Cat’s Meow



701 Bourbon Street, New Orleans, LA 70116


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0 reviews for “Cat’s Meow

  1. Faith A.

    Cat’s Meow is a “must do” bar on Bourbon. I can honestly say that the reason I find this place enjoyable is because I have been highly intoxicated every time I’ve been. So now, my sober self will reflect on my drunk decisions. It’s a karaoke bar so you will hear some decent singers and you will hear some not so decent singers. Maybe I am the only person in the world that actually likes to sit and watch the bad singers. There is something so raw and a little inspirational about someone who gives zero fucks. They just want to get up there and have their moment in the sun and who are we to stop them? Not me! Is that a $5 jello shot? Yes please! Soo the drink prices are redonk, but that goes without saying. You are on the corner of Tourist Avenue and YOLO Boulevard so its to be expected. Just take a page out my book and drink somewhere else until drinking at a karaoke bar on bourbon sounds like a fabulous idea.

  2. Amanda K.

    I would give zero stars if I could. We went here because my friend loves karaoke. We get there and it was packed. I really had to pee and looked around and realized we wouldn’t be able to find a bathroom. So we left with the intention of coming back. We found another place, peed, bought a beer and went back to enjoy some karaoke (even though it was crowded)However the security guy at the door wouldn’t let us go in because of the beer in my hand. Excuse me but every place we went into on Bourbon St. allowed us to bring drinks in. Bottom line is – You lost our business because you are greedy. If you had let us in, I would have spent money at your establishment – but instead it went to another bar on the same street.

  3. Ali C.

    Best Karaoke bar I’ve been to. Tops all the asian karaokes in NYC even the one with the private rooms and bottle services. This place is what karaoke is all about, being spontaneous, free, silly and plain ridiculous. I was there twice during my 4 day visit. I wanted to buy the DVD because I’m ridiculous like that, but they couldn’t do it. The entertainers are fantastic, but I can’t stay here for more than an hour at a time without feeling dizzy.

  4. Raff

    If you are a karaoke bar and you don’t have Lee Greenwood’s God Bless The U.S.A. then you can go fuck yourself

  5. Rian F.

    Great place to kill some time watching people give it their best at some good old karaoke!

  6. DexterRexter

    I have had a lot of fun here! but it can also be really intense. I like to go on a random weekday right when they open and then you can sing to your hearts content and get those cheap 3 for 1 drinks. there’s always random people coming in off Bourbon, too. weekends during a festival or carnival get crazy. bachelorettes on stage and frat boys in the crowd….it’s not a scene for everyone. the song selection is limited, too. they stick mostly to hits designed to keep the crowd amped up. the dj’s perform within this vein too, between songs. it’s not like kajuns where randoms belt out ballads that no one cares about lol (I don’t know if that’s a good or a bad thing). try it at least once.

  7. eric g.

    Interesting karaoke on my I pad mini I watching live from redwood city California it fun to watch live

  8. Rob C.

    hmm, most places can be fun if you’re not sober. this could be one of many. interesting how only on bourbon can everyone drink on the streets. the debauchery surrounds you. it’s quite a long road, so, at some point, it becomes repetitive. always crowded–the mix of people is interesting

  9. Eric K.

    We wandered down Bourbon St and discovered the Cats Meow. It was a happening place, without the sex shows and drunken frats, and it looked like people were having a great time. We popped in and ended up staying for hours. I’m not usually one for karaoke, but with it being so lively and busy there, I really had a fantastic time watching people belt out tunes. More, though, I enjoyed people-watching. Especially the older drunken woman in front us who was grinding on her new boyfriend…or lover for the evening. To us, she was the most entertaining thing on Bourbon St that night. We were sad to see her go, but hoping that they’d both be able to get it on back in the hotel room without vomiting all over one another. The MC for the karaoke was fantastic, too. She kept the crowd going, kept things in line, and did her own karaoke in between sets. Kudos to a job well done! You could tell she really loved her job, too. The downside: alcohol prices. $6 for a watered-down well drink? Yeesh.

  10. Chandler B.

    This is a place that locals refer to as a “blackout bar” meaning you’ll have the time of your life there when you’re drunk and on your way to blacking out, however, it’s not the greatest when you’re sober. They have a great selection of karaoke, a nice balcony to smoke on and enjoy the view or bourbon, and a good drink selection. I won’t deny I come here more than I probably should when I venture to bourbon.

  11. Joel M.

    I was dragged here kicking and screaming back in mid-Decemberish 2012 by the group I was with in NOLA…I was supposed to be showing them around but by God if they didn’t pull a Spartacus on me!!!! An uprising, you say? Why yes, that is definitely what it was…so when the masses are restless let them eat cake, I say!!! If I had tried to stop them I would have ended up like poor Marie Antoinette…Anyhow…they probably all woke up the next morning hungover and just loving the memories of the ol’ kitty cat….If memory serves, the phrase “the cat’s meow” is to denote something special and worthwhile and impressive!!! This place whiffs on all 3!!!I get them there and this place is FREAKIN’ packed…as I walked through the door the caterwauling from the stage made me dizzy…after I made it to the courtyard only then did I have enough distance to recognize a butchered version of Sweet Home Alabama…That’s gotta be one of the top 5 most requested/butchered karaoke songs of all time, along with Brown Eyed Girl, Folsom Prison Blues, anything by Whitney Houston…you get the idea…and all BAD!!!!Seriously, I would rather be at a techno rave wearing assless chaps and nipple rings in an abandoned warehouse with the doors locked than ever step foot in here again….BUT if you’re a Bourbon Street newb, drunk college kids,etc…then you are probably heading here…All I can say is God bless and Good luck….cause you ain’t gonna find my lovely mug amongst the crowd!!!!

  12. Chris C.

    typical bourbon street tourist bar. fan of the no cover. don’t ask why I’ve been here. just ashamed of myself, but whatever. tourists gonna be tourists. i was there at 3/4am give me a break everywhere else was closed on this rando thursday 1am trip to nola with my BR people.

  13. Elina S.

    Meeeeooooowwwww is right!This is my absolute favorite bar on Bourbon street and after two different trips to NOLA I always find myself back here. I absolutely always gravitate towards this place as it is the best Karaoke bar I’ve ever been to anywhere! The guys who lead the “show” are amazing dancers, singers and know how to get the whole crowd jumping and dancing even if you’re completely sober. Any day in Nola ends up amazing after you come here. For some reason, the singers are always spot on, and I don’t know if I’ve had one too many hurricanes but I always end up having so much fun and thinking how incredibly talented some people really are. Plus, the crew gets you to join in every couple of songs where you can come up on stage and dance with them.This place is just a guaranteed good time and what I love is that the song selection is so diverse from pop, to hip hop, country, old school faves, you name it, it’s been here. I just absolutely love it. I can’t vouch on the drinks here but the jello shots that they sell are yummy, and not pricey at all. I usually get tipsy at Pat O Briens and then find my way over here for a guaranteed good time. People are not judgemental here, they don’t care if you’re from a different state or country, they are just here to have a good time. I’m definitely a people watcher so I sit up front on the side and get a good show and even when I look at people’s reactions to the performances, everyone has that giddy smile on their face, this place reminds you to be young. My only suggestion is that they should update the place a little as it is getting a little run down over the years but I will definitely be back and back again as it’s so much fun.

  14. Patterson L.

    Great ambiance, I didn’t pay for my drinks so I can’t comment on that. However the karaoke was terrible. I’m not talking about bad singing, I’m talking about bad song selection and the host had to sing a song between every person! There were so many people complaining and he just kept on going. Also the tracks for the singers were shorter versions of the original songs, some had backup singers recorded in it and the songs were slightly different. It was confusing for some people. Next time I’m in NOLA, I’ll pass on the Cat’s Meow.

  15. Gracie C.

    Why 5 stars? Because it was FUN and the person keeping track of who is singing what was amazing! We went in with a humongous group and only about 5 of us put our names in since we got there early before our next location (we were doing a Superheroes vs Villains Pub Crawl). I let the person know and she worked with us and got us all in before the next location. Honestly, the fact that I even got up to sing ONE song made me happy. I wasn’t expecting it. I chose this place for the start of our Pub Crawl because of the 3 for 1 Happy Hour (before 8) and to just check it out.Go in knowing that the host does sing songs between every singer, or plays games, etc. Don’t be in a rush. Know that you will sing your song but it may take 30-45 minutes. No worries, enjoy the drinks! Just have fun with it. BTW, yes, the songs are limited but they are songs many know and don’t be afraid to ask if you can go up and be the dancers for a singer or go up when one of the singers ask for back up dancers. I only sang one song in the hour that I was there but I was on the stage a lot more than that.Next time I am in town, I will definitely enjoy this place again!(BTW, we were there on November 6. Just a tad late in writing my review.)

  16. Nola 1.

    This place sucks – steals people money – watch out for your change. They don’t give the correct change – BEWARE of the bartender in the front bar – blond/long dirty looking girl – tries to steal money from people!

  17. DJ C.

    I thought it was a great time and that even on a Tuesday night was pretty fun. The people were singing well, and dancing was fun. The only detraction would be the price of booze, but hey it’s New Orleans on Bourbon St. and the fact that the MC’s sing in between every song. I can see every once in a while, but not between every song. I didn’t like that.

  18. Petra D.

    My favorite hangout on Bourbon St. Everyone is dancing and screaming the lyrics to every song together. It’s fun and funny. It feels like everyone is on stage together how the crowd was getting into it.Don’t go if you can’t handle listening to people who cannot sign AT ALL. And don’t go there cuz the bathrooms are clean. Cuz they aren’t. Just like every other bar on Bourbon, to be fair. You should be drunk enough not to care. I spent two nights there in a row. Dancing with everyone, including security and people on stage. I really enjoyed the place and wish I lived closer! I would totally become a regular.

  19. Jess T.

    Cheesy karaoke bar. This place was packed to the gills, and the music was REALLY good. The only downside is I wish the wait wasn’t so long because I would have loved to see my karaoke loving friend rock some ass on the mic. Next time, I would like to get there in time for that along with the 3 for 1 happy hour that I so desperately crave.Downside, this place had the most disgusting bathroom I have ever been in. I’m gagging as I type this. Words cannot describe the horror. I have used port-a potties at all day concerts with more class than these bathrooms. I have to take it down a star for that reason alone.

