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0 reviews for “Bombshells Dallas

  1. Griffin C.

    Good was ok, but nothing to write home about. Service is where I had the biggest issue. For one it looks extremely tacky for your waitresses to be sitting in the corner booth playing uno and looking at their phone. Waitress gave the impression that she could have give a shit less if we were here or not.The good part was the decor being a pilot the decor is what attracted me here, but I would have hoped that the corporate location would have been a little more enthusiastic. Probably won’t be back

  2. Kathryn S.

    This must of been the worst customer service experience ever. I had to flag down 3 waitresses and it still took 20 mins for ours to even greet us. We finally cancelled our appetizer order after finding out it had never been put in. I ordered another beer halfway through mine hoping that another would be here by the time I was done. No such luck. Asked for the mgr who never came by. I would of left if it wasn’t game 1 of the finals. Do not waste your time!

  3. Adam F.

    My friend and I came in for lunch for the first time and had really no expectations because we didn’t know much about the place. The decor was nice with bombshells scattered about and shell casings everywhere it was a cool feel for us. It didn’t look really busy and we showed up around 12:30 and was seated about 6-7 min after and was not really greeted by the first couple of people we saw. There is a very large and very nice patio that would be perfect for nice weather days. There are over 20 screens from we saw and all on sports very nice. We were seated in a huge booth for two people but it was cool we sat in the middle. Our waitress was cool and nice but did try to take our menus after taking our app order. The menu was amusing with its witty use of words for food choices. The app we chose had fried pickles(which were whole spears fried, I suggest cutting them in half on a bias), chicken strips(two pieces not really strips more like a whole breast cut in half and fried but really juicy), and fried cheese sticks(prob fried first so it wasn’t that hot but overall good flavor). The beers were served in a nice sized glass which was good for the price. I was torn between the Pearl Harbor burger, which has pineapple and bacon, and the Tank Burger which was beef stuffed with bacon and Cheddar mmmmm. You can make the tank a “Sherman Tank” when you add chili to it mmmm. I went with the Tank regular and it was huge and amazing. I eat a lot and I like big portions and this did it for me. The fries were an after thought lol. My friend got The Gunner Burger which had BBQ sauce and fried onions on Texas Toast. Both were really good and hot. Presentation was nice as far as the burgers go but the app was lacking for me. All in all the entree burgers were great and presented well but the app was poorly constructed in my opinion. The service was kind of lacking at the door but at the table was great.Ambience: I would come back and hang out on the patio any day of the weekFood: I want to try the Pearl Harbor burger next timeService: The greeting didn’t go well but they made up for it when we left saying thank you and goodbye.

  4. Vette R.

    If i could give 0 stars i would! First off we come in the door and every single server was sitting at a table. They took up at least 4 tables talking to each other. When we finally got to our table we waited 20 mins before we received any service after receiving our food our server decided to sit in a booth with a guy and never return. We had to stop a server that happened to walk by in order to receive napkins, drink orders etc. I will never return to this location due to horrible customer service.

  5. Richard H.

    Bombshells has pretty good food but the service is absolutely terrible. I went in about a couple of months ago for the last time and sat by myself for twenty minutes while no less than ten waitresses walked passed without even acknowledging me! I left since I became extremely fed up with this occurrence, which has happened to me on multiple occasions. There used to be some good waitresses there but it seems they have gone on to bigger and better places (good for them) but not so good for the customers who have to tolerate the laziness and apathy of the recent hires, who have no clue regarding the concept of customer service. I hope the management pays attention and reads these reviews because if it keeps up, I don’t think Bombshells will be in business much longer.

  6. Johnson12

    Sitting outside for 20 minutes and the doors still not open… Having to read the other reviews i tried to atleast have hope, but couldnt even walk through the doors this already tells me poor management.

  7. Joseph M.

    My experience at bombshells was excellent. My server ebony was absolutely gorgeous and very courteous. She deserves a raise. A big one. Thank you.

  8. Tim F.

    I went to this restaurant with a co-worker of mine while in Dallas for a conference. It was a nice spring afternoon, so we sat on the large patio. It was a Wednesday, so it wasn’t very busy in the restaurant. Our waitress was very good. She came by frequently and asked if we needed anything. I ordered the chicken quesadilla with a side of fries and a Shocktop to drink. Our drinks arrived promptly as did our dinner. It is a typical sports bar. There are televisions all over the place and a nice size bar. The food was pretty good for the price. My total bill was around $20.00. Nothing spectacular and nothing terrible. I would go back.Overall call:Service: ExcellentAtmosphere: ExcellentDrinks: ExcellentFood: Excellent

  9. igor34

    Guess I should’ve paid attention to the ratings. Piss poor service at the bar, a double is really a single, but the food is OK. Ewww mid cheek post on one of em, cute but really? Not a repeat visit.

  10. Johnnyboy123

    This is a classic case of someone with a vision and poor execution. Cool environment and theme. Military-ish theme, open, clean, lots of TVs. Nice patio. Yet, the food was overpriced and overdone. Waitresses seemed to like one or two customers and spent a lot of time with them…which meant slow service. Boyfriends maybe? Bottom line, way to many places to spend some money and enjoy a game. So unless you are into sailors, sandbags and meat that needs a lot of sauce to make it edible, keep driving.

  11. Tee L.

    Great atmosphere.. Great drinks…Terrible service… I took my brother out for drinks. We sat on the patio. We were promptly seated and left for at least 25 min without anyone checking on us. We had to flag down a waitress. She kept disappearing.

  12. David F.

    This is a nice and cool place to hangout at. The decor is well done with flat panel TVs all over the place, which compliments the theme of vintage war planes from the WWII. I liked the feel of the place and they have live bands with no cover charge. There is a limited selection of beers on tap and a full bar. The bartender Kia is pretty cool and complimented me on my shirt. I wish they had a frozen margarita machine because I love them and when summer comes I will be craving them like a diabetic needs insulin. I gave them two stars because the food I had was terrible. I ordered the hot wings with fries. The order came out fast, but I only ate some of the food because I was very hungry. The wings were terrible and tasted like someone just splashed them with buffalo sauce. Not much taste to them other than the sauce which was not even as good as Franks Hot Sauce. The fries tasted like they came out of a frozen Ore Ida bag. Just awful and I could only eat a few of them. I would come back but only to drink, watch the band and sports.

