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The world Famous King of Diamonds.
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0 reviews for “King of Diamonds

  1. Duane S.

    Perhaps the heyday is over, i don’t know, but I went there on a Monday (supposedly the best night) and it was less than impressive. It’s a warehouse sized building that looks like a somewhat upscale night club upon entry.As for the entertainment, there were quite a few “struggle strippers” (as my wife would call them) prior to getting to the main attraction. And up to that point, I wasn’t the only one who was unenthused by the talent. Many of the patrons were either looking on their phones or talking to friends instead of participating in the “show”. So much so that the DJ (who talked entirely too much) was practically begging people to throw their cash. Overall, MIGHT try it again when I’m back in Miami, but quite a few locals provided suggestions on other places to go instead, so I’m more likely to try those places out before returning to KOD.

  2. eddyL

    What can I say about this place? First of all I feel compelled to mention how we even got here? Well it’s my girlfriend’s birthday and its Saturday night. This place is always being shouted out in the rap songs these days and we want to go to see what all the noise is about. I just knew this place was going to be upscale nice, white leather couches-posh, Uh No. If you’re from DC/MD/VA and you remember the old Mirage in SW, that’s King of Diamonds. We got a table with bottle service, and because no celebs were there it was cheap. News to me I did not know women these days were spending more in these clubs than men? Every time I looked this group of girls were throwing it up: Car note, Groceries, College Tuition daaaaamn. Meanwhile the guys were trickin’ on a budget, standing in the back slurping’ the ice water from their drinks?The acts weren’t bad,as the night goes on, ahem, let’s just say the skill level increases. The funniest part was when the MC calls all the Birthday Girls up to the stage and he tries to get them to do a little something for the crowd. If you’re getting any ideas, YES YOU TOO CAN BE COMPENSATED FOR YOUR SERVICES AT THIS POINT. Now did our birthday girl show up and show out? No, THANK GOD she’s already gainfully employed!

  3. Katrina J.

    First time there. And while the strippers are all great, talented, nice bodies, etc. I couldn’t give them five stars thanks to ANGEL! He was at the door when my husband and I went. We were to celebrate his birthday and our anniversary. I understand the whole “selection” process when going to clubs however, when you (ANGEL) bring two terribly dressed (tank top, dirty bra showing, slides) pass groups of people who are impeccably dressed, I take offense to that. Could it have been their color versus ours? Hmmm makes me wonder. The funniest thing about it they left after about an hour never spending one dime…it didn’t spoil my evening though, so I’ll be back!

  4. Ebony L.

    I had a great time. Tip one: Never take the party bus. Terrible. As far as the club, pretty great dancers and even the B squad was great. I didn’t drink so I can’t answer that aspect. Crowd participation was great and ppl tipped. Full nudity mostly. The DJ was kinda annoying. Food trucks in the lot.

  5. Drea W.

    My first time going to a strip club was last night. The thought of strip clubs makes my nose turn up, i had this idea that it would smell like buducci(booty,Dick and pussy) but to my surprise, that wasn’t the case.3 stars ONLY because this is the first strip club I’ve been to.We arrived by party bus and went straight in. Though there wasn’t a long line anyways.The pat down from the female security guard was light weight over the top but, not the worse.The wings were delicious, can’t say the same for the women. MAJORITY of them had FAKE ASSests and wasn’t really working the pole like i imagined.There were a few I’d give props to. The crowd is cool but i also expected there to be more of a wow factor. I found myself literally falling to sleep. Need i say more?Bottom line, if your into fake assess (which Men seem to be into now days) then go for it! These rappers hype up K.O.D. too hard.P.s. Come with cash unless you’re willing to pay an $8 ATM fee

  6. stripforme123

    Came here for my bday weekend with my best friend and needless to say this gentlemans club aka strip Club aka skrip club had some of the best entertainment I’ve seen in a hot minute. This place puts bmore clubs to shame and the women were friendly it was ample parking and only a $20 entry fee plus it was clean and well designed on the inside. Although the drink prices are high and lap dances it’s worth it for the fun. Some women quickly dance the one song and jet off and others stay and truly work for their money as i observed with some people. Didn’t get a chance to eat the food as I was occupied by the dancing but I could smell and see others meals and was tempted.

