuk can a dancer be ghetto what she say “yo” LOL, btw the place didn’t wreak of rotting pussy like the strip clubs you don’t pay to get in. There were some beautiful petite dancers black women & one Latina.

  4. boob man
  5. tonycluber

    I am a female, avid go go bar patron. I have been to go go bars all over northern New Jersey and have constant conversations about which ones I love, don’t mind and hate with my customers (I’m a bartender). I have never been so offended as I was when attempting to go to squeeze tonight. They wanted to charge me $50 to enter because I am a female and they had a “real DJ”. Real DJ? As opposed to a fake one? Well, needless to say, I will never be back there again and ill be sure to inform all of my customers what type of establishment these people run.

  6. alex
  7. Florencia I.

    They tried to charge us $40 cover charge on a Saturday night. Based on these reviews they just make up cover charge amounts as they go. Will tell everyone to AVOID this place!!!

  8. AssnTits5

    The most horrible place I’ve ever seen. Strippers are fat and ugly. Me and my friend went there last night: we had to wait our drinks for 30 min… I decided to get a lap dance from one of the dancers… Her “lap dance” was actually jumping on me and hurting… Disgusting…I would not recommend it!

  9. Danny

    All the chicks are Russians and they all live in Brooklyn. Some do great lap dances, some not so good. Depends on the girl.

  10. Terranova

    ICES – Great on the Pole


    A Very Nice and Smart Girl

    and oh Yea – Gives a Great Lap Dance

  11. mathewater12

    PSA to any and all ladies/women who to are frequent the Squeeze- JOE KOCHEVAR is a drunk who fucks everyone and anything that is willing to take him home – he is a disgusting male slut and will lie and blame everyone else for his issues!

  12. Jessica M.

    Worst strip club ever !!!!! Dnt waste ur money !!! Have to pay to get in n get no service !!! Ugly dancers ! Ghetto club!!

  13. beavis
  14. Brian W.

    Place is a glorified bikini show. No Class, no pomp. So poorly run, will never go again.

  15. Chris
  16. fuckery12

    I haven’t squeezed something in The Squeeze in like 7 years, so I hit it up with mah crew.It should be called The Russian V Room.No cover charge, $20 lap diggities in a private area, 6′ Russian “dancers” from Brooklyn vacuuming up your singles like crazy.It would be dope if they was nude, yo.yea, I said it.

  17. Rick

    Nice Club

  18. yummmm

    these girls are HOT!

  19. mitch
  20. Ray

    Squeeze, is ok. the girls are nice, but expect money every 2 minutes. Micheal S is the owner, he’s cool.. but the bouncers think there hot shit. My friend kick the shit out of one twice his size.. The pussy show up in court, in a wheel chair wearing bandage over, he looked like a mummy.. next time think before you put you hands on somebody. A pro would ask him to leave, not try to intimate you,

  21. KCfinest

    The girls are real pretty, real friendly…A few of them will continue to harass you all night, but its in good fun. Music needs an upgrade, too much techno/house crap…How bout some rock or hiphop? Bartendars can be a lil slow…

  22. big joe

    girls are great- but the body guard goons make thing uncomfortable- idiots

  23. Johnnyboy123

    What a great local spot. Booze is cheap. All the clowns who complain about the drink prices are day laborers or chumps. Dancers are Hispanic trash and Russian trash, who cares. This is America today. Go and have a good time. Your overweight girlfriend is home watching TV. Be happy she has another box of cookies in the pantry to feed on while you’re out with your buddies.

  24. peeping tom
  25. Ivette P.

    Even with all the negative talk about the dancers, i must say majority of them were very decent. It was my first time here and i had a great time. The palace is clean and i will probably visit again. BUT the bartender i had (Lisa) was rude and did VERY poor service! I DO NOT recommend getting service from her.

  26. larry

    great club great girls

  27. mike
  28. hudsoncountyboy

    Nice, friendly atmosphere. The girls will actually sit and have a drink with you, without simply intending to hustle you for a lap dance. If you’re looking to get touchy-feely during the lap dances, this is not the place for you. Otherwise, you should have a good time. I would say about 90% of the girls are quite gorgeous. The rest are average-looking. I didn’t spot any ugly ones. On Saturday night, they have a hot shower show at 1 A.M., which is well worth-watching.

  29. Christina h.

    Squeeze lounge, oh i love thee –I’m a bit saddened they started to charge $20 to come in even on Tuesday nights but it is what it is. The girls are awesome a nice little mixture someone for everyone type of thing.4 beers and a grapefruit hookah 60 bucks 1 name; s a g e

  30. HeavyD

    pretty girls, too many russians, really slow bartenders, and bouncers watch like hawks during lap dances. can’t a man get some privacy! music sucks, but sometimes you get lucky and they have a good dj.

  31. Starcycle11

    Nice place, awesome women. music is LOUD, food is great.

  32. checkpoint

    heavyd has it all wrong about the music. This is about the only place left that actually plays some rock and roll. Everywhere else plays nothing but that hip hop jimmy jam crap all night long. This place mixes it up. Girls are great too; great bodies and faces.

  33. jake

    stopped by last night for the first time ever and found this place to be the lamest in hudson county, the girls were average but the place was packed go figure.

  34. big boob fan
  35. im rick james
  36. tony78

    excellent dancers and atmospere

  37. joe
  38. lala
  39. rin tin
  40. bob

    the best and great food

  41. name

    too many RUSSIANS!! jade is awsome! i love her!!

  42. Bmr

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