  13. Nydia G.

    If I could rate it zero stars I would. I came in with my family (group of about 15 people) a lady sat us down after a good 20-30 minutes. Then a manager came to us so rudely and told us to get up and go wait in the front and asked “did you all walk yourselves over here or what?” We told him a lady sat us down. He kept avoiding the fact that it was us waiting in the front for a table. We were the only big group there. We sat on a 10 people table, and a booth. Shouldn’t have been a problem, we’re paying right? He made it into a problem. He embarrassed us by talking so loud and being rude in front of other costumers. There could’ve been a better way to handle the situation. Probably racist. Wouldn’t doubt it. Wouldn’t come back. Go to Hooters!

  14. Jordanp

    I came with a group from work during happy hour. The first thing I noticed is that the place is HUGE!! There is a patio out in the front and when you step inside there are TVs all over the place. For a sports fan this is a great place to watch the games. The drink specials were pretty good. They had a variety of shots and drinks to choose from. I had some loaded fries and they weren’t too bad. The staff is pretty energetic and our waitress really responsive. This place reminds me of a Bone Daddy’s or Hooters so this place has a lot of eye candy for the men.

  15. billtheguy12

    The food is hit and miss but for a Cowboys game, there isn’t any other place I’d rather be! The atmosphere is amazing for game-day. They have a DJ that really sets the party and there are TV’s EVERYWHERE—not a bad seat in the whole place. Well, maybe on the patio when the sun is glaring, but…you can’t hate the sun, can you? This is a great spot to call up some friends, grab a couple of drinks and catch the games on Sunday. I’m not sure how they set up for basketball season since there’s so many games going on at any given time, but I’m sure it’s pretty live for the Mavs games (I’m not a Mavs fan so I will not be coming to find out) 🙂

  16. Tommy T.

    Kind of sad to be still open. Service is horrible. Seen our waitress every 20-25 minutes. Ordered a appetizer platter and some of it was uncooked and the cheese sticks had no cheese at all. Straight batter. Pasta was lacking flavor. I would say good place for drinks but the service was too bad.

  17. J C.

    Bombshells is a Hooter ripoff. Same type of theme but the girls are not as cute and the food is not as good (which is saying something, since nobody goes to Hooters for the food!)Several of us went early on a Friday night. The place was busy but lots of empty tables. Our service SUCKED! It took over 30 minutes to get our drinks once ordered and no repeat visits during dinner. I don’t know a bar stays in business missing all the opportunities to sell more drinks.They apparently have a different opinion of medium well than most. Our hamburgers were consistently burnt on the outside yet raw in the middle.One staff member told us that his place is owned by a guy who owns a chain of strip clubs. That might explain why the waitresses appeared to have no idea of how to wait tables.If you’re looking for a decent meal or a cute, efficient waitress, my advice is to keep looking…

  18. Colbys

    Five stars for the gracious wait staff, decent fried pickles, and tap Zeigen Bock. One star for the horrible conditions the patrons have to endure!!! That’s it!!! I am iterally sitting in the bar right now and there is zero air conditioning. It’s so hot! My friends and I came to watch a PPV boxing match and I am miserable!! I am never coming back! You cannot run a business in Texas and not have air conditioning! And a full cover charge?? $12 to sit in the fiery pits of hell!!! I swear to God!!! This is place is awful.

  19. Ericka R.

    I have passed this place many times and thought it looked very cool. So when asked by a friend to go have some drinks this place came to mind. It was a great lively place they had a live band and sports on the tvs and it had a fun atmosphere. We had lot of drinks a good time. Looking forward visiting again soon.

  20. GarryWas

    A place has to be extremely special or catastrophically bad in order for any of us to write a review about a place and unfortunately this place is the latter. The waitresses are attractive, smart and intelligent but with a Negasonic Teenage Warhead from Deadpool flare, which really boils down to your needs being second to theirs. So if you like being served your food two hours later after you ordered it when there’s literally more waitresses than customers then this is your place and if you’re trying to kick your addiction to alcohol, just order a beer or a mix drink because you’ll never see that. So stay away unless you’re Larry David and like taking your food and drinks from the serving counter because this place is like PopCopy. Next up Better Business Bureau

  21. Rochelle W.

    I went for my birthday In August, food was great, band was great and I had a good time. Went back yesterday had an even better time, food was better than the first time. Love the loaded fries.

  22. Michelle L.

    Me and my boyfriend had dinner here on Saturday night to watch the NCAA Final Four games. It was our first visit and we were pleased with the multitude of flat screen TVs, the open patio, the friendliness of the staff and the menu selection. The live band right after the game was a very nice touch also. Coco was our server and she gave us excellent menu suggestions. I had the Southern fried catfish which came with the choice of two sides in addition to jalepeno hush puppies. There were four fillets instead of the usual two which was pleasantly surprising. I took Coco’s suggestion and tried the sauteed mushrooms and they were so good I had to share with my boyfriend. He had the apple pecan salad which he enjoyed. Our only disappointment was the drink selection. Personally, I had a sweet tea which I liked and Coco never let my glass go empty. But my boyfriend likes microbrews and a larger beer selection. We enjoyed Bombshells. Good service. Good food. Fantastic patio. We will definitely go back!

  23. Paul S.

    Great sports bars in a great location. Atmosphere is as good as or better than Champps, food is standard bar food. Definitely worth checking out if you want to watch a game while being served by a friendly staff.

  24. Victoria F.

    Came with a bunch of coworkers. Waitress wouldn’t recognize that I even existed. We asked her multiple times to bring me a diet coke and she would never do it. Wasn’t until I yelled at her.She came out and asked the male coworker what my order was multiple times, continually having it wrong. The order was a burger with no veggies on it.Burger still came out wrong and when I told her she said it was how my coworker ordered it! WTF?!?Took a bite, it was burnt, I was done.Nobody cared that I didn’t eat the burger… not even the manager. His only response was “I’ll talk to her”.This is the perfect place if you like wait staff with attitudes that only want to talk to men like its a strip club. Its also great for people who want to pay for food they didn’t order, they didn’t eat, and was wrong.Too bad she didn’t realize that the person paying for the food wasn’t the guy at the table.

