Visions Gentlemen’s Club



31 Victory Plaza, South Amboy, NJ 8879


40.4978879, -74.2972513




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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Closed for business


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All Inclusive


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0 reviews for “Visions Gentlemen’s Club

  1. Amber

    pretty good club, but management leaves something to be desired.

  2. fantasy

    This club can be so much fun. If you are nice to the girls they will treat you the same way. Kindness goes a long way to having a great time. The wide variety of girls should ensure that you are attracted to one of them. Chat, firt, engage in eye contact and have fun. With respect, comes one great night of fantasy.

  3. nusualkummi

    a frequent visitor for the past 5 years now disappointed.

  4. Banging

    Friendly beautiful girls worth the haul from Brooklyn so the wife doesn’t find out

  5. americanexpress

    I like this club. Lap dances and VIPs can be great depending on the girl.

  6. money
  7. Doug

    Very professional club ,where very catering to me and my best friend made us both feel like we were family, I will without any doubt becoming back again and again,also had top quality exotic dancers ,wasn’t disappointed with the experience at all!

  8. a nigga

    yo this club was da was my first time going to a strip club and u just cant complain at this place. the gurls are mad hott and mad freaky. and the staff are cool to u as soon as u walk thro da door.but all i have to say is manage ur money cause da lap dances are good.

  9. billy
  10. ray

    this club has hot girls

  11. JCliff

    worst place ever! Don’t waste the $15 cover charge.

  12. Big Tone

    Nice place Lap dance room not bad But if i wanted all nude I rather go someone else

  13. Bobby

    Stopped in this past Sunday. Everything was right on in this

    place. And OMG the bartender I think her name was Marissa or

    something like that, She was beautiful and friendly.

    Definitely worth checking out.

  14. Club Guy

    I frequent alot of these clubs in the general area. The Den has a great energy on the weekends and attracts a younger crowd. Love coming in here.

  15. Rich

    This is the worst club ever. Save your money and go elsewhere

  16. Steve

    This place is nothing but a $15 scam! Never any girls and managers are always posting positive review in all reality this place sucks

  17. Raj

    Very happy nice place terrific VIP 90 % good looking girls

  18. Dallas

    Passing thru with my pals about a month ago and had a very nice time

  19. SCOTTY

    I went to both clubs XXXV and delilahs on friday. DELILAHS by far has the better girls, and alot more. By far the better club.

  20. Big Jugs

    Out of the smokin 8 girls that were in there, the blond with the BIG JUGS was by far the best! Thank you baby

  21. Ralph Cramden

    Came in and was wanting to be impressed I left questioning did I just leave a homeless shelter

  22. SOS

    Rude staff, terrible attitude

  23. Mclovin

    had a real good time in here over the weekend

  24. GT Rider

    Visiting from Arizona stopped in real quick and was impressed, hot ladies

  25. john jangle jingleheimer

    excellent place!

  26. Sierra fan

    This girl is just dynamite in love with this one!

  27. JohnC

    only one dancer here. not worth the time or money

  28. Bruce

    Been hearing some good things about this place, is it really worth going to?

  29. Unhappy Visitor

    Came here a couple times due to free admission and I think I still overpaid.

    Of the 20 girls I’ve seen, only 4 were worth the visit. The rest were pushy (asking for a lap dance 4 times in 2 hours even though I kept telling them no), too aggressive (coming for singles 6 times within 4 minutes while on stage and telling me I HAD to take them for a VIP), or just ugly/rude.

    The lapdance area is too small and brightly lit.

    The VIP is the biggest waste of money ($180, the girls have to stay dressed, the room is so dark you can’t see anything even though you’re right next to the lapdance area and the bouncer comes into the room after 18 minutes to tell you it’s time to be done. 5 lapdances gives you the same experience and saves you some money)

    The music selection sucked on all of my visits so the girls really have nothing good to dance to.

    The waitresses are at least nice people and fun to look at.

  30. Micheal F

    no girls. Stay away. Dirty of fuck.

  31. Will

    Stopped in last night very very dark and loud.

  32. gary

    Entertainment at its finest

  33. Charles AKA Bubba Love

    What can I say have my girl Claudia that treats me great ova hear All the staff im cool wit. Cool joint.

  34. sr

    great place

  35. Out of towner

    So I am From Atlanta and saw this club from outside figured I would give it a shot.. WTF 15 bucks to get in?? 4 for drinks and no Beer.. Then I get to sit there and look at a girl that looks like she wants to be home shopping or doing something else. Here is a hint girls make some conversation anything make me feel like I want to be here and talk to my buddies about this place in a good way instead of this way.. I wanted to paint a wall and watch it dry ..

  36. craig

    Finally found a club im comfortable in

  37. Jake

    A waste of time. No girls

  38. Stuart
  39. Colin

    I would reccomend this place to anyone. It has it all, Hot Dancers, Friendly waitresses, and good music.