  7. Barbara W.

    So yes EVERYTHING from the last review remains the same…but I just wanna add this trip the girl at the TOP of the pole SET HER SHOES ON FIRE! yes…she did…sparkling fireworks. Yes I know you think I’m joking. No, I’m not. ANOTHER amazing time and my friends first time was GREAT! We used the party bus again…and it was EVEN BETTER than the FIRST TIME! Oh and I am GUILTY this time of going to ATM and using the ATM TWICE for the $8 fee. *sigh* GOOD TIMES!

  8. Susan S.

    Went on a Saturday night, fight night, no dancing till after fight over, 40- cover, cash only. Most of the girls were really fun to watch and talented on the really high pole.17- for a name brand mixed drink and a beer, cash only, or 100-minimum for credit card tab.3 stars because when my gf and I went to the bathroom, no tp in any of the stalls! Br attendant wanted to charge us 1- for a wet wipe!! After paying 40- to walk in the door,(each) this really pissed me off!It needs some updating of the bar areas too, get rid of that nasty ass carpeting and spring for some nice bar tops and stools. Bartenders really not that friendly either. Based on my first visit, I wouldn’t return but, my gf says when she went before that cover chg was minimal, less crowded and dancers very entertaining so I might give it another shot?One other thing, there are some scary masculine lesbians in here that look like gang members that would fu up if you looked at them the wrong way! Lol

  9. Kyle F.

    This place is amazing. It’s like the “Mecca” if strip clubs. I love the “Super Walmart” feel to it (the place is huge). I highly recommend you purchase the $85 dollar package (you possibly can get it for $65 on the beach from a promoter). This package gets you into a free “all you can drink” happy hour, a ride (to and from) KOD on a party bus and free entry into KOD (which on some nights can be a $100. I love KOD!!! I will be back in Miami at the end of the month and plan on falling into KOD again!!

  10. StripClub431

    Amazing experience surpassed my expectations

  11. larry1

    Here’s what you need to know: this strip club is lively AF. It isn’t just the dancers twerking; patrons get in on the action. Hella people were snapchatting & instagramming their adventures, collecting their badge of honor for partying at a strip club mentioned in a mainstream rap song known for its celeb clientele. Every 10 minutes, hostesses would walk by with sparklers & bottles held high, signaling another bottle service delivery. Saw just as many ass implants as I did boob jobs (who knew fake asses were “a thing?”) Didn’t see any rappers or insta-famous people. Sidenote: they have a no gum/candy policy, so I lost an unopen pack of mentos to the lady who patted me down! I hope you enjoyed that shit!

