Deja Vu Showgirls



7350 Coldwater Canyon Avenue, North Hollywood, CA 91605


34.204226, -118.4132975




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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The City of North Hollywood, California is located on the east side of the San Fernando Valley near the 170, 5 and 101 freeways. Known as NoHo for short, the city also encompasses many nearby points of interest such as Universal Studios Hollywood and NBC/Universal City Walk; one being the world famous movie studios, and the latter being a 23-acre theme park, amphitheater and multiplex of restaurants, shops and movie theaters. One of the most popular tourist destinations in the area, receiving a billion dollar revamp in 2000, after its original creation in 1993. Just over the hill on the 101, puts you in Hollywood, Beverly Hills and all other fun spots, at you fingertips in just minutes.


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0 reviews for “Deja Vu Showgirls

  1. Daddy

    I had a blast. I am seriously coming back. Thank you…

  2. Allen

    That was the first time i went to a strip club and i had a lot of fun and everything was worth it the girls were amazing and i’m going to go back in a couple of weeks.The best dance i got was from a Italian girl and her name was Malin i think.

  3. j.corona

    it is the best club that ive ever been to i just wish i didnt have to drive so far. i live in lancaster ca, and it takes 45-60 minutes just to get there, it would be nice to have a club in lancaster or palmdale

  4. jerry24
  5. Always at Deja

    Check out Taja and the English Speaking Girl for a good lap dance. Those are the girls you get your moneys worth!! Highly recommended club A+

  6. Pete
  7. Tom T.

    Gfreatly improved. Hot dancers. friendly staff

  8. Blue ballz
  9. jose

    girls were too agressive, nikki was the best

  10. .
  11. Matt

    Deja Vu Showgirls – North Hollywoood is great.

  12. hognme
  13. Lionel

    Great Place to hang out and watch some action. Great for Relieving stress if you know what I mean. The women are GREAT! Especially the white girls, they are the most amazing girls on the planet! πŸ™‚ Great Job!!!!!

  14. playboi
  15. reazdf
  16. Leo

    I’ve had so many good times at this club. This girls are super nice. You get a lot of bang for your buck at Deja NoHo.

  17. moneyman2


  18. Phillip
  19. Long Draws McGraw
  20. Brad

    This is a strip club! The girls are so nice??? But I like it!!!!

  21. Claude
  22. crossley
  23. ght
  24. gizz

    love deja vu

  25. Daniel C.

    100’s of beautiful girls and 2 ugly one’s or something.This is heaven for all of us that enjoy women and all their….dare I say it…..Assets!

  26. v
  27. Rick

    Tried out my first strip club experience last Thursday night for my friend’s bachelor party after a night in Hollywood. The girls were amazing. Got a VIP dance from Tammy. Wow! Will be back to see her soon.

  28. Gino Gonalez
  29. be there

    My vote is always in, great dang place to go!

  30. teddybear69
  31. Zac S.

    I just got back from there. Most of the girls were alright personalities. A lot of ditzy ones. But one dancer accused me of taking video of her because the flash on my phone went off because I got a text. I wasn’t even paying attention to her because I could see her scar from her pregnancy and obviously had fake boobs. That’s just not what I’m in to. But no drinks and average dancing and a rude stripper. Not worth your time. Even a dancer who was leaving next week told me the club sucked.

  32. GISELLE187
  33. Frank

    Just terrific strippers. Service is always excellent

  34. maxxy1

    I’ve been bambozzzled!! I went to the back room to get one of the two4one lap dances they were advertising I gave the dancer a $100.00 bill ( hey I was drunk) not able to find change she promised to “get it when she was done” she told me that she danced it away. Needless to say I never got the memo… Watch your wallet. In one night I went. From celebrating a raise to being one of “those” guys.