  25. Steve B.

    Good hang out place, nice size bar area. Flat screens all over this mother sucker. Live music on Fridays. Bartenders hooked it up on the beverages. The food was not bad also, specially the burger. Plenty of parking, location is close to idea without being fully in downtown. Grade: C

  26. Aaron H.

    I’ve been to this establishment three times, usually for business meetings with my employer, who seems to prefer it for it’s theme. It is directly next to Silver City Cabaret, and owned by the same people. When you walk in you will see that they attempt to live up to their name, literally. There are prop warheads, bombs, and spent shell casings that are set inside the concrete and other furnishings. This is essentially a military themed hooters, with the girls wearing skimpy camo shorts and menu items such as “The Tank”. It’s a bit over the top for me. I do appreciate the military discount, however, in keeping true to their theme of support for troops. Moving on – if you are a fan of hot wings here, you will not be disappointed. They are very good. Good sauce, decent size and a nice crisp on the outside when you bite in. The establishment is kept nice and clean, has a nice layout, and has no shortage of tv’s playing ESPN and other sports, so if you like sports and tv’s, you will not be disappointed. We signed up for a game they hold weekly on their outdoor patio called “Big Balls”, which is basically a team of three people playing oversized beer pong, with trashcans for cups and large, well…balls, that you have to toss into them. It’s fun if you’re into that sort of thing. I’m not big on handling large spheres with male genital euphemisms. Here are my criticisms-Service – it’s hit or miss. Some of the servers are super friendly and attentive, and others seem to have been hired more purely on their aesthetics and have their mind on, errr, seemingly nothing. Drinks – drinks they make are of decent mix and strength, but the bartender doesn’t seem to know how to make very many apart from typical whiskey/rum and coke. Food- While the wings are good, some of these menu items are too ambitious for the end product. The Tank for example, sounded amazing on the menu. A half pound burger patty stuffed with bacon.What I received was a burger that was burnt on the outside and dreadfully salty on the inside. So salty I couldn’t even enjoy the bacon inside. I felt I wasted my money on that meal. If you like sports bars this is a decent joint to try out once to see if you like it, and you can see some of your favorite strippers from next door work part time as a server. Fun, right? Oh…wait a second. If there is another business meeting here then I won’t feel let down, but I won’t go out of my way to return either.

  27. Julia H.

    The boneless buffalo wings were ok. I’ve had better. I don’t think I’ll ever come back here. Our waitress barely checked on us and had our tickets all mixed up in the end. She had the nerve to ask my friend if he was ok because he was explaining to her that she added one too many drinks to his ticket. In the end my friend just paid the extra to avoid causing a scene. We just all agreed that we won’t be back there. Your staff shouldn’t be so quick to label everyone as a drunk. So disrespectful. For that, my money will be spent elsewhere. This place was not my cup of tea. Horrible.

  28. XhXeXy

    it’s average. The place looks cool and is a guys breastaraunt so you know what you are in for. Service is average to slightly below and food is par with others in this arena. We go for happy hour and things are ok but normally have to flag down the service to get drinks. When they hire off looks and small clothing and not off qualifications then you should expect some of this.

  29. Kevin D.

    … as hot and sticky inside. We were seated aaaaaaaand left for dead. It was a Friday night about 7:30 and not very busy. Now we know why. After about 15 minutes of no one coming by our table of three… we left.

  30. Selina L.

    First off, it took us about 15 min to be seated. No one was at the front and it wasn’t even busy.Second, our waitress took another 10 or 15 min to even attend to us and was barely even paying attention to us. Such terrible service, I would’ve understood if she explained she was new or something because I get how hard it can be waitressing sometimes, but my service sucked.Third, the food tasted like a cheap microwave dinner. I ordered the Alfredo pasta and it was so blan, my garlic bread was burned, and the lettuce in my salad was soggy. The appetizer was the only thing that was decent. The food wasn’t even worth what I paid for.Anyway, I MIGHT try this place again, if I had a different waitress and ordered something different.

  31. Jeremy G.

    This place is terrible. Starting with the staff that not only are un-attentive but not good to look at. Now, let’s get to how bad the service is. There were probably 8 guest in the whole place and it took 35 minutes to get chicken wings. Drinks took forever to get a fresh beer. I thought because I was sitting at the bar it should be fast. However, the waitress was more interested in talking to her friend across the bar. If you want to waste a bunch of time for below average food, this spots for you.

  32. Raff

    I read the comments about bad service before I went. I heard they had a Spam sandwich which I wanted. Sat at the bar and was promptly served a drink and given a menu. 27 minutes later I could not get anyone to take my order. Left and won’t be back under any circumstances. Judging from the reviews I’d say management has no intention of improving.

  33. navid

    First of all, I cannot believe this place doesn’t have better reviews! That’s all about to change;My friends and I came here this past Wednesday because we were in the area looking for food and drinks and were drawn in by the huge lit up signage! This is a nice venue. It’s very spacious with lots of parking! The waitresses where these cute little army fatigue outfits! We sat on the patio and enjoyed the breeze. The live DJ was pumping good tunes and our server, Claire, was really sweet and attentive! My friend left his ID at home and I’d like to point out that she WOULD NOT and DID NOT serve him any alcohol. Very professional (I hated him for even asking!)!The menu is exspansive and very reasonable! The food was delish! I had a blackened chicken breast (seasoned to perfection), garlic mashed potatoes (okay), and their spicy mac n cheese (very tasty). All of that was about $11. On Thursdays, they have $3 wells ALL DAY! (Thank me later!)Well, Bombshells, I hope this review helps you guy’s ratings! My friends & I will definitely be back! 🙂

  34. Colby L.

    Cool finish out but that’s about it. Food is way average. I had the Tilapia and it was bland and fishy. Presentation needs work as well. Lotta dudes here. Probably wont go back.

  35. StripClub431

    This place has been designed for red blooded-beer drinkin’-meat eatin’-booby lovin’ men, if this description does not apply to you, then you probably wouldn’t enjoy this restaurant. That being said, there are other selections for dates, girl friends and sissy men. It is what it is. The waitresses are not hired on their ability to use a slide-rule or give you a commentary on our situation in The Crimea. They are are chosen for their looks and their ability to show guys (and girls) a good time. The food was OK and the service attentive. Management did show interest in making sure everything was going well. The vocalist and her accompanist on a Friday night was really good. The volume was perfect where you could enjoy the music, but still visit.