  20. joseph1k

    Just plain gross. I don’t care how cheap the drinks are, when a place is that dirty you don’t put anything from behind the counter in your MOUTH. It took hours to shake the headache I got listening to some sloppy drunk big girl falling out of her pants while she shrieked out Reba McEntire’s “Fancy” between bouts of trying to deep-throat the mic. I couldn’t get out of there fast enough.

  21. fisherdex1

    The karaoke wait times are ridic!!! TWO HOURS?!! WTFFFFF. So if you’re going for karaoke, just drop your name in at the beginning of the night, and hopefully you’ll remember to return in two hours. If not, you’re probably having a better time elsewhere anyway!!We spent a lot of time on their balcony trying to throw our beads in other people’s drinks (which is a really fun pastime, I might add). But their drinks are too expensive, and we weren’t going anywhere with the karaoke so we head onto the next one.

  22. Emma L.

    We ended up in here randomly Halloween weekend when visiting New Orleans (to escape all the random seahawk fans that were in town for the game, ugh). We loved it so much we ended up back there multiple time over our trip! They have great host for the karaoke, who are really talented and entertaining (luckily if the person up sounds horrible, they’ll cut in and make it some what enjoyable). They have an outdoor courtyard where we hung out to get away from the crowds. Bartenders out there were great and friendly

  23. Tanner M.

    Cat’s Meow can kind of be hit or miss. It all depends on the crowd that is there and the crowd is usually better later in the night. Typically, it is a lot of drunken people singing bad karaoke which makes it even more entertaining. I’ve seen a lot of bachelorette parties singing their hearts out over there too so guys do the math. This can be a good spot to stumble into around 1:30ish. The drinks are strong. I’ve noticed that the drinks tend to get stronger the further back the bar is that you go to in the club. The drinks can be a little expensive but they do pour a lot of alcohol so it’s still a decent deal. If you’re doing Bourbon Street the right way you won’t even notice the bill….or the time for that matter. WARNING: Do not try to use the bathrooms here unless you have to. Bourbon Street bathrooms are pretty rough by definition but these bathrooms are on the bad end of that spectrum.

  24. Richard J.

    Laid back atmosphere with mostly tourists I in a party mood performing their favorite songs. Come before 8pm to take advantage of 3 for 1 happy hour. Normally too busy to talk to bartenders but on this quiet Monday both Michael and Olivia were very friendly and efficient. Some very entertaining colorful locals notably “pretty Tony” a joy to watch.

  25. Miranda P.

    THE most fun we had in New Orleans. Came here with a bunch of crazy girls for a bachelorette party. We were not original in this idea since we ran into at least 3 other bachelorette parties there. It took quite a few hours for our turn, but we finally got to rock out to the Spice Girls around 2 AM. The time flew by because there was always something going on on-stage. Gonna be honest; most people suck at singing, but the songs are popular enough that the audience usually joins in and drowns out the American Idol rejects on stage. There was one dude that rocked out to AC/DC like a pro. And Crazy Joe (we invented this name) kept us entertained in the open window behind the stage with his animated gesticulations and his endless bottle of whiskey.BOTTOM LINE: Fun for all ages, as long as your age is over 21.

  26. Terry S.

    We were going there to get on the balcony for the Mardi Gras ceremonial street closing. Got charged the cover for 6 of us to get in ($5 each). No problem there, it’s Mardi Gras. (Normally there is no cover)Tried to go upstairs and got hit for another cover, twice the original cover ($10) each. Forget that. We went immediately back to the front and asked the door man for our cover back. A total of 90 seconds had gone by since we paid it. He referred to a guy standing next to him, I guess he was in charge of the door. The answer was no, we couldn’t get our $30 back. Too bad. Hey, dummy, maybe telling people ahead of time would be a good idea.Zero hospitality. Tourists won’t like this type of place with policies like that.

  27. harryharry

    We had so much fun here, we came back 3 nights in a row.Find Will the bartender, he was a great hook up, he have us free beads with every round up on the balcony and didn’t overcharge us downstairs the next night.The karaoke hosts kept the mood light and the party going and seemed to honestly be enjoying their jobs. Yes it is everything good and bad about Bourbon St, but it is great people watching and fun. Highly recommend for bachlorette parties and groups.

  28. dopeboy19

    We stopped in here during the day to witness the day-drunk debauchery and it didn’t disappoint. They have a very charismatic emcee of sorts to break up all the bad singing of the tourists. I imagine it’s a madhouse at night but during the day it was a nice stop. They have a nice patio/courtyard, too.

  29. Tony V.

    Great place to have tons of fun. Double D was an awesome emcee…(also very cute and very friendly) .Cant wait to return next year.

  30. Chika C.

    Definitely a tourist spot. We went right after watching fireworks for New Years in Jackson square. This place is right at bourbon street. The service was prompt and right on, Although the bathrooms are nasty there are water on the floor everywhere. The music rotates from country, hip hop, pop, rock etc. they make the stage as karaoke place. So you can test your how good your drunk self sing. They have male and female host. I like the male host, he make the crowd Cheer and hype without using excessive curse words. The female on the opposite curse every other word, it’s almost she has little word bank in her brain except for profanity or curse words. The drinks were pretty decent and the price comes between $4-$7.We had a really good time in this place.

  31. Gregory D.

    We were walking down Bourbon Street and wondered into this Karaoke place. We ended up staying there for about 5 hours. My wife loved this place. After pushing her to get on the board, she finally relented and rocked out to “We Will Rock You”. Very much a party atmosphere.

  32. rodneyerm

    This is an awesome tourist trap! My friends and I came here for karaoke after a long, long night. It must have been 4AM when we got here, and there was still a crowd. They didn’t have the best selection of songs to pick from, but we still managed to find one to sing! The host we had was really cute and upbeat, especially that late. She did a good job of getting the group excited. This is a great place to come with friends after a long night of drinking. I’m not the biggest karaoke fan, but this place was really fun.

  33. Mike B.

    This place is a dump but the Karaoke is fun.

  34. Derice J.

    I dont care what any of the reviews said my night here was one of the most fun I had in New Orleans. It came highly recommended by my Boo aka the shuttle driver. Its straight out Karaoke, the people who work there were so nice and we didnt even drink (jello shots dont count) we were able to enjoy the bad renditions of drunk tourists as they belted out tune. it was all in good fun. I was sorry that we didnt go before our last night but ended up staying until almost 3am (shuttle was picking us up in an hour) If your looking for a fun place to hang out and sing really loud even though you are terrible then this is the place.. Meoowwwwwww (glass breaks lol)the only downside was i couldnt go in with my drink that i had so i had to drink my grenade outside first

  35. ELayne W.

    God this place sucks! It’s 24/7 karaoke which is awesome, but the MC’s are always the most obnoxious people who scream into mics saying annoying things. Between each song they sing their own song, which is never good, so it takes forever to get to your song. They also sing along with you when you are singing, which is a big no-no in karaoke. I must say it’s a very typical Bourbon St. bar, so that definitively means to stay away.

  36. Carol W.

    Meoowww….thats really what you want to say as soon as you see this place. Its a standard bar on Bourbon street. I went here a couple of times during my trip to New Orleans. The first time, I managed to snag beads (no flashing required, evidently just the magic word – please). I do like going upstairs and looking out over bourbon street at the masses below. Its a tourist place, but hey, I was a tourist. The mixed drinks were good if not pricey. They do have a happy hour early in the day. Go – you may be sorry, but you’ll still smile…meoooowwww

  37. Mary Kay B.

    This place was a blast. I sang on Bourbon St! The staff was fun and energetic, well most of them, at least.It was a decent size with both an indoor and outdoor seating area. It was terrible that the restrooms were in the outdoor seating area and were not air conditioned. It was like removing wallpaper off your legs than trying to reapply. I was too sweaty for that.I did get a huge Hurricane drink for like $8 and it was strong.

  38. Jennifer F.

    Pretty cool karaoke bar on Bourbon Street. Everyone has to perform on a stage with bright lights shining down on them. There’s also a very funny guy who shouts people out from the stage between songs and keeps the energy alive. There’s a balcony upstairs so buy some beads & toss away!I was in and out so I’m not sure about the drinks. They do not serve food but you can step out and grab something from the many nearby shops.

  39. fuckery12

    We were told this was supposed to be the best karaoke place in town. It really was a fun night (I finally got drunk after the finals period). The songs are ok, the bartender was really good at their job; but no, I don’t like it here.

  40. Lynn W.

    Chris is the best bartender in the French Quarters!He can practically make anything you want or need. He has the sense of humor of Eddie Murphy but looks like your local politician. LOL. Have a little dance get 3 drinks for 1 and get on stage to take it away like Beyonce.

  41. Anabel V.

    No drinkbspeciaks at this karoeke bar… mmmraaaauuu

  42. StripClub431

    I first want to say that I LOVE karaoke (both watching and singing) and while I’ve watched their web cam for quite some time…. I first thought I wanted to go to New Orleans and visit this club. It didn’t take long for me to realize that this is NOT the kind of karaoke bar that I enjoy. First complaint is the late night female host that hops around like a junkie on speed. They seem to cater to the lesbian crowd (hense the name “Cats Meow”). They play too much rap and cater to too much line type dancing. Then theres the issue with the mics; seems the vol is set way too low for the singers and they encourage others to join in (both on stage singing as well as the host singing along and the host’s mic has regular volume) When I sign up to sing (and wait patiently) the LAST thing I want is to be drown out by anyone. When I’m singing karaoke…. its all about ME and I want MY time to be heard (and not shared). I’m also NOT a smoker and now refuse to go to a bar that allows that. When ya leave your clothes smell you’re wearing 3 packs and you have to wash your clothes as soon as you get home. I’ve now decided NOT to go to New Orleans but rather Key West instead. Hopefully all the losers will keep going to Cats…. and stay away from the Keys (at least while I’m there) and I wont say when I’ll be there. “Whats New Pussy Cat”….. Whoa, a Whoa A Whoa O oooo YEAAAAAA Peace Out

  43. Christian B.

    Drinks are expensive (a bottle of beer is six bucks) but the karaoke is always entertaining. My suggestion: get loaded elsewhere and come here to watch the fun.

