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0 reviews for “Crazy Girls

  1. larry1

    First of all, shoutout to all the dog-whistle racists complaining about the girls at the club being “ghetto” and “thick” (i.e. Black and brown) and about what music they play here. News flash, it’s not 1988 anymore and Motley Crue is no longer at the top of the charts. And another thing, a congregation of black people does not automatically equal gangsters. This club represents the diverse demographics of Los Angeles and the current trends in popular music– how shocking! The girls are beautiful, easy to talk to, and incredible performers. I saw some amazing pole tricks so I don’t know what anyone’s talking about when they say all they saw was twerking! The drinks are stiff, the bartenders sweet and helpful, and the staff/management are chill. A classy club environment complete with the hottest girls in town. 5 stars!

  2. james1412

    At the door the bouncer was cool said we have topless girls, took our $20 cover, was there for a couple hrs never seen a single topless girl ! Turns out it’s not so topless !!! SCAMMERS

  3. Raff

    Definitely the best gentlemen’s club in LA over 50 beautifull exotic dancer. Great priced bottle service served by gorgeous ladys with the best service. Both dj’s keep the club lit till 4 am. Perfect after hours spot. Clubs the best thing goin on wendsday’s and Saturday nights. Always catch celbs at the baller Booths popin bottles and throwing racks

  4. DexterRexter

    Was empty with no customers at 11 pm on Monday night.

  5. anthony1

    Worst experience ever! As if the $30 valet wasn’t bad enough, they singled me out to charge me $40 (I’m a girl!) for entrance when my friends (guys and girls) were in there already just paid $20. Jesus, is there something wrong with me? Did I smell? Or is it because I’m a lesbian? I had a wallet full of cash ready to blow! I wouldn’t have had an issue to pay the $20 cover but felt discriminated and made a fool of. This experience ruined my night. Thanks.

  6. Kam F.

    When David Arquette Buys Legendary Hollywood Strip Club Crazy Girls in 2014,He knew who to call upon to run the show!Tony Verdugo once again brings a breathe of fresh air & innovation to the nightlife industry!In his own right, Tony Verdugo is a long time Las Vegas Nightlife pioneer & celebrity.Most noted for creating the orginal Las Vegas Afterhours’ the Infamous Drai’s Afterhours Nightclub at The Barbary Coast. His latest conquest is the resurrection of the Gentlemen’s Club ” Crazy Girls ” in Los Angeles.Located just off Sunset & La Brea. This was one of my favorite strip clubs back in the day.I’d take the Harley out for a spin and next thing you’d know, I’d be up in the club shooting pool, hanging with beautiful ladies, my friends, rock stars & A-List Celebrities! Verdugo now does what he does best!By combining elements of the traditional Las Vegas nightclub & Afterhours with the best parts of the original Crazy Girls, you have a hybrid club like nothing before!Half of the patrons are women! Yes that’s what I said!Because Crazy Girls appeals to anyone looking for a night on the town with great music, scenery & good vibes.Of course one thing that Crazy Girls is most noted for, is the 100’s of Exotic & Beautiful entertainers Tony has recruited to cater to this clientelle of Rock Stars, Celebrities, Atheletes & LA club scenesters.Plan your bachelor or bachelorette party there or just go down & have a few Red-Bulls & Grey Goose with the guys…So get down there & check them out, you wont be disappointed.Trust my advice, You’ll be glad you did!Just writing this review , makes me think about taking the night off to work to go there! LOLK

  7. tonycluber

    New management, new look, new staff… New attitude. Unless you’ve been lately, you haven’t experienced Crazy Girls Hollywood.Picture a Vegas nightclub… but with sexy topless women. It’s a vibe like no other in LA.

  8. Disappointed
  9. moneyman2

    Cool spot to drink and chill. Yes there are “hot half naked” chicks but the atmosphere also has a lounge/club vibe to it as well. I recommend getting bottle service for parties and let the ladies flock your way…Update:They remodeled their VIP section, fancy!