  36. KJ C.

    Reminded me of “Sneaky Pete’s” (Lake Lewisville area) :/as far as service and food go. Much cleaner though! I do wonder how long that will last due to the service issues. Them being:Disorganized- 10 people at the host stand on a Friday night but no one in charge= slow painful confusionSlow- half empty (inside and out) on a Friday night at 11:30pmSLOW: service was shoddy. We looked at their HUGE menu for 10-15 minutes before any one working there came by. My two guests and I were “kinda hungry” but wanted a great beer. So a beer/bar menu would’ve been better. Lord almighty the menu was 4 pages long. ALL FOOD. No specialty beersNothing interesting on the (HUGE) menuWe got some generic beers and my coworker ordered a side of fries. NO CONDIMENTS. NADA. Really at this point I’m embarrassed for him, and ashamed to wish it came with a ramekin of something “chipotle” or “aioli” ish at the least. NOBODY that works here is trying. The best thing I can say is my server was “purdy” and although we waited for every single thing from the time we walked in, she was “Lightening Fast” at bringing our checks. PRIORITIES. Ha 🙂

  37. Claire R.

    My first time here was the night of the Weidman vs Silva fight (ouch!). No cover charge, so that was pretty nice. My boyfriend and I went in a little earlier than usual to get good seats next to the tv’s. My experience automatically turned bitter when we asked the hostess if she could sit us next to their gigantor screens (bar area), which was empty and she insisted that it was better to watch it from the dining area (mini Tv’s) I repeated again that we were there to watch the fight and she was persistent that we would enjoy the dining area, I couldn’t believe it. My boyfriend noticed my irritation and he said it was okay. She sat us in the dining area, the closest mini TV was two booths away.Surprise, surprise.As the time of fight got closer the bar area swarmed with male only parties and the dining area was filled with couples and families. I was so irritated at the moment, I wanted to leave and enjoy the fight someplace else, but it was already too late. We had to squint and watch the entire fight two booths away. Thankfully our waiter was a sweet heart and the food was good. One star for each. I’m definitely not coming back to this place, I don’t recommend any couples to come here on fight night.

  38. felixnada

    I’m from Houston and I’ve been to the Bombshells down here and I love it. I came to Dallas for a business trip and realized they had one up here as well. The customer service was very poor. There weren’t much seating options (because it was game night) except in the back side away from the bar where no waitresses were tending to. It took us 30 minutes to get someone to take our drinks, 15-20 minutes to receive the drinks, another 20-25 minutes before a waitress came back to take our order, 20-25 minutes to get our food, 15 minutes to get our check. Ridiculous. I’m disappointed in management.

  39. yanard12

    Totally not what I was hoping for. The theme was great but eye candy was a D at best. Large food portions for the price. Very very slow service. To Bombshell team. My review was my opinion of my experience. Also, If you want people to be respectful of your staff then they should wear more appropriate attire. The minimal attire left little to the imagination.”On the “more productive side” we went in during the day and there were only about three other tables full. The bartender glared at us when we we walked in. Our waitress took almost ten minutes to even greet us and take our drink order. Our meal took quite awhile to come out after we ordered as well. The portions were large but the food was not great. We will not be returning. My review stands.

  40. nickstrip

    The most horrible experience I have ever had. Placed an order for food never got it. Asked for a beer never got it. Bar tender was rude and didn’t even know if they had craft beers or not. They are way over priced as well. Was served 2 shots and one beer and spent over 30 dollars. Definitely will not be going back. I hugely recommend you not to waste your time.

  41. williamr

    I couldn’t select a half star but I would’ve if I was able. Horrible service starting with the hostess at the front door. Plus we waited 20mins for drinks. The drink menu is limited. I picked five things to drink, because they didn’t have 4 that were advertised. All of this before my food arrived. The waitresses (all of them) seem to be more into each other than into taking care of the customers. This is based on my obervation of the rest of the patrons, Plus the service we recieved. Find another place to spend your money.

  42. joseph1k

    I actually come here to eat. I have business in Dallas and our flights always land after other restaurants are closed. The service here is non-existent. If you want to eat, you will have to wait over 1 hour for your food. If you want a beer, you will also have to wait. When I flagged down our waitress, who never checked on us, she said food’s not ready, they’re still making it (one hour from ordering), and that she would have to check on my beer (one hour after ordering). I guess they have to brew my beer, as well as kill the cows and wait for the burger bun to rise and bake. Lo and behold, our food came out right after she rudely said that our food was still being made. I wish other restaurants were open late. However, in this area of Dallas, everything closes around 7 or 8 pm. If you like watching waitresses gyrate along to really loud rap music rather than help you get your food and drinks, and listening to the entire customer base sing along to the music, this is the place for you.

  43. Savanah R.

    Avoid this place at all cost!!! The waitresses are inattentive and rude. I paid way too much for just a few drinks that I waited way too long for and to top it off my waitress closed me out and never brought me back my change. There were SEVERAL underage minors at the bar that I recognized from my little sisters high school. I honestly should have read the reviews before stepping foot into this place, they are all terrible and mention the lousy service as well as the minors. If you’re under 21 and are looking for a place to get drinks and are willing to endure the wait then this is the place for you! If I could give negative stars I would.

  44. XhXeXy

    This is a new place and I think I may be a frequent visitor. The food was great and the drinks were good. They have live music on the weekends and plenty of space to shake yo booty! The decor is slanted toward a military theme and I am told (but not confirmed) that this place is supposed to cater to military personnel. Either way, it was fun and a much needed change of pace in this town!

  45. Brandie K.

    We are here now and the service has been completely horrendous. If this place is your first mind….time to change it up! #DONTDOIT!!! #DONTDOIT …. This was our friends birthday and now the turn up must get better from here…..cause…. #DONTDOIT Only good thing….DJ just played #California!!!!

  46. mathewater12

    Very disappointed on the service. Had to wait for a table for over 2 hours then they took another 30 minutes for them to take our order. What a shame, the place looks really nice.

  47. adamrod

    I went with my wife and son on 16th of March. The theme is awesome, being a veteran myself it is cool. They actually give a discount for veterans, service members, police, firefighters, etc….My son ordered two slices of pizza and the slices were huge and had a doctor pepper. I also ordered pizza, and my wife ordered the philly cheese steak. We all devoured our meals. I had some beer, the wife had the drink called “Pearl Harbor” and my son had Dr. Pepper.Our waitress was Dani (Hope I spelt that right) who always checked on me no matter what. She got a table with at least 25 guys, and still treated my family as if we were her only table. We met the Manager Alice I think her name was. She was just great as well. Met with us and talked for a bit.This is a definite place to go. I live in Fort Worth but I will be taking the train there as often as possible.

  48. Erik B.

    I walked in on a slow Wednesday evening around 7:30. There was no wait and the hostess took me straight to a table. Once seated I waited for 30 minutes for a waitress. After waiting for 30 minutes my friends walked in and decided to sit elsewhere since I could not get a waitress at the table I was at. So I left my seat and went to a different table where my friends were. Once seated the waitress came up to take our drink order. I ordered a drink and asked to speak to the manager. A few minutes later the manager came up and asked if there was a problem. I let her know that I was sitting at another table for 30 minutes and was never served. Her response was “oh” and she walked off like the really did not care. This ruined the rest of my night. Food was typical bar food, nothing special but nothing really to complain about. Definitely will not be going back.