  44. Cristina M.

    Cats meow drew our attention while we were walking down Bourbon. The karaoke hosts do an awesome job of keeping everyone pumped and singing, that’s for sure! One downside is how long it takes for your name to be called to sing but there’s not much helping that, especially in the quarter. The bar isn’t too expensive, my friends got a few rounds of beer for $6 each. The bathrooms are alright, some of the doors don’t close on their own but they’re pretty clean and not too crowded. Overall, had a blast singing and dancing on a Monday night/Tuesday morning at the Cats meow!

  45. Rachael N.

    Let me just say…there are a LOT of loud, crazy, karaoke places on Bourbon.Came here on the recommendation of other friends in town. It’s packed with tourists, with this one stage, where people go up and sing. There’s a main level with a small level above it, and then a top level, which is a nice small little lounge. They had about every song you could think about…with one karaoke MC who kept running onto stage. It was…interesting. She definitely kept the crowd alive. Small place, but it’s a cool place to chill and karaoke among peoples you don’t know..mostly because everyone is into it….

  46. Lindsay A.

    I admit I’m not a regular at Cat’s Meow. Sure, I like screaming “Livin on a Prayer” as much as the next girl, but I try to keep my trips here limited to when I have goofy guests that want to “experience New Orleans” and by that I mean get shit-faced on Bourbon Street. So here is the breakdown of Cat’s Meow from a sane person. 1. It is a karaoke bar full of drunk idiots. Do yourself a favor and show up after enjoying some cheaper libations elsewhere; both your head and wallet will thank you. 2. This is a karaoke bar full of drunk idiots. Don’t expect anyone with talent to get up on that stage; expect to hear “Baby Got Back” three times in an hour. 3. It is a karaoke bar full of drunk idiots. When your friend decides it’s a good idea to rip a wig off a bachelorette’s head in front of fifteen of her best friends, run like hell. Ah…Good times.

  47. felixnada

    The World Famous Cats Meow is on the top of my list when it comes to Bourbon Street shenanigans. You can’t beat the 3-for-1 Happy Hour drinks! Their hurricane drink is pretty kick ass! The courtyard and the balconies are perfect for gathering with friends/family and having fun.The staff are always courteous and nice when I come in with my motorized scooter, they help me get it through the door and help guide me out when I am ready to leave.The Emcees and DJ’s are off the chain! They keep the party flow going and they love to entertain the crowd and get them jazzed up for more. I have my favorites, such as DJ Andy, DJ Abbey, DJ James, DJ Nick @Night. Emcee Sexual Chocolate (Tracy), Emcee Double D (Nicole), Emcee Country (Abbey), Emcee West (Jon) and Emcee Phillip.The sign up girls/guys are always fun to goof around with as you wait to step into the spotlight and belt out your favorite song on the stage.The bartenders are quick and knowledgeable on their drinks and always serve them with a smile….But I have to say…ALWAYS tip your bartenders and wait-staff….that is their bread and butter income.The management team are amazing! Since I am disabled, they are always willing to try and help with accommodations and making me feel like part of the crowd.I do miss seeing some of the old regulars on their live karaoke cam, such as Nugget and Joshua. I watch the cams daily! I have come to know so many people in New Orleans and Louisiana, thanks to the live cams…it is my mini-portal to the city that I love with all my heart.So if you are in New Orleans and hanging out on Bourbon Street, looking for a fun time, I highly suggest The World Famous Cats Meow. Show the world, including me, that you are a star.

  48. moneyman2

    Good drink prices and had 2 hello shots for 5 bucks. Karaoke was fun a lot of people but than it was st pattys day. Is was a good night out for the first night in orleabs

  49. adamrod

    My boyfriend and I were here for hours last night!! We left and ended up coming back!! I love Karaoke and having a good time and that’s exactly what’s going to happen at this place! Both the male and female host keep you very entertained by performing old classics in between acts to keep the crowd going! We also has a hurricane and was completely surprised that ur was soooo big and only $8.75! We should have kept our cups!! That being said…. I have a few videos you can check out! We didn’t eat so I can’t comment on the food!

  50. dannyboy7

    Do you like people watching? Do you like karaoke? This is your place to be. It’s always on the tour of New Orleans when I have friends in. They do have 3 for 1 happy hour during the day which makes $6 bud lite worth it otherwise this place is expensive to boot at night and the line is extremely long to do karaoke plus they do an intermission song between each performer to stall to keep you spending money. But it’s a lot of fun if you understand they want money.

  51. Blair B.

    I don’t like karaoke, but somehow I still find this place really fun. It’s pretty dirty and pretty cheeseball. The other patrons you’ll find there are a bit shady and wasted, but when I’m going out on Bourbon street that’s kind of what I’m looking for! Don’t come here unless you’re a couple hand grenades deep and can handle a rowdy a crowd. It’s loud, it’s crazy, but it can be fun if you’re in the mood for it.

  52. Mike M.

    Even for Bourbon Street, this place is a shit hole. Overpriced beers served in a dirty Karaoke bar is not my idea of a good time. Lost of people were dancing and having fun it seemed. Fairly young and eclectic crowd though, so maybe it’s your thing? I won’t be back.

  53. M R.

    I’m normally not a Karaoke person but over all this place was fun. True the MC doing a song in between each patron makes for a long wait. But I understand because they aren’t making money off the Karaoke. They are making money off the drinks and the longer they can keep you there the more money they make, QED and all that. Anyway it was an over all good experience and really fun. The bartenders make quick work of the lines and you definitely get your money’s worth in alcohol at this place.

  54. Nicole B.

    Worst selection of karaoke songs ever! All it is is your traditional stuff. I do like how they play other music in between, it mixes it up a bit, but in between every single act? It took 2 hours just to get one song in! At least the host could sing. And it was commical getting the baby boomer tourists shaking it on stage.

  55. Katie D.

    It’s a way fun karaoke bar but the drinks are over priced and the obnoxious djs sing their own songs between every karaokeer song. Get over yourself!!!

  56. Frank U.

    I don’t do karaoke, but I do like to watch. When we got there it was 3 for 1 beers or triple shot for price of one drinks. Not a bad happy hour deal. We headed up stairs and chilled on the balcony, while there a employee came one out with a bunch of beads and handed it to us and said “have fun”. So we did what any other person would do on Bourbon Street with the beads. When we were about to run out of beads, dude can back out and hands up more to throw. So with an extended Happy Hour, which I never found out when it ended and employees making sure you are having fun. This was a fun place to be.

  57. Thorsten L.

    Gimme some beer and a micro and put me up stage! ;-)What more can I say. We have been to Cats Meow twice and we had so much fun. If you come early you get a 3 for 1 deal which means that you don’t have to spend a fortune on booze. It is definitely a place worthwhile coming back.

  58. Jennifer D.

    This is the absolute worst bar I have ever been to in my life. Do not go here ever. All the bouncers that work here are COCKY losers who need to go back to college and get real jobs. Oh and did I mention that they think fat means buff? They need a gym stat. The bar tenders are TRASHY and treat their customers like crap and are extremely disrespectful. This bar is extremely lucky that their business survives solely on tourists because I guarantee that locals don’t go here EVER with the service that they provide. They don’t even provide you with free water and its ridiculous, not too mention I’m pretty sure that’s illegal as well. Everyone that works here is TRASH. Zero stars. WORST BAR EVER!

  59. Zachary A.

    (Somehow) world-famous karaoke bar that’s both overpriced and atrocious. Seven dollars for a pony, eleven for a Guiness–and you have to hear off-key sodden stupid loud and sloppy tourists belt out hits like “I Will Survive” and “Desperado.” Ick.Though it does have a live webcam, so folks back home can watch you destroy your self-image.

  60. Tara H.

    Let me just preface with saying that I’m not a big bar person, and I’m not really that much of a drinker… Having said that, I think the atmosphere here was fun… who doesn’t like watching someone make a complete fool of them self while they’re drunk and trying to sing karaoke? Getting drunk is easy at this place too, cuz it’s 3 for 1 drinks. The one big complaint that I have is that there’s not enough seating inside to watch the performers… and it’s CROWDED all the time. Not my ideal scene, but I still had fun while I was there.

  61. Jean-Louis W.

    Very limited karaoke song selection.. if you are used to karaoke spots with monster songbooks that have 20,000 songs… well, this place has maybe 250 songs that all fit on a large sheet of paper.It’s a fun place–good energy and lots of people dancing, but not really for the true karaoke connisseur / (or whore, if you prefer). The KJ sings every other song.

  62. Louis D.

    FYI, Miley Cyrus sang here on St Patrick’s Day. I was going to go actually but it was so crowded I decided not to. Nobody knew it was her, because she had a hat and baggy leather jacket, but halfway through the video you see everyone flipping out their phone cameras. Apparently, she sucked. Oh well. As a karaoke fiend, here’s my criticism. The host sings every other song. Okay, it may keep you there longer buying drinks, or maybe you’ll leave and never come back. The host or KJ/DJ should sing only if everyone sucks or nobody is singing. Otherwise, it’s like a comedy host. You shouldn’t do one stand-up bit for every comic that goes up there. That’s not your job. It’s not about you. If you want to sing professionally, get a band, book a bar. Otherwise, let the customers sing and be the stars.

  63. Megan K.

    This place has reasonably-priced drinks and shots, a divey but not disgusting atmosphere, and an energy which is great for groups and for meeting people while traveling. Jovial is a word I might use. Consistently jovial. They seemed to have a lot ’90s songs in rotation while I was there – some decent, some really bad singers, but all in good fun.

  64. Anthony M.

    Asked to not sing anymore by the board controller. Must have been terrible πŸ™ won’t come here again

  65. Denise B.

    If you’re looking for a fun, casual place where you can have a good ol’ dirty time, this is the place on Bourbon Street where you should stop by.It’s a karaoke bar with a staff that emcee’s the entire night, and they’re all hilarious performers. They love putting on a show, singing the greatest hits while shaking their booties and spewing profanities out into the crowd to keep the energy up. They’ll go up and sing about every two or three songs to keep the night alive.Also, watch yourself with those infamous Hurricanes. I danced, I sang, and I got my phone stolen right outta my purse.