  35. Jake


  36. TheFan

    I have been to this club twice now and I found it very enjoyable without much hustle from the girls. Yes, they asked several times if I wanted to get dances, but they didn’t get nasty about it when I said no to them politely. The pricing is good especially during the weekly specials and I feel that it is possible to get pretty good value and good mileage with a number of girls at the club. I too have had dances with “thai” who was reviewed previously, but I found her to be fun and not at all evil or bitchy as the previous poster has pointed out. In fact, we negotiated a bit for her services and I discovered that she is pretty sharp when it comes to the business aspect of stripping. She was also pretty good in the VIP theme room when it came time for her to perform. It seems that she must have made a tremendous impression on the previous poster also, otherwise he wouldn’t be so venomous with his own comments. I kindly suggest that if someone is so sprung on a dancer that they can be so easily hurt or scarred by that dancer, they should probably not be going to a strip club to begin with. Of course, I didn’t intend for this to be a review on a customer, but some of his comments seemed a bit over the top for my liking, especially without even explaining exactly what the hell someone could have done that was so evil. Anyway, the girls are mostly 6’s, 7’s, and 8’s, probably because the lighting is good (not too dark). The DJ’s are average and the waitresses bringing the soda were cute. I feel that the club is a cool place to hang out for a while and to find a grind that you can enjoy. Just try not to fall for the dancers!

  37. Lathario

    this club rocks!! especially gianni and giselle

  38. raymond
  39. Randall
  40. jj
  41. larry g
  42. 99
  43. Stripclublvr
  44. jr
  45. lapper123

    love mondays, only $10 dances. do double with celine and cherry, the best. also love jessica’s lapps.

  46. stripclublover

    Buddies took me for my birthday. Had a great time with Tammy, Nikki and Gogo. Got a free birthday dance on stage, thanks. Love this place!!!

  47. d
  48. Stephen

    The club is really nice because it’s very big. The girls and staff member are great. But more girls are needed on certain days and nights just like Fridays and Saturdays.

  49. ryan123

    I love this place!!!! The girls are nice and are easy to talk to. A great 18+ strip club

  50. omar
  51. RA

    Great Atmosphere as well as choice of ladies, great pricing structure and daily deals

  52. Jay
  53. bigjerry
  54. af
  55. danny

    Went there for friends birthday had a great time beautiful women best strip club experience. Gizelle was awesome πŸ˜‰ also banging body. Highly recommend this club it was great.

  56. yu
  57. Vic

    Good club

  58. 69
  59. Dr. Ben Dover

    Just love those great looking waitresses.

  60. qwe
  62. tyler

    this is the best club i have ever been to

  63. JerryStein

    Great club, had good time with friends on Sat night. Hope to be back soon.

  64. Nestor
  65. GL
  66. t man
  67. Reseda
  68. Harrison69

    Love this place! So beautiful and the girls are always lovely. Security is great, and on top of everything. They also offer free valet parking πŸ™‚ mike is lovely! Definitely recommend this deja vu

  69. ERNIE G

    best strip club i have been too

  70. Rob M.

    Don’t bother! This place is worthless all the girls don’t approach there running around like half asleep fishes! Boring !boring! Management Needs to step up fix this place! Never coming back !

  71. gregwaters
  72. dizz
  73. dude
  74. Deez
  75. jaystar
  76. GYU
  77. Pablo
  78. Susie

    I loved it.

  79. lastler
  80. Rob Roy
  81. NeeGrow
  82. MadMax

    I love thursdays, its the only day i go. Best deal in town!!!

  83. Thomas

    Nice club, had great time here with buddies. Highly recommend August for vip laps.

  84. aj
  85. erick

    im in love with eva!! best dance ever

  86. Nice
  87. miguel nuila jr

    my dejavu experiences have been wonderfull. i live in LA but the drive to the valley is worth it. a 10 to dejavu

  88. John


  89. Dan
  90. Bulldog
  91. Dave
  92. adamrod

    Fun time if your going for less than 2 hours. You can smoke hookah which is cool and there are some sexy dancers.Had a pretty fun time. Might go back when in the area again!