  49. David P.

    I have good fun there and food is good for a decent price and the ladies easy on the eyes.and friendly when they can but it busy place most nights The managers I know most of them and they work hard like their employees when needed and they always professional It a very diverse crowd being a navy man I like that vibe.

  50. Mike H.

    In town for the Kings/ Stars game. Saw this place from the freeway figured I’d go in for some beer, wings and to watch some hockey. Unfortunately, the game I was hoping to watch was blacked out in this area. It happens. So, I sit and order a beer. But the server never returned with that beer. In fact, she didn’t come back at all. After being largely ignored for about 10 mins, I headed back to my hotel room. Looks good on the outside, but I’m finding the hospitality here in Dallas lacking.

  51. Jeannette A.

    Not sure why there are bad reviews. Came here for the 1st time yesterday and it was a pleasant experience. Of course they could use more waitresses… No kidding! That’s the biggest complaint about the service industry. Food was good… I highly recommend the Chicken Wings. Happy Hour prices are decent too. I will definitely be back for NFL season… They have a lot of TVs.

  52. Devonne L.

    Absolutely WORST service ever. The waitress took 15 mins to greet us. We stopped two waitresses and they said they’d “go get her for us.” She never came. I walked back to the host stand and asked what was going on and if we could be moved to a different section. The hostess informed me that our server also had tables on the patio so she probably didn’t know she had a new table. I returned to my seat pissed. My best friend, now livid, stopped a guy that appeared to be a manager. He in fact was one, and she filled him in on what was happening. He took care of us the entire time. The waitress had the audacity to come check on us and act “concerned.” All of the waitresses around us were way more attentive to the men. Little did they know, we came in excited to eat and drink and spend money. Service ruined entire night. Good food though. Not worth the terrible service. Won’t be returning.

  53. richard95

    The service here on a Friday night is terrible!!! My friend and I waited for 30 minutes for a someone to come to our table and that was only after going to the hostess station to tell them that no one has been to our table yet. Then, instead of our waitress coming, someone from the hostess station came to take our order. 10 minutes later, the waitress shows up at our table, only to ask my friend what kind of cheese she wants on her burger. 20 minutes after that, a food runner brings our drinks to the table. So, we were there for 1 hour before even drinks were brought to our table and no one had even brought water or anything before that. When we were finished eating the waitress did stop by and ask if we were ok, I asked for a box and the box never came. After waiting for 1 hour for her to come back, we flagged down one of the food runners and asked him to bring a box and the manager. The poor excuse for a manager told us that our waitress what getting her butt kicked while trying to take care of the group in our section there for a birthday party. When we told him that every other employee had walked past us and no one ever asked if we needed anything, his reply was that this young generation just doesn’t get customer service and that’s why we were treated so poorly. He did comp 35% of our food bill for the complete lack of service. We were there for a total of 2 1/2 hrs and only had the waitress twice at our table!As for the food, the calamari was surprisingly good. I had the chicken quesadillas and my friend had a burger. They were both just ok. We ordered the featured vodka drink on the drink menu, it was basically an Arnold Palmer with vodka. It tasted ok, but I think they forgot to put in any vodka. The atmosphere is great and I love that the restaurant is completely open to the patio. It is also nice that they provide bands on the weekend with no cover charge. The band was great! If I come back it will be for the atmosphere, patio, & to hear a good live band.

  54. Ken P.

    Great patio to enjoy the sunshine, but y’all ought to play music that your customers enjoy, not your employees…we would have stayed longer.

  55. tonycluber

    I don’t know why this place only had two stars! I’ve been here a few times and have never had bad service.

  56. Steve I.

    What an experience.service was very one even knew who was taking care of the our table.when the food came out,it was cold.of course the waitress got the manager over so I could get something else that was seemed that it was a big inconvenience for him,,, oh because he was too busy sitting with his wife. The waitress kept on complaining to its, that she was too tired..I thought maybe because she had a long day or night next door at the strip club..she let us know that she worked there…great.of course at the end of the night, she was gone and we didn’t even know who had our bill anymore.I was positive off one thing, the bill would be totally messed up, which it was..after explaining about the mistakes, we didn’t see anyone for another 20 minutes.funny thing, we can see the manager sitting at a table with his wife instead of doing something.finally we hit to leave a good the manager, we need our checks.he was ready to get into a fight instead of doing his job.real professional.Well,, the girls are good looking and they wear little shorts, but it seems like everyone is too busy with that aspect,,instead of taking care of the customers..this place won’t last..I would hate to see what would happen on one off its busy nights…stay away…

  57. Josh R.

    Terrible service walked out after waiting 20 minutes. Waitress never greeted or came to the table will not be returning YOU SUCK BOMBSHELLS

  58. Marianne C.

    I was very hesitant to come here at first because of bad reviews I’ve read and knowing that it is right next to a strip club. Finally, went in to get lunch one weekend. I’m actually surprised at how nice and chic looking it is inside. Big bar area, lots of TV and there’s a separate section for more privacy while dining. Their booths, the lighting is just nice. It wasn’t at all what I expected it to be. Their menu has a big selections of apps, sandwiches, burgers and wings so I recommend to check the menu online to decide what do you want to get before coming in. I ordered the Platoon Platter which is basically a sampler of appetizers. I picked Cheese sticks, fried jalapeños and southwestern egg roll. The jalapeños were really good if you like spicy foods. It’s not something you would seat down and have for lunch. The egg rolls seem like they were frozen then fried. I wasn’t disappointed because before coming in here I didn’t really set the bar up high. I didn’t expect anything spectacular. And now the cheeses ticks… It’s freaking good. They made Queso wrapped in something, rolled on tortilla crumbs and fried. They are effing amazing! My bf ordered wings and he said it was good and spicy ad that’s about it. Prices of beers are not crazy high. Not sure of any happy hours though.

  59. Weedman420

    I really wanted to watch the Seahawks game so, a friend suggested this place.VenueThis venue is well designed. The amber lighting effects give the place a very warm an inviting feel. TV’s are everywhere. Rock music playing (not too loud) in the background. Side note: Low amber lighting with black menus and a grey font equals turn on your phone light to read the menu. Unless of course you have a super duper xray night vision super power. 🙂 FoodFried Calamari ($11) was a frozen food service product. The uniform size and bland breading is a dead give away and the taste was equally bland.Bomb Poppers ($12)These are basically bacon wrapped shrimp. Small and also very likely a frozen food service product. They were passable. But let’s be honest, anything wrapped in bacon is going to be passable. WingsWell cooked, decent flavor. Nothing remarkable. BurgerWell cooked, decent flavor. Nothing remarkable. ServiceService was prompt and professional. No complaints.SummaryGood service. Cool vibe. Lot’s of TV’s. However, the food was marginal at best. We should have just stuck to the beer and the game! If I go back, that will be my plan.