  10. adamrod

    As the new management has taken its course in the venue, all that has come with it has been 5 stars. The customer service is the best in the city, let alone the fun one has in the establishment. Definitely a destination place that everyone should visit & see for themselves. 5 stars all the way!

  11. Rohit J.

    Totally not worth the cover charge. Guy in front of us was charged 30$ and whereas we were asked 60$. Avoid this place.

  12. Nick R.

    Officer Gabriel has been AMAZING with his service I’ll definitely come again and invite others.

  13. Colbys

    Hot Hot Hot! This place is a perfectly appropriate naughty delight because the girls are so sexy and the layout is just like I imagined a sexy upscale strip club would be. A main stage and some mini ones for other girls to allure. Really good energy, I could tell the girls were real, not just shallow and money hungry. Cool chicks. There are also a really an elegant area for private dances. Lots of options and variety which is the spice of life! Very nice. Beautiful women. Good times.

  14. StripClub431

    Went to Crazy Girls to Celebrate my Bachelor Party…. Talk about the best night ever… I’ve done stop clubs in Vegas like Crazy Horse III, Saphires and Rhino and Crazy Girls is giving Vegas a run for the money…. The bounce Steve made sure we had a prime table, introduced us to the manager Tony and allowed us to pick the waitress! Talk about the VIP experience…. I felt like a king! The dancers were Hot and they even had some that flew in from France, Dominican Republic and Australia to name a few…. Everywhere I looked I saw solid 9’s and the hottest 10’s! Bottle service was fast and an expensive and Tony would come by and ask me by my name if I was having a blast…. When I finally had the guts to pick a dancer she took me in the back and asked if I would like a couch or a bed, of course I said couch since I didn’t want to pay extra for the bed and she said it’s the same price!! Bed it was…. Best 20 minitues of my life!! She even came back to the table to stay with me…. I could go on and on all I can say is save yourself a 4 hour drive to Vegas and come to Crazy Girls… 5 Stars!!

  15. fisherdex1

    I’ve been to many strip clubs in la! This place is a class act. No others compare! Starting from the staff they are very welcoming and accommodating they treat you like a Vip! Tony is down to earth and pretty funny too. The dancers are BEAUTIFUL ! The drinks are generous and not watered down. Did I mention they have a full bar? Yes sir, they sure do! The music is popping and the girls on stage really know how to put on a show! This is definitely a great place to go whether it’s guys/ladies night out, a break up ( just kidding) or after hours after the Hollywood club scene. I’m definitely going back soon:)

  16. Weedman420

    So apparently, I am older than I thought. Used to come here in my 20s, amazing! Just came for my bachelorette party. Apparently, twerking has replaced dancing and the pole is just an accessory for balance. So beyond not impressed. This place used to be fun. Now it’s just overly-loud rap music and “strippers” who don’t strip and just twerk to the lame shit the DJ plays. Waste of time and I won’t be back. An old tradition dies.

  17. Franklyn

    Love this place ! Great music and good service / it’s a very beautiful venue and good vibes

  18. chris C.

    I’ve been here starting in the late eighties when it was still Crazy Horse. Came to see a friend on Metal Mondays. No cover, which is cool, but every time I ordered a Jack and Coke, it was a different price. Three orders; first was 9, second was 11, then back to 10. Please make up your mind. I felt like I was getting jacked.

  19. Johnnyboy123

    WORST PLACE EVER IF YOU’RE LOOKING FOR A STRIP CLUB!!!!!!!!!! I’m not gonna lie, I’ve been around the block a few times. Lived all over the U.S. and have frequented strip clubs worldwide. This by far was hands down the worst ever. Saturday night in Hollywood from 11pm to 1am … Prime Time for a “strip club”.But this isn’t that. It’s a bikini bar where girls dance & then you’re expected to go into the “VIP room” for what they called a “rub-a-dub” to my girlfriend. I had to walk up to the bar to buy our beers, waitress was too busy texting to accompany us. Sad part is? We walked in with $500 to blow, walked out with $440 two hours later. On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being best? This place is a 1. Only because it was open & close. Will NEVER return.