  66. james1412

    This karaoke bar is on Bourbon Street. Its a great place to stop in and sing one of your favorite tunes. I find this place even more fun if you bring all of your friends in with you. We stopped in had a few drinks and sang a few songs while out and about on Bourbon. We visited during the day and it was easy to get in, find seats and get on the list. I will say its not so easy when you go at night so be prepared for a little bit of a wait if you visit once the sun goes down.

  67. Matthew C.

    If you were in New Orleans and got kicked out of the upstairs area above the stage… yeah, that was my party.The staff at Cat’s Meow were awesome. The bartender for our party was pouring heavy, the security guards were cool while being bosses, and we had a fantastic time. It was the perfect evening for a bachelor party filled with married guys who wanted to completely control their level of fun.

  68. Dave L.

    OK, so I’m a tourist, what can I say? Fill me up with 2 gallons of beer and throw me on stage. Add in a little David Lee Roth “Just a Giggalo” and I’m good to go. The crowd gets into most of the songs, so you’ll get a receptive audience… feed off of that. Spin your beads around your neck, get the crowd to sing along and they’re yours. Like I always say, “the more you drink, the better I sound”.

  69. Sylvia M.

    This is the best place to people watch. Great drink specials. Their theme is “This is Your Party” and in that vain anything goes. If you want to jump on stage and dance while the hosts sings, or if you want to have the stage to yourself, its all good. It was fun to watch people karaoke in the spotlight.

  70. Andrea H.

    Many locals are ashamed to say that they have been to this extablishment. I, howver, have no shame. I love cat’s meow. There’s nothing like drinking 3 for 1 vodkas while the sun is still up and belting out some gun’s n roses. Minus two stars for the back that the door guys were total dicks to one of my friends because he was wearing a bandanna. A horrible, threatening bandanna… They lost business from 12 people because of said named bandanna (also, it was my bachelorette party, so they kinda ruined that too.)

  71. Neelam P.

    I had a blast here! What’s not to love about Karaoke? The only issue is the long line to sing. The night I was there there was an MC woman singing 1-2 songs in between each patron’s song. Overall, good crowd and fun times!

  72. timmykilla

    Paula and Adam were great. I spent a week on Bourbon and the bartender here was my favorite! A fun time. The karaoke was more than entertaining.

  73. Lina B.

    Somehow ended up here late night 2 or 3 nights on my 5 day trip.The karaoke MC is so awesome. She knows her stuff, helps out the people that are failing miserably and can get the crowd going.I had a lot of fun, but its definitely a tourist spot. But karaoke is usually a “we’re really drunk” type of activity, so don’t be surprised if someone spills their drink on you or something of the like.Otherwise, I had an amazing time here. Everyone was down to party.

  74. Donya X.

    Wandered in on a Friday night. We were able to get the 3 for 1 drinks specials $6.50 for 3 drinks in one very large cup. The crowd was good but not a lot of people wanted to karaoke. Too much drinking going on. Either way it’s a bargain and worth a stop or two.

  75. Tiffany L.

    Best place on Bourbon St.Go there. Tell ’em Hope & Hannah for Alaska sent ya. :-)Seriously, we were there three nights in a row, getting our drink on, our dance on and well… our bad singin’ on… everyone is hilarious and friendly. People cheer for you like you’re the most kick-ass thing since Queen* when the sad reality is you’re right up there with the William Hungs of the world…It’s where we always go when in New Orleans…there is no other place that compares.*or whoever you might find to be kick-ass πŸ˜‰

  76. Mike C.

    First Night in New Orleans and we had a blast here. The girls wanted to do karaoke after having a few hand grenades and other cocktails. The atmosphere is fun and the music is great. Karaoke aside, they had top radio music playing that you could find in clubs so don’t think its nonstop random music..We were there on a friday night and got to see the vice president of the Saints show off that huge super bowl ring. We also saw some raunchy action that night . It was this guys bachelor party and, he had a list of things he had to fulfill. Lets Just say I got some shots of breasts and one lady in her mid thirties had her pants pulled down by her friends to reveal her pussy cat in its no joke . Definitely some crazyness going down in this place. Guess now I know why they call it the cats

  77. The-Pizza-Nazi S.

    When in New Orleans….this is one of the 5 spots that we hit every time. Watching the Karaoke is surprisingly fun. For a break from the noise, hit the courtyard bar. Or…..if you know your way around….hit the secret bar later in the evening πŸ˜‰

  78. Ryan W.

    When I leave work on friday looking to go out, my first thought is never, “hey, I should go have a horrible time finding a parking spot to got to a abr with a miserable alcohol selection, no ventilation, and like 3 jillion people crammed shoulder to shoulder all to hear people so drunk they can barely stand up attempt to belt out the words to “Living on a Prayer” or “Paradise City” but ultimately fail because they are too drunk to read the monitor (even though they know the words anyway).”That’s why I don’t usually go here.

  79. Maria E.

    Fun, divey karaoke bar. The host does get up there between each song to sing. This is good because he keeps the crowd entertained and engaged esp. if some of the performers are not that great. However, this means you have to wait a couple hours to finally get up there. Maybe he could jump up there after 2 songs or something? It’s ridiculous to spend so much time in just one bar when there are so many places around.

  80. Tiffany P.

    Fun karaoke bar on Bourbon St. The wait to sing was 2+ hours but we barely noticed because we were having so much fun dancing and singing along.

  81. Katelyn M.

    Has a great crowd atmosphere and the KJ keeps it GOING. However, the KJ does sing after every other song so you have to wait that much longer until it’s your turn to sing. Suuuuper disappointed that they didn’t have any Celine Dion songs to chose from. What established karaoke bar doesn’t have the Celines?!

  82. yanard12

    I have fond memories of Cat’s Meow from long ago – singing on stage with my fraternity brothers while we had no business being in public, stuff like that.I returned on this visit to New Orleans and I’m a bit disappointed. Drinks seem more expensive than many spots on Bourbon St. And the host sings every other song (literally). Still a good time, but my friend was the fifth person in line to sing and it took an hour til his turn so the host could do his thing on stage.The Cat’s Meow is worth the experience, but if you’ve done it once, cherish the memories and keep on walking down Bourbon to your next karaoke opportunity.

  83. XXXbeast

    This place sucks as a karaoke bar. Waited one hour to sing……drank 5 beers. This DJ sang more than anyone else. It should be a karaoke bar…not..let’s hear the DJ sing. FN waste of time.

  84. stripforme123

    What a blast! We stopped on while on vacation and it was quite the lively bunch. The guy who was running the karaoke was great, also great at backing up some not so good singers, which kept it bearable to listen to as the night got later.The drinks are priced at what you would expect. There is some seating throughout but a pretty small place. I wasn’t brave enough to sing, but if you are, come show off your stuff here!

  85. Ann T.

    Good lord. We came in here because we heard some folks singing karaoke and they were amazing! I don’t know if they were tourists (OK, I’m pretty sure they were tourists – there is no way a local is coming into this place) but they were awesome! You go, girl! We stayed for a bit because, why the hell not. It’s not a cool place to be at all, but I mean, this nuttiness is part of the NOLA tourist experience. They had the friendliest bartenders of anyone we met in NOLA, and they had some 3 for 1 drink special that eventually got us completely bombed at 4 pm. Gross!

  86. Naomi G.

    Dropped in at the Cat’s Meow with some colleagues while in New Orleans for a conference. This place was amazing. The drinks are reasonable, the DJs are fun, outgoing and animated and I only waited an hour to belt out some karaoke in front of two hundred other tourists. Drinks were reasonably priced and dangerously delicious. Definitely recommend dropping in if you’re in the area.

  87. Sara M.

    I’m going to caveat this by saying that I spent one night here from 2-4am while visiting New Orleans so I a)wasn’t sober and b)only took advance of beers and karaoke. That being said, it was AWESOME! Still a rocking party at 4am when we left, a very organized system for running karaoke, and fun staff that ran the party. Multiple indoor and outdoor areas for drinking and hanging out, clean bathrooms (at 4am is a serious pro to me), and all around fun. I would absolutely come back here in a heartbeat when I’m back in New Orleans.

  88. Lena D.

    The only reason I didn’t give this place more stars was that I was pick-pocketed on the dance floor. Be careful about groups of girls that dance up on you. They will steal your phone, wallet etc, and then use it on Bourbon St.If that hadn’t happened I would’ve had a really great time. Karaoke and MCs are super fun.

  89. Sue W.

    Fun place the M C I think her name was abbey was fun I was there on a Monday night not real packed Drinks where pricy but its New Orleans so every think is high

  90. Lauren C.

    In a drunken stupor, my 9 friends and I stumbled into this bar because karaoke. We initially went to the bar to get some drinks and after watching a few rounds, decided to investigate signing up for ourselves. I went over and talked to the surly lady at the stage and she signed me up and asked which song we wanted. Watching other people was very entertaining. Some were really good, some were so drunk, they literally just stood there (… sad.). In between each turn, one of the employees would go up and sing and dance a song. This seemed like a good idea, it helped to keep things moving while the next individual/group prepared to go up on stage and she was actually good. Unfortunately doing whole songs also meant that it took much longer for everyone to get their turn and got a little old. My only guess is they also do this so that not everyone goes through their turn too fast. Usually in karaoke bars, you have to wait hours to go yourself, but it only took about an hour for us to go. All us ladies and men did “baby got back,” of course and had a blast! It was a very fun experience.I took off 1 star for the horrendous drink prices. $10 for 1 beer? Are you kidding me?

  91. Liz S.

    This is one of the first places we came when we arrived in NOLA for a bachelorette party. It was only about 4 or 5 in the evening, but even at that point, this place was sooo fun! We came back the next night, but being here in the afternoon/evening with only a handful of other people was hilarious. No waits at the bar or waiting for your turn at karaoke. A friend of mine was also on a bachelorette party in NOLA the same weekend and their group came here all three nights – it’s THAT fun! The staff was really fun and they’d jump in and help karaoke-ers who were starting to fumble.

  92. Danny K.

    Cats is pretty damn epic. Awesome karaoke, and the party never ends. You’ll see drunk bachelorettes falling over, old couples salsa dancing, and people who think they can sing re-visiting the glory days. Overall the drinks are super solid and the redbull vodka’s are legit. BEWARE of bachelorette groups. They tend to be fearless. My buddy was attacked with an inflatable phallic item by them…. Stay on your guard.