  60. brandonresh

    Honestly one of the worst places I’ve ever been. I can’t even fathom how they are open. If negative stars were available, I’d use it.

  61. Denisa B.

    The food is good but the service is the worst ever this was my second time to try this place and both time same result. When you pay 2.50 for tea you should not have to ask for refills. The waitress took our order delivered the food and did not return until was time for the check.I will not go back!!!!!

  62. kenston12

    Great place to have some drinks after work, Monica V, our waitress was very friendly. Will be back.

  63. Sarah S.

    Didn’t expect much after looking over the reviews for this restaurant, but I feel like this place did better than expected. Service: was a little mediocre, the waitress cared more about other tables a little more than ours, but still gave us refills shortly after running out of drinksFood: The entire table ordered the blackened chicken off the lunch special, and we all thought it was decent. The Spicy Mac was good, just wish it was stirred before serving, just a little odd to have a glob of spicy in the center of a side item, it just doesn’t look very appetizing or taste very appetizing getting a lot of spice in one bite and little to none in another . Price: Was a little pricey especially for the lunch menu.Atmosphere: decorations were nice, however I wasn’t really able to see a great view of a TV at my seat so that was a little disappointing.Overall 3/5 because the Spicy Mac presentation was a little odd, the price seemed a little steep and the service was lacking a little.

  64. ryan123

    No thanks. This place started out great, now I wont go back. Everytime I have been, the food has gotten progressively worse. This time was no different. Still I have always given the place points for the atmosphere, though it usually seems the waitresses are always in a bad mood. This time, it took the cake. I stopped a manager about the taste of the iced tea and instead of a simple apology, I got confronted about how they make their tea and they will take me back to where it is made to prove to me how it was made. Sorry, i was trying to give a constructive criticism, not pick a fight ending in a tea brewing demonstration. Never did I get an apology for the taste of the tea or anything, just a retort from the manager that she doesnt like tea so all tea tastes bad to her.I was so blown away by the response that I later called the head manager, who theough she did say she was sorry, acted like just another complaining customer I dont want to deal with.So, they wont have to deal with me anymore. There are plenty of restaurants in the area that value their customer base.No wonder the wait staff seems in a bad mood. It all starts from the top.

  65. michele f.

    Great parking and nice patio, but it was rainy today. Greeted warmly, offered table or booth, chose booth and were walked to our table. No biggie, but . . . I ordered burger & fries, coworker ordered pizza. Food arrived and there was a hair on his pizza, manager came and apologized and said there would be a discount. Server on his way to another table, dropped a cup of the italian sauce right next to me and it was all over my sweater (little chilly in the place) and hair. He apologized and our waitress offered wet wipes, but it’s tomato that stuff isn’t going anywhere. Waitress came to check on us and I said I was done, she walked away and said “Great!”, guess she really wasn’t listening. My burger was good and it seems like a fun place, but I doubt we will return. I get to smell like italian food the rest of the day.

  66. winston12

    First time here and not too impressed, our waitress is very good looking but took a while to tend to us and she seems like she just woke up. Not very enthusiastic …. Lol, oh well what are you gonna do. Thanks! …. No I don’t remember her name

  67. Mocha D.

    ****** Re: @Travis w/Bombshells Team:As stated they did arrive about 2 hours prior to my arrivial. The first two ladies arrived between 6 and 7. The third got there between 7 and 7:30. I got there a little before 9. It was about 11 when we left to get drinks elsewhere. I will check with the other ladies to see if anyone else has their reciept for the servers name but we were seated on the back part of the patio. The southern end of it like you can tell from my picture angle. I don’t even think the table belonged to the girls section who was serving us because all of the other tables were being waited on by a different girl. They got drinks and food faster also. This was on Saturday, May 28th. I understand places having an off night and my friends have visited before but I cannot say I’ll ever be back.

  68. Jesse S.

    This place really surprised us. Right off the bat we ordered the fried pickles. I was a bit put off by the fact that they were spears (do not enjoy Plucker’s fried pickle spears) but they were quite tasty…very similiar to what you get at Hooters, just spears rather than sliced pickles.Both myself and my friend ordered the Pork Chop. It was surprisingly good. Also, we were able to get the loaded cheese fries as a side for no additional cost and I also got the mushrooms which were ok but nothing spectacular.In terms of the ambiance, I loved the restaurant layout. Reminds me of the type of restaurant you find in Austin with the large patio and inside dining being an extension of that patio. Also, this place always seems packed which is really cool. Obviously the restaurant owner saw a great market need and filled it nicely. I really don’t know where these people come from though. They don’t seem like travelers, but perhaps many of them are. The clientele was more blue collar, or perhaps I should say lower end white collar office worker types.In regards to the girls, I like their trashy outfits, but trashy is probably the best way to describe the girls here (no offense meant). Our waitress looked just like Snooki (hey, Snooki is fun, I’m just saying). I’m sure the market is saturated with these sort of restaurants…even the world’s largest Hooters in the West End lacks in this area. I’m hoping that as this place continues to do well the beauty of the waitresses will improve as the girls here have to be making some bank.

  69. Trevor H.

    So so so bad. Stinks really bad in there, like sewage filtered through moldy bleach-rag. The staff is hit & miss. The first beer I got was flat, so I switched flavors & this one tasted funky. Finished that & switched to a crown on the rocks and was given maybe 50 % crown. Really hard to prove this, but as a whiskey lover with an astute palate…. This is not crown royal. The majority of patrons will order mixed drinks, but in a shot or on the rocks there’s no denying it. The management replaced the drink with the proper alcohol, and explained it away by joking “it’s rough on the tongue when we grab the wrong bottle, eh cowboy?!?” I watched her pour it the first time. They have mixed liquors in premium bottles. End of story. Ate here once before this trip and was underwhelmed… Will not be back. There’s not much in this area to choose from, but that doesn’t mean it’s worth sitting in smelly bombshells. You can tell a lot of money and thought went into the decor. Pretty big fail so far

  70. Melody T.

    Watching the fight. This is the place you want to be if you are wanting to go if you are all about sports. There are tons of TV’s here. It was my first time going here and it just so happen to be showing the fight! WOW what a crowd. I mean you could barely get in the parking lot! It was packed. They have tons of beer and the wings are great! The girls are dressed like you hooters type! And the staff is very nice! I will come here again, but be sure to get there early if you are there for a game!!!! Fun Times

  71. Durae J.

    First time here…. I’m here to celebrate 3 coworkers birthdays. It’s a sports bar and a very nice one. It has a patio and plenty of room to seat small and large parties. The service was good and what to be expected for a party of about 18 people. I order lemon pepper wing and a plate that had fried onion straws(thicker than straws), fried jalapeños, and fried okra. I won’t order the mix plate again. It was ok but nothing to brag about. The wings were good and so was my sweet tea. I recommend giving it a try.