  40. love this club

    have an amazing time here it is really worth checking out

  41. Hawk
  42. ??

    Not worth saying anything

  43. Dino

    Went with my friends we thought it was ok, but no big thing

  44. bob
  45. great


  46. Al

    Outside looks good

  47. Frank Cr

    My usual spot. Great music and of course ladies..niiiiiice

  48. robert

    during the week its a hit or miss but i have noticed theres alot more girls coming ive spoken to the new manager andy it sounds like hes been bringing some new dancers in and he makes sure thiers always a dancer up on stage two thumbs up keep up the work he told me the weekends are the busiest time to come around so ill have to check out the weekends also if your a vet or active he lets you in for free

  49. long time regular

    been coming here since the beginning the girls are always top notch

  50. Josh

    Got a lot of hot girls here, ill be back again

  51. Pokee

    Amazing time in this club the girls are beautiful way prettier than the other places in the area worth the VIP $

  52. Jim

    It’s getting better , lots of new girls ,with great attitudes, better vibe club is going in a better direction ,big difference.

  53. Louie

    I dont know why everyone talks shit about this place. I came over the weekend and had a great time.

  54. Billy

    No dancers. Place is dirty and it is a gay bar.

  55. John jangle jingleheimerschmidt

    Terrible, worst experience I ever had no girls ,all super ghetto

  56. Fred

    Does this club do feature entertainers like porn stars and things like that?

  57. vet

    somedays are better then others, nighttime has lots of young kids ..growing up gotti crowd

  58. James

    They all have small breasts.The girls are kinda racist they dont come to certain people.Dont know how to talk to the customers.Their aint much other race girls then white.

  59. customer


  60. girls could be more friendly

    girls act like robots out of sci fli flick

  61. Guest of DD-SA

    The club overall is nice. They finally have gotten new chairs in the VIP’s (the old ones were falling apart, as well as quite uncomfortable). The overall variety of girls is nice, however most seem like they don’t want to be there, unless they are doing a VIP. The girls need to learn that like any other business, you need to do a presentation before trying to make “the close”. “Want to go to the VIP?”, or “Do you want a dance?” is not the best way to start. Say hello and introduce yourself first and take a few minutes to “sell” yourself to the guests and you will make more money. If a dancer see a guest as just money, the guys (as dumb as we are) will see it, and keep the wallets closed. Let the guys live the fantasy for a bit, and they will open up to the idea of a LD, and then maybe if that is what they are looking for, they will go to the VIP with a particular girl. We also may want to come back a few times to check out a particular girl, before going for any LS or VIP. The Men’s Room is in need of updating, but that is the only major drawback to the club itself. Overall worth the trip in my opinion.

  62. Quincy

    Nice vibe and girls

  63. Vinz

    Took my best friend from out of town for about an hour and endedup staying the entire night.

  64. Joeeph

    If they had girls I think it would be better

  65. Jeremy

    Hot girls including the bartenders

  66. Charles Dickens

    Not satisfied at all I honestly wanted to ask for my money back and I didn’t because I didn’t want to embarrass their management.

  67. mav

    prefer this location to the old one. everything here is close up. you can actually see the dancers

  68. Ok

    Good nice club just ashame that they let pregnant women Dance her it’s wierd man! Alicia is 6 months pregnant

  69. jim

    Theres nothing like quality thats why i come here..

  70. Hot Blond

    Camile great VIP Hot as hell

  71. tim

    ask for diamond on thursdays you wont be disappointed

  72. Dirty harry

    Place “Made my Day”

  73. Vito

    Vip room to much for 20 minutes 180.00 is allot a lot of money

  74. Liam

    Very impressed overall with this club

  75. Richard

    If i can ditch my girl ill be there tonight

  76. Nick

    Dancers are hot as fck staff was cool music is good would go back

  77. MEL

    Good place lots of fun, CHRISTMAS PARTY TUESDAY DECEMBER 22 nd

  78. Charles
  79. kevin


  80. MJ

    Was suptised at how friendly the girls were will,come,again

  81. Zachary

    Best strip club that ive been to in awhile

  82. Parker
  83. What?

    Who cares about night and day? I go when I get a chance.

  84. Morgash

    Highly attractive girls, but not many of them. Still very friendly and not pushy. The price of soda is absurd, considering we’d be spending that on dancers otherwise. Not very comfy, and the dance room is pretty awful. Overall, there are better clubs around, even if their dancers aren’t quite as good looking.

  85. quinn

    well worth checking out

  86. John

    Brought a corporate client here to enjoy himself, he was thanking me days after we left your place for bring me to such a great club .

  87. Dalliance

    Girls are nice and sometimes very pretty. Quality lap dances can be hit or miss.

  88. Truth

    They never had girls or customers and still try to charge an admission.

  89. blah
  90. Terry
  91. rob

    so what do they do in the vip room?

  92. Derek

    Cant say enough great things about this place. Thanks for the hospitality

  93. jon

    overall best club in jersey. yeh baby.