  12. Darlene O.

    Man oh man oh man! I LOVE KOD! This was my first time visiting and I will visit everytime I am in the 305! I have visited a few strip clubs including Magic City (Atlanta), Onyx (Atlanta, Houston and Dallas), Pin Ups (Atlanta), Kamals 21 (Atlanta), Strokers (Atlanta), Blue Flame (Atlanta and Houston), Dreams (Houston), Harlem Knights (Houston) and KOD takes the cake HANDS DOWN! It is huge! Like warehouse huge. They have three poles (two side stages and one on the main stage). I went on a Saturday night, no event was going on, and I arrived a little after midnight. There was no parking fee and a $40 cover to enter. It wasn’t packed. I stayed until about 4am. More people filled the club but it wasn’t as packed as I have seen it get from pictures and videos. It was still poppin’ past 4 am but I had a flight to catch which is why I ended up leaving when I did. I would say a majority of the dancers I saw (more than 85%) were pole oriented and performed so many pole tricks. All the dancers were bad and their bodies were tight! My favs that I saw that night were of course Remy Redd (cheerleader split on the ceiling), Shawty Redd (great pole work), Kayoz (acrobatic), FIERCE! (turned up), and Famous (captivating stage presence, good pole work). Turquoise is even more beautiful in person. The Murder Mamas were a nice act, not my fav tho. I didn’t get to see Pole Assassin that night. I don’t think she was working. Sapphire is also another great stage act. She has a unique stage set where she does this trick holding a VOSS water bottle! The fact that it wasn’t a fully packed house, there were seats available. I doubt I would have stayed as long if there were no seats to sit down especially since there wasn’t an event or a performer that night. A fun and interesting spin on the normal strip club experience at KOD is that the DJ encourages crowd participation, i.e. get on stage, tip the dancer, dance with the dancer, become a dancer [not kidding, the DJ challenged the customers to go on stage (those who were celebrating a birthday, getting married, etc) to strip for a bottle and about three girls did!] KOD is wild!Definitely worth checking out. Make sure you got your strip club money tho! Can’t walk in KOD expecting to not tip a dancer or a dancer’s stage set. These dancers will have you in a trance with their moves and you should show your appreciation by tipping! The only downside I have about KOD is the location. Unless you KNOW where you are going, you will get lost. I literally drove by KOD three times not realizing it was off this side street before you can rejoin the freeway. The funny thing is KOD is located right off the freeway and it is clearly seen from I-95. I had to get directions from a bouncer at The Office (another strip club nearby), who was nice enough to point me in the right direction to their competition, lol!

  13. Johnson12

    Was expectin more from the place. Not that many girls and expensive! The place is big and cool! But I dont know if ita because its a thursday but it was nothing out of this world.

  14. rogerrab2

    This was my second visit ever at KODs. I had an excellent time there. Everyone from the staff, entertainers and security was friendly and professional with me. I kind of feel like there was better talent the last time I visited but it was still good and entertaining. Places like this really raised the bar for what I like about strip clubs, especially when it comes to talent, professionalism and safety. You won’t get all three back home in Boston and its neighboring cities.

  15. Mistercap12

    Memorial Day Weekend – Pros: music was good, dancers were good, vip was good Cons: the waitresses had stank ass attitudes being that I was spending money there. Overall a cool club to see female dancers I would go back

  16. igor34

    The best experience ever!!!

  17. brandonresh

    those girls are plastic and not happy to be at work ive seen a lot better real ass and tittys

  18. winston12

    I make it a point to check out strip clubs at new cities. You hear the KOD is poppin from your party rappers and you are intrigued. I came here on a Friday night after visiting Tootsies and it was pretty fun. Drinks are decent and the dancers are athletic. Music is cool if you like the new main stream ratchet – crowd was the same – but that’s cool I like that. Be aware that these ladies are aggressive -they will follow you into the bathroom – and they expect everyone to make it rain. Oh also make sure you have enough cash left to take a cab home since none of the cabbies accept cards. Enjoy!

  19. Mr D.

    I went there on a Saturday, I thought it would be on an poppin’ but it wasn’t. A cab driver told me that the best day would have been Monday when Keyshia Cole was there. I still like the club though, it is huge and I saw a lot of big booty women which is all I care about. I had some nasty old wings there though…i wouldn’t recommend their food but the entertainment was good. I saw some fake asses, fake titties, but who doesn’t see that at a strip club? The stripper pole is HIGH it goes all the way up to the ceiling that shit looks dangerous, I got nervous every time a dancer went up to the top. I had a good time and I would recommend it to everyone really.

  20. BrittanyS

    My girlfriends and I went here for a bachelorette party and had an incredible time. The place was a blast form the moment we walked in. The girls that work there are crazy on the pole. We went on a Friday and they had a bottle special that was pretty good, especially for 10 girls.
    We will deff go back there again when we go back to Miami.