  93. Fallon C.

    Went to the Cat’s Meow on St. Patricks day weekend this year, and had an AMAZING time. Loved all of the karaoke and the music was on point and definitely for my age group (25-30). It was packed, a little hard to move and go grab another beer. Regardless we spent our whole Saturday night there. Cant wait to hit up NOLA again!

  94. Karlita C.

    It looks like not many people enjoyed this place. Maybe the only reason I did was because it was 1999 or 2000 when I was there.When I stumbled my way into this place, it was not a karaoke bar. At least not this night.Everyone was dancing, the place was raging!If I remember correctly (Went to a lot of bars during my visit) this one had a nice large patio out back.I had a blast when I was there, but obviously, things have majorly changed since I was last in town.

  95. Norman S.

    Cat’s Meow was a bar I found out about word of mouth from a local. I went in and rocked out to some chick running Karaoke and enjoyed 3-1 happy hour all night long on Friday. Really??? 3-1??? Or you can chalk it up to $2 a beer and you have to buy 3. Either way, I loved it! NO bars in a 100 mile radius of where I live offer that type of deal!This bar’s atmosphere was fun and really helped to get my night going. The Karaoke singer who runs the karaoke side invited people to come up on stage and sing with her and dance with her. It’s a great way to keep the crowd engaged. The diversity of this bar is also great, with freshly 21 year old and mature adults (grandma) rocking out. Drink prices are reasonable, music is great and if you feel a little promiscuous, you can always rock out on stage doing your best karaoke moves

  96. julie n.

    We got the urge to sing during my bachelorette trip so was pointed to Cat’s Meow. We put our names in on the super long list of names and patiently drank and waited. It wouldn’t have taken so long if the MC dude didn’t sing EVERY OTHER SONG. Why oh why would you do that? I understand you want to keep the crowd pumped up but not every other song. We waited over and hour and were no where close to being called so left.

  97. Lu E.

    We went here after some friend’s recommended it for our trip to New Orleans. Now don’t get me wrong, I love me some karaoke, but I just really wasn’t to into this place. It was still fun, but if you are going for karaoke, maybe Bourbon Street isn’t the best venue for you.Doubt I’d return if I found myself back in the French Quarter.

  98. Gregg M.

    Keeping it short and sweet… Cat’s Meow looks (not necessarily sounds) like a good karaoke bar. It has a nice balcony with a nice view of the street from which people can hang out…literally and figuratively. Yes, they also serve drinks. However, in the end, Cat’s Meow has nothing or does nothing that sets it apart from most every other bar on Bourbon Street.

  99. Leo K.

    The best time we had at a bar on bourbon. On stage Karaoke, where you can sign up and sing your favorite tunes. Great mix of guys to girls, and great music. Overall a fun time, especially if you like to watch or do karaoke.

  100. Tay A.

    I LOVE karaoke. The “hosts” get to sing more than the guests. It’s a fun place but be prepared to wait for a long time to sing… All thanks to the hosts that feel it necessary to get a song every other person. The song list is pretty limited too.

  101. Jacki G.

    Ok, so the place is a little divey (think dirty old men and drunk college guys tossing beads to girls cruising Bourbon St), but it was always happening. I did quite a few karaoke songs here, and each time I sang, it was just a blast. It’s a great place to watch the liquor overtake people’s inhibitions. Drinks are expensive, though ($6 for a domestic bottle) so drink a lot beforehand.

  102. tonycluber

    Meoowww! Karaoke is the best here!! You have a choice from Miley to Beatles and can sing your drunk heart out at any time of day. I had to give this place 3 stars because the staff isn’t all together and they really lack on the cleanliness factor. Other than that, it’s a great place to be merry and drunk! Drink on folks!

  103. Ryan E.

    Eh. Pretty much like every other karaoke bar ever. The most entertaining thing at the bar is the “best of” clips they play on the TV, but there is only like 6 clips so after 4 minutes it gets old. The bartender was friendly, but they had no beers on draft and only the macros in bottles. If you are starved for attention and NEED to be on stage you can go here, otherwise there are better places on Bourbon.

  104. Jessica R.

    We planned to start our night off here before heading out to some of the other bars, but we ended up having a pretty good time so we stayed longer than expected. On Friday night there was karaoke. They had a pretty good list of classics as well as songs that are currently popular. The only downside was waiting to sing took longer than necessary because in between each of the performances, an employee would instead sing. I understand it was to help get the crowd going, but it would’ve just been so much faster if the employee sang less frequently. So basically, just be prepared to wait a while after you sign up. Otherwise I was able to get a drink relatively fast ($8 for a huge hurricane) and had a good time.

  105. s r.

    First of all, this is Bourbon Street….so if you are coming here it is probably to drink…or get drunk…maybe even obliterated. Is there another reason tourists come to Bourbon street?This brings me to my next complaint…tourists. The only people you will find at Cat’s Meow are tourists. The place is overrun with them. Let me make a distinction…there are four types of non-locals (this applies all over the world). 1. tourists (the most despised)2. family (obligatory visiting…they don’t want you there long, so go home already!)3. travelers (the most curious)4. business travelers (purpose driven travel i.e. client, convention, seminar, fund-raising, symposium, volunteering, etc.)No matter the reason for visiting New Orleans in the daylight hours, at night all of the aforementioned non-locals are prone to fall into the first category…the dreaded tourist…and they are probably headed to Bourbon Street to get sloshed (READ: act annoying as hell). With any luck, their drunken karaoke performance can be recorded via video or cell phone cam and placed on YouTube for posterity. This might discourage them from behaving so obnoxiously in their future travels. So, if you go to Cats Meow, be sure you have your recording devices charged and ready to aim. It is a great place for people to demonstrate how socially uninhibited they become when plied with enough alcohol.Thankfully, my one and only visit here was circa 1991, and YouTube wasn’t around. I was barely 23, not drunk, and sang with two guys my age from Marin County who were staying at the hotel I was in. I don’t remember what we sang, but it was a sad performance…the kind that makes you want to depart the near vicinity quickly so people can’t point and laugh. At least if I had been drunk we would have had a reason for singing so poorly. I”ve walked by Cat’s Meow since, but going in once was enough.Thus, if you do decide to get up on that stage just remember…Big Brother is watching….so can the rest of the world once it is uploaded on YouTube. If you are in the Big Easy on business, like I was, your colleagues might not be in the bar that night, but they might be on the Internet later…watching you!

  106. Siobhan N.

    This place is pretty fun, definitely a cool place to be entertained. You can also join in the entertaining by volunteering for various games, dancing on stage and of course Karaoke! The DJs running the show are cool and pretty funny. They break up the karaoke with other popular songs and games etc. I like this strategy because it can get boring watching people try to sing boring songs super seriously. Downfalls? No beer on draft and it gets super hot as there is no AC.

  107. Ashley S.

    Wandered in here on Halloween and from what I saw; I liked it. Was able to easily get drinks and it was not over crowded. There were a fair amount of bouncers around which I appreciate because it makes me feel safe. Went up the stairs and was able to easily get a spot on the balcony to watch from above. Favorite place on Halloween, hands down!

  108. Mike A.

    I was in New Orleans for two nights and I came here on the first night. I was out back in this little courtyard area. There was a bachelorette party back there as well and they were all wearing cat ears. Coincidence? Hard to tell. Even harder to care.Really. Why would you care? I didn’t. And I was there. You’re just…here. On your phone. Or a computer. Or reading a printout of my review because you’re my # 1 fan aka super creepy aka hi mom, how’s it going back there in New Hampshire?I tried coming here on my second night because, well, I don’t know. Some girl was in there that my brother liked. But I wasn’t allowed in. Why not?A tanktop.It was about 2am on a Sunday night. And my crime was that my bare shoulders were exposed. In a city that smells like a mixture of 84% urine and 16% feces, my clothless arms were too much of an abomination to be allowed into a bar where some pretty horrendous noises were being belched from the karaoke stage.I guess it’s all relative.Just kidding. This place is stupid. Get better rules.

  109. Julien S.

    I start off every trip to New Orleans at this place. 3 for one everything. It’s a place that throws off good vibes! It’s a riot to watch all the blind drunk people do karaoke and sing along with them!Booze:3 for 1 until 7 pm. Stick with the beer- 3 Mich ultras for 5.25! Mixed drinks aren’t so tasty.Atmosphere:Fun! Loud! Crazy! Bartenders are quick and easy to get to. Pretty clean for Nola. Bathrooms don’t require full body sanitation after use. Must do in Nola! Have a great time!

  110. Michael S.

    Absolutely terrible. This should not be called a karaoke bar. It’s one singer with a shorten version of a song and then the Karaoke host sings a song for 6 minutes, then the next singer gets to sing, and then it’s another 6 minutes with the karaoke host singing and repeat. So in short if your 10th on the list your not singing for hours. It’s also $6.75 for a single long neck of Bud light here. Skip this place!

  111. Steven C.

    I had the chance to go to this bar both times I had been down in New Orleans, the last time this past Mardi Gras for 2010 and definitely a place to check out. The place has a stage where people sing and dance and play a variety of American Pop and southern/country music. The people sing and dance along with those on stage and everyone has a great time. The place has two bars one in the back inside and one outside in their courtyard. The drinks are relative to the prices of the area and they also have cups that are unique to the place. Even though Cat’s Meow is located towards the end of the strip of Bourbon St, it is definitely a place to stop by towards the end or starting when you get on Bourbon St.

  112. Crissy H.

    Fun Karaoke Place. I know there are many many many places to pick from on Bourbon St, but this is one you don’t want to miss!

  113. Austin V.

    Correct me if I’m wrong but CM is one of the only karoke spots on Bourbon st. No cover but you’ll be paying for it in drink prices and ear bleeding tourist singing off a small set (and I mean 3 pages only) of the most popular singing tunes. There is a very small out door atrium like area outside with 3 tables and 3 matching stools (at least when I went), and a more dressed upstairs where those can hang over the balcony and toss beads/flash ya panties or what ever. They offer a webcam and video so you can immortalize you’re stupidity for life if you get up on stage with your friends.