  72. danielson

    Less than 1 star.This place sucks. S l o w service, slowest I’ve ever experienced anywhere, overpriced food, ditzy as hell waitress, should probably try stripping again. Me and my buddy had lunch and 2 drinks each and the bill was over $50. Never ever go back. You’re a fool if you visit this place. It’s decked out really cool and they probably rely a lot on the silver city traffic, people all drunk and horny probably don’t care what they pay for average food!!I just received notification of a complaint someone made about this review. My review is the absolute truth and my opinion. The person who accompanied me on the visit in question will verify the details.Slow service and overpriced drinks and average food. That’s it.

  73. David T.

    Well I won’t be coming back. My friend and I received zero service today (8/23/15), and it wasn’t a busy afternoon in there. After waiting 20 minutes to see if we were going to be asked for our drink orders, we got up to leave. We then went back to the greeter that sat us down to say how displeased we were with the service. She actually told us that “we probably didn’t receive service because we sat ourselves at a table” and that she “never saw us come in the restaurant”……crazy

  74. Elizabeth M.

    I love the atmosphere! But the service there was awful! I went last Saturday, I really wanted to sit on the patio but I was told that there weren’t enough waiters , so they had that section closed off. After we were sat down my friend and I waited 15 minutes for someone to bring us a menu! Finally the manager came over and took our order , it wasn’t until after our food arrived when our waitress came to introduce herself. (And let me mention that the place was not busy at all , or else I may have been a little understanding towards the long period we had to wait.) The food was okay. I was really expecting more out of this place , with it being new and all. Hopefully they will improve , like I said the atmosphere is awesome and I would love to make this a regular.

  75. Emily K.

    Traveling through, I’m giving benefit of doubt that it was a busy night, was told 45-60 minute wait. We walked around found table quickly and many table and booths were open. Not able to get any service for quite some time, the third person we asked finally assisted us. Server was nice, food came out quickly. Food was ok. Saw two fights break out, and cops are actively on duty. Women’s bathroom was not clean and overflowing trash (feminine trash included). I personally would not go back.

  76. Regine W.

    The Worst Service Ever. After being there for 1 hour finally got food, which was cold . Waitress was at our table a total of 30 seconds the entire time we was there. We decided to go ahead and leave and then the waitress say she will handle everything so we stayed to try the food, the food wasn’t even worth earring so we left. Waitress is the worst. Wish I couldn’t put any stars

  77. timmykilla

    Can I give negative stars? I came here on a whim to watch football. It was fine until some cut rate DJ started playing garbage. He couldn’t even pick a genre of music, I heard everything from Chalino Sanchez to My Girl. We couldn’t hear the games at all. The guy endorsed a sound/effects company and LITERALLY the next song he played cut out and skipped…. Talent!!!Then on top of that, there were way too many kids here for the type of bar it was as well. Some dumbass kid was scooting around on an something the entire time being a pest.Then to just put he cherry on the shit sundae, our waitress ended her shift, we tabbed out, and no one checked on us for more than an hour. Our second waitress was non attentive. Our tabs combined for four people were right at 200 before tip, we aren’t some broke losers harassing anyone, we wanted to drink and watch the games, check our fantasy scores, etc. our second waitress was so non existent I literally contemplated walking the tab.Just garbage all around… Disenchanting too, I’d passed by and always seen a crowd here. After stopping by, I can’t see why anyone stays here. I won’t come back, if the manager responds and asks what happened, I’ll explain, but this isn’t a ploy to get something free. I’m voicing my opinion with my money, and I’ll never give another dime of it to this place.

  78. harryharry

    This place looks cool from the highway, but not so great once you get there. Service was extremely slow even though the place wasn’t busy. We had to wait 30 minutes for our first beer. There were only 5 other tables there and a bunch if servers, how does this happen? We had a bunch if appetizers, they weren’t terrible, but weeny great either.Don’t think I’ll come back.

  79. fuckery12

    My first time here was okay. We had a huge group (15+) and the seating was ample, the drink specials were great ($2.75 draft & $3 wells), for a Thursday night it was a good deal. There was a wall of TVs, with every sports game on, which was nice!! I think because they are new they are still trying to nail down their staff, and make sure everyone is served in a timely manner. We waited a bit for our drinks, but that was to be expected with such a large group. When we asked for separate checks the waitress asked for all our names, which I thought was funny. No problem! It was a fun place, with good drink specials. I think we’ll be back.

  80. anthony1

    Although I have had good experiences at Bombshells in other cities, my experience at the Dallas one has left a bad taste in my mouth. It was not very crowded so I did not understand why it took about 15 minutes for the waitress to greet us and offer to get our drinks after promptly being seated by the hostess… She told us then that she would not be offended if we needed to flag her down and yell her name to get her attention as she may forgot to check-in on us. We ordered cocktails and asked for water. Another 10 minutes passed and she came back with just the water, no cocktails… 10 more minutes passed and she came back with the cocktails and casually mentioned the bartender had the printer turned off (which I guess was her attempt at explaining the 20 minute delay it took in getting our drinks.) I asked for a manager but I think I would have gotten more assistance from the hostess. He did offer to relocate us but he did not take ownership for the horrible level of service and was very dismissive and fairly condescending. He told me he could tell I was upset but hoped my mood would change when I finished my drink…. We were moved to another section with a really great waitress, but at that point the damage was done.

  81. marlonmoney12

    Piss poor management! Don’t waste your time. After 17 minutes and no waitress… I walked out. The waitresses were busy chatting with friends at the bar.

  82. james1412

    Went here once and will not be returning. Luckily I checked my CC statement a week after going because the waitress added an extra $10 onto the already generous tip I gave making my tip almost as much as my meal + drinks. The place was pretty sketchy. The food was decent but not worth having to monitor my bank account every time I go.