  21. Steve P.

    I love then strippers. Lol

  22. Franklyn

    My GF has been raving about this place since we were planning our trip to Miami . I looked at videos to get a feel for it because I haven’t been to a strip club in years. I fond that this is a popular spot to see rap stars and beautiful women . We ended up arriving around 12a and the place seemed like the strip clubs here in cali , just a whole lot bigger. The drinks are pretty strong , and there going to be a little cheaper than south beach . The girls aren’t bad looking and as the night goes , this place really starts getting packed. by 130a its like a club , but there just happens to be 30 naked chicks making their rounds. Wish we could’ve stayed later , but the GF had an issue with the DJ so we had to leave . Don’t ask . Make sure you check out the famous KOD when you’re in the area.

  23. Melissa R.

    Visited King of Diamonds while in Miami this past February. My one critique is that you must be prepared, it will be an expensive outing. The atm has a $10 withdrawl fee as others have mentioned also a slight tax to get change. The women are phenomenal. Finer beauties then I’ve seen at any other strip club I’ve been too. They are very female friendly. Definitely an enjoyable time reguardless of the price.

  24. justinlk

    Just took a cab from my hotel to KOD because I called an associate earlier and she said that I could come to buy my tickets during the day. The girl was not supposed to be answering calls and gave us false information.The men outside of the club very extremely rude to my girlfriends and I, when we were there because their employee said to come.Management did not help in the situation, so will not be going because I’m pretty sure that service will be just as terrible. Will take my money somewhere else.Only gave it a star because the post won’t go through without it.

  25. Willie T.

    It takes a lot for me to give 5 stars so lets just say this is 4-4.5We heard a lot about King of Diamonds and expected it to be pretty good but we were pleasantly surprised how great it was. We went on a Friday night which was obviously one of their slower nights but still had a pretty good crowd by 1:30-2am.$20 cover for us, got there before 12am, I think it was more after 12. Guys/girls etc. to be expected. Plenty of booths to sit in, I assume on really busy nights they sell them all for table service possibly, not sure, but we were told you can sit at any of them so we did and servers constantly came to take our order we mainly stuck with one. The servers weren’t great took a while for the drinks sometimes even when it wasn’t very busy at first. The high poles are pretty great and the dancers were very impressive. Mostly good looking girls, several talented on the pole, $10 drinks and $10 dances, pretty affordable considering.No gum in side, *shrugs* wasn’t that big of deal. We drank a ton and spent more than any other time in a strip club but had no regrets, had a blast and would love to go back anytime we visit Miami again.

  26. Mersadies C.

    RAT TRAP NOW. Stay away and be careful there. Always “under new management”. I wonder why…

  27. DexterRexter

    This place was cool. I can’t to wait to go back. The women were off the hook. But why were only women tipping???? The men just stood around looking and not tipping.

  28. C D.

    “Yeah, I luv dem strippers” explains this whole place…

  29. ryan123

    Late with this review, was there last month, but what I will say is that this was one of the best gentlemen’s clubs that I have been to…Atlanta and Vegas have some good ones, but this is one of the best!!! The name, provides you a good indication of what you are to expect… This is urban club, so the crowd will be mostly of that nature. However, it is very secure..armed security outside and metal detectors and pat-down of all that enter…First let me say the size of the club is huge!!! (old wharehouse) multiple stages for dancers, as well as those who are walking around the club..On the night I was there they had 2 boxing rings with women inside boxing with over-sized gloves..but their boxing attire was the best I have seen (can you say nothing!!)…The cover was $20 to get in, which to me is the standard price..the drinks I ranged from $5-$10, depending on what you bought…The dances where $10, but worth every dollar, unlike other clubs, you can get as close as the woman allows you and they are easy to approach and there are plenty of women working in the club as well as those there to have a good time hanging out to party themselves. After all it is a club…let me also say, the dancers where not the skinny anorexic women that are in magazines or like the models who come to Miami, but your beautiful, thick, flexible, athletic women who enjoy dancing to music and provide you plenty of excitement!! When I left it was close to 4am and the parking lot was still filling up and more people was coming in, this was after arriving around 11:30pm, on a Monday nightWill I return to this spot? Hell Yes!!!