  114. Beth B.

    I would not recommend the Cat’s Meow for a group function. I recently attended a private party at the Cat’s Meow and, from that perspective, I was unimpressed. If a group rents out a karaoke bar, presumably the idea is that the members of the group want to watch each other all get up and sing karaoke. The Cat’s Meow staff, however, could not stop singing. In fact, staff members performed *at least* every other song. Among other things, this meant that if you signed up to sing, it was literally a two hour wait – but we had only rented the place for 3 hours! There was almost no one in the bar who was not with our party, and it was relatively early on a Monday night, so it’s not like they would have lost business by actually letting people in our group get up and sing. If anything, it had the opposite effect, because people in our party either gave up and bailed to go to other bars, or skipped the event altogether as word of the situation spread quickly by text message.Beyond all that, the private top floor that we had access to was so grungy that some of our more squeamish attendees refused to touch the furniture. The one positive thing I can say is that the Cat’s Meow security staff was very good at screening to make sure that only members of our party got upstairs. That bumped this up to two stars.

  115. J K.

    This place looked fun from the outside. Watching drunk people karaoke sounded like a good idea. The annoying part was that the host guy kinda sang and talked through a song in between every customer song, even when there was a good list going. They had 3 for 1 shots and beers, though the selection was pretty minimal. At one point, jello shots came around too, but the waitress was too busy slutting it up with some old cowboy to actually do her job.

  116. XhXeXy

    This place is awesome. It’s a karaoke bar done right. While spending 10 nights in New Orleans, I managed to make it here on at least four occasions. I also averaged 5 minutes of stage time per appearance with an elusive 100% awkwardness/embarrassment ratio. The drinks are pretty reasonable and the atmosphere is really fun. The location is hard to beat, right on Bourbon Street. The major annoyance is the MCs, who insist on living out their pseudo-celebrity lifestyle on stage by singing their own kareoke an inordinate amount of times per evening. The last thing I’ve noticed is that given the lack of apostrophe in the name, cats meow is meant to be a declarative statement, not possessive as one would expect. As cats do indeed meow this is a factual statement, but I still find it a strange name for a karaoke bar.

  117. winston12

    The MC’s at Cats Meow were incredible this weekend! Since the Snoop Dogg gig got canceled, my buddy Ray (the birthday boy) was jonesing for some rap. My alter ego D NAUGHTY took over and busted out a few songs and soon I felt like I was part of the team. I did a couple of duets with the MC’s and they always gave me a shout out even if I was just passing by onto our next Bourbon Street venue. My only regret is not getting the DVD of my Empire State of Mind performance where the random hot chick stormed the stage and made out with me while the MC looked on in amazement. I need to memorialize that! It was at 8:10pm on 4/29/16 if anyone knows how to find it in the archives.

  118. Jeremy A.

    We stumbled in here on a weeknight and the place was totally off the hook. I can say that we helped bring the party and made good use of the provided instruments and costumes. The karaoke list is kinda short, and they only have classics. Not really sure why they did this but we had a good time. The house singer was awesome and the only thing that sucks is you cant bring in outside drinks. It will be a definite spot when I make it back to bourbon st.

  119. Tarra T.

    Like everyplace on Bourbon, this place was crazy at 2 PM on a Sunday! lol. Partly due to the crowd I was with and the great hostess, who’s name I don’t remember! Hmm, wonder why?!?!Good, strong drinks, decent selection of Pop, Country and Rock songs w/limited R&B and Rap selection. If they don’t have the song you want, the dj can play it and you can just sing along without words. Good spot if you’re looking to sing your drunk heart out!

  120. Johnson12

    I like it here, the location is great and not too many steps to my favorite hubcap burger spot. Definitely a place for the party crowd once you are at that point of just one more drink will do. The music is not that great but the crowd that gathers here is.

  121. Trisha S.

    This place would be 1000 times better if the DJ didn’t put himself up to sing every other song. He’s not that great and nobody cares to hear him. It’s my birthday…I came in at 8:30 and I’ve waited two hours to sing. Really? It’s no wonder everyone sounds so horrible when they go up, they get trashed waiting. But the wait would be cut in halfIf the DJ wasn’t singing constantly. Not pleased. It was not like this the last time I was here.

  122. Meagan C.

    Granted, in my every day life this place would be my worst nightmare. But when in New Orleans for a bachlorette party… it was kinda awesome. We ended up here a few times during the weekend and had a blast. Watching Karaoke is always hilarious and the happy hour during the day is ridiculous. 3 drinks for the price of one. They even supply a giant cup to pour all your goods into. And they have jello shots!!! I loooooooooove jello shots. And no, I’m not 18. If you are not prepared for a loud, drunken, crowded bar – this place is not for you. But if you are already 3 sheets to the wind and looking for a place to keep the party going, I could recommend Cat’s Meow.

  123. China D.

    Really fun karaoke bar. Good environment whether you want to hang out and people watch, dance, or be the center of attention and sing!

  124. Jill M.

    I can’t comment on this place for a regular night out, but my friends and I stopped in on a Sunday afternoon, drawn in by the sign outside saying it was the world’s best karaoke. The place was completely empty, which was a little weird, but we had fun singing and not having to wait for our songs to play. The host was having a great time, interacting with us while we performed, providing entertainment, and making it not so awkward that the bar was empty. The only other downside was song selection – they had a lot of the overplayed karaoke songs, but not a lot of new stuff or songs that aren’t heard all the time.

  125. G C.

    The occasional cover charge, and the sometimes very expensive drinks ($10 for a beer? Really?), and the extremely limited song selection (seriously, please, get some more songs!) are annoying, but, you know what? I love this place. The staff are great, the MC (I forget her name) had wonderful energy, and I met some really nice people there, and had an absolute blast. It’s great to be able to go sing karaoke should the mood hit you while you’re traipsing (staggering?) around the French Quarter.

  126. Carpe D.

    The house singer is really good. It’s a lot of fun and I am really not a karakoe fan, but when you are buzzed it is cool to scream your lungs out. The major bummer is that they don’t allow you with your drink inside. C”MON NOW

  127. Frodro B.

    Fun karaoke bar. Plays all types of music. Saw a man singing Madonna and I am still laughing. the drino prices were ok. I would pregame with a garnade or teo beforehand

  128. justinlk

    Touristy but fun place overall. Drinks are pretty mediocre. The karaoke DJ sang at least every other song which meant everyone who came to sing had to wait at least twice as long to get on stage, and there were no shortage of people who wanted to sing. Probably wouldn’t come back.

  129. Kate W.

    Love this place! Had a great time watching all the brave karaoke singers. The 3 for 1 happy hour will sneak up on you so watch out!

  130. GarryWas

    Atmosphere and people were great. The problem is that the karaoke host seems to think he has to sing a song after EVERY person. Consequently doubling the wait time for customers to get up and sing. Won’t go back unless that changes

  131. Diana T.

    There’s just something about being drunk and having the urge to sing on a stage. One of my stops during Mardi Gras, I admit that I belted out Bad Romance with 5 other Asian girls in bad style. But hey, it’s not everyday that you get a stage to sing on, let alone have ppl listen to you. Thank you Cat’s Meow for letting us meow our hearts out. OH. and good drink specials when the time is right πŸ™‚

  132. livinlikelarry

    This place is amazing! The hype men were welcoming to all individuals regardless of music preference or state of sobriety. The drinks were powerful and there was always a great crowd rooting on the “singers”. I highly recommend stopping by if your walking around bourbon street and looking for a sh*t show.

  133. Renee G.

    One of the most upbeat places on Bourbon Street. Of course there were a ton of bachelorette parties going on, but it was a lot of fun, and the host chick really keeps the party alive. The leopard walls and zebra pianos are really fun. Definitely hit this place up if you’re in the area!

  134. Weedman420

    Typical bar on Bourbon. It doesn’t get any more cliche than this place. They have TV’s scattered throughout and even a TV facing the street. During NBA finals week, that was my draw. Might as well buy a drink while I’m waiting for that 3 point buzzer shot. Later on in the evening, I’m walking past this same bar, but this time there was a live band playing on the stage. This will be the first bar on Bourbon where I saw twerking as the norm.There is a lesser known 2nd floor to this place with a quieter bar, and also a nice balcony deck to chill at. If you were to drop down the other staircase, you actually find yourself at the bar next door with live jazz music…but I’ve leave that experience to another review.

  135. Brian P.

    If you like a place where the host sings half the songs when 20 people are waiting in line. And most of his songs are 6 minute ballads, then this is the place for you!!!Otherwise, find another place to get your sing on.

  136. Hollie C.

    I lived in New Orleans for six years. During those six years (when I declared myself a ‘local’) I even ventured into Cats Meow. It is a place that is not always about sitting around and making mundane conversation with friends. It’s sitting or standing around with a bunch of strangers watching people or the MCs perform or make spectacles of themselves. As a woman, I was perfectly comfortable going by myself just to have a drink and watch the show unfold.Things to note:Get there early and get your name on the board if you want to sing. It slows down between 6 and 9 pm and then picks up again (weekdays). It is usually busy all day on the weekends. Get there before 8:00 pm for 3-1 Happy Hour. Get a round or two in before 8:00 if you plan on hanging out — as it gets pretty expensive after the 8:00 hour and the drinks get much much smaller.The MCs really make the place pop. It depends on your MC if you are going to super enjoy it – or just find it a freak show. There are better MCs than others – but it is all a matter of personal choice. They are all talented in their own way.Get there between 5:00 pm and 6:00 pm on the weekdays if you want a seat. Don’t forget about the back bar – as that is a place a lot of people forget is there. You can usually find standing room at a counter and a good view of the stage.Bring ear plugs because it is LOUD. I love this place! I stack all karaoke places up against it — and they always lose. Cats will always be my favorite.

  137. Susan L.

    It was amazing! Everyone was having a great time and people were really friendly. The host was good at making sure people weren’t bored. I really liked the atmospher, it was so cool to see all these people karaoke, lap dance, and make fun of each other. Very entertaining!

  138. Hali R.

    This place gets 4 stars because the girl running the show was absolutely amazing. We came on 12/23 and the host had brown hair and a pink microphone. She was so fun, energetic, and sweet. She kept things going and it seemed realty organized. I was there for about 2 hours and never got a chance to sing. It was kind of a bummer but we still had a really good time and went up to dance a few times.