  93. timmer

    this place is hot, especially taylor

  94. jerry676
  95. JB
  96. average-joe
  97. ty
  98. 23453
  99. Will I am
  100. cj
  101. Joshua Reville (exdancer)

    the club is a great place to unwind

  102. Weedman420

    Definitely the strip club where you get the most bang for your buck.Girls were motivated and hard-working.Paid $40 for 2 fully nude lap dances from Laila. Totally worth it.

  103. davidlove
  104. richard95

    looking for the extras the girl treat you nice before the dance then they leave in a bad mood blue zebra is the best the hardest working girls for $20 bucks

  105. dude333
  106. saw4
  107. Jdog
  108. Antone

    nice…something for everyone and all of the hot

  109. hungsole
  110. Randy

    I saw some fantasic women

  111. KenBr

    Wonderful club with very friendly and beautiful dancers.

  112. *E Money*

    First things first, pull up to a nice valet so your car is safe. pay about 25 and get a dejavu card that way every time you return its only 10 and unlimited drinks included. or just pay 20 every time and waste your money. then your free to kick back at the tables and watch while your are shocked at the fully nude girls. sit up front but bring your ones to make it rain on them girls. theres a smoking patio where they have cigs/snacks/couches. get some dances and enjoy. might i mention that Rachel is the bomb. make sure you get the vip with her. Overall this club has a good dj and host and hot girls. check it out espcially if you have never been to a strip club. only negative is that its in somewhat of a ghetto area.

  113. SEXY


  114. jaydog34
  115. j

    good lap dances especially the theme rooms

  116. george
  117. Freddy

    Best looking girls, the view was great and the girls were stunningly beautiful.

  118. PasserBy

    I had a good time here.

  119. Franklyn

    Need more girls who are friendly to couples and actually enjoy what they do. A friendly attitude goes a long way.

  120. Javier

    Nice staff, and beautiful women.

  121. Me

    The 1/2 an hour dances are a little pricey if you’re not rich but oh so worth it.

  122. Traveler

    Great club—hot dancers.

  123. Jaclyn

    I had a lot of fun here on my 21st bday!!! This one dancer let my husband touch her cooch!!!!

  124. da Freak
  125. Ben&Jerry
  126. Tommy

    Good club.

  127. h
  128. Chase
  129. Tim
  130. Michael
  131. like lap dances
  132. as,jdf
  133. xxxx


  134. greg w
  135. m fnxghf
  136. Greg
  137. L
  138. Jack

    a lot of hot girls here. it’s soooo nice be here

  139. Stephane

    Best and friendliest club in L.A. I have visited the last 2 years once a week. Never got bored.

  140. Nick

    First time to a strip club and i had a lot of fun. I will definently be going back

  141. Marty

    i really like it. i love it. i love to come back again.

    the drive was worth it. the dancers were great. i was surprise everybody did a really good job. very professional keep up the good work everybody.


  142. JohnBoner

    WOW!!! Great club, lots of hottt girls on my Friday nite trip.

  143. Adam

    Great waitresses!

  144. mike k
  145. williamr

    I haven’t been to this club in about a year and came out here this last Saturday for my friends birthday party. Let me just say, this place was insane! There were over 20 girls to choose from and we got the “fish bowl” room to celebrate. It wasn’t just the dancers that were super fun and sweet, but the waitresses that worked here were just incredible. The downside is that it gets pretty full so seating can be a bit limited. Will probably back here on my next night of debauchery.

  146. hangten
  147. Erik
  148. dennis

    this was my first time at a strip club and it was pretty awesome. had a dance from paige and she was too cute. will def. be back.

  149. Drew
  150. paulie
  151. Charlie

    This best club i have been to and this will be my goto club for now on

  152. Dave1958
  153. MadHatter

    Got an half hour with Heaven on Thurs. Glad to see her back, money well spent.