  30. adamrod

    One of the best strip clubs in Miami. The dancers are exotic in there ways it’s amazing what they can do. The drinks are strong and the prices aren’t expensive. The bouncers can make you feel a little uncomfortable at the door but aside from that this place is cool to go to on the weekends or on fight nights.

  31. Nesha B.

    You really have to know what day to go! Memorial Day Weekend you can’t fail. All the celebrities and ballets come out. Don’t get caught taking pictures and don’t let nobody keep or hold anything. Take your items to the trunk remember you’re in Miami! Other than that enjoy. Oh and make sure the headliner is working the night you go also.

  32. Jermaine G.

    I don’t frequent strip clubs, but when I do I always go to King of Diamonds LOLBest black strip club in Miami, girls are good looking, friendly and are great performers (I love you Super Girl!) the drinks are strong and inexpensive and I never feel like something is going to “pop off” inside the club, Outside?! That’s a different story. Went here the other day for my friends’ bday celebration, security at the front appear ready for war. The pat down that you get makes you feel like you should at least be bought dinner first. It cost $20 to get in, yes women too! And as you walk in the double doors you encounter a giant warehouse style space that looks plush, you have bars all around and a few stages around the place. There is a 30 foot tall (yeah I measured it) pole in the middle that connects to one of the supports beams of the roof, that only the most skilled females dare to attempt to swing from pole to beam and then back to pole (you have to see it to believe it!)KOD is the place to be if you want to have a good time with your boys, in addition to cash make sure you bring an umbrella.

  33. curtis17

    My husband and I had a blast here! We got a small (free) table right up front and were sitting pretty close to see everything. Some of the tricks that these dancers were able to pull off were amazing. My favorite of the night had to be the dancers from Chicago. They shut it DOWN that night. Food was good. I didn’t really care for the waitresses though. They were very inattentive the entire night. Other than that…a good night.. The DJ is hilarious BTW…

  34. Carol B.

    Hand over your gum before you enter.Pay $20 to get in.Exit, realize that the security guards ate half of your gum. Dang, son.Anyway, aside from that, I guess this place was OK?After hearing EVERY RAPPER rhyme about this place for the past few years, I guess I had really high expectations? Or maybe I just don’t get it because I’m a chick? IDK what it is. I’m just not a strip club person.There was one girl that was “walking on the ceiling” and that was kind of cool.The DJ was also really into the whole thing and hyping up the scene, which was also interesting. I never imagined what it must be like to be a DJ or security guard in a strip club. Are you just immune to a$$ and tittie$? what does your girlfriend think? See, these are the things that I think about and thus why I probably did not enjoy myself.If you like strip clubs, you’ll probably love this place.I have nothing to compare it to, but I guess it was ok aside from them stealing my gum.

  35. XhXeXy

    The ever so coveted KOD. I wish I could give no stars. The place was disgusting. We went on a party bus that took you there. That was a joke all in itself. If you ever get offered a party bus deal on the strip in Miami DO NOT FALL FOR IT. Back to KOD. The place was humongous. I guess that’s an upside. That quickly becomes obsolete when the stench hits you. This is upon opening the door. Still optimistic we continued on trying to make the best of it. The place was filthy. A specific dancer ( term used very loosely) was having sex in one of the booths on the main floor. Super classy. It was 2am on a Friday . A total of 30 people in there. SNOOZE FEST. We left . DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME & MONEY.

  36. Caroline M.

    BEWARE!!!!Beware!!!I went there last Saturday with my Jamaican girlfriends, I bought a round of drinks and was told ( – the bar right by the entrance- )I had to spend A minimum of $50 to charge my card. The bar lady told me to run a tab. STUPID ME. I ran a tab and checked out when I left. I have not used that card since that night. I received a call on Wednesday from My bank informing me that an attempt to withdraw funds from my account was made on Wednesday. Further details reveal that I left my card in the hands of an individual who copied my card. Luckily my bank is AWESOME they recognized this and cancelled the card including the account. The unfortunate thing is I’m the one who has to deal with the after effects but hey- Lesson learned… I won’t leave my bank card at KOD ever again. I have reported the incident to the police.BE WARNED.