  20. maxxy1

    Had a great time!! Great music! Gorgeous girls and an amazing atmosphere! Can’t wait to come back for the re opening this Friday !

  21. dopeboy19

    Went to Crazy Girls HW for the first time in February. Went with a friend from Sac who used to dance in Vegas and a bartender friend from Houston & her HW boyfriend. The two ladies had just as much fun as us two guys. The dancers were great as we fell in lust with a couple of them, the bottle prices were inexpensive for a club, we enjoyed the VIP dance room, our waitress was great and we were treated like royalty. Tony knows how to treat customers and run a club the right way. I have partied with him in Vegas and he is a true honest gentleman that wants people to have fun for a fair price. Guaranteed that my crew will be back.

  22. Lj Y.

    Love coming to Crazy Girls! #WCW Woman Crush Wednesday is the best night ever!! Baddest chicks from the time you walk in until you leave!! Jasmine and Cindy had my drinks flowing all night and the dancers Turn All the Way Up!!!

  23. Carly-Jo G.

    Beautiful woman work here, most exotic girls who love to shake ass, very friendly, some of the baddest girls on ig work here, great bottle service, not to mention the managers and door guys are always welcoming, best music ever love this place

  24. harryharry

    Love this place! Every time I’m here I have a blast! Very friendly staff, and the new management team is very accommodating. The place has been remodeled, looks sooo nice inside, way different from before. Upscale nightclub/lounge vibe with lots of fun to be had. And their bottle prices are really inexpensive in comparison to other Hollywood clubs, and they bring your bottles to your table with sparklers and a big showcase, it’s fun to pop bottles here…

  25. Johnson12

    Every time my friends and I go to this club we have a good time I enjoy this place because it’s very diverse. Ask for Amarie

  26. dannyboy7

    Wonderful time here with my girl friends. Awesome service and polite courteous staff. Thank you. Had a great night!

  27. danielson

    Mmmmm. Crazy Girls. This place has a lot of things going against it. But it also has a lot going for it. The good…My favorite thing about it is the beer. This club has the coldest beer in town. Price for alcohol is on par with other similar clubs.The music and sound system is just ok. I’ll give major props to the club for having Metal Mahem Mondays. They have live local rock bands perform on Monday nights. This is awesome. $10 cover charge during these times. As far as I can tell. Cover charge is $20. I don’t think I’ve seen it higher than that. That’s on par with most other clubs. The layout of the floor is nice. They have the main stage and two minor stages. The minor stages get you a little closer to the action of you liked a girl on the main stage, she rotates to the smaller ones. The bad…So what makes a strip club good? The women of course. In this club the waitresses are hotter than the dancers. Now, there’s always gonna be the 1-2 amazing looking dancers working. But the majority are mediocre. I suspect they keep it extra dim inside to hide this. Hehehe. But hey, that’s what the beer is for. Before long, they all start looking like 10’s!The ugly…The club charges 10% for all singles. If you want $100 in singles, you’ll get charged $10. If you want fitty, you get $45. This is absurd. No one else does this. It’s quite offensive. The emphasis here is on the vip dances. This is where things go crazy. They charge up the ying yang. Sure, they have regular lap dances. But they’re nothing special. They’re in view of everyone. They could certainly close that area off as well. But they’ve chosen not to. Perhaps to make you want the privacy of the more expensive options. I come here for the beer. I’d recommend this club to anyone that wants some beers and some women to LOOK at. I don’t think I’d recommend getting lap dances here. Leave that to the full blown strip clubs. Just enjoy the stage dance and drop the girls some cheese on stage.

  28. Harrison69

    Place is nice, fun, pricey; next to tourist district; bar tender is hot. They serve full alcohol, so dancers don’t get fully nekkid.