  94. Darryl

    I came in today and had a vip with a girl named Gia, she was incredible

  95. Xiao

    I we all chipped in $20 each for a lapdance

  96. Tony

    Much cleaner then dd tr girls arent all high anddrunk good job guys

  97. RICH

    I wish they had food sometimes you want a snack

  98. Diamond

    Diamond is best in VIP beautiful big noon blond nice ass

  99. Customer

    This place went completely down hill, save your money

  100. ESS
  101. Money Guy

    Looking to go here soon and spend some cash any suggestions on what girls are cool?

  102. Shift

    The girls look good but you need money to throw away

  103. Willie

    I come thru NJ every so often for work, This has been my favorite hangout every time i’ve been around the area and it just keeps getting better.

  104. TJ
  105. Lance

    Bachelor Party over here this weekend looking forward to hanging out with alot of hot women and just getting crazy

  106. Jack

    Natalie is a hot little spinner, will she be back anytime soon?

  107. James

    This is scam! No girls whatsoever.

  108. Ted

    Everyone go experience this place for yourself well worth it

  109. joe
  110. Denny V

    Stranded on the side of the road, went in and was surprised. Nice Place

  111. Paul

    I visited this club on two occasions. The dancers are not the hottest you will find, but the club is known best for its quality VIP dances which will set you back $200 plus a tip. If you’re interested in getting a dance from a particular dancer it’s best to let them know when they’re on stage. Otherwise, you might be in for a very long wait. That’s why GGR has that number system.

  112. ed
  113. carl

    Had a real nice time here. Hung out with a russian girl Named Christina. A little older but very nice. I will be back

  114. Sucks
  115. Eli
  116. Chase chandler

    Brought a business partner here to relax and unwind and it was the most happiest I’ve seen him in months best quality of entertainers for your dollar!

  117. Visitor

    Sorry Everytime I go there the girls just seem like they don’t want to be there working. Only one or two smile. ALot walk around like they are too pretty for you.. Hello that is the fantasy pretent do like me.. I go back seeing if maybe things have changed nope Still the same Thank god for the one girl I know that does smile ang pretends to care a little bit. Last visit I should have brought some sandmiches.. Because these girls were way to thin. SOmething about a girl Laying on her back and seeing her heart Pumping..

  118. Me
  119. Gomez

    Nice place

  120. Ralph

    Not a comfortable place small and hot no a/c

  121. Cortez

    I agree with the below comments. It seems like it’s very hard to get a VIP with some of the dancers. I was waiting for one dancer but guys kept coming up to her as soon as she got out of the VIP. Waited so long the staff started to stare at me so I just left.

  122. ripper

    i like it its hot

  123. Gino

    Love coming here in the afternoon, always feel welcomed here

  124. Chaz

    Rather hang in a go go bar and have a real drink.

  125. Curtis

    Clean,pretty women, decent spot, would recommend.

  126. Brett
  127. Jocko Johnson

    Great place

  128. Anonymous

    I usually go during the day. love layla and Sabrina .

  129. James .J. Evans

    The place was “UN DYNOMITE”!!!

  130. Davy G
  131. Pete

    This cleb the girls are to foney

  132. Re

    Ri then I realized I was at the burnt down xxx v so I came to visions and had a blast with their hot girls in. Up a all night looooong

  133. Troy

    nice mixture of ladies and hot

  134. Antonio ravioli

    I’ll pass thanks

  135. Fury

    Some really nice girls and some really hot ones. Also some not so nice and some substandard. Usually you can count on there being a fair amount of hotties. My biggest complaint is the unfriendly management staff and I am absolutely freaked that they are using cameras in the lap dance room and there is no notification to the customer. They are also a little too rough on the girls. I am in the middle of a lap dance and a manager thought he saw her touch my equipment and comes in and yells at her right in front of me. Another time the cashier for the lap dances was really freakin nasty to me when I asked him to get a dancer for me. There is very little respect from these guys to the customers and not for nothing but I drop serious money in that place. I go for the girls but the management sucks.

  136. Raul

    great club cool chicks

  137. a loyal customer

    This is the place

  138. lil country boy

    The club is OPEN, it is down the road. Please this place is great, all the girls are always great to me, I have my favs and always go to see them… keep in mind if you are new or creepy they will tend to shy away… talk to them it is a business they are all cool about it others are cooler yet… i dunno maybe it is me and my buddy but they all appear to like us, chat with us and we have awesome LD’s

  139. john

    An amazing expierience one you should try out for sure.

  140. Mike S

    Need a place to’s the spot

  141. Yeahh

    Great place cheap to get in byob

  142. Mad as hell

    Only 1 girl during the day ans they had the balls to charge a cover chargewhat b.s i will nor return to the club again

  143. $$$

    Need to much money to go there

  144. Tom

    Eather be to gogorama

  145. Steve

    This place was awesome, plenty of pretty pussy, tits and asses everywhere girls don’t run in the back when done on stage like at some other clubs where you think you just got robbed VIPs are SOOOO worth it, friendly staff music was slammin and atmosphere makes you not want to leave. NYC level club without the haul all the way to the City. Best part was the girls! HOT HOT HOT Bringing my boys

  146. Tasty Tanya

    Best VIP ever! You gotta check this girl out Superior service in every department

  147. Boob guy

    Nothing compares to my darling Stephanie! I’ll be back next week my little vixen.