  37. Valerie G.

    If you plan a trip to Miami and DON’T come here, consider your trip incomplete. The whole vibe is an experience. The dancers are beautiful, the place is huge (no sweating or feeling like you’re squished). Was already buzzed and ate, so didn’t order anything. I recommend being really drunk to fully grasp the experience.

  38. XXXbeast

    King of Diamonds was a great experience I can’t wait to go back. The show that these women put on goes beyond what you would call stripping …not your average female can do these tricks and it would take extreme practice and strength to do what they do. The place is very large the DJ is very entertaining and plays real hiphop strip club music. They offer food and the dancers are very polite girls. The only thing I didn’t like was the 100$ minimum spending when using a credit or debit card. Doesn’t make since to me and also one of the bottle girl acted like I wasn’t giving her enough money when I gave her 100 bucks to get me some ones. Other than it was fun.. When leaving we were greeted my the manager Frankie who was a very nice guy and wished for us to come back soon. It was a great time and you’ll love it if you like hip hop and urban strip clubs. Thumbs up

  39. dannyboy7

    So this place is fersure the most lit strip club I ever been to! My friends and I came to Miami to celebrate a birthday and of course we had to come to King of Diamonds. However, we got there kinda early and it was dry, which is understandable and not the problem. The girl at the front desk had SUCH an attitude because “her n*gga didn’t text her back”. We went in and was told by another bottle service girl that we can leave and come back without paying. We went to just clarify with the front desk girl and apparently ins and outs weren’t allowed. So instead of being a professional employee and explaining the policy and saying there was miscommunication, she proceeded to argue with my friend and I about how we did not know what we were talking about and that she had the “authority” to not let us in the club… Basically she she just left a bad taste in my mouth because she acted so trashy, rude and ignorant over something that could’ve been spoken with big girl words, instead of arguing and yelling at us. But besides that I really had a great time and would go back if I am ever in Miami again. I just hope her boo texted her back by then or someone else working the front ๐Ÿ™‚

  40. Weedman420

    Roy’s Top 5 Things to Know:1. This place isn’t just any club it’s an experience, from the music, to the DJ, to the ladies it’s an insane atmosphere. The ladies are super talented, some do some crazy acrobatic tricks and $1 goes a long way here. In NYC $1 bills are frowned up in some clubs here. 2. This place is your best bet to see a rapper. I’ve seen TI, Lil Boosie, Uncle Luke just to name a few, but when they arrive it’s a wrap for you since all the ladies flock to them. 3. There’s a $20 cover male or female if you arrive even a minute later than 10pm. One time we arrived around 7pm on a Saturday and it was dead in there, this is definitely a late night spot. 4. If you got those frozen or slushy drinks there, be warned they are STRONG. I had three of those and my friends had to carry me out, no joke! 5. Any charges on your credit card appear on your statement as Fly Low Inc.

  41. Kym H.

    Liked it Definitely had to be drunk to enjoy it fully Food Was really good People were really friendly Recommended have a section

  42. Johnathan L.

    Traveled to Miami with colleagues and decided this place was a must! For starters, the security/bouncers were pretty cool. They didn’t walk around like bullies with the intent to scare the shit out of people. Not what I want to feel when I’m in the mood to spend. Secondly, music was amazing, dJ was on point, women were beautiful, drinks fairly priced. Place is beautiful and has clean restrooms. I don’t know what anyone could possibly say negative about this place. Very well managed and maintained. Will definitely be back!

  43. harryharry

    All extremely attractive, all dance extremely well on the pole. What more is there to say?

  44. Juanita H.

    Even though it looked like a ghost town when I went I didn’t mind. My favorite drink was only $10 and it was made strong. The girls were sexy and friendly and hopefully next time I can catch them on a busy night. I still enjoyed getting to sip my birthday drinks in a not so crowded place. I’d definitely come back.