  154. f
  155. Vanity
  156. larry
  157. jaco[]o
  158. Oldtimer

    Had a great time with Jasmine ON Thursday nite. Fun club, highly recommend!

  159. joe p
  160. s
  161. Mark

    The overall quality is good, but the booths for the private dances are kinda small; also I think dances should also be longer; other than that, it’s a greeat place to relax after a long day.

  162. Jesse H.

    Been here twice with a friend and had a great time, its a strip club so it is what it is you come, look at ladies, get a dance have a good time. The best times to go is Wednesday and Saturday nights, Kylie gives the best dance.

  163. sam
  164. oh my


  165. FatCat

    the club is the best! all of the workers and entertainers are awsome and made my first visit to a club ever the best possible experience! =D

  166. Steven S.

    not the best club in la i went about 2 weeks ago with my friends the girl are not that great. the place is small. i did not like it at alll.. so we went back to VIP Show Girls. and had a great time big place girls are sexy

  167. frt
  168. ADFA
  169. fuckery12

    My first time in a strip club was when I turned 21. Both my cousin and I, same age only two weeks apart, just hit 21 and never went, so we went with a group of friends and family due to my older brother saying we have to get THE experience. It was pretty cool, to say the least.Flash forward to now, we (same cousin and I) just turned 30! There’s a big gap, 9 years since either of us has been to a strip club. This club was a perfect escape from our realities!Free valet parking is awesome, and with our sporty cars, we like to have some comfort knowing it’s safe out there.Cover charge is a bit, but at least you know it’s there for a reason; and that being, girls are better than other places. If it wasn’t, I’d be pissed! You know the motto here?! 1000’s of beautiful girls and 3 ugly ones. They don’t lie!Let’s see, where do I start?!We went on a Tuesday night, about two weeks ago, it was 2 for 1 at $20 for lap dances and special VIP for $100 (30 min). I met a fantastic lady named Jasmine tonight. Met a few ladies that I can also hangout with as well, such as Cindy, she’s down to earth! It’s nice to find people that are real and know that how men act in such a facility is never the same as outside. Well, I know and keep it fresh on mind that a job is a job.Came back on the following Monday. It was quite different, but every day is different and meant to be! The girls that night were different as well. Didn’t see half the girls of the other night. This is a plus and a negative, depending on the person, but if it is what it is, then it’s spectacular to know that new chicks are always there!!! I had a lap dance with two African American chicks, and dayummm!!!!!!!Party’s over. Birthday week is over. Here comes another weekend, and now it’s a girlfriend’s bday and she wants to go! Oh damn, three times within basically a week, overload!!! We came on Saturday night, and it was even more spectacular! Lots of hotter chicks, and they are all “thirsty.” It was just fun!Shoutout to the awesome DJ! If you don’t know what keeps the flow going, it’s that guy up there!The waitresses didn’t bug us at all, they came around very reasonably, during busy times or slow times, no harassment. They are hot(some hotter than the dancers too, just love watching them clean the star sometimes). Note: drinks can tally up quick, like $5 plus tip, so don’t come over all thirsty and shizzz. And by that, I also mean those lap dances add up to, especially when you’re already having fun and wanna keep going!Anyway, highly recommend groups to come and have fun here! Experience a real club, don’t go to shitty ones, don’t take guesses, just come here!!!

  170. curtis17

    Worst ever! Strippers couldn’t dance not sociable at all. Seemed like they hate their lives. 10 ugly ones and two average ones. Waste of money…

  171. Tre
  172. PM
  173. larry451

    went there on a monday nite, penty of girls and $10 dances. Best time i’ve had at a strip club.

  174. Jimmy
  175. Egyptn LoVer

    One Word, Gianni!

    One Dance with her makes my night! Plus she is sooo beautiful.

    LoL,I never stop at one dance though!