  148. hot

    to hot in here. And the girls are to pushy

  149. T

    Best place ever!

  150. Raj

    everything you want in a club is right here even the girls that just hang out here are hot

  151. Tomas

    Girls here were great to me VERY friendly and about 8 out of the 10 were really pretty the other 2 were just Ok but made up for it with pole tricks and big smiles laughing friendly. Over all it was a good experience we would come back again when I have some extra cash to have some fun with

  152. gogoman

    no girls

  153. Frequent Flyer

    Just moved up this way from South Jersey and stumbled upon this club. I mostly come during the day, but when my time permits I do come at night from time to time. In either case, any time that I have been in The Den in the last month that I have been coming here, The staff has been more than nice and attentive, Management knows whats going on at all times, the dancers…everyone of them HOT as anything and pretty cool as well. All in all The Den is a great time. I would reccomend it to any one that loves to go to strip clubs

  154. J.J.

    Are they open everyday?

  155. Sammy

    These girls are well trained polite and very attentive. Not your average club around here, WAY BETTER ! Girls here are fckng BEAUTIFUL never ignore or rip off the customers. We are definitely coming back. The other place sucks compared to here

  156. smith

    aspen is amazing

  157. Vince

    Have to go back to mv and GGR the girls at the den think there all that.

  158. Manny Moe

    Not really wrth it .

  159. Ron

    Whatever your formula for success is keep it up the owner and management are doing a fantastic job.

  160. John c

    The bedt club,By far

  161. Steve.

    Fat, ugly, old and they charge way too much to get in and they charge you for your own alocohol and keep it. Wtf???

  162. Matt

    Don’t waste your time here they have girls on drugs and one girl that was there was really nasty yelled at us when we didn’t want to get a dance with her. I don’t know if she was looking at me or someone else though because her eye was all over the place also heard her fucking some big guy in what I think is the vip room. Never i repeat never going back there I rather spend 25 bucks getting into 35

  163. John Cliff

    They never have any girls

  164. Brett Weir

    Love that girl Lola on the day shift

  165. Chris

    I love this place.

  166. Daman3940

    This club was crazy. Stopped at two clubs before this and they did not come close to this place. Went to the VIP and the only rule on ttouching was no insertion. The girl Heather was hot as hell and super nice. If you have the money the VIP area is definitely the place to be

  167. Lenny

    Alot of girls, actually to many makes it to costly to have a good time. They

    should ease up on the volume to load

  168. Junior Q

    Been around to a few places, will keep this one in mind from now on.

  169. Old timer

    Keep up the good work!

  170. Rocco

    Will Definitely be here this weekend

  171. Ybor

    Went during the day and there were really only a couple of dancers worth getting dances from, problem was guys were lining up at the VIP enterance for them. I wasn’t interested in waiting a couple of hours to get a dance.

  172. Slurppy


  173. trust
  174. George
  175. Please

    THis place is all Glitz the Dancers are so unhappy looking made me depressed being there..

  176. Peter G
  177. Tommy

    Love all the Classic Rock and 80’s tunes played in here and all the girls are hot.

  178. Chuck

    I actually prefer this location to the old one. everything here is close up. you can actually see the dancers

  179. PJ

    Great better than I expected girls wetr hot

  180. Mikey G.

    Place is off the hook, Gemma is smokin hot

  181. Peter

    Love this place. Don’t know why all the negativity. Sounds like GGR trying to self-promote as always.

  182. Pierre

    Had the best time for my money ill be here a lot thats for sure.

  183. Tyrone

    Was anticipating more just wasn’t my cup of tea.

  184. my thoughts!!

    Paige isnt worth a dime. All she does is

    talk about herself and her boyfriends

    gym. She should learn to shut her mouth.

    She would make more $$$ if she didnt

    talk so much.

  185. going back to ggr
  186. Gerome

    Baby! Come on all,ready girl been waitin on my money to hit for a week SOS I can be with you. Now it’s niiiice


    I hop around from club to club and I have to say that The Den

    is by far the best if not one of the best men’s clubs I’ve

    ever been to. From the door to the floor. Everything about

    this place is great! Affordable quality entertainment as well

    as quantity! Great job!

  188. Cust
  189. Encore

    Encore Please

  190. mike from the bar

    never a dull moment, always somethin happening and just a great atmosphere ,also i love strippers rock on!

  191. Xavier

    Cool spot to check out the ladies and have fun

  192. Joe

    Worst place ever

  193. Smitt

    There should be more black girls

  194. Mojo

    No thank you I’ll go to Manville.

  195. Happy

    Need a lot of money for this place

  196. New customer

    Friendly environment, staff is very professional a lot of gorgeous looking girls I’ll definitely be coming back again ty.