  45. joseph1k

    So i know you have heard about this place, usually spoken by rappers or someone in the entertainment bizz… So is what they say about this place true? That guys go here here and spend BOO-COOHSS of cash?, that the girls are totally hott (lol) with big bunz and whatever else these dudes are craving? Well absolutely!!!!! We go here on a Saturday night for DJ Khaled album release party….. (You know i have to give it to myself I’m very adventurous) Okay back to the story..I’m going to start with trying to find this place that was tough, its nestled in between a small industrial district under some vi-doc of some sort anyway you pull in and dudes ask you where do you wanna park? close to the door for $20? or free parking back this way?, mind you the door has to be at least a mile away at this point maybe further, of course we opt for free parking bright side is they have people driving go-carts that will give you a lift to the door or back to you car for a tip so i guess $5 or so, we tip the lil guy walk up to the door line surprisingly was not long at all we pay now here is the catch it was slightly expensive hitting my pockets for $40 (ouch) luckily i wanted to see what this place was all about so they got my money lol we walk in, this place is huge i mean huge it has to be over 4000 sq ft two large bars, three areas for VIP, photo booth, a canteen area to order food and i noticed some things were upstairs where the girls go to get dressed and additional VIP area the have a super large women’s bathroom with some Jamaican ladies working for tips having all essential women’s products from hairspray, flatirons, deo, perfume, gum hey you name it they had it, be sure to tip them cause they get a lil feisty. Now the good part (small drumroll)…. We hear the music playing the girls are shaking the DJ is hilarious keeping the audience entertained as well as engaged.. The ladies here can dance their asses off it almost made me wanna give it a try (siike!!) anywhos this is a completely nudity bar so don’t go here thinking its just tits, NOOO my brother its all of that more than you may bargain for lol literally.. this place was full of ballers who prob threw maybe half a million in cash on the floor. Making it totally rain, thunderstorm lol DJ Khaled had the upper VIP and it was at least 12 girls in his area they may have spent close to 999,000 IKR!? the employees had to come sweep the money off the floor and the stages lol it was going down folks This place better than any of the strip clubs i have visited in the past so of course they get my vote awesome place to take a dude who loves lap dances .. you know if i had a boyfriend i would take him here and let the girls dry hump him til no return lmao!! j/k but really a cool place to have a drink or two, people watch and all the above!

  46. Loni N.

    I flew in town on Tuesday for a business meeting. While here I brought my two friends to have fun in Miami with me for a few days. The night we went was Tuesday and the night was slow. This was my 1st time ever at a strip club. Everyone from the bouncers, bartenders etc were very attentive to us 3 ladies and were genuinely very nice. The facility is extremely large and there are a lot of hidden VIP areas that you would never know about unless you knew they were there. We didn’t have to pay a cover. The drinks were kinda weak more juice then vodka so that was disappointing. The dancers were all very good. They were real cool and chatted it up with me and my friends at the bar and was trying to teach us some of the moves they do. The carpets could use a good shampoo, they were dirty and yucky. I would recommend they get hardwood floors. The bouncer who talked to us stated owner passed and now his daughter took over. Hope they bring the decor up a notch.Overall, though it was a slow night we had a blast. I will defiantly be back and come on a weekend.

  47. billtheguy12

    I love love loved the club. $10 cover for women,free drinks courtesy of the females that wanted to holla ๐Ÿ™‚ it was a great experience & I will be returning.

  48. dopeboy19

    Oh man! This was my first REAL experience at a strip club and I must say I was not disappointed. I had such an amazing birthday thanks to the beautiful dancers! My lap dance was so on point – Thank you ladies, I will be returning next year! Just a heads up the drinks are expensive and don’t go in here with the attitude that you can record any of the dancers. Photos are allowed if the dancers allow u to take a photo, but most of them were very generous! And the MC was love at 5. He definitely hyped everyone up! Can’t wait to go back.