  176. NORMAN
  177. tom

    excellent club, good pricing, hot girls A+

  178. T&Aman

    Great club, nice girls. Will be back for more on payday.

  179. manny

    i enjoy it everytime i go, nice pieces of ass to see.

  180. the widow maker

    this club sucked!!!! i was there for an hour before a dancer went on stage and an hour and a half before a dance came up to me! when i finally got a dance, she had no idea about what she was doing! i’d rather go to VIP down the street!!! and that place sucks!

  181. Big D

    Great time on thursday with $100 VIPs. Try Emma, Wicked, Tammy or Jessica. Cant go wrong with one of them.

  182. Chris

    I love this club. the new dancers are damn hot! hypnotic and calii….thats all i have to say about that

  183. Cory
  184. Strip Lover

    Very nice club and girls! Highly recommended!

  185. edgardo

    i love the atmosphere i love everything about this club this saturday night i was on my way to another strip club and i got their but just the outside look nothing i would enjoy so i made my way back to N. Hollywood to DEJAVU one of the best male entertainment FYI even my fiance enjoyed it dancer beutiful wwomen YOU GOT TO LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  186. .0
  187. tina

    i miss living close to n. hollywood

  188. Sean
  189. sss
  190. B Money

    Best club Ive been to in So Cal

  191. dannyboy7

    Very bad costumer service , over charge for everything in the club.. door lady was extremely rude and the manager was rude also when we told him there was bad customer service… it says one fee admission but they said they had to charge is still… the club is short on girls and they are all ugly

  192. eric
  193. Hector

    The staff is nothing but helpful and the girls, except the 3 ugly ones, are amazing.

  194. Rami

    Star… is one heck of a show girl. I never had a lap dance before, but the minute I saw her, I just could not resist her beauty. I, therefore went for two lap dances in a row. I was there on Friday, November 16th, 2007. I was just sitting there to see her. All other show girls were good, but Star is just irresistible. I guess I’m in love with her and can’t wait to see her again.

  195. davy
  196. harryharry

    This was my first strip club ever, and let me say I had fun and will definitely come back! Great to go with a group of friends! I was super shy in the beginning, but I got a lap dance and I didn’t know strippers were so nice! They want you to touch them and they like touching you back. What is better than that right?! A little on the pricey side, so don’t ask for drinks or anything and don’t use the atm that’s at the deja vu!! Saturday nights are def the best from what I have experienced and the music is good too. Finally, all these woman are beautiful and have what you want so go to Deja Vu get a lap dance and you will be smiling all night! :]

  197. Duke

    Great club – my home club.

  198. Comet

    I had to write and say I enjoyed my experience yesterday. It’s a fun place that doesn’t take itself too seriously. The quality of the girls was amazing and there’s one for every kind of taste. My only issue is that some of the girls weren’t as pushy enough to come ask if we wanted a dance. Given the discount price on monday nights, no girl that asked was refused at least one dance. The bartenders were great and friendly (and pretty). Value for the dollar is very high here. Good place to chill with friends and meet some lovely ladies.

  199. Richie
  200. nutbutter2000
  201. m
  202. CookieMonster
  203. yap
  204. johnnyboy

    Had a great time, will come back with friends!!!

  205. steve
  206. frankjones
  207. peach
  208. Alex

    I had a hard-on the whole time.

  209. Kim
  210. jerryman
  211. jjjj
  212. jer
  213. Drae
  214. niebaum
  215. XXXbeast

    Cassidy!!! Cassidy!! CASSIDY!!! She’s amazingly seXy and sweet..This dance was one that I can’t forget..she hasn’t left my mind for 2 weeks.. I need you guys to know what I’m talking about here.. She’s BLONDE, has beautiful white skin, when I walked it she’s the first one that caught my eye, I noticed her smile from across the room and had to get her alone with me. Once She approached me I asked her to the VIP.. She was even more gorgeous up close.. She said yes and took me by my hand to the back. (Very nice room by the way) the dance was 150, I know the club takes 50% so I gave her 300.. I find that when you give the tip at the beginning your dance is ALOT more entertaining;. She showed me everything that I could imagine, and more..I was drooling over this goddess that I had in my lap.. I felt like she was out of this clubs league. Cassidy made the drive home so hard.. If you know what I mean

  216. skarre

    amazingly good lap dances, nice girls, easy going atmosphere will so return again

  217. Josh G.

    Some great looking girlsAnd they don’t pester you much. Valley’s best strip club.