  139. John S.

    We were at this karaoke bar for about an hour on a Saturday night and the only people that got on stage were professional singers and drunk bachelorette parties. Didn’t see one Average Joe get the opportunity to get up there and show his stuff. Not sure how they pick and choose the performers.The place itself wasn’t awful; everyone was dancing and having a good time listening to the karaoke. The building had two stories, so probably a decent option for Mardis Gras. I wouldn’t come back, though. Way better options on Bourbon Street.

  140. Darrin W.

    Stopping in at the cats meow after my drunken crawl through Bourbon street is always fun. Watching drunk people sing karaoke, while drinking a beer for $5.25 a bottle. I wouldn’t normally pay that much for a beer but I’m already drunk before I get there. Watching my wife sing is hilarious. I will most definitely be going again.

  141. Megan H.

    Though when I went the area was quite crowded. I had a blast. I went with a bachelorette party and we all had fun. The drinks were reasonable for being on Bourbon Street. They played a wide variety of music and the singers on stage were funny for karaoke. The staff was also very friendly! Definitely will be back.

  142. Casey K.

    Karaoke bar that is spectacular for watching drunkards and goofballs alike get up and flaunt what they’ve got on the mic. Very fun bar to go to with a huge group of friends (I was with a bachelorette party) to dance, drink, sing, and get really sauced.There was always something happening on stage, so you stay entertained. This was my second favorite bar behind Lafitte’s.

  143. TA T.

    Fun karaoke bar with a nice courtyard bar area too. Inside, the karaoke operation includes two young female employees who keep the crowd’s enthusiasm up with their own singing and dancing performances in between patrons’ efforts. A large group of us patronized this bar together and we had a great time.I have no idea what the drinks cost here or if there is a cover, because there was one man in our group who was paying for all of us, so I didn’t pay attention.

  144. Terri B.

    Absolutely had a blast at this place! Ok I’m from New Jersey – a long way from home and have never been to New Orleans so of course we had to go to Bourbon street. It was pretty much what I expected, although not near as wild as I had heard. But I do think it was pretty much off season, I think spring is the more crazy time to come. That was fine with me. It was myself, my 76 year old mother (who acts 25) and my two twenty-something sons. We all had a great time at this place! I’ve been to Vegas many times, Key West, and everywhere in between – and this placed ranked with one of the funnest (bar-type) places I’ve gone for people any age over 21. It’s all ages and it’s just plain fun!! The entertainers/DJs/emcees are good talent, full of energy and enthusiastic!! They make this place! I hope they are getting paid as much as they put into it and deserve! They are nonstop the entire time you are there and they keep the crowd going no matter how good or bad the karaoke is. The place gets pretty crowded. We had so much fun there we went Saturday and Sunday. Drinks are 3 for 1 until 8 pm and then they are regular price, which of course isn’t cheap. A couple of waitresses go around selling Jell-O shots which I love! As someone else said in their review, I wish the DJs didn’t do their own singing quite as much, but I do understand that they help to keep the crowd fired up. Just think they should do a few more karaokes in between. Definitely a must if you like to have a good time! FYI–it is a dive but so is every other place on Bourbon street. And they also have a restroom that they keep pretty clean especially given the circumstances and the amount of people that frequent this place!

  145. Austin A.

    Was there on a Friday night….not impressed. I went to hear some hopefully hilarious karaoke but was disappointed to find an obnoxious young female emcee that “stole” the show. They don’t let enough of the crowd get in on karaoke…maybe that is by design, but it was definitely not what I was looking for. We stayed for probably 20 minutes…mainly because there was a good football game going on on the corner tv. Left once the game was over, don’t plan to go back.

  146. Ramona W.

    Fun karokee spot! I love the upstairs inside balcony with TV screens to watch the singers downstairs. The outside balcony of course is popular too!

  147. Jasmin T.

    This place was pretty low key. It took us a while to get a drink but we enjoyed the 3 for 1 deal that was happening here. Karaoke was subpar mid day!

  148. Carol C.

    Definitely a fun place to sing along to your favorite song and enjoy a hurricane. I liked the crowd and the fact that while someone is on stage singing they have t.v’s so you can follow along. Everyone was always happy and singing while sipping on their drink. The hurricane was my drink of choice and it was good and will definitely pack a punch! Great place and ambiance, would recommend checking it out if you are roaming the streets of Bourbon. Who knows you might work up the courage (and by courage I mean the liquid kind) to let out your inner BeyoncΓ©! Or at least one of her back up singers πŸ™‚

  149. Marti L.

    KARAOKE OVERLOADThis is a nice break from all the bars and live bands. By the time people making it down here, they are beyond tipsy. That means people are unafraid and uninhibited. Everyone in the bar is singing and dancing. Super fun and crazy times!

  150. Kelly L.

    My trips to New Orleans are frequent (I consider myself quasi-local at this point) and better judgement usually keeps me far away from Bourbon Street (especially on a weekend). However, very often when I travel down I end up with a NoLA-newbie or two in tow I’m obligated to go. It wouldn’t be very nice to deprive them of their own Bourbon Street experience, so off we go. I do my best to guide them down the road Helen Keller style, dodging piles of vomit and crowds of conventioneers who tangle up like a smack of jellyfish (yes, a grouping of jellyfish is really called a smack). I make sure they’ve got a beignet or a lucky dog in their tank before the booze hits them too hard, and when the charm of the experience has worn off a little (“Can I really WASH the girl of my choice, Kelly? Are they THAT dirty?”) I can convince my friends to pop into the Cat’s Meow.It’s sort of a double edged sword. I like Karaoke, I like drinks, I like people having fun. I don’t like hearing ‘Redneck Woman’ three times in two hours. I don’t like MC’s that think they’re pseudo-celebrities and hog the microphones, that sort of thing makes me want to turn on my heel and leave. I don’t need to hear your versions of eight different Avril Lavigne songs, sweetheart.The one exception to that rule is the athletic gentleman with the flat-top who used to host. I went in once and he was wearing shorts, an Under-Armour skin tight long-sleeved shirt and batting gloves. THE ENTIRE TIME. I gave an extra star on account of him.I’m not above the ‘touristy places; (although I really prefer something a little less crowded). Sometimes I know I have to suck it up and smile alongside my friends, drink my beer and cheer on the Tulane undergrad in the sundress who’s really feeling ‘Before He Cheats’. You do you, boo.

  151. Rose B.

    I’m a professional singer and karaoke veteran/past karaoke host. I’ve been to karaoke bars all over the country but this one was very disappointing. Not only are the drinks stupidly overpriced, but the karaoke host sings a song between every. Single. Person. So what would normally be a 20 minute wait suddenly becomes an hour or more. It’s unprofessional and obnoxious. There also seemed to be backing tracks on several of the songs being used for the other singers so that the person is then forced to sing over the track rather than with it. The song choices are also extremely limited which is surprising given this is supposed to be a famous karaoke bar. Would not suggest this place if you’re actually wanting to do any singing. Fun place to people watch, but that’s about it.

  152. Susan C.

    This was our last stop of the night (early morning) after a night out on Bourbon. Pros – open late (we got here around 4:30am and the mics were still being spit on…aka people were “singing”). Nonetheless, it is still a great place to people watch…even at that hour! Cons – like 99% of bars on Bourbon, it’s dirty…

  153. Lisa R.

    Minus one star because you can’t bring beer in outside drinks, while every other bar in New Orleans let you bring in outside drinks….seems kinda shady.Minus another star because I thought that Karaoke meant that you, yourself got to pick what song you wanted to sing. All I saw was the host singing a lot of songs and then asking if anyone wanted to sing what was already being blasted over the stereo. The host was very talented, but part of the fun of going to karaoke is watching people who really suck!

  154. John L. H.

    If you wanted to torture me by bringing me to places I can’t stand, all you need to do is bring me here.Few places cause me the misery that Cat’s does.That being said, if you are a tourist, a drunken college kid, or have tourists visiting, you are very likely to end up here.Cat’s is one of New Orleans’ most famous karaoke bars. The bar is regularly packed to the gills downstairs with drunken tourists eagerly awaiting their chance to sing Brown Eyed Girl for the millionth time. I can’t mentally cope with the brain damage this causes.Upstairs is occasionally a different story. Sometimes there are very few people up there, and you can hang on the balcony. From the balcony you can engage in the bead for flesh trade, laugh at the drunks on the street, or just enjoy the sights and sounds of Bourbon St. The balcony is the only redeeming quality to this bar, and even that can’t make me ever, and I mean ever, want to come here again.

  155. richard95

    3-for-1 happy hour? You don’t have to ask me twice! The bartenders here are very friendly and willing to ensure you have a cocktail in your hand at all times. My boyfriend and I came here after a Saints game and was surprised to see that there wasn’t a line a mile long at the bar. Staff works efficiently and the bathrooms were actually clean (on Bourbon street, that’s a feat in and of itself). Karaoke is the usual “stage show” for Bourbon St. and the host knows his business. Cat’s Meow is the standard “touristy” place to go and is even better during happy hour. Check out the balcony upstairs (and if you want a more relaxing place to hang out, they have awesome seating options upstairs, near the balconies).

  156. Robin F.

    Absolutely a great place to stop while on Bourbon street. Also, famous enough that people tend to ask if you’ve ever been there when you say you’re from around these parts. I give it four out of five stars because it’s definitely the kind of karaoke bar you have to get to early in the night. It fills up, quickly, and the later you show up, the less likely it is that you’ll get to sing. The drinks also seem to be priced higher than all the neighboring bars & clubs. My recommendation is that you make Cat’s Meow your first stop on Bourbon, sing for your friends & strangers, and then explore the rest of Bourbon street at your leisure when you’re done. I also love that there’s a window behind the stage where you can watch the fun from outside. Great for when you’re walking with a drink in your hand and don’t wanna give it up just to go inside.

  157. Caroline P.

    So if you’re faced with the prospect of going to a karoake bar on Bourbon Street (kind of a terrifying idea, I know) this is the best you can do. I had fun. Despite myself.

  158. Louie L.

    Went here for 3-for-1 drinks and karaoke. Ended up having a blast and not remembering all the details of what happened after we left. That’s good, right?!