  197. Boss

    The girls are ok but it’s only about money

  198. The Governor

    I heard alot of our old favorite girls will be coming back soon any truth to that?

  199. Richie

    Love it here.

  200. Clubber

    Stay away!

  201. Vinnie

    Just saw this spanish girl Jessie here today im still in shock. She is so HOT!!!

  202. Narissa Fan

    Narissa the new bartender is so hot I honestly wish she would do a vip with me

  203. Jerry

    nice decor great entertainment i will be back

  204. George

    A dancer named Elena, a Russian girl, was extremely good at displaying her pussy. Her lap dance went beyond words and seemed to last forever. She was extremely erotic in her touch. I felt like writing a song for her, when we were done. I can’t get her out of my mind and, when I think of her, I become wildly aroused. My wife gets the benefits of that, would that it were her and not my wife under me in bed. I would never stop cumming.

  205. Fillipo

    Have to say great place to spend my lunch hr

  206. Dave Turner

    The girls are fantastic. I would recommend this club.

  207. a guy


  208. Jimmy Z

    Amazing curve Latina girl with all the right stuff Awesome everything I could ever want and MORE

  209. Unhappy

    went in last night figure slower night might be better and the girls just don’t care.. Come on it not like you were busy.. Throw out some conversations..

  210. bill

    This is the best place in nj

  211. Last time

    Myself and the Boys went in Friday night.. and we wont be coming back. My one friend told a dancer not right now since we just got there and she got all snottie and Said we were losers because we did not do a dance right then.. F you..

  212. Biggy

    Every so often I like to take my wife out to one of these places just for the hell of it. Every time I take her to a different place. Took her here over the weekend and bought her several dances and bought us both a vip with a hispanic girl I think her name was Jessica or something like that. Now my wife is a Den addict which is a great thing. Gives me alot more freedom,

  213. Stu
  214. Sweet azz

    Best VIP EVER!

  215. Timmy

    Had to holla at cha girl…Jada is a long legged dark skinned unbelievably beautiful young smelling good smooth skin bitch

  216. BJ

    They charge you $15 to come in this place and they have no girls!

  217. aznskylz
  218. Mike

    Hands Down The Worst Club Ever!

  219. Big Steve

    Nice place, good looking girls, cool music. Yup i’ll be here a lot this summer

  220. Staten Island

    Best Birthday Ever!

  221. Mr.
  222. john56

    I had been around the area and decided to stop in. Next time in in NJ ill be here.

  223. shedevillover
  224. Joey

    Friendly girls, great LD’s. Hit or miss though, night-to-night.

  225. ryan

    Does anyone know where madison works? She used to dance at on saturdays at DD, long brown hair and very pretty

  226. J.S.

    They Should Try having food.

  227. What u know bout this...

    Great place to relieve stress and rest your mind, the original spot is closed but they are down the road where go-go’s used to be. The place is small, just hope the original spot opens because there is no room in the new place. Any news when the renovation is done and they’re moving back?

  228. Very Bad

    THis club is all glitz to much at the door during a regular week to see unhappy way to thin.. women

  229. Dan

    I have been going to Delilah’s Den in Sayerville for half a year now and I keep going back. The girls are very nice and beautiful. I recommend this club for anyone looking for a laid back good time.

  230. Da Legend

    I went last night to the Den….It was my 19th birthday…Had a blast…the girls were sexy as hell and beutiful…Got myself a dance from Roxy who in my opinion was the hottest girl in the entire place…I’m definately going back…6-9 sun-thurs is free admission so enjoy the no cover while it lasts…lol…way better that other places i’ve gone to in the past….

  231. Cliff R

    Very nice place, the eye candy as well.

  232. sal

    Was wondering if the new hot bartender will be working this weekend?

  233. Carlos

    I have found home will be a loyal customer

  234. Raj

    Everyone in our group had an unbelievable time dancers and staff were lots of fun very courteous and accommodating we all were pleasantly surprised. Thank you for a great time!

  235. Richie

    I think this place is getting better, I don’t have any idea why they must have made changes.

  236. g


  237. workman12784

    anybody know what they did with the old building they used to be in

  238. skeet
  239. Vincent

    You will see me again nice place.Club 35 never again.

  240. Anthony C

    Beautiful ladies and incredible sound system

  241. GQ

    Sierra is the hottest girl I have ever seen in any club. She is worth the price of admission alone, bottom line!

  242. Ro

    Place is fantastic will be going back for sure. BTW Sierra/Ciara or however you pronounce her name Hot, Hot,Hot!

  243. Dominick

    Angelina the waitress is a total sweetheart!!

  244. Kissel

    Bangin place Gemma is a little cutie love this girl!

  245. momo

    good place

  246. jb

    Gorgeous women here! Worth the trip!

  247. Larry G
  248. Charlie

    They charge $15 to get in, but never have any girls

  249. love this place

    stopped in the other night had a blast i will be stopping in again soon thats for sure!