  218. jerryk
  219. Mo

    This club is great! The dancers are hott as hell! and they are very nice!

  220. Imran M.

    Lame strip club. I can’t believe you have to pay $20 to go into a joint like this. The atmosphere is more like that of a funeral parlor than a gentlemans club. You’d have to be blind to want to get a dance from any of the girls in here.

  221. ol
  222. RJ

    This club has girls for every flavor. It was a great experiance. I can’t wait to go back.

  223. Mike

    Love the place. Girls are freakin hott. Love the 1 dollars dance. Need to vist.

  224. Amber L.

    come see me totally nude live on stage up close and personal and grab a sexy lap dance, fantasy room or vip and go home with a smile on your lips and me on your mind!sexy and yours,amber lynn πŸ™‚

  225. johndoe
  226. flesh4lulu
  227. tonycluber

    Not sure why such a low review, maybe those old reviews keeping them down. This is a great place, good looking, enthusiastic dancers, a sexy clean up crew, 2 for 1 dance specials and an entertaining dj. This is heads above star garden which was highly rated and a huge disappointment.

  228. 1245
  229. fritter17

    This spots alright the only thing is that the strippers don’t give a fuck and straight dont want to make that cash..and its pricey ass fuck

  230. PAT
  231. jo
  232. wally67
  233. eddyL

    Cheap ass titties

  234. hg
  235. dirtyharry
  236. B
  237. Big Ben

    Love the Sunday BBQ, keep up the good work.

  238. RoamingHands

    Excellent club, highly recommended. Beautiful girls and many to choose from. I love this place.

  239. average joe

    went in to enjoy the girls dance at the stage. I did not expect to get a dance, but the very sexy (and busty)Honey approached me. I couldn’t resist the 10 buck special. Totally enjoyed her company, so went for a full VIP treatment with her…wow was I happy I did!!! A+++ club, gents…very fun, easy to get to, easy parking and amazing girls!

  240. frank234
  241. frank235
  242. frty
  243. Mudcat

    fun, fun, fun

  244. Jim

    I love the girls and love the club

  245. ROBERT


  246. strohs
  247. Tony

    They’re gggrrrrrrreatt!

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  249. franky123
  250. Mick
  251. Sonnie
  252. Jinx
  253. fernando

    its an excellent place to relax.

  254. mathewater12

    Well what can I say. I like tities and ass. And if you really want to get it in, just ask a dancer if she knows who can hook you up to send her over for to see bounce that ass and titties. Lol. Stripes are cool, I would try to go get their numbers, but I was lame now that I am confident AF I’m fat. So I’m like fuck back to square one, but these dancing gitls are diff. They will shake that ass for those bills. I mean make it rain n she’ll make it spray.

  255. Billy

    Happy Thanksgiving to all!!! Had a great time on Thursday, thanks.

  256. lil miss

    Honeys hott and my favorite

    i had to have 3 lap dances from her privately=]

  257. bennywong
  258. jay L.