  49. timmykilla

    Hands down best experience. I will definitely be back. Came for a girls vacation. 90% of the dancers are really doing something. Shawty Red and Royalty and Ming – hands down the best girls there. We went of celebrity Saturday’s and the cover was $20. Loved that they were open late and the Dj had us Rollin all night. Drinks reasonably priced. Waitresses could be a little more pleasant and bartender were cool

  50. kenston12

    My rating is not base on the skill level of their dancers. Each dancer was skillful and talented. This rating is based on the lack of integrity of its management. WARNING!!!!!! to all celebrating their birthday DO NOT dance on stage. The money in which someone gives u go to the dancers PLUS DJ will say you won bottles for your talent and its bottles of water. To think this OK shows lack of respect to their guess.

  51. Johnnyboy123

    If you have never been it is an awesome club but it all depends on how open you are to new experiences.. I go to these places a lot so i wouldn’t say its my favorite spot but with the right dancer and the right drink. This is a GREAT hang out spot. plus Monday night they have boxing and the tricks on the poles are the best in Miami.

  52. Candi B.

    Will make you leave a table if someone paid for it. $8 ATM fee. Cons^^Everything else is fine.

  53. Golden M.

    This place is by far the best strip club i’ve EVER been to. And yes, i’ve been to quite a few including Diamonds of Atlanta. Went on a weekend trip to Miami and I have to say this was the main event. The place is huge but the building looks like a spruced up warehouse. Lots of parking. Lots of exotic cars, the girls were like Oscar winning strippers. Several of them have a huge following on social networks and have done Magazine spreads. This isn’t your girlfriend’s cousin stripping for soup and bread. Judging from the kind of tricks they were doing, most of them seemed to be in great athletic shape. Tip:You have to open a $100 tab to pay with a credit card at the bar and their ATM will charge you 8 bucks to use. Hey.. it’s King of Diamonds.

  54. Harrison69

    Ahhh the infamous KOD, I felt like one of those rappers minus the ice and duffel bag full of money. However I did have a solid stack in my pocket. The venue is a pretty large however it was mostly empty on the night we went (Thursday night around 12) and stayed empty until we left around 2.The bartenders were cool, drinks prices are dc but no complaints. The food was a little expensive but surprisingly decent of you’re one of those eat a meal at the strip club types. The girls looked good, nice mix of natural and artificial. Music was solid. Overall not a bad experience but definitely didn’t live up to the hype.

  55. Biggah K.

    I really don’t do the strip clubs unless i’m working.Not only does it have adult entertainment ,but a nice nightlife scene as well.

  56. fuckery12

    I went last week for my friends bday and definitely was impressed ,,,, love the decor and the food was amazing. The girls were super friendly and very talented. We had an amazing time. Management was very helpful with bottle specials and accommodating a large group. VIP ALL THE WAY

  57. Rosalind C.

    Well I finally made it to K.O.D’s I have heard about this place in all the rap songs and since I was in Miami I decided to try it. All I can say is lies and deceit, this club has sub par strippers and I can’t understand nothing the dj says. I expect to be blown away when the club is hyped up in songs. Now I gave this club two tries and I wish I had an extra set of hand so I can give it more thumbs down. Also the seating is terrible, you can only stand at the bar area or try and grab a seat in that area because everything else is bottle service only. Now that is ridiculous no seating unless we buying a bottle. I will say all of the space makes it nice so your not on top of each other. Welp that’s about it for the nice stuff about this club. I’m off to magic city in Atlanta to see if they can do any better because this club is just hype…thanks a lot Rick Ross ๐Ÿ™

  58. HeidinJoe

    Fisrt let me start by saying that I had so much fun at this place. My boyfriend and I went to KOD for his Birthday. Hes been wanting to go there for a long time, so I surprised him and took him there. The place was LIT!, it wasnt that busy for a Friday, probably like 300-400 people but it could also be cause the place is so big. They had a lot of girl, but the best ones were the ones that went on stage cause they did all the pole tricks and stuff.
    We are gonna come back for sure, but were bringing friends with too.

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