  250. Marty

    Sierra is without a doubt one of the hottest girls that work here Selena was pretty smokin as well

  251. Fallon

    Place was very nice

  252. RON D

    Amazing girls and lighting is un real.Very clean clup

  253. Paul Z

    Club sucks. I overpaid for this pig, Nikki. She agreed to do extra which was

    good. was hoping for full service but we agreed upon some mouth work.first

    off, somebody teach this dumb bitch to talk dirty. she almost killed my hard

    on with her stupid mouth. she lays across my lap and tells me she wants my

    “ball nectar”. ball nectar? who the fuck says that?? and the mic check? AWFUL!

    all teeth. ugly bitch had zero idea what to do with my staff.

  254. Julio

    What the he’ll happened to this place? Somebody is running it into the ground.

  255. Shawn

    Not so hot

  256. keith

    Whatever this club does to get girls and marketing it without a doubt works place is great

  257. Bobby G
  258. Endo

    Very good contact and excellent VIP for contact. Pretty good girls – good value for the money. Not the hottest girls on the planet but a good balance between good looks, contact and price. I think GGR is too aggressive, and not private – prefer this place.

  259. Jeremey

    The DJ is great. Sounds like the guy from the zebra. No girls. I just left. They wouldn’t give my cover back.

  260. Ricky

    I read some of the comments,I guess its true everybody is different me i like the place. the girls are nice,the place is clean,The music is good.

  261. Benny Blanco from the bronx

    Not amused just bored out of my mind.

  262. Kao P

    Visiting from Korea very nice place

  263. Tim

    All about these girls are ask for tips after a few dances,give me a break i

    just spent a lot of money.

  264. dennis
  265. Tommy J

    Always satisfied never disappointed in any of them

  266. Triton
  267. Matty Ice

    Nice atmosphere,lights,stage and ladies

  268. brian
  269. Skippy

    Though small, Delilah’s is a fun non-alcoholic nude club out in South Amboy. Even though I went at an off time (early Saturday evening), the staff and dancers were nothing if not welcoming. The quality of the dancers is top notch, with a good variety for all preferences, and all of them are as pleasant as they are gorgeous. Other than the size of the club, there were also a few other issues. First, there was an odd need to have two dancers on stage at all times, even though there were seven dancers on the roster at the time. This led to the next problem: the dancers spent way too much time on stage, taking very long sets. Perhaps, during down times, only one dancer on stage might be better, with quicker transitions? Other than those complaints, Delilah’s is a decent place to hang out for a few hours.

  270. Raver

    Never saw a place that looked like this inside . Pretty cool

  271. customer

    Best quality of girls I have seen in a very long time ,place has just gotten better in a relatively short amount of time ,best money you will ever spend.

  272. john doe

    Smells like cigarettes..

  273. Mikey J

    Beautiful girls

  274. Mikey

    Great first time expirence, $20 private dance was incredible.

  275. duh

    no one asked for your opinion ashlee. you weirdo. no one cares what the strippers want. you don’t have to dance anyway. go to school and get a job. DUH

  276. louis
  277. OkTime

    had an ok time

  278. Could be

    Better. Very week last night. what are the good nights

  279. Ron Smith

    Best Nude club in NJ

  280. Your Right

    I had a better time during the Day, they get wild at night but it’s all downhill with girls.

  281. Rick

    The best in NJ Nuff said!

  282. ryan

    weekends have been really good lately fridays ae the better days to go out of the weekend ask for alexis hot spanish girl with a great rack

  283. Malcom

    Yeah, when I went on Saturday there were a few russian dancers that came aroung whose only words were “do you want a dance,” while others just sat at the bar. One dancer was up in the DJ booth for an hour talking with the DJ.

  284. Stan

    For a smaller establishment in my opinion can compete with all of the larger clubs in both NJ and NY

  285. Fettuccine Alfredo

    So disappointed not coming back.

  286. Ben
  287. M
  288. Ralph C

    Great looking women

  289. Ashlee

    Ok – 15 bucks for cover – you guys should be ashamed of yourselves – I work at Allure in AC – $35 for cover, $35 for dances and $250 for VIP!!! If you can’t afford a $15 dollar cover, $20 dances, not to mention only $4 for drinks then you probably should not be spending your electric bill money at the strip club. As a dancer – we sacrofice everything to make money – you don’t realize that. Our friends don’t respect us and most of us are forced to lie to our family so when you come in to see me dance without my clothes on a few dollars would be nice (it’s not your right to see us naked) and PS don’t get pissed when I don’t want your grubby hands all over my body – you are not the first lap dance we’ve done all night I’m here to entertain you – I don’t know why you think a measily $20 gets you the right to play with my tits!!!!!!!

  290. Henry C

    A nice mixture of everything

  291. jeff

    over all everything is cool in this club but the girls are all smokin hot!

  292. Tommy b

    Hands down best place around.