  159. K B.

    A staple when I visit.Cats Meow is always a party.The only downside is that they do a performance song in between EACH singer. Makes for a LOOOONG wait.

  160. CJ Krewe K.

    What can I say, Cat’s has it all!They have an amazing staff, from the bar backs, bartenders, security, DJ’s and the Emcees. Everyone works together to make your time in the club fun and enjoyable.I am partial to quite a few people who have worked there in the past and who work there currently. Others, I was very happy to see leave. There has to be a certain family like quality with the staff, to make it flow like it does. Cat’s consistently makes the right combinations to make each and every day/night an amazing adventure.Every time I come to New Orleans, I have to make Cat’s my first place to stop. All my friends are there and we gather and catch up on everything, all the while having fun with the music and drinking adult beverages. When I can’t be in New Orleans, I watch the live cams daily. I am addicted.Great club, great environment, great fun! Can’t go wrong at The World’s Famous Cat’s Meow.

  161. Zack S.

    Not a bad stop in the mid-afternoon before it gets crowded. But the drinks are nothing special and while it can be fun, it’s just a karaoke bar. Host/Hostess sings in between every single song. They’re good and get the crowd hyped, but it seems a little much. Not a must-stop by any means. Did you come all the way to New Orleans just to do karaoke?

  162. Cassie M.

    Watch out for the scam! They try to lure you in from the street with their 3 for 1 drinks deal (bc there was hardly anyone there). First of all it was upstairs only, and we went up and asked “It is 3 drinks for the price of one up here, right?” And one well drink i was told was $6. And she said yes, so I ordered us 3 vodka waters and gave her a $20 to pay for what i thought was going to be 1 well vodka drink… And she gave me like 2 bucks back! I was like i thought you said it was only $6 and she was like yeah, for one. Wtf?! I figure out that apparently they put 3 shots of liquor in each drink and then charged me for 3! I was really not happy bc that is so not what i ordered… We did not need 3 shots each at that point anyway. The bartender was really rude to me about it and the manager was AWFUL!! Terrible customer service at this place and very conniving. I won’t ever go back, but if you do, at least be aware of that and maybe do 3 beers instead.

  163. anthony1

    It was vibrant with lots of people and if we could just get the DJs to stop singing every other song and let people actually karaoke, this place would be infinitely better. This is my second visit and it’s the same thing every time I come. I think I’ll find another place.

  164. rickywho2

    LOVE THIS PLACE. If you get here any earlier than 11pm, the place is dead and you can sing your little heart out. Anytime, at that 11pm mark you will be waiting to sing songs, and the space gets a little tighter. The stage, the bloopers reel, and the MC really make this place rock!

  165. rogerrab2

    I think possibly the best karaoke joint in the French Quarter. The host was very entertaining, the shots are fun, and the music selection was great. We were there for over 3 hours, just picking song after song to sing.

  166. Gavin P.

    Definitely worth a visit!This frat filled dive bar actually has a great karaoke entertainment with a DJ to keep things moving and energized in the event of a bad performance (trust me, I saw the DJ save a terrible singer from embarrassment and keep the audience involved). I would not recommend performing if you are not confident because you will be booed off stage, which is actually funny to watch! :PHowever, this is a great place to go dancing with low expectations and a care-free environment. There is also an inside courtyard with full bar to escape the inside noise while avoiding Bourbon street, if you desire.

  167. Joe N.

    This place used to have a little class now the one monkey with the spiked dew and another one dressed in a outfit that looks half security guard and half war veteran.. What I want to know is how in the world is your stage able to hold ten over weight monkeys at once. Come on you guys lighten up in more than one way its way to dark around there.. Hire some real talent.

  168. T T.

    Rip off!! They only charge a “cover charge” for people who appear to be of means.

  169. Eloy W.

    This place is a hoot! Come anytime..during the day, or lateee night. I’m not sure what the hours are but I am pretty sure we closed them down.- I have been here about 4 times, various types of crowds during each time. – I really enjoy the energy this place produces. From dancing, to singing along, to getting on stage and letting your best (worst) karaoke happen. (It’s all good)- I am not sure how they pick there emcees but they do a fantastic.- I don’t believe there is food- It is loud and everyone here has the same goal, to have a great time.We did visit the upstairs but there wasn’t too much going on.

  170. Christina M.

    Karaoke! Gays! And Drunk Vacationers! YES PLEASE!It’s super hard to get a song in when it’s busy so you really have to put one in as soon as you walk into the door or you may miss your opportunity to ROCK OUT!I did have great fun and esp enjoyed the courtyard!!

  171. Sarah V.

    So, I hate Karaoke. It instills fear in me that I may possibly be dragged onto that pitiful stage, unflattering fluorescent lights beaming, a sweaty microphone shoved in my mouth and a squeak emitting from my lips that sends me into the depths of embarrassment hell. Luckily that will never be the case at Cat’s Meow, because the staff have it covered. They’re better singers/rappers/dancers/entertainers that you, and certainly me, and they know it. Which is why they perform 85% of the time. The old guy with the zillion pins covering his New Orleans regalia is allowed a song every half hour or so, and the occassional tourist who thinks he’s just too legit to quit will briefly grace the stage, but otherwise it’s smooth sailing with rapping white guy and R&B-crooning black guy, and gyrating, mock BJ-giving girl writhing in between the two. No for reals, this place ain’t for the kiddies. The two times I visited this bar, the crowd always seemed to be borderline blacked out, and on an inside joke I didn’t get. Hence, they were having an epic night.It’s New Orleans, therefore smoke is everywhere, along with a shot girl and a super sick bathroom. (Um, why have a bathroom attendant if she’s going to let the place go to vomit-filled hell anyway?) But this is the best karaoke bar I’ve visited and was a hilariously great time for all my coworkers and me.

  172. Brandon A.

    Amazing atmosphere – plenty of good drinks, karaoke, and dancing! Definitely one of the Bourbon Bars that stuck out during our trip. Putting it on the list for future visits!

  173. Peter D.

    If the people you’re with have never been to Bourbon Street, or are just insistent on spending some time there for gods know what reason, the Cat’s Meow is about as good as it gets. I could probably do without this entire street…forever, but much like cats,* this bar is growing on me.They’ve perfected the art of MC-led karaoke,** with talented singers/dancers that get the party started and then keep the party moving. If you must head to Bourbon, sing your karaoke, take your shitty shots, and woo your woos here. _____________*If only because of this stupid idiot:**Although, the song selection is very, very limited. Journey, piano bar favorites, and Top40 only.

  174. nickstrip

    This place was destined for me because Karaoke and Cats. It was my first time to New Orleans and this place was on my must-do. I strolled in around 4:30pm on Saturday and immediately signed up to sing. I think about 8 or so singers were called before me (not including the singing the KJ was doing between sets), so it was a decent wait. I got called, did my thing and had tons of fun! I had hoped to make it back in before I left town but was unable to, so it’ll definitely be one of the first places I go to when I head that way again! So much fun if you’re a fan of karaoke!

  175. Lokesh J.

    Awesome place! Go there and feel like a rockstar!

  176. Shannon A.

    I cannot really add anything different than what most other people have said in their reviews. I can say that I LOVE KARAOKE and this place does it right!!! The hosts are actually really great karaoke participants as well, which sort of makes for an awkward scene when they want to be in the line-up as people are waiting 10-15 people deep to show what they’ve got, but oh well… if you got it, you got it!The bar is easily accessible, even with a full crowd, and what they make really well are margaritas!! If you are in NOLA, and are looking for a fun, and less trashy bar on Bourbon, the Cat’s Meow is your spot!

  177. Jennifer F.

    KARAOKE! This bar is lots of fun! There is karaoke on the first floor, a cool outdoor space off the back and then an upstairs where you can hang on the balcony (and throw some beads if you are feeling frisky). It obviously gets super packed and super loud. We lost our voices from singing along to all the songs and shouting to new friends on the street. It’s a definite stop along the walk on Bourbon Street. The one part that was annoying was the MC for the night sang more songs than anyone in the room!! Like it was her show! Get over yourself girl, this isn’t a one woman’s a karaoke bar…on Bourbon Street. None of us tried to get up and sing since the list was super long but we just went as observers. πŸ™‚

  178. Sycarah F.

    I sang karaoke for the second time here at Cat’s Meow – mind you the first time was in Mexico on vacay. Anyway, after i got up the nerve to sing with a friend we finally went on stage ready and prepared to sing our song. To our surprise, it was the TECHNO version!! The chorus was in all these funny parts, pieces of the song were missing, and there was no mention in the song list of this being a different version. Needless to say, we looked crazy for the first minute or so trying to figure out what was going on. I also hated how the house singer (who is great btw) sang between EVERY song and on top of that, she sang all the cool songs that weren’t even in the karaoke list. On the upside, the crowd was friendly and drunk, and even though we looked like idiots, I still had a great time πŸ™‚

  179. Mitch A.

    The cool thing about this place is they let you up to the balcony during Mardi Gras. A fun place to watch the crowd and throw beads. If you haven’t done it yet, it’s an experience!

  180. Cat K.

    Having better experiences at Cats Meow. Able to relax a little and do songs as long as they’re not on top of each other. Love the drinks and the house staff. The presenters are high energy and enthusiasic. The bartenders are amazing!!!! The DJs are impressive and play all the current and past hits. It’s great to hang here for a bit!!!!

  181. Bri R.

    Awesome. Just plain awesome. I will be returning for my dignity.

  182. marlonmoney12

    Super fun & friendly atmosphere. The staff were all wonderful and engaging. We didn’t stay long and didn’t get a chance to sing upstage because we had to go back to the hotel to change for dinner reservations. But we got to witness someone being secretly proposed on stage. It was the sweetest thing I have ever seen. It was definitely one of the most memorable things from my trip in NOLA. They have limited songs, but they do have some of the top 2016 songs on the list. Most people sang country or rock, and I must say that everyone that went on stage seemed like a professional. Their voices were amazing!

  183. Nina C.

    A karaoke bar that’s pretty well known, but not much fun unless all your friends are drunk and think they’re the next American Idol. Stand back and laugh at them and then leave and hope no one see’s you walking out of this place!

  184. Kellyo O.

    Band was so off key that it hurt. But bar has fun vibe.

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