    This place used to be really good. Great looking girls, good prices for dances ($20 and sometimes 2 for 1s) and once it was way entertaining when they DJ made a couple girls go up there.. and well no comment haha Now.. it sucks. You get ripped off BADLY, straight hustled as a group. Took a friend there as a bachelor-party type thing, nothing planned and well they charged us $35/person for “vip section with a few redbulls, girls coming in and out” and we got none of that. We did get to sit behind some cute white curtains and nice tables but really?? Come on. Worst part was when we asked the manager if he’d give us a discount to put my friend up on stage w/ the girls (40 bucks) he said no, you guys didn’t even pay what we charged you. What a blank blank piece of blank. Oh and the girls aren’t nearly as good looking anymore. They are lazy too haha they must know people’s disposable income is rather low today. Never going back.

  259. skeptik
  260. Fert
  261. Yikes
  262. C
  263. joseph1k

    was fun & clean. a dj named Bo was a gracious host & made our time very memorable. the girls are amazingly hot & some are down to earth cool. so thank you to BO & THE VU for a fond memory.. excelent time. thnx Bo

  264. Finally 18

    For my very first strip club experiance I can say that this club is the crem de la crem. Beautiful friendly girls, great dance specials, not a bad cover charge, good DJ, the whole shebang. My time up on stage for my birthday was the greatest present I could ever recieve. The drive was a little long from palmdale, but worth it. I loved the naughty nursecapades. I will be going back there for many years to come. Keep up the good work.

  265. trbl
  266. Doug

    Frances and Niki very hot and sweet as well.

  267. Ben
  268. MrLebowski

    I haven’t been here in quite a while, not since the days of the legendary Brooklyn (late 90’s, early 00’s). When she would dance every guy in the place would crowd around the stage, then they would line up at the back to get lap and bed dances from her, sometimes 10 guys waiting their turn. Never seen that before with any girl anywhere. Anyone else remember her? She was amazing.

  269. Monster

    Awesome! One Of The Females Was Rude But The Rest Were AMAZiNG And Ballanced Her Out! New Decorations And Seating Took Getting Use To But Turned Out Awesome i Had A BadAss Experience And Always Have! Gotta Love The Staff Too The New Waitresses Are SMOKiN Hot And i Saw Some Awesome Talent! Going Back Sunday! Peace! =P

  270. joe

    The girls are gorgeous. Takes your breath away and your mind too. Their faces alone are beautiful let alone their bodies. I enjoyed my time. I want my want to have a lap dance with a particular dancer.

  271. S=kooled
  272. hello23
  273. david

    first strip club i have ever been to and ill be coming back, fastest 100 bucks i have ever spent though

  274. Harry
  275. Peter

    Good club, hot girls.

  276. S.C. Hoppin'

    On a Sunday, I bounced from Rhino Van Nuy’s cause it just wasn’t poppin (for that particular night) and landed here. It took me a few trips (3rd visit) to finally determine that this place makes my list for top 5 in the greater L.A. area.

  277. Candyman


  279. Wil
  280. 63
  281. HeyHeyHa
  282. Justin
  283. HANK

    Sunday BBQ is the best !

  284. hil
  285. Claire

    Strip clubs are fun!

  286. scoop
  287. Turko
  288. Julio

    Sarah Lynn is the only reason I come here. She is smokin’ hot, funny and has great conversations. I have no interest in any other dancer or club. She has put a spell on me.

  289. george123
  290. TRZV
  291. bestman
  292. 12345+6
  293. Paul
  294. earth

    Is the hottes club in California.

    Misty is one of the best girl, she is cool,nice and beautiful, I’can’t wait to see her again.

  295. Blu M.

    There were some really pretty girls here. Some were however moving in slow motion to the music and looked like they almost forgot they were on a stage dancing. Went on a Sunday night and there was a 20 dollar cover. Free drinks and no alcohol. There was no one hassling to get a lap dance or throw money on the stage. Mixed selection of music.