  293. Tito

    Was shocked to see no girls , i waited almost 50 minutes and management just goofing off ? and laughing like it didn’t matter, I will never come here.!

  294. Bobby
  295. Frank Rizzo

    Good little spot gonna come back sometime

  296. Kaz

    I love Christina the Russian girl. Little older but great girl over all

  297. henry

    Great club i like it a lot

  298. Mike Kish

    Horrible place

  299. Ron G
  300. Mikey K
  301. Customer

    Haven’t been there in awhile is that bald headed manager still there ? He used to smoke in the office, not positive but I think his name was Joe- when they get rid of him I’ll be back I have a reaction to the smoke. Is he still there ???

  302. Maria maria

    Glad we found you. This if you like a big bootie bitch you I’m in love with this one ! Beautiful and worth ever penny. Had a great vibe in this place definitely we will all be back for these girls way more fun then anywhere else

  303. Matt

    Waited 20 minutes to see a girl on stage. I ask for a refund they said no. I said “but you have no girls, what did I pay for”. He said the girl is in the vip and will be out soon. I just left. Never coming back to place.

  304. Terrance


  305. Jax

    Cinnamon sex pot

  306. gemma lover

    I’ve beento a lot of clubs in the area. She is by far the best. always greeted with a smile and friendly attitude, and doesn’t make you feel like she is just out to hound you for your money.

  307. chief
  308. Pauly

    Most gorgeous girls I’ve ever seen!

  309. Den 1

    Friday Nite unreal party hot ass all over little bit parking problem

  310. Johnny S
  311. Tony diamico

    Bam! Finally found a great spot! Girls are super hot, not pushy, great vip

  312. robert

    Great quality of entertainers, this club has just been getting better.

  313. richard95

    Nice store, but typically overpriced as are all the stores in Peddler’s Village. Went today and the “Possible Dreams” Santas were 40% off…..which means I got it for a few dollars less than I could have gotten it elsewhere. Like I said, nice store for browsing, but I would only make a purchase when they were having a major sale! I have to say though, the staff was very helpful and friendly.

  314. Vic

    Was there Friday night the club was on the warm side they should have

    lowered the a/c

  315. some good somebad
  316. John

    Came Here And Decided To Try Another Club It Really Wasn’t Worth it.

  317. Sau

    Great VIP experiences every time I go a lot of pretty hurls yo choice from

  318. Jimmy d

    Great place.

  319. ffggf


  320. King B

    Aside from the hot ladies music had us moving in our chairs

  321. Jay

    Smokin’ hot wet pussy everywhere in this place! I’m a regular hit em up

  322. Purple Helmet

    Customer service is not a priority here, rude staff, dancers sat on stage and talked to each other staff ate dinner at the bar. I and my money didn’t stay long

  323. John
  324. Timmy

    They need better a/c

  325. Tony

    This club has best dancers I have ever seen. Lighting is

    unreal, and club is clean

  326. Managers

    Fat Jon and tattooed Dave texted me. Place shutting down. A couple of regulars have the coronavirus.

  327. Michael

    Was in here this past Thursday.Had a nice time.Friendly, Down to earth people. All the dancers and soda girls were very attentive was an overall great time would definitely come back

  328. charlie
  329. den master

    excellent place girls are great and freindly go there if you can

  330. Cal

    I thought the club was alright. It was my first time going so I didnt really know what to aspect. Some girls are willing to do more then others….

  331. Tom zing.

    I paid my cover and I waited about 45 mins. Not one girl. All the negative reviews are true.

  332. Peabody

    My usual spot love it

  333. i will be back

    best place to goto

  334. Larry

    Top notch place

  335. One Eyed Willie

    Place was like a graveyard really super dead ,a lot of overweight fat ugly girls and the manager just sat in the office on his cell phone , I will never come here again!

  336. leonard

    wow what a difference from the beginning of febuary so Thrilled to see fresh young hot talent not what the old management had to offer “run down out of shape overweight should just retire -put me out to pasture -just shoot me in the back of the barn strippers,thank god the new ownership had a realistic vision of greatness in mind the old management should grab a note pad and really take some notes

  337. Sukie L

    Nice place and ladies

  338. Derrick

    Nice, clean fun

  339. Bryan

    Jada does amazing VIP

  340. Smitty

    Very nice place and very clean

  341. caal b4u go

    most of the good dancers r not working their anymore like destiny

  342. Chas

    Spend alot of money for what b/s

  343. kris

    one of my stops this weekend

  344. Kenny

    Gotta say I have been to alot of places during the day and most have been not worth going to. I definitely found my new daytime hang out. The Den Rocks!!!

  345. IT

    small loud and the perfect club for the Staten Island wanna bee wise guy’s

  346. julio
  347. mark
  348. TJ Banks

    Had a great time with a building full of beautiful ladies

  349. repeat customer

    Overall the club is quite friendly. There are a variety of dancers to please almost everyone, but there are some people you just can not please. You’ve got the girl nextdoor, to the bodybuilder to the enhanced model. They all are approachable if you take the time to try to talk with them, not at them. The DJ plays the music on the loud side so starting a conversation is difficult but worth it. The blinking strobe lights are annoying so you have to try to find a seat where you can duck them.

