77 New Jersey 36, Keansburg, NJ 7734


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8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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77 NJ-36 KEANSBURG, NJ 07734


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34 reviews for “Sinsations

  1. Jack Nicholson Jack Nicholson

    I couldn’t believe it. I had gone to one of those strip joints with the private viewing rooms to relax a little after a hard day at work, I was wearing a mask, and I found myself being turned on by a sexy little vixen in a school girl uniform and she was wearing a mask. My hand was stroking my hard cock when that tight piece of ass took of her mask to go down for a suck and she revealed the face of my own young daughter. I freaked out and left the place embarrassed, we never spoke about the incident and or she never told my wife, I am not sure and don’t think she realized it was me. Wondering if I should confront her as I do not approve of this type of work for her, but I know she wont listen and might be better off I don’t bring this up to her. Any suggestions?

  2. Anonymous

    I am going to be visiting the area for a few days, does anyone know if there is any action goin on at this shit dump club? any girls here doin extras? was mostly a bunch of busted crack whores las time I was here.

  3. Peanut

    I am going to be visiting the area for a few days, does anyone know if there is any action goin on at this shit dump club? any girls here doin extras?

  4. Anyplace_is_Better
  5. Sam

    Closed again.

  6. Manager_is_Rude
  7. Horrible_Barmaids
  8. Big Jack

    Very classy place with intelligent dancers

  9. Sad
  10. closed
  11. Jimmy
  12. Bobby

    Unfortunately same owners. They don’t get that a tremendous amount of effort has got to be expended to get the reputation of the bar back up. If they want to be successful they’re going to have to draw in customers with advertised special events and then retain the dancers. Go old school and PAY the dancers! Not have the dancers tip out the other dtaff

  13. Morgan

    Simply the best place I ever been to

  14. TRUTH


  15. Doug

    An average score is being very generous

  16. Jackson

    You won’t find a better place anywhere in the world! 5 Stars forever

  17. stayaway

    I brought my brother out for his birthday and we stopped in here as it was on the way. The bar was literally empty on a Saturday night. The dancers were horrible looking and it took forever to get a drink even with an empty bar ??? We finished one beer and left.

  18. Stewart

    Great place. The girls were from all over the world. The food is 5 stars. The client is very classy. Probably one of the best bars ever

  19. nope

    I stopped in here on a Saturday night with my crew. The place was dead, it took forever to get an overpriced drink and the girl on stage was a circus reject. The one that replaced her was even worse. We downed our drinks and left. Sad.

  20. bad

    one word says it all.

  21. Ugly_Fat_Dancers
  22. Harry
  23. 0_of_5_Stars_is_too_many
  24. Reviewer

    I’ve been around the world and this place stands out as one of the worst clubs I’ve ever had the “pleasure” of going to. Sad is the only word to describe it. Ugly dancers with bad bodies. Barmaids with horrible attitudes – also not attractive not attentive. Top that off with everything being over priced. Need I say more?

    They post fake information and reviews on this board in the comments section in what amounts to a lame marketing attempt, I assume to fool people into stopping here while at the shore. It’s all fake and going there will prove that to anyone. My advice, stay away – far away.

  25. Sucks

    I’ve seen these reviews and thought, whatever. Then I finally stopped in here this past Thursday night and wow. This place really does suck

  26. Patron

    Went to the club a few days ago and very clean and nice. Raven is very friendly and attentive bartender. There is a nice mix of dancers and all the girls were very friendly. The only real drawback i would say is they over use the bass to the point you cant tell what song is on. The bar prices for food and booze is on par with other locals. Will definitely be bac here though

  27. John

    Came here and left. Beer was warm, bartender was not friendly. Don’t understand why a new place was so blah
    Printed a free admission coupon and there was no admission. That figures! Stupid me

  28. Bad

    This bar is usually empty and it’s easy to understand why. The talent is B-team at best and the drinks are overpriced. The reviews and comments here are 99% fake and made by their delusional manager. Please stop in and see for yourself. One visit is all it takes to understand.

  29. horrible
  30. Big Ben

    Very classy and clean place. The dancers are the hottest and nicest you will ever meet. Only thing negative is that the place most of the time too packed. I also like the suit and tie client

  31. cmack

    guess you havent figured out how to erase all the bad reviews.maybe you should stop the idiot posting all the bullshit about your bar.dont you realize that once someone goes in expecting the best but in reality is in one of the worst,think he will give it a second chance ???

  32. Steve

    Best of Luck Guys to your new Club I wish you the best from your local pal Steve!

  33. ZeroStars

    Tthis place is just bad P

  34. Jason

    I used to go to the top clubs in NYC, but since this place opened it blew away every club in NYC. Hands down the best gentleman club ever

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