  83. Jason T.

    Went here on a Sunday night and had a great time. This place is probably cougar central on the weekend. There were several of them there that night and 2 of them were layin it on hard for the band members. The band knew it and during one of the breaks they made themselves cougar bait. Good for them :). The drinks were decent. Not too weak but not too strong that it burns goin down. I did not try the food but there seemed to be quite a few people munchin. The waitstaff was good looking but as some have said they are in NO hurry. This place has some cool stuff on the wall from old planes and some cool pictures. It is owned and use to be part of Silver City Strip club. The booby bar is next door and I was by myself at this bar so the bartender slid me a card to get in free over there but I was actually having fun people watching and listening to the band at the bar that I told her no thanks. (plus I didnt want to be the creepy guy at the booby bar by myself).

  84. Brian S.

    Great service. One of the worst burgers I’ve ever had in my life. Tough and flavorless. I also tried the boneless wings from a buddy’s plate. Sauce was watered down and the chicken was too tough to cut with a fork. Service good. Food was terrible.

  85. Cherryann B.

    JUST SAY NO! This place is horrible, full of gnats. The service is garbage and management is a joke.

  86. Kim B.

    Let me start with: I’m not being a hater and giving it one star based on the “breastaruant” atmosphere. I used to frequent this place for Thursday Bike Night. The service was always slow and average, there was maybe one or two gals who were nice to me, others were snooty and catered to the men (not knowing I tip very well). The management has changed so much that now this place is worthless. They made a place for bike parking to cater to the bikers, then allowed cars to park there to discourage bikers from going. Well it worked. The managers kicked a bunch of bikers out last night based on assumptions. Bikers actually spend a lot of money there and kept the crowd there on Thursdays. Good job Bombshells, you will not see the bikers there anymore. The service is always mediocre, which is sad because the food was actually pretty good and a great value. But now that management has changed and the servers are like a revolving door, this place has gone downhill. Save the hassle, go somewhere else.

  87. stripforme123

    Thank you for your response. It was quicker than the managers of Bombshells which has yet to call me after supposedly reviewing the cameras and getting back with me. My issue is being lied to after being a customer of Bombshells on other occasions. Myself and co-works visit your establishment often. Theft shouldn’t be accepted and being lied to on multiple occasions we will do everything possible to find your wallet and yet have been heard from. Ask Carina, she’s the first Manager I spoke with. And the second I don’t remember her name but no word from her either. What am I suppose to think? Valet maybe a separate company from Bombshells. But what does that have to do with running the cameras back and contacting a paying customer of your business?

  88. Lori And Blake E.

    This place had a really cool atmosphere. Horrible service. Good food. Noticed after a few drinks from a glass that it had nasty fingerprints on the inside. Asked politely for a new one and she brought back a new clean glass with it only filled to where I drank it down to. Really? Can’t you just give me the rest for your bad on the dirty glass? Just really ditzy waitresses that aren’t even that pretty. I’d rather go to hooters. On the burgers they give you a dime sized smear of mayo. I could go on and on. The service on our next visit was the same and quite humorous.

  89. Charis S.

    Reminds me A LOT of both Hooters AND Twin Peaks…they’re pretty much all the same. Once thing that I do like right off is that they stay open until 2AM even on the weekdays. I must remember that. I must warn you, that as soon as you walk in, the waitress/hostess greets you with a lot of energy, almost like y’all have known each other for YEARS lol..well that’s at least what happened to us!Overall, the vibe in this place is very “Man Cave-ish”, as there was pretty much nothing BUT men in there. I mean it had everything that men like: pretty girls, half naked, a full bar, food and music. The waitresses are very flirtatious, no matter who you are, which I had no problem with. They know how to hold conversation and they enjoy their job, well at least it seems like they do.I came in hungry, so I got the Fried Pickles and the Bacon Cheeseburger. I would’ve rather the fried pickles to have been the pickle chips instead of the pickle spears, but the breading was delicious on the outside. The burger was cooked like I like it and the fries, well I finished them all.Definitely a great place to come and watch football, or any big sports event…the place is pretty big and I mean, it’s got everything you need for a good time!

  90. Joseph F.

    I came here for lunch the other day with a coworker and we didn’t leave disappointed. With a name like Bombshells, located next door to a gentleman’s club, and a giant patio that is open to the main restaurant when the weather is good we weren’t sure what to expect. Let me dispel any misnomers, Bombshells is separate from the club. That being said we got some great grub and some awesome service. I had the Texas Melt and it was lip smacking good. Definitely have to order again kind of good. we got some chips and queso as well, a bit runny for me but still very tasty. The service was great and our waitress was very attentive. Live music started early at 4PM that day and happy hour seemed reasonable.

  91. Ana A.

    The services sucks here if you are a woman, in my opinion. This place was a sausage festival on fight night Pacquiao vs Vargas 11/5/2016. The food and drinks were decent.. Be prepared to pay a 10$ cover charge on a fight night.. CASH ONLY… The girls were cute… Not hating on them at all… But i had to ask for ketchup 3 times??? Our bill took forever to get there. I saw other tables getting way better attention by our waitress than we were. They had some annoying DJ outside… The location and set up is nice. Come early as parking gets filled up, as a shared with a gentlemen’s club next door. I would rather go to Twin Peaks or Hooters.. Same kind of deal cute girls in scantily clad outfits, but way better service JS

  92. Steph M.

    Atmosphere and theme is cool but the service is horrible!!!!!! Took forever to get food during lunch which is critical since I need to get back to work. waited a hour and still no food! No alcoholic beverage menu is kind of disappointing since there was a scheduled opening date set. Beer prices a little high and there is no happy hour special on food or drinks. With the glare of the sun pour in through the overhead doors, it makes it difficult to see during the day. i recommend some pull down shades.

  93. Ron C.

    I have been to this restaurant three different times. This first time in I had a wonderful waitress and the Nachos were pretty good.On the second visit I was not impressed with the service and the sandwich, a cheese steak was tasteless and the bread was soggy. On the last visit the service was lousy, it took over 20 minutes for my appetizer to come out. The place was about 15-20% full so I have no idea why the kitchen would be taking so line to fry up some chicken strips.Based on my combined experience of three visits to this restaurant I think I will take my money else where there are plenty of other places competing for this same market segment doing it much better.

  94. Caden

    So yea….worst service I’ve ever experienced. Came here with a big party on a Sunday right at opening time. There were about 8 servers inside and no one seemed to know what was going on. It seemed like they were scared to take on a big party. About an hour later we finally got our food!!! It was actually decent food, but the service was so poor I will not be coming back. Bombshells?… More like duds…

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