  350. Ruby

    Great experience compared to,other places nobody bothers you or rips you off all friendly and accomadating girls clean hips with good pricing

  351. Danny

    Brought my friends in for a bachelor party last saturday sent my friend out in style. I would like to thank the ownership and staff for treating us great.

  352. jason

    was there sat 18 beautiful girls, this is the place

  353. Roy

    Money hungry girls

  354. Paully

    House is always packed with white, Latino

  355. Billy

    Only some fat guy there. No girls. Tried multiple nights.

  356. bb

    Went during the week at 5:45 and got charged a $15 cover which is the most expensive I’ve paid so far. 15 minutes later it was announced that “customer appreciation” started and from 6-9 it’s no cover. Sucks that I missed that free period. The place is way too dark and sometimes its hard to see. The LDs are good especially from a girl named Sybena. She’s hot and if she’s dancing I reccomend it. Overall a good time.

  357. Guy

    New bartender Narissa is great and so is Angelina. They ned to hire more like them

  358. jay

    i went to go to this club rite after my 18th b day.(tonite) so me n my niggas went to da club n da stripers were beautyiful.

    Eva was da best in da hole club n she was da first to give me a lap dance. na but i liked da way da club was ran n it was madd fun. lol i’ll b back soon..

  359. th


  360. redman

    The quality of dancers is excellent but there are a few that bring that down. All are very friendly. I go once every 2 weeks and usually at night.

  361. Jimmy

    This place is great!

  362. Roger dodger

    I walk into a lot of places and it just feels dead. I like the energy in here.

  363. Mandy

    Gives great Vips worth every penny better looking than any girl in 35 for sure as hell

  364. johnjanglejingleheimer

    great place friendly atmosphere nice clean place.

  365. Person
  366. Johnny B.

    The place is like an addiction!!!

  367. mike


  368. BJ

    Great time, excellent place to lay back!

  369. Captain Stabbin

    Love the place

  370. Snoopy

    Waited forever for a girl to go on stage no other girls was only 1 giirl? Sorry I won’t be back

  371. MIKEY B

    Went in last night and i fell in love. Valentina You are a goddess

  372. Sammy

    The best place and value all the way around. Starting with free admission during the day the unlimited drink price and the prices on dances and vips cant beat it. everyone can say what they want but I know where im spending my cash at.

  373. Chocolate Starfish

    Not worth it at all

  374. edward

    nice club

  375. Randall

    The hottest girls in Jersey hands down. They could use some more parties and promotions though to spice it up a bit!

  376. Mr. G

    Very poor lighting and load. Oh and if I want to smoke I will I don’t need that


  377. Randy

    Was there yesterday it was so hot couldn’t stay and no refunds

  378. Jason

    Showed up on a Friday night at 11pm and the stupid place is closed!

  379. Sully

    place rocks!!

  380. To Bruce

    Very well worth it

  381. scott
  382. Ben Dover

    Was hard to stay awake very boring experience.

  383. Anthony

    Some of the dancers here were very nice, the music was great and lively, and the lap dances were amazing could not ask for anything better.

  384. DAVE

    Pretty and nice girls very hot club will be back, never again

    to club 35

  385. Victor

    Music to load and people smoke here

  386. ...
  387. Rudy

    Had a pretty good time last night

  388. Devon

    Million dollar club with smokung hot girls

  389. Angelo

    Courteous workers and nice women,I’ll be back

  390. J
  391. Sonny

    cant get enough of this place

  392. PJ

    Better dancers than the clubs I, the area that

  393. Joel

    Had a great time during the day, at night it was Fake BooB Galore.

  394. Hank

    absolutely awesome place!! second to none!!

  395. Excellent

    I like this club. Lap dances and VIPs can be great depending on the girl.

  396. Mankeet

    Amazing DJ this weekend with a great line up every girl was polite friendly and quite frankly hot as he’ll I want to know how I can get the job of hiring ?!

  397. Rahway the Band

    Came in Sunday night after rehearsal Lots of rock played which was cool

  398. Little Ricky

    Overall nice place

  399. Qusam

    Great Club!

  400. Big Jon

    Great club dancers are of good variety all friendly and very attentive not the average give me your money run through BS they actually work for it and provide what they produce I was very satisfied will return with my buddy’s again

  401. Henry E

    They have me hooked

  402. Tom C

    Been here many times,continue to spend quality time here.

  403. Trot

    To small for me

  404. Billy

    I go here all the time and there aren’t any fat jons or tattoo Dave’s lol but there are a fck ton of hot girls

  405. eddie

    Best club in NJ

  406. get it on

    This place has it all

  407. steve

    Marissa the bartender is sooooooooooooo hotttttttttt!!!

  408. Jamal

    This place is lit yo house full I bangin azz bitches

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