  29. stripforme123

    TERRIBLE TERRIBLE TERRIBLE!! 1st off all this place was a legendary rock and roll club with tons of famous rockers! What happened???!!! It is now completely ghetto!! I’ve been in a handful of clubs and I have NEVER seen anything more ghetto in my life. 2ndly I noticed that a few of the 5 star ratings on here are girls I recognized who work at the club!! All the good ratings are probably fake!!!! And 3rd the door is 20 dollars!!! They must be insane! It used to be 5! I don’t know what management is trying to accomplish here but if they want to scare away all the business men with actual money then they are well on their way. Blunts being smoked left and right. One of the girls told me they have rock night on Mondays and bands play. Not even worth it. Should be a mix of music all the time. Thats what is fun about a strip club, The diversity of girls! Even when it was a rock club they still played a mix of music. You’ve all been warned. You want Compton? Come here. You want what this club SHOULD be? Go to a place like Jumbos Clown room.

  30. timmykilla

    Just stopped in tonight and walked right back out the door. If you want to experience Compton come here!! Everyone was dressed like they were straight out of Compton and the dancers were ghetto as well. This place has gone SO DOWN HILL that I am shocked and saddened that this will no longer be my hang out place. I saw almost 10 people smoking blunts and the music was all hood music. Don’t waste you’re time! I would rather go to a full nude club with no alcohol with a variety of music and girls. The new “management” has turned this into a gang war waiting to happen.

  31. justinlk

    Best strip club in Southern California sexiest girls and good staff wide verity of girls and all different nights different themes goes from rock Monday with sexy rock chicks to video vixen weds then super star Saturday’s with every race of beautiful women …. Perfection at its best ……

  32. Jonathan

    very nice

  33. John

    love the environment, girls are great!

  34. Fitz S.

    Beautiful beautiful flawless beautiful girls. I wish there were fully nude. Other than that, awesome staff, more beautiful girls, and the drinks are ok.

  35. richard95

    I have been to Crazy Girls twice. Both times I got bottle service. Both times I was told by the outside security staff and door host that a bottle of grey goose is $400 plus gratuity of $150 for a total of $550. A 38% required gratuity is VERY HIGH. I do not mind spending the money if the service is good. Last night, my waitress brings me the bottle and pours drinks for my table. Then she disappeared for the night. The bottle service host never even came by to check on the service. This club is the worst when it comes to VIP bottle service. Both times, I have found out that the waitresses did not receive any part of the 38% gratuity and that is why service is horrible. Who is keeping the gratuity? The door host? The security staff? They MUST BE MAKING A KILLING!! WTF!! All they do is check ids and pat people down for weapons. Doesn’t take too much brains to do that job. So, advice to all, SAVE YOUR MONEY AND DO NOT GET BOTTLE SERVICE!! You get better service ordering drinks from the bartenders and waitresses directly.The only positive thing was the dancers and the atmosphere.

  36. ryan123

    Ready for a shakedown? Come here. Within 30 minutes of arrival during “happy hour” we were accosted by, perhaps, the most aggressive, most money hungry bikini dancers the world has ever seen. Not trying to exaggerate.. $700 for a 20 minute private dance. If you’re a boss baller this is definitely the spot for you. And once the girls realize you won’t or can’t see it their way they get ghost. Expect to feel like a pariah if you plan on extending your visit past any time to it may take you to contact your accountant or take inventory of your finances.Also. Though their website advertises “happy hour” runs from 6-9pm it does not. It ends at 8pm. Be warned. You’ll spend more than you intended if you show up one way or the other. You can take that to the bank (because you’ll have to).

  37. AssnTits5

    Don’t come here!!! I had my debit charged twice as a hold because I spend 40$ like seriously! Just 40$ and I have a hold of 35 that’s just ridiculous. I ask to speak to the manager, he didn’t even came out and talk to me and send the waitress to explain to me it was a hold. I waited at least 10 min. Avoid this place and the dancers doesn’t even seems to be happy to be here! They won’t even talk to you! This place is a joke!

  38. igor34

    Redo: I appreciate Tony for getting back to me. I have not came back to the establishment as of yet and had plans tonight but ended up staying in. I enjoy coming here and having fun. Can’t wait to come back and live it up. Will update my review later.

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