Bucks Cabaret



2150 California Crossing, Dallas, TX 75220


32.866624, -96.908139




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Bucks Cabaret

  1. Gabbie D.

    If I was closer I’d be here everyday! Food is the best and everyone is friendly and refreshing. Such a classy place it’s beautiful. Definitely would recommend to a friend.

  2. james1412

    This is a great club to…..1. Get car jacked in the parking lot2. Have your car broken into3. Get ignored by snobby bartenders who think they are too good to be there4. Possibly get into a bar fight with over served patrons5. See almost no dancersI have tried several times over the course of months to give this place a chance and everytime they have disappointed. This place is actually much worse than their new Buck’s Wild, I don’t fear for my safety there. I do here. These guys bit off too much to chew in this club and it shows. As soon as you drive in, the parking lot is huge and not patrolled or well lit in certain areas. Absolutely perfect for a car jack or car break in. It has two points of entry and are perfect for making a get away. There are always shady people just hanging out in there cars there. When they first opened they had a dress code that they never followed and would literally allow every and any type of unsavory character in. They charge a moderate door fee and have dirt cheap beers almost every day and cheap drink specials on 2 days out of the week. This brings in the biggest cheapskates who don’t spend money and just want to get hammered on cheap booze. The club is pointlessly big and there is never enough girls working there. Already you can see the problem of having a relatively packed club full of cheap guys looking to get hammered and there not being enough girls to keep them entertained. Before you know it you have a powder keg situation of a bunch of drunk guys on $2 crown and no women so they start getting obnoxious and fighting each other. The club always has bartender, wait staff, or manager staff friends in there in big groups all over the place and acting like it’s their own house party. They are all yelling at each other and act like the cool kids at the party as they are getting over served. It’s even worse because the geniuses that run this place allow unescorted women in. That sounds hot and fun but is nothing but an obnoxious distraction as they try to pull attention away from the dancers by trying to “lez out” in front of everyone for shock effect and attention or actual lesbians show up and the mood and vibe is just off. The service is always kind of slow with the waitresses but some of the bartenders just need to be fired. It’s one of those places where the bartenders, mainly the ones that think they are cute and better than the dancers, act like you should be privelaged when and if they get your order as they are too busy socializing with their friends that came in and are getting over served at the bar. I though the bartenders at Baby Dolls had attitude but these girls are literally the worst. Or they will spend all their time flirting with the middle aged or old guy who is having a mid life crisis and thinks they will tip them well as everyone else just waits on their drinks. Upstair is the aboslute worst. Downstairs is no better and always packed with drunk guys trying to hit on the bartenders because there are never enough dancers. Forget about getting a drink. Upstairs they also have a smoking patio where apprently you can smoke “ANYTHING”, not just cigarettes. Just wait for the waft of spicy, herbal, vapor hit you when the door opens. There is literally no where to get a dance unless you either pay for their VIP or have a dance out in the open with all the drunk cheapskates watching you. It literally feels like this club is run by the trailer park/ghetto and was opened for the trailer park/ghetto crowd. It is one thing to not like a strip club but it is another to not feel safe in one. Forget ever buying a lifetime VIP. Both Buck’s Cabaret Dallas and Buck’s Wild are absolute busts!. I’m spending my money elsewhere or just saving it. This place disappoints on so many levels.

  3. timmykilla

    1 of the best places in dallas. Great drink prices and plenty of good looking girls. The food is excellent and everyone is friendly. Check out their website for daily specials. You won’t be disappointed.

  4. ronnykasabri

    CONSUMER BEWARE ! I am not the kind of person to write bad reviews but, I have been legitimately robbed and taken advantage of. I trusted this place because of their google reviews. I was visiting out of town and soon realized, that this business has a sophisticated credit card scheme. Do not give this place your credit card, they are exceptional con artists. Charges on my account upwards of $33,890.18 ! Legal action is currently underway. 🙁

  5. adamrod

    Finally made it out to Bucks! It’s beautiful. The managers are very nice, the bartenders are friendly. We will be returning again when we can spend more time!

  6. Johnson12

    Would give a 0 if they would let me. Tried to go in with 10 people. General Manager, Tim at the Dallas location, wouldn’t let us in and called the cops on us before we could even sit down. Had the cops escort us off the property. Had never even been here before and wasn’t there even five minutes. Not sure what kind of shit place they are trying to run but that is ridiculous!!

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