  296. james1412

    My experience has been established over almost 20 visits, so I will not bring first-timer observations, and since my outlook is upbeat don’t expect jaded or whiny commentaries. Over time, the visits have had the expected ups and downs, roll call changes, and the sun rises and sets in the same way… The building is big, with its own parking area and valet service, located in an industrial section, not trashy. If you park on the street it is lit up and I’ve never seen trashy people there either. It has the garish lighting on the outside, which does act like a magnet to my eyes at least, and a great many others. Walking into a bright entrance almost Vegas-style, the staff greets dressed in black and you may see pretty girls up front. Maybe not.Online you can get admission passes, but even with these in hand, the fee is $10 presumably for drinks which are free, and other services? The waitresses are also attractive and they clean the stage every 30 or 60 minutes in a seductive way. If a drink is ordered, remember to tip. The main room is a roomy but dark place with flashing lights and easy to see across the room. On a weekend night it is filled and every night has its own dance specials. Management likes to run 2fer1s for $20 on the weekend (and other nights) almost on the half-hour. This is a major attraction, as the dancers line up on stage then approach the patrons immediately for the 2fer1. It’s a good deal, alone in a dark booth with a girl who wants to please. Hand over your 20, and they will take it from there. Or if you want longer, a 10-minute period usually costs $60, a half-hour $150 etc. There are specials on the non-weekend nights, so pay attention. My fave is hundy-half Thursdays– $100 for half-hour, you get it.The rest room is clean enough and sometimes there’s an attendant… who really cares?The stage is huge with three poles and 2 other side stages are used as well. The dancer will perform for 2 songs, get nude, then exit to see if patrons will buy nude dances in private. On weekends especially, the ‘rain’ will fall on various dancers and it’s fun to see it occur. Choose some you like and throw some out during the dance, it’s appreciated. The music is urban, and not as loud as some other places which allows for chatting.Now about the dancers… some have great looks, great bazooms, great booties, even personalities, but not all will perform to your standards. If they don’t, just remember them and tell them No the next time. There are occasionally porn stars who dance too but some are all business. I won’t trash any here, but there are some who are faves and mentioning them is a service that is appreciated. My reviews are based on private sessions.Bootyful Celine is a bigger girl, but she has a lot of warmth and personality, and she is sensual in private. Luna is a happy blond Latina and improves your mood noticeably. Maddux is slightly older but very sensuous and intimate. Nina looks like a secretary to me, and is a rubenesque strawberry blond with a lot to give in the back. Gigi is bodacious and outgoing, middle eastern? but with a sexiness in private. Day times are a treat with Jayden, who is very willing (looks like a coed) and very nice body. I have not enjoyed Tandy, who is a fave at the club, but maybe someday. Finally, and the last is always best, right? Sariah brings a happiness and a sensory overload at the same time– dark hair, beautiful eyes, hourglass figure, and best of all, a great personality you look for at the best parties. She is not easy to approach, as she has lots of fans, but an experience with her is the best reason for visiting Deja Vu North Hollywood. Her days are limited, so check the roll calls on BonedIn, or call the club. Usually she is there Fridays or Saturdays, but she is worth the trip. As they say, with any dancer “your mileage may vary” so not every girl is the same in private.

  297. Orange juice
  298. simbo
  299. yhu
  300. Slim
  301. Joe R.

    i agree. lazy strippers indeed. i’ve been here 2 or 3 times and although there are some lookers, they don’t come up to you. let’s just say i don’t go looking for trouble. I let it find me. it gets really packed on the weekends. no where to sit. smoking area is cool. no in and outs. how am i supposed to get my drink on then? i have to be drunk to justify giving a woman 20 bucks for a dry hump. this place prolly has the most dancers at one time out of any of the clubs i’ve been to in the sfv.

  302. Chris W.

    Very bad customer service and rude I won’t return to this club again plus they over charge also just terrible all around

  303. lazy8
  304. OMG

    So ausome thats it

  305. 3
  306. ROD

    All I have to say is that they have great service, and they have all types of beautiful dancers.

  307. lds
  308. yoyo56
  309. james
  310. Lingo
  311. lucylaw
  312. tfga
  313. Sven

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